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03-02-2009, 09:15 PM
I know we've all experienced it. That shaky feeling that you're on thin ice. Any moment you could fly out of control and go on a food bender. I'm a recovering binge-a-holic, and some days it feels like I'm trying to walk along the bottom of the ocean with cinder blocks tied to my legs the longer I try to avoid a binge.
I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. I'm starting to hear that voice that tells me I need a break. I'm beginning to reason with myself. "Go off plan and eat whatever you want to for two days or three or four, then reboot and start again. You can do it. It's too hard to keep trying."
I want cheeseburgers and honey-buns and tacos. All at the same time. I want to eat 5000 calories in one sitting and roll away from the table.
But, of course, I don't want that. I want to be thin and healthy and fit. Still, there's the voice and its hard to ignore. I feel like a ticking time bomb.

03-02-2009, 09:31 PM
I'm beginning to reason with myself. "Go off plan and eat whatever you want to for two days or three or four, then reboot and start again. You can do it. It's too hard to keep trying."
We are so good at justifying things, aren't we?

I do allow myself to binge occassionally, just so I don't totally lose it out of frustration. But...I make sure my binge is within my daily caloric maintenance levels (or just below). I've only gone over my maintenance caloric limit once in the past three months, and not by much (couple hundred calories), and I quickly forgave myself for that. But I find if I try to restrict myself too much, I start to feel like it is just not worth the deprivation.

It's a tightwire we walk.

03-02-2009, 09:32 PM
I hear you! That voice got a bit too loud yesterday, and I had a few hundred calories more than I should have. Of course, I'm going to make it up today, but still, it can get a demoralizing.

03-02-2009, 11:57 PM
I certainly do understand! But why do you think you have that voice right now? I got it after 2+ years from time to time, but it seems you just started recently, and I'm wondering if you're really depriving yourself of TOO much. I think you don't have to starve to lose weight, especially if you are able to eat some yummy, healthy food. I think one of my saving graces losing weight is that I really love all the healthy food I eat. Makes it easier to pass by the unhealthy stuff!!

So, why do you think this is happening now?

03-03-2009, 12:28 AM
Hey I heard that voice TONIGHT! LOL!

It said "You just had your WW weigh in so eat something good (bad) and then diet and exercise like crazy for the rest of the week and you can still lose weight!"

I sat in the grocery store parking lot tonight fighting the urge to go in and hit the leftover stuff (marked down chicken and ribs, potato salad, cold noodles, deviled eggs etc.) for a full 15 minutes.

Then I drove home and made a tuna wrap (wheat) with bread & butter pickles.

WHEW it was close call! LOL!

I wonder if these strange urges will EVER stop???

03-03-2009, 12:40 AM
:coach: Don't listen to the voices. They are NOT on your side.

I know those voices well. I often refer to the committee of idiots that attempt to run my life. They always have such good ideas. :dizzy:

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

You can do this. One day at a time. One hour, one minute. Whatever it takes. You will be so happy when you make it through the craving without giving in.


Peace, Heather

03-03-2009, 01:21 AM
It's ALLLLLLL about calories in, calories out :)

I'm a "recovering" compulsive overeater myself and I always (or as best as I can... some situations are surprise situations and you have to decide how best to proceed) budget in a binge if I need to.. I just make sure I eat less of my main meals so I can pig out and still meet my caloric intake to lose weight. Seems to work so far! :)

03-03-2009, 01:24 AM
Honestly, to add-- I really do understand how you feel about a potential binge on chocolate or mounds and mounds of various kinds of junk food.

In addition to budgeting a binge into my caloric intake, I also post my anxieties/concerns on this forum when it gets pretty bad.

That also helps! :)

*Another thing I do, is I sometime exercise for an additional 5-15 minutes if I feel a binge coming on. I usually find I'm not hungry then, and I feel better knowing I burned a few extra calories than usual too! ;)

03-03-2009, 01:48 AM
Heather--truth be told I have been running back and forth like crazy lately and probably not getting in all the calories I should be. That said, I've always had the voice. I've been overweight my whole life due to overeating of unhealthy foods and now it seems my body craves them whether I want them or not. Still, you're most likely right. I'm going through a rough patch with the voice right now, but I expect I'll have more willpower against it when things settle down and I get a few square days under me. Thanks.

