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04-04-2009, 07:54 AM
Day Three of the daffodil sales and here's the weather:Periods of rain becoming mixed with wet snow late this afternoon. Wind becoming west 30 km/h (19 mph) gusting to 50 km/h (31 mph) this morning. High 5C(41F) with temperature falling to 1C(34F) this afternoon. Isn't that just lovely? :mad: It's a good thing I have a cheery and stalwart group of volunteers today because it won't be fun sitting out there. I'll ply them with coffee and treats and will take a shift myself. Yesterday's sales were half that of Friday but I hope more will happen today because it's Saturday. Tomorrow we will sell "the remains" at the brunch at the Legion - at least that is indoors, nut just under a roof overhang!

So today I'll be in and out a lot which is good as the dogs do miss me. The welcome I get after ten minutes is the same as that when I've been away half a day. Silly beasts but they certainly make me smile. :)

Hope your weekend is starting off well with coffee and internal sunshine.

04-04-2009, 08:04 AM
Good morning Ruth!

It is GUSTY here right now. I had thought that if it was nice out, I'd go on a run before everyone else got up...NO WAY!! Instead, I'm sitting here with my cup of coffee relaxing while it's still quiet.

Each child today has a birthday party to go to (of course, at completely different times), so they should be excited. We're thinking of looking at some other houses in the meantime. Our lawyer keeps saying it should be ours, but the bankruptcy lawyer thinks we're nuts. *sigh* hopefully we'll finally get more info next week?

My eating has been bad lately (bday party brownies!!), I need to get better! I generally have a big bean salad or similar to eat up, but I've run out, so then I scavenge for something safe to eat. Hmmmm...maybe I'll make a 3 bean salad? Even the DH eats that!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

04-04-2009, 08:17 AM
Good morning early Chicks :coffee2: I hoped to sleep in but the cats decided to run around the house like lunatics at 6 AM :( Little twerps

Ruth - Good luck with those daffies and the weather. I hope the weather is all much less than advertised.

Twynn - How frustrating the whole house thing has been! Maybe the perfect house is just about to be listed.

Add me to the people having trouble staying focused. My eating has been all over the map - great one day, rotten the next. Even my exercise is unimpressive - 2 of 3 days off already in April? :eek: Time to set a few goals for myself. I always do better when I have something concrete to motivate me.

Today is chore day and the house certainly needs the attention! I'm thinking about rotating the first bin of clothes too. I know it isn't that warm but I doubt I'll wear the heavier turtlenecks anymore this spring and would love to pull out a bin of transitional clothes.

I'm thinking about warmer weather foods too. Maybe I'll make a bean salad along with the crockpot stews for the week.

Oh, I see a tiny patch of blue sky peaking out! Hope you can find a little where you are too :)

04-04-2009, 08:30 AM
Good morning! I saw that Ruth was getting us started this morning, and while I was biding my time, the phone started ringing off the hook. I guess everyone knows I'm up early and want to catch me before I'm out the door. ;)

We're getting ready to go out for a bit of shopping for odds & ends, and will be babysitting the grandkids later. The wind is gusting away, so there won't be any outside work today!

I'm running behind now, and Jake is ready to go, so I'll pop back in later. Have a Satisfying Saturday!

04-04-2009, 08:43 AM
morning all, not much happening here, it was windy last night but looks nice today (so far)

ruth-hope the sales are good today despite the weather
twynn-good look on the house hunting that sounds really frustrating
cyndi-my cat is to prego for that but get to watch the babies move all over in her belly if that counts
cottage-have a good day

i'm trying to get in 10,000 steps but me and pedometers don't like each other so we'll see

04-04-2009, 08:45 AM
Hello ladies,
Oh Ruth, I wish you had bright sunshiny weather to go with your daffies.
Cyndi, I need to do the clothing swap, but I dread it. Our closets are small, so I have to pack everything up in the attic off-season. Swapping out clothes for four people is a huge chore, and you can't do it all at once, in case you have cool days. It seems to go on forever.
Twynn, 3-Bean salad, mmm. I haven't made that in a while. I overdid it for a while and took a break, I guess, but I think it's time for another batch. It's a great snack. I didn't realize you might not get the house, I thought it was a matter of time. What a disappointment. :(

So, yes, I'm up early. DD is helping at the Lion's Club breakfast with the Scouts, and DH volunteered to help with some Race/Run thing. I'd hoped we could work on the bathroom today. We're putting in a new floor, sink, and radiator, so hopefully he'll still be in the mood to work when he gets back. Then I'll need to paint and put up shelves, but I can do that on my own. I've got a few hours to kill anyway, so I guess I'll grocery shop and do some other errands.

