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03-30-2009, 07:05 AM

That says it all! I was awake a lot in the night but coffee (no cigarette!) will fix me up. I've got too much on my alleged mind these days!

I have a Church Lady meeting this morning to plan some fund raising dinners - our Church needs a new roof - and then my groomer Holly and I are going to tackle Jazz's first haircut. Right now he looks like a matted black haystack with bits of cedar twigs and leaves mixed in. I am debating giving him a natural tranquilizer to see him through this traumatic experience but have not had a chance to test drive the meds so probably will have him go cold turkey.

Looks like another off and on rainy day but it certainly is cleaning things up. There is a wee lake in the dog yard because the ground is either saturated or still frozen. I still cannot believe we are having such an early Spring!

Hope your Monday is a cheery one. :cofdate:

03-30-2009, 07:21 AM
Good morning, Ruthie! We are getting sunshine today, should I send some up your way? ;) It's pretty windy, though, so it won't be a good day to be out in it.

Did I ever mention that I detest Monday mornings? :coffee:

I have to get some bills sent off and do a quick vacuuming and dusting before I head off to work. I was talking to Audrey on the phone yesterday, and she assured me that everything is back to normal at their place, so we can get back to our regular routine. I made a pot of split pea soup last night for lunches for the week, and I'm so glad I did. It will sure go good at lunchtime. :)

03-30-2009, 07:42 AM
Good morning Chicks. Still getting used to this ridiculous keyboard, as if I didn't have enough problems typing before! I woke up at 5 and started running my To DO list. So much for getting back to sleep.

Ruth :rofl: love the cartoon. We have one of those lakes in our yard too. It will be around until June. Every year DP tries to talk me into letting her turn it into a pond and I bring up the mosquito breeding issue.

Cottage - Glad to hear the girls are healthy again. Should make your week more fun. I'm not a big Monday fan either and could definitely use another weekend day this week.

It's gray and rainy here today but at least it's warm enough that we aren't getting the "s" word. Apparently the mountains are getting some. Yuck!

I made a big pot of broth based veggie soup yesterday. I'm going to have a bowl before dinner and maybe in the afternoon. I figure the extra veggies are always good and maybe it will help with the meal portions. Last night was my first bowl and dinner was very reasonable even with the fresh bread. :crossed: Here's hoping it helps. It's yummy anyway :)

Today is a catch-up day in the office. I was on the road so much last week that I have a pile of desk work to catch-up on. Should keep me busy.

03-30-2009, 08:18 AM
Good Morning all!

Well my birthday was Saturday and I ended up going to 2 goodwill's and got a few shirts and a pair of jeans. I can't believe I am in size 24 (good thing for chicken cutlets and salmon from Horizon Foods we got cause now is the time to start eating healthier).

Btw, I haven't found any recipes dealing with Chicken Cutlets, anyone have any recipes I could use? The salmon I have that Grilled Salmon recipe in the South Beach diet book that my dad and brother just love. I tell them "see there are good tasting meals that are healthy"

Well today I happen to have a sick cat that needs my attention, already had to dropper feed her some cat vitamins cause she won't eat. Same happened with my moms cat a couple years ago and I did the same thing and he got all better, just goes to show not all times do you have to bring cats to the vet when they are sick, they are too expensive anyway. Some people keep telling me I should work in a Vet Hospital since I've saved several cats lives, LOL.

little chick
03-30-2009, 09:01 AM
Good morning chicks. Hope you all had a good week end, I went to my sisters on sat and came home on sunday we had a blast.... I will try to attach some pics later, although for you chicks that have me on facebook you can see them there. The album is 24 hour road trip to moncton.
It is raining like crazy here and I am sick with a stuffy nose and a sore throat. And I have a to do list for fundraising a mile long. Well got to dash. I will pop back in later.

03-30-2009, 09:08 AM
morning all i snuck on the computer while dd is still asleep....gotta love spring break (its seriously messing with my computer time).

ruth-hope the weather clears up for you, we have snow here but hoping it melts today
cottage-glad everything is back to normal
cyndi-hopefully you'll get used to that keyboard soon
jellybean-hope the cat is feeling better. mine is prego and very fat right now

03-30-2009, 09:33 AM
Mornin' all! It's very cold outside, but I'm continuing to think Spring! :encore: Besides, nothing could get me down on this day!

