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03-01-2009, 06:48 PM
I'm lousy at calling cadence....

I'm in Orlando for a banking and trust conference (yawn) but there are palm trees and NO snow! Also no gym, but I've brought my stretchy bands and running shoes. We'll see how well I do ;)

How is everyone this weekend? The BFLers are going strong :strong: :bravo:

Off to find food...I've eaten twice today and am ready to eat the pillows in my hotel room!


03-01-2009, 07:32 PM
LOL. I wondered what was up, since you're usually posting at the crack of OMG in the morning. Enjoy the sunshine for me, will ya?

My first class at Crossfit is tomorrow. I'm excited about the learning, but a little nervous. :brr: I'm trying to be brave and think beastly :strong: thoughts, but it's not working!

03-01-2009, 07:35 PM
I'm thinking that the warm weather is inspiring light eating ???!!!! Yea- spring!

03-01-2009, 09:58 PM
Cheryl- I am soooo jealous of you doing cross fit IN PERSON. I have to be satisfied by you-tube.

OK, I check out the hotel fitness room :rofl: 3 treadmills, 2 bikes, 1 elliptical and dumbbells up to 20 pounds and one set of 50 pounders. :p This is going to be a challenging week.

03-01-2009, 11:13 PM
Hmm, I'm wondering if you are in Orlando proper and NOT the park, if you could buy a one week or multi-day pass at a gym there - like google gold's etc to see if there's one near you. You can probably even expense it! A non-worked-out Mel come Friday is not a site I would want to see! They'll do it if they know what's good for 'em! ;)

03-01-2009, 11:22 PM
Cripes! I don't even know what day it is, lol. My first class is Tuesday, not tomorrow (great, another day to stress about it...ack!). I've been doing that all day, knowing it's Sunday, but confusing it with Monday. I'm just ahead of my time. hahah...ha...er..nevermind.

Mel, you can get your curls and kickbacks in...how exciting! Well, I'd say you could do some DB clean & jerks or thrusters with that weight, but you can't do that kind of stuff right now cuz you're broken. There's always BW squats or maybe you could balance on your bed and do single leg squats, planks between the bed and a hotel chair, chair dips, hop on one leg up four flights of stairs.. :chin: what else would Mel do at a hotel with no gym? :write: Oh yeah, fling yourself over the safety railing on the stairs and use it for pull-ups...well, I'm sure I can come up with more when the caffeine overload and lack of sleep really kick in later tonight...

Hi Nelie! :wave: Glad you're enjoying some spring weather!

03-02-2009, 08:26 AM
Cheryl- I am soooo jealous of you doing cross fit IN PERSON. I have to be satisfied by you-tube.

OK, I check out the hotel fitness room :rofl: 3 treadmills, 2 bikes, 1 elliptical and dumbbells up to 20 pounds and one set of 50 pounders. :p This is going to be a challenging week.

You're all set!

Curling a 3lb dumbell while walking on the treadmill is great for toning! :D

03-02-2009, 08:30 AM
I'm thinking that the warm weather is inspiring light eating ???!!!! Yea- spring!

Of course some of us are shoveling out a foot of snow right now! Where's Spring! :mad:

Oh well! Shoveling is good GPP.

03-02-2009, 09:13 AM
Curling a 3lb dumbell while walking on the treadmill is great for toning! :D

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

03-02-2009, 09:31 AM
You're all set!

Curling a 3lb dumbell while walking on the treadmill is great for toning! :D

:rolleyes: :lol3:

Cheryl: Oh, I would be so nervous too. Okay, lets just take a deep breath together. ***inhale*** hold****exhale***

You'll be fine. I've checked out the site from one of the "local" Crossfit affiliates here. (It's like more than 40 minutes away and why I don't join them). The class similar to what you describe has a good mix of body types in all different stages of fitness. You really will be fine. They WANT you to succeed, not to break you. Really. Oh what an experience. I'm so excited for you. And run back home tomorrow to tell us all about it. :^:

Mel: A hotel all week?! Seriously, look into a pass at a proper gym. Between the stress of being away from home, a conference, and no real workout to release all that. That is a wrath I would not want to impart upon my own family. I would be a mess. Go one and find a better place. ;)

I'm in need of a good release today too. Light workout on Friday, Yoga on Saturday and a rest day on Sunday. I'm overdue. I spent seven hours putting together a cover letter and resume on Saturday and ten hours straight preparing for my exam. I'm wound so tight I could barely stand to listen to my children "run on" about their latest adventures in a video game. (I hate video games) How many times is it socially acceptable to ask your children to finish their breakfast before you dump it on their head? :devil: Just kidding. :^:

03-02-2009, 09:37 AM
You're all set!

Curling a 3lb dumbell while walking on the treadmill is great for toning! :D

I realize that most of you lift heavy and CAN lift heavy, but for those of us who cannot and do use 3lb hand wights to build muscle, it's not very nice of you to make fun. :?:

03-02-2009, 09:47 AM
I'm actually thinking of taking a kettlebell class at a Crossfit gym. Its a 5 hour class next month and its for women only although I'll probably email them and ask them about it. I really just want to have my form checked and maybe learn some tips.

03-02-2009, 11:56 AM
I'm going to have to google Crossfit. Have a blast, Cheryl!

03-02-2009, 04:39 PM
Cheryl - Keep us posted!!!
Mel - maybe you can sling some heavvyweight bankers??

Have a great day all,

03-02-2009, 05:00 PM
Thanks, everybody! I think it will be a fun class. I'm actually looking forward to (hopefully) getting some help with tweaking my diet, so I'm glad they're offering some nutritional discussion/coaching in this class (just hope it's good stuff). I need more energy for my workouts, but am not sure exactly where to go with it, so I can keep burning fat, while also boosting my energy. I'm guessing I need to up the happy fats and maybe another portion of protein to get my calories up, but will be glad for a fresh perspective on that. I'm almost psyched up to ditch my last bad food habit: the caffeinated tea with sugar and milk. I've lived on the stuff all my life, it being a family tradition if we ever had one, but I can definitely see it holding me back from getting into a lower bf%. I know I can do it, just got to get mad enough to ditch the crack (aka sugar and caffeine).

DDC, what makes you think that was directed at you? If you have an injury or other temporary or chronic condition that keeps you from lifting to your full potential, or you're a total beginner, that's completely different from what they're giggling about. If you would like to lift heavier, but cannot at this time due to some condition or just being a newb, then rest easy, because that's not at all what they're joking about. :hug:

Nelie, if you do the kettlebell class, be sure to share all the good stuff with us!

Midwife, don't do it! You'll get it on you, and then you'll be hooked! ;)

Shannon in ATL
03-02-2009, 05:31 PM
Hi guys!

My overtaxed arms finally started to feel better by Saturday afternoonish, even with sleeping on the most uncomfortable piece of convertible furniture I have ever been on at the hospital Saturday night... Sunday was DH's birthday and I was worn out from hospital stuff, so no exercise... Got back on the Weider today. Lowered the resistance of every eercise down significantly over last Wednesday, especially the chest exercises - don't want a repeat of that pain, and don't want to damage the girls. :) Thanks to everyone who chimed in to remind me to be sane and go slow! DH tried and I ignored him completely... :hug:

Mel - wow... a whole week without a gym... after reading about your workouts for a while, it makes me glad I don't live near there! You are going to be crazy by the end of the week! Looking at a local gym for a guest pass isn't a bad idea... slinging the bankers around isn't either! :) :rofl:

Cheryl - good luck with your class tomorrow! I've looked at some videos of Crossfit, I bet you will have a great time in an actual class! :)

Lydia - about as many times as it is acceptable to listen to "I don't like pizza anymore, no I won't eat dinner" before snatching the plate away and throwing it in the trash, I imagine... :) not that I did that this weekend or anything....

ddc - the three pound weight on a treadmill joke is absolutely not directed at you or people like you. I've seen your posts and your pics, you have done a great job and the lower weights work for you. You aren't the stereotypical 'low weight just tones' person about whom we joke by any means.

Nelie - kettleball class sounds cool!

Midwife - with everything else you are doing when do you have time for crossfit? :)

03-02-2009, 05:46 PM
first workout in a week today...still nursing a hacking cough so I just lifted the weights, but I didnt count my reps or anything. I would say I had about 90% effort, which isnt too shabby considering.

03-02-2009, 07:42 PM
I guess I was being a little sensitive when I read that this morning.

I'm just trying to break the "myth" that you can't get results with light weights.

Actually, I shouldn't be offended because my weights are blue and only weigh 2.5 lbs.
So, no that wasn't directed at me-LOL!!

03-02-2009, 10:22 PM
I managed a respectable cardio session this morning and lifted this evening- a bit of a challenge, but doable.

Depalma- I'll try your suggestion tomorrow :rofl: Are you sure I won't bulk up?? I suspect I'd beak my foot dropping a dumbbell if I actually did that!

Food is a bigger challenge here. Pastries seem to be the food of choice for at least 2 meals and 2 snacks. I talked the breakfast buffet guy into making me 2 hard boiled eggs this moring. Maybe tomorrow I'll ask for 6 and eat them all day ;)


03-03-2009, 12:28 PM
OK, I found the abs workout that I can feeeeeel the next few days after! I think someone already posted it last month, but it's that Biggest Loser one where you grab someone else's ankles over your head and raise your legs to them and they push them down. OMGoodness! It feels somewhat similar to a c-section. And the weird thing is, while I mainly feel it in my lower abs, I feel something in my uppers as well. There must be one part used in the lift and another used in the lower. Well, it's sweet, that's for sure.

Here's a link:

Shannon in ATL
03-03-2009, 04:55 PM
Fran - I can't get the youtube link to play, and can't vision that at all in my head, but it does sound hard...

Mel - glad you are getting your exercise in on the road!

ddc - see, totally different! blue, 2.5, not the same thing! ;) I do have to say I really dig your arms.

I'm still reasonably new to this whole lifting thing and have a pretty set pattern of exercises that I know well - I was at the point where I needed to change up the routine right before surgery, so I know I'll have to build back up to that for awhile before making any big changes. I am finding that more exercises pull against the chest muscles than I thought - for example, I had no idea that the seated pulldowns on my Weider used back, arms and chest, though. Never felt any impact from those in the chest muscles, but am feeling them now. :) Any suggestions on back and shoulder exercises that are more isolated from chest? Do those even exist?

03-03-2009, 06:41 PM
Shannon, maybe more of a row, like seated rows? Maybe an underhand grip? You can probably tell better than we can right now, but maybe give those variations a try, and see if it's any better. Seems like I feel it more in my lats with the underhand grip, but I'm not very experienced yet with being able to focus on those back muscles. That's been a hard one for me to learn.

DDC, I've heard some big bodybuilder types talk about the isometrics with lighter weights (which for them is like a 10 lb DB), especially for isolation work like curls. They say good things, and it obviously is working for them. I think you're right on, using the lighter weights for that style of lifting, and I can see from your avatar that your arms are looking great! I don't think lighter weights work well for regular reps, though, without the isometric hold. I can't speak for the other juvenile minds on here, but as a female who actually would love to be as buff as possible, I always feel like the odd (wo)man out. I think part of the attraction of Crossfit for me was seeing women lifting heavy and not being afraid of looking muscular. So, I do let off a little steam once in a while myself, at the idea that women should lift only light weights and look like skeletons, or that if I do a hundred crunches a day I'll have six pack abs and burn fat only from my stomach, KWIM? I don't see you as being part of that crowd, just so you know, because you're just going after the buffness with the isometrics, rather than with straight reps and heavier weights. My other reason for wanting to lift heavy is that I hope to improve the condition of my connective tissues and bones. I think that will help me as I get older, to maintain good bone density and also just to stay mobile and independent as long as possible. (Plus, being the buffest granny on the block couldn't hurt, either, lol)

Fran, I haven't checked out the video yet, but will take a look when I'm done posting.

Mel, my ds showed me a funny video from the tv show, "My Wife and Kids", it's an episode called "Mike joins a gym", if I didn't mix the guy's name up, but it has a hilarious "workout" scene in it. I couldn't find a concise clip that just had the workout portion, but the episode is on Google video in two 10 minute segments. It made me think of you, since it mostly involved DBs and a treadmill. If you're bored in your hotel room, you might get a kick out of it.

Lydia! The Crossfit Report:
Okay, the first class was today. There were supposed to be 4 of us in the class (cool), but only 3 showed up. Our trainer said today was an easy day, and she wasn't going to kill us right off the bat.

We spent a few minutes getting to know each other, talking about our fitness experience, then we started with a 200 meter run for a warm-up. That wasn't really enough of a warm-up for me, so I might go a little early next class and warm up and stretch beforehand.

We then did the "new skills" portion. We learned air/bodyweight squats, squatting down to a medicine ball, which is smaller than it looks, FYI, but I did it! The instructor said my squats looked really good! :carrot: We did just a few squats so everybody could learn the form.

Next we did rows on a set of gymnastics rings hanging from a pull-up bar (the rings were hanging, not us). Feet on the floor, keeping the body straight and tight, we leaned back to arm's length, then rowed ourselves up till our thumbs touched the armpit, which was harder than it sounds. We could put our feet in front of the rings to make the reps harder, or directly underneath or behind the rings, to make it easier. Our instructor said this is the first step toward pull-ups, and I said I was glad there were steps involved! We did a few of those to get the feel of it.

Next was push-ups, and nose/chest/thighs are supposed to touch the deck every rep. I could only do 3 regular ones, then had to resort to push-ups from the knees. We did a few of those and got feedback on form. My form was okay until I got fatigued, then I could only do a few at a time. I'm glad I had at least practiced these some before going to the class.

Next was the workout: We started off with a 200 meter run, then 21 squats, 21 ring rows, 21 push-ups, breaking them up as needed, but doing them in order. Next was 15 squats, 15 ring rows, 15 push-ups. Then 9 squats, 9 ring rows, 9 push-ups. We finished the workout with another 200 meter run. I was the first one to finish, miraculously, but only by a minute. The other lady there was cranking those push-ups out, and that was my weak point, for sure. The other person in class is a guy, he's maybe late 50s? He was only 2 or 3 minutes behind us.

After the workout, we did stretching, and talked about nutrition. We're all supposed to try to do the Zone diet or Paleo if we are willing. I've decided I will give it a try, since I was thinking of ditching the sugar anyway, and that's really the only non-Zone part of my diet. If I really don't like it or feel I can't stick to it after the 4 week class, I'll go back to what I can stick to, but I'm going to give it an honest chance. It can't hurt to try, and I feel like I can handle it for 4 weeks without wussing out.

Anyway, the class was great, the instructor/owner was great, and the atmosphere at the gym was really inviting and laid back. Some guys were there working out, and they all took time out to say hello or introduce themselves, before or after their workout. I wasn't expecting that, but thought it was really cool! They have all kinds of cool toys there that you and Mel and Depalma would love!

03-03-2009, 06:46 PM
Fran - If I tried to explain that to DH, it would lead to something else entirely. ;) Maybe I could hold onto the legs of the coffee table?

ddc- (those used to be my initals, before I got married) How about posting your arm workout? I'd love to see what you're doing to get arms like that with 2.5 lb weights. I'm addicted to lifting heavy enough to make DH wince, but I've got a friend with shoulder issues that isn't supposed to lift very heavy, and she'd love to have arms like that. (who wouldn't?)

03-03-2009, 07:30 PM
Hi dixied,

I do regular arm exercises: biceps curls, hammer curls, triceps kickbacks, military press, front raises, side raises, etc... BUT, I use slow controlled movements with high tension in the muscle, so I "pretend" (for lack of a better word) that my 2.5 lb weight is really much heavier. So, I'm not just mindlessly throwing up the 2.5 lb weight. One routine that I do uses no weight at all. It's really hard to describe.
Here's a video link of Wendie Pett doing the no-weight exercises:
Thanks for asking :)

03-03-2009, 11:13 PM
I'm glad you asked, Dixie! I was wondering the same thing too. I love your results, ddc.

Cheryl, that sounds so fun!!!!

03-04-2009, 06:06 AM

Thanks for the post! The part with the rings sounds intriguing, so i guess i might try to find that on youtube. I still have both the open staircase AND the ambition to get to pull-ups...

ddc - you are definitely doing someting right to get those arms with 2.5 lb dumbells!

have a great day all,

03-04-2009, 08:15 PM
Cheryl: I was sitting rush hour traffic this afternoon going over my day and realized it was Wednesday! Your CrossFit day was YESTERDAY! and I had not logged in to read about it yet!

Wow. What a great workout. This just sounds like a wonderful place and a great opportunity to learn. I'm writing down your workout to give it a try on my own too. Always good to have something new to do. So was it better than you anticipated? Not quite as intimidating? It's really hard work though isn't it. The love hate thing right?

I recall that they do follow the Paleo diet. It's interesting. I don't know that I could completely go there. I'm close when I'm good but darn that Splenda I just can't give up the diet Coke just yet. (I know I know...)

Today I met with my trainer as well. Next week I move up to level 3 which is circuit training. Thanks goodness because these very slow reps are killing me. Lots of time under tension. One set feels like the completion of four sets. And my sense of control when rotating is pitiful during the last few reps. Okay, even during the first rep. I'm finding the challenge to be not just the physical exertion it takes to complete the movement or set but also the focus and concentration it takes to execute the movements with precision. OMG. Tough. Like a geek I wrote everything down along with all of the things I did wrong so I could practice them again later.

Anyway, glad to know that you had a good time. Off to study some more. Test is Friday at 10:00am. I'm either over prepared or I have no idea what I'm about to get into. But at least by noon on Friday, it's over and I can clean my bathroom. :rofl:

03-05-2009, 09:04 PM
The following novel is for Lydia, since she asked me to give every detail on the crossfit class. Feel free to skip, and let me know if this is bugging anybody, I can do a separate thread or something.

Lydia, lol! Clean bathrooms are overrated, I'm sure. I do the flylady(dotnet) thing with mine: less than 2 mins each morning keeps it from getting scary, at least. Good luck with your test! I'm sure you know your stuff and will do great!

Now, the Crossfit report from class #2:
I asked today about getting more of a warm-up, since last class I wasn't warmed up before the workout. I usually do about 10-15 mins of warm-up and some stretching when I do a workout, and the one we did first class just didn't loosen things up enough. Our trainer says she's building the warm-up over a few classes. Makes sense, since it's a beginner's class. Today we did a little more, but I hope she's building up to some stretching, otherwise I'm going to have to show up early and do my own warm-up before class. Today was another battle being too tight, so getting those deep squats was a challenge. :( No complaint against the class, really, as she's doing the right thing for someone who hasn't been working out at all, but I'm too old for a 5 minute warm-up!

The warm-up was 2 rounds of:
Run 200 meters
10 air squats (bodyweights squats)
10 ring rows (I did better today, harder angle and thumbs to my armpits every time!)
10 push ups (got ONE regular push-up, then had to do knees...the depth/chest to floor thing just sticks me to the floor and I can't push through it yet)
Okay, 2 times through that routine, then we took a pvc pipe and did shoulder dislocations, or I'm not sure if that's the right name...let me find a video...
okay, the first part of this video shows what we did, passing the pvc from front to back, and we did about 10 of those:
If you don't have windows media player, you can change the dotwmv to (dot)mov for the quicktime version.
The new skills portion:
- Learned deadlifts with a pvc pipe, then with a barbell and bumpers, light weight to work on form. The hardest part for me was that I learned to do this from a book, looking straight ahead the whole time, and the trainer wants the head to stay in alignment with the spine the whole time, so I kept messing up that part of it. One new point of this lift that I learned, didn't know before: she said the bar should be in line or a little behind the shoulder, not in front of it, so I had to straighten my legs a little more, butt up a little higher than I had been doing, to find the correct position. I'm really happy to be getting these kinds of details out of the class.
- Next we learned deadlifts with a medicine ball, which made for sort of a sumo deadlift stance and required a really deep squat. I had trouble keeping the curve in my lower back on this one...I just couldn't seem to keep control of my lower back half the time, hard to focus on those specific muscles, but she said that's pretty typical and that I'd get better control with time. This is where I feel I could benefit from a bit more of a warm-up and some pre-workout stretching, since my hams/glutes tend to be really tight without some stretching, though just not having a good mind-muscle connection was probably the biggest hurdle there. These were killer on the legs, just trying to keep the knees out, in line with the foot, as the (hip?) adductors just wanted to pull them in, so it was a constant struggle to keep all the components straight in my head: head in line with the spine throughout the movement, knees tracking in line with the foot, chest high/shoulders back, and trying to keep that low back curve at the bottom.
-Last we learned the press and push press with pvc, then again with just a 15 lb bar. I liked this one, since I didn't mess it up too bad, lol. It was hard to tell if I was really moving the bar with the dip-drive, or dipping, then pressing it, but I practiced more when I got home and think I finally got it right. I'm sure it will be easier with more weight on the bar.
The workout, 3 rounds of:
Run 200 meters
15 push press (dip drive, locked out overhead, shoulders in the ears)
15 medicine ball deadlifts (sumo stance, 14 lb ball)

My time was 13 mins and change. I had a lot of trouble with the medicine ball deadlifts so was not going fast on those. The 3.5 hrs of skate dance practice last night did not help, either, as my legs were dead before I started.
Last part was stretching again. Calf stretches and a stretch for the muscle/tendon on the outside of the thigh, I forget what she called it.

We did not discuss nutrition this time, but I think it's because I was the only one who showed up today...one guy had to substitute teach some middle schoolers today, one lady called in sick or something, the other lady had a mild heart attack and that's why she didn't make the first class either. I'm thinking, if she ever makes it to class, the workouts will do her in. ;) Only joking there, as I'm sure they'll scale it so as not to kill anybody.

Well, there you go...another novel giving the full crossfit report. :) I know what you mean about giving up your diet cokes. I've not had any withdrawal headache or anything, but drinking only water is, well, kinda boring! I miss my tea drinking habit, even if I don't miss the caffeine and sugar. :(

ETA: Sorry, forgot to answer your questions. I'm still pretty intimidated by all the work that is ahead of me, and the workouts themselves, lol, but excited at the same time. Everybody I've met so far at the crossfit gym has been super supportive and have made me feel welcome, and I love that! The trainer is great and seems to know her stuff, plus she's been at this a while which gives me confidence (they were one of the first affiliates). Watching the other clients work out, seeing their awesome form on the exercises and level of fitness, I'm totally confident that the instruction is worth every penny, so I will scrimp where I can to keep this going as long as possible, so I can learn as much as I can.

03-05-2009, 09:58 PM
Rabbit, here's a video of the ring rows. The further forward your feet, the harder it gets:
ring rows (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hQDr0v3Ceo)

03-05-2009, 10:09 PM
Now pick up one foot, Cheryl, and do the ring rows. Second set with the other foot held up. Now both feet!:devil: OK, that's when my clients knew I was kidding.

I have had a workout-less day and slothful eating.... Tired, lonely, bored and stressed. Bad combo. Back on track tomorrow after some sleep!

03-06-2009, 01:18 AM
Mel, I was all set to try the one foot thing, lol. Sorry you're having a bad day. Are you still at the conference?

03-06-2009, 06:38 AM
hi Cheryl,

Thanks a lot for the novel on day 2 of crossfit. I really appreciate your detailed info.

Also thnx a lot for finding me the video. I could totally arrange something like that on my open staircase, I'll just have to hunt out the rings from my kids swing set.. (but not immediately... I am currently preparing my paper for a conference in san jose in 2 weeks, and I'll not have time before I'm back again. OTOH I'm looking forward to a trip to a place with sun immensely!)

Me ..how are the bankers going? Did you find a gym and some decent food yet?


03-06-2009, 09:13 AM
Cheryl- the one foot thing is real. It's lifting two feet off the ground that was a joke!

OK, I am back on track. Did a 3 mile run this morning and asked for hardboiled eggs and fruit instead of the hotel breakfast buffet :) I take a one hour test in a few minutes, then pack up and head to the airport. :carrot::carrot::carrot:


03-06-2009, 09:31 AM
Good luck with your test Mel! (your probably already there.)

Hour and half till mine. I think I'm ready but you just never know...yesterday was a total wash for preparation. I woke up at 3:30 am with a UTI. I knew it would be almost impossible to see my general prac on such short notice, went to urgent care for antibiotics and spent the rest of the day fighting off a fever. Thankfully I had a good night sleep and I think I'm ready to go.

Cheryl, I'll come back to read your post in the afternoon. Right now my head is so full of numbers I'm afraid some of them will leak out if I read anything else. :lol3:

Have a great morning everyone. :coffee:

03-06-2009, 09:38 AM
Good luck with all the tests, guys!

03-06-2009, 12:05 PM
OK, I check out the hotel fitness room :rofl: 3 treadmills, 2 bikes, 1 elliptical and dumbbells up to 20 pounds and one set of 50 pounders. :p This is going to be a challenging week.

Hey Mel :wave: My curiousity is killing me! As a shameless Weight and Resistance Training forum lurker, I just have to know... what would you have liked to see in the hotel gym? And if it's not too much trouble, what's your workout look like? I have to get going with some lifting, I'm thinking of starting Body for Life.

P.S. Good luck with the test!

03-06-2009, 03:04 PM
:yay::dance: I passed! I passed!:dance::yay:

Passing score is a 550 I scored a 681. I think I did okay. :yes:

What was the first thing I did? called DH on the cell. Second thing, bought flowers for one of my GF who has been watching DS2 for the last week without my asking and DogFish 90 minute Ale for DH, chocolate for the boys. For myself, I'm going out with my girlfriends to celebrate. Hope not too late. I've got a yoga session I want to catch in the morning. ;)

Cheryl: Thanks so much for posting your report. It's a lot of work to type all that out but I really enjoyed reading it. It seems that we are both having a similar experience this month.

I am also find form difficult. There is so much to keep in your head and neurological connections that have to be made before it can be executed with more attention focused upon the strength involved in the exercises. That's why they always try to teach it with a very modest weight load right. I totally get that now.

I am also finding it very humbling that many of the things I thought I was doing correctly is also in need of improvement. So, yes, I have a little bit of the intimidation factor going too. It is not uncommon for my trainer to casually walk by me during the middle of one of his client sessions and mutter something like, "chest out and square it," or that's should be a knee flexion and not a hip extension. (don't ask, it's cable equipment could have been done both ways, :rolleyes:)

Really, I'm grateful for the advice. Just like you it has helped me more than I ever imagined to be in a place where people know what they are doing and are committed to passing it on. And yes, it is incredibly expensive. In my case I see it more as a cost of educating myself. Much less than the tuition I paid for my psych degree. :lol:

I would arrive to warm up a little longer too. It would really frustrate me if I knew my range of motion, ROM, was better but couldn't get into it because of an inadequate warm up. I find that the sun salutations in yoga really help me before and after my lifting. Just look for the downward dog and upward dog positions from Yoga Journal to get you started as well as a sun salutation series if you get the chance. Oh and squat before they make you squat. :lol: The bodyweight squat is great for warming up. :D

While reading your post about the pvc pipe and rotating forward and behing you I knew exactly which video you would refer to. Great video. I used it to find my grip for the overhead squat. Kind of fun.

All your lifting speak is making me consider the CrossFit affiliate here again. Even if it is 45 minutes away. Not now. Too much going on, but maybe next year. Geez, a whole year. But I'm coming up to spring (biking) and I just got an email from my biking buddy from last year. She's going to keep me busy too. All good though right.

Thanks for sharing your workout again!

03-06-2009, 03:56 PM
Congratulations Lydia!

I knew you'd do great and willl be a great trainer who never stops learning.

03-06-2009, 04:17 PM
:bravo: Lydia! How long a commute would it be for to have you for a trainer? :rofl: Finding a decent trainer is impossible in my little town - it's one of the short list of downside of living here. :) And I doubt there is a Crossfit location in the state!

We had another foot of snow yesterday/overnight! And DH has tendonitis in his elbow so guess who did shoveling for cardio yesterday? And a small amount again this morning, but most of it was light enough to use a broom. Only had to shovel the small berm left by our snowplower where the driveway meets the front walk. I am soooo ready for spring!

BUsy weekend of chores coming up, though I plan on hitting the gym on Sat. I'm leaving for a conference next Wed night, and won't be back til the following Mon night. Then DH leaves for New England two days later..... Our busy season is not over year. :lol:

Shannon in ATL
03-06-2009, 04:31 PM
Lydia - woo hoo! Congrats! Thanks for those warm up ideas suggestions - it wasn't me who mentioned it, but I will definitely use them! :)

Mel - hope your test went well!

Cheryl - I have to figure out a way to do those ring rows once I get back up to speed... And, I'm enjoying reading your crossfit details! :)

I did some cardio yoga yesterday for the first time since surgery and am feeling it in my arms today, so didn't do my scheduled weider workout this AM. Going to run today instead of tomorrow, Weider tomorrow instead of today, probably take Sunday off. Wow - I need a separate calendar to keep track of my exercise plans! :)

03-06-2009, 05:06 PM
:congrat: Lydia!!! Now what? Do you start applying for positions???