ETA: Hi me4! Pedometers don't seem to work for me either. maybe I don't step hard enough.

04-04-2009, 08:57 AM
Schmoodle & me - have you tried the slightly more expensive pedometers? I never had any luck with the free from the insurance co. or Walmart special pedometers. Then I read something about the padding in your hips getting in the way with the cheaper ones. I bought the one I use now when I was still over 200 lbs, so plenty of padding, and it has worked great. Just a thought.

04-04-2009, 09:45 AM
Good morning everyone

Ruth- Try to get warm today and good luck with the sales.

Twynn- Sounds like you have a busy day, sorry the house issue is taking so long.

Cyndi- My eating has been bad as well good one day and horrible the other and I can not motivate myself to do any more exercise than walk and I do not lose weight walking no matter how much I do.

Cottage- Have fun shopping.

Schmoodle- The free pedometers I have gotten don't work try going and getting an Accusplit Eagle those work great and don't cost that much plus if they break within a year or two don't remember exactly- just mail it back and they will replace for free ( I have done and they have replaced)

As for me finishing up packing to leave for Florida this afternoon and do all the odds and ends before leaving. DH has a committment this afternoon so we cannot leave untl then. Everyone have a great week and I will see you next week.

04-04-2009, 11:20 AM
Good Morning!

Ruth -- I'm sending you warm thoughts and wishes. :)

Twynn -- We have one birthday party tomorrow. Pizza and Cake. Great!

Cyndi -- What is your recipe for bean salad?

Cottage -- Have fun with the grandkids!

Me4 -- Have a great day! :)

Schmoodle -- All Auston's winter clothes are in the drawer; all his summer clothes are in a basket beside the dresser. What a mess! By May 1, maybe the weather will be consistently warm enough to move winter upstairs. Can't imagine doing that for 4!

Pearl -- Have fun in Florida! Where are you going? We go to Panama City Beach every summer. Love it!

Me: Today is Auston's very first T-Ball practice. He's so excited! In our back yard, he is very athletic. We'll see how he does on a team. After the practice, we have an Easter Egg hunt at the park with cousins. It's supposed to be high 70s today. Yay! I have to shop for work clothes at some point. I really hate shopping. It's bad when clothes look better on the hanger...

Hope you have a great Saturday!

04-04-2009, 12:08 PM
Oy! My side yard is completely flooded. The dogs have just a 4 foot wide strip for pottie. The sump pump is working hard and there's no water in the basement - yet! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it starts to drain away soon but I suspect the culvert at the road is blocked. It HAS stopped raining though!

04-04-2009, 03:26 PM
Good afternoon everyone! I had a very productive morning. Booked 5 shows!!! What a great way to start the day!

I already re-stocked all my supplies so I'm ready for my show in Decatur tonight. I have to stop beforehand at my Director's house to pick up the key to the training center for my show tomorrow afternoon. Hot diggity dog!

Ran out of ink in my printer but decided that I have enough stuff for tonight and will stop and get more tomorrow. Never fails, does it? Always expenses!

OK I need to get showered and beautified, and probably eat something, although the thought of having quiche nauseates me. I'm sure there's something else I can find....

Have a great Saturday girlies!!!!


04-04-2009, 05:33 PM
Chelby we are going to Orlando to Disney World, we got park hopper tickets for our stay.

04-04-2009, 09:00 PM
I shopped for 5 hours today. Did I tell you I hate shopping? But, I was successful. Got 3 pair of dressy cropped pants and 3 very nice tops, and one pair of shoes. MIL got Auston 3 real cute summer outfits. He's set up!

I'm watching the Final 4 with my sweet hubby and having a nice glass of wine.. Life is good!

By the way, any typos or nonsense sentences should be blamed on the wine. :D

04-04-2009, 10:39 PM
Chelby, I have you beat... 7 hours at the outlet malls! Plus an hour and a half drive each way = one very long day! Unlike you, though, I like shopping... I look forward to my annual outlet trip for months! A very successful day... tops, pants, shoes, jewelry... enough to carry me through summer for sure. In order to clear some room in the closet, I gave a friend some of my pre-diet clothes (she asked for them; otherwise, this might have been a touchy subject). I guess now I absolutely CANNOT get to my high weight again, I'll have nothing too wear!

