30-Somethings - 30 Something's Daily Chat: Thurs, 4/2

04-02-2009, 08:39 AM
:carrot:Hello All!:carrot:

04-02-2009, 09:35 AM
Does anyone watch the Today Show? Has anyone seen the anti-smoking ad with the 4 yr old boy crying for his mother? I just saw this a few minutes ago and it's quite moving. I have 3 children, ages 7,6,8mos. I felt bad (horrible) for the crying child...and basically it is meant to show how badly the child feels if his mother is away from him for just a few minutes - and how horrible the child would feel if the mother (parent) was out of his life forever, hence..don't smoke.

I just wanted to get other opinions. I'm sure you can YouTube it. I used to smoke, in college. I can't even stand the smell anymore. My DH has never smoked and he teases me for doing it for the time that I did. My kids get upset when someone brings it up. I just can't see smoking right now though. In Ohio, you can't smoke anywhere public indoors. That's nice though, because the bars, taverns etc. are family friendly now. I can take the kids and the family out for sandwiches at a place that years ago wouldn't be accessible due to the cloud of smoke!

Sorry, that was very OT.

I am heading out here now to take my father to the doctor for a f/u appt. I haven't worked out yet, but when I get my DD from school, I'll probably grab the treadmill again for some time.

I saw a lot of mirrors yesterday while shopping. I really do not like the way I am looking right now. Especially, I saw my arms - with short sleeves (it's getting warmer here in NE Ohio, so...short sleeves yesterday and today!) and I look like a short marshmallow. LOL, not good when you're 5'1"!!!

What's on everyone's menu for today? I'm putting a roast in the crockpot, due to still no oven.


04-02-2009, 10:59 AM
Sarah what are you doing to do with your oven? That would drive me nuts. :dizzy:

I didn't get in the work out I thought I would yesterday but much more! I had planned to go walking today since it was nice and sunny out but ended up at my sisters. We groomed three horses which is a workout itself. Then we raked leaves for an hour. We are trying to clean up a wooded area so they can fence it in for more land for the horses to run around on. My shoulder's are very achy today.

Dinner today is grilled chicken, brown rice and green beans. I may take the lazy way out and stop and get a rotisserie chicken. I love rotisserie chicken!!

AI- love Danny, like Adam and Allison also. Allison has got the pipes not sure why she was in the bottom three. But Danny is my favorite. I hope he sings contemp. christian. Wasn't too impressed with David Cook last night, I didn't care for the song, but he was my fav. to win last year. G lad Megan went home, didn't care for her at all. Her dancing drove me batty.

Nothing else from me today.

04-02-2009, 11:17 AM
Going to get a repairman out today or tomorrow. We were waiting a few days because of scheduling problems (people being at home etc.) and we really couldn't call and schedule someone when we didn't know who would be here.

I like AI too, Adam is my fave! I love his name too, my oldest DS's name, LOL. He's sooo cute. I'm into the leather-clad rocker type though, LOL. I told DH "I'm surprised I ended up with you" (DH is a businessman - very proper, wears suits daily etc.) and he said "that kind of guy isn't the marrying type" and I told him "I wouldn't want to marry him, just play with him a bit" (hahah!!!)

I like Danny too - he is a sweetie and it's still sad about his wife dying. I always think of that when he's on.

I'm glad Megan went home too - she was too cookey for my liking. I did feel for her though when she told her little boy she was coming home! The mom in my just got all teary at that point.

So gals, do I test today? I am 5 days late and we've been trying. However, I am breastfeeding almost constantly still (with the exeption of some cereal, some applesauce and some peas - when we think of it, when he eats it!) and I haven't had too regular of cycles still. I'm at 31 days and I've always been a regular 26 day gal. I'd like to see a BFP, but...in the past it has only been BFNs on the prego tests. Our oldests are 19 months apart. I want these guys to be close too. We have a 5 1/2 yr gap between our DD and little DS (LDS?)

Gotta go get DD right soon...
After she gets home, I'm doing my workout! I am woman, hear me roar!


04-02-2009, 12:19 PM
It seems to be a gloomy day here in California. I was planning on a day at the park with the kids, but we'll have to play it by ear I guess. I need to get to the grocery store for some milk and fresh fruit, but I hate dragging all four to the store. It has to be done though.