03-06-2009, 09:47 PM
:woohoo::congrat::cheers::cheer::celebrate::balloo ns::lifter:

There was never any doubt in my mind. You will be fantastic :hug::hug::hug::hug:

03-07-2009, 01:10 PM
Congratulations Lydia!

03-07-2009, 01:14 PM
Congrats Lydia!! :bravo:

03-07-2009, 03:42 PM
Hey thanks for all of the good wishes everyone. :goodvibes: Had a great time with my girlfriends last night and was in bed by 11:00 which is early for us. Plenty of time to rest for the yoga class. This particular class was a treat for me. Our regular yoga instructor, who is also very good, is at a conference for the next two weeks. Her replacement is my instructor from last June who taught the Ashtanga series. Great great class.

Fran: The what's next is two fold. The first I'm already doing, I'm working with the head trainer at my gym for an hour each week. The next step will be to submit the cover letter and resume. I know where I want to work its just getting the details of child care arrangements in order. I'm just really excited to begin this new chapter. Oh, and I'm sure there will be another certification involved this year too.

03-07-2009, 07:25 PM
Lydia - Congrats!

03-08-2009, 03:06 PM
Lydia, congratulations!! :celebrate: :woohoo: :celebrate:
Sorry to hear about you being sick. Sounds painful! Glad you were able to still make your test, though, and I hope you're feeling better today. I'll put the Crossfit report at the bottom, so folks don't have to sift through it if they want to skip it. There were other videos showing the shoulder dislocations with the pvc, but none really explained the whole thing of starting wide and moving the hands in a little each time, or where to stop. Speaking of the overhead squat, I can't wait to get some help with that one. I'm pretty sure I'm butchering the form all to heck.

Mel, I'll have to try the one foot thing, then. People are gonna laugh when I fall over, though. What do I do with my other foot, just raise it up a few inches off the floor, cross my feet, or what?

Rabbit, I think you will like the ring rows. I'm finding them easier already, and they're fun, actually. I do the hardest version I can until I can't get my thumbs to touch my armpit (currently about 9 in a row, up from 5 in a row the first day), then move my feet back a step and finish my set.
Okay, now for the Crossfit Report, feel free to skip:
Class #3/Saturday
Two of us showed up for this class, myself and the other lady in class, who I'll just call "D". D missed class on Thursday, so part of this class was spent catching her up on the deadlift and push press, while I moved on.

I showed up early, did some walking/jogging, then some ROM (range of motion, just moving all my joints to prepare them and get them lubed up), and stretching on my own.

The official warm-up was 2 rounds of the following:
10 air squats to a medicine ball (aka bodyweight squats)
10 push-ups
10 ring rows

Again, I find this lacking for my old self, so I'm glad I showed up early and got some stretching in first. I banged out the knee push-ups today in sets of 10, unbroken, so I'm getting better. Hopefully I'll be able to move to real push-ups soon.

New Skills:
1) Rowing:
Today we learned how to use the C2 Rower. Our mission was to work on perfecting the stroke, which was basically pushing with the legs first, then leaning back just a little, then pulling with the arms. We're supposed to do it smooth, and the rower display shows you a little graph of how smooth your stroke is. I kept getting something that had a spike at the top, like a triangle, and we were shooting for a nice smooth arc, more like a haystack. Our trainer, L, said the spike was from me pulling too hard with the arms. I worked at it, and got closer to the haystack graph, but I can see this will take some dedicated practice to master before upping the intensity/speed.

Humorous sidenote on the rowing: I've been playing with the rower at the Y for a while, doing 500 meters for 3 rounds during my usual warm-up, with the resistance set on 10. The trainer started us out with the resistance on 10, and after about 100 meters, asked if we were getting tired. I said no, and she looked disappointed, so next time she asked, I lied and said yes, since I could see she was gearing up for something. Then she revealed that the resistance was set on 10, and that she thought we should start with it set on 3 or 4. She adjusted it, and it was like rowing a piece of pvc pipe, lol. I didn't let on that it was too light, because I figured it couldn't hurt me to learn the stroke first, before upping the resistance again. I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to get the stroke smoothed out, so I will be playing with that in my own warm-up, if I can, or else go use the machines at the Y. The new stroke was definitely faster and easier on the back than what I was doing on my own. Very cool!

2) Deadlift and Push Press (review for me, new for D, who missed a class)
D had to learn these before moving on, so I played along and got to practice some more, always good. I think we fixed my deadlift form this time. L, the trainer, put me in a bit lower squat at the bottom, and that seemed to fix the rounded back issue. It's a bit painful, similar to the medicine ball deadlift experience of Thursday, but I'm sure it will get better quickly. I feel like the pre-warm-up I did before class and the stretching helped me, too. I didn't feel like I was hitting a wall with the hamstrings today.

3) Thrusters:
D wasn't ready for these, as she is weak in the squat, so I practiced these with a pvc while D learned the push press. Crossfit calls them thrusters, but this move is basically a front squat with a barbell (usually touching down to the medicine ball with your butt, to make sure you get the depth every time), you power up out of the squat (theoretically, lol) into a push press, and finish with the bar locked out overhead. Elbows were high for the squatting portion, then a little lower for the push press portion. It's supposed to be one fluid motion, exploding open with the hip, like you're trying to hurl the bar at the ceiling, brief pause locked out at the top, catch the bar in the front squat position, elbows up, front squat, explode up again, adjusting the elbows on the way up to facilitate the press overhead.

I got to use a barbell with weights for this one, one of the girly bars and bumpers to total 45 lbs. I thought I was all that! Those girly bars and bumpers make 45 lbs look a lot more impressive, IMO. :lol3: I got the form right maybe half the time. It was a lot to think about, and I kept forgetting what rep I was on during the workout later on.

The WOD (aka workout of the day):
3 Rounds for time of:
Row 200 meters
10 Thrusters w/45 lbs (for me, D did Push Press with the pvc)

My time was 9:44, and D beat me by about a minute. I was happy about that, since I didn't want to be that annoying jerk that is always first. I was having way too much fun with the rower, and every round I forgot to watch the distance, and ended up doing almost 300 meters before I realized I was supposed to switch. On the thrusters, I was so focused on form, I kept forgetting what rep I was on, but just made sure I did at least 10. I really wanted to keep going with those till it felt right.

After the WOD, we recorded our workout and times in our notebooks. We each got a notebook when we started, so we can record our progress and keep any notes we like. I'm going to start taking my own little calendar with me, since by the time I get home, it's hard to remember some of the details.

K showed up just as we were starting the stretching. He thought the class started at 10, instead of 9, poor guy. Poor L, too. She's having to do a lot of extra work, trying to catch these two up on what they missed, while still trying to give me the current class. We did a combination of the stretches from the first and second classes, and learned a new one. We talked about fish oil as a supplement, which L said is helpful for cardio performance, mainly, but has other health benefits that I've forgotten already...I think she said it's supposed to help lower cholesterol? Fuzzy on the details, sorry, but we were recommended to take one a day just to give it a try.

That's it! They had their usual Saturday group WOD for the experienced clients, right after our class. As I was getting ready to drive out of the lot, about 30 people came skipping out of the gym. Yes, grown men and women, skipping like school girls. This was hilarious to watch. They had to skip the length of the parking lot twice, or about 300 meters, total, before streaming back into the gym. This is the strangest gym I've ever seen, but you gotta love it. L was outside taking video of the spectacle, no doubt for blackmail purposes later on.

03-08-2009, 03:58 PM
Cheryl: Skipping. That is hysterical. Yet, I'm not surprised. :rofl: See, you too could be skipping soon.

Fish Oil is awesome. I take it too. There are so many benefits to taking it that I've forgotten most of them too. Here's a quick link to some of them if anyone is interested:

I take it mostly for the lowering of inflammation, heart benefits, and mood benefits. If it can only do half of what the claims state it's a good thing.

Great job with the rowing resistance. My rowing was never quite as smooth as I would have liked it to be. I certainly could have used some assistance is perfecting my form with that too. I learned by watching youtube videos that broke the movement up into phases. So of course I was thinking about the phases which I'm sure appeared in my rowing as a little less than smooth. :lol:

Love the girly bar description. Cheryl, you are all that! How fun. I would think I was pretty cool doing that too. :rofl:

Thanks again for the update. Hope everyone else is having a great weekend. It's a little dark here but warm for March. I've sent the boys outside all day today. I finally have the chance to clean my house since I've abandoned it for the last month. How nice to have a clean bathroom again. Wonder if I could expense a cleaning service while prepare for my next cert? :chin: :lol:

03-08-2009, 06:03 PM
Lydia, glad you are getting some warm weather. We've had snow and rain today, but nothing serious. My boy is getting out anyway, taking a bike ride, on a mission for donuts (lol...poor kid is suffering from sugar deprivation), and to go to the library to play on the computer.

Speaking of supplements, anybody here use creatine or similar supplements?

03-08-2009, 08:46 PM
Happy Sunday everyone! :wave:

Cheryl, I love reading about your Crossfit workouts. If I ever move back to America for any length of time I'd love to find a crossfit gym!

I take fish oil too. Started out with the otc stuff, and now take a prescription level. My doc is convinced the stuff works miracles. We'll see at my next checkup at the end of April. I do find that when I take them regularly, I have no issues with um, irregularity. :lol:

I have a lovely new desk here in my home office. I ordered it about 6 weeks ago (when we were carpeting) and the guy brought it and installed it yesterday. I've spent a good deal of today getting the computer set back up with all its attendant parts and WIRES! OMG the wires.... and plugs.... There's the tower, the monitor, keyboard and mouse, the printer, the speakers, then the DSL modem, the wireless router, and the DTV thingy (our TV service is delivered over the phone lines somehow (it's all magic to me). All these things have their own electric cords, cords to the PC or each other and trying to set them up so they are not a big tangle...... I suppose this is not a unique problem but sure an annoying one.

Still cold here. Zero when I got up, and probably in the mid-teens by now. The big excitement around these parts is the Iditarod Dog Sled Race that started yesterday. Well, that was the ceremonial start in Anchorage. The real start is today in Willow, which is about 60 miles north of Anchorage. The race is 1,000 miles to Nome, and takes, on average, 10 days. Lots of web coverage if you're interested. We follow it casually, but I'm always amazed how much other people, nationally and internationally are consumed by it. I'm reading a just published book, a Brit mystery, and it mentions the race (nothing to do with the story, just to make a point in the characters' conversation).

Lydia, I'd go for the housecleaner. At least around here, a clean bathroom makes a happier DH. :)

03-08-2009, 09:39 PM
If I ever move back to America for any length of time I'd love to find a crossfit gym!

LOL Pat!! :lol3:

Willow, AK, why does that sound familiar? Oh wait, goes with Bristol & Track, right? Is your governor racing this year?

03-08-2009, 09:52 PM
Another fish oil taker here. One of the few supplements I take on a regular basis.

Another skipper too. Great part of a dynamic warmup! Not like a schoolgirl though. Like a linebacker before a game. Real men skip! Dammit!

By the way, Alaska seceded from the United States? We'll have none of that. Now if California wants to leave, that's fine.

03-09-2009, 08:19 AM
What a fishy group! Count me in. I also take l-glutamine and a pile of other daily vitamins.

Cardio done. OF COURSE our main TV died last night because we bought a used car on Saturday. I hated sharing with my son! But the timing is too predictable. Cardio this morning was with my ipod instead of my usual fare of blood and gore (reruns of CSI and SVU). Fine for a few mornings, but it's the only time I get to watch TV and I'm not looking forward to music every morning.

Lifting at lunch and seeing a chiropractor. Probably not the best combination, but my shoulder/neck issues are not going away.

The BFL crew is 1/2 through a 12 week challenge! Reading through the threads, it looks like you all are having GREAT results! :bravo:


03-09-2009, 04:11 PM
Pat, there's one in Anchorage. For AK, that's practically next door! ;) I forgot about the Iditarod this year. I should check online and see how it's going.

Depalma, I don't think I've done any skipping since I was a kid. I'll have to try it when nobody is looking. I've been trying to learn to jump rope again. That is more of a challenge than I remembered!

Mel, my new secret to long cardio is audio books from the library. Lately, I'm listening to all the Stephanie Plum (character name) mysteries. The characters are pretty entertaining. Maybe an alternative to music for you. :)

Sounds like the fish oil is definitely worthwhile. I've got it on my costco shopping list for next time. I'm thinking of trying the Kre Alkaline (creatine type stuff), too. I thought it was just for puffing up bodybuilders, but apparently it helps with performance and strength gains, so it might help me survive the crossfit experience, lol.

Took a rest day, yesterday. Today I'm planning to head to the Y to get some more practice in on the rower, and to play with the assisted pull-up machine.

03-09-2009, 05:28 PM

From what I've read, which is limited (on a mostly guy's bodyweight forum), creatine does help pump up the muscle, but by a mechanism that makes the muscle hold more water. When you stop taking it, the pump goes away also.
I think it's generally considered safe, so it doesn't hurt to try, but the effects could only be temporary. Do some more research. I'm sure there's info out there.

Sounds like you're enjoying your Crossfit workouts.
Have fun :)

03-09-2009, 06:32 PM
DDC, I did some more research yesterday on it. My pal on 3FC recommended it, and said the Kre Alkaline doesn't have the drastic bloaty effect of the regular creatine. I did some checking on the crossfit message board, and it seems like a lot of folks use creatine in some form, and have found it beneficial for recovery and a performance boost, which is more what I'm interested in. Supposedly it's not harmful, so I figured I'd give it a try and see if it makes a positive difference.

03-09-2009, 08:08 PM
Willow, AK, why does that sound familiar? Oh wait, goes with Bristol & Track, right? Is your governor racing this year?

Fran :rofl: No, it was her DH that race snowmachines in the Iron Dog - and he did race this year but didn't win. Daughter is now giving talks on teens waiting to have sex?! Huh?? :lol:

Hey Depalma, we are an independent lot up here - we always refer to the lower 48 states at America, or Outside! :)

Cheryl - Anchorage? Really? Ohhh, I may have to take a field trip......

Frantically busy day in a busy short week. Leaving Wed night for a conf through Monday. I have way too much to do both at home and work. I need to check if my hotel has Wi-Fi so I can check in with 3FC when I'm not so rushed.

