Dieting with Obstacles - PHYSICAL CHALLENGES ~ April Thread

03-31-2009, 11:40 PM
WELCOME EVERYONE ~ Please join us in our thread: to give support and encouragement; to share ideas, and/or just chat with one another about everyday issues ...

This special thread is for anyone with any kind of physical obstacle and/or challenge like SB, CP, MS, MD, PK, Lupus, Osteo, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or any other condition (s), whether genetic or acquired (like injuries), that causes some physical limitations and/or difficulties.



:hug: ROSEBUD :hug:

04-01-2009, 08:46 AM
Good Morning . . .

Looks like a lot of April Fools' stuff going on around here and no real people are involved. :lol: First of all; every morning weather forecast says it is :sunny:, but my little area is absolutely solidly overcast. :shrug: Secondly, my great FBGL from yesterday is not with me this morning. Just before I ate my oatmeal and apple concoction, I was 6.3 / 113 and that was after I took my morning glyburide and metformin. Fasting was 7.2.

My chest congestion was very bad last night when I went to bed, but I don't see how that could impact anything. Been using the Flomax inhaler for over a week now and it certainly is not providing any relief.

To round out my health (and weather) related whining . . . the ankle is still bothering me a lot as is all my other arthritic places (it is definitely damp these days) and now I seem to have some chest wall pain from all the coughing I've been doing.

VAL . . . the insulin needles are very fine and actually less painful than the lancets you have to use to test . . . every once in a while I manage to hit a funny spot and end up with either a burning sensation for a few seconds and/or a little bruise. The thing I dislike most about having to use insulin is the fact that it makes weight loss soooooo difficult.

Have a good Wednesday folks . . . :wave:

04-01-2009, 10:54 AM
Hi, Friends! And, "Happy" April Fool's Day:dizzy:

I got my DH this morning first thing to get it out of the way-told him I was pregnant:devil: Now, he's known that's just not any kind of possibility since DS3 was born 12 years ago, but he still got that panicky-glazed-over-in-the-eyes look:lol: Now, I have to think of some way to 'get' the boys, because I know they're going to be working on tricking me allllllllll day!

We actually got a trick from the weather today. Woke up to a dusting of that nasty white stuff again! Will this winter ever end?:p

Not much else going on here. We get our new furnace and a/c tomorrow:carrot:! I'm looking forward to lower bills, as these new units are much higher efficiency that what we have now. Hope you all have a really nice day and get some nicer weather, too!

04-02-2009, 12:35 AM
:wave: YES, HAPPY APRIL FOOL's DAY ~ to you all too! We all were fooled today; it is supposed to be spring; and we woke up to bleary overcast weather that started with rain and turned to sleet, then ****, then back to rain tonight! Yes, Mother Nature is the one playing games on us today! :lol:

RONNI ~ so great that you are finally getting a new 'high-efficiency' furnace in your place that will help the fuel bills be less for you and your family. You know, I have heard of stranger things happening: a friend of mine's mother was supposed to have had her tubes cut after she was born, but nine months later, she gave birth to another bouncing baby girl ... the inexperienced fill-in doctor forgot to do a pregnancy test before arranging for the procedure ... :yikes:

THANKS MEOWEE ~ I know how you feel about the damp weather; it really bothers the muscles in my legs too. Hope your BSL's get back in line again real soon; and we all are hoping Mr. :sunny: will come back and bring some authentic spring temps with him. DH and I wanted to turn our furnace off soon, but we are gonna have to postpone that until the middle of April now as it's still too cold out there. We were looking for a 6-month window (6 on and 6 off), but we may not be that fortunate this year.

HEY VAL ~Had a good eating day: I am trying to keep my carbs down to a managable level today, and I think I succeeded. I was reading an article about a doctor who tried an experiment with a small village of Native Canadians out in BC to see if he could in effect -- "cure" them of their diabetes using a very strict, low-carb diet. About 10 percent of the population already were diabetic. He had gotten his health better using the same method (and he had some native in his ancestory), so he thought he could help them this way.

Anyhow, those that could stick to the very strict program, did lose some weight (40-60 lbs on average); and some even reversed their diabetes; but in the end, there was a huge problem ... many of them couldn't stick to the plan long term and some gained all the weight back within only one year. I kinda expected those results, because I have been on those plans and regained myself. That's why I personally believe the plan needs to be more balanced with "SOME" whole grains, and small portions of starch carb each day.

That is what I am doing and I am having a better time keeping to this plan than before. I do believe that carbs have to be limited, but I try not to go under 3 a day and usually try for between 5-7 grain & starch carbs daily (with an emphasis on the whole grain carbs). I find this is much more managable for me. I'm not saying it's a piece of cake, becuz we all get cravings, but what I do now is have one serving of the craved food item and then move on ...

For instance, if I crave chocolate, I will have one serving of something really chocolatey. As I was saying in my last post of March's thread, this strategy is keeping me from all-out binges. Now, if I make a mistake, I just keep on going the next snack or meal; and try to make up for it later on that day or the next day, or over the week. So far, this is helping me a lot ...

Well, I spent the day doing laundry and other daily small household stuff; we had salisbury steak for dinner (me with salad on the side), and DH had his on ww buns. Sometimes, I eat them with no buns, or put them in a quarter of a whole wheat pita pocket, which is only 50 calories and I toast it a bit in the toaster first. This is one trick I use to cut down on the grain carbs.

Anyways, just wanted to get in here and post a bit. I fell asleep earlier after doing a puzzle and putting my feet up which were a bit sore today (probably all the damp weather out there all day). Take good care ladies, and I hope you all have a Lovelier spring day tomorrow!!!

04-02-2009, 10:19 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

Another damp and dull day. That will mean lots of aches and pains no doubt. At least it is going to be fairly mild (up to 7+C/almost 50F) and no snow. :lol:

On the good news front, the FBGL was a happy 5.7 / 103 this morning and the scale was 209. Of course, who knows where either one may land tomorrow. :shrug:

Oh well . . . onward and downward, Chickies. See you all later. :wave:

04-02-2009, 02:55 PM
:wave: just running by. i came home for my lunch hour

04-02-2009, 09:12 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had milder temps and the sun tried to peak through now and then, so we did get some melting. However, we had to rescue some boxes from our shed as it turns out the roof leaks and the snow was melting onto my boxes. We did lose a few books, but thank goodness, none of my most favorite ones ... somebody upstairs was watching over them for sure. I kept bugging DH to go out and check to see if anything good was still in there; and he finally went today and managed to save most of the stuff.

Well, that was our excitement for the day ~ I now have books and stuff hanging and standing all over the place to make sure they are perfectly dry before we put them on the book shelves. So, DH has a new project for those off days this year ~ he has to build a floor on the bottom of the shed. We already have the wood, so it won't cost us anything; this way, from now on, everything will be up and off the ground. He also wants to fix the shelves which aren't very sturdy.

Anyways, had a good OP day with the food; we had fish and homebaked fries, and coleslaw for dinner tonight. The weather was yucky this morning, so we didn't go anywhere; opting to stay home and do stuff around here instead. So I know what I'll be doing for the rest of this week; sorting stuff out again ... and I thought I was almost done! :yikes:

HI MEOWEE ~ sounds like those BSL's are trying to level out a bit; and it looks like you really do have a solid loss after all. :carrot: All we can do, is just keep on chuckin' ... :lol:

HIYA VAL ~ TGIF tomorrow ... that post was sweet & short; but I'm glad that you dropped by. Hope you have a great weekend ...

HI to PURPLE, and RONNI, and BEVERLYJOY, and NUMPSTER ... hope you all have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-03-2009, 10:52 AM
Hello Ladies

Went and did a delivery yesterday to a well known seaside resort on the East coast of England. It was a long journey for us so we were up early very early for me so I am still recovering today I am afraid. Due to going very early yesterday it meant I was in bed early the day before to help. The weather was suppose to be nice but was cloudy and fogyish at the coast. Yet 50 miles from there the weather was so different really sunny and hot. Found a lovely place to take a rest and have a break for food. So good on that front so not too expensive. Have another trip planned for next week on Wednesday this time up to Yorkshire the biggest county in the UK. Shouldn't be too bad on paper ;) as it is not too far away plus going up North from where we live.

Weather today was cloudy this morning and chilly with it. Though now this afternoon totally different as it is warm and sunny. Thats the British weather for you never know how to dress :D

Our next door neighbour still remains in hospital he has been a very poorly man and has been lucky to be alive. He has a poorly heart and had a heart attack in the last 12 months. So not been so fortunate with his health in the last year.

Today another neighbour who has not seen me for a long while came across to see if I was alright when she saw my DH. She did not recognise me due to my weight loss and plus my hair is slightly different as I am growing my fringe (bangs) out. She was so shocked and thought I must have been poorly to loose all this weight. I convinced her that I hadn't been ill and it was just through healthy eating.

ROSEBUD Sound like your shed needed some new felt on to stop the leaks. On a positive at least none of your favourite books went for a Burton (ruined slang word here is Burton). Good job my DH does not look in the top of my wardrobe is is packed to the hilt with my books :D I also have a few under the spare bed in drawers that he hasn't got a clue about :lol: Though I am struggling to read like I use to but I am hoping that it will come back soon. I do miss it it is like an old friend reading as I have always read.

I have heard the about the same "diet" you mention for treating diabetis. Though it is hard to keep up long term. So I think it is a matter of trying to balance your life I think if you change most of your bad habits in food and keep them at bay. The odd naughty thing that creeps in is not so damming or damaging. I think we still all keep those cravings yours is for chocolate mine is the same as yours. Every now and again I indulge to get rid of it then keep of it again. Not easy but like someone said in here pick your hard nothing is easy when you have a weight problem.

MEOWEE You are affected by the weather like my friend who had an horrific injury through work which required extensive surgery on her spine. If the weather is cold and damp that is always a difficult time for her.

Thanks for explaining the American blood sugar measurement it use to completely baffle me that one now it makes sense. Glad your blood sugar still remains in a good range great going I know how difficult it can be sometimes to get it to level out sometimes.

VALDINE Nice to see that your OK and have stopped by in your lunch break. Now pork pies I do not really like them it is the jelly that I am not so keen on. If the pie is tightly packed with meat then that is not so bad but I would chose something else to eat if there was a choice. So as you can see I am not overly fond of them but some people love them each to their own :lol:

I can't believe it into another month already. Hope none of you were "got" on April fools day. Well time to go must go and tackle some food preparation sure it will be done quickly if I get my finger pulled out.

Bye to all catch up with you soon

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-03-2009, 01:43 PM
Hi . . . :grouphug:

I swear I will never understand this disease completely . . . BGL this morning at breakfast time was 5.9 / 106 . . . The metre-:devil: was being kind because yesterday turned into a terribly bad day of eating far too many fast acting carbs. :o So far today I'm doing well.

You have to be careful with whatever you choose as either a weight-loss plan or a diabetes control plan or (like many of us) a plan for both -- whatever you do, it absolutely has to be something you can stick to FOREVER. Definitely not what I did yesterday. :s:

Our weather has been quite mild and it is around 10C/50F again today but it is overcast. The snow is now melting a bit too quickly and my yard looks like a swamp. We are supposed to be getting a few days of mostly rain starting tonight and that will turn it into a lake, I fear. Not that I want to keep the snow, though. :no:

Haave a great TGIF everyone . . . :carrot:

04-04-2009, 12:06 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we are in the midst of one windy & blowy white-out snowstorm. It started around 7 pm with masses of big flakes, then the winds came in and it was hard to see out there. There is absolutely no-one on the roads every since; so quiet, it's weird ... :lol:

I just stayed home and did stuff around here. We had less birds today, I have a feeling some have already left for warmer temps down south and the ones left are permies and stragglers. I noticed through my binoculars today that despite all the snow out there, the buds are forming on all the trees and bushes. I was looking at a flock of birds that looked like snowbirds; and indeed, that was exactly what they were.

They came through our place and landed on a tree across the road; might be the females coming up to join the males, I guess. Their real names are bunting birds, but everyone affectionately calls them Snowbirds because they love the snow and cold weather. The males come up north in March and the females come up in early April to join them way up north for their breeding season. I was really happy to see them this year; we also saw some up near where we used to live, and out at our lot as well, in March, so they still stop over here.

YOUR RIGHT PURPLE ~ this shed does indeed need a new roof covering or patching for something; what a shock to go out there and find the place almost totally flooded. DH had put big heavy-duty plastic tarps over everything, but he forgot about the bottom of the boxes. It never occurred to him that we'd end up with a partially frozen lake inside there. :(

Anyhow, we are gonna have to figure out something. DH says we can't keep anything of value in there. We are gonna check out the other shed to see if it is more waterproof, and maybe move some stuff over there until we can see what we can do with this one.

ABOUT THAT LC PLAN ~ yes, I think that a 'MODIFIED' plan might work better for these people, but as one doctor said, no-one has ever tried that kind out yet. They know that cutting the processed carbs and sugar can help reverse diabetes symptoms, but what they haven't figured out is what the method works best to keep blood sugar levels in line and the weight off long-term.

Someone else will likely have to do another experiment of a modified version to see what would work best, ie cutting strictly at first, then adding whole grain and vegetable carbs back in, a bit at a time; or slowing decreasing some simple carbs over time until a person health balances out. Someday soon maybe ...

MEOWEE ~ you are having better weather than us right now; really big storm here ... looks like something we normally would get in March, not April. Yes, I think that diabetes is hard to figure especially since everyone is different too, so that has to be taken into consideration; but I would much rather have good health for life, not just six months like what happened for many in this study.

And, it kinda bothers me that this experiment is being touted as an "amazing success" when 100 people started out, but only 40 or less continued for six months or more; and most of those reverted back to old ways and regained the weight. The participants were very honest and admitted that they really struggled longterm, and they called it a real 'battle' ...

Anyways, we all must continue to do the best we can; and figure out what works best for each of us. Today was a more relaxed day for us; nothing too exciting going on here. They are predicting more of the same weather for the whole weekend, so we'll be sticking close to home for awhile. Hope you all have a great weekend; take good care all ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-04-2009, 08:09 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

We've got wet and wildly windy but definitely above freezing temperatures and the snow is going fast. BUT . . . I definitely do not like what you are reporting ROSEBUD. What you have now, we usually get in another day or two.

Afraid that doesn't spell "amazing success" in my books either. Actually nothing that is very strict and only successful in the short term is high on my list of things to try. :no:

BTW, my FBGL was back to 5.4 / 97 this morning but the scale is still hanging on to an extra half pound from my eating debacle on Thursday. Hopefully it will be gone soon too. :yes:

Don't know what I might get up to today -- would like to go out, but with this dampness, I already ache so badly I'm likely a lot better off inside. However, since the long range forecast right now is calling for more of the same everyday for the next week :yikes: I just might be better off going for some groceries today. :dunno: Will see what I feel like this afternoon.

Hope the rest of you hve some fun stuff in your weekend plans. :wave:

04-04-2009, 10:56 AM
MEOWEE ~ Oh, I'm glad that your sugar numbers are sounding so good right now. I ate a bit too much yesterday too; we all have those days, but I'll try to balance it all out over the next week. So far, I'm doing better today too.

Sorry to say ... that storm is still here; pounded us all night and we have snow almost as high as we did before the melting started. :lol: Well, the birds hadn't really left; we have a huge flock of SNOWBIRDS here -- must be 200 or more. Along with them, came a large flock of finches -- also 100 or more, I'm sure. So we are in bird-heaven again; and I got some really nice picks of them too, as well as all this new snow. The snow is blowing south and the clouds are going south, I'm afraid ... ;)

Just popped in here this mornig to let you know what's happening here; we are definitely snowed in as the snow is almost up to the top of our tires on our car. DH says if this keeps up for as long as they are predicting, our car will be totally buried. :yikes: I don't like that idea at all. You think that winter has decided not to leave yet or what? It's going out like a 'LION' for sure ...

Hope you all are having better weather than us; take good care. I might drop by later on tonight to give you an update ... hehehe! :D


04-04-2009, 11:37 AM
Hi ladies and good afternoon

Busy morning spent cooking dinner and baking muffins as I had a glut of bananas. So tired at the minute I must admit all that time standing on my feet. At the minute the last batch of the banana muffins are just cooking well not muffins this one it is in a bread loaf tin.

Gloriously sunny day today which is lovely at 14c. Today is the big horse race in the UK called the grand national I suppose equivalent of the Kentucky Derby I suppose. That will be run in the next hour or so.

MEOWEE Glad your blood sugar level remains good this am but sorry to hear that the weather is making you ache. Lets hope that the warmer weather is around the corner very soon for you to make it better for you on the health front.

ROSEBUD The incident you have had with your garden shed springing a leak got me to thinking last night I really hope mine does not spring a leak as we have all sorts in there. With not having much room in the bungalow it tends to get used as an over flow storage. Nothing of great value kept in there but things add up in cost don't they.

I think your right about the "diet" for diabetes that would be a good one to run a trial on starting off strict and gradually adding in a more sustainable diet as the weeks go on. I watched a programme on 6 people whom where insulin dependant and they went to this place where they had a very strict vegan diet. Yes their diabetes did go but keeping this diet up long term I think would be difficult. (very) Even a gentleman whom had had juvenile diabetes reduced his insulin to virtually nothing but I suspect that he was not sticking to the diet completely as I think he was drinking alcohol which is sugar laden. It would be interesting to do a follow up programme to see how many had stuck to this life style.

It is like there is a diet for MS called the swank diet. For me I personally do not think that I could stick to it as I am not that disciplined. I am happy for those who see an improvement in their MS from this diet but I do not think it is the route for me to go down. I have tried to cut down on red meat and have more white and vegetarian. Plus have plenty of fruit and vegetables with whole grain bread etc. That for me is a far cry from what I was eating so much more healthier than I was eating.

At the minute TOM is luming up thick and fast so I am craving sweet stuff like it is going out of fashion :lol: Good job it only happens a few days a month this sweet craving.

