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03-09-2009, 07:37 AM
Good Monday morning! :coffee:

I'm enjoying my coffee and watching the sky for the first glimmer of the sunrise. :) I'll have to look hard for it, though, since it's supposed to rain all morning.

The washer is chugging away and I'm preheating the oven to pop in some homemade felafel patties that will be supper tonight. It's the first time I've tried making them, so I hope they turn out! This afternoon I think Maggie and I will go shopping for a birthday present for Audrey. Her birthday is on Friday, and I'm thinking about a sewing project for her. She's become quite proficient on the sewing machine, so I'm hoping to find something fun for her at Joanne's or Calico Corners.

Is everyone recovered from the time change? ;)

03-09-2009, 08:05 AM
No! No recovery! But it might be that my husband didn't turn his alarm off...and I couldn't figure out how to very quick, and then couldn't fall back asleep. Grrrr.....

Cottage - enjoy the trip!!

Me - well, it should be a busy day at work today, and the DS is off for Spring break, so he'll be with me. Mixed blessing...I can take him to work, but then I have to hope he's good.

It's supposed to rain here too, but that doesn't bother's not snow, and pretty soon (hopefully!) it will be spring!

Hope y'all have a great day!

Hey - the recipe on the homepage of today is a red lentil curry...I might have to check it out!

03-09-2009, 08:31 AM
:( It snowed here overnight! :( I should be used to this after the number of Marches I've been through but I keep hoping for full Spring to arrive six weeks early. You'd think I'd be more mature! :lol:

It'll be an "at home" day this morning but I may drive to the city this afternoon to get some groceries for Wednesday's supper party. I plan a beef stew and have the meat so will try to get that done today. Stew is always better the next day.

Hope your Monday is merry. I woke up a bit grouchy with a very sore knee but Jazz is so funny and cute when he greets me that I'm "merried up" now.

03-09-2009, 08:31 AM
If you're looking for the snow & ice I found it! Looks like a slow morning waiting for the temp to go up a bit.

Cottage - Did you use Kalyn's recipe or your own? Let us know how they are, I'm curious about the from scratch type.

Twynn - Hope you and DS have a good day at work :)

I'm heading in soon for a normal office day. I'm going to try yoga tonight. Not sure I can do 90 minutes but I miss it a lot so will stay as long as I can.

Have a good day Chicks!

ETA - I knew you were out there Ruth :) Give Jazz an extra hug for me. Safe travels

03-09-2009, 08:49 AM
Cyndi, I used Kalyn's recipe, and they smell wonderful! I'll let you know the official verdict tonight. ;)

Ruth, not snow! :fr: I believe winter should end with the first day of March, but we had a good snowstorm just last Monday. At least there are no signs of it a week later!

Twynne, you're lucky that you can take your DS along with you. Does he enjoy being around all the animals? Only a few more days until the big move!

Ah, here's the sun! :sunny:

03-09-2009, 09:05 AM
Hmm, our neighbor who drives in anything just returned home and declared the roads impassable right now. Apparently the plows aren't keeping up and the snow is heavy & wet. I think I'll wait a couple of hours before attempting the drive.

03-09-2009, 09:07 AM
Good Morning! Have to admit, I love this time change. It's a great 'excuse' to go to bed early, and I'm generally up early anyway. :)

I hope you get to see the sunrise, Cottage.

Twynn, your spring break is early! Ours is April 13-17. We are thinking about taking my in-laws 5th wheel to the beach. Fun!

Ruth, I'm wish I could blow some of our spring your way.

Cyndi, How is your shoulder? Is the tape still helping?

Me: It's my grocery shopping day. I have GOT to put laundry detergent on the list, or I will have to go back! Don't you hate forgeting stuff?

We had the most wonderful weekend. It was mid to upper 70s. I laid in the sun till my heart was content. :) It's supposed to be unseasonable warm through tomorrow. Wednesday a front moves through with cooler weather -- low 60s. Because I spent my weekend outside, my house is showing it. Yikes! After shopping, I have to spend some time inside!

You all have a great day!

