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03-17-2009, 10:34 AM
Good morning ladies! Cloudy and cool right now. We are supposed to get rain this morning. Jack said it was foggy this am so I told him to take the suv because it has fog lights and the fog is really bad out by the plant. When there is heavy fog you have deer and other critters running across the road sometimes because it is a state park area.

Susan: I guess sometimes we have to substitute health for looks so to speak. I know when my niece was on steroids she got very moon faced and gained weight as I think it is something that just happens to everyone pretty much. Hope it helps with your lung function though. Glad your EKG came back a-ok. I had to have one before I could have my second surgery and it is easy peasy to do, isn't it? I am on my second week and doing fine on program though every week I am giving myself one little treat if I feel like it. Nothing horrible, just maybe a regular cookie or something. In fact, I weighed myself this morning and it shows another lb down but I will wait until Monday for my weigh in as usual.

Jean: For people that can't do the treadmill they do have an all meds method they use. It involves injecting something that makes the heart go faster and they watch you on this monitor. Jack says the nuclear stress test isn't exactly easy but it is something you can deal with. It takes about an hour to do total. He has to have one once a year to keep tabs on his heart and the reroute and such. He just had one a couple months ago and came out excellent with scar tissue to the heart muscle from the heart attack which was expected, but no build up in any arteries, which was our biggest concern of course. He was so scared to go bless his heart. The last stress test they did is when they found the blockage and he had to have surgery. I told him not to look for problems. I cracked up that your gossip giver has been lacking at card club. You guys must be a couple pints low on gossip then...;)

Guess I better get going. I am having whole wheat mini bagels, ff cream cheese and an orange for breakfast. Tonight is whole wheat chilimac with gr sirloin and lunch is chicken quesadillas with whole wheat tortillas. Mostly fruit for snacks today. Should be getting lots of fiber today! lol

Have a good one. Wonder if T is having fun out to sea?

03-17-2009, 11:39 AM
Good morning, ladies. Still umbrella weather and nippy. The paper says we have had 2 inches of rain since last Friday but it is still short by 3 inches of where we should be. At this rate, we'll have water restrictions again this summer.

I had a good time at applique quilting bee last night. Tomorrow night is another bee. Then I have no organized quilting until April 7, so 2 weeks off! Maybe I can get some of my own quilting done for a change.

Jean, there are several types of stress test. They measure how hard you heart is squeezing during activity. An EKG measure how your heart beats and is usually done resting. Stan had the stress test that was all done with meds since he couldn't walk on a treadmill. Jack will be wanting to get to farming if you continue to have nice weather in your part of the world.

Faye, I'm glad you mentioned your breakfast. I bought some lox (smoked salmon) and forgot to get bagels. I like those mini Thomas bagels. I have some WW cream cheese in the individual tubs. Yummy breakfast, or maybe lunch, tomorrow.

I'm making corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots for supper tonight. I'll be eating it for awhile. I got the smallest one they had and it was still 2+ pounds. Guess I'll be freezing some. Corned beef hash would be good, too.

Have a good day!

03-17-2009, 01:44 PM
Susan: :rofl::rofl: Just thinking about Jack doing farming is hilarious! I can't get the man to trim my bushes in the yard! I think you meant Bob! Though Jack in overalls might be cute! :love:

03-17-2009, 06:39 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another sunny day, but windy so it doesn't feel as warm as yesterday did. Bob offered to cook tonight; his computer crashed and he was hooking up a new one when I talked to him after school. I think this is his 3rd new computer in 6 months. No one else in the office is having a problem, just him.

"Gma" -- Your menu for today sounds good! :T I'm hoping I never have to do a stress test. :no:

Susan -- Sunshine has to be coming your way! :flow1: I like the bagels and cream cheese; not sure if I've ever had corned beef. I know I haven't fixed it. ;)

It's almost time to call my mom so will move on. Have a nice evening and a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

03-18-2009, 06:22 AM
Morning ladies! We are going to have another beautiful day here today then rain tomorrow. The temps are in the 70's so it is nice and warm outside.

Susan: Are you a good Irishman fixing corn beef and cabbage on St Paddy's Day? I usually buy a roast and cut it in half for us as it is always too much. I used to just cook the smallest one I could find but then was throwing out a lot of food so I started cutting roasts in half. I do that with hamb rolls and other prepackaged meats that have several pieces in them. It is a pain to have to come home and rewrap stuff, but otherwise it ends up in the garbage disposal and that wastes a lot of $$. The commissary doesn't provide much for the two person family so it is hard to find packages with let's say, two pork chops, or a small sirloin.