No more news for today must go and check my cooking in the oven and test its cooked. Then definitely put my feet up so bye for now and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-05-2009, 12:03 AM
:wave: HI, I'M BACK ~ for a quickie post to let you know that the snow finally stopped just a short while ago, but I can still hear some windy updrafts coming through our furnace vent. Those lovely SNOWBIRDS stayed for most of the day and wandered off just before dinner; was sure nice having them here again!

HIYA PURPLE ~ getting lots of baking done I see; will have to make DH some more soon too, as today he finished off the last of his banana-prune muffins. He needs the extras as he had to shovel the car out this morning (almost buried in snow). Our front porch is still buried with snow, but they did get the laneway cleared out for us.

We had cabbage rolls for dinner tonight; I really like them a lot and I think they are a fairly healthy meal too. Just a quiet night at home; don't wanna venture out anywhere right now; they are forcasting for more of the same for the next few days ... eeks!

Hope you all have a SPECTACULAR SUNDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-05-2009, 08:40 AM
Good SUNDAY Morning . . . :wave:

Well . . . there's definitely no :sunny: in my SUNday but it is mild and melty with no sign of your snow in the forecast, Rosebud. Hope you get another sunny day, too, Purple.

Good eating day yesterday and good BGL this morning and the scale was even kind to me. :lol: Now, if I could just stop the aching and the coughing. :s:

04-05-2009, 05:24 PM
Hi and good evening ladies

First opportunity that I have had to come on here today as I have been busy with one thing or another. This afternoon went round to friends to help with with their PC. They live out in a small village about 15 minutes away this village was once a mining village. When I first moved to Nottingham there was a pit (mine) at the village but over the years the mines have close around here. The drive out there takes you through some beautiful countryside which looks stunning. I spent a lovely afternoon chatting to my friend whilst my DH, her DH and daughter where learning about what to do on the PC.

She has a dog also called Tyson he is beautiful with a lovely shiny red long haired coat. He is a medium sized dog with now what shall I call it a Heinz variety of breeds :lol: ( not sure if this word is used with you but Heinz variety is a slang term for something with a mixture of many breeds). He was an absolute cutie who was very loving and loved nothing better than being stroked. He came a sat with me for a long while with his head on my lap. Needless to say Rizzie afterwards sniffed me all over to give me the once over as I smelt of another dog.

Have to put my thinking cap on in a minute and plan tomorrows menu. I have Tuesdays already sorted as I cooked some extra vegetables and I am going to have it with some rissole's ( made from left over meat like a burger) which are in the freezer at the minute. I will take sandwiches with me to the centre for the lunch time which reminds me I must take out some bread very shortly as I am running very low on bread.

MEOWEE My weather here today has been very warm at around 14c for the best part of the day. Though there was a frost first thing this morning. With the lovely sunny weather managed to get my clothes dried outside in a few hours as there was a gentle breeze also. Just need to get my act together tomorrow and do the ironing. Not that there is must just a few bits and pieces though if I do not do them they mount up.

Glad your blood sugar is still behaving itself and has a good reading this morning long may it continue.

ROSEBUD Those banana and prune muffins sound nice I must admit. Last week I made some carrot bars ( or some name like that I think ) from a recipe on here. Though I did have to tweak it a little as I did not have some of the ingredients so exchanged them with others. Turned out well and took some for my parents on Tuesday evening to try and lets put it this way not a crumb left ;) I made them with plain yoghurt (stored the bars afterwards in the fridge though) though would like to try it with apple sauce. Did not have apple sauce in the house so that is why I did the yoghurt. I think if I used apples may take a little sugar out to compensate especially if the apples are particularly sweet.

I see you had cabbage rolls for your lunch do you stuff them with minced beef or turkey? There is a Greek dish where they stuff vine leaves so I suppose those could be similar. So will be interested to see how they are made. Nice to hear about different dishes from around the world. British cooking tends to be very simple usually based on the meat and 2 vegetables. Though curries and Chinese meals are now very popular in the UK.

Gosh time has really moved on and it is getting time for me to start thinking about taking my night medication. So best get a move on and make a drink to take them. Might go a wee bit earlier to bed not to sleep but to have a little read before sleeping. I am reading a good book which has me gripped and I want to see what happens next. Plus I have another book lined up from an author who only brings one book out a year. This one is called the suffragette girl which as the title suggests about the suffragette movement not a true story but is set in the region where I was born so I can relate to her stories in a big way. This authors books are all about the area I was born in so I love them plus the chapters are short so you seem to read the book rapidly. At the MS centre there is a gentleman who runs the tank just before my DH goes on to take the next session went to school with the author. Him and his wife meet with her at least once a year if not more. Is difficult to do much more as she has a busy schedule with book signing and appearances etc. Not to mention writing her next novel goodness knows what sort of schedule a prolific writer has.

Time to run till next time take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-06-2009, 12:16 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well thankfully, their weather forecast was incorrect and we didn't get any more snow today, but it was colder. We had lots of birdies here again today and one SNOWBIRD even walked all over the roof of our car so I was able to get a nice picture of her. When I have it size right, I'll post it for you.

And we had a nice little break in the clouds just after dinner tonight; the sun actually came out and shone for at least an hour before some more ominous darker clouds rolled in from the east at dusk. Gee, we seem to be getting it from all directions; but I can't hear any winds right now, so that's a good thing to me.

We just stayed home and had a quiet day; talked to a friend for awhile tonight on the phone after dinner ...just catching up with her. We just had a simple & quick dinner, nothing special; will be having Roast Beef (a lean round cut) with veggies and new potatoes tomorrow night for dinner, then we can have some leftovers for a few days afterwards.

PURPLE ~ we use beef in our CABBAGE ROLLS here with a bit of rice, then wrap them in big cabbage leaves and cook them in a nice thick tomato sauce; they were yummy. I had a couple left, so had them for my lunch today too.

Ground turkey isn't always available here and is very expensive; we just try and get the leanest beef we can afford and drain any fat off it. Honestly, I have never even eaten ground turkey before; not something that we see here very often either (maybe once).

Yes, I am having fun reading some of the books that we unpacked recently; starting to dabble into too many. I am reading a book called -- "ACTIVE WELLNESS" which was written by a Registered Dietician and Counsellor. It has lots of fab charts and good balanced info in it about eating and living in a healthier way.

I also am re-reading a great book called -- THE TRAVELER's GIFT by Andy Andrews about living life to it's fullest; it is written in a fabulous story form though, and is very fascinating too. It has a kind of mystical feel to it, but also recounts some true tales of great heroes within the story (ie Abraham Lincoln, Joshua Chamberlain, King Solomon, and Archangel Micheal to name only a few).

WELL MEOWEE ~ I am glad for you that you didn't get any of that snow, because we wish we didn't have it either. We would much rather have spring here already, but winter did arrive late here, so I guess it is balancing out in the end. :lol:

ANYHOW, that's all the news from here; take good care ladies, and have a MAGNIFICANT MONDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-06-2009, 08:59 AM
Hi . . . :wave:

Our Winter arrived later than usual this year, too -- but I still want it gone. Temperature is not too bad again today and no snow in the forecast, but lots of wind and rain.

Afraid I must own up to a run-in with some (lots) of CoolWhip last night. There is really not much wrong with a couple of spoonfulls of CW (even though it does contain HFCS, which is called by a different name here in Canada, but still the same thing) but, but, but, I tend to eat it by the cupful :o It's definitely one of my two very worst trigger foods (peanut butter is the other one). Anyway -- long story short -- I did manage to keep my total calories and my total carbs within bounds but my FBGL this morning was 8.2 / 148.

Have a great Monday . . . see you later . . . I need another :coffee: right now. :lol3:

04-06-2009, 08:49 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, the ***** was falling again today ... all day, and still is. We have had those beautiful SNOWBIRDS here all day again. DH says that he thinks they have decided to make this their permanent home; and I said that is because he is feeding them by the bucketful! I took a couple of mini-videos of them coming and going as well. :lol:

MEOWEE ~ that is too funny ... you are just like my brother; he would take those aerosol whip toppings and pour them into his mouth until the whole thing was gone. My mother used to get so mad at him about that. We usually only got one dessert out of them and then, my DB would devour the rest of the can when no-one was looking. We used to tease him about that a lot; but when he grew up, he would buy them as a jello topping, so that he could continue his naughty habit; and guess who else is DIABETIC now ... yes, that very same dear brother!

I just stayed home and did stuff around here; plus did some letter writing to family as well. We had a nice roast beef dinner with veggies and have lots leftover for another dinner and sandwiches. It was a nice lean round roast with hardly any fat in it at all. I did much better keeping OP today; my weekend wasn't that great, but I hope not too much damage done either.

DH went up town to run some errands and picked up a few groceries we were out of for me. I didn't want to go out as the winds were kinds cold and he just loves doing this kind of thing; he's a real social butterfly or it that dragonfly for a guy (and boy, am I glad for that)? :lol:

Here's those picks of the SNOWBIRDS I told you about; one is sitting on top of our car and looks like she wants to know when we are bringing out some more food. The other two are just parts of the group; I counted up to 200 myself quickly in some of the picks, but they were scattered all over the hill, so I'm sure I didn't get them all.

Hope you all have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY tomorrow ... and take good care! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:


04-06-2009, 09:25 PM
Gee . . . maybe we are related. :lol: . . . except I always buy mine in the tub.

The vanguard of our local flock of cormorants . . . . . . have returned to their nesting grounds at the Pictou Harbour. Spring is definitely on the way.

Of course, we always get at least one more snostorm after they arrive. :s:

04-07-2009, 05:16 AM
Hi Ladies

I didn't manage to get on here as yesterday went and did the grocery shop and it wiped me out for some strange reason. Not that it was a particular arduous shop or anything like it. I had to go and sit in the coffee shop whilst DH did the packing and paying of the groceries as I felt that rotten. After a rest at home felt much better though this morning I feel blocked up and can't breath properly through my nose. I hope there is not a cold on the horizon. I have decided not to go to my treatment today as when you can't breath properly through your nose it is a sure fire way to having your ears hurt by the pressure. So on the cautious side I have passed on treatment this week. So it is going to be very shortly just me and Rizzie in the house for the next 4 hours or so. This is a very strange being here on my own as DH are normally in each others company for virtually 24 hours a day. I think I will do a little light house work like the dusting and maybe the ironing later.

Again we are lucky and it is suppose to be a nice warm day at around 14c so good clothes drying weather for those trying to do laundry. DH sister was at the coast at the weekend in her caravan (static variety) and it was a glorious weekend for her so early in the season. She has a caravan on the East coast of England at a place called Ingoldmells in Lincolnshire.

MEOWEE It is nice hearing about the things that happen in your part of the world that you have cormorants come visit every year as part of their migration. We have nothing like that where I live so it is nice to hear about it from someone who does experience these things. Our winters are rarely severe enough go to buy food for the birds to help them through those tough months. I will put out bread that its past its best but all I get to come on feed on them is crows or the pigeon or seagull :lol: nothing so exotic as you see.

Your blood sugar level was not too bad considering your run in with the cool whip. Not sure how much sugar there is in that as it is not something I eat. Not overly fond of cream unlike my sister who would eat a carton of the stuff if we would let her when she was young ;) She still has a weakness for cream even today :D I think we all have foods that are triggers for making a pig of ourselves. The annoying thing with my sister she has always been slim and many times under weight. Yet if you see the things she likes you would never have guessed she would be slender.

ROSEBUD Thanks for the pictures of the birds in your garden gosh what a lot yikes are you sure they are not breeding there ;) I can see why you get through so much food trying to help the snow bird through the tough weather you experience.

The cabbage rolls sound a nice vegetarian dish which should be low in calories I would think. Always great to hear about new dishes you have never heard about. What other things do you put in the rice when you stuff the leaves? Do you flavour the rice with curry or chili?

Ground turkey is more expensive than ground beef here in the UK but not out of our price range. Ground lamb is very expensive here and I very seldom buy that maybe if it is on offer but not otherwise. One thing I find with ground turkey is it is very filling and I can eat less of it compared with the beef.

You made me smile at your brothers antics with the cool whip, real cream was my sisters weakness she would and still will have more cream than the actual pudding. In actual fact at times she would drown it given half a chance. You say your brother is diabetic and I know you are also diabetic. Was either of your parents diabetic? I know that there is a slight more of an increase at getting diabetes if you had a parent with it. I know if you are overweight the increase is greater also. I know that my father and grandfather both had or have it. I take after that side of the family with looks also with the tendency to be overweight. So I suppose my chances of getting diabetis are higher that the general population.

Finding old books is great like having new gifts :D The book called active wellness sounds interesting and hope your able to glean some good information from it. Even if you can not take on all its principles if the regime is too strict I am sure anything you can take on board will be a good thing. When I embarked on my weight loss journey I just read lots from the INTERNET. I did not follow one principle but took many ideas on board. A friend of mine this weekend was talking to me about how I did my weight loss. Now she keeps trying something called slim-fast which is where you replace some of your meals with a milk shake, soup or protein bar. This was never successful for her which I was trying to explain to her that she could not keep that up long term but I could not make her understand. I was trying to tell her about our way of life which is healthy eating with the odd treat now and again to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Time to go and get dressed my legs are getting chilly. So take care ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-07-2009, 06:53 AM

Oh my, PURPLE . . . hope you continue to feel better, kiddo and that skipping treatments doesn't have too negative an impact.

Cool Whip is a true Frankenfood. Nothing real in there. Anyway, first ingredient is water; second is corn syrup (sugar); third comes hydrogenated coconut and palm kernel oil (trans-fat), then we have high-fructose corn syrup (sugar). Well, you get the picture-- this should not be considered a food by any stretch of the imagination. :lol: Real whipped cream would probably be a lot healthier even though higher in calories.

I don't feed the birds either. Since mostly crows would show up. I do think crows are very pretty and quite intelligent, but I don't need my yard any fuller with them than it is already. Noisy things. They do keep the cats entertained though. :lol3:

Anyway . . . the FBGL is looking a lot better this morning at 6.1 (110), but the scale did a little upward blip. Things never seem to go in the right direction all the time.

See you later, Chickies . . . :carrot:

04-07-2009, 03:15 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, the snow is still falling and the winds are still blowing today, but those lovely SNOWBIRDS are still here too, so that makes it not seem too bad. We are having fun watching them and all the other birdies coming by for a bit to eat.

DH came home with a gift this morning -- he went up town to pay some bills for me, and came home with an almost new scale that he got for a song at our local thriftshop. So we both decided we'd be brave and weigh ourselves as it's been a while. I made him go first, just to make sure it was accurate. I was very concerned that it would say I gained and wasn't sure I wanted to hear that today, but I finally bolstered up some courage, and ... drum roll please ...

WOWIE ~ I'm down 7 LBS !!!:cheer2: So ... I got to add two more dragonflies today!

Yeah -- that plateau is finally broken -- I actually have been eating a bit more, but doing more exercise varying them each day; so I guess mixing things up a bit did help some ... and of course, with some prayers by friends added in for measure.

I hate to weigh myself too often becuz I tend to get discouraged, so this will give me some encouragement for the summer. I told DH I would be happy just to lose anything at this point. Anyhow, just wanted to come in and share this good news with you all ... :D

MEOWEE ~ yah, that is so true about those whipped creams and toppings; not really the best foods, but they sure taste good, don't they? I haven't had those in a while; I used to make a fruit tower out of that for a summer cake substitute. I would cut an angel food cake in three layers crosswise; spread with a bit of cool whip and fruit between each layer (such as banana slices, peaches, pineapple, blueberries, raspberries, and/or strawberries). The last one I made had bananas and peaches in the layers, and strawberries around the top outer edge, with blueberries in a ring inside them, and raspberries in the center. I made that for a friend's birthday and she loved it.

PURPLE ~ Yes, DIABETES does run in our family; my mother had it and two other siblings have it as well as an uncle, and I have what the call PRE-DIABETES or Metabolic Syndrome (meaning I was on my way to having adult onset Diabetes unless I got things under control). I am still on METFORMIN to keep it under control.

My doctor was quite aggressive because of the family history, and wanted to get things under control now before it grew into full-fledged Diabetes. As long as I eat healthy, get some exercise (esp walking), and take my meds, I am staying within the healthy range of high 4's - mid 6's. I had cut my Met down for awhile but had to increase it again as the numbers had slipped up a bit; but it's now under control again.

We are very fortunate in that we don't have any crows here, but we do have the Red-winged Blackbirds and Grackles that sing Aura-Lee, esp in the country. We do have seagulls but they mainly stay near water and the town garbage dump. ;)

THE CABBAGE ROLLS ~ we make do have X-tra Lean Ground Hamburger in them with the rice, but you can also add chopped mushrooms and onions, which I do sometimes, so you can use less meat. You could definitely use ground turkey in them, if you want too. I imagine some shredded carrots would be nice in them too ... both healthy and pretty -- the more veggies the better really.

I really like that book called ACTIVE WELLNESS as it has some nice charts in it; one has the portions for all the calories ranges for both men and women (1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, and many more) which I am finding to be very handy for me. I like the portion plan as I find it easy to follow and this chart makes it even easier. Plus there is lots of other great stuff in it too.

Well, it's time for me to put my legs up for a while; maybe read a bit more today and do a puzzle. I came in early today as I wanted to share with you that I have finally lost some lbs this year; and I still had my full clothes on, and it was around 11 am, and that TOM just arrived for a visit a couple of nights ago too, so that's pretty good really ...

HI to VAL, and RONNI, and BEVERLYJOY (who hasn't been around for awhile -- hope all is well with you dear; and NUMPSTER & hubby too!!!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!!:hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-07-2009, 06:28 PM
:high: Keep up the great work.

04-08-2009, 08:59 AM

Oh my . . . I'm exhausted already . . . for some strange reason the garbage truck showed up really early this morning at 8:20 (they aren't usually here until around noon). So I missed the blue bag guys (bottles, cans, papers) but did manage to get the stinky stuff and the compostable bin out there. When you only get pick up every second week you definitely don't want to have to save the nasties until the next time. :lol:

Other than that, not much going on -- at least it is NOT raining -- and we might even get some sun this afternoon -- what is "sun", anyway? FBGL is holding at decent numbers and scale is definitely stuck at the ticker level.