Ruth, no idea if you have any on hand, but you could try Rescue Remedy with Jazz. It's safe for animals. Or maybe some aromatherapy with lavender oil? ;) Hope it's actually a fun experience for him!

So glad all is back to normal, Cottage. You didn't have to sit on Saturday, did you?

Cyndi, soup helps me a lot with portion control. Great idea of yours! They make tablets you can put in the water to keep it safe from breeding mosquitos--no idea what impact they have on the environment, though. :chin:

:hb: Happy belated birthday, Jelly! It's nice to have it fall on a Saturday, isn't it? :D Chicken cutlets can be used anywhere chicken breasts are, but they are thinner, so will cook faster.

So glad you had fun on the weekend, LC! :D

Me4, it's so sad that the kitty is pregnant. :( Did she come to you that way? A friend of ours adopted a dog last year and found out she was pregnant after they got her home. Oy! There are so many kitties at our local shelter that they had to put them in cages on the sidewalk outside and fill up their former conference room with more cages. Many were put to sleep. :cry: It makes me so sad, but we can't adopt any because DH is so allergic.

DH and I take Angel for her first session of Doggy Obedience 2 tonight. This is the one with the Canine Good Citizen test at the end. We started it with our last dog, but she passed away unexpectedly before we finished, so some of it will be new for us, too. It's going to be hard to get through the first couple classes thinking of her, but Angel's excitement at being around other dogs will help. :love: She is just SO social!

Hope everyone has a great day!

03-30-2009, 09:37 AM
I think I have a job! <scream!!!> The secretary where I worked Friday came in over the weekend, cleared out her desk and left an 'I Quit" letter. What a coward! Anyway, because it's a non-profit organization, they have to advertise the job for 3 weeks. So for 3 weeks, I'm contracting with them, starting tomorrow. They may find someone WAY more qualified than I am...

The day I went into labor, my receptionist brought me to the hospital. That was my last day of a paying job. I'm excited. I'm terrified for my house and my family. I think 3 weeks will be good for us. If everything falls apart, I can come back home. We should be fine. Auston starts kindergarten in August, he won't be home during the day anyway. Working moms... Is it doable?

03-30-2009, 10:35 AM
good monday morning gals... well i got threw the weekend unscathed lol... now the week of fun starts... i have so much i want to do, but alot i cant do alone so i have to wait till john gets motivated lol yeehaw.... maggie has been taking off the last little while, so now i have to tie her up... she dont like that... so out i go with leash in hand, step out the door.... holy crap!!! its freeziing out there!! i seen someone say on facebook that it was supposed to snow, no snow but plenty of cold! pkay personals....
ruth-- no rain here, just cloudy. you get that facebook thing worked out? seen you were havin some trouble.
chelby-- a job?!?! omg i couldnt do it! 3 kids at home, would cost me a fortune in daycare... so im here till savvy starts school... i would love to get a job, just one with about 20 hours a week. nothing more, cuz i'd still have to do all the housework, and that would be too hard.
beach-- dog obdient school would be a trip.. maggie is very social too lol.. too social!
me4--have fun on spring break lol... glad mine is over!
little chick-- hope your feeling better soon... being sick is awful.. and this time of year it seems to hang on even longer.
jelly-- happy birthday!
cyndi-- why you having trouble with new key board??
cottage--it wont be monday for long... just a few more hours lol... enjoy your soup!

me--- i think i should start back on ph1... ive been drinkin the blasted tim hortens again... obviously i thought i had the addiction licked... wrong lol.... i went 12 days without it, then had one... then 2 then 3 etc....

have a great day on the beach gals...

stacy xxx

03-30-2009, 11:06 AM
Good morning, all! I didn't want to get up this morning at all. Oh well. I'm sitting at my work desk now, so at least my body made it out of bed. I left my brain back there!

Ruth: Ooh! Good luck with Jazz today! I hope he handles the grooming session like a pro. I'm sure you'll be very happy that it'll be done!

Cottage: I'm glad things are back to normal for you. Enjoy your day and that split pea soup!

