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03-16-2009, 07:31 AM
Happy Monday! (That sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it?)

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for the brand new week ahead. :) I have no idea what this day has in store for me, since my girlies were away all weekend. But I imagine the sickies are out of here and both girls will be going to school. We have piano lessons this afternoon, so I hope they got some practicing in. I'll probably be busy with unpacking, laundry, and running errands all day, so I'd better fuel up with lots of coffee. ;)

03-16-2009, 07:51 AM
Good morning, Cottage and the Beachies to follow. The sky in the east is lightening up and it looks like another lovely Spring day. March is being very nice this year - let's not piss her off, OK?

Felt a bit crummy (crumby?) yesterday so opted for a nap instead of outdoor work. Later in the afternoon I took my tea and sat in a sheltered and sunny part of the deck. My but it felt good! I hit the sheets early last night and today feel much better.

A couple of major report thingies to finish today and I need to start rounding up volunteers to sell daffodils for cancer the first weekend of April. I am sending an email to all the people who have asked me to volunteer - maybe that'll guilt them into stepping forward and volunteering two hours of their time. Wish me luck!

I did get some extra cooking done over the weekend and made a list of my replenished stash. It looks like I could have dinners for three weeks without making anything! There will be no excuses as I head into a busy few weeks.

The geese are honking as they get organized to carry on that big trip north. I love them and don't really mind too much when I get a white polka-dotted red car - it's actually quite attractive. :lol:

Wishing you a Poopless Monday. :)

03-16-2009, 08:12 AM
Good morning early risers :coffee2:

Cottage - How do people who don't drink coffee get up in the morning?! Hope everyone is healthy and you get a chance to enjoy some sunshine :)

Ruth - Sounds like some extra sleep was just what you needed. The geese are on their way - we've been seeing flocks down on the river.

The cold frame workshop yesterday was really interesting and I'm thinking about making a real wooden one for my gardens. I love the idea of extending my gardening season a couple of months at least. I don't think I could get motivated enough to shovel a path for winter but it would be nice to have spinach and salad greens the rest of the year. The same group is planning an inexpensive greenhouse building workshop for fall. Something to look forward to! They are also encouraging local garden groups that could include people sharing things like greenhouses and root cellars. I'm curious to see if one gets going up here and how people respond. The economy is really increasing participation in these classes. It's interesting to see all the new gardeners.

Speaking of gardens my one meeting today is to plan our child care garden project for this year. Our little group plans the training, I do the recruiting, and we go from there.

The sun is out and I should be able to get a walk in during the day. Then it's yoga tonight. I think I can make it through the whole class this week :yoga:

Hope you get a chance to enjoy the sunshine sometime this Monday

03-16-2009, 08:30 AM
Good Morning,Friends,

Cottage: I'm glad your sickos are better. :) Auston got up a few minutes ago and said, 'My heart hurts'. I asked him to show me his heart and he pointed to his belly. Hopefully, he's not getting anything.

Ruth: I love honking geese! A daffodil show sounds wonderful. I'd show up!

Cyndi: I am aching to start gardening. We are closer to spring than you all are, but there is always a possibility of a rogue freeze through March.

Me: I have eaten like an idiot this weekend. Not off-plan, just LOTS. I'm sure the scale will reflect it this morning. It's the weather. It has rained pretty much non-stop since Friday. We were all stuck inside and bored. There is a 70% chance of rain today. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny...

03-16-2009, 08:49 AM
Cyndi, You're going to love those cold frames. I have two fairly large ones and I can get an extra six weeks out of the gardening season... three in the spring and three in the fall. I used old windows as my covers and they're in a rather inconspicuous spot on our yard.

Chelby, I'll bet you that if you ate the right foods, you've revved up that internal engine and are burning calories galore. You'll know when you get on the scale. Five bucks you didn't gain an ounce.

Ruth, nothing like having a freezer full of homemade dinners as opposed to frozen TV dinners, is there? There's a lot to be said about organization.

Cottage, I always found that after I nursed my kids back to health, I'd get sick. Except there was no time for me nursing myself back to health. You know how it is with moms, we don't get sick.

Spent the weekend tying up the loose ends so that we could present our package to the bank for our construction loan. Still need a bid for a painter and a couple of contractors haven't given me copies of their licenses.

We're re-examining the master bath and trying to enlarge the shower to a 6 x 6 walk-in.

I need to call the cable company, electric company, and water company to get quotes on what they charge to install the lines, and the building department should be close to issuing the permit. We got zoning approval in a week and I'm hoping building will be just as quick.

Building a house is work!

Good news: starting Phase 2 today and looking foward to my oatmeal and banana for breakfast and two hours at the gym!!!

Phase 1 caused me to shed almost six pounds (up .2 again today) and I know that once I start working out again, the rest will come off easily.

Have a good day, ladies!!!

03-16-2009, 08:57 AM
Good morning chicks!

Cottage - oxymoron...isn't that the truth?