03-09-2009, 09:25 AM
Well, I wish I could say "Goodmorning", but it has been so good. My DS has been throwing up since 11pm last night.:barf: It amazes me that someone so small can have so much in his belly. He is only four, so his timing and aim aren't so good yet, so this morning, I am tending to him and washing all the bedding.:(

Buses are canceled here because of the snow and freezing rain we had last night. So much for Spring...:shrug:

On the upside, I have been on phase one for seven days now and I am down five pounds and fitting better in my pants.:cp: So all is not lost!

Hope everyone has a good day!:)

03-09-2009, 09:48 AM
Cottage, I hear you on the sunrise--it's rainy here, too and I'm trying to get used to how dark it is in the morning. It's a pleasant thing to get used to, though, since we have east-facing windows with sheers! Love the present idea you have! They're pricey, but I love Keepsake Quilting's kits. They have one that makes a darling little purse and a couple that make stuffed animals. You can search through their "quick kits" here ( their projects for kids here ( Let us know how the falafal turns out. Sounds delish!

Yup, I'm okay with rain, too, Twynn! Hope DS is good at work. :)

:lol: about Jazz, Ruth. Don't pups make our days brighter? :sunny: Angel was so sleepy-tired when she got out of our bed this morning that she almost made a wrong turn (maybe intentional?) and headed for her bed instead of the door! Poor kiddo...I felt her pain. Hope your knee feels better. I thought the surgery would take care of the pain, but that didn't happen, huh? :( I'm so sorry, Ruth! :hug: Glad to know I'm not the only one that's immature about the weather. I keep telling myself, "You're not safe until May, Laurie!" :nono: But it's hard to convince myself with lovely warm days like this weekend.

Wow, Cyndi--90 mins is a long class! I get tired after 60, but I bet you get really, really relaxed and stretch so well in 90. Hope you enjoy it! Personally, I don't think it should snow in March, but if it does, you sure oughta get a snow day out of it!!! :yay: Hope you get a lazy morning with DP, Cyndi! :hat:

Steen, :congrat: on the loss and on sticking to P1! The first week is the hardest. You're coasting from here into the fun of P2! Hope DS feels better soon. Poor kiddo. I always felt SOOOO grateful and so well-mothered when my mom took care of me after I threw up in my bed. There's nothing like being sick to make you feel truly helpless as a young kid. I'm sure your DS is very, very glad for you! :hug:

:wave: to all who I've missed while typing this...

I feel for Steen's DS...I was kind of nauseous this morning. My eating this weekend was not the best. A lot of emotional eating...choosing bad things that made me sick (like 2 glasses of wine instead of one)...and I'm really regretting it now! :o Thankfully, I'm back in the saddle today and looking forward to a healthy lunch and time at the gym before heading home to fix dinner. I have a "board meeting" for a club tonight. I dread 'em, but until I get the guts to change book clubs, I'm stuck with this extra duty. :shrug:

Hope you all have a great day!

03-09-2009, 10:02 AM
Steen, so sorry about your poor baby. Puking is so physically hard on us old folks, it really sux on little ones. Hope the bug gets out of his system soon. You'll BOTH need the rest. Also glad to hear of your five-pound loss. :carrot:

Cottage and Twynn, we have rain in New England as well. I love it. It reminds me of my life in the Dominican Republic and also reminds me of those days in Chicago when I was in grade school and would walk to school in the rain holding my little brother's hand. We loved splashing in the puddles and counting earthworms on the sidewalk. In Chicago, that's as close as we got to an ecosystem.

Cyndi, thank you for reaffirming why Connecticut is as far north as I need to be. Impassable roads? Eek! :eek:

Ruth, hang in there. Remember the lion/lamb explanation for March.

As I said, down two pounds this week which makes me quite happy. Find the jeans a little looser around the waist and hips, and even around the thighs. It's nice. Seven days on SB has been a bit of a challenge. Poor husband will struggle with breakfast... he used to have a plain white bagel DAILY followed by a doughnut or muffin at 10 AM. I still keep thinking about Ben & Jerry's New York Superfudge Chunk.

Still find it difficult to work out... not enough juice for running and not enough soup for lifting. Another week and I'll be in Phase 2 (although DH will still be in Phase 1 and I may go an extra week just to stay on track with him), but I really do need to start logging the miles.

I've got a 5K race next weekend and a marathon in St. Louis in about six weeks. Ain't gonna be pretty if I can't train.

Have a good day, ladies. I've got a stack of paper to sort, file, toss, and attend to. I'll never again let the paper take over my life like this. (Filled two paper bags with junk mail alone.)

03-09-2009, 10:44 AM
good morning everyone.... its not snowing here... but it is raining and weather man is calling for snow here 2moro or the next day. my chloe is still sick... shes still sleeping and i aint wakin her!! the time change went as well as expected with a baby in the house... well heres chloe... man, she always gets it the worst. anyways... gonna just take it easy for the most part 2day. i know im getting it, just procastinating as usual lol... my TOM is due 2day or 2moro, and that always means a jump in the scale so i might not even bother checking lol...

diva--marathon?? ugh. youve got ambition girl i'll give ya that lol
beachgal--hope the saddle is comfy lol... i gotta get back on too, didnt make too many bad choices, just ate too much.
steen--congrats on the 5 lbs!! woo! sorry tohear about your little one, hope he feels better soon.
chelby--dont forget the laundry soap!! pick me up some milk why youre at it please lol

well my best friend just walked in, i'll try to get back later. have a great day on the beach!

stacy xxx

03-09-2009, 10:48 AM
Good morning chicks,
My usual Monday morning telecon has been canceled which is a nice way to start the week. Travel approval for my trip to Charleston did not come through in time, so that is canceled too. :carrot:
I had a nice weekend, got lots done on Saturday, and then lots of relaxing on Sunday. I've got a busy week planned because my niece and nephew are coming to stay next weekend and I want to be free from chores to spend some time with them and do some entertaining.
I've had a good week of Ph1. I wasn't sure if I would do a week or two, but I feel good, so I think I'll keep going for a few more days anyway. Then a week of 1.5, and I should be back in my happy place.

cottage, I hope the rain stays over your way. It is sunny here right now, cooler than yesterday and breezy, but it sure feels like spring! No I am absolutely not recovered from the time change. It was HARD to get those kids moving this morning. And I have not changed all the clocks (at least the ones that require getting on a step ladder), so I am perpetually confused.
Good morning Twynn! I'm sure you're getting excited about that move.
Ruth, why do I already know your dinner party will be a great success? Sorry about the snow. :(
Yikes Cyndi, sounds like you are still mid-winter too.
Don't forget your sunscreen Chel, and have a productive day!
Morning Steen, and sorry about the bad weather and sick baby. Hopefully you can take it easy today and nobody else will get it. congrats on the 5 lbs. though!
Hi Laurie, sounds like you've got a great "back on the beach" day planned. Hope your nausea clears up.
Hello Diva and congrats on the 2 lbs! I feel like I am always battling the paper, it drives me nuts. Like we really need to cut down all those trees for all the crap I receive.
Have a great day Stacy, and hope Chloe is well soon (I love that name by the way!).

03-09-2009, 11:19 AM
Morning, ladies. It's looking to be a wet week here. I'm not sure how Rex does in a storm yet. I finally got the Troop Committee minutes typed up and I need to rewrite the help page and pdf associated with it for Twilight Camp and do some more testing. We want to go live with online registration by Thursday. I'd better get back to work for now.

03-09-2009, 11:41 AM
Good morning everyone! The wind is blowing like crazy here - this is our prelude to spring. We are getting gusts up to 55 mph. So glad I work indoors!

It was a busy weekend and looks like a busy week too. It is just me in the office today. Seems like everyone around me is getting sick - either the flu or cold and sinus stuff. Hope I don't catch anything.

Anyhow, I didn't do very good for my first weekend on South Beach, but it was my own fault. I failed to plan out my weekend and I knew it was going to be a busy one. But, I can still report at 8.5 lb loss for one week! I am hoping the phone will be quiet for most of the day and I can get a menu planned for the week.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

03-09-2009, 12:47 PM
Good Morning ladies! So sorry for those of you in the wet, cold, and windy..and snowy! It was super windy here yesterday morning and afternoon, but by the evening it was so nice! Today's high is 70 and tomorrows is supposed to be 81!!!! yeay!!!!! I will be off to chicago after that though, so I would bet I am going to run into some cold there or in Wisconsin! Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing some big snow ;) Its supposed to be stormy when we fly in, and that makes me a bit nervous, but hopefully the flight will be fine... No snow in the forecast but looks like it will be chilly!30s and 40s... anywho- today is a meeting with HR(doom music) lol, I haven't done anything so hopefully nothings wrong!!!, then DH and I have a couples massage set up... laundry needs to get done this morning because we need to take the dogs to my DM's this evening...
Lots to do today so I better get moving!
Hope everyone has a great day and I will try to get back for personals later!!!