I'm going to buckle down and do my taxes today. Since I almost always have to pay, I tend to wait until the last minute. They aren't due until the 30th but since I have company coming next weekend, I decided today would be the day.

Hope your Wednesday is Wonderful everybody . . . :grouphug:

04-08-2009, 01:12 PM
just had to update my ticker to reflect the winter weight. I've been playing with 10 pounds since October! counting my calories more tightly

04-08-2009, 01:28 PM
Good afternoon ladies

Later reporting in here than normal been out and about on a delivery today. So again I was up with the little birdies ;) I was up at 6.45am and on the road by 8am. Excellent trip there and back then met up with my MS friend for lunch. So all in all some busy day. There is one chick :chicken: here who will not be too late in bed tonight either as I have been up 2 days in a row early. I am sure I will take no rocking to go to sleep either at least I can have a lie in tomorrow till something like 9am to recharge those batteries. This afternoon I have prepared some fresh vegetables to have as tomorrows dinner along with a lean piece of pork I have defrosting in the kitchen at present. Looking forward to having some purple sprouting broccoli as I really like that but it normally on the pricey side so don't get it very often. Though was on offer this week so I indulged myself :D

The weather today is really sunny :sunny: but oh boy there is certainly a really cold wind that bites into you. When stopping at the service station for the call of nature oh my it was so cold there as there was nothing to stop the wind it was very open and exposed to the elements.

I meant to tell you that I have bought myself a pretty blue floral walking stick which folds away to a smaller size. I was given the bog standard metal walking stick by the social services which I was very grateful for but I have started to see more and more of the prettier more feminine walking sticks which I liked. So I have kept my eye out for one I really would have like one in purple ;) but never seen one of those that are reasonably priced. Though I will still keep a North eye out for one that is purple. I am feeling more and more that I need a walking stick to help me when walking any distance. Up to now the support of my DH has been enough but I think not for much longer so I have prepared myself with a pretty walking stick. I used my walking stick every time I am on my own not that I do that very often as I am normally in the company of my DH. I did go out on Tuesday and walked to the local shops which are only about 5 minutes away to get a birthday card for my DH as it is his birthday on Saturday.

MEOWEE With my rubbish collection which is on a Tuesday (one week the rubbish that goes to the landfill, the next week the recycle stuff and the garden rubbish) I put my wheelie bin out the night before as they can come really early some times and catch you off guard.

You say the crows keep your cats entertained it is the same with Rizzie he is renowned for chasing them. I do not think for one minute he wants to harm them just play with them. If he comes across next doors cats you think there would be fireworks and the cat comes off the boss. But no the cat and my dog just stand and stare each other out. I have been outside only to find them virtually nose to nose, neither brave enough to make the first move :lol:

Yes I am effected if I do not go for my oxygen treatment :( I find that nearer the time I am for having the treatment more fatigued I am. So I will definitely be ready by the time next Tuesday comes around. Rather tired than in severe pain from the different air pressure that the oxygen therapy is given under.

ROSEBUD :congrat: on the 7lb weight loss :bravo: Whatever tweaks you have made to your eating plan it has certainly paid dividends I am really pleased for you as it has been a up hill struggle at times trying to get the eating programme just right. It is the right encouragement you need to continue on with your new regime. Keep up the good work :cheers: here is to more dragonflies in the future. Breaking through plateaus can be a nightmare and I am on one at the minute that I can't seem to shift off. Though on a positive note I have remained the same weight give or take a pound or so for months now so well into maintenance.

It is good that you have a doctor who has treated your pre diabetes actively especially due to your family history with the disease. Your blood sugar levels are at a very healthy range and that of a none diabetic. I for some reason very occasionally spike a very low blood sugar and it is not that I haven't eaten correctly. I have been prone to this and the treatment is to have something sweet to bring it up again and then I feel fine again.

That sounds handy the portion sizes documented in that book for the different calories per day allotted. One thing I have had to learn since my eating programme commenced that my portions where way to big and nothing like the proper portion size. I do not weight everything though every now and again I will weigh thing to check my portion sizes haven't increased. Though I do weigh things like pasta and cereal every time as I am too heavy handed with those to be trusted :lol:

Time to go and make a cuppa so I can have my tea time medication. Not hungry yet as I had a big dinner so still full from that. So will have tea/supper at around 7pm. We do that now especially since we have started this programme we would previously just eat for the sake of it because it was meal time. Though now we are more concious of if we are hungry or not and maybe missing one meal out if we have eaten a big meal.

Bye ladies and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-08-2009, 01:49 PM
Hi, Ladies!

Purple-I hope you're feeling better. There have been a lot of colds, etc, still going on here also. They're really hard to get rid of this year.

Meowee-we have the same problem here with our recyclables only being picked up once a month. No matter how well you rinse a milk jug, it's still smelling bad within a couple days. We keep everything in the garage, but hardly have enough room for all of it by pick-up day (a family of 4 goes through a loooooot of milk, juice, etc, etc!). They do take the trashy stuff once a week, though-thank goodness!

Val-isn't it frustrating to keep losing that same few pounds over and over?! I've been doing that the last few weeks and it's driving me nuts:dizzy:

Rosebud-I'll say it again:bravo: for losing 7 more pounds! Keep it up, my Canadian friend!

Hi also to Beverlyjoy and Numpster! I also hope you are doing ok. Hope you are all having a nice Holy Week and looking forward to Easter! Unfortunately, we don't have any family coming to visit, so we'll have a small Easter here. But, that's ok, as our 2 granddaughters both have b-days within the next 3 weeks, so we'll be able to go see them to take gifts. One turns 1yo and the other will be 3! Can't believe how fast they grow-just like my own kids are-DS2 will be 17 on the 1st of June-I'm starting to feel really old!

Have a great day!:):hug::hug::hug:

04-08-2009, 09:47 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we had lots of blowing snow again today, but by dinnertime, it had stopped and the sun even peaked out at us for a little while; but I just turned around and looked out the front window and we have some more sprinkles of ***** coming down again. DH had to do a bit of shovelling today so he could get the car out, so the snowtruck could clean our whole laneway. I'm not kidding but there was at least four feet high of snow on our front deck; he cleared half the deck by the door for today and will do the other half another day.

THANKS RONNI ~ I sure appreciate your encouragement; I have been stuck for quite a while, so I increased my exercising in the mornings and kept it up pretty well since last January. Decided to try a few new small things starting this year (January 2009). So it seems to be paying off for me.

THANKS TO YOU TOO, PURPLE ~ thought as much that you were busy on a delivery trip this week. That's nice that you picked up a pretty cane; I saw some like that here, and some had lovely purple & lilac flowers on them, but not sure if there's any like that left now. I got one that is quite colorful myself (multi-colored paisley design) and there was only one like it at the time. Thankfully the new young owner (one of two) ordered in some more nice canes and put the price down by $20.00. Before they were $50.00 and then he ordered some new ones and I paid $30.00 plus tax for mine. They are expensive but I used my pin money that I saved to buy it. We each take a spending allowance each month and I used some of that to buy it. Mine doesn't fold up like yours, but it retracts instead (to bigger or smaller lengths).

Like you, I have to measure a lot of stuff still or I would eat too much as well, especially things like cereal, mash potatoes, and cooked pasta for instance. I found something the other day that talked about eyeballing food servings ~ meat -- the size of the palm of your hand; starchy carbs (ie rice, potatoes, pasta, beans, or cereal) -- the size of a clenched fist; veggies or salad -- the size of your whole open hand (or half the plate); fruit also -- the size of your fist; cheese -- the size of your thumb; butter/fat -- half your thumb, and so forth.

HIYA VAL ~ we sure know how you feel; just keep plugging and it will budge eventually. Last summer and fall I was doing the same thing ... bouncing around with the same 3-5 lbs. I had dropped my digital scale on the floor a couple of times and after that it didn't work anymore (just before moving in October), so we tossed it out when we moved. This new scale is very large and is an analogue style, but hey it works and we saved megabucks on it. I was going to buy a new one and DH came home with this one which today would probably cost well over $100.00. I'm still chuckling about it because he only paid a grand sum of .25c. :lol: Now, how's that for a real bargooon???

THANKS MEOWEE ~ we've all had our battles to forge on these journeys. I'm so glad to finally see a change; had to keep trying different things and finally something worked. Yah, might as well get those taxes done and over with; get them out of the way ...:hug:

Well, I made a nice Cottage or Sheperd's pie from some of the leftover roast beef, veggies, and some mash potato for tonight's dinner. This is one of DH's all-time favorite dishes so I try to always save some leftover to make this dish for him whenever I can. I put lots of extra roasted veggies in it to make it really healthy. I layer it different by putting the veggies on the bottom, then the finely slivered beef, then pour the gravy over that, and top it with nice herbed mash potatoes (which is in a premeasured amount).

Well, that's all the news from here for now; and thank you all for your encouraging words, they are very appreciated. GOOD DAY to BEVERLYJOY, and NUMPSTER & her hubby; I know she pops by for a see-see once in a while when she's not too busy!!!

Take good care ladies :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-09-2009, 10:31 AM
Hi . . . :wave:

Rosebud . . . have you ever tried topping your shepherd's pie with mashed cauliflower . . . it's actually quite good.

Well, gang, the sun is shining and it is definitely great to see it for a change . . . but . . . I am officially in a bad mood today, anyway. Just wrote a cheque for over $5,000.00 to the Canadian Revenue Agency. Very bad year since I went from all my money coming from the company pension plan and being taxed at source, to part now coming from the combination of CPP and OAS and not being taxed at source. Imagine they will want large interim payments for the balance of this year to avoid the same problem next year. :mad:

So, I haven't indulged in any comfort food . . . yet . . . but I am going out for lunch today. :s:

04-09-2009, 11:34 AM
Oh, Meowee! Ouch, ouch, ouch! And, I was griping because we owed Iowa $350 (which still makes me mad because the part we owe is for the local school's surtax and if we had been able to move to the town where our son actually goes to school, we'd owe nothing:mad:). But, oh, my goodness, $5000 is scary! Just put it out of your mind-food won't help, in fact, in the long run, it'll make you feel worse, so don't succumb! ;) Just remember that tax season is over, plan for next time, and do something that's more fun today.

Hope everyone else is having a good day. DS3 has PT this afternoon, so we're trying to get their testing done (those standardized tests the state requires we give them every year) this morning. They've been working on them for the last couple days, but since you have to time everything and keep interruptions out, we usually spread it out over a few days, like they do in the schools. After this, the boys will think the school year is over already, but we still have to keep at it for a few more weeks.:p But, we're usually done by the beginning of May, except DS2 will, of course, still have to go to the public school for chemistry until the end of May. Trying to plan a vacation to visit my dad, aunt, and cousins this summer too. The boys are hoping we can do the Kings Island amusement park in Cincinnati again this visit. They've decided they like roller coasters as much as DH and I do!

Well, must go and get tests done. Have a great day, everyone!:hug:

04-09-2009, 04:19 PM
Almost kept my nose clean at lunch. If I could figure out the calories it probably wasn't too bad. We had Chinese and I had mostly vegetables and avoided anything breaded or deep fried . . . but . . . Oh the salt. Think I'll stay off the scale for a couple of days. :lol:

04-09-2009, 05:44 PM
Hello fellow chicks

Good evening another day for checking in late today as I have been busy most of the day but now I have a spare moment. Nice to have time to drop by. The weather was not cold outside today but it has rained on and off most of the day. In the next couple of weeks going to have fun what with the building works of a new school at the back of our property and at the front they are starting work on a traffic calming scheme. This translates as putting in speed humps in the road to slow down the traffic on the road. Considering we are a small road we get a lot of traffic as we are frequently used as a cut through. The worse thing is people do not cut there speed accordingly despite having signs saying this is an elderly area and less mobile community. (this is because this area around here is bungalows which are owned in main by the council and they tend to house tenants like myself with mobility issues or our more senior members of our community) The work on the road is suppose to take 4 weeks unlike the work on the school which is something like a year to 18 months.

VALDINE Nice to see you have dropped by see we seemed to have crossed whilst posting. Yes I also adjusted my ticker to reflect my true weight which has gone up 2 pounds. It seems to be where my body likes to sit at the minute so I am not fighting it. I am hoping now the better weather is upon us more exercise will ensue. Talking of exercise managed to do a little walk today even if it was drizzling with rain for the majority of it. Nevertheless it was nice to do a walk. Found this walk a little easier with the aid of my walking stick gave me that added support I feel I need right now.

RONNI You talk of the standardising testing that your child is about to go through. Here in the UK children here are tested at the age of 7,?,and 14 that is to see if that school is keeping up to the national standard. I feel though that it puts the child under necessary pressure though doing tests like that so young especially 7 years old. I am not sure what happens to parents whom home school their children like yourself and whether the same testing that your children do.

You must have a stronger stomach than I do going on roller coasters and liking them ;) unfortunately I suffer greatly from motion sickness so I come off a nice shade of green :lol: I even get car sick at times though not as much as I did as a child which was a nightmare for my parents.

MEOWEE You mention topping off a shepherds pie with cauliflower mashed up I have never tried that but I have tried sweet potato, butternut squash and swede ( now I think you may know this by a different name to me rutabaga sorry if I have spelt it wrong but I have done it phonetically :D) They are all great alternatives to the normal potato which is traditionally used.

Your lunch wasn't too naughty by the sounds of it as you didn't go for the real demon foods. Though you can't control the amount of salt cooks put into the food when cooking it. So it is just a matter of riding it out and drinking water to flush it out of your system.

ROSEBUD Yes canes can be really pricey the ones that come decorated the one I bought cost $36 CAD which included the tax which is 15% here in the UK.

Yes meat came as a big shock to me the correct portion size I think I was having at least treble the amount I should have been. Initially I cut it down slowly rather that overnight so my body could adjust to eating less. Though I fill up on less calorific foods like vegetable (not potato, rice or pasta though)as these have very little calories. I found with my meat going further as I wasn't eating as much of it, I could afford to eat another vegetable at meal times. So I tend to have 4 vegetables and then potatoes in addition to that.

Having a guide what a portion size should be was useful to know the areas of my food that needed some work in and adjusting the size. I have a smaller plate too now so that it looks like I have a full plate so psychologically I am fooled into thinking I have lots. It took a while to adjust but I am glad that I did it and retrained myself. I know I will always have to be mindful as I am going to be always one who can very easily put on weight that is just who I am.

Made a nice dessert today for dinner, fat free toffee yoghurt served over a sliced banana :T extremely nice I must say.

Well time for getting my night medication down me ready for bed so time to say goodbye. So good night ladies and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-10-2009, 02:51 AM
:wave: Yah, I'm still up pretty late; actually, I came in here around 8 pm and wrote a nice long post, but when I pushed the 'submit reply' button the post froze up and disappeared, so I just went and did something else for awhile. This has been happening a lot lately; this site seems to be having some difficulties and the freezing up is occurring quite often lately.

So I went and put my feet up and did a puzzle; then I fell asleep for a few hours. Finally woke up around 1 am and then sat on my rocker for awhile admiring that beautiful full moon and a few stars around it. The skies have cleared up and that is great becuz that means that white stuff isn't falling for now. They are predicting a sunny weekend for us ... yeah!!!:D

Anyways, this will just be a quicky tonight and I'll answer the posts better tomorrow. Hope you all have a FANTABULOUS GOOD FRIDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-10-2009, 09:20 AM
Our long Easter weekend is starting out nicely -- gorgeous sunny day -- it is destined to deteriorate though. I have a busy day today and then a fairly calm Saturday and Sunday.

Afraid both the FBGL and the weight are up this morning -- the weight blip was totally expected; but the FBGL blip was not. Oh well, both will go back down again.

Yes PURPLE, rutabaga is the spelling. We tend to call it turnip around here and, yes, that does get things confused with the small white and purple turnips (which I don't much like anyway). All of those "squash" type veggies make great alternatives to plain old potatoes, but the are all pretty starchy vegetables and we diabetics are supposed to count them as starch. The reason I like the cauliflower is because it qualifies as a non-starchy vegetable. For example -- sweet potato (oh how I :love: them) has 15 grams of carb per 1/2 cup serving and cauliflower has only around 6 grams for a whole cup.

Yes ROSEBUD, we've been having problems lately but Suzanne is working on it. Something to do with the filter that screens the flow of advertising (needed to pay the bills of course). If you use Quick Reply to post and things freeze, sometimes if you click on Go Advanced things will thaw out and the original will post. There is a thread about this over in Announcements and Forum Help with a few other ideas that have worked for some people . . .

04-10-2009, 06:52 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We have had lovely sunshine all day and it's been heavenly. Thanks to all of you for your encouraging words; I really appreciate them.

HI MEOWEE ~ thanks for the suggestions about subbing the cauliflower for the mash potatoes; will have to try that sometime soon. I was wondering if you know if GOOD FRIDAY is an actual holiday in Canada??? Or is Monday the civic holiday becuz of Sunday being Easter Sunday? I know our town picked up our garbage a day early (on Thursday) instead of our usual day which is Friday ... so DH was wondering if that meant that today, Friday, is a holiday?

Yes, I suspected that they were having problems with freezing posts at the site becuz it was happening so often; sometimes, I was able to use the <- BACK <- and retrieve my post to save it in a word file, but last night for some reason I lost it completely. So sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. :dizzy: Now, I am copying it into a notepad file BEFORE I press the 'REPLY' button, so it's safe, if things don't work out ... :D

I didn't realize that all squashes and yams are considered starch veggies too along with corn and peas. DH and I do like the summer turnips and I used to grow them all the time in our garden; they are much milder than the winter turnips or rutabagus, which I also like. I suppose we could use them too, but I will definitely try the cauliflower as well.

My only issue with cauliflower is the price here; on sale it's not bad. On occasion, I have gotten it for only .99c special price for a small head, and I can throw it in the freezer, but the rest of the time, they are $3-4 each. I can do mash for .99c or less, for the both of us. I have thought of doing a half & half mixture of the two; that would help a bit too. A friend told me they were able to grow some one year, but they ended up full of critters ... yuck! That's why I prefer to buy them from the store. :lol: Sorry, if that's too much information ... ;)

PS ~ If you buy local or farmer's market cauliflower, you have to soak the cauliflower in SALT WATER, and they will come out. We had to do that with our homegrown cabbages all the time!