03-10-2009, 12:53 PM
Mel, my new secret to long cardio is audio books from the library. Lately, I'm listening to all the Stephanie Plum (character name) mysteries. The characters are pretty entertaining. Maybe an alternative to music for you. :)

If you run into a problem getting some of the books from the library, I have several of them on CD, and a couple as MP3 files. I'd be happy to give them to you. I have the Plum Lucky on the hard drive here at work, and I think I have books 1-4 at home on CD.

I love her writing, but I'd be afraid to work out while listening to it, usually it makes me laugh til I cry at least once a book. DH bought me a RangeMan t-shirt for Christmas, and I swear I get a better workout when I wear it. ;)

Shannon in ATL
03-10-2009, 04:02 PM
From reading back I guess I need to buckle down and start taking fish oil... I currently take a Weight Management multivitamin, but am thinking about switching to a regular vitamin. Any suggestions?

I got up this morning and worked out on the Weider for an hour, did some cardio yoga yesterday morning, ran at the park yesterday afternoon, feeling pretty good so far! We'll see if I can get out of the bed tomorrow morning or if I've overdone it these two days! :)

Pat - enjoy your conference! :)

Mel - chiropractor help any yesterday?

Depalma - I can't envision the linebacker skip... I am intrigued by it though... :)

Cheryl - DH sporadically uses a creatine supplement, I'll ask him tonight which one and if he likes it.

Have a good day everyone!

03-10-2009, 04:17 PM
Dixie, and others. The library where I work offers downloadable audiobooks for free! You can download them to your home PC and then transfer to MP3 or iPod (though the iPod selection is limited). I do this and I also buy audiobooks from audible . com. I also listen to books on CD (from the library) in my car all the time. (Hello! My name is Pat and I'm an audiobook-aholic :rofl: )

But, oh a Rangeman t-shirt - I have an employee who would absolutely love one of those....

Another busy day here, but not as bad as yesterday. Why do short weeks have more work in them???

03-10-2009, 06:25 PM
I didn't know there was a Rangeman t-shirt. :love: I need one!

Dixie, yes, it can be dangerous to listen to that while lifting...I tried it once, and was laughing so hard on the DB presses that I couldn't lift at all. I switched to some babykiller music so I wouldn't drop a DB on my face. However, if I'm just doing a long slow run, it's fine. I am usually not in danger of killing myself while running. So far, I haven't had any trouble getting the books I want, but thanks for the offer. I'm trying to listen to them in order now, and am on number 3, with 4 and 5 already on order from the library.

Pat, ditto! My sister got me into it, and now I'm hooked. I love being able to listen to a book while I'm driving or doing some mundane chore or project. It's the only thing getting me through painting the pantry. -- The crossfit affiliate in Anchorage is "Crossfit Alaska" I think, and I bet google can dig up the website for you. All the affiliates seem open to folks dropping in for a free "check it out" workout, or just to watch a workout, if you call or email first, so maybe if you have business in Anchorage, you could do that.

Shannon, thanks, I'd appreciate any personal experience feedback I can get. I bought my fish oil tablets today. :)

Speaking of supplements, has anybody tried the Whey protein Isolate from Costco? I forgot to look at the brand name, but I'm curious if anybody has personal experience with that one. It was a large plastic jar with a gold label, I think, or brown, and was $21 something, I think. I've been using the EAS stuff in the purple bag, but was thinking of switching to the whey isolate to give it a try.

The Crossfit report follows, feel free to skip:

Class #4/Tuesday:

My personal pre-warmup:
Got there about 20 mins early, took a walk, ROM (moving all the joints, especially my shoulders and ankles which crunch like mad if I don't), stretched, did a slow run, stretched some more. Back to the gym, rowed for a few minutes, stretched some more.

The official warm-up:
500 meter row, since K needed to learn the rower. My stroke was much improved today!

Then 2 rounds of:
10 air squats (bodyweight)
10 push-ups
10 sit-ups

I thought she said 3 rounds, so I got a little bonus on the warm-up here, lol.

New Skills/Skills Practice:
1) Deadlift (barbell), I did 3, nailed it, even remembered to keep my head in line. L (the trainer) says we can start adding weight to mine next time. :carrot: (been using 65 lbs for the training phase)
2) Jumping Pull-ups. :faint: This was much more complicated than I thought. L taught us the beginning of the kipping swing, with our feet on a plyo box, so we practiced just the swing first. Forward and back, while standing on the box. Next we were supposed to swing forward, jump to a pull-up. I wasn't too good at this transition. Next we did swing forward, jumping pull-up, push away from the bar at the top, so that launches us back into that forward swing...theoretically this becomes a smooth combination at some point, lol! We also practiced them without the box. Hanging from the bar with just my bodyweight was harder than expected. I didn't drop off, but really wanted to!
3) Brief description/demo of the walking lunge, trailing knee touches the floor each time.

The WOD: (workout of the day)
3 Rounds for time of:
Run 200 meters
10 walking lunges
10 jumping pull-ups (with the evil swing and everything...sucked!)

My time was 11:33, or something like that. I made good time on the running and lunges, otherwise I could have been there all day. The jumping pull-ups just did not want to come together for me. Finally, on the last set, it was like a switch clicked over, and I nailed about 6 in a row with the swing and everything!

Also, if you want to be impressed, I got my first official crossfit blister today! It wasn't bleeding, so I'm not ALL that, but still, I ripped it right open during the pull-ups, so it's a milestone!

The walking lunges were an NSV for me, since this time last year, I could not do lunges at all without pain, much less all the way to the floor! They used to just kill my leading knee, but gave me no pain at all today!

Today we learned to use the foam rollers! A torture device from heck! But, in a good way. We started out sitting on it, like sitting on a log around the campfire. We put our hands behind us (without falling off, theoretically), then walked our hands backward, letting our legs roll over top of the roller. If we hit a sore spot, we were supposed to stop and let it sit there for 10 seconds or so, then go back and roll it again, till it didn't feel like a knot anymore. We also learned to roll our backs, butts, and quads. We all loved the rollers and suggested that should be our workout on Thursday, lol.

---That is it for the crossfit class report. One note from the homefront on this paleo zone diet they've got us on: I've lost 4.8 lbs since last Weds! I was already eating pretty clean, and I'm not even religiously good on this new diet. The only change I've made is to add an extra serving of protein, then added fat to every meal, like a tablespoon of olive oil for cooking my meat/fish, or a tablespoon of peanut butter that I just eat as part of my snacks. It doesn't make sense to me, but the scale is going crazy, and with all the protein I'm taking in, I can't see how it could be a lot of muscle weight. :chin:

03-10-2009, 07:50 PM
Oh Cheryl! I couldn't even run while listening to a Stephanie Plum novel. I've read all of them and I would fall off the treadmill of fall down laughing :rofl:

I listened to audiobooks for a while, but I tend to slow down with them.

My chiro appointment is tomorrow :dizzy: I now have 2 numb fingers....something is not good!

Did a leg workout and WALK today. Boy is walking boring, but I doubt that impact is good for me right now :(


03-10-2009, 10:21 PM
DD wrote an essay on Stephanie Plum for her English class (it was a free essay) and her teacher asked her, "If you were stuck on a desert island, would you rather be there with Ranger or Morelli?" DD, being a classic 16 yo said, "Edward from Twilight."

Her teacher pointed out, "If you were with Ranger, you wouldn't be stuck on a desert island." :lol: I like her teacher. She is irreverant and practical!

03-10-2009, 10:43 PM
Wow, Mel. Two numb fingers too. I'm worried about this for you too. I'm so glad that you are having this checked out. Let us know if you discover what is causing this.

Cheryl: So they teach this kipping pull up in phases. How fun. I would love to do these but would probably have a tough time transitioning the movements too. But great job on your last set!

Blisters are cool as long as they don't hurt. (smile) Monday morning I met someone who received a gold medal for the Philippine single stick fighting at The Arnold and a bronze for the double stick fighting. He works at the coffee shop that my DH frequents. After introductions I shook his hand and he winced a little then showed me the underside of his palm. That brother had some pretty disgusting blisters and they should have been wrapped. Of course being the doctor Mom that I am I promptly told him this as well. :lol: Seriously, I myself had just come from the gym and was covered in who knows what with my own hands. Blech.

Oh, and congratulations on your success with the Paleo diet. Wow. Really, just adding a little more protein and fat did this. Seriously. I have to think that the workouts are helping this too. Whatever the cause, good for you. Don't you just love those little extra perks of doing something new.

I meet with my trainer tomorrow for my hour long session from ****. Honestly though, it is working. I've been doing the weighted walking lunges that I despised during my last session. The end result was a much better squat session on Monday. Much more control and able to sit at the bottom for a longer count before driving back up. Its been a while since I've felt anything in my quads post workout as well so something is working.

Have a great evening everyone.

03-10-2009, 11:44 PM
Lydia, it's a puzzlement to me. I'm sure the whole change up in workouts is helping, too. So, Dr. Mom and Supreme Lifting Chick, what do I do with my blister on Thursday? Can I tape over it with athletic tape, because I know she's going to make us do those pull-ups for the rest of our lives now. Or do I put chalk on it and quit my whining? It's NBD for lifting, but I know it's going to rub raw on those kips next time. :chin:

03-11-2009, 08:22 AM
Cheryl, I would tape them to be comfortable and clean. You don't want to let the pain of an open wound preventing you from getting the most out of the workout. Would lifting gloves help? Just wondering if you were wearing them or if they would just get in the way.

Good luck tomorrow.

03-11-2009, 12:57 PM
Lydia, I'll try the tape, since I've had no luck finding a decent pair of gloves for lifting. I have relatively short fingers, so the lifting gloves I tried, and all I could find were padded ones, made it even harder to grip, because I couldn't close my grip all the way.

I only got one blister on my thumb, because I normally use a monkey grip for pull-ups, but the trainer wants us to put the thumb around the bar, so it was just a new rub spot for me. I'm also going to use the chalk right off next time, which should help. I spent some time last night watching all the crossfit "how to" vids on the kipping pull-up. It makes a little more sense to me now. :D

03-11-2009, 03:01 PM
I spent some time last night watching all the crossfit "how to" vids on the kipping pull-up. It makes a little more sense to me now. :D

Great idea. I had to smile at this. Do you ever find yourself pausing for a moment and thinking: Wait. I just spent how much time watching (insert video of exercise you are trying to master) and amused that you could be so engrossed in a hobby that traditionally is not something women were encouraged to embrace. I do.

I may be wrongfully transferring upon others my personal perspective. When I was in my twenties these experiences just weren't an option for me. I thought about it. A lot. But unfortunately, my boyfriend, now husband, had no interest in joining a gym. I recall a Golds Gym had opened close to my house while in college. I wanted so badly to join but it really felt more like a male dominated environment and being in my early twenties I just didn't have the strength in character to walk in there by myself much less hold my own in the free weight section. :lol:

My how things change. And you know what. I am so much better for this. I'm glad that I eventually found my own way into the gym and strength training! It's all mine! I don't have to give credit to anyone else for "introducing" it to me. I wanted it, I learned it, and I did it. There's a lot to say about developing your own personal interests.

Which reminds me, I had my session today. I got taken to school on my back squat. :devil: Seriously. I think that today's session my have just paid for itself in what could have been future med bills for my knees.

In the past, I used a wide stance in my back squat with toes pointed out. I was mindful about chest up and out and glutes back first and the knee staying in line with the toe. Got all that. Here's something new I learned. I can squat with a more athletic stance, more narrow than my wider stance, toes angled out only 10 degrees. When I go down it's still a movement at the hips out first but here's what's different that is going to save me, he encouraged me to allow my knees. It's not just the knees that move out though. I can feel the tension in the inside of my thighs release a little as I get a little more openness in the hips doing this movement. It's a very different feeling than what I had done before. I'm sure I'm not explaining this well. It is something I'm going to play with a little. I don't think I'll be able to squat quite as heavy using this stance right out of the gate either. This was much more demanding on my glutes, hamstrings and quads.

I also got to do pull ups with a false grip today. Don't get too excited. I used a band to help support me. The first set were a breeze. Big band. He asked if it was too easy and I had to tell the truth. Next band was 1/4 the width and immediately I could tell the difference. After about four reps this goose was cooked and he had to assist me with the remaining four. :rolleyes: But fun, fun. There were some overhead presses in there too with an oly bar. Not too tough but by the second set my max was 7 reps. He had to spot me for the last one. My form broke. :^:

Oh, and we did this thing called "Peter Pans" with a Freemotion cable equipment. Literally felt like you were flying from side to side as you pulled the weight toward your chest. Fun. But not for the inhibited, introverted person that I am. Really. I made him demo it twice. :devil: But I got the hang of it and had fun. Just going to save that one for when the place is empty. :lol: I can't let anyone actually see me giggling as I do that exercise.

Have a great afternoon everyone!

03-11-2009, 04:22 PM
Lydia, your post seemed to be missing a few words, but do you mean letting the knees out to the side a little? If so, there's been some discussion of that on the crossfit site, since Mark Rippetoe put out an article about it. It might be one of the freebie articles...I can track it down if you like. He still has the knee tracking over the foot, just widens the stance a bit and toes out a bit more than is traditional for a back squat, or more than what I got from my studies at home. That's helped me get a deeper squat myself, though I have to work hard to keep my knees from getting pulled inward at the bottom. I've noticed that our trainer has use toeing out on just about everything, even deadlifts, which I'd never done before. I'm getting used to it, though. It's not a drastic angle, just that I had a pretty straight stance on deadlifts and upper body stuff like push press. :shrug:

Ooh, false grip pull-ups...was that harder than the regular grip? Were you on rings or a bar? Inquiring minds need more info! ;)

I was going to pick up some day old chick(en)s today, but the feed store didn't get the ones I wanted, so maybe next week. It's for the best, anyway, since I forgot to set up the brooder this week...helps if you get the temperature right before you plop chicks in there, so they don't freeze or get cooked.

So, today I'm painting the pantry (more Stephanie Plum to the rescue, lol). This has been the worst painting project ever. The paint I bought is crap, my roller was jammed up and wouldn't roll for some reason, so was just smearing the paint, and it's taken about 5 coats to get coverage. I've got one more to go in some spots, but am very hopeful of being done with this frickin' project today. I really want to get shelves in there and get all the dry goods off my countertop!

Okay, break's over. Back to work!

03-11-2009, 04:55 PM
I am so loving these exercise discussions - makes me feel like a real wuss. :) Cheryl, I will be looking for the Anchorage location. Not that (a) I'm ready for these workouts, or (b) I'd be willing/able to drive to Anchorage with any regularity, but it still would be fun.