DBF is working ALL night tonight because of the final 4, so it's me, the TV, and a closet to rearrange... G'night all!

04-04-2009, 11:39 PM
Hello! What a day! I'm just now getting ready to have dinner. My bridal show went later than I'd hoped for but was quite successful! Time to enter some stuff into the computer while my food cooks and then time to eat, then bed!

Have a great night! I'll pop in tomorrow!

04-05-2009, 12:48 AM
I've had a productive day. I slept in, went to the bank, bought bras and underwear at Kohl's, got a pet stake at the pet store and installed it so Rex could watch me spend a couple of hours pulling up Poison Ivy vines in the yard. I HOPE I got all the oil off but I'll know in a couple of days. I also picked up some screening stuff and replaced the screen in one frame. Tomorrow I need to build a new one from a kit but I need to see if I own a hacksaw. I might have to pick one up or wait until Don can help me next week. I also need to get the adhesive off of the siding and old window frame. Robert's answer to replacing the screen was to duct tape it and that left a lot of adhesive behind plus looked trashy.

I'm relaxing now watching a movie on TV, reading a book and playing a game on Facebook while doing laundry.

04-05-2009, 01:19 AM
Dang Barb, you keep busy even when you're relaxing!

04-05-2009, 07:50 AM
Busy Beachies! Around here, they say "I'd rather burn out than rust out" to justify all that activity.

The flood has receded and my dog yard is back except for some large puddles. Jazz seems to adore the water and mud. This breed (Tsvetnaya Bolonka) was bred for gifts to the Russian nobility and were meant to hang around castles but he sure acts like a real dog outside! I think he may need a very short haircut for summer instead of his long silky fur - think Yorkie.

I am nearly out of daffodils with only 25 bunches to sell at the Legion brunch today. Little Delta did very well in its support for the Canadian Cancer Society :cheer: and I have several names of folks who will work next year.

Time for breakfast, more coffee and then Church. Looks like sunshine is on the menu too, :)

ETA: Make that 15 bunches. I Just got an email ordering 10 for the Church folk!

04-05-2009, 08:13 AM
Hurray for Delta, rallying up to the challenge! :bravo: Those daffodils would be hard to resist. They're just what everyone needs right now to bring a bit of sunshine into their lives.

We're going to spend the afternoon working out in the yard, since this looks like the only decent day between a string of rain. I have a truck load of mulch coming tomorrow, and I'm determined to get it spread this next week, so that's going to be a very messy job.
I'd like to go to Home Depot today and pick out paint to repaint our bedroom this week, too. But first, I'll have to remove the wallpaper and scrub the walls. So it's looking like I'll be pretty busy this week.

04-05-2009, 09:48 AM
Morning all!!
I've been outside with my flame thrower killing weeds on the patio...they were about to take they are toast!

Had a very nice day yesterday at the New Orleans Botanical Gardens looking at the the work that has been done. It was a gorgeous day and we had a lot of fun. Hard to believe that it was completely destroyed by Katrina ( A lot of hard work has gone into restoring the structures and replanting. Of course you know I have pictures! (

Today will be filled with grocery shopping, powerpoints for school and house cleaning. yuk.

Hope everyone has a productive (or lazy!) day.

04-05-2009, 10:53 AM
morning all, just sitting here drinking coffee. me and max have already gone on our walk/run and are relaxing now, well he's sleeping i'm relaxing.

04-05-2009, 10:55 AM
Morning everyone! :tired: Thank God for my tea!!!! :coffee: My brain just doesn't let me sleep when Tom's gone. I don't know what my problem is! I used to sleep alone just fine before he came along. Came to bed at 12:06am, looked at the clock at 1:24am, rolled around for awhile, then 4:47am and finally fell asleep. Alarm went off at 8am and here I am. At least he's coming home today!!!!!

I have an appointment today with 4 girls and hopefully it'll mean some good sales. The one I had in Decatur last night was fun and all, and I have two probable recruits coming from it, but because of that, I came home empty-handed after 102 miles driven round-trip. Yikes! Fortunately today's is much closer to home!

Oooh, I feel the caffeine radiating through my chest. I love that first mug! Hey, I gave up white flour and sugar, I gave up tobacco, I gave up alcohol (minus special occasions,) I gave up nail-biting... a girl's gotta have 1 vice!