PURPLE ~ that TOFFEE YOGURT with bananas sounds yummy. Care to share the recipe? I have heard that you can buy or make CHOCOLATE Yogurt too; haven't seen it or tried it yet, but I like your banana-chocolate ice cream the best -- good price and no fat at all! Chocolate yogurt does sound like it has possibilities; maybe mix in some cocoa powder, sweetener, to low-fat & low-sugar vanilla yogurt. Gee, have to try that and see how it turns out, but don't have any plain yogurt right now.

Yes, we have cut down our meat portions, so we buy a better quality of meat too, like nice Sirloin steak or roast (Round Roast sometimes too), x-tra lean hamburg, turkey, whole chickens, lean boneless center pork, and so forth. We also buy leaner ham and large sausages (bangers), and Pealmeal bacon or Canadian Bacon as you call it -- now and then. Also, I like the deli smoked ham, beef, and turkey for sandwiches; this all costs a bit more, but as we are using less, it's affordable. We also eat tuna, sockeye salmon, and fish like sole as well.

I am trying to get lots of the fruit and veggies on sale; I watch for the specials each week and buy them. Bananas and oranges are a fair price most of the time; I buy a small box of oranges like tangerines or clementines as that is more economical (about 24+ in a box).

VALDINE ~ hang in there girl, I was bouncing around with the same 3-5 lbs last summer and fall; I made some changes in January and thankfully it has finally helped, but I must keep at it. Can't wait til summer, so we can go out to the lot too.

RONNI ~ DH and I have paid school taxes for almost 30 years and we don't have any kiddies, but we don't mind paying as we do have nieces and nephews that benefited from the system. In Canada, or should I say, Ontario -- anyone who owns a home, or land, or a business has to pay school taxes; and everyone contributes through their income taxes, retail taxes, and purchase of lottery tickets ~ that's just how our system works.

Well, I have to go and get dinner started; DH just sauntered out and that's a hint! :lol: TAke good care ladies and have a WONDERFUL EASTER WEEKEND!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-10-2009, 08:22 PM
Good Friday is the official Statutory Holiday. Monday is not a holiday but a lot of people take it off and a lot of companies close on the Monday as well. Now that so many places (especially retail stores) operate seven days a week, they don't even have to be closed on Easter Sunday although most will be I imagine.

I think half Sweet Potato and half Cauliflower would be a great combination. I agree cauliflower is a terrible price, but if you are going to cook it to mushy so you can mash it, frozen will work fine. BTW, it's just the winter squash that is considered starchy. Summer Squash -- like spaghetti squash and zucchini -- are much lower in carbs.

04-11-2009, 09:08 AM

It's morning . . . but the weather is definitely starting to deteriorate . . . oh well, why is it that the forecasters seem so much more able to get things right when they have bad news.

On the happy note . . . both the blood sugar and the weight seem to have recovered from the Thursday Chinese Food Debacle . . . now, if I can just ward off the advances of those clucking bunnies in the Cadbury's chocolate ads. :s:

Have a great Saturday . . . :carrot:

04-11-2009, 10:03 AM
Good Morning Ladies

I hope we are all having a lovely Easter weekend, though our weather at the minute is not so nice for those off this weekend or have gone away. It threw it down with rain yesterday on and off. We jokingly call this dog walking weather as you can guarantee if rain is forecast and we go out for a weather as the coast looks clear for a nice short stroll the heavens open and we get drenched :lol: So we have christened rain the dog walking weather ;)

I have a lovely aroma coming through into the lounge as at the minute I am cooking my DH his birthday cake. Though to stay on the healthy road I have cooked a fat free one (just a plain and simple swiss roll mix but put it into a cake tin 7") Then going to fill it with a reduced sugar jam, not sure what else I could fill it with that is not too naughty and like a thousand calories.
Today as you will have guess is my DH birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him

We in the UK have 2 bank holidays over the Easter weekend Good Friday and Bank holiday Monday though compared to our other European counterparts we have very few bank holidays. We have I think 8 in total, I know there was talk about adding extra bank holidays but they are yet to be put into practice.

Went to my parents for Good Friday and saw my sister also. So that is why I did not pop on here yesterday as when I returned it was getting rather late anyway. Managed to do a walk already today so got my exercise in for the day. I am absolutely shattered now I must admit so looking forward to a nice relaxing day.

MEOWEE Never thought about your issue with carbohydrates due to your diabetes. I forgot all about that as Dad is diet controlled and it is more about reducing the sugar in take and nothing about carbohydrates here. When I first went in to nursing didn't matter whether you were diet controlled or insulin control diabetic the diet regime was very strict. Measuring all carbohydrate foods and not a grain of sugar either. I know now they are a little more relaxed about sugar intake and you are allowed a very small amount if diet controlled like a very plain biscuit. I do know other diabetics apart from my dad whom are insulin controlled but I do not know if they have to watch the amount of carbohydrates. Sometimes you find that the treatment and regime for one condition is different from country to country. For example someone with low blood pressure here in the UK is not treated at all. Yet in other countries in Europe it is very actively treated like with some one with high blood pressure. (yes in the UK we do treat high blood pressure very actively)

Swede (rutabaga) and turnip are different vegetables here and we do not call a swede a turnip. I can see the confusion that can bring. The turnip the small white variety is a strong taste and many people do not like it. The swede I find is a peppery tasting vegetable which I love just mashed or pureed. I will be eating swede today for my main meal of the day as one of the vegetables. Like in Canada the price of cauliflower in the UK can be rather on the pricey side.

ROSEBUD The banana and toffee yoghurt recipe is very simple. We are lucky in the UK that we have a low fat toffee yogurt which is 49 calories per pot. So all I do is slice a banana up in a glass and pour over this yoghurt very yummy. I also do this with a vanilla yoghurt that is very nice also. One thing I really love though is stewed apples (no sugar or if you have a sweet tooth add sweetener to taste. Then spoon over about 50 grammes or 2oz of natural yogurt (fat free) I put a little bit of sweetener in this, or I use fat free Greek yoghurt, or framage frais. I like the contrast of the warm apple against the cold yoghurt. Plus I love the contrast of the slightly tart apples and sweet yoghurt. I think I will have the apple and yoghurt recipe tomorrow for dinner as it is a good way of getting a fruit portion down my DH without him thinking about it being fruit he tends to just see pudding lol. Sometimes in the stewed apples I will put Cinnamon to spice things up that is also extremely nice.

Yes like you say if you are eating less of the more expensive cuts of meat/fish then you can find it more affordable if you are on a budget which most people are especially in this economic climate. I have been threatening to do a curry that I had years ago cooked by an Asian lady which is chickpea curry which is very filling the protein comes from the beans. With them being a pulse it is a very filling meal which is quite cheap. I can now manage to eat a mild curry now my tummy appears to be on the mend. So I think now I will try a mild curry using chickpeas or another bean if I can not find that one. I also like dahl ( i think that is how is spelt) which is curried lentils but I have never made that so would have to find a recipe to get an idea how to make it.

Well must go and make a tackle in the kitchen as it looks like a bombs landed in there. I have to tidy up in there and wash the pots etc to get the place ship shape again in there. So take care now ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-11-2009, 09:24 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We were blessed with sunshine again today; it started to get cloudy, but then we prayed and low and behold ... the clouds parted, and we had sunshine again, so we went up town to do some shopping. Boy oh boy, was it busy in that store; I have never seen it that busy ever ... I guess with stores closed yesterday and tomorrow; everyone decided to go today! :lol:

:celebrate::woo::celebrate: to your DH, PURPLE!!! Hope he (and you) had an enjoyable day. That cake sounded nice. I tried to find toffee yogurt; but nope ... we don't have anything that fancy here. I was happy just to get some shopping done for tomorrow; we are having a nice chicken instead of turkey as all the small turkeys were gone, so I picked up a nice plump chicken instead. DH is having his pumpkin pie and I am making myself a pumpkin custard. I also bought some yams (sweet potatoes) for the dinner as well.

Well, I have to go right now; DH just told me that he wants me to cut his hair, so off I am to get that done. He says his hair is getting so long he's starting to look like a hippy! ;) Hope you all have an EXQUISITE EASTER SUNDAY!!!!


04-12-2009, 06:40 AM
Hi and good morning fellow chicks

Going to be another grey overcast day today weather wise by the looks of it though not too chilly. Today is going to be a busy day for me with going to the computer fayre very shortly. Then after dinner we are off to see friends in the afternoon to sort out their printer. Normally computers are my DH forte but printers are more my department shall we say. DH does not have the patience with them in order to problem solve and get them working correctly. So now if it is not straight forward it is over to me to get them going.

ROSEBUD. Thanks for my DH birthday wishes very kind of you. Today for Easter Sunday we are having Turkey for dinner with something called bubble and squeak. You may or may not know it by the same name but it is vegetables and potatoes left over that you reheat in a frying pan with a tiniest amount of oil. I hate to waste food so an excellent way of using extra vegetables and potatoes up. Also nice crispy bits form on the bottom of the bubble and squeak mixture that taste extra nice.

We saw some frozen turkey yesterday wow they had hiked the price up and they were very expensive. I am sure they had done it as many people like to have turkey on Easter Sunday. I was lucky that in my freezer I already had a small joint so I have used that instead of buying more.

You reckon your DH was starting to look like a hippy with his hair getting progressively longer. It is also getting the time to cut my DH hair also as it is getting longer than he likes and no longer looks smart. I do nothing fancy when I cut it just use the hair trimmer that they use at gents barbers. I use the cutting comb number 2 which is not quite the lowest setting. Then I just trim around the ears where the hair trimmer can't with scissors.

Well I must really run have just got the cue from DH he is putting his shoes on so hinting he is ready to go out. So bye for now and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-12-2009, 09:01 AM
Good Morning . . . :egg:

Hope everybody has a great Easter Sunday . . . :grouphug: . . . dull and raining around here, but so far now snow.

04-12-2009, 06:21 PM


We have had lovely sunshine all day long and temps in the fifties no less ... ideal weather for Easter Sunday I think. Our front door even opened for us without too much problem, so we were able to go out and sit on the porch and watch the Sunday travellers driving by. The snow is even melting and you can see water running down the edges of the road; if the sun would stay for a while, we could get rid of some of this snow ... :D

PURPLE ~ yes, I have heard of bubble & squeak before, and we have actually eaten it many times, esp when we were at home as kids. Whenever we had leftover potatoes and veggies, we would mix them and fry them up; have done this for DH and I as well. My mother also taught us to make potato cakes that way too; sometimes adding some salmon or leftover ham, or just leaving them plain. We'd have them with ketchup and toast for a quick lunch or dinner.

I cut DH's hair for him last night and it turned out well -- it was getting pretty long, esp at the back (it was starting to curl quite a bit). I'm no professional, but he likes it better the way I do it than the barber, as DH says that he almost balds him everytime. I told him I don't mind as long as I'm feeling well that day.

Our Easter dinner is in the oven; we got a nice plump 4.5 lb chicken and I surrounded it with lots of veggies, and it smells great. I made my pumpkin custard and it turned out well. We will be eating pretty soon. We had invited some friends to join us for dinner, but the husband wasn't feeling well enuff to come this afternoon; he has been ill for awhile, and some days just doesn't feel up to going out. His wife called and thanked us; but we had a nice long chat anyways.

:wave: to VAL and your brother, and RONNI and family, and NUMPSTER & family, and BEVERLYJOY and family ~ Hope you all have a lovely day too! Take good care, your friend ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-13-2009, 09:56 AM

Scale is being kind this morning and blood sugar is okaybut up a little. Now the weather is an entirely different matter -- it's snowing -- hopefully just on and off and not seeming to stick around. :s:

Hmmmmm . . . think I'll make some fish cakes today . . . maybe not, still hve a heard of chicken from yesterday.

04-13-2009, 09:48 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we had a lovely Easter dinner yesterday; everything turned out fabulously, even if our company couldn't make it. We had something else today because I like to vary things a bit; but tomorrow we will be having the leftover chicken and veggies -- hmmm ... maybe with some brown rice for a change.

I made my pumpkin custard a little different this time; I didn't put any sugar in it, but subbed 2 tbl each honey & molasses & 2 sweeteners and it tasted fantastic. I sprinkled a tiny bit of flax meal on the plate for the fake crust, and it turned out so well, even DH loved it. this is just my newest version of CRUSTLESS PUMPKIN PIE!

MEOWEE ~ sorry to hear that you had some more of that *****; hope that stays away from here.

PURPLE ~ they were supposed to have turkeys on sale here; but all the small ones were gone and all that was left were those BUTTER-INJECTED ones that I won't buy. I was hoping to find a fresh one to cut up, but again there was only the butter-injected ones left. I just want the plain nice fresh ones; gee, whoever came up with that idea to inject healthy lean turkey with more fat? Let's all tar and turkey-feather him! :lol:

It was lovely and sunny and warm today; got up to 16 C or in the 60's F today, so I spent a little time out on the deck. I also spent some time on the PC sorting and sending some pics to family. DH's niece sent us some pics of their family last night, so I sent some back today too. Gee, there goes an afternoon real quick.

Anyways hope everyone had a lovely Monday today and hope you all have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY! Hope we all have sunny weather again as lots of snow melted today. Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-14-2009, 07:19 AM
Hi ladies

I have been busy over the past few days catching up on household chores and think maybe I have now done a bit too much :o Yesterday afternoon and evening I didn't feel so well nothing you could put your finger on. I just thought I was ready for my oxygen therapy which is today and especially needing it as it has been nearly two weeks. Then getting up with the alarm clock this morning oh boy I felt dreadful had a very hot flush with sweat forming on my body. Then I started to feel nauseous so I think I must have a bug or germ of some sort. So promptly went off to bed, don't think I slept much but I did rest. On getting up now I feel some what better. I know my DH was very anxious about me and wished he didn't have to go to the ms centre today. Normally it would have been fine to not have gone in as our friend is a number one operator and they are in charge of the oxygen therapy. There must be a number one operator on at all times the tanks are operated. His friend has gone on holiday and DH is also a trained number one was to take the 4 sessions this morning whilst he was away. At this short notice it would have been difficult to find another operator so he went not wanting the other ms clients who go to miss out on treatment. I guess though that he will try and get off as soon as possible to come home to me. Also I suspect a phone call very shortly at least I will be able to put his mind at rest even if I am not a 100% I sure do feel lots better than I did.

MEOWEE Sorry to hear that you have had more snowfall lets hope that is the last of it :crossed: Glad that the scales are being kind (unlike mine this am :lol:) and getting blood sugar level right can be a constant juggling act. I know this from nursing diabetic clients back in my nursing days, one day it was spot on another it was up :dunno:

ROSEBUD yes it baffles me why people wish to eat turkey or chicken for that matter that has been injected with fat all be it butter. In this day and age when obesity is running rife governments such ban such products. Also make fruit and vegetables cheaper and the fast food expensive. That way it would encourage people to eat a more healthier diet. I could really get on my soap box on this subject our government with directives from the World Health Organisation wants to cut the percentage of heart attacks and strokes which can normally be associated with being over weight. Yet here in the UK fast foods still remain relative cheap in comparison with the healthier options out there. At the times of the credit crunch it does not help people on a very tight budget got for the healthier foods. They have to go for what they can afford as we all have to eat. If in my eyes you do not tackle the route of the problem which is obesity then you would not reduce heart attacks and strokes by very much.

Your crustless pumpkin pie sounds really delicious, it is a same i can not repicate it. Getting pumpkins here at this time of year is impossible and you only see them at halloween. Even then people tend not to eat them but use them for making laterns with. We do not have the tinned pumpkin either that I have heard about. So I could only make this in October time and pumpkins here tend to cost an arm and a leg :fr:

Just thought I would drop by and catch you up with how I am and why was not around or may not be around if it goes on to be something else. Nice though to catch up with the posts and see what every one else is doing. Hope you all have had an HAPPY EASTER as have DH and I. Come by soon ladies till then take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-14-2009, 08:33 AM

Yeppers, the only thing constant about living with Diabetes is the constantly changing blood sugar levels. :lol: Today 6.6/118, but the scale is a hair below 208.

Now as for our delightful Spring weather . . . there's a lovely little dusting of whiteness covering up all the dirty brown grass roots and making the little shoots that are still sticking through look sweet and green. Unfortunately more light flurries are in the forecast for today.

Nothing too exciting for me today -- off to the doctor this morning to see what he thinks he'd like to try next for this chest congestion. The Flovent has done nothing to improve things over the past three weeks. At least i can tell him the blood sugar seems to be back in control. Then a few groceries.

Have a friend coming from Ontario (Ottawa area) for the weekend and I know she is having sunshine right now . . . hope she brings some with her. Hope the rest of you have a great streak of weather on the go, too. :grouphug:

04-15-2009, 12:30 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ wowie, we have been tres blessed this week: we had another gorgeous day of sunshine and it got up to 60 F as well. They are predicting for some sun and cloud tomorrow; hope they are correct.

I just stayed home and did some laundry and stuff around here; sent some parcels out and DH ran some errands for me. He's been working on his hobbies and keeping himself busy, so that gives me more time to do some stuff I like such as research on the net for healthy ideas and recipes and such. I spent a little time on the deck trying to soak in some of that lovely sunshine to catch some Vitamin D. ;)

HI MEOWEE ~ hope you have a really fun visit with your friend from Ontario; that's a good friend that comes all that way to visit. Nice to see that scale go down a couple of more pounds; good for you! :carrot:

HI PURPLE ~ sorry you didn't feel up to going for your treatments, as we know how much you like to get them; but also glad that you are feeling better now. Maybe you are starting to get some peri-menopause symptoms or a touch of something. I had something yesterday, but by today I felt better; and somehow pulled my disc in my back again, but again felt much better after resting completely for one day (didn't do any exercises, just walking around here). I was reading about that on the net, we have to be careful not to overdo it and hurt ourselves; I do that to myself a lot. I think I'm just going to do walking and a few stretches and light hand weights alternately for awhile and see how that is. I do a few tummy crunches and tucks in the morning, but a few will do better than too many ... I read that somewhere!:cool:

Gee, that's a shame you don't get pumpkin in the tin there and have to wait til October to get an expensive pumpkin. You know, you could use yams or sweet potatoes, or even some kind of winter squash; it is even tradition for the French to sometimes use carrot and make carrot pie; and I have made this before, and fooled many people (I mixed it half pumpkin and half cooked & mashed carrots). You really cannot tell the difference even if you use all mashed carrots. :D

I'm with you on the price of healthy foods verses fast foods -- yes, it's all backwards. Fruits and veggies should be cheaper as well as lean meats: in an ideal world, that would also help a lot of people eat better, which in turn would help them be healthier too. I am fast becoming a big veggie lover -- making piles of them now. I have always loved fruit; what's not to like about fruit as there are so many nice kinds? Today, I had some strawberries in the morning and pineapple in the afternoon.

