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03-02-2009, 04:33 AM
I've given up weighing for Lent - but not the programme. I'm aiming to get to 199 by Easter Day. That was just 11lbs, should be possible, more would be even better!

I log everything on DietPower, which produces wonderful coloured graphs and a daily budget based on weight loss. If I didn't record a weight loss, the graph would look a bit sad, and my calorie budget would drop and drop, and I'd end up in negative equity. I know it doesn't matter, it just pleases me to keep the thing ticking over correctly.

So since Ash Wednesday, I've logged a daily weight loss at the rate I had been losing since I restarted on 01/27. From this Wednesday coming, I'm going to drop it to the daily rate I would need to lose at to make the 199.

This is so motivating! It is a big challenge for me to make sure that I do hit that 199 at Easter. I feel that I am the weight I'm claiming on my tickers, it would be too devastating to get to Easter and find I'm not!