Ruth - Hope you feel better today? The pre-ready food sounds lovely. We've been clearing out the freezer in preparation for moving...I miss having so many options!

Cyndi - the cold frames sound awesome...I might have to look into that!

Chelby - I've been trying to avoid emotional eating myself...not being very good about it!!

Diva - My husband and I built a house together when we were first married. I don't think we could do that now!! Maybe when the kids are out...but not as young as they are...we'd kill each other!

Me - trying to have a good attitude today. Told the DH to call the lawyer daily, he doesn't want to bother him....I say to BOTHER HIM!!! Nice guys don't always finish first!! (I'm afraid if we're to pacifist about it, they won't push as hard)

On the other agenda, I have no idea what my work schedule is. But then, groceries, and hopefully a run.

Have a great day!

03-16-2009, 09:04 AM
Twynn, as a Realtor, I call the clients DAILY when they're faced with a situation such as yours. I call the lawyers and banks every morning and then call the buyers in the evening to let them know what's happened each day. Some days there is absolutely nothing to report, but the buyers feel a certain level of comfort knowing that someone is going to bat for them and following up. I'm surprised your realtor isn't doing the same thing.

Get her involved in the process. She earns a heft commission and we need to earn it. Behind-the-scenes people also tend to be more candid with realtors about what's REALLY going on than they tend to be with the end clients.

Good luck!

03-16-2009, 09:14 AM
Good morning! I have not made an appearance here in a while. I had a rough few weeks but I am here and raring to go.

Cottage - Glad to hear your kids are on the mend!

Ruth - I love the idea of making food to stash. What do you make that you find keeps well?

Cyndi - I am jealous of all the gardening you are starting. Our yard is under construction and there are mounds of dirt everywhere. No garden this year :(

Chelby - We all have weekends like that. At least you were able to stay on plan! :)

Diva - YAY for P2! Enjoy your oatmeal and banana.

Twynn - Enjoy your run!

Me - Just taking the boys to preschool and library today. I am very tired as my two youngest kept taking turns waking up last night! YAWN. I am going to try to go for a walk this afternoon. I need to enjpoy the 50 degree weather just in case Mother Nature takes it away for a while.

I hope everyone has a GREAT day!

03-16-2009, 10:15 AM
good morning ladies,

First day of spring break for us and my day is already planned for me and it does not include what I was planning for spring break:dizzy:.

Cottage-hope your day is good. Are you the one that gave me the granola recipie? Is it in the recipes here? I would like to add some variations I have tried.

Ruth-Sometimes just a "sun" day helps get the body revved back up. I love seeing the geese fly (ours are usually just the local ducks from the man made lakes). I love the thought of having food in the freezer but the kids eat it as fast as I cook it here. Some day...

Cyndi-Jealous of the gardening someday I will get the DH convinced that even a small one would pay off. I know it would take awhile to get one established but heck to just try would be fun.

Chelby-hope your little guy gets feeling better soon. Had to chuckle though he says his heart hurts and points to his stomach he must be a real little "man" since mom always said that is how men are won.

Diva-Love the shower idea. I would love to redo my bathroom.

Twynn-Hope your work schedule is lite and the run is good.

My3sons-hope you get a nap in today. Enjoy your warmth and walk.

As for me mom knows I have the week off so she grabbed my first day off and has me running with her. So no sleeping in today this way I can get some laundry done(boys cleaned their room) start picking up the girls room, house picked up and some early phone calls done before making it over to her house this morning. I got my walk in this morning already and I got in here:) I need to go get some breakfast and do the dishes so I should probably go

Everyone have a great day and a safe one too!!

03-16-2009, 10:25 AM
wow i need to get in here earlier so i can keep up with everyone. well i had a great time visiting my sister and daughter and got to see an ultra sound of the baby while i was there unfortunately my eating was not good but amazingly i still lost 3 lbs..go figure. well i'm back on plan this morning and planning a trip to get groceries sometime this morning. after i have coffee

03-16-2009, 10:28 AM
Cottage, you are a stud, as always! I had a "latte" of leftover espresso and milk that I heated in the microwave and it seems to have improved my outlook for the day. ;) The sun outside doesn't hurt, though! Hope your day is truly a happy one! :sunny:

:rofl: Ruth, I just adore you! Yay for "poopless" Mondays and for polka-dotted cars! I can see the geese heading north here, too. They are beautiful and a wonderful sign of spring to come. *happy sigh* I'm glad you just enjoyed yesterday. One of the nice things about this time of year is that we don't have to do any yardwork yet and can just enjoy!

Student just came in, so I need to go. Hope you all have a great day! :)

03-16-2009, 12:02 PM
this weekend was okay... got some house stuff done... and saturday night i cheated.. ate a dairy queen hamburger and fries too... the scale showed it the next morning.... so no more for me, im gonna ph1 for a few days, ive been havin the dreaded tim hortens french vanilla a few nights too, so i need to detox a bit... im not freaking out about it tho, theres no use. i didnt gain this weight over ngiht and im not gonna lose it overnight either. i was a good girl yesterday and went for a very long walk... was so proud of myself.. came home and wenet to change my clothes... my hips were sore so i was going slowly... well my foot came down and instead of landing on the floor, it landed in the laundry basket.... then it just went from there.... i bruised the front of my calf, my shoulder and inside elbow (they hit the hospital desk that was folded up at the end of my bed) then i knew i had no where to go but down... so down i went the opposite way on my other side... well i yelled "JOHN!!" on my way down... he came over and had to help me up... then i left the room bawling my eyes out. i was so embarrased and i hurt so bad... laying there on the floor iin underwear and a t-shirt, like a beached whale, i was mortified!! now a day later i can laugh, but not too much cuz it hurts lol... hope everyone had a great weekend.. talk more later, mom and dad are on their way.. stacy xxx

03-16-2009, 01:41 PM
Brian had a good time with his Dad this weekend and it worked out well for him sleeping on the floor in his sleeping bag. I'm bringing him back over there after work today and he'll spend Monday and Tuesday night there. It's a way of easing into spending Spring Break with his Dad.

Brian loves working on stuff around the house. He replaced the pneumatic thing on the storm door and we've replaced two mini blinds and put up a curtain rod including a center support. Now he's disappointed that I don't have any more projects for him.

03-16-2009, 01:51 PM
Hello all,

Sorry no time for personals for everyone...sounds like everyone is having a busy Monday.

As for me I am at work- the furnance guy is supposed to come at 12:30 to check the furnance and fingers crossed it won't be much to fix. The blower is what is not coming on and need that for air conditioner as well.

Have a great day.

03-16-2009, 01:53 PM
Hi Ladies
Its back to day 1 Ph 1 for me b/c I had parade day over the weekend and fell into a vat of beer and assorted carbs Mr. Scale and I arent friends
also Trying to find a spare 5 min to post here ! I do read its just hard to get to everyone
I'm hoping I can do more exercise tonight I was too sore for more than a mini this morning (Beer even guinness flares my fibromyalgia) SO hopefully a day of eating healthy will build a better Kierie
oh and there's cake in the kitchen but it's GREEN not frosting its Green Cake bleurgh so not tempting!

03-16-2009, 05:47 PM
KO- heh heh heh....feel into a vat of beer?! HA! That's funny. Hope you enjoyed!

Well ladies, I gotta say, thanks for hearing me spout about the house. Looks like she IS in active bankruptcy, so up to 60 days. We're actually asking to see if we can rent the house until we buy, so that we have some place to live.

In the meantime, I did a good 4 mile run (with a biiiiggg hill) to blow the steam off! It's all good now! I am SO grateful I have developed this physical outlet, otherwise we all know what I'd be doing....eating JUNK food!! (LOL ... I told my DH if I couldn't kick their a@@, I'd kick my own!!)

03-16-2009, 05:50 PM
Twynn- sorry to hear about that- way to go with running instead of eating to blow the steam away!!!!! Hopefully they will let you rent until you can complete the sell.

The furnance was only $55 to fix that made my day :)

Have a great evening Ladies

little chick
03-16-2009, 06:22 PM
Hello my fellow chickies: I am going to try the after supper posting. Maybe I will get in here a bit more that way. The day time thing is hard. Between the kiddos and all of this fundraising stuff my head is spinning. Of course it is still spinning some from sat night. We went to a Saint Paddys dance and I over induldged lots. But I am hoping I burnt off a few calories dancing :carrot:...
I also started today so I am feeling really bloated. But I am going to badminton again.

Cottage- hope the wee ones are feeling better and you don't catch what they had. Hope you day was a wonderful OP one. :D

Ruth- I just love the geese. Our neighbour usually has about 25 or so that hang out on his back lawn near the water every fall before the head south, it is lovely to see them. Lucky for us the never fly over our car. :D Hopefully geese poop is easy to get off. Enjoy your meals.

Cindy- enjoy your yoga class. Hope you make it through the whole thing. :yoga:

Chelby- I hope the scale gods are good to you. :goodscale

Diva- good luck with ph 2.... Keep up the good work. :hungry:

mythreesons- hope you got a chance to go for a walk. sleep well tonight.

phxsunflower- hope you got to enjoy some of your day. :D

me4life- hope you got yourself back on plan, can you drag my sorry butt with you. :D

beachgal- hope you had a happy day.

dreaminstacy67- you poor thing. Hope you are feeling better. I am a Tims girl as well, but I just drink Extra large tea with milk, used to be a extra large French Vanilla girl. Have a great day.

Barb- Hope you had a great day. And I am glad that Brian had a good time with his dad.

Pearlrose- glad all went well with the furnace guy.

KO- Hope you had a great OP day.

Me- Please someone send a kick in the backside so I get back on track, my water intake is great, exercise is coming along nicely but I just can't stop eating. I am not sure how I am losing weight, but I am sure I will have a stall if I don't stop..... Well I must dash and try to catch up on my reading before heading out to badminton.