30-Somethings - ~~ Week of June 2~~~ Summer is coming FAST!

06-02-2002, 03:44 PM
Good morning all:

Well the good news is I lost 7.8 pounds last week. Which took care of almost all the 8.4 gain I had. I have .6 to go and I am back where I was a few weeks ago.

I thought I was holding some water and boy was I correct on that.

Hope everyone has a great week!! Still OP HERE!

06-02-2002, 05:37 PM
Good EVening!!!

Lyssa--I am a big clothes person all the time..THat is why no one could tell I am pg...Even when I was wearing a size 1 jean, the shirt was a large!!!All I have is big clothes soo I have never bought anything maternity yet except for some jeans and some khaki shorts!!!My DH always laughed when he saw all the clothes I owned ,that I would never have to buy maternity if I decided to get pg!!!

Pryia-Congrats on the loss!!!!

Well..off to cut this big ole watermelon!!!!STill craving fruits and veges soo continue to eat healthy!!!!

06-02-2002, 08:07 PM
hi all! :wave: I'm home - glad to be back! The tripe went well. Figuring points is so tough on the road, but I did journal everyday - a definite success! I think I was over a few days so I'm starting all over on my "OP since . . ."

Tech - congrats on your loss & a big congrats on meeting your personal goals for the week!:D

Karen - hope the midterm went well.

RR - so glad things are still going well for you.

Bailey - move away from the whoopie pies!!:eek:

Jul - hope your show went well.:)

Greekgirl - congrats on the tv job.

Lyssa - congrats on the 155!

Pryia - woohoo on your loss! :cool:

We got home last night & today has been crazy for me. But I got all of the laundry almost done (last load in), ran to the grocery store (ok, not literally), made my typical Sunday brunch, and dinner is made, went through all of the week's mail, did dishes, put clothes away, cleaned ds' bathroom, started on my menu and grocery list for the week, spent 30 minutes in the sun & have had time to catch up with you good people - all in all, a successful day!:)

have a great week.

OP since 6/2/02

06-03-2002, 03:18 AM
;) Wow it is already June. Can you belive that Christmas is just over 6 months away? Stores start selling merchandice in what August / September? So we have about 3 more months without Christmas trees?:lol: :lol: :o OK I will shut up.
I have been off plan this wekend. I will be OP tomorrow. I amhoping to get my walk in forst thing in the morning tomorrow. My DH is going to be out of town this week including his Birthday. I am sad about that but at least that saves me from cooking a cake and a big fancy dinner.

Rabbit I want to know where do you get all that energy from? Congrats on doing so well out of town!

Tech you have done great! It always feels so wonderful making a goal that you have set for yourself.

Karen how are you feeling after mid-terms? When is school out and are you taking summer classes?

Bailey I want to see a whoppie pie.:lol: I think I know what they are but have never had one. Maybe here they have a different name? I will have to look for them.

Vicki how did you ever become a size 1? I had a French exchange student stay with me when I was 16 and she was a size 1. That is so small. How tall were you and what did you weigh if I may ask? That small just amazes me. The BirthMonster of my DSC is about 5'7" and 95 pounds. It shocks me how skinny she is, she is like a walking skeleton. No curves at all.

Pryis yeah for losing what you gained. It is wonderful to of done that!

OK I am off to bed have a great night everyone! Daphne

06-03-2002, 05:29 AM
Tech Alum, thenx for the link! I'll check it out today (=monday). What kind of diet are you on anywaY? It seems strange not to loose for 3 weeks and losing the 4th? Just curious.

I still haven;t bought MY protein powder, haven't had the time. It's SO expensive here 30 $ for a large box, compared to you I'm paying in pure gold, eh?

Hi rabbit, nice to see you back, don't get too stressed out this week with catching up!

LBH, Better if you eat them plain and untoasted, they're nicer on the stomach. Don't go over a small handful a day, though, the cals add up quickly in nuts, so don't use them as a meal substitute!

good going, Lyssalou! Keep it up! Just don't eat too low fat, if you go under about 10% fat daily, your body starts piling it up and using up tissue deposits in stead (lots of female hormones are stored in your fat deposits, so you body figures it has to store in stead of burn if you eat no-fat) 15-20% fat is fine, you'll burn it off.
have a look at www.fitday.com you can check how much you're eating of everything every day. It's a great stick behind the door (Dutch saying)
How's Dh's hair?