03-09-2009, 12:55 PM
Morning ladies! You all have been to active to get in personals this morning.

Twynn - my method of turning off the alarm quickly is throwing it across the usually shuts off ;)

The time change must be affecting the kids. Both woke up around 10 again this morning. It gave me a nice chunk of time to get some things done - the only thing that needs to be done now is vacuuming which I can't do until DH gets home because DS1 is scared of it.

I have to cook for my FIL today. Since my in-laws separated, he lives on pb&j sandwiches...he won't complain but I know that he is sick of them. I send over two dishes a week that he can eat on. He is very appreciative.

off to get DS1 a snack...apparently breakfast didn't "take".

03-09-2009, 01:55 PM
Morning all! I am running to get ready for my sister's wedding week. I have to pack, do laundry so I have something to pack, pack for DW who is meeting me on Thursday but since I am driving and she is flying I am taking her stuff with me, clean the house a bit, leave HER a list of things to do...and UGH

As I reported last week, the lady who is making the dresses from scratch, had to take in the dress a LOT since Jan (about 2 inches in each the bust, stomach and hips!) and I am glad to report that I am officially past the 20 pound loss mark! I wanted to be 219 by the wedding and I am past that!

2 pics for you: one of the dress 2 weeks ago (you'll see more later in the wedding pics, she gets married on Friday the 13th!) and one of my Wii Fit screen with my official weigh-in:

I will be gone all week and don't know how much access I will have to the intarwebs (I may die) but have a good week everyone, be safe and see you next Monday!

03-09-2009, 02:43 PM
Good afternoon all. Sorry it's been so long since I've visited. Between job hunting and dogs and not feeling well I haven't had much time. I had to come in here to warn you all of something VERY important...

When I worked at a floor store they told me to take all the old receipts and throw them out. Those receipts had peoples personal credit card numbers on them. I told them it was illegal and upon conferring with their lawyer they allowed me to hire a shredding (reputable) company. But how many company's out there throw that information away? The receipt the company's hand you only has last four digits, but I am urging you to be aware that the one they hold in house has all the information anyone needs to make charges to your card.

If you, like I do, shop at a regular store and use your debit card (or credit for that matter) It's not hard for them to hack that store's information and get your card number.

I had over a h undred dollars hit my account. Someone using "Grant One" site and two of their affiliates to charge my account 1.99 and 19.12 a week ago, which I signed an affidavit that I didn't authorize. Then today the same company is trying to take $95, causing charges $32 for uncollected funds, and two over draft charges due to them hitting before my gas charge. So, back to the bank to file complaints. I was given 2 of the three charges refunded.. I had them stop my debit card and reissue a new one. But this time around, I believe I will start carrying cash for all my purchases.

The only things I do online are paying bills through my online checking, and the lady at the bank said that that is ok to continue to do. Direct deposits into the account I've not had any issues with.

So, before you use your debit card, (which I use literally for everything, never having cash on hand), you may want to rethink things.

Lets not forget that Grant One has a lot of complaints against them. I'm not sure how they got my information or debit card, but I do know I'm having computer issues right now.


03-09-2009, 03:16 PM
Jenn, the dress is beautiful! Of course I am a little biased, purple is my favorite color.... Congrats on the weightloss!

03-09-2009, 03:43 PM
LoriAnn, thanks for the heads-up and sorry for your troubles.
My brother works at NIST in data encryption and security standards and technology. I discussed this with him not long ago and was happy to discover that one of my favorite ways to do business online is also one of the safest - Paypal. Cash is great but not practical if you conduct a lot of business online. When you pay with Paypal, the retailer never has access to your bank account or credit card number. More and more retailers accept Paypal now. I'm sure nothing is without risk, and it's possible someone could obtain your info illegally from Paypal, but that is one place, rather than if it is living at a bunch of different retail sites out there.
My credit union is also great about keeping an eye out for these things. A few days ago I downloaded some songs for the kids from The credit union was on the phone not 10 minutes later checking to see if they were authorized charges, as it was identified as something out of the ordinary for me.

Love the dress Jen! And you look great in it.