30-Somethings - 30 Something's Daily Chat: Friday, 4/3

04-03-2009, 08:40 AM
Mornin' All! :coffee:


I cannot concentrate...#1 is talking nonstop and needs meds! :rofl: Have a great day all! :wave:

04-03-2009, 10:45 AM
TGIF!! :lucky:

Been a long week here :headache: . Dreary outside today too, so that isn't going to help any motivation :dizzy:. I have two errands to do today and then I'll be a lazy lady bug and sit around watching a movie and reading too the kiddies. We'll see how the rest of the day pans out, hopefully better then the beginning thus far. ;)

Hi Lauren!! :wave:

04-03-2009, 11:10 AM
It's been raining here since last night. It is gloomy around here. I just want to go to sleep, but after work I am going to the gym.

04-03-2009, 11:19 AM
Count us in with the rain! It was warm yesterday though. My oldest came home from school and ripped off his shirt and said "mom, it's hotter than hades out there!" I just had to laugh...he's almost 8! He walked around the house shirtless for about 30 min until he put a teeshirt on. It was cute!

Our rain started in the middle of the night and it's been pretty strong. Right now it has slowed up a bit -- so I actually have to do some work here in the office (can't post, wahhh!) and write our PTA newsletter that should have been in the school by today! I'm so bad. I put my self imposed deadlines on it though...and people always get me stuff too late too.

Well, I think I'll take a test today. I really want a BFP and will be upset if I get the other. This will be last baby...and I'm going to be thrilled to have 2 under 2 again - they get so close to each other then. Our oldest are...best friends!!!

I ate decently yesterday. My roast came out wonderful. Only thing was...it was such a darn healthy dinner that I got hungry later (or maybe I didn't eat enough) and I had to have an (oops) taco from taco bell later. I did have a slip up, didn't I? I am making today count and make it better by eating better today, right?

My littlest DS is rolling around on the floor next to me - still in his pjs...(so am I for that matter, LOL) One of those days...

I have to work tomorrow...yuck! 10-5PM on a Saturday. Well, there goes the weekend. :mad:

Talk to you later,

04-03-2009, 11:33 AM
Sarah - I was curious how you prepared your roast? I have tried making it a couple of times, but mind tends to turn out a bit dry ...

04-03-2009, 11:36 AM
Hey everyone - I'm counting down the minutes until 5 p.m. I *wanted* to go for a bike ride today, but it's raining, so it'll be a short jog on the treadmill instead.

I'm *thinking* about *maybe* possibly joining a social kickball league here. They say you can sign up as a single. I'm thinking 1) it'd be good exercise, and 2) it'd be a good way to meet friends who are into exercise.

Since I'm going through a divorce after a controlling marriage, I'm a bit lacking in the friends department.

What's stopping me? I guess a little bit of fear of not knowing anyone, and fear that I would stink at kickball. But I remember being pretty decent at kickball in gym class, and I'm also getting decently fit here. Also, it's a bit pricey for someone who just signed over her life to a lawyer.

I have 5 days to decide.

04-03-2009, 12:11 PM
Whew... what a morning. The kiddies were lined up at the door this morning just waiting for me to open up the clinic. I saw 15 kids in the first 30 minutes. Luckily it has quieted down now with just a few stragglers here and there.

Last night I grilled some chicken breasts and made BBQ chicken sandwiches, yummy. I also tried Alexia potatoes, OMG they were so good. I got the red potatoes with rosemary, garlic and olive oil. When I opened the bag they smelled so wonderful, then while cooking the whole house smelled and then trying them, Yum. This will defintely be a favorite in my house. I found these in the freezer section. They were recommended by the dietician.

Tonight I am going to the mall with my friend and her dd. We are going to eat at Texas Roadhouse. I was a little apprehensive about eating there as they don't have any nutritional info available but according to their menu I can get a half roasted chicken. Baked sweet potato and a house salad with low fat dressing so I am good. I am eating light at lunch today so I can splurge and eat a roll too. Thier rolls are so yummy and with a touch of cinnamon butter, yummmy!

That's it for me. it's a dreary rainy and windy day out. Should make for fun when I am walking the dog this afternoon.

Losing Amber
04-03-2009, 12:21 PM
Hi everyone. We are having quite a bit of rain in Maryland also. I've been wanting to get out there and plant our peas in the garden. Its supposed to be nice this weekend so hopefully then.