Very good Pryia, I wish I could lose 8 pounds in a week!!! even if it's water. I'm going slow slow slow (about 1 pound a week)

Have to run see you all around!

Am getting SOOOOOO nervous about my "TV debut"! It's a consumer programme, very well known in the Netherlands (where I lived most of my life, so all my old friends are going to watch, my sisters have already made sure of this, gawd). Have to judge 4 guides, and wil get interview...AAAHH!

:cool: :cool:

06-03-2002, 09:21 AM
Good Monday Morning!!

Well I've struggled a bit for the past week so I'm trying to stay away from the scale for a few days. I was so hungry for a few days last week. Strange. And we went out of town on the weekend to see a friend in a play and go to our favourite small town, coutry cooking kind of diner. If I may indulge for a moment, I'll tell you what I ate. I felt like a pig but really I wasn't too bad. Their club sandwich is made with homemade bread and real carved turkey and amazing bacon - WOW! I ate just more than half and had about half an order of fries. Not so horrible (we only get there maybe once a year). But I also had to have their homemade eclair for dessert. Oh well. It was soooo good. So now it's back to the real world. It's crazy I've lost a nice amount of weight from last year but sometimes I still feel so fat. I mean 5'4" and 150 isn't skinny but I didn't think it was so big. But I go to look at dresses for a daytime wedding in a couple of months and I have to get the size 14 and they looked like crap. Nice summery pretty dresses and I looked so fat. Maybe they just weren't my style but a bit tough to take. Just made me realize I still could lose quite a bit of weight.

GG - the protein powders are quite expensive here too and I never know which one to buy. They can also add a lot of calories and the people who sell them say it doesn't really matter because the protein is so good for you but since I'm trying to lose weight I care!! My friend just makes fruit smoothies and adds egg whites for protein, you can't taste them and you can buy cartons of egg whites so it's convenient.

Daphne - talking about Christmas now??? I'm just getting used to the warm weather!

Rabbit - it sounds like you did pretty well considering. And that would be so great. I tend to go away and throw caution to the wind which is okay because I don't travel all that often but still not a great idea.

RR - craving fruits and veggies is so great - you're so lucky! And I'm glad you're still feeling well. Keep us posted on everything!

Pryia - WOW! Good for you!

Have a great day,

06-03-2002, 11:35 AM
Happy Monday Morning,

I think I missed summer, it's back to cool and rainy this week :mad: .

Pyria - CONGRATULATIONS!!! :eek:

GG - I do WW it's a hormonal thing that doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but used to be pretty consistant. Good luck with the TV gig.

Rabbit - Welcome back, at least you journaled while away that's a BIG step in the right direction.

Lys - Congrats on the too big clothes!!

DeBrat - Congrats on meeting your June 1 goal!! You are doing great!

Well I did OK this weekend, but not great. Yesterday we walked over to the art fair in town and walked around. It was probably 2-3 miles total, we weren't exercising per se, but at least we were moving :) .

Good Luck to everyone in the coming week!

- Tech :spin:

06-03-2002, 12:14 PM
Good morning all,
I think I finally got all the cravings and binging out of my system -- I had my wings and beer on Saturday and they tasted soooooo good. :devil: If I didn't have some of my other usual pms symptoms this month I'd be worried about these strange food urges I'm having -- I normally don't like wings. Pray for AF's arrival on Tuesday. I'll let RR and LBH have kids for me. :D

I had a great weekend and Sunday spent 2 hrs in the yard helping DH drag tree limbs to the curb -- hurricane season started so we're getting prepared. Then we blended up a batch of strawberry daquiris and went skinny dipping in our pool. :o It was fun -- we haven't done that in a long time!!

Bailey, how are you? I hope everything is okay. I really miss you. Feel free to PM me if you need to talk. I'm trying to turn things around and get back on track. I've been down on myself for a couple weeks now. Let's do it together. :)

Pry, congrats on the big loss!!! Hopefully you feel all back on track now.

RR, don't you love this time of the year -- fresh strawberries, watermelon, and cantaloupe. I just finished eating a big bowl of melon. I love it too!!

Rabbit, welcome back!! It sounds like you had a busy weekend -- but still had time for laying in the sun. Good for you!!