Well, we had some more of that lovely roasted chicken for dinner tonight; I had the breast but with all the veggies, was able to save some for my lunch tomorrow too. Well, that's all the news from here; take good care ladies and have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!!:hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-15-2009, 10:01 AM
Hi fellow chicks and good afternoon

The sun is trying its hardest to break through the clouds today though it remains a little chilly. It is suppose to be much warmer at tomorrow. Today is a poignant today in my home town. The Hillsborough Disaster was a deadly human crush that occurred on 15 April 1989, at Hillsborough, a football stadium home to Sheffield Wednesday in Sheffield, England, resulting in the deaths of 96 people (all fans of Liverpool Football Club). It remains the deadliest stadium-related disaster in British history and one of the worst in international football (information From Wikipedia,). The city I live in now is called Nottingham and we have 2 football teams Nottingham city and Nottingham Forrest. So you can see why it is poignant to us as the football team was one of those involved. Today there is a 2 minutes silence in the market square and a remembrance book has been reopened. Even though the fans that were killed were Liverpool supporter some of those people came from our area. It does not seem that it was 20 years ago since this disaster happened but time does seem to speed away with you the older you get.

MEOWEE Well done with the scales we are now creeping toward the dream figure of onderland. If like me before I started my weight loss journey I never dared dream that I was going to be in this magic figure of anything that did not start with 2 or 3 for that matter.

Lets hope your doctor find something to help with the chest congestion sometimes it is a matter of trial and error trying to find the best regime for you. Just not fun whilst they find that magic formulae.

ROSEBUD Did not know that the pumpkin could be substitute with other vegetable such as sweet potatoes and carrots. Well carrots are reasonable here and would be achievable to make the pumpkin pie. I like the idea of a crustless version as well as I do not eat much pastry.

I seem to be a bit better health wise today though spent the majority of the past 24 hours asleep. It seemed to be what my body was crying out for so I let nature take its course. Managed to do the shopping today and now I am just relaxing and recharging my batteries.

Yes doing exercise is a matter of balancing it out, having rest days and then exercising on the others. Again not doing to much is the key as you say as it puts you out of action for days so counterproductive. I will not be exercising today as the walk around the supermarkets have been enough for me. If I go for another walk I will be being foolish and would suffer.

Time to go and finish my tea so till next time take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-15-2009, 11:00 AM

Hmmmmm, I'm really not feeling too well today. Doctor now has me on a strong antibiotic (at least he finally heard the congestion) and off the Flovent. This seems to be upsetting my tummy a bit, but it will be worth it if it clears up the chest. We'll see.

04-15-2009, 01:09 PM
Well, hello, everyone! We've been so busy, I haven't had time to post for a few days and I've gotten very far behind.

Meowee- sorry you're feeling worse, but glad the doc finally seems to see the cause. Hope you are feeling better really soon! :hug: Hard to believe you still had snow again. Surely, this winter will pass soon and spring will be here for good! Our hyacinths and daffodils are blooming as of this morning, so there is hope, yet!

Purple-also sorry you're not feeling well-:hug: for you too. If the UK is anything like here, it seems that there's always a go-round of flus and colds right at the beginning of spring-like weather, but I have no idea why:?:. Very sad about the incident in '89, but it's nice that people still remember and come together to honor the ones who lost their lives. We had a similar incident, though not of that magnitude, in Cincinnati when I was in high school in the late 70's. Kids going to a Who concert were trampled when the doors to the coliseum opened, as there were no assigned seats, so everyone just ran to try to get close to the front. After that, many states outlawed what they called "festival seating" and tickets have to be sold with seat assignments, so at least some good came out of that. Hope you have a nice day and are feeling better! And, Happy B-day to your DH, too!

Rosebud-glad you had a nice Easter, even though it was a quiet one! Ours was quiet too, but I think I needed the rest. I did want to explain that I'm also not against supporting the schools with our taxes, I'm just against the way they do it in our state-tax money goes to the schools from our property taxes (and it's a big chunk of that), as well as local option sales taxes, but the income surtax that I complained about is something the legislature has allowed each school board to decide behind closed doors without public notification, allowing us to get slammed with an undisclosed tax (or increase in the tax) every year when we file our returns and it just doesn't seem reasonable to me for one school system to have a 0% surtax while another says they need 14%. Whoops! There I was on that :soap: again. Oh, well, at least tax season is over for now! Your crustless pumpkin pie sounds great! I'm going to have to try that sometime. My latest treat has been mixing Stoneyfield Farm organic fat-free French vanilla yogurt with mixed berries (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries that I get frozen in a mix at Walmart). It is such a nice snack and has helped my digestive system get almost back to normal. Have a great day!

Hi also to Val, Beverlyjoy, and Numpster! Hope you're all having a nice spring!

04-15-2009, 03:19 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we have beautiful sunny weather again today; and we are so grateful as the snow if finally melting. While most areas have little snow left, we still have 4-5 feet high hills of it, so that will take a week to go, I'm sure, but I do think that it is better to melt slowly than have huge flooding problems like so many other areas experiencing right now.

HI RONNI ~ don't apologize about the school tax issue: I totally understand why you are upset and I don't blame you one bit. I agree that it should be open and upfront, and everyone should pay relatively similar amounts. As you know, we are paying school taxes on 4-5 levels and that is enuff; the saddest part for us here in the north is that we pay our teachers more than anywhere else in this province, but our kids are doing very poorly (the worst in the province); and the parents aren't happy about it either. So that's why some people are opting to home school here or just moving away again (like my doctor, who just left). I have lost two doctors (that I know of) for this very reason ...

I know they are working on solutions to solve this problem in our region; but I know that it will take some time to rectify this situation, and it is a very slow process, which is frustrating for our parents because many of these students are so far behind that it will take them much longer to finish high school (if they ever do); and many will not go on to post-secondary education. Oops for me too, now I'm on a soapbox! :soap:

Yes, I like to buy vanilla yogurt and add fresh or frozen fruit (especially berries) to that too, for snacks as well -- very filling!

HI PURPLE ~ glad you are feeling better today; obviously, you were just plain exhausted and needed the rest (as my DH always says). He says things like this ... "if you are hungry -- eat!" and "if you are tired -- sleep!" "It's OK to sleep, that's means you needed it!" :lol:

AH, so you do live in NOTTINGHAM, eh? I think that is where Robin Hood was from -- am I correct? That was a sad incident indeed; prayers for all the families that lost loved ones that day! There were probably some people that were injured that day as well; you'd never suspect something like that happening, would you?

I made a nice big romaine salad today with shredded carrots, celery, and cucumber; and added my leftover chicken breast and had lowfat Ranch dressing with it -- what a yummy and filling lunch that is. Got the idea from GLORY; much thanks to her for this reminder. I also picked up some almonds and put them in a little containers: about 12 equals = 100 calories. I'm looking for as many snacks as I can for 100 calories right now to give myself a variety to choose from.

MEOWEE ~ sorry to hear that you are under the weather, but glad that your doctor finally is addressing the conjestion issue for you. :dizzy:

BBL ... Dh needs me for a minute ...

04-15-2009, 09:44 PM
:wave: I'M BACK ~ had to go see something outside that DH was doing for us; a friend is loaning us a baby gate to put on our front deck so that NIKO can come out onto the porch with me. He really liked that idea and so we spent some time out there basking in the sun today.

We had spagettini & mini-meatballs with French-style green beans and a bit of salad for dinner tonight; yummy, one of our favorite dishes. NIKO has gone coo-coo again; when he came in a few minutes ago, he started running around like a maniac all over the place. I think he is just trying to warm up a bit. DH says that he is full of P*** & Vinegar again; not my favorite term, but that's my DH. :lol:

The temps have fallen back down to 42 F, but inside it is still nice and warm yet (74 F); so we have turned our furnace off for now to save some $$$. They are predicting another day of sunshine for us tomorrow; we hope they are correct as lots of snow melted today.

HULLO to VAL, and NUMPSTER & hubby (who is home right now)and BEVERLYJOY ...Hope you all have a THRILLING THURSDAY!!! Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-16-2009, 09:24 AM
Good Morning Everyone!

Well, not really much going on here today, except still getting ready for a yard sale at Mom's on 5/2, so sorting and pricing (lots of too-large clothing to get rid of:carrot:). Tomorrow DS2 has a college visit about 3 hours away, so we'll have to leave about 5:30 am and won't be back till 6 pm or so-will be a long day with all the driving. It's a nice Christian college that he's hoping to go to, but may do his first year or 2 at the local community college, as it's much cheaper and he can take all the general ed stuff there and transfer it. Starting to look for scholarships and financial aid:dizzy:!

We've been fortunate to have simply beautiful weather the last few days, but it's getting dry-I had to water my flower bed yesterday and there have been many field fires this week (one was just on the edge of town, but to the southeast, so the smoke, fortunately, went away from town). So, I guess it would be nice to see some rain, maybe this weekend?

Well, you all take care and have a great day or two! :hug: for everyone!

04-16-2009, 12:48 PM

Wow . . . busy day for me . . . spent the morning at the hospital with a friend and this evening I have to go there again for my chest x-ray. To top it off, I`m still feeling `crappy`. Stomach seems to have settled down but still hve the chest congestion and the sore chest area from all the coughing.

At least it is sunny today, although very windy and only just above the freezing mark.

Anyway, off I go again . . . see you later . . . :wave:

04-16-2009, 09:43 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had another gorgeous day today -- got up to 68 F!!! That's the warmest day yet this spring and lots of snow is melting. They are calling for a bit of rain and then some more sun for a few days, so that should be good for us too!

I started up a thread for 100-Calorie Snacks in the Calorie Counters Thread: I was amazed at how many I was able to find. Here's a link so that you can all go have a looksee ...

MEOWEE ~ sending up some prayers for that bad flu you have. There have been some doozies the last few years and some people really have a hard time getting rid of them. Hope you are feeling better soon.

HI RONNIE ~ hope your yard sale is very successful. I had a couple of those over the years; it is sure a lot of hard work, but we always made enough to make it worth while. Hope you get some rain soon down your way, and things turn out well for your DS2 regarding college and grants and such.

Did some laundry the last couple of days; and I spent a good amount of time outside on the deck with NIKO doing some reading and relaxing today. DH is sorting out our back porch, and we moved a small dresser in there for odds & ends to keep things tidier. He should have it all done tomorrow.

We had a lovely dinner of baked Sole fish and homemade homefries which are now DH's favorite, with coleslaw and tomato wedges.

Hope everyone else had a good day; and that you all have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!! It's time for tea, and to get my legs up and rest them, so take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-17-2009, 08:38 AM
Okay . . . good morning, I think . . .

Think I'll be a little scarce around here for the rest of this month. My cousin, Jamie (we've been as close as brother and sister all our lives) finally lost his long battle with cancer yesterday.

Now, as I mentioned before, Ruthxxx is arriving today to spend the weekend with me. Guess I'll try to get on the same flight as she is on for the trip to Ontario on Monday morning. This should time out okay because Jamie's oldest son told me last night that there will be an autopsy to verify cause of death (something to do with the fact that he was a fireman). He will then be cremated and then there will be a memorial service. Liam didn't think anything much would be happening before next week anyway.

So, if you need assistance and can't find me, just scream for another Mod and someone will show up.


04-17-2009, 09:41 AM
:hug:MEOWEE ~ so sorry, for the loss of your cousin (and friend); prayers going up for you and your family during this time. Hope you have a nice visit with RUTHxxx; sounds like one of the other mods from around here.

My stepmother has a good friend who lives out east and they (her and my Dad) hope to go out there again this summer to visit with her. Today, she is in the hospital getting another bladder scraping as they found some more cancer cells in a recent test. We hope she will be completely well again soon so she can take the trip east; and they also plan on coming up here as soon as the snow melts ... :lol:

04-17-2009, 10:03 AM
Thanks, :hug:

Yes, Ruthxxx is a supermod actually . . . her powers far exceed my own.

04-17-2009, 11:02 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ I'm back again for my nightly post. We had a busy day; went shopping and picked up some good bargoons. Sooo, I got in some walking today, and we had an easy bring home dinner tonight (after all that walking, I didn't feel like cooking at all).

We've have rain all day, which should help melt lots of snow for us. We had a huge bunch of new birds come by today ... junkos, new sparrows, and only a few snowbirds left, along with the chickadees & starlings. I even saw one or two female junkos, although most of them were males. Now that the snow is melting, lots of seed is showing up and the birdies are having a hayday gobbling it all up.

So ... MEOWEE is going to be busy this weekend and away for about the next two weeks, so I hope some of you other ladies will come in and keep me company at least a couple of times over the next while ... PURPLE and VAL too???

Anyways, hope you all have a lovely weekend; it's time to put my legs up to rest for awhile -- take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

04-18-2009, 11:44 AM
Hi Ladies

Well the last few days have been very hectic tooing and froing from my sisters house trying to sort her daughters laptops out. DH spent hours trying to figure the problem even contacting his nephew who had extensive experience in this area as part of his job used to be problem solving technical issues with PC's. Also spending ages on the telephone to technical support trying to get the issue resolved. The problems was they would not connect to the INTERNET. Eventually it was found that windows had done an up date this in turn had knocked out the wireless network and to resolve the issue it was two fold. One reformat 4 PC's and then stop windows updating so this matter does not happen again. Not an ideal situation though hopefully in a few months this will be rectified when enough people complain that their recent update has created this problem and a fix comes out.

Despite the hectic schedule which has been tiring I have enjoyed spending time with my family. Rizzie has been in his element as he loves kids and they adore dogs so he has been spoilt rotten. He has run round like a demented idiot and walked his hind legs off. Now he is shattered and is spending long periods asleep snoring for England :D When we are going to my sisters or parents homes we travel nearly identical route as they live in the same town just opposite ends. On travelling this route we are about 20 miles away from our destination and he starts whittling and getting excited. It is amazing how they know where they are and let you know.

There has been a lot of posting whilst I have been MIA so a lot for me to read. I hope I don't miss anything when posting back.

MEOWEE I am sorry to hear that you are unwell but at least the doctor has got to the route of your congestion in your chest and it is being treated. Antibiotics are a wonderful thing but unfortunately they come with side effects and give you a dickey tummy. This is because the antibiotic does not know the difference between a good bacteria and a bad bacteria. In your tummy there are good bacteria which helps with your digestion and these are killed off with the antibiotics. The result of this is a stomach that gives you problems.

Sorry to here your sad news I send you my deepest sympathies during this time and will be thinking of you during this time. Oh for the day that all cancers are cured, I know we have made great leaps and bounds but there is still away to go. I hope your visit with Ruth is nice and helps you return to full health.

RONNI Thanks for your best wishes and what every little bug or germ I picked up seemed to have gone. Nothing else came of my feeling poorly that morning which I am grateful for.

The disaster at Hillsborough which lost the lives of 96 people did bring about reforms as well here in the UK in football stadiums. Now there is all seated affair and there are no high cages up to prevent you from going onto the pitch. Since that time to my knowledge there has been no further needless deaths due to crushing. So it seems that the incident had a positive effect and helped prevent further lose of life.

I love having yoghurt and berries very refreshing and filling. Plus not filled with heaps of calories. For tea today I am going to do make a dessert from a recipe that I tweaked. I firstly add banana, natural yoghurt, level dessert of rolled oats, and a level teaspoon of chopped unsalted nuts. The final ingredient is about 1/3 of a cup of frozen berries of your choice. You put all ingredients into a blender and blitz. Pour into desert dish and eat immediately. Very yummy and filling. It is a sneaky way I get fruit into a reluctant fruit eating husband :lol: I do not really do exact amounts I kind of play it by ear and I can judge with my eyes what to use. If you have a very sweet tooth you will need to add sweetener to the yoghurt/fruit mixture to taste. I do not require sweetener as I like things with a sharp taste to them.

ROSEBUD Yes I live in Nottingham well a suburbs of it now. I am not originally a Nottingham lass but a yellow belly (from Lincolnshire from a town called Grantham which is the birth town of our only female prime minister Margaret Thatcher) Why a yellow belly there are many theories as to why we have this nick name, from the colour of the military uniform in that area (many years ago, to the lack of certain vitamins in our diet and yet there is no one answer been proved correct. Yes you are right about it being Robin Hood and we even have a nice statue near the castle in the town. Though the castle is not the tradition form but a folly of many years ago.

Made me smile about Niko and your DH term P*** & Vinegar again; never heard of that expression I must admit. Our Rizzie has his mad half hours where he chases around like a mad thing and for no apparent reason. All I can say is mind out the way as he does not care what is in his path he is coming through no matter what even if that means barging his way past. Nice idea though of the baby gate so that Niko can enjoy the porch alongside you but in safety.

Thanks to the reference to the thread to the snacks for 100 calories which is always helpful when you want to nibble on something without blowing your calories for the day.

Right time to go and make a drink to make sure my fluid level remains good. Take care and catch up with you soon.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-18-2009, 08:01 PM
HI PURPLE ~ nice to see you drop in again; always miss your chatty posts. I know you did mention that you would be helping out with your sister's PC's. My aunt was having the same problem you have been with the MS UPDATE functions -- I have those switched off on my PC becuz my PC GURU told me to do that. He says that the updates are more trouble than they are worth, and they take up way too much memory space that you need for other things as well.