Cyndi: I've been working on my portions as well. It seems to help me to eat really slowly. I hope the soup works for you! I may have to try it out if my slow-eating theory fails. Good luck tackling the pile on your desk!

Jelly: Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was a wonderful celebration for you!

LC: I'm glad your visit with your sisters was a blast! I hope you get to feeling better soon.

me4life: Enjoy your day!

Laurie: Good luck to you, DH and Angel at Obedience class tonight! I wish we had classes near us for our dogs, but I hope they're well-behaved enough without it.

Chelby: I can't speak from experience, but I do believe that working mom is a very doable position to be in. Out of the 9 women in our office, 5 are moms as well and we all work full-time. It's such a blessing that you'll have at least a 3-week trial period and can make a decision based on that. Good luck to you and congrats on finding a good position!

Stacy: What is Tim Hortens? Maybe I shouldn't find out if it's addicting! I hope John finds some motivation and the two of you can tackle that to-do list!

Me: Things are going pretty well here. It's definitely a Monday. I'm having trouble de-fuzzing my brain, even after 2 cups of coffee. I've got quite a stack of papers on my desk and we're printing 3,000 appraisal notices that need to be in the mail by the end of the week. That should be fun! :rolleyes:

Well, off to get that stack of paper cleared out!

03-30-2009, 11:14 AM
Good morning,
Ruth - time for some spring cleaning of the mind. You are retired if I might remind you.
Cottage - glad everything is back to normal. Enjoy your splitpea soup.
Cyndi - have a good day as much as it is possible in the office. Your veggie soup sounds good. I might make some for those hungry spells I seem to be getting.
Jellybean - Happy belated birthday.
littlechick - you got our rain today. Fundraising is something some people have a knack for.
me4life - make a computer schedule.
Laurie - what a lovely name Angel is. Have a great day too.
Chelby - sometimes unexpected doors open. Good luck with the job.
Stacy - are you trying to win a car at Tims.
Me. - hopefully back on track. I'm pushing myself to go for a walk today.

03-30-2009, 11:45 AM
Good Morning chickies- I have been soooo bad lately, and for some reason when I am bad I don't tend to hang around here so much... well, I am detern=mined to be good this week all week. then the next but I feel I m in need of baby steps right now!well, even though last week I had my lowest weigh in in a long time my weight jumped back up to almost my starting weight for this month!!! arg. And, tom is here- which explains how hungry I have been last week. I am working on a gameplan for myself... a few more rules. Like, on days I work I think DH is going to have to fend for himself and I will eat salads or a bowl of shredded wheat for dinner. I can't keep eating so late at night and then having to go to bed soon after. but by the time I get home most nights its 8 oclock and by the time dinner is made its 9. then I go to bed between 10 and 11 usually and thats just not good. ok, I am rambling... I have also been so lazy with extra exercise, I plan to change that this week as well... Summer is right around the corner and so far I am not ready for it!!! UGH~! /rant.

NO time for personals this morning, maybe this afternoon... I have to work on my weekly plan, make sure I have everything set for it and then I plan to go for a super long walk! I also need to work on catching up my journal... when I go off plan I really go all out. geez!

Here is a smile to get my day started better than me being this irritated with myself!:encore::cheer:

03-30-2009, 12:26 PM
:congrat: Chelby!

Kim, stay FAR away from Tim Horton's. It's the devil in the disguise of doughnuts, pastries, and special latte drinks. :faint:

03-30-2009, 12:42 PM
Hello ladies, trying to get off to a good start this Monday morning.