Dabrat, are you nuts?? How can you even think about Christmas? Are you one of those people who start buying presents in the summertime?

Greekgirl, don't be nervous. Just relax and have fun with it.

Elisa, I don't blame you for splurging -- sounds yummy. I've been off plan for about two weeks and I made the mistake of checking the scales. But today is a new day and I'm kicking my butt into high gear.

Tech, get the weather cleared up soon. I'm heading North to Cleveland and I want to see lots of sunshine.

Well, Lys has me inspired since she's doing so wonderful and losing - I'm very jealous. I know what I'm doing wrong so I guess it's up to me to fix it. Thanks for setting a great example Lys!!!

Hi to everyone that I missed!!

06-03-2002, 12:49 PM
:lol: :lol: No nononono! I am still laughing at Christmas talk. On another thread I post on someone said it is only 6 months until Christmas.:lol: I will post more later after my walk and cats vet cisit. Have a nice day! Daphne

06-03-2002, 03:46 PM
hi everyone!

Had an op yesterday - woohoo - glad to be home. Dh was sick last week & now I think I'm getting it - bummer.:p

Dabrat - I was just glad to have the energy & the time to get the stuff done. ~ My dh has a birthday coming up too!

Greek - nope I'm not going to get stressed - it'll all get done eventually. ~ 1 pound/week is great!:)

Elisa - I felt that way shopping for a dress for sd's graduation - it was rather depressing.

Tech - an art fair sounds fun!:D

Liz - that yard work is good exercise! ~ Good luck getting back on track - you can do it!

gotta run.

OP since 6/2/02

06-03-2002, 06:40 PM
Hello all!!!!Had a yucky nauseating day..but better now!!!I had blackberry yogurt and a granola bar for breakfast, pear and vege pizza for lunch..watermelon for snack and will have corn cooked with tons of onions, buttter beans and a fresh tomato for supper.Having trouble with protein...I guess I will cook fish....I am taking my iron pilll soo I guess I will work on that...

Daphne-I was a size 1 when I met DH(1/2000-5/2001)...I am only 5'1 and I weighed 110lbs...My healthier weight is 120 and I feel great!!!Since my first pg,(lossed the baby in Jan) I got up to 130 lbs then lost a few and now I am back at that weight at 12 weeks pg...I dont see the size 1 in the future any way soon!!!!!:dizzy: I am thinking healthy..gaining healthy and will worry about the booty after child birth!!!!Christmas????YEAH!!!I am due Dec 19 soo I am all for it being here!!!!!:smug:

Liz-Yeah on the skinny dipping!!!!Maybe one time in my life!!!

Have a great one all!!!!

06-03-2002, 09:27 PM
I'm home, we had a great show but it was the first really hot weekend of the year - we drank tons of water and still felt like we were going to fall over in a faint. I'll weigh in the morning.
We have this next weekend home then we leave next wednesday for Cleveland (Shaker Heights) OH.

Laundry calls, jul

06-04-2002, 12:23 PM

Well, I am sick. :p Darnit.

RR - glad you are feeling better. :)

Jul - nice to have you home! Get that laundry caught up.

OP since 6/2/02

06-04-2002, 03:05 PM
Hi All,

Just thought I'd check in and let you all know I'm still alive...barely! :( I'm in a perpetual state of nausea, but have not gotten sick. If I thought it would make me feel better, I would probably stick my finger down my throat. Have stocked up on nuts (hope cashews work, I don't really like almonds), lemon candies, and pretzels. I pretty much have the many small meals vs. big meals down pat.

I'm pretty tired because I can't sleep straight through the night, because I'm used to sleeping on my stomach and I can't because my bbs are too sensitive! UGH, I'm whining...sorry.

I don't have the time or energy (been slacking at work too) to respond to everyone, but I have been reading.

06-05-2002, 09:30 AM
Happy humpday everyone,
Yesterday I had a crazy frustrating day at work and went home and opened a bottle of wine and drank the whole thing by myself -- I didn't mean too but it just tasted really good. :) I actually got a ton of things done around the house last night too. Go figure? Then this morning came and I woke up feeling yucky -- headache and dehydrated. Why oh why? I still made it to the gym and ended up having one of my best runs ever.

My scale is still stuck at 161 but AF has arrived (thank goodness!!!) and I'm eating better so hopefully I'll see some movement soon. I'd really love to be down 15 lbs by the end of the month for my vacation but I'd have to get my jaws wired shut in order to do that. :D Oh well, I'll just be happy to get back down to 157 where I was just a month ago.

Hi everyone!!!!!!!

06-05-2002, 12:18 PM

Little slow around here this week.

I am still sick but feel better today, thankfully. I didn't get all of my points in yesterday, but hope that is okay once in awhile. I tried to, I even had a ww sundae & sherbet last night.

Dab - the energy I had on Sunday is totally gone now! Wish I had it back.:p

Lauren - sorry about the nausea.

Liz - hooray for your good run! Hope the scales start moving for you.

bye! Rabbit
OP since 6/2/02

06-05-2002, 01:11 PM
:) OK I still can not get into eatting right. I didn't walk yestrday and really don't want to today. Woke up with throat killing me. It is the weather changes here I am sure. I am going to get off my butt and go for my walk I will post when I get back. OK I am going, going gone for my walk. Daphne

06-05-2002, 02:55 PM
OK I did my walk and I about died. Why is it so easy to lose stamina? I didn't like my walk today like I usually do. I have to be OP today because it is to easy to say tomorrow. OK my tomorrow is today and I will be OP again. Daphne

06-05-2002, 05:41 PM
Rabbit and Lauren-hope U both are better!!!

Debrat--Yeah on the walk!!!!!

I went to the healthclub-did 3 miles on the treadmill and kept hitting my stomach with my kness when I was doing the recumbant bike soo I cut that short....I am 12w 1 d and now my energy is picking back up!!Yeah!!!!!:smug: Nausea is down to every few days!!!Lauren-hang on a little longer!!!:^:

Hello all!!!!!Have a great evening!!!

06-05-2002, 07:05 PM
Hello All,

Just got back from standing in the rain for 8 hours :^: . OK so it didn't rain for the whole 8 hours, just enough to make it feel like it. Sun's supposed to come out tomorrow though so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Was pretty disappointed at WW yesterday, I had a touch of the flu on Mon and didn't drink any water since carbinated beverages made my tummy feel better, so I'm hoping it was just water weight :( . I've been re-evaluating this whole weight loss thing, I don't seem to have the right mindset, and I need to get it back.

LBH & Rabbit - hope you're feeling better soon.

RR - glad you're getting you're energy back :) .

DeBrat - Congrats on getting in your walk even when you didn't want to.

Liz - Glad you had a good weekend :D.

Lys - Been there, done that :o ! Good luck getting back on track.

Well hope everyone has a great rest of the week.

- Tech :spin:

06-05-2002, 11:29 PM
Well all, my life has turned to complete chaos. There are so many things going on at once, that I can barely keep track of it all. Being here has been such a good motivation, but I am afraid I must leave for a time. I do hope to come back, but for now, I must say adieu.

I wish you all blessings as you continue to work on loosing weight. I hope each of you can find your inner motivation, that will propel you toward you goal. Remember, that loosing weight is for you and not for anyone else.

Check ya'll later!!!

Princess, you know where to find me!!!!

06-06-2002, 08:30 AM
Hi girls!

It's been an awful week at work! Fortunately, The rest went OK, except for the diet. I didn't go over the edge, stayed in at about 1900 cals for two days, but am not happy with me either (can also be pms, because as they say here the Red Commies are arriving in a day or two). Havent't weighed myself either: still did not buy scale (feel very inefficient person), went to the gym to get weighed, and was suddenly at my ideal weight (20 pounds less than now). Was happy person for about 2 seconds, then I realized that these scales had broken down, too...
Well, all in all I think it's been a pretty tough week on all of us, reading your posts. Hang in there.

One good thing (when it comes, it comes all at once)
I went to see a friend, who told me she is moving fom Athens to New York. She's doing satellite TV for Greeks abroed, and they have a farewell live broadcasting on Saturday. As I am a Greek from abroad now living and working in Greece, she asked me if she could interview me. I don't know what this is, next thing you'll probably see me in a guestrole in "friends"...

I'm doing this thread in the Food!section, does anyone read it? it's about easy recipes, and they get a lot of reading, but nobody tells me if they like 'm or hate 'em...

Dabrat, get yoself together girl! You might have a touch of the flu if you're not feeling well, but try to eat healthy, too, it will help you to feel better! Try do something else if the weather is not helping and you're feeling like...

Rabbit, you're almost done with being sick! Hang in there

rr - wonderful the nausea is finally going, and keep up the good work in the gym!

Tech-alum, don't lose heart! We all know how difficult it is to lose weight. But you can do it and so can we. And if you have been on track with the rest of the diet then it probably just IS water retention, you'll see!
I feel very bloated right now (pre-mens) so I don't want to weigh myself, either!

lizzard, I had 4 glasses of wine yesterday (I partied 2 days in a row). I always drink some water in between drinks and a BIG glass about 1/2 hour before I go to bed. I used to have awful hangovers but now I feel bouncing (!) and fine in the morningas long as I drink the water during and after (1 glass wine/spirits+1 big glass of water). I felt guily too about the amount of wine, but enjoyed it nevertheless, and I know I am going to make it up during the weekend when I'm supposed instead!

Pryia, where have you gone?

Greetings for now, madhouse in here

:devil: Greekgirl

06-06-2002, 10:21 AM
Hi All,

Well, it's starting to look like Day 3 of feeling kind of OK! :) I hope it's passing for good, but who knows. As long as it stays away for at least the weekend, because I really need to clean my house and switch all the clothes around!

GG- Well, you're just becoming a regular celebrity over there, aren't you?! :lol: Have fun! I'll have to take a look over in the food section for ya'.

Lyss- I'm soo sorry to hear you must leave us for awhile...I hope it is just that, only awhile. Please check in every now and then if possible, and let us know how you are!!

Tech- Yuck, doesn't sound like you had fun. :( We're supposed to get 4" of rain today. :eek: Hope you have a nice sunny day today! Hope you're feeling better.

RR- Glad you're feeling better and the energy level is picking back up! Another week and you'll be out of the 1st, right?

Brat- Good for you going for the walk! It's soo hard to get back into a routine, isn't it?

Rabbit- Hope you're feeling better!

Liz- Ooo, sorry to hear about the wine, but good for you going for a run after waking up feeling like that! :D

Have a great day all!!

06-06-2002, 03:21 PM

I'm still congested, but the energy is picking up. :)

Dab - yeah for walking. Hope the sore throat is not the beginning of getting sick.:p

RR - hooray that your energy is coming back.:D

Tech - hope you can find your way. I know it is tough.

Lyssa - goodbye for now & good luck!

Greek - :lol:

Weigh in is tonight - should have a loss.:smug:

OP since 6/2/02

06-06-2002, 05:01 PM
Hi guys. I've been a real slacker lately. My eating, journaling and posting all suck bigtime. I know that I do better when I journal and when I come here. Well, so far, I am OP today. I still have dinner to go, but hopefully I will be good.

Lyssa: Sorry things aren't going well. Please stay in touch. Let us know how things are going.

Lauren: Yeah on feeling well (I'm wearing a mask even as I type 'cause you are way too close to me and I don't want to catch those PG germs!!) :D Hope it lasts through the weekend!!

Rabbit: Yeah for you too. It awful to be congested. I've had to go back on the meds but at least they are working!! Good for you staying OP.

Greekgirl: Wow, just think, we can boast that we knew you before you became famous....................Have fun with it!!

I've been having so much fun collecting my Dawn dolls. I have 11 now with three more on the way. I even made an out fit. Here's the link if your interested:http://mywebpages.comcast.net/kek/outfit2.jpg

this is the back:
http://mywebpages.comcast.net/kek/outift1.jpg (http://mywebpages.comcast.net/kek/outfit1.jpg)

Guess I'll go for now. May check back later if I feel like cheating!!


06-07-2002, 07:43 AM
Hello all!

thanx for the good wishes for saturday! I am sooo nervous! Anyway, i was approached by a beauty center about two weeks ago because I had "won" something. I knew they wanted to sell me a wonder slimming program (no, thanks) but they are obliged to give me the present anyway, which is a complete facial. I am having it on Saturday before the broadcasting, that should boost my confidence! Also, was good on the diet yesterday!
Went to the hairdressers today at 08.30 without an appointment and begged for a haircut. Fortunately they had an opening. I look a bit alike Halle Berry with the short hair, only it's not curly, red and a lot chubbier.
(Gawd, aren't I vain? Anyway, it boosts my conf so I consider it's good for me, kinda rewarding therapy, I've been needing that what with work not going very well and all)