I'm off tonight til Monday night at a library conference on the lovely (not) island of Kodiak. At least the temps there are in the 40's and there's no rain in the 5 day forecast. The hotel lists all these lovely amenitites
relax in one of our bedrooms complete with pillowtop beds and free wireless internet access. All of our rooms offer DVD players, a microwave, mini refrigerator, hair dryers and coffee maker, and many of our rooms offer a 32" LCD TV and make-up mirrors. For your convenience, we provide a business center complete with computer, internet, printer and copier, and freezer space for fish and game meat. At the Best Western Kodiak Inn we also have a BBQ station and outside hot tub in a gazebo. Please enjoy the Chart Room Restaurant and Lounge that is on-site, and available for room service.

Notice there's NO sort of exercise room. I'll have to rely on walking between the various venues as cardio so I at least get some exercise. I guess I could dig out my resistance bands - they'll fit in my suitcase.

Happy painting Cheryl! Not a project I'm fond of. But, oh, you're getting baby chickens? We had chickens for several years, and DH has talked about having them again, but since we've done nothing about a space for them, I'm guessing it'll be next year..... I love having all those fresh eggs. Since all of our eggs arrive on a barge they're seldom fresh. I can buy fresh ones sometimes for $4/dozen.

Shannon in ATL
03-11-2009, 05:23 PM
Pat - well, it definitely sounds like what I would expect from an Alaskan hotel... Freezer space for fish and game meat, no health club. :) Just teasing! Is the freezer availability because it is a place where people do a lot of hunting and fishing I guess?

I'm totally feeling like a wuss from reading Lydia & Cheryl's exercise posts! And, I also think my squat stance is wrong, now, too! :o I need to find a video and to put a mirror in my garage so I can see me...

No Weider today, going for a run on the way home and then some cardio yoga while DH works on a song playlist for a wedding Saturday. I find that I feel as much, more sometimes, from the yoga poses as I do from the Weider exercises. Hmm...

Good day everyone!

03-11-2009, 06:26 PM
Is the freezer availability because it is a place where people do a lot of hunting and fishing I guess?

Oh, totally, SHannon. It's an area known for world-class hunting and fishing, in the summer/fall, of course, not now in snow/mud season. :lol: Which of course is why the conference is now - we can get better rates for hotels, and librarians are not normally well paid, esp in small, rural places like a lot of our towns/villages.

03-11-2009, 07:35 PM
it's taken about 5 coats to get coverage
:eek: Cheryl, try Benjamin Morre "aura" line. It's the most expensive paint I ever used, but covers in 1 coat, doesn't rub off ever, and is odorless. Worth every penny!

I've been loving the exercise discussions too. I forget the excitement of newness. I started lifting in grad school, when we females were banished to "the women's weight room"...a 12X12 room in the basement of the Michigan State Gym with a few bars, dumbbells, and plates! I think there were about 6 of us who used it. How sad.

OK Lydia, you need to find a youtibe demo of those Peter Pans!

Cardio only for me today- I had a client meeting that went through lifting time and I'm too darned exhausted now. Kudos to those of you who do evening workouts!


03-11-2009, 08:23 PM
Mel: Have you done these? You kind of do a jump to a lunge to the side while pulling the cable down into your chest and then propel yourself back up to the other side and land in a bent knee lunge pulling the other arm to your chest. I have looked for youtube videos of the Peter Pan thing but all I found was pole dancing. I was not doing that! But wow, they were kind of fun. (my exercise, not the pole dancing videos :s: I'm glad they are part of the program and not something that I just invented. That means I'll get to watch others have fun doing these too. :lol:

So Mel, how did your visit with the chiropractor go? Was it this afternoon?

Cheryl: Yep, editing mistake. Great lead up and then I dropped the line. He encouraged me to let the knees to fall out to the side. Is that what you do too? Anyway, I thought he was nuts. I had to stop myself from countering why I do what I do and just shut up and try it. But you know, it worked and it feels much more controlled. :light: Who knew? And yeah, I can get a lot lower with it too. Although he encouraged me NOT to go as low as I possibly can. I need to work on keeping my shoulders pulled back a little tighter at the very bottom and keeping the weight in the heels and just a little on the sides instead of the ball of my feet. I was impressed that he could tell with those big Brooks shoes I have on. :lol:

Oh, the pullups were on a bar. I'm going to keep working on these things too. I have to get better at this. So pathetic. The false grip was more challenging than the underhanded grip I prefer to use. But really, I need to become stronger with this anyway. Let me tell you though they superset the pullups with the Peter Pan move and by the time I had the second set in of these two exercises my forearms were toast. That's when he requested the overhead presses with an Oly bar. :rolleyes:

Shannon: I can also credit yoga for kicking my butt every Saturday morning. It's a different animal but takes just as much out of me for the rest of the day. I always come home cold and in need of a shower and hot food. I love to end the week with it. The alternative is a BYA class and yep, I'll do it again but I really have to gear up for all that.

Pat: Well, it looks like you will need to be creative without a workout room. Is there a community center or fitness center you could frequent for the week? If not, maybe do some tabata squats to get your heart rate up and take the bands or maybe a exercise DVD and a mat. At least you can keep food in your room so you won't have to rely only upon what may be in the restaurant. Good luck. Oh and wireless access. Youtube!

All of you Body for Lifers would have loved the dinner in my house tonight. Caution: this could happen soon to you too. Straight from the cookbook I made the Buffalo Chicken. It was a three ounce chicken breast set on the end of his full sized dinner plate. On another plate I had a selection of fresh fruit. So DH looks at it and says, "Honey, I think my plate is dirty." Wait...that's my dinner. Oh. Then later he cracks with how the "roasted sparrow" was really quite tasty." I must say, before I adopted this style of eating I really was a fantastic cook. That was the problem. ~sigh~ Now I just think along the lines of protein and carb. Done. I forget that DH isn't seeing it the same way I do. :^: Kids thought it was hysterical to see Mommy shoot dt soda through her nose after Dad's very serious delivery of the joke. Dork.

03-12-2009, 03:52 PM
Just popping by to tell that I'll be on a business trip to san jose over the next 10 days, so I'll be partially MIA. I am told they have this strange phenomenon called " Sun", and after a lot of rain rain and rain here I'm totally ready for it. I have packed my resistance bands but i think i will not do all that much. I'm also putting BFL on hold for 2 weeks.

Have a great day all,

03-12-2009, 05:54 PM
If you have a pantry, you are not allowed to complain! I would kill for a pantry. I don't have any and my kitchen is the most dysfunctional one in Northern America.


Shannon in ATL
03-12-2009, 05:59 PM
Well, DH was out last night helping a buddy with a project, so I decided to do over an hour of yoga and 12 mins of tabata sequences after already being a little tired from the five mile run at the park. Instead of the yoga programs I knew I went for "Yoga Power Sculpt" which turned out to be a lot of plank, side plank, downward dog and dancing warrior series. Yowch. I rolled to a side plank late in the program and my elbow fell right out from under me... So, this morning I was having nothing to do with getting up for my scheduled Weider workout. I'm hoping to get it in tonight while DH & DSS eat dinner, but I'm not holding out a lot of hope. That is going to mean that I either take today off and workout on my planned Sunday off day, or I have two days off this week... Darnit... :o

03-12-2009, 06:33 PM
Here, I thought I'd share my view from yesterday with those of you who are still in the cold, snow and/or rain:


03-12-2009, 06:39 PM
Lydia, I had to try it to see. I'd say yes, though they're still tracking in line with the foot the whole time. I've just changed my stance, I think, so it's a bit more toed out, and not as wide a stance...it's just the "jump and land" stance, not much wider than hip width apart. It was a little strange at first, but is much more comfortable than what I was doing before, and I can get a lot deeper without losing the low back now.

Rabbit, enjoy your vacation! Sun, huh? I've heard of that...somewhere. :chin:

Mel, thanks for the paint recommendation. I bought what I thought would be good paint, sure paid enough for it, but it just would not cover to save my life. By the time I figured it out, though, I'd used half the can, so figured I'd finish the job. Next time, though, I'll go for the best I can find, and probably a shade darker, just to be safe!

The Crossfit report will have to wait. I hear my sister just pulled up for her lunch break, so I'd better go visit!

03-12-2009, 06:42 PM
Aw, Dixie, that is just cruel!!!!! But enjoy!

No cardio today, the chiropractor rescheduled me for 7 am this morning :fright: He has an intern and it took twice as long to do the assessment. I'm all for teaching, but they were using up MY time!!!!! Hopefully he can help. My head was in traction this morning and I've been told to do no overhead anything including pull ups. I will be jello by the time this thing heals. :(

Shannon-Are you sore today? How is you elbow?

Rabbit- enjoy the SUN!

03-12-2009, 07:53 PM
The Crossfit Report follows, feel free to skip!

Class #5/Thurs

I got another "private" lesson today, since D and K did not show up for class. Had a client who was late dropping her dog off for boarding, which made me about 3 mins late for class start time, so I didn't get to do my usual pre-warmup.

The Warm-up:
Walk/Run 400 meters, plus I got in some stretching, since nobody was looking, lol.

3 Rounds of:
10 air squats
10 push-ups
10 sit-ups

A few minutes of shoulder dislocations with the pvc stick.


New Skills:
1) The Push Jerk with a girlie bar. These are one of my faves, and I actually was doing these right on my own...bonus! We did a round of press/push press/push jerk, since that's a pretty typical crossfit workout combo. I also learned to dump the bar from overhead, which was very noisy, but strangely satisfying!

2) Knees to Elbows (KTE), or my version, which was knees as high as they would go, lol. Had to do this hanging from the pullup bar. My grip and shoulders were killing me already. Still not used to that wider pull-up grip.

3) Pull-ups with a band. After only a few dozen attempts, I got one. Lots of practice and some steroids needed here, lol.


The WOD:

3 Rounds for time of:
Row 200 meters
10 DB Push Jerks (2x20 lbs)
10 KTE (or knee raises, in my case)
Time: 13:49 The knee raises were the hardest.


The usual leg stretches, and one new one to help my sore glutes (the foam roller crippled my butt! lol)

And that is it for today's crossfit report. The boy and I are hitting the Y tonight. He will swim, I am hoping to practice the pull-up swing some place, probably hit the assisted pull-up machine, just to try and keep the hope alive, and want to go by the Super Supplements store to see if they have a halfway decent price on the Kre Alkalyn, so I don't have to order it online.

Shannon in ATL
03-12-2009, 08:07 PM
Dixie - that was cruel... beautiful, but cruel... I've got spring weather here, but the beach would be so much better... :)

Mel - I am sore today, actually. More in the right shoulder than the right elbow I fell on, the elbow is more stiff than sore. I'm thinking I am going to skip any serious exercise tonight and do some stretches while the boys take a bath. 7am chiropractor? Wowie. How are you feeling now?

Cheryl - your workouts wear me out just reading them! :)

Have a good trip Rabbit!

03-12-2009, 09:56 PM
Cheryl: I forgot about the knee to elbow. Again. Only something I would dare try for the first time if no one else is in the room. :rofl: I've got a list of these kinds of things and it is long.

Shannon: Be careful with those later day/evening yoga classes. :devil:

Mel: I hope that you will find some relief soon. I'm sending some healing thoughts your way. :goodvibes: :yoga: :goodvibes:

Dixied: Honestly. Thank you! I really enjoyed the photo.

This weekend I'm off to visit my grandmother. She has requested to see "The Girls." That would be my sister and I. The downside is that I'm going to miss my Saturday morning yoga class with one of my favorite instructors. However, when Grandma says it's time to come for a visit, we go. No questions asked...but if she tells me that my ankles look swollen again I'm not going to be held accountable. :lol3:

03-13-2009, 09:21 PM
Lydia, have a good visit!

Spent the morning at the waterfront today. It was sunny and 40-ish, which is nice and warm spring weather for us. Ran dogs with a few friends, about 5 miles, then Gracie (my dog) and I did about 3 more on our own, stopping for a long break at the beach for Grace to swim (or her version: wading).

Shannon, I understand. They're wearing me out, too!

I'm thinking, when I get enough training where I can do the olympic lifts on my own without killing myself, I might have to do a cycle of regular bodypart splits for a few weeks, or I might go back to what I was doing before, which was some "regular" lifting and some crossfit days. Some times, I just want to lift weights, and not have all the cardio and racing against the clock bits, KWIM? Plus, don't tell my CF trainer, but I actually like doing some isolation work, just cuz it's fun. I mean, IMO, doing skull crushers or preachers after a heavy lifting session is kinda fun, cryin' for my mama and all. ;) Plus, I can just crank the tunes, and it's not a race...it's peaceful, IMO.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only nut on the planet (of lifting) that likes functional fitness stuff AND can still appreciate the BB style of lifting. :shrug: Seems like people like one and think the other is worthless, but I like both. I like working for functional fitness goals, and I also wouldn't complain if I looked more impressive than I really am. :D

03-13-2009, 10:03 PM
Hi all, I'd like to join in...posted three years ago under the name artmaker, but then somehow got busy, and started again last week under new name. Am a personal trainer, specializing in senior fitness, and do a lot of work in senior residences as well as having my own clients. At age 66, have cut back on the heavy lifting, now try to stick to toning and don't go above 10-15 lbs on my heavy days. Do alot with Smart Bells, which I use like kettlebells, as well as for lifting. I like the way their curved shapes conform to the body.

Hope that posting here will help me stick to my personal routines...working with seniors, mainly with chair exercises, I definitely don't get enough lower body work. That's why I like the kettlebell routines, or the functional fitness ones I do with the smart bells.

Also, at my age, and starting to get a little creaky around the joints with arthritis, have been trying to add a lot of flexibility and stretching...like the Ellen Barrett dvds for light days.

03-13-2009, 10:09 PM
Cheryl: That is exactly where I am too. I like both worlds. It's why I insist upon keeping elements of my upper and lower split. For me, lifting can be a form of meditation while I zone out with my music. When I'm learning new things it really zaps me physically and cognitively until I get the movement down. Sometimes you just need to mindlessly zone out and push out a few reps without any other goal than keeping your mind in a muscle somewhere.

Jivinandthriving: :welcome: We must have been posting at the same time.

03-13-2009, 10:25 PM
Jive - welcome back. There's 2 more of us marylanders here - nelie is in rockville and i'm in the next county east of you. I'm in the midst of a BFL challenge at week 7, there's a few of us working thru that, and a few of us doing our own things. The cross section of the world of lifting is great for us to all learn and share. Looking forward to seeing more posts from yoU!