I would definitely turn them OFF! I don't have all the problems other people have with these things (thank you GOD), and I am grateful for all the great advice from my PC guru as well. I got this in a book and the few dollars I spent on them was well worth its weight in gold ... ;)

Glad you have been feeling better as well. We had rain yesterday, but the sun finally came out this afternoon and it warmed up to about 60 F. The sun is supposed to stick around for tomorrow so that should make for a lovely Sunday, but then more rain is predicted for early next week, but that's OK becuz it helps to get rid of the snow (which is slowly leaving, but we have no floods like other places do).

I just did stuff around here today; didn't stick to plan well this weekend so far, hopefully I'll do much better tomorrow and next week -- must dig in and be more persistent. DH was gone all day today, so I was a bit bored; not a good thing for me, as then I start that 'MINDLESS MUNCHING' thing ... :yikes: not good at all!

Oh well, tomorrow is another day. They say "You only fail if you quit; and that you will eventually succeed so long as you continue to try!" Yah, that's a good one for sure ...

Well, we're having a late dinner as DH was exhausted when he finally got home and is having a nap right now. Just having a pita pizza for dinner tonight -- a fun thing for a Saturday night! Well, take good care ladies, and have a SUPER SATURDAY NIGHT, alright?:hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-19-2009, 01:21 PM
Hi Ladies

Been busy in the kitchen most of the afternoon as I have been baking (banana and pecan muffins) plus preparing vegetables for tomorrows dinner. Have done a little experiment with the muffins today to see if I could cut out more sugar out of the recipe. The orginal recipe calls for 125grams (about 5oz) I normally put in 3oz but today I have put in 2.5 oz but put in some sultana to give it sweetness as I have got a DH with a very sweet tooth as you know. First time I have used pecan nuts for this recipe as I normally use walnuts and once used hazelnuts. We will have one of them for tea with a chicken sandwich.

Tomorrow we are having belly pork not the leanest cut of meat I know but we only have a small portion to make up for it. When selecting the meat I go for the leanest I can find. To serve I dip in beaten egg and then roll in sage and onion stuffing which is in its dry state before you normally make it up with water. Very tasty dish which we do not have very often but do enjoy it when we cook it. Having a selection of vegetables to go with it which are leeks, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. Then of course potatoes.

Been out for lunch today and had roast pork with vegetables which was very nice and met our friend Peter for lunch. Nice meal with great company so enjoyed it.

Busy reading at the minute as I have a book which has gripped me so finding it difficult to put down. This is called the suffragette girl and as the title suggests it is about a young lady whom joins the movement and takes part in the militant activities. Her involvement gets her arrested and imprison. Then she goes on hunger strike and then is force fed. I am now just about at the eve of the first world war so the activities are going to stop and the movement is going to immerse itself in war work. I am very interested in that period of history and especially about the suffragette movement. It has always fascinated me and they must have been very strong minded women to go on hunger strike and endure the horrible treatment in prison.

ROSEBUD Sounds like that book p.c. guru is worth its weight in gold especially if it saves you pulling your hair out trying to figure why something won't work. Good idea about saving memory space if you have limited resources. I have quite a good p.c. as DH has put most of the stuff in mine. I have 1.50GB RAM and 460+GB of hard drive. I know I am very lucky to have such a nice p.c.. We tend to spend our birthday money etc on our p.c. or save it up to buy a bigger item. Like you I have my window updates turned off so I do not update very often.

Glad to hear that you have no floods that must be the risk as all the snow starts to melt the earth can't take the volume of water. It must be a worry if you live in an area that is prone to flooding during the spring.

It is so easy to slip into mindless eating if you are bored. It can be more so if your DH is away I know I eat more when he is not there. I am sure that your slip up in the food department won't be too damming as it is only a couple of days and you have to eat a tremendous volume of high calorie food to put weight on. Normally if I have done that I try and tweak down my food for a day or so. Not by much yoghurt here , apple there not much on their own but they add up over a few days.

No more news for now so catch up with you soon

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-19-2009, 03:55 PM
HI LADIES ~ My Dad called me late last night (Saturday) to tell me that he had to rush our stepmother, GRACE, back to the hospital again for the second time, as the complications from her surgery on Friday, were getting worse again.

Needless to say, our entire family is upset with the way they handled this case -- to us, anyone who has had any kind of invasive or internal surgery (esp cancer related) should be kept in the hospital for a minimum of 24 hours after said surgery, to make sure there are no complications. By doing that, they would catch them right away and the patient and their family wouldn't have to go through all this nightmare!!!

ANYWAYS, GRACE is back in the hospital for good until they can get a hold of her bladder cancer specialist and deal with these complications. My poor Dad was having fits becuz this is exactly what happened to my mother when she died; so this brought back all those horrible memories for him, AND they made him wait in the waiting room for 3 hours before they told him anything.

There are many things that I love about our medical & health system, but lately they have been jeopardizing people's health by cutting back way too much in critical areas, and this is one of them. They've gone from keeping people inpatient for a month, down to 3, 2, & 1 weeks; then down to a few days, to now sending them home just hours after surgery. This is crazy; and very risky!!! It's time for an overhaul; the definition of efficiency is not to have no patients at all, it's to give them the best care in a reasonable amount of time and cost to the tax payer, BUT not at the cost of the patient's life! There is a smart way to do everything -- and this can be done right with just a little tete de tete thinking! ;)

ANYHOW, thanks for listening to my rant for this week; just needed to get that off my chest, and we are praying that things will get sorted out so that our stepmother (of eight of us) and my Dad's wife, who is the nicest and sweetest Christian lady, can get well and go onto enjoy a long and healthy life ...

So ... we really appreciate all your prayers for them, and I know they appreciate them a lot too. Thanks again ... Rosebud

04-20-2009, 11:04 PM
Well, what a difference a day and umpteen prayers can make -- got word tonight that our stepmother, GRACE (we call her Gracie), is doing much better. They managed to get a hold of her specialist and he told them to keep her in the hospital until those complications have cleared up.

The one problem was that her own physician was away; and the young replacement doctor (probably terrified) had to wait until he could reach the cancer specialist today. My Dad is exhausted, but they are so relieved as they were fearing the worst, but were trying to put on a brave face for each other and everyone else too. :yikes:

Now they have told her to make sure she speaks up, yells, or whatever (but of course, that's not her normal demeanor -- cuz she's a quiet, sweet, reserved Christian School teacher). Now, we just have to get her to stay in bed! :dizzy: Anyways, things are looking up so thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts ... Rosebud.:hug:

04-21-2009, 03:39 AM
Hi Ladies

Did not manage to get on here yesterday was catching up on chores most of the day that seemed to have piled up. Good news is I have managed to do the majority of them so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I have come on extra early today before my treatment so it is just a shade past 7am. My DH is going to the specialist dentist today so hopefully he will be on the path once and for all in getting this infection under his teeth under control. I know as much as my DH hates going to the dentist he is glad that the matter is now being seen to at long last.

ROSEBUD Sorry to hear that your Stepmother Gracie is unwell and your prayers have been answered. It is not only draining on the person that is unwell themselves but their loved ones. Like you say your Dad was so worried but putting up a front of a brave face for others.

I agree with you on the matter of cut back it is often at the price of patients. I know they are a business as such but they are a special one that the customer must alway come first over profits. If we do not then there are going to be serious consequences to their actions which in the long run causes a long stay in hospital to rectify thus costing more money than if they had allowed the proper stay in hospitals.

Yesterday the work on the traffic calming scheme began on our road. Well it was suppose to but have not seen any evidence now our end of the road. Though it is relatively a long road so they could have commenced at the other end in their defense. I am glad that this scheme is coming here as it was only a matter of time before someone was killed by the way cars race down our road.

Must make tracks as it is time I started to make a conscious effort to get ready now so till next time take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-21-2009, 11:56 AM
THANKS, PURPLE ~ for your caring words of support! Yes, it has been a harrowing experience for them and our family over this weekend. Grace even told my Dad last night that she thought she was a goner; and my Dad agreed but they both said that they didn't want to let the other one know what they were thinking and worry them even more.

The specialist told them not to move her as he wanted her to rest so the healing would be faster, so they are doing conference calls back and forth while watching her condition. We are hoping they won't send her home until her condition is completely stable, becuz as much as my Dad tries, he is not a registered homecare nurse (but they did take the second catheter out last night which was giving them so much trouble even at the hospital).

Yah, hopefully they can do something on your road to slow the traffic down BEFORE there are some tragic consequences, especially if there will be lots of children coming to and fro on that road very soon. We have huge fines here for autos that violate traffic laws that are there to protect the school children (big fines which people really like to avoid). ;)

Well, I'm glad to see that you are feeling well enuff to go to your treatment today; hope you have a good one today. And yes, that is good to finally see that they are trying to do something for your DH's infected gums ... geesh, that's taking awhile, eh? Hopefully, they will get to the bottom of it this week too! :hug:

RE: Hypereating ~ here's a very interesting article to read --

Here's a link to one of those medical articles by Dr. Kessler explaining the addictive-like qualities that high-fat, high-sugar, and high-salty foods can have on our brains & bodies ...

Thanks to Reddalice for the link!

ANYWAYS, that's all the news from here today; might do a bit of laundry for DH today. We had a few lovely days of sunshine, but it rained all night and that helped a lot of snow to melt, so we are actually happy about that. We can actually see grass in our front lawn now ... yeah!!!! :carrot:

Take good care ladies, and have a WONDERFUL WEEK!!!:hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-22-2009, 11:07 AM
Hi Ladies and good afternoon

I certainly slept well last night after my day of treatment no rocking required here. Woke up to a glorious day with brilliant sunshine temperatures of 16c and it is suppose to be a wee bit hotter tomorrow. I have done the weekly shopping today and the shop was chaos. There was a massive queue at the petrol station. This is because today is budget day. Budget day is the day the chancellor puts up taxes on certain products. The usual ones to suffer are cigarettes, alcohol and petrol/diesel. So folks were filling up at the petrol station at the old price so as to save . I suppose you also get days such as these in Canada/US but under a different name maybe but the same things are effected.

I give you one guess what my DH is doing :lol: his sisters p.c. has been playing up big time so he is reformatting it today. Though this process is not going well for two reason. Firstly the DVD or CD player is not working correcting thus not reading the windows disc correctly. So he has just taken the one out of his own to install the windows disc. The second problem is that the motherboard has no drivers so he has to download them from the internet. He is in the process of doing that at the minute but the site only permits you to do one download every half hour ! so not so helpful either to the reformat process. Well that will be 5 p.c. that he has reformatted in a week I think that is a record even by his standard.

Today as I said I have been shopping and the fruit is now coming down in price. So I have made a large fresh fruit salad to last us for the next few days or so. Really looking forward to the fresh fruit salad with a bit of low fat greek yoghurt or a zero fat yoghurt I have in the fridge. Much to my surprise it was my DH who suggested the fresh fruit salad now normally getting fruit down him is mission impossible :lol3: so as you know I have to play crafty and disguise it a calorie laden pudding ;) So maybe gradually his palette is changing.

Yesterday my DH went for a consultation at the specialist dentist regarding this long standing infection. Dh had 2 choices either extract the teeth or cut the infection out and have 2 or 3 stitches. He has gone for the minor surgical procedure so he is going to be very sore , swollen and in pain for a few days. I know from personal experience as a few years back I had to have a biopsy and I had to have stitches after that was done. So that week whilst DH is going to be sore and swollen I will be preparing soft foods. Plus make a big pot of turkey or chicken soup to have instead of sandwiches. I know that the soup will be full of goodness with plenty of vitamins.

ROSEBUD Thanks for the link to the article which was very interesting reading on obesity and overeating.

Yes I understand your Dad's fears and yours for that matter. It is hard enough nursing someone in the home environment if you have the correct nursing qualification so with little or no nursing background it is frightening to say the least. My Dad a few times in the past before I became ill managed to wrangle his way out of hospital early by saying oh my daughters a nurse and she's going to look after me. The crafty minx ;) always omitted to tell them I was a psychiatric nurse a whole different ball game to general nursing. Yes I know certain processes and procedures that I have picked up over the years maybe more than most psychiatric nurses. So there is me having to take stitches out without a stitches removal kit. So I had to improvise with my nursing scissors and tweezers. Then sterilize them in boiling water not how they do them in hospital today (maybe years ago I don't deny that)

Yesterday managed to catch a interesting article on "blue peter" a children's programme in the UK which has been running since 1958. This was of a young girl of about 10 years old whom was living on a united states airforce base due to here father being stationed here. She was showing us what it was like to live on the base. That they have the same education as they would in the United States. They have a convenience store with the same produces they are use to and pay in United States dollar. Many of the articles shown on this programme are informative and adults like these sections. Every summer the presenters go on a holiday together and then on there return many of the programmes after that contain articles about this foreign holiday to some exotic place. The articles are about the culture the people and the customs. The show has animals on it who are there every programme at the moment I think they have 2 cats and a dog. Though sometimes this mix changes and they have 2 dogs and a cat. This is if they have a new pet as one of the animals has died or become to elderly. The children whom watch the show have a part to play in naming the pets on the show. So all in all it is a family orientated show that is loved by most people. Children have an opportunity to get blue peter badges which are in different colours for different things

Blue badges are awarded for interesting letters or emails, stories, poems, really good ideas for the programme, pictures and for having appeared on the programme. They are not awarded for taking part in Blue Peter Appeals.Silver

Silver badges are awarded for doing something different from your Blue badge project. For instance, if you won a Blue badge for an interesting letter or email, you could then win a Silver badge by sending us a picture, or a poem.

Green badges are awarded for letters and pictures that are about the environment, conservation or nature.

Orange badges are for winners and runners up of Blue Peter competitions. To win one of these badges you will have to enter a Blue Peter competition.

Purple badges are only for children who have been selected to be Blue Peter Team Players. To win a purple badge you must review an episode of Blue Peter. Print off the Purple Badge Form, fill it in and send it to the address on the right hand side of this page for your chance to be a team player.

Fiftieth badges were made in 2008 to celebrate 50 years of Blue Peter. You can get one of these by sending in a letter or picture that celebrates our 50th birthday.

Gold badges are very rare, and only awarded for really outstanding achievements - for instance, saving someone's life or extreme bravery and courage.

Factbyte Factory badges can only be won by playing the Factbyte Factory game. You'll need to complete all 7 VIP levels to get your hands on it - so keep collecting those factbytes! (thanks to the BBC Blue Peter web site for information)

One other thing that this programme does every year which I think is a good thing is they raise money for some cause each year. One year it will be something to help a 3rd world country another something in the UK for example guide dogs for the blind. The children have to collect different things each year. Maybe ring pulls off drink cans, foreign coins or have bring and buy sales. Well enough of me rattling on about Blue Peter

It is such a nice day as I said I have the doors opens well of course Riz is enjoying the sunshine as well and he alway get gets strokes from passersby. The trouble is as they stroke him he makes such a noise as he is getting fuss. Anybody would think he was being strangled by the amount of noise he makes. Though this is typical of the breed they are very vocal and make all sorts of noises.

Well I think that is all the news I have for now I have chatted on long enough if I don't watch out this has the beginning of a dissertation (the big written project at the end of a degree which I know in nursing has to be a minimum of 10,000 words) So take care ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-22-2009, 09:23 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we had another overcast day with light rain all day, but the snow is disappearing at a steady rate! It has turned colder since dinnertime, and that rain has turned to a light drizzle. The weather people say that should turn back to rain by morning and tomorrow was supposed to clear up with sunshine -- I really hope the sun comes ... as we haven't seen much this week.

PURPLE ~ glad you had a good sleep last night after your treatment. Your DH is getting pretty good at fixing PC's; so that should save you lots of $$$ and hassle. That kind of stuff takes a lot of patience; and some people have a knack for those things. Our goverment does the same thing but we usually don't hear about it until it happens, like a day or two before and that's it. Some people do try to stock up a bit, esp on gas and ciggies but that only lasts so long.

My DH doesn't like fruit much at all; the only way I can get them into him is in muffins so that's why I make them for him on a regular basis. I made some for him today with mashed bananas, raisins, and apple pieces in the center. What kind of fruits do you use in your fresh fruit salad? I was thinking about making one, but I'd have to go pick up some fresh fruit for it first. I know that it is very filling. Maybe peaches, pears, bananas, cherries, pineapple, and some seedless grapes??? :shrug:

Hope your DH gets his teeth problems fixed up pretty soon; and doesn't suffer too much with it (will send up some prayers for him about it). My Dad is pretty good with helping out, as is my DH; but everyone has their limits. That children's interactive television show sounds like a lot of fun and a great idea as are many of the unique shows you create over there in the UK.

Well, there's not much going on here right now; I just stayed home and rested. Seem to have caught one of those light colds again; had chills & fever a bit today. The temps were damp & chilly, so maybe that made it worse. I hate those nauseated feelings I get sometimes though, but it has finally passed. Anyhow, it's time to put my legs up as they are sore today (probably from all the cold, damp weather).

Take good care ladies and I hope you all have a terrific Thursday tomorrow ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-23-2009, 10:05 AM
Hi Ladies

HAPPY SAINT GEORGE'S DAY which is the patron saint of England.

Not very warm this morning typical as I had put my washing out so I probably frightened the good weather away :lol:. The sun made an appearance this afternoon and it is turning out very nice now. So it looks like I will get my washing dry after all. Good job as well as I have two winter coats that I need to get dry out on the line.

Went to play cards last night I did no good but DH faired better and got 3rd prize. Tomorrow we are going to mum and dad's tomorrow for the day so hope the weather is nice.

ROSEBUD Glad the snow is slowly going hope the sun starts to make an appearance soon which will help get rid of the snow.

Yes the fact that DH can do some work on the PC does help save lots of £££ as it is very expensive here to get work done on your PC. So anything you can do for yourself is a big money saver. Though we must say a lot of the knowledge comes from his nephew who is trained in this area and is very knowledgeable.