Jean: Hope Bob can get his computer problems squared away. Wonder why he seems to have problems when others are not? Is Bob a pretty good cook or does he make real simple stuff? Jack likes to cook but has to be in the mood I think. He has stuff he doesn't "allow" me to do, like peel potatoes or chop onions. He doesn't like the way I do it. I cut my onions longway then chop from there and he cuts his like you would for onion slices and chops them. You end up with the same but it is one of his picky things. He thinks I peel off too much potato when I peel. I use mostly the refrigerated premade mashed potatos and I am not a big potato fan anyway, but I do enjoy homemade mashed potatoes once in awhile. I make hamburger gravy every once in awhile with ground sirloin and ff beef broth and like fresh potatoes with that.

I am stuggling abit with getting hungry during the day but try to keep it level by having an extra piece of fruit instead of something higher in fat or such. I know my fiber level has gone way up and that keeps my colon in good shape which is a big concern of course.

Have a good Wednesday today. I am going to try and walk the dogs again today as it is going to be really nice.

03-18-2009, 12:16 PM

I don't know what is happening here ~ I posted and ***poof*** it is gone out into cyberspace with all the 1's an O's. OH well.

Looks like I will certainly get the 9 houses, 3 gazebos and 3 outhouses built by Thanksgiving that a lady friend of mine ordered. I have 3 houses built of the same style since she wanted 3 sets of 3 houses. It is just easier if I am making some of the same pattern to go ahead and do all. She is giving them as Christmas gifts for three of her gals. I am glad she told me so far in advance because I have other things to make for the season and I do best when I have a plan. If she is planning on a village for them then it is a good start on three buildings. If she is planning on a village I can make buisness buildings also for it. I am going to make myself another village kinda like the one I sold. Will is going to build a high shelf that will run around the living room wall adjacent to the kitchen and in one kitchen door and out the other to make the loop so I can put up a village and he can have a little train running through it.

DONNA You are going gangbusters with your weight loss. Lots of fiber is good. You have got the determination that is catchy. You go girl. I was up a tad after eating all that Texas food. Gotta blame it on that. one forced the food into my mouth.;) :o

SUSAN I certainly do hope they can find you some meds that work and don't cause that swelling. A gal has to breathe. This time of the year must be miserable for you. :hug:

JEAN The days are marching by and you will be soon joining the ranks of the retired. You will do better if you do have a plan of what you will be doing with yourself with the time ya know. Gotta replace work with something. Susan quilts, Donna knits and I cut glass.:o I am sure you will find something to do.

I am going now to cut out the pattern for another building. I do my glass work in stages.
1. copy the pattern and cut it out
2. Cut the glass
3. Grind rough spots off the edges of the pieces
4. Wrap each piece with copper foil
5. Tack the pieces of each separate wall
6. Solder the wall
7. Assemble the walls to make sure the corners are square
8. Build the building & install the light ficture
9. Chemically turn the solder back to copper color
10. Wash and dry the building
11. Apply window wax and polish it

And there you have it in a nutshell. And I know you really wanted to know that. ;)

Have yourself a wonderful day Magnolias. :wave: Type at y'all later.

03-18-2009, 12:55 PM
Good morning, ladies! We had pea soup fog this morning. Faye, you keep sending your weather my way so how about some Spring weather! Actually the sun is out now.

Faye, you're right, I meant Bob. Got the menfolk mixed up. My grandmother was Irish. Her grandparents came here during the potato famine. Have you tried the refrigerated Simply Potatoes? They are great - all peeled and ready to cook any way you like. I don't like frozen potatoes but the Simply Potatoes you can't tell from those you peel yourself. I love those Reynolds bags with the vacuum sealer. I take my chicken breast or pork chops and wrap them individually in Press and Seal, then bag them in the Reynolds bags. I can take out just one and reseal it. I cup up roasts, too. The stores around here don't accommodate the smaller family.

Jean, is Bob getting ready to start farming? Let me suggest he get an electrician in to check out his outlet and/or get a new surge protector if he hasn't already. We had a computer blow up twice because of a faulty outlet.
I'd rather have a stress test than a colonoscopy!

Maggie, glad to have you back! I enjoyed the description of how you make your glass houses. I hope you had a nice steak in Texas. That place has some really good beef.

I have my quilting bee tonight and my friend and I are going to Ruby Tuesday before. We both love the Taliapa there. I get broccoli and cauliflower with it.

I took my third dose of Prednisone this morning. The scale is up just 1 pound since I'm really being careful of what I eat. I feel like I could eat from the time I get up until I go to bed. I have to call the doctor today to let her know how I'm doing. I haven't really noticed much change.

My old boss from General Tire called me last night. She is 86 years old and still sharp as a tack and going strong. She was so excited. Her doctor recommended her for a geriatic program and they came Monday and filmed her. They did her makeup and she had 2 blouse changes. She'll be on billboards, tv, radio and the internet. I can't wait to see it. She's got a lot of health problems, in a wheelchair due to brittle bones, heart, kidneys, had 2 mastectomies, but she is the president of the residents' committee, volunteers 3 days a week to help the "old people". She wanted me to promise her I would stay active and at home as long as I could.

Well, that's about it for today. Have a good one.

03-18-2009, 02:08 PM
I just spoke with the doctor and my thyroid is off again (what's new) and my stress test is Tuesday morning. But what I wanted to tell you is my Vitamin D is very low. She said they are finding most of their patients are deficient in Viatamin D. It is linked to weight gain and obesity. I take Calcium + D but she said we can rarely get enough from food or over the counter meds. I will be taking a prescription supplement once a week for the next 6 months and then we will recheck. In addition, I was told to spend 15 minutes in the sun in the early morning or late afternoon with no sun block.

So, I want to encourage all of you to request a Vitamin D test next time you go to the doctor. Normal range is 33 - 100. Mine is 14.

03-18-2009, 06:48 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! There is absolutely NOTHING new from my neighborhood today. We got up to a couple of raindrops, but the sun came out this afternoon. It's not as warm as yesterday, but the heat was on at school. :) I have bell choir practice at 6 tonight. I suppose I should be thinking about supper -- leftover casserole I think.

"Gma" -- Bob's cooking is pretty simple: soup, pb&j sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, eggs, WW frozen dinners, and grilling meat on the grill. He's good at opening a carton of ice cream too! :lol3: He does do dishes, will unload the dishwasher, and clean off the counters/table which is nice. I'm anxious for the fresh fruit of summer. I have to admit we've bought some cut-up/ready-to-eat at the store and it was pretty good.

Maggie -- It sounds like you have a lot of glass work lined up. I didn't realize how many steps you had in making your projects. I have plenty to keep me busy next year: YEARS of pictures to sort through and get into albums, packed away stuff in the basement to sort through, and Amanda's Christmas stocking to finish :o plus 5 more of those to do. I'd also like to make afghans for each one of the grandkids using the afghan stitch.

Susan -- I've never seen Simply Potatoes, and will have to look for them. I assume they are in the refrigerated section somewhere . . . or not? Your old boss sounds like quite the lady! :cheer: I hope I can be that active when the time comes. MIL has slowed down this winter although she said she has been outside to walk the length of the driveway the past few nice weather days. I suppose that might be a half block or so. Last summer at my physical my doctor recommended taking Vitamin D -- 1,000 mg a day. He said that was the latest popular study being done. Years ago it was Vitamin E. I do take the D because I'm not a milk drinker and don't get much sun during the winter months. Have fun quilting tonight!

I need to get busy in the kitchen. Have a terrific Thursday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

03-19-2009, 08:44 AM
Good morning ladies. Well, I imagine Thomas has been eating his fill of those late night buffets if anyone has the strength to go with him every night. I can't wait to see his pictures of his trip. His doggy is doing right fine and seems to have settled right down staying here with no problems at all.

Maggie: Have fun with your glass work. I am busy trying to get those placemats done.

Susan: Though my dad was dutch his family had all died when I was born so my mom's family was much more of an influence and my grandpa was German. I grew up eating Sauerbraten, sauerkraut, strudel, noodles, the "wursts" and stuff like that. Not diet food that's for sure except the sauerkraut. I love that kind of food and when we go to Vegas, they have a big Hofbrauhaus and we go there and eat or go and just have drinks and their big pretzels. My sister married a Hungarian so I love chicken paprikash and the area I grew up in has a huge middle European community of Poles, Hungarians, Germans and the like. Big meat eaters, not fish that's for sure. I buy either the Target brand of mashed potato or Simply Potatos. I also buy the Simply Potato hash browns. They do so much better than the frozen kind.

Jean: Look in your refrigerated section where butter, biscuits, eggs, that kind of stuff is and you may see the Simply Potatos stuff. That's where ours are always at. They are packaged in green with yellow writing on it. A container feeds 2-4 people with just a bit left over so that works out great for two people. Bob could definitely do mashed potatos this way! :D Jack is a mean grilled cheeser though he puts too much cheese on. One slice is plenty for me and I even eat the ff stuff, but Jack like the Bordan's American cheese that is not only thicker slices but saltier and of course fatter. He will use two slices on a grilled cheese. Luckily, it is a treat he doesn't make but once in awhile. He does a decent job with burgers and steaks though there isn't much to doing mine as I am a big rare steak eater. We keep planning on taking a cooking class together at the local cooking school down the road, but we have yet to try and get in. Jack would really like to do cake decorating, but between you and me it is probably to learn to make professional buttercream icing more than anything!:lol: The man does like his frosting.

I saw that Natasha Richardson died of her injuries from a ski accident. Come to find out she was on a beginner's trail taking a private lesson when it happened. I knew that she was Liam Neeson's wife and Vanessa Redgrave's daughter and knew her face but couldn't place her. Then I read it and knew right away. She played Lindsay Lohan's mother in the reworked movie, "The Parent Trap." So sad. I don't think people realize how dangerous snow skiing can be.

Well gals, guess I will pick my menu for the day and get my chores started. Have a great day all and I know you are looking forward to the weekend. Susan, you should be getting our beautiful weather now.....;)

03-19-2009, 11:29 AM
Good morning, ladies! Faye, we got your beautiful spring weather. Hope it stays. Tomorrow is the first day of spring.

Ladies, you are lucky with what your husbands cook. Being a chef, my husband's cooking was usually calorie laden and peppered with "Why don't we have any ......?" He didn't cook at home often since he got plenty of it at work. Fortunately, he'd eat just about anything.

The Prednisone is starting to kick in and I'm breathing a little better. My prescription for Vitamin D is 50,000 IU once a week for 6 months, then we'll see where I am and try to taper the dose. I take Calcium +D, eat cheese and dairy, 3-4 servings every day but it just isn't enough. Now that its warmer, I'll make sure to get out in the sun every day.

Faye, it's too bad they don't take movies of Thomas enjoying all the food. I'll bet he's keeping them on their toes. I'd like to take a cooking class in healthy cooking. We have a cooking school for children in the neighborhood but nothing for adults.

Jean, it's sounds like you have projects lined up for more than one year. It's good to stay busy and get out with others. That's my philosophy for a long life.

Maggie, hi!

03-19-2009, 02:18 PM

It is a beautiful spring type day here in the Heartland. Spring is just around the corner isn't it ~ wow where does the time go when it flys by so fast. I do have 3 cabins and 3 outhouses cut out now and today I will grind the pieces edges smooth that need it. One of my colors I was using didn't cut well at all. I used up a whole sheet just trying to get a few pieces cut. Sometimes that happens and I call it rotten glass. Some that looks like it will be hard to cut actually cuts like butter. Nice and easy and just where I have scored it. I don't usually cut or burn myself but on my last piece, a porch, I was attaching, and I don't know how it happend either, a sliver of solder landed across my thumb between my nail and the didget. Yikes it hurt, but alas, I keep a little container of Aloe Vera 100% Gel on my work station. That stuff takes the sting right away and holds down any blistering. I think I will look for an Aloe Vera plant this spring. I used to have a huge one before we downsized into that motorhome. A nice lady in OK gave me a cuttng off hers and I had it for years and it got huge. Will is at Wal-Mart right now and I will give him a call. He went there to get me a small lay out table and I can have him look for a plant. I like to keep one of those in the kitchen and just whack off a little bit when I need it which isn't often for sure but when I do get an owie I want instant pain relief. :D

SUSAN I am so glad you are breathing better. I imagine your hubby was a wonderful cook since he was a chef. I had an oncle that head chef at Harrahs in Tahoe and he sure knew his way around the kitchen.:o You take care of yourself now.

JEAN I do believe now that you have mentione it that you have plenty of "stuff" going on to keep your days filled. What fun to go through boxes of photos and taking a trip down memory lane at the same time. I would love to be there and hear your stories about folks when you picked up an old photo.

DONNA Thomas is probably eating on all levals of that ship. He is such a charming little man. Maybe his dog likes your place so much he won't want to go home;) Yep, I do have fun working with glass. I do need to order some more glass though, getting low on nice colors ~ got lots of clear because those windows don't take much at all. I have some really neat clear glass though. Some frosted, some lumpy, some ridged, etc. Living in MN we learned a lot of yummy German cooking and our land lord was German and his wife always shared some of her great cooking. Bernt was his name. OH memories of MN.

03-19-2009, 07:02 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another sunny cool day in my corner of the world. School was pretty "ho hum" again today EXCEPT "Hopeless" resigned last night! (She's not the reading teacher I've talked about.) Rumor has it she was told to resign or get fired; I know many students have gone to the principal complaining about her and the teachers that she has co-taught with refuse to work with her again. The weird thing is that her husband is a minister in a town an hour plus away from here, she lives in an apt. close to school, and walks to school. He has to come and get her every Friday after school. She is one weird bird that's for sure. I feel kind of sorry for her because she has no social skills whatsoever, and she's an adult with grown children. :twirly:

"Gma" -- I'll bet Thomas is having a wonderful time! :yes: If you like rare meat you would have enjoyed the prime rib we had at church a couple of weeks ago. I don't like meat even remotely red so that it "moos" on the plate. :lol: The outer part was brown and warm so that is what I ate. I will have to check out the store for Simply Potatoes -- they sound great! The newspaper also said that there was ski instructor with Natasha; it will be interesting to see if what actually happened ever is told. Snow skiing just never looked like fun to me, but I know a lot of people enjoy the sport. I love the decorator frosting! :T Our grocery store has changed over to a marshmallow type of frosting . . . :whoo: !

Susan -- I'm glad you are breathing easier. Bob's ex-brother-in-law thought he was a chef; he could cook wonderful meals but the kitchen was a disaster when he was finished. He didn't clean up either! :( Enjoy your nice weather! :D

Maggie -- The Aloe gel works great on hives too! :yes: Bob used it a lot when he was so itchy. I've never had an Aloe plant. I have lots of old pictures I can pitch because I don't know who the people are. My mom was always going to go through and label the people she knew but never did. The hard part will be getting started. :spin: I'm really good at putting things off!

I have to call a repairman back -- I have another crack in my vinyl bathtub and am on the list for when he will be in town. There's always something that needs fixing. GRRRR!

Have a nice evening and a FANTASTIC Friday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

03-20-2009, 08:24 AM
Good morning ladies. It is back to being a bit cool today but I haven't looked to see exactly how high we will get today. Jack and I are going to have a date night and go to dinner and to see "Duplicity" with Julia Roberts. He said he wanted to see it which surprised me. I never mentioned a word because it is really a chick flick. Oh well, he will find that out on his own tonight! lol

I am almost finished with the third placemat and ordered some napkins that I hope will match the colors. I have had a devil of a time finding ones I could buy individually that weren't 6-7$ apiece, which I think is outrageous. I found them online finally for $2 apiece so I ordered two in each color. I just hope the colors come out ok. It is always a toss up when it comes to matching stuff on your computer with the real color.

I didn't sleep again last night so I am going to get back in the recliner and take a nap. Marty wouldn't let me sleep upstairs as he wanted his breakfast and I guess since I have been feeding him thinks only I can do it. He kept nudging me in the bed so I just came downstairs and fed him.

Have a good weekend gals! Hope your weather is nice. Oh and ps, my azalea bush has about 20 blooms this year, the most every.


03-20-2009, 11:43 AM
Good morning, ladies, and happy first day of Spring! The sun is out and its warm today. I just took the trash to the curb. Yuck!

The lab that is doing my stress test just called to confirm the appointment and I am having a nuclear stress test so that 2-3 hours and didn't sound like fun. I'm just glad I'm breathing better because I was worried about the exercise part.

Jean, it's a shame about "Hopeless" but she surely isn't contributing anything positive to the school. We have a lady in out quilt guild who has no social skills. Everyone tries to avoid her. I feel sorry for her, but everytime I try to talk to her she starts in on her ex-husband and all her ailments then she moves on to complaining (in a loud voice) about other people in the guild.

Faye, I know spring is here - I saw my first dandelion yesterday. Guess I'll switch out the closets next weekend and get the summer clothes out. I long to wear sandals and put the shoes and socks away until winter.

Maggie, rotten glass is a concept I'll have to mull over for awhile. It sure is nice we all have hobbies we are so dedicated to. It keeps the hand out of the cookie jar.

Well, I have to get busy and get a little cleaning done so I can quilt this afternoon and plan WW menus this evening.
Have a good day!

03-21-2009, 12:25 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! Just a quick post because I am heading to bed shortly. I didn't sleep much last night because I drank a diet pop in the early evening, and consequently made a few trips to the bathroom during the night. :dizzy: We had an FAC meeting after school today and didn't get home until almost 8:30. It was nice to just sit and visit because we never get to do that at school. MIL fell again this morning; jarred her back pretty good so she is hurting tonight. She refused to go to the doctor and is taking Tylenol w/codeine she got when she broke her wrist a month ago. I think she is more curled over each time we go to see her. Bob was annoyed because she got up without her walker, wouldn't go to the doctor, and now is stuck until Monday unless she goes to the ER. He keeps thinking they will send her to the nursing home if she keeps falling. That will not be pretty for any of us. :no:

"Gma" -- Let me know how you liked the movie. My favorite Julia Roberts movie is still Pretty Woman. :yes: I hope the napkin color turns out to be just right!

Susan -- What is a nuclear stress test? I was going to switch and sort clothes this weekend, but it is still pretty chilly for summer clothes. I really don't have much for spring that has long sleeves and light weight. :no: Are you quilting away from home this weekend?

Hope you all have a great weekend! It's supposed to rain here. :(

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

03-21-2009, 07:08 AM
Good morning ladies. I gave up sleeping as the tw dogs kept pushing me closer and closer to the edge of the bed. I need to work on my knitting anyway. I didn't feel that hot yesterday so I didn't get any done and I have a long way to go yet.

Maggie: Hope your burned finger is better. I guess we all have our accidents with our hobbies. I usually get sore ends of my fingers from using the tip of the needles to push off stitches. Sounds like you are going to be a busy lady for quite awhile.

Susan: I love sandals and have a couple of really comfortable pairs I am longing to wear all the time. It is just a little too cool yet, but looks like this next week it is going to be warm all week so I am going to start wearing them again.

Jean: I imagine Bob will have one heck of a fight on his hands if the dr wants her in a nursing home. She didn't even like the assisted living. Some people think living somewhere people can help you is giving up and I imagine she is one of those. We can't help when our body refuses to do what it did when it was younger but some older folks just don't see it that way. Hope things come out all right with her.

We never got to the movie last night as I wasn't feeling well so will probably go this afternoon after Jack gets his haircut. I don't care about whether we go or not, but it is better than having to sit and watch the NCAA tournament all day, which Jack would want to do at home. He would go upstairs and watch as we have 3 tvs, but he knows I like to have him around as I am alone everyday all day. I just sit and knit, but I was so tired last night I went up and went to bed about 7:30.

The kids come home tomorrow so we are supposed to take Marty to their house tomorrow afternoon and park him. The only thing we had trouble with is he dumped the garbage can last night after we had gone upstairs and strew garbage all over the place. There was some leftover food in it so it was all over. It was a mess to clean up and he got stuff all over my throw rugs so I had to wash them too. Ahh well, that's a dog for you.

You all have a wonderful weekend!

03-21-2009, 12:52 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and it has warmed up to 50 degrees from 30 at 7:00 when I came downstairs. I'm waiting for Bob to call. He is moving tractors around and I have to take him back to his pickup. I need to get going on the laundry then add to a WM list. I should go to the grocery store too. I really like to stay home on Saturdays, but it looks like I will be out and about. MIL didn't call during the night, to go to the ER, so that was good.

"Gma" -- I'm sorry you weren't feeling 100% yesterday, and hope today will be a better day for you. MIL definitely doesn't want to go to the nursing home but she is at the highest level of care where she is now. She does like this place better than the first one she was in. I think when she made up her mind to come back to Iowa permanently, she knew she really had no other choice. She did talk about an apt. on her own, but we shot that down in a hurry. Because her innards are so squished I just hope that something doesn't quit working and she has no control over her own body functions. Will you get to see Thomas when you take Marty back, or are you just supposed to stop by and leave Marty there alone? I'd worry that if their plane was late, flight cancelled, or whatever that the dog would be home alone too long. Bob says I'm in charge of worrying! :rolleyes: :lol:

I need to get a move on. Have a nice day, remember to smile, and do something nice for yourselves!

Jean -- :dancer: in Iowa!

03-21-2009, 01:04 PM

It is a lovely day here in the heartland. Ragg Mopp loves to go out back and sound off. He is such a character. It is really surprising just how quiet the dogs are around here because I do believe there are 4 living close around that lurk behind fences. I can tell by the different barks when we drive up that they give us as greeting. Then they quit. The one next door has a real deep voice and only uses it when his master comes home and when he goes away and when we drive up. Ole Ragg Mopp doesn't even get them started. I think they just ignore him. He does have a bark of a much bigger dog though. The mountain dog in him I guess. I got the three cabins and three outhouses all wrapped with copper on their edges so I will solder today some. Those little out houses are turning out so cute. I am using some tiny hinges on the door so it opens and put a moon on the door that I cut out of copper.

JEAN That can be a frightening thing when the elderly fall. Wish you could instill in her that using a walker is a good thing. Some of the old folks (probably left over hippies;) out in CA) had some neat things hanging off their walkers. Feathers they had picked up and ribbons and pretty little things. Might as well make it look like a party. Hope she doesn't have any lasting pains from that fall. You take care now and enjoy each day at work that you have left for you know it is all coming to an end soon.

DONNA Made an early night of it did you. Do you dream? I start dreaming the moment I fall to sleep ~ I keep telling myself I should write those stories down because I dream in epics. Movies. In color. And some are so funny I wake myself up laughing. Life is good. You will surely miss little Marty when he is gone. Little trash dog. UGH what a mess. I am sure Ragg Mopp would get into our trash also but we have one of those step on cans in the kitchen and a smaller one in my bathroom. He hasn't enough push to open it. He has watched me use the one in the kitchen so much he has tried to step on the foot lever and would open it if he could. Smart little guy. My burn is all better but I have an owie that hurts more than any of my burns or glass cuts ~ I got a paper cut. Why do they hurt worse than other cuts? Got it right where my left forefinger folds it's first didget. Cut that crease and it is constantly being bumped.;) Paper cuts.

SUSAN We have a friend who uses that nuclear stuff in the hospital. He explained it to me but it is all Greek to me. There are "rules" of how it is to be handled and a window in which it can be administered to the patient. That has certainly become a specialty that they can see certain things that arn't detected by the older methods. Hope they are able to help you out. Sandals, I love sandals. I actually do have a pair I can wear with this brace. Usually I just keep on wearing these SAS shoes most of the time because I can walk so much better in them. Folks have actually been surprised when they found out I wear a brace. Like, "what happened?" Nothing happened recently. But when I wear my sandals I do limp a bit because when I wear my shoes I put an extra instert in my opposite shoe to make me level and it is not feasable to do that with my sandals. So when I wear sandals someone always asks me what happened because I am limping a bit.

Have a lovely day folks. :wave: Type at y'all later.

03-21-2009, 08:31 PM
Good evening, ladies! It's gone and turned cold again - frost on the car this morning, but hope is in sight - 70s by the end of next week.

I went to WW this morning, not a good weigh in but then I didn't expect it with the Prednisone. After that, I went grocery shopping. One of the stores had double coupons up to $1 so I was able to get $51.73 groceries for only $19.03. I do love to make a killing. So I found 2 blouses on sale for only $4.99 and $3.99. They have 3/4 length sleeves which I like. I felt fine while shopping but once I got home I was tired so I spent the afternoon quilting.

Faye, dogs will be dogs! I hope you were feeling better and went to the movie this afternoon. Thomas will be talking a mile a minute to tell you about his trip.

Jean, I'm sorry to hear of your MIL's fall. It's really hard to become dependent on others.

Maggie, you have asked one of the most profound questions of our lifetime - why do paper cuts hurt so much. I have no idea, but they do.

Well, I'm going to do a little more quilting and then call it a day. Church in the morning, then nothing on the agenda.

03-22-2009, 07:28 AM