Well, the sumo squats are going to be the death of my legs apparently. Actually, I think they'll be responsible for unleashing some cheerleader legs on the world in about another 30 lbs. I've done them before, but man-a-live, they are making me scream now. They're putting the step-ups to shame! Swiss ball extensions and hamstring rollups on the ball are the other ways I'm torturing the back sides of my legs. Result is a freaky frankenstein walk that makes me look like another typicall unfit person walking around, but I want to wear a sign on my shirt saying - "NO, I really workout ALOT and that's why I'm walking like this!!!" Thnk that would work???

Shannon in ATL
03-13-2009, 10:53 PM
Fran - I've been doing the hamstring roll ups on the ball lately, too, and they are beating me down! I think I have the same freaky walk going on sometimes...

Jiveinandthriving - welcome! I'm still pretty new here myself!

Lydia - you would think I'd learned my lesson about the late night yoga, but here I sit thinking about going and doing some now... :o

03-13-2009, 11:17 PM
Fran, I have days where I think "I'm so healthy I can barely walk!"

03-14-2009, 08:56 AM
As you all know the biggest part of a 5K is preparation. Which is why I got up at 5am this morning, to paint my nails green and put on the shamrock tattoos. ;) My hair is in rollers so I can make it "big" for my light-up shamrock tiara. Not your typical 5K. This is the one where they serve mimosas at the water tables and irish wakes afterwards. McGuires irish wakes are a very strong drink, so I think I'll bring my own water and stick with the irish stew at the after party. The pictures should be a blast though. I'll post some later today. I wonder how hard these tatoos are going to be to get off, I have a bridal shower at 4pm.

03-14-2009, 08:59 AM
Jivingandthriving (aka Artmaker!) Welcome back!!! I think you were just finishing up your certification when you were last here; Congratulations!

Cheryl- You are definitely not the only one who feels that way. I love both functional training and bodybuilding. The trick is to combine it without overtraining.

Lydia- I tried what I think those peter pan's were. I found the lateral movement difficult and ended up doing jump squats with a havy cable, then bosu jump squats with a heavy cable. Also tried leap laterally between two bosus with the cable. FUN! I'l try and progress it.

I'm off to NY to meet clients. Isn't this Saturday?????


03-14-2009, 11:50 AM
Mel, you must be very good entertainment for the trainers at that gym. :lol3:

It's good to know that I'm not the only one. With the alternate days full body workouts at crossfit, I'm not sure how to work any regular lifting in, without overdoing it. Maybe I'll have the oly lift form down well enough after this month that I can just do my own thing, then I can work in a little more variety.

Gotta get the dogs up so I can get on the road. I'll check in later to give Lydia the crossfit report. :coffee:

JAT, welcome back!

03-14-2009, 03:36 PM
Time for the Crossfit Report...as always, it's a novel, so feel free to skip!

Class #6/Saturday

Pre-Warmup (just me): walked 400 meters..didn't get there early enough to do more than that and a few squats.

- Row 500 meters (my legs were still jelly from skating last night, so this was harder than normal!)
- (Shoulder) Press/Push Press/Push Jerk.
While D (the other lady in class) got caught up on how to do the Push Jerk, I followed along with the pvc. Then I did 5 reps each of Press/Push Press/Push Jerk with the 45 lb barbell, and D used the 15 lb bar, since it was her first time. I tend not to put enough jump into the PJ. Our trainer knew that with the heavier bar I'd HAVE to jump by the time I got to the Jerks, so this helped me do them right. :) D had some trouble coordinating the jerks (I did too, my first time, but I had a chance to work that out at home, so she did really well for her first time.) While D was getting help with that, I did another round just to be doing something.
- 10 shoulder dislocations with the pvc, to loosen the shoulders and also to find our grip for the overhead squat (OHS).

New Skills:
1) Overhead Squat (aka OHS) with pvc.
Luckily, I've been practicing this at home with a stick, so I didn't have a problem. I have had trouble trying to add weight to this move, though, so I am looking forward to next class...hopefully we'll get to add a little weight and I can get help on why I'm getting stuck partway through the squat. :shrug: We did ten of these with the stick...torture for D, and I could totally relate! These suckers are killer when you first are trying to learn them!
2) Wall Ball! Fun, yet evil! :devil:
There is a target 10 ft up on the wall. You need 2 medicine balls for this and a target on the wall (could just be a piece of masking tape, for example). One medicine ball goes behind your feet, that is for the squat portion, to make sure you're getting a full squat every time. The second ball is to hold in your hands, in front of your face, hands underneath the ball, like you're going to shoot a basket with it...this is the ball you throw at the target on the wall. We used an 8 lb ball for throwing today. I asked for a nerf ball, but L wasn't going for it. The first part of this move is to hold the 8 lb ball in front of your face, squat to the ball on the floor, come up out of the squat with as much power as you can, you can even jump out of it if you need to, using that momentum plus your arms to throw the 8 lb ball at the target on the wall. If that's too easy, you can use a heavier ball, or if it's too hard, or you don't have a medicine ball, you can use a basketball or whatever you have available...it's still a good workout. Squat, throw, hit the target, catch the ball, that's one rep. I'll see if I can find a video later and insert it here.
3) Ab Mat sit-ups.
These didn't seem evil at first, but after a couple rounds in the workout, they were hard! An AbMat is a little foam pad the fits the lumbar curve of your spine. You sit right in front of it, put your feet together like you're doing a butterfly stretch (remember that from gym class? lol)...this takes the hip flexors out of commission on the sit-up, so it's all abs. Hands clasp together, straight arms, straight out in front of the chest, lay back (now arms are pointing straight at the ceiling), sit up, arms pointing past the feet at the far wall, or else you can touch your hands to your feet. This was a bit embarrassing to do, but since it's a crossfit gym and everybody had done these, we didn't get any funny looks.

The WOD (workout of the day):
8 minutes of as many rounds as possible, of:
5 wall ball
10 abmat sit-ups

I completed 5 rounds, and made it all the way to 8 sit-ups in the allotted time.

We recorded our workout and number of rounds completed in our notebooks.

The usual leg stretching bit at the end. We chatted, and D admitted to feeling like she had "no strength", so I told her about when I started out last year, how I couldn't even squat down all the way or do 10 squats in a row, and that I thought she was doing better than I did when I started out, which is true!

Pull-ups practice:
After class, I stayed a few more minutes to work on the kipping swing. I am starting to get some upward momentum and get a feel for when to do the pull. Now I just need to keep practicing and get the kip figured out. My grip and shoulders didn't hurt too bad today! :carrot:

L invited me to stay for their normal workout, but thankfully I had some delicate surgery I needed to perform, and tea with the Queen, so I was unable to stay for that torture session! ;)

I'll come back later and insert links to videos, so some of this will be easier to understand if you've not seen these moves before and want to try this at home! :wave: Edit: done. I tried to find you tube vids where I could, in case some don't have windows media player.

03-14-2009, 09:54 PM
Cheryl: Great post and I loved the videos. I'll try the wallball and the situps tomorrow. Usually, I take Sunday off but I want to make up for today's missed session. I'll try the 8lb ball and see what that does for me. I think I will also use a bosu instead of another ball. Just convenience. Thanks for the tips!

How are your blisters doing with the pullups? Did wrapping them help you this afternoon?

03-14-2009, 10:04 PM
Lydia, the blister was only a blister for probably a minute...the skin was gone from it by the time I figured out I had a "blister" lol, so it was just a raw spot. I've been putting a bandaid over it, just so I don't have to rip athletic tape off that spot, lol, then taping over that. It is working great, thanks! I've had no other problems with blisters, probably because I had already been lifting and getting calluses from DBs and barbells. My hands felt a lot better today, not so tender or in pain as the first few days, so hanging from the bar was much easier! Also, my shoulders seem to be loosening up a bit, or something, since it doesn't feel like such an awkward (why does that look wrong?) or painful position. There's hope for a pull-up yet!

Dixie, I totally missed your post before, sorry! Hope you had fun with the St Pat's 5K. I'd love to see pics of your costume!

03-15-2009, 10:10 AM
Dixied: I totally missed your post till Cheryl said something. OMG. You must have looked adorable. :luck2you: Pics! Please. Aside from the costume, how did you do and was it fun?

I passed a ST. Pat 5k on my way through Dublin, Ohio yesterday morning. (En route to my grandmothers) No flashy costumes. Just the ordinary sweats, t-shirts and thermal running gear on these runners. :)

03-15-2009, 02:03 PM
Okay, I just had to post the link to this, cuz it's cute. This is my trainer's 3 yr old, Sam, showing off his shoulder press, taking half his bodyweight overhead. I'm not sure I could do that myself. He's gonna be the buffness! (I wouldn't normally use a kid's name online, but they're saying it on the video)


03-15-2009, 06:41 PM
Cheryl: That was adorable! I loved the little plates they had on that bar! :^:

Shannon in ATL
03-15-2009, 09:15 PM
Dixie - how was the 5k?

Cheryl - too cute video!

Mel - hope you had today off since you had to work on Saturday! I'm in the restaurant biz, so weekends have no meaning for me much anymore... I'm on call each and every one of them these days...

Worked out with the Weider today and did some kickboxing. The last three days turned out to be no exercise days - just didn't make the time with everything going on with the wedding Saturday... Should have planned a little better...:o At least I got back on the ball today!

03-15-2009, 11:29 PM
Question for everyone: why do photos of our bodies in training look better in shadows? I'll catch glimpses of my abs or shoulders when I pass a mirror in a unlit room or bathroom and I'll be like, mannn, that looks good! Turn on the lite and poof! Not there anymore. Turn the light off - looks good again. I know it's the shadow that emphasizes the indentations. I guess the same as when in photo shoots they try to put bronzer or darker powder to create the illusion of abs or delts. I just wondered what it is. Needless to say, photos taken with no light come out bleary or out of focus. I just wish the dents were visible in bright light. WHY WHY WHY is this a dark shadows only event???

LBWO again today. I can actually walk normally today and started getting that cramping achiness - different from stiffness - that told me it was probably time to work it again. Felt better afterwards. so I read the achiness right this time. HOping not to have the onset of stiffness again tomorrow. But I will crank up my upbwo tomorrow. Saturday's really had no impact on me, so I know I can go higher. You all know how much I like to be reminded all day long of how hard I"m working. :lol:

03-16-2009, 08:27 AM
Fran- I have the same experience. My ans and sholders always look better in dim light....probably my face too, but I just don't look at that anymore! :rofl:

I did get a "day off" yesterday- laudnry, groceries, cooking :)

Cardio done, weights at lunch time, then a chiro appt after work.

Have a good one!


03-16-2009, 08:40 AM
Good Morning. :coffee:

Just checking in. Cardio and core done. Did a full body yesterday and decided that to back off a little today. I also have a field trip this morning with DS1. We are doing JA Biztown. Have any of you done this? It sounds like a lot of fun. It's a warehouse set up like a small town. I'm in charge of the kids running City Hall.:lol: That will be a hoot. My son is the CFO of the television station. He's totally jazzed.

Did some nice pullup/pushup sets yesterday and really feeling it in my lats this morning. I completely forgot to try the wallball Cheryl posted. I'll have to try that tomorrow.

Off to shower. I've got a city to run today. (Pat, I get to pretend to be you today. :lol3: except my coworkers are 10 years old)

03-16-2009, 02:02 PM
I finished the 5K in 36:19, my personal best for an "official" 5K, so I was happy. My pictures are here: http://s151.photobucket.com/albums/s144/dyan_q/

There aren't many becuase I decided to pop a migraine. :( But if you want an idea of how many people (9441) there are some great photos on pnj.com: http://www.pnj.com/apps/pbcs.dll/gallery?Avis=DP&Dato=20090314&Kategori=SPORTS01&Lopenr=903140801&Ref=PH

I'm training DH tonight for his first BFL session, so prayers for patience would be appreciated. :D

03-16-2009, 02:35 PM
Wow, good for you Dee! Who knew there was such a big Irish presence in Pns? So all the military - I know it's a NAS, you also have Eglin; where'd the Marines come from? I guess they train with the Navy in pns?

03-16-2009, 03:03 PM
Dixied: Great job on your 5K run! How fun. Love the shamrock on your arm. The perfect accessory with your tiara. Good luck training DH.

Fran: By the way, I look much better in candlelight too. (okay, in the dark :rolleyes: :lol3:)

03-16-2009, 03:32 PM
dixied - Congrats on your 5k!

Speaking of running, I'm trying to start up again. Yesterday was my first day back. If I knew I'd try to run, I would've picked a place to live without as many hills. Anyway, I did a workout on Saturday and overdid it a little, then ran yesterday and last night I was so sore. Still sore today. I walked the dogs this morning, did some kettlebells and stretches to help with the soreness. I'm thinking of a yoga workout after work.

I have an event that is less than 3 weeks away so I have some short term motivation. I need to work on the long term motivation though because it was majorly lacking this winter.

03-16-2009, 04:30 PM
Wow, good for you Dee! Who knew there was such a big Irish presence in Pns? So all the military - I know it's a NAS, you also have Eglin; where'd the Marines come from? I guess they train with the Navy in pns?

Yes, the Marines were from PNS NAS too. We have in the "area"

Pensacola NAS (Navy, Marines, Coast Guard)
Tyndall AFB (Air Force)
Eglin AFB (Air Force)
Hurlburt Field (Navy)
Whiting Field (Navy)
Keesler AFB (Air Force)
Maxwell AFB (Air Force)

Everything but the Army, although the Army was supposedly represented too. Probably either locals, or from Ft. Benning, GA which is about 3 hours away. We do a lot of military projects here at work, so I just love these folks for their community spirit. After all, they didn't get to stay and drink, they got shipped back to the Base.

03-16-2009, 05:58 PM
Congrats, Dee!!

03-16-2009, 08:12 PM
Dixie, congrats on beating your previous 5K time! :congrat:

Fran, maybe that's why BBers do the tan and oil thing?

Yesterday I practiced pull-ups (or flailing under the bar), push-ups (still trying to get that chest to floor push-up on my toes, well, more than 3 a day would be nice!), and overhead squat (I even added a little weight and didn't get stuck, so that was cool!).

Today is my rest day. It's gross outside, raining all day, so I'm holed up in the house, putzing on the puter in between chores and paperwork. :rolleyes:

03-16-2009, 11:27 PM
Spray tans are $25 up the street on Sundays....hmmm

I just keep seeing that Friends episode. I'll be the spaz like Chandler who doesn't turn around at the right times!!