This fresh fruit salad I have made I have put a tin of pineapple in ( in natural juice) apple, banana, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and seedless grapes. I will use any fruit either fresh or in tinned (but in natural juice). Though if I make it with a mixture of a fresh and tinned I am very careful how much juice I have in my portion. This is as I see this as empty calories, the juice does not fill you up but the fruit will. So there is no hard and fast rule what to use just use what is in season and what is available in your part of the world. For myself I rarely get cherries as you need a mortgage to buy them :cry: which is more the pity as I really love them and can eat them by the punnet full ;)

Talking of a UK television programme I watched one last night relating to obesity. This was called 33 stones at 15 and this was of a girl in Wales whom had got to 33 stone (462lb) at the age of 15. She was granted a scholarship to attend a special school in the United States for children who suffered from obesity. It was so good I could relate in so many ways the things that this young girl had done I had done them to a bigger or lesser degree myself. I think many of us whom have suffered with a weight issue will understand what this young girl was going through. I will give this young girl a lot of credit she was so motivated and never moaned about anything. She just got on with what was required of here and learnt a great deal along the way. Like about how to cook a healthy meal, the fat content in foods, what where carbohydrates etc. The young people at this boarding school also had counseling and cognitive behavioural therapy. By the end of the programme she had lost the grand total of 12 stones (168lbs) over the period of about 9 months. I wish this young lady all the success in the world as I know how hard it is to lose weight.

Only one more day to go and then it is the weekend ladies so time for bit of relaxation and recharging those batteries. Take care all and catch up with you all soon

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-23-2009, 10:40 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we had a simply gorgeous :sunny: day today -- all day! So ... we decided to go shopping and then we went out for a nice drive in the country to enjoy that sunshine. First, we picked up a few items at our local department store; and then we picked up some small mini-bells for our summer birdies (which we just hang in the tree near our kitchen) plus a smaller and lighter rug for our livingroom. We are gonna put the larger one in our spare room instead.

So we had a pretty busy day; then we had BAKED fish & chips for dinner with a nice romaine salad. DH has now flopped out as he is just very tired; he's been on the go a bit the last few days.

PURPLE ~ your fruit salad sounds good; we didn't get to THAT Grocery Store yet. I have lots of fruit in the freezer and cubby that I think will make a nice fruit salad for now. I have frozen strawberries & blueberries as well as pineapple chunks, peaches, and pears in the pantry, plus some nice apples and a couple of bananas -- so I think I could make something of them tomorrow.

I have some pineapple that is in juice rather than syrup, so 1/4 cup of that should be good for the salad just to keep it moist & fresh, I think. We are fortunate that SOMETIMES, we can get sweet, dark cherries here and especially when they are on sale, that is a good time to grab some and put them in containers in the freezer. This is what I plan on doing this year the first time they come on sale in the late summer or early fall (I believe).

I have to wash a couple of DH's coats tomorrow; somehow, he has gotten them all muddy again. Well, it is spring and with that comes rain and mud and well, just yucky weather. Got to watch him to make sure he removes his boots though :nono: becuz he's sneaky sometimes ... :lol:

RE: TV SHOW -- Wow, that was nice that someone paid for that girl to go to that special school; I think that we need more help like this for our kids and young people. It is too bad that we have these problems at all, but we do; so it's nice that there are some places trying to help kids like her so much. A positive and practical approach is so very important. She has done so well; I hope she will be able to continue her program at home with even more success in the future.

Well, it's time that I put my feet up; did get some walking in today. I really had to push myself but divided the time up into two segments so my feet wouldn't hurt too much. I am glad that we managed to get out and I felt better today; all the resting yesterday seemed to help me a lot.

HI to VAL (TGIF), and RONNIE (haven't seen you around; hope all is well with you and yours), and NUMPSTER and her DH, and :hug: to MEOWEE, who is at a funeral in Ontario right now, and to BEVERLYJOY (hope things are well with you too!)

Take good care, and we hope that you all have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!!:hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-24-2009, 12:27 PM
Meowee-so sorry to hear about your cousin. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hope your visit with Ruthxxx went well-she seems like a real pill ;) judging by her postings!

Rosebud-glad that Grace is doing better. You and your family have been in my prayers, you know. Your fruit salads are making me hungry-it's been awhile since I made just a fruit salad. Must do one again soon. We really like pineapple (in it's own juice or fresh), oranges, and bananas mixed together-very tropical and yummy!:drool:

Purple-so glad you're feeling better again, but sorry to hear that your DH is suffering-will keep him in my prayers. I had to laugh at your comment on needing a mortgage to pay for cherries:lol:! They're very spendy here too. I found some frozen at Walmart that aren't as hard on the wallet, so I try to get some every few weeks, but fresh sure are tastier! One of our nationwide shows, "Dr. Phil", has had some episodes dealing with obese children and it just makes me cry to see how sad they are and that no one knows how to deal with their issues. Always brings back bad memories of high school and how cruel some people are (even adults).

Well, I don't know much. I've still been working on getting stuff sorted, priced, and boxed up for our yard sale with Mom. Who knew that Hot Wheels cars were reproducing in our basement all these years:fr:! We're getting rid of a lot of stuff, so we can go get new stuff :lol:. DS3 has outgrown his bike, so he's saving for a new one and this sale should help him out alot! And, I may even have some money to get some new clothes in my new sizes ;).

Well, hope you all have a really nice day and weekend! :grouphug:

04-24-2009, 10:07 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we really had a very warm day today; even with it somewhat cloudy most of the day, the temps rose up to 70F; and when the sun would peak out a bit, the temps would go up to 80F!!! So a lot of snow was melting today!

I just stayed home today to rest my legs; I did manage to get DH's coats and a few others things washed today though, so the day was somewhat productive. Oh, and DH rearranged the rugs in the livingroom and spare room today as well. Tomorrow I have to do some more book sorting; time to donate some books I have already read to the local goodwill again, as we have way too many and hardly any shelves here.

Maybe DH could make us another book case or put up some shelves so that I can take some out of boxes and have a place to put them. So, he's thinking about what to do right now ... he's kinda lookin' for a plan. :lol:

HI RONNI ~ nice to see you drop by; and thanks for all the prayers for GRACE & our family. Sounds like your upcoming yard sale is keeping you real busy; I know that there is a lot of work involved in them -- they take a whole lot of preparation. Hope you and your family are doing well.

Well, it's Friday night but we will just be staying home and taking it easy. Not much very exciting going on around here right now. I caught some little bug: had a fever and terrible diarrhea, then last night woke up in the middle of the night with acid regurgitation. Man, do I hate that, cuz it really burns your throat; so had to get up and drank something cool to fix that. Sometimes, my food doesn't leave my stomach as soon as it should, esp when you get some of these stomach bugs (flus) that are going around.

A friend called to tonight and is in need of a ride to the city next month, so DH and I will be taking her to see a specialist doctor over there that only comes up once a year from the south. It saves people from having to go 500 miles south to see a specialist.

Anyways, hope you all have a SUPER SATURDAY!!! Take good care, time to put my feet up and do some reading maybe ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-24-2009, 10:21 PM
I dont understand why just when I get my mind wrapped around healthy eating and getting a teeny amount of excercise this stupid blasting disease flares up again! Every time even when I dont excercise and dont provoke it. Im so sick of it! Its hard to lose weight when your in constant severe pain. Today I layed in bed as much as DS would allow. And Im still in so much pain I feel like Im gonna puke.
I had re- started journaling calories again today and felt pretty good about my diet but I went way over b/c food = comfort for me. And goodness knows I needed comforted since noone understands what they cant see so my mom nor my DH get it.
I just hate this stupid disease Go AWAY! Just go away and let me be normal please!?
Sorry just needed to vent!

04-24-2009, 10:37 PM
:welcome: LOOKINGFORMEAGAIN ~ I'm sorry to hear that you have been suffering with lots of pain, but I can also so identify with that too. That's my daily experience; and for others on this thread. I'm not sure what disease you have or what's causing you all your problems, but sure do wish and pray that maybe some day, these symptoms will lessen and I will feel good again. Now, I look for those moments and relish them instead ...

Glad that you decided to come by our thread; come back often and tell us a bit about yourself and your life and your challenges. Everyone here has many physical challenges to deal with while they are trying to get and be healthier. :hug:


04-25-2009, 11:42 AM
Hi Ladies

It was a busy day yesterday so I didn't have the chance to get on here. I was at mum and dad's for the day yesterday. I also saw my sister and her children so a really nice day. Yesterday was my sister's s youngest child's birthday it is hard to believe that she is ten years old the years sure do whizz by. It is amazing the things kids get into there heads. My sister's next to youngest is 11 years old and she is in her last year at primary school (elementary school). My sister saw a bruise on her chin and thought she had fallen especially as she has mobility issues due to Perthes disease. No fall had taken place but she had been sucking on a beaker in order to straighten her teeth :o The sucking on the beaker had created a vacuum I suppose and that had caused a bruise. I would think that my sister will get her a visit to the dentist to reassure her or maybe start treatment to straighten the teeth if necessary.

Just finished my dinner of a selection of vegetables with lean pork and then stewed apples and rhubarb with yoghurt. I had never had the combination of stewed apples and rhubarb until about a couple of months ago when someone told me about it and it is a real great combination.

RONNI Glad I brought a smile to your face about the comment about the cost of cherries here. Has you probably know it is very expensive to live in the UK full stop compared to say Canada or USA. I suppose that is as most things we have to import into the country as we do not have enough to sustain ourselves here or we do not have it in the UK.

Yes I know what you mean bringing back bad memories of school and the taunts because of your weight. People can be so cruel and I am sure some people think because you are obese you are "deaf". I would be a rich lady if I had a £1 for every time people past horrid comments about my weight. This is the first time since I was about 13 that I am somewhere near a normal weight but even so I still expect to hear the nasty comments. Or when shopping someone to tap me on the shoulder and say the ladies outsized department is over there.

A yard sale is an excellent way to clear out your unwanted stuff and make a bit of extra cash into the bargain. Here in the UK we do not have yard sales but our equivalent is called a car boot sale. Car boot sales are organised events which you pay a small fee to have a spot at the sale. Then you sell things from the boot of your car or on a table from the rear of your car. They are popular events on Sunday mornings and many people go every weekend to one.

LOOKINGFORMEAGAIN :welcome2: to the thread. Sorry to hear that your in a lot of pain. I think many of us who write in this thread have or do experience pain on a daily basis so we do understand what you are going through. It is hard when the loved ones around you have never experience pain on such a level as you have and can never fully understand what you are having to go through.

We all deal with things differently and cope in different ways. I must say that your not alone when you use food as a comfort. I can put my hand up to that one big time I use it as a crutch to get through difficult times in my life.

I must have to say I am not sure what DS is as here in the UK we are not quite into abbreviations. I do not now if investing into a TENS unit would help with the severe pain that you experience. Another technique that I know you can use to help with the pain other than food is distraction. So do something like watch a television programme or film, read something , play a game or post on the internet. Anything that helps you stop focusing on the pain. Try to exercise as much as your illness allows as it helps produce a natural pain killer into the body. I can not walk particularly far but I go on a regular basis sometimes it is a real effort but 9 times out of 10 I feel much better after I have been.

I am not sure if you have been to your doctor to make sure that you are on the correct medication maybe it is a time for a tweak in what you are taking will be a big help. I just recently was in agony every day and just increasing one of my pain medications with the doctors say so to one extra tablet a day it has made a huge difference to my quality of life.

I hope some of the ideas I have given gives you a little rest byte from the pain or avenues to explore :hug:

ROSEBUD Sounds a good idea to use whatever fruit you have in store to make a fruit salad. One tip I will give that maybe a help if by error you get any fruit in syrup. Drain into a sieve or colander and then run under the cold water tap to wash off all the syrup solution. Drain throughly to make sure the water has gone then use as normal maybe with yoghurt or mix with other fruit.

I am resting my legs as much as possible as yesterday I did a lot of walking but saying that I enjoyed it. I went into my parents home town and walked around the shops. I picked up a bright pink top in the sale which will go with skirts I already have. Saying that I do need to invest in some lighter weight skirts for summer as I have none now I have lost the weight. One thing I love to do is look round some charity shops some times I pick up some really pretty clothes or books. I didn't find anything this time but mum found a lovely blouse which was white with some really pretty fancy button. Plus some embroidery in white on the front panels.

Sorry to hear that you have picked up some tummy bug from some where. :getwell: I hate to pick these type of bugs up as they leave you feeling so rotten. Plus weak for a couple of days afterwards.

I don't think I have anymore news for now though I do have a few chores I want to catch up one of them being ironing :cry: So till next time hope your all enjoying your weekend. Though before I go I must say hello to :wave: NUMSPTER, VALDINE, MEOWEE & BEVERLY JOY I think that is everybody sorry if I have missed anyone. Well time to go and have a tackle at those chores

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-26-2009, 12:27 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we had another cool day with some light rain and drizzle for most of the day. My tummy flu was acting up again with some chills and a bit of fever, so I laid down for a while this afternoon.

We had a lovely sight here today ~ over 31 (that I could count as they were moving a lot) RED ROBINS came here today, from down south I'm sure. That's the biggest group I have ever seen all together in a few trees. They perched in the trees across the road, just right for a good view from our livingroom. They kinda had a scraggled look to them -- like they were thinking, 'Gee, why is there still so much snow here? ... and why is it so yucky here today? ... and geepers, we came all the way up here for this?' :lol: DH says that I have quite the imagination; but I just like to tease him! :D

There has been another large flock of blackbirds and starlings and junkos as well. There is also some other cute small ones that I haven't seen before (probably some kind of finches as they have so many types), so I'll have to try and get them identified as well. It was nice to see them all; plus we saw a flock of what looked like snow geese or very large white birds of some that looked like geese heading south; and of a course another small flock of ducks or geese; and some seagulls (which are quite a bit smaller).

I just stayed home to rest today while DH ran a couple of errands for me. We had homemade pita pizza for supper tonight; one of our favorites. They are yummy, but much, much lower calories becuz of the whole wheat pita crusts I make them on. Tonight we play some cards (gin rummy) to try and help refresh DH's memory; if he doesn't play something for awhile, he totally forgets how to play the games.

PURPLE ~ glad you liked the apple-rhubarb combo; this is one of my favorites too. Another one I love is cherry-rhubarb as well (tinned cherry pie filling works well but it does have some sugar in it); and either one makes a wonderful fruit crisp too. Good tip about rinsing the tinned fruit to get rid of the extra sugar from the syrups they put them in. The only one I can get here in juice is the pineapple.

Hope everyone has a TOTALLY SERENE SUNDAY!!! They are predicting some sunshine for tomorrow; hope they are right as that would be perfect for Sunday. Take good care ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

04-26-2009, 11:08 AM
Hi Ladies

Nearly got my chores done this weekend only got to hoover later today. I did my most hated chore of ironing whilst watching television last night. Today the weather one moment is nice and warm and the next cloudy and chilly. It is the weather that is so hard to know what to wear. DH has just been watching the grand prix which was won by Jenson Button. Today also another big sporting event happened in the UK which was the London marathon which takes part every year on a Sunday in April. Did not get to see it but I will watch the summing up of the marathon which lasts about an hour.

ROSEBUD Gosh that was a lot of robins that visited you, I have never seen more than a couple at once. I did see a photograph of a friend whom is able to hand feed a few that visit his garden. The picture was wonderful the gentleman who feeds them brought the photograph along for my niece to see.

I see you have a very vivid imagination, I like you have the knack of imagining all sorts. I loved to write stories at school that involved lots of imagination. You either have the brain that thinks outside the box or not. The trouble with me is I am not a great speller and never have been. I can see a word is spelt wrong but I am clueless how to rectify it. Frequently I have got the wrong vowel or letters in the wrong order. I would love to have the art to write a novel but my writing is no where up to that standard.

We are fortunate here that a lot of fruit in tins comes in natural juice. The only ones that I can think that don't come in natural juice are the tarter fruits like rhubarb, gooseberries, raspberries and blackberries. I can get pears, peaches, pineapple, apple, mango, apricot and mandarin oranges to name a few in natural juice so I compared to you are very lucky.

Sorry to hear that your tummy bug is still lingering around and you still feel under the weather. Hope it goes very quickly.

No more news from these quarters. Going to do a bit of relaxing before I tackle tea. So take care one and all
:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-26-2009, 11:46 PM
:wave: HELLO LADIES ~ we had a good day today with some strange things mixed in; the sun was shining through interesting misty clouds for most of the day. So, we decided to go for a drive to my Dad's cottage; made a light picnic lunch and spent the afternoon there. There were lots of birds out there too and we had a nice peaceful time. Then got home just in time to put our roast chicken dinner on with lots of veggies (long green & yellow beans, whole baby carrots, cauliflower clumps, celery & onions, and small new potatoes).

My muscles were a bit sore today, so just took it easy; this stomach bug makes you feel kind of nauseated but managed to enjoy myself despite that. Called my Dad and things are getting better for our step-mother though she is spending most of her time resting up as it will take her a while to recover completely, but she is able to sleep in her own bed now.

Anyways, while making dinner, a salesman came to our door and had to shoo him away as pleasantly as I could, although I knew the product he was selling was odd for our area. We've had a lot of problems with salesmen showing up here from the south trying to get the people to buy utilities through them rather than our local providers. I just don't like the vague and erroneous sales techniques these folks use. I don't like it that salesmen are coming to our door at dinnertime on a Sunday evening to try and sell us something we just don't want or need. Well, that's my rant for this week; and I know it's early.

We had a scare with our NIKO tonight; he invariably chewed and swallowed a piece of plastic that got caught in his throat, but then asked to go out so he could eat some grass and sticks. Dh went and found him some grass from the front and he ate it. Then he drank about a liter of water and seems to be OK now; we pray that this will pass and he'll be OK. I hate those clear small pieces of plastic film as they fall on the floor and are so hard to see with our bad eye sight; I wish they had some bright color markings on them so you could see them better. :( We have to watch him like a hawk as he is young and doesn't know the harm they can do; I think he does now.

PURPLE ~ yes, that was a huge number of robins in one place; and when we went for our drive today, we saw another two dozen or more along the country roads. Maybe we just weren't out to see them when they arrived before, but we sure noticed them all this year. There really seems to be more birds of all kinds here this year; even some of our neighbours mentioned it to us as well. I told DH maybe they have decided to come north becuz of the clean air and cooler temps and more stable weather compared to other places -- as this is where they come to breed each summer. It has been so hot and dry in the southern areas over the last couple of summers, so that would make sense really.

