South Beach Diet - Interval Training Helps Blood Sugar?

03-20-2009, 09:22 AM
RealAge had a great article this morning about how interval training (short bursts of intense cardio activity followed by a period of lower level intensity exercise) can help us metabolize blood sugar:

Here's how the study worked. Each man worked out on a stationary bike three times a week for a minimum of 17 minutes per session. Sounds pretty doable. Then, during the sessions, they threw in a handful of 30-second bursts of high-intensity cycling. Again, not too taxing. After the bursts, they rested or cycled slowly for 4 minutes. Even better! The result? When the men were given the equivalent of a meal's worth of glucose at the end of the study, their bodies metabolized it better than before the study.

You can read the whole article here (

I've been doing interval training since last fall, and I find that my weight has also been coming off more since then. Coincidence? :shrug: