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03-30-2009, 12:52 AM
I know this is weird, but after dinner and dessert I felt like I cheated or something. I started even feeling guilty about it, which is ridiculous but I guess it's just an old habit. Anyway I'd appreciate it if anyone wanted to comment on whether my menu for today was okay... (for Phase 1)

Breakfast: Chai tea with 1/3 c skim milk. Omelet made with a handful of mushrooms, a bunch of baby spinach, one slice of virginia ham, Kraft 2% low fat Mexican cheese (maybe 1/4 c) and about 1/2 c Egg Beaters. Also had a cup of plain green tea.

Lunch: I was out and we had to get something while shopping, so I got a Sonic grilled chicken sandwich with extra lettuce and tomatoes. I just ate the grilled chicken and veggies (and there was a small amt of real mayo on it) but I threw away the entire bun. I also had a small starbucks sugarfree iced low fat hazelnut latte.

Snacks: 7 almonds in about 1/2 c of low fat plain yogurt with some xylitol sweetened fish oil supplement (I know it sounds weird but it is tasty and lemon flavored and is good in yogurt, about 50 calories of oil). Then I walked one mile. Then I had about 6 smoked almonds and a string cheese.

Dinner: I roasted some chicken and vegetables. I had an entire large chicken breast (no skin)... I bet it was a good 6 oz, it was sooo good. I also had quite a bit of roasted broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, garlic, and asparagus. It was roasted with a bit of olive oil.

After dinner I made a ricotta dessert. I mixed a half cup of low fat ricotta, one tablespoon of natural cashew butter, about a tablespoon or one and a half tablespoons of cocoa, and one semi-melted sugarfree fudgesicle (40 calories). I mashed all of that together and it tasted so good, like brownie batter almost.

So that's it, I drank lots of water. I guess I feel "cheaty" because of the volume of chicken I had at dinner and the rich dessert! Am I ok?

03-30-2009, 07:45 AM
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