Hope everyone has a nice, relaxing day!!!!! I'll check in later! :hug:


04-05-2009, 11:29 AM
Morning, all!

A beautiful day here... BF and I are just about to head over to check out the new Mets stadium. I am making sure to eat a hearty breakfast beforehand... the food there is supposed to be out of this world! Real NYC pizza, BBQ joints from famous chefs, canollis with blue and orange sprinkles, beers from around the world... the only SBD-friendly thing is the prices, which will surely keep me from ordering anything off plan!

After watching the practice, I think we'll go for a walk in the park... then food shopping... then home to prepare for another week!

Have a great day!

04-05-2009, 12:09 PM
Took the dog for a long walk. It's chilly this morning (46 and windy) after the 82 degrees yesterday. I got quite a bit of the adhesive off but not all and I can't find a hacksaw so I'll need to pick one up. I might wait on that until I pick Brian up from his campout. If he isn't too tired he might enjoy a trip to the tool store.

I still need to think about meal planning for the week.

04-05-2009, 12:28 PM
Nice sunny cold so far day. Its suppose to warm up this afternoon so might go for a walk. Busy finishing some commitments I had and it will feel good to be done. Hopefully this week I will get some spring cleaning done before the gardening season starts.
Also a chat with my DD was great and it was nice to hear about some new accomplishments of my dear grandson, oh, I miss him so much. We will go out again in Sept. and drive thru this time. I really enjoy driving thru northern Ontario and the prairies.
Daffodils were selling great at our local LCBO (Liquour Control Board of Ontario). They are so nice. None of them are open yet.
Willpower isn't too bad this weekend except I should have stuck just to one glass of wine.
take care

04-05-2009, 01:25 PM
Sophie, when the daffodils arrive they look all brown at the tips but mine opened up beautifully once they were in water with the ends trimmed a bit. Mine are all gone now and I'm just tallying up the bucks. Whew!

04-05-2009, 02:05 PM
Happy Sunday Chicks! We decided to go out and bird right after breakfast, so a late start to everything else :) That will happen a lot now.

I've got baked beans in the crock pot, garbanzos in the strainer, pintos in the pressure cooker and cannelinis in the fridge waiting to be mixed into salad. I guess we like beans around here.

Ruth - glad to hear the daffodils moved. I've got to go in search of some tomorrow. Dogs and mud, like small children and mud, don't seem able to resist each other ;)

Cottage - Happy yarding!

Cat - Lovely to see you :) Thanks for the pics, they are beautiful. Now I'm going to start bugging DP about a flame thrower again. She is not a fan of this idea for some reason :shrug:

Me, swan & Barb :wave:

Weezle - I am so with you on the coffee! Hope the sugar beasties stay far away today.

Sophie - More than one glass of wine and I fall asleep, so not something I do much :) I'm enjoying the garden planning already.

Okay, time to move the pintos & cannelinis to the next phase. I'm going birding again at 3 if I get my chores done :)

04-05-2009, 02:42 PM
Lisa, My hubby worked in New Orleans after Katrina. I was alone for weeks at a time. A loud box fan and Tylenol PM helped me sleep at night. It's worth a shot! :)

Auston is at another Easter Egg hunt today with his cousin. We have a birthday party this afternoon. Wonder if there is time for a nice nap?

04-05-2009, 03:23 PM
I already had the fan going, but I'll have to try the Tylenol PMs next time. Hopefully I won't have to go without him much though!!!!

I got my 3rd recruit today, so I am now a Star Recruiter! WOO HOO! Prayers of thanks going upward!

Well, gotta get moving. Have an appointment today. I'll pop in later!

04-05-2009, 05:11 PM
So which of my fine, new spring outfits should I wear to work tomorrow when it's 25 degree? High in the 40s! Sheesh!!!

04-05-2009, 06:47 PM
Chelby- I decided to do my closet swap last night... out with the winter clothes, in with spring/summer. totally wishful thinking... spring is just not coming this year!

04-05-2009, 07:00 PM
Spring is definitely coming. Today I heard peepers in two different places. The peepers are never wrong ;)

04-05-2009, 08:39 PM
High of 37 and snow tomorrow.

I don't know what a peeper is but they haven't shown up here yet.

04-05-2009, 09:01 PM

They are a sure sign of spring - very noisy for tiny little things too :)

04-05-2009, 09:58 PM
Cyndi, I've been hearing frogs. I love them! They sing great songs and eat mosquitos. They are going to get cold this week!