Gee, you can get lots of fruit in natural juices; one thing that is good besides fresh fruit is that we can get more of it frozen now than before, including individual kinds and nice mixes too, so I have been buying more of that now as well. I divide them up into small serving containers and thaw them out for lunch and they are great for picnics as they are thawed by lunch time.

Well, time to put my legs and feet up as they are tired today; got lots of fresh air today though. Take good care ladies and hope you all have a MARVELLOUS MONDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-27-2009, 11:01 PM
:wave: HELLO LADIES ~ well, I am so happy to report that our dear NIKO is totally on the mend; his remedy of eating the grass that DH found him worked and the plastic was expelled with the grass (sorry if that's too much information) ... :carrot: Our boy is well again; we were so worried for him, but his natural instincts kicked in and helped him. He is a very intelligent little fella and such a joy for us to have him as company.

The day started out with a little sunshine and lovely whispy clouds, then the rainclouds rolled in with some wind; and it did get up to 63 F today, so that was nice. It was quite foggy when we woke up and a bit muggy, but that finally cleared up. Boy, could really feel it in my muscles today; my back and legs and feet: felt a bit like the Tinman from OZ today.

Made a nice big pot of homemade cream of chicken & asparagus soup today (with lots of other veggies too) for our lunches this week. We just had hamburglers for dinner tonight becuz they are easy; I had a bit of coleslaw with mine too.

Did some more sorting of books, and trying to get rid of some. We are getting new flooring put down in some of our rooms soon (by our landlord), so we have to get rid of more stuff. We have done well over half of it so far, but did a little more sorting today.

Not much else to report right now; will be busy at home sorting and tossing and donating to goodwill what we can. I really want to get rid of more stuff; I really don't like having all this stuff that we don't use anymore. That's how I am deciding now: will you use this any time soon? If not, then out it goes .... :lol:

Take good care ladies; hope you all have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-28-2009, 04:59 AM
Hi Ladies

Did not manage to come on yesterday as I went clothes shopping in town so by the time I was done I was shattered. Not only did I do a fair amount of walking I seemed to take my clothes off in changing rooms like a 100 times. Alright a bit of an exaggeration on my part ;) Well I found mainly what I was looking for which was some summery skirts. Though trying to get an under-slip for the skirts was mission impossible I went to 3 shops and was unsuccessful. I know on one occasion the shop assistant hadn't got a clue what an under-slip was. I suppose they don't wear them now and don't mind showing off tomorrows washing :lol: So I think I will have to try two more shops I have in mind which are the other end of town another day. I also bought a new garment like a spanx but by a British make though do the same thing. Pulls you in in all the right places and smooth down our body lumps and bumps ;)

I am off to my weekly treatment so very shortly so this will be a fleeting visit but I so wanted to drop by as I did not manage to do so yesterday.

ROSEBUD Thanks for holding the fort as you always do :hug: I am always wary of door to door sales persons as you never know whether it is a scam or they are a cover for trying to catch you off your guard and rob you. So like you I get rid as soon as possible but politely of course as that costs nothing to be polite and use manners.

The trouble is with some dogs they are a garbage bins when it comes to eating all sorts of wierd and wonderful things which are certainly not dog food :o We have been lucky that way with Rizzie as when we first had him he was no longer a pup as he was 19 months old. The worse thing that he has ate that he shouldn't have was the net bags that whole a meat joint in shape whilst it roasts. Well I threw one into the dustbin in the kitchen well obviously it did not make it the full way in and hung on the side. Which for Rizzie was fair game so he munched his way through it without out my knowledge until it appeared later when it passed through him :fr: Yes they are smart animals dogs knowing what naturally will do the trick like grass it still stays with them.

Well I must make a tracks and get ready to go now so bye bye till next time
:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-29-2009, 01:07 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, our day start out with cold and rain (which really bothered my muscles today); but thank goodness (and GOD above), those clouds rolled away and were replaced with lovely sunshine for the afternoon ... so I just had to take our boy, NIKO, and go out onto the porch for a little while and do some reading in the warmth of all that sun!

Just did a bit of sorting in the morning and washed a wall rug today; but that was about all my poor legs wanted to do. We had fish and salad and veggies for dinner, then both DH and I laid down for a few hours after dinner. DH pulled a muscle in his lower back (one he has pulled before, so it is easy for him to restrain it). He tries too hard sometimes and pays a price for it.

So not much else going on here right now; we have a while to get ready before they do the floors in here as they are doing other places first. We'll just rest for now and take our time and s l o w l y move one book shelf and one small cupboard out here to put things we don't want damaged in any way.

They are predicting a full day of sunshine tomorrow; so, that should be awesome! Hope you all have a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY tomorrow!!! And take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-29-2009, 10:30 AM
Hi ladies

Here our weather is sunny today though the looks are deceptive and there is a cold wind in the air. Really nice if you are sheltered from the wind in places like the car which then act like a greenhouse. Did a little shopping today and picked up fresh vegetables. The fruit at this shop today did not look so nice so I have given it a miss. Not that I think I will be buying a large quantity unless DH shocks me and comes up with the idea of having fresh fruit salad. Otherwise only grapes needed tomorrow when I do my weekly grocery shopping. I have also been for a walk with DH and Rizzie but my right leg is now protesting big time I think I maybe have gone too far. I must admit on the last leg of the journey back home my right leg was tightening up as to just go into a spasm. I was blessed and did not get a spasm but the warning signs was out big time.

Watched a programme last night which is called "born to be different" and they have followed 6 different children with various challenges both physical and mental. It is great to see that programmes like this are made to break down the barriers that exist at times between "normal" and disabled people. The children have been followed for years and they are now 8 years old and next week sees the children at nine years old. The various challenges these children have are varied from down syndrome, Spina bifida, Achondroplasia, Arthrogryposis (effects both arms and legs which causes them to turn inwards) , Tuberous Sclerosis (causes multiple seizures and is a genetically condition) and finally Partial Trisomy 9P (which is a rare chromosome disorder which has restricted life span). The more barriers are broken down the less prejudices there will be. I best stop else I will be on my soap box about this subject and prejudices. I hate prejudices in any shape or form whether because of someones colour, sexuality, race, religion well I think you get the idea ;)

ROSEBUD Sorry to hear that your DH has re-injured his back again I know that if you have injured them once it is so easy to do so again as it leaves it weak. My DH decided that he would walk to the petrol station and get a gallon of petrol in a can ( for the lawn mower). I advised him that it was maybe not a good idea with his shoulder but oh no ignored my advice. Now he has learnt the hard way and has hurt his shoulder. It has been well over a week since his act of superman well at least that is what he thinks he is :D and it is still painful. I hope your DH back gets better soon as I know how hard he works.

It sound idyllic sitting out on the porch with your NIKO. I have no porch to my home here we tend not to have the traditional porches that you have in Canada and USA. Our building seem to be constructed differently on the whole as I have said mostly out of brick or stone. Plus most homes are on two levels. The bedrooms and bathroom upstairs and the kitchen, lounge and dinning room ground floor. Though I live in a bungalow which is prefab as they call it. After the second world war there was an acute need for housing which was cheap and quick to construct. The initial idea these in time would be replaced by the tradition style home though this has never occurred. So I live in one of these such bungalows which was put up shortly after the war. My sister also lives in one though but hers is a house not a bungalow. Some of our gardens in our bungalows still have the Anderson shelter as a little shed. Each home had one of these put up after the war and the Anderson shelters where just being got rid off by the council after buying a job lot. Anderson shelters were small air raid shelters that you constructed and put up in the garden of your home. You dug a hole in the ground and then put this shelter into it then packed soil on top and the sides of the shelter. So when the air raid siren went off you went into the Anderson shelter in your garden. The few remaining shelters that are in our gardens here have been painted in various colours to stop them from rusting. We don't have one in our garden but my next door neighbour does. Below is a picture of the Anderson shelter They have bricked up the two ends and in one inserted a door so that you may put a padlock on the door.

No more news or gossip for that matter ;) so I will close so I hope you have a really nice Wednesday it is hard to believe it is another bank holiday weekend this weekend. (well it is here in the UK not so sure about other parts of the world). So with no more news to tell I will love you and leave you for today so take care ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-29-2009, 09:55 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we did indeed get a whole day of sunshine today; it was a bit cooler but the sun sure warmed things up for us and made it feel warmer than it was. This morning I made some bran muffins and we had homemade soup for lunch as planned. Did a bit of light housekeeping (dust-mopping) and vacuumed our little new throw rug in the livingroom. Well, that was enuff for this old bod ... :lol:

After lunch, I put my legs and feet up for a couple of hours, trying to do what the doctor ordered; and felt a little better for that. Then went out for walk in the back yard shed to look for some stuff that was still missing from our move. Someday, we'll get all this stuff sorted out as it's still a bit of a 'hide and seek game' at this time! ;)

HI PURPLE ~ My legs have been acting up a bit this spring: we think it is the damp, cool weather that may be causing it. Maybe when the warmer weather comes, my legs may feel a bit better. I do have to remember not to overdo it and also to make sure that I rest often and start the walking out slowly each spring and work my way up. This winter was harder than the past as that move really exhausted DH and I; plus we really needed a winter to recover from it all. I hope your leg is recovering for you too.

That TV show does indeed sound very interesting about the kids with the different physical challenges. I think it's so good to share their real life experiences with the general public, so everyone can have a better understanding of the challenges that disabled persons face each and every day. Too many times, there are gross assumptions made about disabled persons, plus a kind of judgementalness that is verging on persecution, as well as different forms of discrimination, as you well know.

The biggest thing for me these days, is accessiblility to places; you know public places or stores being built without elevators. Imagine that in our town, they built two seniors homes for the elderly and disabled with two stories, and never thought to put an elevator in them??? :?: To me, that is perplexing -- especially when so many seniors have mobility issues. Right now, EVERYONE is clamoring for those first floor apartments, becuz everyone thinks they should be entitled to a ground floor place over someone else who truly has physical mobility barriers.

I have had this discussion now with two different persons trying to explain to them what 'real' mobility issues are. Our government has offered funding for retro-fit repairs and renovations; and this should be top on the agenda in my books, but no-one wants to get at it and take advantage of their offer of infrastructure funds. Endless time is wasted on studies, and proposals, and talk, and nothing gets done. OK ... yah, there I go again ... ranting away! :lol:

Time to stop boring you all! DH is resting at this moment; he says he feels a bit better, but he must have really hurt it bad this time, becuz he is having problems bending (well, he just can't bend right now), but he says the pain is lessening with each day. This may take at least a week for him to feel better, I think.

I really like the deck they have here at this place; it is ground floor and the steps were made very low with rails on both sides on purpose, to make sure that someone like me (with mobility issues) could come in without too much difficulty. We kept looking until we found this place; and I had to emphasize in my ad that we must have a ground level place, so I was so glad to find this one for sure ...

Those ANDERSON SHELTERS were a clever idea; after that war, couldn't blame England's people for wanting to build them. I think they would look really nice if they painted them a nice FOREST GREEN or a similar color and they would blend in well with the landscape, don't you think?

Well, it's getting nigh on time for my evening tea break; and that's pretty much all the news I have from here too. Most of our snow is almost gone now -- just a few patches where the snowhills were, but they'll all be gone soon too I think. We were hoping that most of it would be gone by the beginning of May, and I think it will be pretty close to that. People were even out raking their lawns today and the 'FAIRIES' were out cleaning up the streets of all the sand left over from the winter too!

We may do a bit of shopping tomorrow; don't have too much to get but I do have to buy some new muffin tins as the ones we have the metal coating is starting to come off (don't like that very much). Just don't know what kind to get to prevent that, and I find they all bake differently now. Oh well, will take a look around and see what's out there.

Take good care ladies, and hope you all have a MOST PLEASANT THURSDAY tomorrow!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-30-2009, 12:16 PM
Hi and good afternoon fellow chicks

well just done the grocery shopping this morning and just returned home. So this is my time to relax and chill out to recharge the batteries. must admit I am tired today though I think that must be due to the extra medication I had to have yesterday evening as my trigeminial neuralgia flared up. Though it was my fault that a flare up occurred. I thought it was warm enough just to transfer from the car park of this village hall to the village hall it's self without scarf :nono:. Well I got it wrong big time and paid for my misjudgment. I asked DH at half time (break that we get playing cards ) get my scarf from the car. I have a reserve scarf that sits in the car at all times.

I have been busy also since my return from shopping as I have prepared a big container of fresh fruit salad for tea, plus prepared a sandwich also. So teatime will be quick today as all preparations are made just a matter of serving them. Bought my first new potatoes of the year today ready for the weekend so looking forward to those. DH won some stewing steak so I am going to make a casserole with that for the weekend. Will be having bolognese tomorrow with a little beef and mainly beans with carefully weighted out pasta.

ROSEBUD Sounds though you were busy yesterday what with the bran muffins and soup plus housework no wonder you had had enough. I think most people would have needed to put their feet up.

Like you I have not done so much walking due to the weather not being so nice, so I am trying to gradually build up but my legs are protesting :lol: My right leg is fine this morning after me overdoing it and really misjudging how much I can really do without causing pain. This sure is a balancing act that you know all so well. It must be worse for you as due to your weather you able to no walking at all so building up your strength and stamina must take its time to do.

We seem to be reasonable when it comes to disabled access any complexes such as you described would have a lift in them. More and more shops especially the big one have a double set of doors that open automatically which is good if in a wheelchair or have mobility issues. The trouble is more for me some of the fire type doors which have this automatic shutting mechanism which makes them stiff and hard to push I find difficult. I am sure the elderly population must have the same problems. So there is still more room for improvement but we are getting there. The majority of places have now disabled toilets with adapted taps, different lock system on the door which is easy, There are rails around the toilet itself plus an alarm system to pull if in difficulty. Like I say there are areas that we need to develop upon but we sure are stepping in the right direction.

I live in a bungalow as you know which has been semi adapted for disabled people. I have a walk in shower for starters and a bathroom which is larger than most. The doors are wider than the average door for wheelchairs to go through and the hall way is like a small room in itself as nearly all the doors to the rooms are off this one hall. This is so you may manoeuvre easily to each room. We have one shallow step into the home so it is not wheelchair friendly though this would be changed for me if my mobility needs changed that I need ramp access to my home. So I have no worries if that should happen in the future. All I need to my knowledge is the social service to come to my home and find out what my needs where and if they could help me with anything else. I have already got a perching stool which is really good for long periods in the kitchen to save your legs and back. is similar to my stool as you can see the seat of the stool is slightly tilted so you sit or perch as the stool says. It has adjustable legs to make sure that whatever your height you can still put your feet on the floor. When my back or legs play up this is a godsend and helps no end. I never knew that there was such a contraption but I am sure glad they gave me one. They gave me one for free and when you no longer need them you give them back so they can be used by another customer. They were really nice when they came to see me and really helpful. Nothing like the scheme sounds in Canada :fr:

Yes I think it was a great idea that our council had for recycling the Anderson shelters, I think your idea for one painted in forest green would be a lovely idea though I do not remember seeing one painted round our way like that. Most are painted white with a different colour door like red, blue or black.

You made me smile when you say the "fairies" had been getting rid of the last remnants of salt from the road. For a minute I did not understand as I understood "fairies" to be the name we give for dandelion seeds when in flight. At the moment we seem to have lots of "fairies" dancing about on the wind. So you could see why it took a while for the penny to drop :D

Well no more news her to tell so will close. Hope you all have a lovely Thursday so till next time take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

04-30-2009, 10:11 PM
Hey all - just keeping it short. the fatigue has gotten progressivly worse.. and things are slipping at work. I have started a drug called amantadine.. just today (a coworker has a full px leftover and assured me its what the ms clinic we go to hands out for fatigue) i've got a call into the clinic but have yet to hear back

i thought i could manage this on my own but i cant. i have to tell my boss i have ms. and soon.

i hope you all are well :hug:

04-30-2009, 11:55 PM
:hug:HIYA VALDINE ~ sorry to hear your MS is acting up on you bigtime; will send up some prayers for you that you will regain your strength, and find some relief from your new meds. Maybe you should confide in your boss ~ you may be surprised to find out that she already knows; but either way, then maybe you could have a wee break now and then to recharge.

You know, just taking a Monday or Friday off (with their blessing) could give you the little help you need; or maybe even in the middle of the week, like Wednesday to rejuvenate (two days on; one off; and two on). There are many scenarios you could try, to see what works best for you ... We really enjoy hearing from you -- so, please do keep in touch, and let us know how you are fairing!

HI PURPLE ~ we had a busy day of shopping today too; had to pick up some meds and some basic groceries with lots of veggies today. Also picked up some BBQ spit chicken which is fast becoming my all-time favorite way to eat chicken. You are indeed way ahead of us in the helps available. There is supposed to be helps, but they are hard to come by here; most of the time, the disabled here have to fight for help or have family or friends help them instead. It's a lot better now than it used to be in the past, but like you say, there is always lots of room for improvement.

I remember my mom taking food to a severely disabled man (a quad) because by the time he paid his rent and basic expenses, there wasn't a whole lot left over for groceries, as they are really expensive these days. This is why the food banks have popped up all over the place, but it is sad that so many people have to turn to them for help; but it has become a necessity for many very low income persons.

Anyways, tonight I am resting up my feet; tomorrow will definitely be a rest day for me. DH found his back wrap belt -- which is a wide elastic brace that helps give him support. We had forgotten that we bought it for him the last time he pulled it; and it really helped him a lot today.

Anyways, very tired tonight, so gonna keep it short; take good care ladies ... and know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers all the time (daily, in fact) ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-01-2009, 12:14 AM
HI, I'M BACK ... I just had to pop back in and tell you all that I just remembered that this is the last day of April, so I have started a new thread for May already. We'll just have to wait and see if MEOWEE has returned by tomorrow morning to put it up into a red sticky at the top of the page for us. If she isn't back, I'll ask another moderator to come by and put it up for us, OK-doke?

Hope you all have a wonderful evening (what's left of it)! :lol: ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug: