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03-23-2009, 11:55 AM
Let me Preface this by saying that I'm wierd LOL
Over the weekend I was in the City, My friend got a Sushi rice triangle from an Asian deli/bakery
The nori wrapper is thin and a vegetable. . .Here's my wierd idea
Do you guys think it would be a good sub for bread in a sandwich/wrap?
Thanks Kier

03-23-2009, 12:39 PM
nori? dried seaweed? i like the stuff - really, i do - but think about how it would taste wrapped with, oh, let's say TURKEY. :yikes:

03-23-2009, 03:10 PM
I figure it's worth a shot and worst case scenario I have a good excuse to spring for some good smoked salmon!

03-23-2009, 03:28 PM
I feel a great awakening about to take place on the WLS board.....or a big wave of barfing. I'm up for anything but lima beans and poop on a stick!! LOL!!! Give it a try and report back, okay. I love the Ak-Mak crackers and your mini meat loves. My DD has lost 20 in six weeks on the low-carb diet and the AK-Mak crackers almost made her cry. LOL!!!!

Here is my new yucky passion. Meat spread....you take a too dry roast beef and grind it up and put the same things in it like you would ham salad. This old man told me about it and it ain't half bad. I eat a couple of tablespoons when I get that "low sugar" feeling around 4:00 in the afternoon.

My trouble is learning to not eat anything heavy when I get home from work at night. It is usually six hours since my last meal and I'm just about blind with hunger!! LOL!! The carb-demon is very close at this time and I could eat a boat load of cheese crackers or baked potato chips......WHAT A CROCK!!!! I have to be very careful that at 11:00 at night I'm not trying to scarf down a whole meal. I come home and the first thing that I smell is fresh popped corn! I can't eat that stuff because I have diverticuli and it would just about kill me, but I'm like a dog that has been trained to eat when you ring the bell. When the dog hears the bell and there is no food he salivates. I smell fresh popped corn and I salivate.

Well, better go make sure my cottage cheese, or shrimp is ready to go for my late night foraging, so they don't find me dead in the morning with a box of cheese crackers stuffed down over my head and I've smothered from the plastic bag. LOL!!!

03-23-2009, 05:19 PM
I've used nori sheets in place of bread, and I love it. I've made imitation sushi using cooked cracked wheat in place of the rice. I've used it with deli meats (uncluding lightly smoked turkey). One of my absolute faves is to spread a nori sheet with flavored whipped cream cheese (softened brick cream cheese too - but you've really got to let it get soft or it tears up the nori sheet. If I don't have a moist spread, I wet my fingers and pat the nori and wait a few seconds to make it into a wrap - otherwise the nori will crumble when you try to roll it.

I love nori snacks too. I bought fried nori "chips," that are really yummy, and despite being fried are low calorie, but I prefer the nori strip snacks, that are just dried flavored nori. They're about the size of a bandaid (I know lousy image), and are chewy (the fried ones are crisp, like a potato chip).

03-23-2009, 05:26 PM
I love it also. :)
it's a great snack as is.

03-23-2009, 05:37 PM
Kap do you moisten the Nori before you make the wrap? Do I have to use condiments?

03-23-2009, 11:25 PM
ooooooooo I live this idea! I would like to know how to wet it too. I have tried to use it years ago but it crumbled...I had no idea and it was before the internet...OK Now I am just giving my age away! hehehehe

The cream cheese spread and lunchen meat sounds devine. I bet you could add things that go into Sushi like jullian veggies, avacado or or or! mmmmmm sounds fabulous!

What are the cals and all on Nori? I suppose I could run down to the store and find out LOL


03-24-2009, 12:13 AM
Nope, you don't have to use to condiments, but if you do use a moist spread, you don't have to moisten with water. For example, I'll spread nori with a thin film of Hellman's Canola or Olive oil mayo (50 calories per tablespoon), and then put whatever fillings I want in it, and wait a bit (less than a half minute, usually does it) and then roll it up.

I usually do, but you don't need to use a moist condiment, plain water works just fine. I just put some water in a glass and dip my fingers in it, and wipe the nori sheet. It doesn't have to get sopping wet, just that little bit of moistness will soften the sheets to where they're pliable enough to roll after 30 seconds or so. I usually do use my sushi mat, or a piece of plastic wrap or wax paper, so that I can use the paper or mat to help me roll it (there are probably sushi vids on YouTube, if you don't know what I mean by using the mat to help roll the sushi).

I don't always use a starch ingredient. I've made them in tons of combos

bacon lettuce and tomato - I dice the tomato and only use the flesh - no seeds and mix it with chopped tomato, green onion sliced in thin rounds, crumbled bacon, a bit of canola mayo to moisten, and then spread the mixture on the nori - because the mix is moist, I don't have to moisten it first

ham salad (or chicken, tuna or egg salads).

beef salad (instead of a mayo dressing, I use a viatnamese fish sauce based sauce I either buy or make - it's fish sauce sweetened with a bit of Splenda, a little garlic and some cilantro. I only use just enough to moisten the beef (chopped, sliced thin, or ground) beef, diced green onion, chopped leaf lettuce or a whole leaf laid underneath the nori - so it's actually the outer wrapper.

I do also use relatively non-moist ingredients (so moisten with water first) and then layer on thin slices of deli meat. Usually there's enough moisture in the deli meat, that just slapping on a slice of meat and waiting a minute or two will soften the nori to rolling consistency, but I'm impatient, so I moisten with my fingers dipped in water to speed up the process and to be on the safe side.

I think the nori sheets are crazy low in calorie, because the nori "snacks" are 10 pieces for 10 calories, and I don't think a full sized sheet could be much higher in calories, if at all.

Another slightly higher in calorie wonder-wrap is viatnamese or thai spring roll rappers (the soft rice paper circles that you soften in warm water for ten seconds or so, and then wrap ingredients into). Since they are a rice product, they are not carb-free, but each wrap is only about 30 to 40 calories, so I can use 2 as a bread serving (instead of your typical bread, which is usually at least 1 serving per slice, and sometimes more), and can make two decent sized wraps, where as it would take 4 bread servings or more to make 2 sandwiches with regular bread or tortillas (the amount of food, is probably more like a sandwhich and a half, since I don't overfill the wraps, but still that would be 3 breads or more).

The rice paper wrappers are a lot sturdier than nori. Both have a "stretch" advantage over tortillas, but the rice paper is stretchier than the nori. As a result it holds together the sandwhich filling a bit better. It's also slightly easier to eat - with the nori wrapwiches, it takes more practice to minimize "spillage."

03-24-2009, 11:49 AM
would Hummus be ok?

03-24-2009, 12:11 PM
love hummus! good one keir!

03-24-2009, 12:48 PM
RICE PAPER WRAPS!!!! NOW you're talking, KAP!!!! i'm going to try that - wow. who knew??? really - i learn SO MUCH around here!!!!

03-24-2009, 03:46 PM
THis is why I love us we think outside the box!!
Perhaps we should have a sticky for outside of the box Pouch/band/sleeve/ whatever else friendly food