I've actually been sick off and on this past week. The plus is I've lost a few lbs. from lack of appetite. I'm hoping to keep it off!

04-03-2009, 12:21 PM
Sarah - I was curious how you prepared your roast? I have tried making it a couple of times, but mind tends to turn out a bit dry ...

Well, I have had to "crock" all of my dinners lately, since my oven isn't working (btw, eveyone - service call slated for Tuesday - that's the EARLIEST!)

I put it in my crock pot w/2c water and one of those "packets" of seasoning. Not bad except for sodium. It tenderizes the roast very nicely - I don't use much of the gravy it makes when I eat it. I then put in a ton of carrots, celery, onion and white potatoes. I cook it on high for 10 hours. Nice and tender. I like it cut with the electric knife...makes it look very professional and restaurant quality.


04-03-2009, 12:30 PM
Oh man! Last night was the fight of the century at my house. Hubby went for a surgical consult for melanoma on his back. The good thing is that the melanoma is not as severe as we thought, but he is still having the tissue removed. There are two spots to be removed. It’s going to be a simple outpatient procedure, no anesthesia or skin grafts.

That’s not what the fight was about. His lab work came back. He has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and high blood sugar. He’s about 100 lbs overweight. I asked him if he was going to do anything about it. He was in total denial. I asked him if he was going to start eating better. He said, “I am eating better.”

I said, “I’m sorry to contradict what you are saying, but I have watched you eat. You eat a mountain of ice cream, you eat huge burgers, and I have seen you eat a whole back of Heshey’s Minis. You are not eating healthy.” I told him that when I had to make the change, because of my gall bladder surgery, that it was hard, but I got used to it.

He got on the defensive big time and started making all kinds of excuses. It’s the normal excuses that I have probably said myself. “It’s too expensive. You’re taking away all my fun. I don’t eat that much.” I finally got frustrated and said, “Look, this is the last time I’m going to say anything about it. You can choose to eat any way you want, but you’re going to be dead in few years.”

I proceeded with my 4 hour silent treatment. Finally, he came up and said, “Okay, I’ll give up soda and start eating like you do.”

I win, I win!!

04-03-2009, 12:37 PM
SapphireBlue - sorry to hear about your DH's situation! YAY you for winning that conversation! :cp:

It's raining here today too...we're supposed to get 45 mm of rain today...UGH! SO depressing.

I had to cancel my "jogging date" with a friend b/c she doesn't jog in the rain...we've rescheduled for next week.

Maybe I'll break out one of my Tae-Bo dvds tonight :)

04-03-2009, 12:45 PM
Well, I tested. BFN!
I'm upset...Now, don't get me wrong - I know how lucky I am to have 3 beautiful, heatlhy, children! I just want to have another one pretty soon to be close in age to LO #3 like my first 2 were. I really thought I was this time. I think I've taken 5 tests in 5 months because my AF isn't coming the right time when it used to (since LO #3 was born)

I just hope this doesn't show some bigger problem (see where my brain goes?) and it is showing me some secondary infertility or something. I am still EBF and he has had some food - but, maybe that's what's making me less fertile.

Just gotta keep fighting the good fight, right?

Well, now just gotta get my lazy butt on to the treadmill.

04-03-2009, 03:06 PM
Hi All!

#1 had a circus play this AM, it was cute. He played one of the kangaroos. Quite fitting for him! :lol:

Sarah, sorry about the BFN. :hug: Are you charting? Using FF?

Sapphire, sorry about your fight. :( Hope DH comes around.

Amber, Feel better!

Beth, your dinner tonight sounds delicious! Enjoy!

Losing Amber
04-03-2009, 06:41 PM
Sapphire I'm sorry to hear about your husband's melanoma and other health issues. I'm so glad you won that fight though.

Sorry about the BFN Sarah. If you think you are ovulating at different times...have you ever read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility"? Great book. Its helped me both conceive and not. I haven't been on hormonal birth control, or any really for that matter since I was about 20. Its taken me 5 months the first time and 4 the 2nd to concieve...I remember what it feels like to think every month is it and being antsy. Hopefully your month will come around soon.

04-03-2009, 07:28 PM
Hi Everyone!
Hope everyone is having a GREAT Friday!
Here in S.C. the day has been picture purfect!
I walked 1.9 miles today!!! but now im so tired..

Have a great night!