03-17-2009, 09:57 AM
I've found a 5k to sign up for! It is 2 months from today, gulp. I didn't run today, stomach was feeling iffy and it was dark outside. I did elliptical (lifting feet) intervals with some kettlebell intervals mixed in.

03-17-2009, 04:36 PM
Nelie: Are you gonna do the 5K? I don't think I would be excited about running hills though.

Cheryl: Bummer about the weather today. We have a beautiful day for St. Patricks Day. Sunny. Warm. And I'm in shorts! :dance: I also bought pansies for and in the middle of cleaning out the flower beds. Don't worry. It's going to cool down into the fifties again for us during the weekend.

Totally forgot that it's St. Pat's Day this morning. Went to the gym and everyone was in green. One trainer had a really great hat too.

Had a really fun workout this morning. A lot of mixed up things thrown into a regular leg routine as well. I had to hold back a little though because I meet with my trainer tomorrow and I like to be well rested for those sessions.

Have a great afternoon everyone.:drinkup: (green protein powder right)

03-17-2009, 05:06 PM
Lydia - I plan to run it! It should be fun. I just need to train

03-17-2009, 08:31 PM
Nelie, I always like having some fitness goals to shoot for. The 5K will be great!

Fran, I don't watch tv, so I'm missing that one, but if a spray on tan or a tanning package would be a fun reward for you, I think you should definitely go for it!

Lydia, thanks for not rubbing it in. :frypan: lol! Your Crossfit report is below!

The Crossfit Report, a novel, as usual:

Class #7/Tuesday

My Pre-Warmup:
Finally got out of the house on time today, so I got there 20 mins before class. Took a walk, did some running, stretching, practice squats, moving things around to get the creaks out.

The Warm-up:
The trainer was busy cooing over a new baby person (2 weeks old!) and then got snared by somebody asking about how to open an affiliate, so I did my own thing for the warm-up:
Row 500 meters
3 Rounds of:
10 air squats (bodyweight squats)
10 push-ups
10 sit-ups (regular bent knee sit-ups today)

Then 10 shoulder dislocations with the pvc pipe.

New Skills:
1) Slam Ball! Okay, this is just MEAN to people! It's a 20 lb ball filled with sand or something, it's rubber like a playground ball, maybe 8-9 inch diameter, and does not like to bounce. It's like trying to bounce a bag of sand, which is why they call it slam ball, I assume, you have to slam it to get a little bounce. You hoist this heavy little sucker overhead, then slam it down on the floor, and the objective is to drop into a squat and catch the thing after the "bounce" and before it hits the ground a second time...if you don't catch it on one bounce, it doesn't count as a rep. Let me find a video:
100 ball slams (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7916448387640048761&ei=dCrASbq3NIaIqQP_z-3DAQ&q=crossfit+slam+ball&hl=en)
(you don't have to watch the whole thing...it was the best I could find where someone was actually doing the squatting portion correctly)

2) Overhead Squat with weight! I actually requested this one. I was the only on who showed up for class today, so I asked if she could help me with my OHS (overhead squat). I've had trouble in the past adding weight, and knew it was a form issue, just didn't know what was wrong...my previous best was 10 lbs on a broomstick, lol. Today the trainer gave me a 30 lb bar, widened my grip so the bar was about at my belly button, rather than down at my hip. HUGE difference! I was initially leaning forward in the squat, also, which I didn't realize, because I don't do that with air squats, so just being made aware of what I was doing fixed a lot of it right there. I did a few sets of 3 and got a little better each time. She said I got 2 really good ones on the last set, then I felt my shoulders wimp out on me for the last one, but at least I got 2 good ones today at 30 lbs, a new PR (personal record) for me!

3) Not really new, but we spent some time practicing the kipping pullup on the pullup bar. I got a better lift today with more help from the legs/swing, but kept losing my grip. I was trying to get 3 swings strung together and get some lift up off the bar, but just could not grip the bar long enough to get going. It's frustrating, but I will just keep trying and my grip will get stronger, I'm sure. Also, growing calluses on my fingertips wouldn't hurt, lol. Here's a video on the kipping pull-up, so you can see what I'm trying to do..they make it look so easy!
kipping pull-up (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAZaHzd6qAY)

The WOD (Workout of the Day):
Run 400 meters
15 Ring Rows
15 Slam Ball
15 Thrusters (with dumbbells, 2x12 lbs today)
15 KTE (knees to elbows, or my version, knee raises hanging from the pull-up bar)
Run 400 meters

My time was 11:49. I could have done better, but both times on the run I got too zippy at the start, and ran out of air after 200 meters or so, had to walk a little on the way back. :( I'll remember to pace myself better next time!

I did way better on the knee raises today, getting some control, and held on for the first 10 without dropping off the bar (woot!). Then I did 4, dropped, and 1 more, then stumbled out the door for the last running portion.

Soothing the Tight Muscles:
After this workout, nothing hurt but my hands, though I told my trainer about my idea that maybe I cranked on my achilles tendon during those calf stretches she'd shown us previously. My calves are real bears from the type of skating I do, so I think my tendon lost the battle when I was trying to stretch my calves...I've injured it before trying to do the same thing just in a different way. She suggested using the foam roller instead (cringe, lol), and it worked well. I had some knots in there I didn't know about, so even though I'll be a hurtin' unit tomorrow, feeling bruised from it, I know it is helpful, so I'll use that for my calves from now on. :)

I also cleared up some confusion I had about how much fish oil I should take. She said she'd like to see me getting at least a gram a day, so with the pills I bought, that means 3 a day, plus I can count on getting some from the salmon I eat, so I will get at least a gram that way, for sure...the 3 pills (gel thingies, whatever) give me 900 mg total, that's just under a gram, right?

That is it! If you read this far, thanks for reading!

03-17-2009, 08:46 PM
Hi :wave: I'm back home from a wonderful conference, and sick. Sigh. Not too sick to go to work, but.....

Cheryl - I enjoy reading your Crossfit reports. I did checkout the website for the Anchorage one, but I doubt I could ever get there for more than a "sample" class. Sure looks like fun - in a weird sort of way - though.

Lydia - Hope you had fun running the city! I came back to a mess. Our Director of Administration was "invited" to resign yesterday, and I just got an email that we now have a replacement - maybe interim, I'm not sure. That dept is in deep-do-do as they just lost a clerk/cashier to another dept, and the payroll/accts payable person has announced she's retiring May 1. Lots of changes. I'm just glad I'm over here in my own building, keeping my nose to the grindstone and not raising any flags! :)

03-17-2009, 08:53 PM
Cheryl - I love the crossfit report. I looked at the WOD at the official crossfit site and thought there was no way I could do that. It looks like your program is 'in the spirit' of the WOD but not the exact same. Does that mean crossfit gyms tailor the program to various levels? Or does each crossfit gym tailor their own WOD? Do you know? :)

03-18-2009, 01:55 AM
Pat, I'm glad you're not in the middle of that...sounds like a mess! :hug:

The rest of this novel is for Nelie, so feel free to skip if you're not her. Got a little wordy, sorry!
Nelie, as far as I know, each affiliate decides what to do each day for their WOD, but if they're (IMO) true to the original crossfit program, then it's going to look similar, and they'll also do some of the regular "named" (aka "benchmark") WODs on a regular basis. There's actually a crossfit affiliate about 2 miles from my house, but I chose one farther away, because the one by my house just didn't seem to "get it", and the workouts were very different than the main site, like a different program, IMO. The one I go to, they don't follow the main site schedule, but they are very true to the programming.

Now, the class I'm doing is like the Baby Crossfitter class, so our workouts are not the same as everybody else is doing. First off, we haven't learned all the moves to be able to do everything, like we haven't covered cleans at all yet, and have barely added weight to any of the lifts we have learned. Basically, we learn some new skills, and those are included in our class WOD that day, plus maybe some moves we've already covered, so we get more practice at them. The first few workouts were really easy, but they are getting a little more challenging now. Our trainer really adjusts the workload for each of us, like I usually get more weight than the other two, or more reps, assigned just to me, and they may get less, if they're struggling...she wants everybody to have a good workout, but not get hurt! The plan is that as we get more skills and get closer to "graduating" from this beginner class, then on Saturdays we'll do the first half of our class as usual, the warm-up and skills training, then we'll get to join the regular Saturday group to try our hand at the real WODs they are doing (we will still scale the weight or reps to fit our fitness level, even then). The idea behind the class I'm taking is that it's easing us into the program, learning the moves, and also easing us into the intensity, rather than just tossing us into the group and the regular workouts. When we're done with this class, there's supposed to be a test of some sort, and if we pass the test, knowing all the moves, I assume, then we'll know we're ready to join the regular workouts.

As for the main site WODs that you're referring to, they can ALL be scaled down for ANY skill and fitness level. For example, here's Tuesday's mainsite WOD:
For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

Do not let that intimidate you. That is the "Rx'd" workout, which means it's for the man beasts out there and crazy 20-somethings, not everybody! A total beginner could scale that down, and still get a good workout without killing themselves. For example:
Run 200 meters (or walk)
10 Jumping Pull-ups (or ring rows, rows on a bar, lat pulldown, gravitron, etc)
20 Push-ups (on the wall, angles, knees, whatever)
30 Squats (if it doesn't specify, it always means bodyweight or "air" squats)
Run 200 meters (or walk)

The stimulus of the workout is preserved, it's the same workout, just scaled down to whatever level a person can handle. You want it to be a challenge, but you don't want to injure yourself.

If I scale it myself, I try to guess what I can do for 10 to 20 mins, and adjust the numbers to fit. However, it's even easier than that, because from the main crossfit site, if you go to the "Start Here" button, you'll see a link there for "Brand-X Scaled Workouts"...click on that, and look for the thread (it's a message board) near the top with the correct date and WOD you're looking for...they scale the mainsite WODs every day for all levels, from the top right on down to "buttercups", and you can just choose your poison, or get an idea of how to do your own scaling of that particular WOD.

Here's a good video explaining the concept of scaling any crossfit workout.

Truly, anybody can do crossfit. Brand-X always provides alternatives for moves that require special equipment (like a rower or rings), and moves that are complicated or too advanced for beginners. Everybody can get more fit, too. Mary, the lady in the video above that is taking long strides instead of lunging steps? She can now do lunges all the way to the floor...they are hard work, but she can do them, she can stand up out of it (which means she's safer from the "I got down but can't get back up again" situation), she can heft a 40 lb sack of dog food off the floor...she's a beast for somebody in her 80s!

03-18-2009, 11:16 AM
Cheryl - Thanks for the info!

I am definitely going to look into my closest crossfit gym when I get back from my trip in a couple weeks. They are the ones offering a woman's only kettlebell class. Of course I got a lot going on with trying to train for a 5k but I know crossfit is very beneficial towards that goal.

I guess I never felt intimidated by a regular gym but I'm a little nervous about walking into a male centric type gym and being the fat girl. I look at the WOD and some seem doable with modifications but others I had no idea how to modify.

Shannon in ATL
03-18-2009, 02:15 PM
Hi everyone -
I have been a totally unmotivated workout slug this week, except for yesterday's run... I did nothing Monday, didn't get up and do my planned strength training yesterday, ran 6.5 miles after work yesterday, didn't get up for my planned strength training this morning... Won't get any in tonight when I go home because we are going to see "Spamalot" tonight... So, I'm planning to do some in my office exercises this afternoon. I wore good shoes and have three breaks between phone interviews. I'm planning at least two, maybe three tabata sets with squats, wall or desk pushups, and some punches or knee jabs from my kickboxing routine. I can close my door so no one will see and think I'm crazy... :)

I'm still trying to find some exercises for the back and shoulders that don't work my pecs as much - my pectoral muscles are still really tight on the implants and I don't want to do a lot to strain them right now until things finishing settling. I'm still doing pushups, just not nearly as many as I used to do, and have moved my hands closer together. Don't know the logic of why, but it feels like it doesn't pull across my chest as tightly that way. Called my PS about those and he says those are fine. (He actually says any chest exercise is fine, but I'm still a little shaky. I can see the pectoral muscle distortion on the implant when it flexes and I can see it push the implant up and out, so I'm going to give the pockets a little more time to heal.) I'm doing a standing row on the Weider, lateral raises with my dumbells, isolated arm exercises, shoulder presses (sometimes Weider, sometimes my dumbells), and am thinking about putting in a 'high reverse cable fly' to replace the lateral pulldowns. Those pulldowns pull on the pecs pretty hard... Any other suggestions for back and shoulder exercises? Cheryl, I took your suggestion for the row, just went with standing instead of seated - seated is hard on the Weider. Thanks!

Pat - welcome back! Good luck navigating the crazy!

Nelie - Have fun on your 5K! Hills are tough...

Fran - I can't do the spray on tan for that same reason - I always have this picture of myself being all streaky and crazy looking! ;)

Dee - High five on the 5k!

03-18-2009, 02:37 PM
we are going to see "Spamalot" tonight
I'll be intersted to hear your review of this Shannon. We're going later in April. I haven't seen a live performance in a long time.

I did pretty well eating at the conference, given that most meals had little choice. I did eat at an awesome sushi restaurant 3 times. :) Each time I was with a group who knew a lot more about what to order than me. It was good for me and I now will be more confident when I go by myself. There was a "to die for" black cod dish :drool: that I could have eaten for every meal.

Exercise, however, was limited to walking between the hotel and the conference venue, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Then of course, I've been sick with a UTI since I got home. I'm feeling better after just 2 doses of antibiotic so I should be back in the gym tomorrow. Tonight I take DH to the airport, and then I'm alone for a week, so no one to complain about what time I get home in the evening.....

So far the upheaval at the Admin dept has not affected my dept. I got an email saying there is now an interim director. Not surprising since admin includes finance, and the auditors were scheduled to start this week.... I'll learn more at lunch since several directors are accompanying the city manager to the Chamber of Commerce annual meeting.... (Which of course will be another food minefield!)

Nelie - good luck training for the 5K. I'm sure you'll do fine.

03-18-2009, 03:00 PM
Nelie, the crossfit may not be male-centric at all. The one I go to has some guys, but it also has about an equal number of women, of all shapes and sizes and ages and abilities. It's a real friendly community, so I think it's worth checking out, at least. You might be pleasantly surprised! Definitely check out the BrandX Scaled workout threads, because they are pretty helpful. If one WOD throws you for how to scale, just scope out the archives for something else to do that day. That's what I do sometimes.

