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04-02-2009, 04:46 PM
Have any of your schools cut out having unhealthy snacks for parties, rewards, etc? Several in our area have but our elementary school has not.

My son is in elementary school and everytime I turn around they are having a party with cookies, soft drinks, etc. Just finished baking brownies for an Easter Party on Friday. Each nine weeks those that earn good behavior points get to go to a party with soft drinks, cookies, chips, etc.

Now I believe that children should be allowed occasional junk food at certain times. I don't believe there should be a complete band just a moderation.

However, the kicker was a few weeks ago they had a fitness challenge. Children walked laps on the walking track and raised money for the school. People pledged for the number of laps walked. Great idea. Problem - those classes meeting a certain goal got a movie party with pop corn. If they met a higher goal they got the movie and pop corn AND ice cream. I don't understand teaching children so young about rewarding a fitness walk with pop corn and ice cream.

Why not an extra recess which they would really love? Just wondering if any other schools have banned junk food.

04-02-2009, 06:22 PM
I remember the lunch program in my high school was just terrible, because most people would eat just french fries, or something like that, and their parents would never find out. No wonder I was a chubby teen.

04-02-2009, 06:44 PM
I am a teacher and my school has not adopted that kind of policy yet. But, the elementary school in the next town has... and it is extreme. Teachers are not allowed to carry around coffee or any drink that is not visibly water. No water in a fast food cup. No fast food for lunch. The teachers cannot eat or have any snack that is not on the approved list (fruits, veggies, nuts). It is really becoming a little over bearing. For instance, a teacher goes to subway and fills up their drink with water. They are not allowed to bring it back regardless of its contents. They are not even allowed to bring subway back to eat in the teacher's lounge. I believe in this instance, the policy has gone too far. I mean really, no water in a fast food cup? I think that's pushing it. Just IMO. :)