30-Somethings - 30 Somethings Daily Chat: Tuesday, 3/10

03-10-2009, 10:27 AM
Mornin' All! :wave:

A little chilly, but I felt much better after watching some news guy on tv sitting on top of a giant snow mound in MN! :yikes: Sorry MN folks! I'm happy to see my lawn! :lol:

What do you all do with black beans? Do you cook them yourselves? I have a bag that I'll probably cook in the crockpot today, but I don't know what I'm going to do with them after that. :lol: Have you had good luck freezing them?

Liz, Welcome!

Daydreamer, hope DS is feeling better today!

Have a great day all!

03-10-2009, 11:12 AM
I love to mix black beans with corn (frozen is the best) and onion in a saute pan, put in some tabasco or red pepper sauce, lime juice and cilantro. It makes an awesome substitute for taco meat, or a good salsa, or is awesome just plain! Very enjoyable cold or hot!!

Hope everyone is having a great day! I am just kind of staying with the status quo lately...I have realized that I feel like something is missing on the days when I don't work out! HA! I never ever thought that I would feel that way!
Anyway, my oldest just got over the strange fever that comes and goes (gone in the morning, back in the afternoon, gone in the evening!) and the younger son tells me that he has a sore throat today! AHHHHH! When will the creeping crud ever leave the house???

03-10-2009, 11:39 AM
Hey guys!

It's partly cloudy today but warming up to the mid 70's! Perfect day for walking the track after school.

Black beans, I like to add them to chili and I use them when I make taco soup. My sister makes a tasty black bean and corn dip that is great with baked tortillas. I also have been known to add a few black beans to a jar of salsa or throw some on top of a salad.

Meredith- same thing has been happening here at school. We have over 10% out of school, mostly with flu, fevers, coughing and a weird virus.

03-10-2009, 11:42 AM
Forgot to add that I have never cooked them myself before but am anxious to know how your's turn out. I am sure fresh would be ten times better than can.

03-10-2009, 01:02 PM
Good morning everyone!

LBH- thanks for asking about my ds. He is fine today. I think he was just exhausted from the weekend. His 4 year old cousin/bff came over for a sleep over, and that kid never.stops. I was exhausted from dealing with him. lol

meredithann- I have four boys, and it seems like one of them always has some sort of cold or ickyness this time of year. Hope yours are feeling better soon.

The only recipe I have that I put black beans in is a crockpot recipe for chicken burritos. Put 4 chicken breasts in the crockpot with a jar of salsa, and cook on low for 7 or 8 hours. I usually shred the chicken after 5 or 6 hours, so the salsa can mix in really well. About an hour before you're ready to eat, mix in a can of corn and a can of black beans (or you could use fresh beans, of course.) When you're ready to eat, just wrap some of the mixture up in a tortilla, and enjoy! Sometimes I just eat it without a tortilla too. Beans aren't a favorite in my house, but they'll eat them this way.

I started an online food journal/calorie counting thing on Sunday. So far, I really like it. It is definitely making me more aware of what I'm eating. So that's a good thing. Now I just need to step up my workouts.

Have a great day everyone!!!!

03-10-2009, 01:08 PM
Hi ladies!

I honestly can't stand beans. I wish I would like them, but it's the texture, I just can't stand it. I like fresh green beans, and that's about it!! :)

I started working out on my treadmill again a couple of days ago, and I'm so sore! I did do some stretching, but I guess not enough. I'm alternating between walking and running. Before I got pregnant with DS I was running outside, I loved it! Maybe I can get back to that eventually, right now I can only go for about 2 minutes before I'm wiped!

03-10-2009, 01:23 PM
Good Morning! I found out today that I am NOT pre-diabetic! The doctor was wrong!

So I am fat cause I eat too much & don't exercise enough. Okay...now accepting that is kinda hard, but at least I'm healthy!

03-10-2009, 01:57 PM
Good afternoon ladies! :wave:

I just got back from a visit home with my family, so I haven't been on since early last week.

Things are going pretty well. I slipped up twice on my mini-vacation...but I'm back on plan! Tonight I'm going to start the One Hundred Pushups strength training program.

Check it out: http://hundredpushups.com/index.html

I found it very interesting and it's something I can do at home. I'll be back on my gym schedule on Thursday. I gotta tidy the house and crack down on the laundry tonight. I also need to figure out what I can cook with the 5 avocados I have in my fridge! :) Any suggestions?

03-10-2009, 02:10 PM
Not much to report. Just doing data entry. Better look busy!!

P.S. We had a little snow today which made my commute like Disney on Ice.

03-10-2009, 03:12 PM
Hi ladies! Ohhh, I have horrible news to report. We went out of town for the weekend with another family.....we worked on clearing some land my husband and I have....the only good news was that I got in one good workout doing the land clearing (DH said he was very impressed with how much I could do!!)....eating was the PITS the whole time I was gone. I seriously bombed!! SO much so that I didn't do my weigh in yesterday like I'm supposed to. I'm not changing ticker either (cause I don't know what to put there)...I'm back on track now, though. DH gained 2.8 lbs while we were gone....I figure I'm about the same....probably marginally more (as is usual)...I was sooo excited about my weight loss too!! Oh well, gettin up, dustin myself off, and gettin' back in the saddle/back on the wagon. Nothin's gonna stop me! :)

Good to see everyone's doing well! I love the recipe exchanging....I'm always looking for new ideas!

It's a beautiful day...got my doors/windows open. Supposed to be in the 40's tomorrow, though. :(

Have a GREAT Tuesday everyone!

03-10-2009, 05:14 PM
Diana, if you exercised that much working, you may just have maintained or even lost! You don't know unless you WI! :D

Thanks for all the ideas for the black beans! I actually forgot to put them in the crockpot, so I guess I'll do it tomorrow. My problem is that the usual things that go with mexican food, I don't like. Like salsa, hot sauce, yuck.

Squeak, I'd love to hear more about your sister's dip! :D

Wifey, Avocados are another thing I'm starting to like. I don't love them, but I'm working on it. :lol: I like them sliced up on a sandwich, like turkey or chicken.

Liz, #1, DS is adorable! :D OK, I never liked beans either, I have a lot of texture issue dislikes. Like tomatoes, love smooth tomato sauce, hate salsa, chunky sauce, or raw tomatoes. Hate oranges, love OJ. I basically forced myself to keep trying beans until I liked them. :lol: Now I like (love!) black beans and white bean, like great northern. I don't really like kidney beans...I dont' know if it's the flavor or the size, but I don't like them. And I haven't tried to many others, like black-eyed peas...they just look to weird. :lol:

Meredith, you had me til the hot sauce. :lol: I don't do hot. Maybe black beans, corn and onions. I can handle a sprinkle of taco seasoning, maybe that would do it.

OK, so since I slacked on the beans today, I have to go figure out what's for dinner. :lol: I'm such a slacker... have a good evening all!

OH, speaking of evening, anyone here watch AI? Are you looking forward to the top 13 tonight? I am super-excited! :D

03-10-2009, 07:25 PM
Lauren - Thanks!! I think he's pretty adorable too!! :) Maybe I'll just have to keep trying...I must admit I am very much against kidney beans and I've sort of lumped all beans in that category. Need to get more adventurous! I'm not into AI, my plans for the evening consist of putting the kid to bed, and waiting for my DH to come home so I can take the dog out for a walk...if it's not raining too much out there!