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03-31-2009, 12:04 AM
today at work a kid in the day care came up to me and asked whats that? I went an looked and it was a little squirrel laying curled up in ball on the ground although I wasn't sure he was a squirrel because he didn't look like a normal one I later thought maybe he was a chipmunk?.. he was shaking and shivering and having muscles spasms of some sorts.I immediately asked for a box to put him in.. I saved a squirrel last year from drowning and I knew I had to try and help the little fellow. Luckily numbers were low at work so I was able to get off much earlier then I normally would by coincidence. I brought him home put two towels in the dryers to get them warm put it in a new box and put him inside of it.. he let me handle him with out hesitation he did not try to bite me he looked at me with sad little eyes that said help me. I looked up online as fast as I could where I could bring him, because normal vet places will not accept wild life. I found the nearest hospital for wild life was in yelm.. over by Olympia..

He breathing was very slow... his jerking and spams were getting fewer and further between.. he was dieing... I hurried there as fast as I could.. about half way there his breathing started getting faster.. he even moved his paws a little... It gave me hope... by the time I arrived there he moved his head! and he stood up on all of his feet he was no longer curled in the fetal position. he was breathing faster again.. I was sure he had hope now he might just pull through! I was so happy I though hey I might have saved this little fellows life... once at the vet's they concluded he was a teenage male FLYING squirrel!!! I have never seen one in my life! he was so precious! and they are sort of rare here. A lot of people have them as pets because they are very friendly but highly preyed upon in the wild..

the vet had hope he would live.. he was starting to come too.. he was really fighting for his life.. and had improved since I first found him

I left.. I thought about my little fellow all day.. I got a call from the vet at 6 that my little fellow had really tried to pull through he was even up and standing and tried to eat.. but sadly he died.. cause... poisoning... they tihnk it was D-con or some sort of insecticide It made me shed a few tears.. life is so precious.. even a little squirrels.. I wish he'd have lived.. If I ever have a mouse or rat problem I will never use D-con! And if I need an exterminator to keeps insects under control I'm going to request it be organic and natural. It's so sad that other helpless creatures die as a result!

I may sound like a sap or even corny but I just wanted to share this story.. It touched me... Rest in peace little guy.. I care

*whoops spelled squirrel wrong in the title*

03-31-2009, 01:45 AM
Awwh, How sad. Good for you for trying to help. Most people would've just left him there but you must be a real humanitarian. Driving out to Yelm alone is quite a trek.

Rest in Peace little flying squirrell.

03-31-2009, 02:20 AM
I try! I just can't leave a poor animal there! it's not in me.. my husband laughs at me when ever I do things he thinks it's cute and quirky but not a necessary to do... I just have a big love for animals.. always have...

thanks for saying the rest in peace little flying squirrel for some odd reason it made me feel better... like other people know about him now... and they care- he didn't die a lone unnoticed or uncared for... and his little life touched me