I have drawn a lot of support from this forum to change my entire attitude about food and getting fit. 3FC is pretty great, thanks guys. It helps to be able to come on here and be inspired by people living the dream.

03-03-2009, 10:20 AM
I sometimes think the same thing. Its bad enough that I sometimes seem to sabotage my losses, by deciding I can eat junk as a reward, or that I don't need to stay on plan quite so well. Of course its not true.
My binges have been much smaller tho when I succumb. I just can't get as much in as I used to. So less damage, and usually leaves me feeling so yucky, its been getting longer and longer between binges.
good luck controlling your munchies.

03-03-2009, 10:27 AM
i've just written a blog post about the exact same thing!

03-03-2009, 11:08 AM
ah the urge... i haven't had it in a long time, but trust me, that voice is still back there somewhere... tune it out!!

03-03-2009, 11:15 AM
This has me in tears because my inner voice is so loud and I ask myself over and over...why do I chose to sabotage myself? Why? I get down to where I feel comfortable about myself again (anywhere in the 150s) only to sabotage it and balloon back up. I'm in the "balloon back up" right now (180 lbs) and want to start again but ask myself...what about this time will be different? Will it be worth it if I'm only going to balloon up again? If I know I shouldn't listen to the inner voice...why do I then? Do I truly hate myself that much?

Sorry to be a downer but it's where my head is at and I'm trying to get past it...first step was coming here this morning :).

03-03-2009, 11:30 AM
well you've taken the right step, I guarantee you. I was in the exact same boat, having the exact same feelings, suffering through the same thing when I found 3FC. I went through years of bouncing back and forth between high weight and low weight. My mindset was--'Diet yourself down to a low weight with a starvation plan or diet pills, whatever, and then when you're skinny you'll be one of those skinny girls who can eat whatever she wants and still be skinny.'
Learning to beat the binge-monster is one of the hardest things I'm still learning how to do, but I've made the lasting changes to my lifestyle that will allow me to lose the 70 pounds I need to and keep it off. You commit to a healthier lifestyle, and you barrel through the tough nights. Everytime you fall off the horse, you climb back on. You don't take no for an answer and you keep your eyes on the prize.
Just look at me! I posted this thread last night because I wanted to eat everything in the house but I DIDN'T and this morning I was in a whole other pound decade! It is possible.

03-03-2009, 12:13 PM
I've lost over 125 pounds in over 2 years (closer to 2 1/2) and I still hear that voice sometimes. Not nearly as often as I used to, mind you, but it hasn't completely disappeared. Truthfully, I don't think it ever will.

I've personally found it important not to be too restrictive in my diet, and to allow myself treats here and there. Also, I tend to hear that binge voice more often when I'm under a great deal of stress (one of the consequences of being a doctoral student), so I had to condition myself to different coping methods. Nowadays I hop on the track and run when I feel stressed, and having that alternative available makes it a lot easier to ignore the binge voice.

03-03-2009, 01:33 PM
I have that problem. It is probably as bad as some people smoking cigarettes. When i want food i am so used to just getting up and getting it. I used to be 160 some 10 odd years ago and i just gained 100 pounds within that time. SUCKS.

03-03-2009, 07:17 PM
Ugh I know that feeling

Moderation is hard for me. I'm getting better but it's still hard for me to understand people who are able to have 2 cookies. Usually when I feel that urge I don't want to eat a piece of cake, I want the whole darn thing! I don't want a piece of pizza I wanna hide in my room with the whole damn thing.

Which is why its so hard for my boyfriend to understand why I'm still overweight. Closet binging.

But in a way that is what is so frustrating about binging. I eat well for days at a time, and then I literally undo any calorie deficit I create in an hour! But I can honestly say I haven't binged for a few weeks and I'm really proud of myself.