I have finally bought my protein: it's from the brand Perfect, 92+ whey protein, 1 scoop (1 heaped tbs, about 1 oz) is about 28 gr protein and 1.89 carbs, 115 cals. This is perfect with skim or no-fat milk (about 200 cals total for a big glass).
Also good for a low carb diet or when you are fitnessing. Mine has also got vitamin B complex but no guarana or caffeine, or ephedrines etc. It's definitely more filling than a smoothie. Just shake wel! here it costs about 30 Euro's which would be about 27 $ for 750 gr.
For me, it's the only way to keep the proteins up! I eat healthy but never get my quota of protein!

Girls, hope I'm not getting boring!

Have a wonderful weekend all!

:cool: :cool: Greekgirl

God loves you when you love yourself

06-07-2002, 09:37 AM
Happy Friday to everyone!!!!!

I just want to share my huge incredible accomplishment today. I jogged a 10K this morning which is 6.2 miles non-stop in 72:28. Never in a million years did I think I would be able to do this. I can still remember like it was yesterday the first time I was able to complete a mile without walking.

I'm really proud of myself and I feel great (mostly mentally at the moment -- my feet, legs, & hips are not as happy as the rest of me is :D )

Thank you Bailey!! I feel like I owe a lot to you for inspiring me to get serious about running again. You're the best!! :)

06-07-2002, 01:39 PM
Hi All,

OK, so eating crackers in bed before I get up definitely helps! I feel pretty good today.

Liz- How incredible!! I envy you, I admire you! Hope you're not in too much pain later! :D

GG- Have fun with the facial tomorrow! Man, I'd love it if someone would just massage my face for an hour or so, then they could play with my hair...I could almost fall asleep thinking about it!! :lol: I'll have to remember to write down the contents of the protein powder I bought. This AM I made a shake of 1 c skim, almost a cup OJ, a few icecubes, 1 strawberry (the rest were getting fuzzy!) and 1 1/2 scoops of protein powder. It was OK, thought it would taste like a creamsicle, but it didn't, that's why I added the strawberry. It wasn't very thick, so I guess I need to keep bananas in the house.

Karen- Hope you dragged yourself back on the OP wagon! I'll try to aim my sneezes north or west, so they don't head your way!! :lol: What a cute outfit you made...I didn't realize you were soo domestic!! :lol: :lol:

Rabbit- Glad you're feeling a little better at least!

Have a great day all!!

06-07-2002, 03:24 PM

I lost 3.5 pounds last night at weigh in!! WooHoo! I'm back in the 17's for the first time since before the holidays. And I don't plan to go back up.

Karen - journaling is definitely the key for me.

Greek - Enjoy the facial.:cool:

Liz - Wow on the jogging! Awesome. :eek:

Lauren - glad the crackers are helping you.

have a great weekend all.

OP since 6/2/02

06-07-2002, 06:17 PM
Hello all!!!T-G-I-F-!!!!!!! Just hanging out at home playing on the computer!!!!Hope all is well???I am doing wonderful!!!!
12weeks 3days...One more week and I have passed the mark where I ended last time...Kind of nervous but will get through it with DH!!!!!:smug:

WEll off to eat some watermelon!!!!Have a great weekend!!!

06-08-2002, 04:17 PM

Well, everyone must be very busy!:) It's beautiful weather here, planted more flowers this morning.

RR - I'm so happy for you that all is well. :D

have a great weekend all.

OP since 6/2/02;)

06-08-2002, 11:37 PM

That's about how it's going here.................

I'm such a dunderhead. Think I'd figure out how to eat right by now, but NO, not me!!


Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!

:wave: :wave:

06-12-2002, 05:01 AM
I was away for some days, really busy!

The show went well, but I was sooooo nervous! Then I started to write y'all my news, and the electricity just went out !

Have been reasonable, but not goood on the diet. At least I eat healthy (except for monday, when I went to Applebee's here in Glyfada and had fries, but not a lot!)

have another program (dutch this time) coming up, on Saturday... wonder how this one'll be going!

Karen, KICK! Get on with it!
Rabbit, how's life?

See you all, gotta go now (tonloads of work waiting, Blech!):cool:


06-12-2002, 04:11 PM
Greek - we are down on "week of June 9th" - it doesn't have a STICKY.