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04-11-2009, 07:20 PM
Any suggestions?

04-11-2009, 07:37 PM
You mean, like a multivitamin?

04-11-2009, 07:49 PM
I've tried a bunch of supplements for weight training and working out including Hydroxycut (which made me sweat like crazy at the office and I couldn't bare to take them for longer than a couple days), Hydroxycut Hardcore (which gave me a huge burst of energy while weight lifting, but also kinda freaky, cause like I don't want to have a heart attack while running on the treadmill), Alli ( It definatly made me **** out orange oil if I ate crap, but I never actually lost any weight), SlimQuick Detox (this makes you pee. Alot.) Genuine Health Abs+, Lean+ and Shape+ (this combination actually was very expensive, but didn't have sketchy crap in it, and I think it helped me maintain a lower weight, and I didn't feel like crap taking it)....
And I'm sure there was some more. Basically, I feel like all those OTC diet pills kinda make you feel like ****, and the ones made for bodybuilders to cut and lose water weight, are actually intended for bodybuilders, like they push you harder at the gym while lifting heavy, but will just make you feel sketchy if you are going for a light walk or sitting on the couch waiting for the weight to fall off.
I found that the Genuine Health stuff (makers of Greens+) have some solid products that aren't scary, but again, need to be taken properly in combination with a super healthy, lean and active diet/lifestyle.
I found that a good quality protein powder with some no sugar/fat-free soy milk is good to keep the lean muscle mass, thereby promoting fat-loss.
I recently purchased a good chocolate protein powder made from whey (milk proteins) from clean-source cows in New Zealand and it doesn't have all the crap and chemicals most commercial bodybuilding supplement brands would have, plus it's super low-cal. The company is "Progessive" and it's called "Harmonized Protein".
I wouldn't bother with any OTC supplements, as, in my experience, they truely are a waste of money. For me, apples seem to work!

04-11-2009, 08:03 PM
LOL thank you

04-11-2009, 08:03 PM
You won't find many folk here that take "supplements" other than vitamins and minerals and the occasional protein powder.

Those of us that hang around 3FC are losing weight by changing our lifestyles - eating less, eating healthier, and exercising more.

Take a look around at the forums and see if you find a plan that interests you :)

Personally, I like calorie counting. It is easy, free, and something I can do forever :D

04-11-2009, 08:45 PM
A good mnay of these so called weight loss products only cause you to lose weight in your wallet.

04-11-2009, 08:46 PM
Other than protein and fiber powders, I gave up weight loss supplements before I came to 3fC. The cardiac complications from short and long term use combined with an addicting nature (who doesn't want to have energy all the time) and prices turned me away from them (I know work in an ER and I see a lot of kids and athletes come in). I realized that I will get energy and weight loss from other means, mostly, it comes with the journey. I also learned I was covering up a thyroid issue that was draining my energy and helping pack on pounds. So other than a multivitamin and my thyroid meds, water is what I do.