I think i'm making baked tortellini for dinner tonight. Either that or pork chops. Eeny-meeny-miney-moe.

Sarah- I say test! I hope you get a BFP!!!

Have a great day!

04-02-2009, 12:57 PM
Sorry I know I'm posting a lot lately. I have a lot on my mind, LOL...

Well, I have had the roast in for a couple of hours now, but just put the veggies in it. My nerves are a bit shot because all the while I was chopping the celery, carrots, potatoes and onion - LO was screaming! I couldn't help him then. I should have worn him in the sling while I did it, but...sometimes when I'm cooking hot stuff or around knives, I don't like him so close. He's in a real "hands on" place in his babyhood and I don't want him to get hurt! So, I just kept trying to reassure him and gave him toys and brought him in the kitchen so he could watch. He just wanted ME. I'm done in the kitchen and laundry now and I"m here nursing and typing (multitasking mama!)

Today is going to be crazy in my world. DD has Daisies from 4:30-5:30 and the her first soccer practice of the season 5:30-6:30...and then BDS has a parent teacher conference at 6:30:?::?:!!! I'm trying to get another adult to take DD to her stuff to free me up a bit. Thank goodness for the potroast and the crockpot! I had a friend who used to call it "the dinner fairy.":D

Well, going to put LDS up to his bed and then I'm going to work out. I need it for my sanity!

Talk to you in a few...

04-02-2009, 01:26 PM
I'm a little off kilter today. It has to be hormones. I feel it coming. I was late, because I forgot to let my poor dog back in the house before leaving for work. I would have just left him out, but it was very cold today, and I didn't want his little body to freeze. Now, I just can't get into the routine of the day. Maybe after lunch, I finally will.

Hubby is going to a surgical consult today. He had a 1/2 inch suspicious mole removed from his lower back. When they did the procedure, it didn't look all that bad, but the pathology came back with melanoma. Luckily, it's just on the surface layer of the skin, but it has spread beyond the area of the mole and there is a 2nd mole to be removed. We don't know exactly what all that entails, but we should find out today.

Better try to get busy here.


04-02-2009, 01:41 PM
Hey there girls!

I truly feel useless with this wrap on my foot...and I hate walking on crutches! (Although I did find out that it burns 363 calories per hour! I can feel it in my arms for sure!)

Sarah - I know how you feel! I have been busy every night this week...and tonight is no exception! I have to be at play practice (supervising and helping backstage) for school, and then pick up the little girl, get the kids something to eat...hopefully not defrosted, but actual food (not looking promising at this point), and then take the two boys to lacrosse! I have to go to the store while they practice, and with my bad foot, that should be an adventure! (I saw that you mentioned the no smoking law in Ohio...I LOVE it, too!! I can finally go out and not smell horrible when I get home!) Hope you have a positive test, too!!

Sapphire - Hope all is okay with your hubby...

Here's to a great day for everyone...it is sunny here...and working on being 70! Whoo hoo! I love spring, but bring on the summer! (Sent in my pool membership dues today. Absolutely cannot wait.):beach:

04-02-2009, 01:48 PM
I feel I made some progress today concerning increasing my exercise. I got a pool buddy so now I can use the pool at work. I am going to go twice a week. I am going to walk twice a week. Two days I am going to weight train and do a work out video. One day I plan to reserve for relaxation through Yoga.

04-02-2009, 02:45 PM
Hubby is going to a surgical consult today. He had a 1/2 inch suspicious mole removed from his lower back. When they did the procedure, it didn't look all that bad, but the pathology came back with melanoma. Luckily, it's just on the surface layer of the skin, but it has spread beyond the area of the mole and there is a 2nd mole to be removed. We don't know exactly what all that entails, but we should find out today.

You are in my prayers! I know that things like that can make you quite nervous.


Just got my shower - did treadmill for 66 min - 10,000 steps, 724 calories! 4.2 miles... but, up .2lbs!!! ARGH! I'm keeping it up. Probably too much salt. Hopefully not AF coming. Still haven't taken a test yet...

Gotta go make lunch...

meredithann - where in Ohio is Middletown?

04-02-2009, 04:35 PM
Hi all! :wave:

I have soo much to say, and just don't feel like typing! :lol: I'll try later! I need to "plan" dinner! Yes, it's 3:34 pm, and I have nothing out of the freezer.