Weight Loss Surgery - How are the newbies and oldsters doing? This and That!

04-08-2009, 11:18 AM
Wonder how you are all doing with your weight loss and wondering if the WW people are doing?

I'm learning new instruments. A soprano and alto recorder. It is kind of fun and my DH is a music expert and puts up with all of my bad timing and bad fingering.

My little 8 y/o grandson won first place in his wrestling division last night. One of his bouts was with a girl and you should have seen his face! LOL! I had to work, but my DH filmed it in between his fits of yelling encouragement and bending down. I really need a dramamine for motion sickness when I watched it.

I'm having to write down all of my food intake and weighing the food because I feel like I'm overeating. The scales are the same, but seems like I'm eating all the time. I've always got that niggle in the back of my mind that I'll wake up someday and be over 300 lbs again. Again my exercise has been hit or miss, but I do try to use the eliptical three times a day, short bursts that raise my heart beat, because it just about kicks my butt. Getting my water in is still a problem, and won't cry and whine when I get my kidney stones, because I know it will be my own fault. Keep watch on you nailbeds. They will tell you alot about your vitamin deficiencies, divots and ridges not such a good thing. I can't wait until the weather breaks and I can get out on the golf course! I'm so ready for nice SUNNY weather! It is so nice to be able to plan ahead and know that I will be able to do these things and that I'm ALIVE! I've been trying to eat a more balanced diet and NUT told me that when I am about 18 mos out that I can cut my protein back to 50 grams or so. I'm trying to work dairy in at least twice a day and eat more low carb veggies with 2 to 3 ounces of meat. I wish I had a bariatric NUT class that was close so that I could really study and set up a better life plan for what I should be doing. I probably know it, but guess I need to be spoon fed to get one set up.

04-08-2009, 08:13 PM
i'm too tired to fill you in!!!!!! let's hope i remember tomorrow what i wanted to say!!! LOL!!!!!

04-09-2009, 10:12 AM
Right Now as of this Morning and Last night when I had Prune fest 2009
I'm eating Mainly low carb and have reintroduced some cereall (trying kashi 7 grain since it doesn't expand) and Prunes
on strictly Low carb I can't go to the bathroom which leads to swollen bloated Kierie
Oh and that's what I am now!
Iff the cereal & prunes don't work I have to get a spinach and eggwhite flatbread and a coffee with cream from DD Then you won't see me for a few days!

WW gives me too much entitlement ooh twix bar! I can count points for that
Right now I'm logging on Livestrong.com I like that b/c I can see exactly what I'm eating and plug in my exercise I'm keeping My calories around 1200

04-09-2009, 12:48 PM
kier - i've been having GREAT results with chickpeas - not even 1/4 cup keeps me, um, GOING.

now, about how i'm doing. let's see if i can remember.

had a second interview yesterday at a company that's more than 100 miles from my house. THAT'S NOT A TYPO!!!! i'm in north joisy, and this place is SOUTH of philly, on the joisy side. they like me - i like them. i'm just what they need at the moment. they're also willing to let me work there 3 days a week, and up here two days a week, with the expectation that i'll move down there sooner rather than later. TBD. but i think they're going to make an offer.

what's REALLY interesting is that the ultimate boss has had lapband, and has done GREAT - we really bonded on the WLS issue, and discussed some of the lifestyle and attitude changes we've had to make. can you believe it??? the 'higher power' <and i'm using that term only to avoid debates and such> really and truly does know best - look at these things:

I need a new job - here's one, a good one
they'll let me go to grad school - essential at the moment
i need to clean up my act with exercise and eating - and here's someone who's committed to that lifestyle RIGHT THERE in front of me!!!
i want to be in a place that has a less stressful lifestyle - and south jersey has it - without hills to make bike riding easier
they'll let me move a bike into the office
the man who would be my immediate boss seems like a great guy with an excellent sense of humor [and loves brownies]

and it's a growing company!!!

my only reservation - i don't really want to uproot myself from north jersey, unless i'm SURE that we're going to live happily ever after, AND until after i get my master's degree - OTOH, i might be able to find a small studio apt down there for cheap, and stay there M through Thurs, and work at home on friday [which would be a half day anyway - at least on the work schedule]

sooooo, there's HOPE!!!!

the OTHER great news is that my bedside lamp died. [obviously, not good news]. BUT, i went to the salvation army store, and for $8, replaced it with a gorgeous cut glass lamp, AND found a light fixture [new!!!] for the entryway for a whole FIVE DOLLARS!!!!!

now, if only i knew how to actually install the hallway fixture, i'd be happy. BUT, if this job comes through, i can pay someone!!!!!

the reason this is a big deal is that, when i bought the house, the previous owners excluded the hallway and DR fixtures - and replaced them with absolute junk. the one in the hallway is broken, and the one in the DR is not only ugly, but badly installed. and then the crazy woman sued me, and any extra $$ i have is going to the lawyers, and then i got laid off, so basically no income but lots of expenses - so these light fixtures had to take a WAY back seat. but even i can afford a $5 light fixture, and this will do the trick!!

sooooo, in light of these HAPPY EVENTS, my eating has improved!!!! as long as i'm not sitting at home, i'm eating fine. it's those extended periods of time BEING There - just me, the cat, my freelance, the TV, the radio and iPod, the refrigerator, and the pantry. thank goodness the weather's getting better!!!

ok. NOVEL OVER!!!!!!

04-09-2009, 12:57 PM
Jiff!! It's all about Timing My Love!! Everythings coming up Unjury Protein shake (not a big fan of roses!)
The lamp sounds Divine and so does the Job! You'll be in my prayers Lady
I find out May 1st about the axe falling. . .I remembered this week I never wanted to stay at this Job so this could be a Brand spanking new door opening!
and summer Vacay!

04-09-2009, 12:58 PM
Jiffy - that sounds great! Obviously a lot to think about with uprooting yourself. I've uprooted myself twice so far in my lifetime and each has been a pretty beneficial change for me. I've also known a lot of commuters that are weekday commuters. My company location in MD has people who officially live in WV, PA, VA, DC and MD. Many of the PA peeps live in PA during the weekends and rent a small place during the weekdays. Grad school is also a great bonus, I know a lot of companies are cutting back on such things.

04-09-2009, 04:28 PM
I'm 4 years out this week. I eat low carb early in the week and generally increase as the week goes on.

A job is hard to come by right now. I'm trying but there just doesn't seem to be anything out there in my field right now. Oh well, at least I look good when I go on interviews ;)

I do have nail issues, though: divots & ridges and peeling fingertips. This has gone on since 2.08. I've been to several doctors and take tons of zinc, copper, etc. & my bloods are good because of it. I'm now taking tons of Vit. B Complex & Biotin and will check those results in a month before I see the dermo. again. Other than that, things are pretty good. (Here's some video of the fingertips if anyone has any thoughts):