Good morning Ruth, I hope you find your wallet!
Chel, that's exciting news! It's nice to have the option whether you decide to take it or not. I started working full time when my second was 5 months old, and then the youngest came along. I have worked ever since (12 years), it is definitely do-able, but it depends mostly on your support system. For me that was my parents who had recently retired and were happy to spend time with the kids. Especially with DH being away for months at a time, no way I could have gotten by without them. It has forced me to become a very organized person (which I wasn't naturally) and also to learn to let some things go (like when the house isn't always perfect). Actually, I think the two younger kids are better off for not having all my attention focused on them (the oldest was an only for 10 years and I spent almost all my time and attention on her. I did not do her any favors). One thing I have always consciously done is put my family first. When DD2 came along and I didn't think I could handle it, I put in my notice. My company offered for me to go part time and telecommute instead of quitting. I telecommute now, but spent many of those years driving to DC. You'll have to weigh out your family's needs, but if the company is family-friendly, and you can put together a good support system (which can be family or a great child care provider), I think you'll do fine.
cottage, me too, sigh. The first thing I have to do is spend the morning teleconferencing. I can't really get down to work until I get them out of the way.
Cyndi, I am getting the s word right now - sunshine! I hope it sticks around for a while. I used to make a big pot of veggie soup every week. Wonder why I quit doing that? I really loved having it for snacks.
Feel better lc!
Jelly, I made some chicken rollups last week, with laughing cow cheese rolled up in the chicken. The family loved it.
Have a great day me4life and Laurie!
Good luck getting everything done this week Kim.
Stacy, that's how those addictions work, one leads to two...
Good luck getting back in gear sophie and rikki!

Not much going on around here. We didn't go out to dinner last night for DD's birthday, so we will do it tonight. She wants Thai, my favorite, sigh...

03-30-2009, 01:28 PM
I was planning a quiet day convelescing however DH is home with a migraine so Kierie feel better time is GONE! I'm strapping on my Super suit and getting down to business

03-30-2009, 02:06 PM
Kierie, I'm soooooooo jealous!!!!! Tell Bono I said hi.

Hello everyone! Going to be another busy day. Tom's getting ready for school, and Little Guy is out of school for break, so after I give him a bath, we're going to see the Easter Bunny! Now that's excitement. After that, he's going to hang out with "Grammareen" (my mom is Maureen) and I'm going to hit Big Lots, the Dollar Store, and the grocery store so we can eat this week.

Plus we're down to 1 roll of TP. D'oh!

After all that, cooking dinner, and tonight I have an appointment at 6. Hot diggity dog! It's gonna be a glorious day!

Hope everyone is well! Have a great day!


03-30-2009, 04:06 PM
chelby - Good luck! Yes, it is very doable. I worked from the time Brian was 6 weeks old. My ex did very little to help around the house (one reason he is my ex) and we have no family at all within several states. I had a good day care center and he really loved after school care once he got in school. The last couple of years they added afterschool care at the school so I moved him to that so he could do the after school activities like robotics and Beta club. If your job isn't likely to run unexpectedly late then it is even easier. I've had a few friends set up to pick him up in emergencies if I get stuck working but usually I can take a break long enough to pick him up and then work from home.

Laurie - I've been thinking of getting Rex into some obedience training. The biggest problem right now is he still isn't fully housebroken. He won't tell me if he needs to go out so I have to walk him frequently enough or I have puddles to clean up.

Me - The guys are here now doing the survey which is the last thing before the refinancing can be final. Yeah! Tonight is scouts.

03-30-2009, 08:09 PM
Thank you so much for all the positive thoughts! From what I can tell, my new employers are going to be very family friendly. Thankfully! I also have a great support system at home. DH is self-employed and not away from home every day. My in-laws live next door. MIL is retired; FIL, mostly retired. They are happy to keep Auston. Of couse, he will sustain on Cheez-its and ice cream sandwiches while he's there. :) Probably my deepest, darkest fear is that he is going to be perfectly find without me, and not even miss me. <sob> The little twit! :D

Keiran -- I'm jealous, too! Have too much fun!

03-30-2009, 09:48 PM
Chelby- Congrats to you... this is very exciting; it's not every week that your get to start a new chapter in your life. I can't speak from personal experience, but I work in a very female-dominated industry, in a VERY female-dominated office, and everyone manages just fine, and very much on their own terms. Regardless of anyone else's experience, though, I am sure you'll know quickly what's the right call for you and your family. Congrats again!

As for me... another blah Monday. Work, then the gym. I can tell that BF is itching to pick an arguement when he gets home from work, since he's stuck there very late and I wouldn't move the car for alternate side of the street parking night (a chore of monumental proportions... there's a good chance you need to park 4+ blocks away). Nevermind that I got home at 8:00, bought cold cuts for his lunch, cooked dinner, and am about to tackle a sinkful of dishes. He just really wanted that car moved...

Vacation countdown is beginnning... 16 days 'til we cruise to Bermuda!!!

Have a great night, all