Shannon, I'm on my way out the door, but I'll keep it in mind and see if I can think of some ideas for lats. All I can think of right now is that I've seen something like lying on a ball or bench, so it's supporting your weight (chest down), and doing DB rows, to isolate the back somewhat, but you'd have to see if that's comfortable since you just had the surgery? I think I saw that on Exrx (dotcom?), except using a special curved barbell and a bench. Google ExRx and check out the exercises there for back...you might see something worth trying there.

Shannon in ATL
03-18-2009, 04:33 PM
Thanks Cheryl! I keep forgetting about ExRx...

03-18-2009, 09:37 PM

I appreciate you being our crossfit pioneer :)

I came home and it was so nice outside, I decided to go for a run. Since I exercised this morning and my thighs are still sore. I did 25 minutes of intervals (3 minute walk, 2 minute run) which was a bit under 2 miles total. I then came home and decided to try the WOD because it looked easy...

It did look easy (7 split jerks). I decided to do my first attempt with just the bar and my bar weighs around 30 lbs. After I did it, I thought "what just happened?" I could feel my heart pounding. I ended up doing the rest with just the bar.

03-18-2009, 09:52 PM
OK, I have crossfit envy, too! I need to look around here, but I think I would have heard about it if there was one :(


03-18-2009, 10:14 PM

This is what I found for West Chester:

Although there are other affiliates you can look at:

03-19-2009, 01:27 AM
Well, something's working here. I'm feeling little hard nodules under my skin. Not freaking out though, because 3-4 days later they are gone! :cb: Talk about physically being aware of fat melting. Then another one shows up somewhere else. The one in my abdomen really freaked me out, it was slightly norteast of my navel area, but it's gone now. Now I'm feeling one in my upper thigh. Those of you who have lost significant amounts of fat, do you remember going thru this? Is it really what I think it is?

03-19-2009, 08:42 AM
Fran- as long as they disappear on their own, rejoice! The only time that happened to me was an encapsulated lump of fat that had to be surgically removed. Twice.

Nelie- thanks for doing the research for me :) That is VERY close to me. I'll call them- not sure I like the park idea in the winter and they don't seem to have any spring courses. Wonder if the attendance was low? I'll call them today.

Cardio done- off to work.


03-19-2009, 09:16 AM
Hey Lifting CHicks!!

I'm sticking my head in to get some feedback from the masters :D

Last night I noticed that my chest muscles looked a little weird. As I saw my reflection in the mirror, it seemed that my shoulders were small (no absolutely visible muscles noted-- although if I flex and move around and look from the side they are there) and not visible as muscley but the muscles in my chest looked almost like I was wearing a muscle vest. Somehow, this does not seem right. Can you direct me in a way that helps me even my muscles out?

Does my question make sense? Am I getting obsessive? It really looked weird to me.

Thanks in advance chickies :)

03-19-2009, 11:35 AM
Ouch! :(

I pulled something in my lower back last night while putting groceries in the car. Actually it started on Monday evening with me overdoing it on the dumbell extensions. Tuesday and Wednesday I was slightly sore, but since it was a new exercise, I figured I'd just either done it wrong, or attempted too much weight. I took yesterday off to give myself a chance to recover and went grocery shopping instead. Big mistake. I almost got stuck in the parking lot because it hurt so bad to try and get in my car. It's not "out" so much as a strain, but my chiropractor isn't in the office today. Grr! I wonder how good my chances are that if I just take it easy today, it will work itself out on it's own before tomorrow? Or should I try to go ahead and do my lbwo today? I tried out a body weight squat, and that actually felt pretty good.

Opinions? Advice? Anyone play a Dr. on TV?

There's a crossfit here in Pensacola, very near my office. I think I might ask for a gift certificate to the Foundations class for my birthday (Aug). That will give me time to get in better shape before I go and embarass myself. :o

03-19-2009, 11:38 AM
Well, something's working here. I'm feeling little hard nodules under my skin. Not freaking out though, because 3-4 days later they are gone! :cb: Talk about physically being aware of fat melting. Then another one shows up somewhere else. The one in my abdomen really freaked me out, it was slightly norteast of my navel area, but it's gone now. Now I'm feeling one in my upper thigh. Those of you who have lost significant amounts of fat, do you remember going thru this? Is it really what I think it is?

I think I saw that on a Doctor Who episode. ;)


03-19-2009, 11:51 AM
Dee, I did that to myself 2 years ago. I just left myself on easy for about 2-3 days and it resolved. I spent the first day in bed, so it was pretty bad. It was a strain like you said. You can take a few days off. In my case, I think it was from doing the hamstring deadlift exercise incorrectly. Instead of keeping a stiff back, I think I let mine round as I bent forward. Also, I don't go higher than 30 lbs in each hand now, I was using 35s when it happened.

DEE - that link is broken. Can you try again?

03-19-2009, 12:14 PM
Try this one:


or this:


03-19-2009, 12:18 PM
kittykat - were you looking in the mirror right after doing chest exercises? Are you doing shoulder exercises on a regular basis?

Dee - I'd just take it easy for a few days.

Fran - my fat just gets squishy when its about to disappear, at least from what I notice.

I decided to do running this morning and it was good. I'm am surprised how quickly I'm showing progress. I thought I'd basically have to start all over from when I started at the end of last year. For my first run segment, I ran for 8 minutes straight. Then did intervals after that but still ran more than I walked.

Shannon in ATL
03-19-2009, 02:11 PM
Dee - sorry about your back! Unfortunately, I have no advice or opinion... I would be the person who just hoped it worked itself out and then hurt myself more... LOL on the Doctor Who!

Nelie - wow! that is a lot of activity for one day! high five! And be careful with that bar - I looked at the split jerk, I would kill myself with that right now...

Cheryl - I did a 'reverse cable fly' today instead of my lat pulldown. I really felt it in the back and shoulder blades, not so much in the pecs. Of course I could only do five before I had to stop... :)

Fran - I've never had that happen to me personally, but a friend who had gastric bypass used to talk about it happening to her.

Mel - crossfit in Januray in PA in the park... doesn't sound like that would be fun at all!

I got back on the Weider today. I've transitioned about half of my workout to using dumbells instead of the machine... Just have to get a few more sizes, or the adjustable ones that I covet, and I'll move more things off the Weider... Woo hoo!

03-19-2009, 02:18 PM
The only time that happened to me was an encapsulated lump of fat that had to be surgically removed. Twice.

:lol: Mel. I've had 3 of these - two on my shoulder right under my bra strap, which was very irritating (the other was on my inner thigh, and the doc was afraid it'd get entangled with a muscle, so removed it. Weirdest surgical experience I've ever had - they had to have me awake enough to move into some contorted position so she could get at it :lol: )

Nelie - WTG on running. You'll be ready for a 5K soon enough.

Dee - OUCH! If the squats feel good, I'd say go for it (with the usual disclosure - I'm not a doc!) Otherwise a day or two of rest....

I'm feeling much better this morning, and I think another "early to bed" night will have me caught up in that department. Last night I took DH to the airport (an hour away) about 9:00 (flight at 1 am) and got home just after 11 and literally walked into the house, took off my clothes and fell into bed. Slept really well - past the alarm - till about 6:45 am. And GRRR, it's below zero again this morning. We do at least have daylight before 8 am again (daylight savings is such a joke for Alaska) so I can drive to and from work in the light.

03-19-2009, 03:29 PM
Dee, how went the training session with your dh? Did he stick with it and work out or bug out that nite? Maybe if you show him all the pix of the police forces on the website and book who have entered the challenges. They have many groups of like 6-7 people who entered as a team, some even with their K9s on the picture, lol.

Thanks for the YouTube of PIC, that was cute. Which brings me to ask our experts, where does the fat go, once the nodules dissolve under my skin.... Is it transformed into energy when I run on the treadmill on an empty stomach (like I did today and felt like I had a hole in my stomach) or do we "process" it out of our bodies (ahem) in one of 2 ways??

03-19-2009, 04:28 PM
Dee, how went the training session with your dh? Did he stick with it and work out or bug out that nite? Maybe if you show him all the pix of the police forces on the website and book who have entered the challenges. They have many groups of like 6-7 people who entered as a team, some even with their K9s on the picture, lol.

Thanks for the YouTube of PIC, that was cute. Which brings me to ask our experts, where does the fat go, once the nodules dissolve under my skin.... Is it transformed into energy when I run on the treadmill on an empty stomach (like I did today and felt like I had a hole in my stomach) or do we "process" it out of our bodies (ahem) in one of 2 ways??

I thought the Whoosh Fairy came and took the fat away while we slept?

DH actually did well. He was focused and did exactly what I told him. :D I've decided to take it easy on the back until Sunday, normal activies but no lifting or full out running. I'll be walking I guess. I just don't dare take a chance on giving myself a real injury, I'd rather lose a couple days. I will be showing DH some lbwo moves, but I'll demonstrate with 3lbs or body weight. Saturday is his birthday so I've told him that this week is "practice" and we'll start him out on Sunday "for real". Gives me time to unload the groceries that I bought last night and make some menus. He unloaded the car but I asked him not to put the food away in the pantry, I have a system and he'd mess it up. (Hello, my name is Dee, and I'm a control freak...)

03-19-2009, 08:16 PM
So I went to look at the WOD for today and it is pullups, which I can't do. I don't really have a way to do assisted pullups either. So what I did was try to hang on my bar, which didn't work well. So I lowered the bar near the floor, sat on the floor and tried to pull myself off the floor. It was actually a bit of effort and I could feel myself rising a little bit but really not much :) I think I may do that more often though.

03-19-2009, 08:50 PM
Nelie, WTG on the split jerk WOD! Those are such a fun movement! On the pull-ups, since you have a bar you can adjust, you might try hanging it where you can keep your feet flat on the floor to give yourself some assist. ExRx shows how to do it:
You can use more leg power to make it easier, a little less leg power as your get stronger. For more of a cardio kick, try jumping pull-ups...these are an awesome workout!
Set the bar higher for a harder upper body workout, lower to get more use of the jump.

03-19-2009, 10:40 PM
Okay, I've got time for the Crossfit Report now. (as usual, feel free to skip, it's long)

Class #8/Thurs

In attendance today: me and K (the guy in class)

My Pre-Warm-up:
Walked 200 meters, Ran 400 meters (slow and easy), a few experimental squats and stretching at roadside, then back to the gym for a few more squats and stretches sitting on the floor.

The Warm-up:
2x of:
10 squats
10 sit-ups
10 push-ups (got 3 on my toes each set, instead of 3 total, that's an improvement)

10 shoulder dislocations with the pvc

New Skills:
1) The Burgener Warm-Up (http://media.crossfit.com/cf-video/cfj-nov-05/burgener-warm-up.wmv)
This is a warm-up for the olympic lifts.
2) Hang Power Snatch (http://media.crossfit.com/cf-video/cfj-nov-05/hang-power-snatch.wmv) The warm-up we did above was part of the instruction for this move, since at the end of the warm-up you do 3 HP Snatches. We did a few sets of 3 with the pvc, then with a barbell, 30 lbs for me, I think, though I forgot to ask, and some of the girly bars look exactly alike to me. I did good with this one until I got tired at the end. This was a really fun lift. I like anything where I get to jump in the air and make lots of noise with my feet when I land. :D
3) Medicine Ball Clean (http://media.crossfit.com/cf-video/CrossFit_MBCleans.wmv) The video explains it better than I could! Notice the stitching on the ball should stay facing out, just to demonstrate that the ball does not spin, it floats for a nanosecond and you catch it down in your squat. Also note the hands on the side of the ball...I started with my hands under the ball, which wasn't right. Make sure you're good and loose for squats if you are going to try this. I did good with this one, too, surprisingly. Learning the snatch first really helped, since the steps up to the shrug part are exactly the same.

The WOD:
10 minutes of work, AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:
10 Medicine ball cleans
10 Abmat Sit-ups

Our trainer, L, did this one with us. It was a surprisingly brutal leg workout. I was jelly legs after the second round. I got 5 complete rounds, and all the way to 7 situps, so 60 MB Cleans and 57 Abmat sit-ups, in the ten minutes.

First, we did what I like to call "The Crossfit Cooldown", where you collapse on the floor on your back, and lay there till you're able to sit upright. Coach says lying down slows the heartrate more quickly, so that makes this a legit cooldown, in my book. :lol3: Next we did some leg stretches and chatted about not much of anything useful, then cleaned up our toys and left.

That is it for the Crossfit Report today!

03-20-2009, 12:11 AM
kittykat - were you looking in the mirror right after doing chest exercises? Are you doing shoulder exercises on a regular basis?


I was looking in the mirror after a double running workout. When I run I often have a heavy backpack on.
Lately my upper body workouts are limited to occasionally adding light handweights while running. (that and regularly lifting 4 boys ranging 54-35 pounds)

Last night to compensate measly (sp?) deltoids I used my heaviest and tweaked something :dizzy:

Big kudos to all you chicks. Ima gonna git there ona these days.

03-20-2009, 02:50 AM
Kitty, I think things would even out if you had some kind of lifting routine where you were working your whole body (or all of it in parts), but if you're just running, even with hand weights, there's really no reason for your delts to get bigger, since they are probably as big as they need to be to the do the work you're doing. As you found out, too, if you're doing lateral delt raises (I'm just guessing) or some sort of deltoid isolation exercise, start lighter than you think, warm up well, and be careful...it doesn't take much of an overload to get a shoulder injury in the beginning (yeah, I tweaked something in there a few times before I got a clue!). You'll get there, if you get into lifting and find it's what you like to do. :)

03-20-2009, 09:39 AM
Kitty, I think things would even out if you had some kind of lifting routine where you were working your whole body (or all of it in parts), but if you're just running, even with hand weights, there's really no reason for your delts to get bigger, since they are probably as big as they need to be to the do the work you're doing. As you found out, too, if you're doing lateral delt raises (I'm just guessing) or some sort of deltoid isolation exercise, start lighter than you think, warm up well, and be careful...it doesn't take much of an overload to get a shoulder injury in the beginning (yeah, I tweaked something in there a few times before I got a clue!). You'll get there, if you get into lifting and find it's what you like to do. :)

you mean it can't be halfa$$ed?? ;) thx. you are right. :hug:

03-20-2009, 10:37 AM

My initial suspicion would be that the prolonged use of the backpack during the long runs has led to a simple postural distortion pattern similar to those common among people who sit in front of a computer all day. The backpack is forcing your head and upper posterior musculature forward. This would explain the tight anterior musculature, rounded shoulders (making them appear) underdeveloped, and weakened rotator cuff muscles making it fairly easy to "tweak" something back there. Of course, a message board assessment is not appropriate so I would recommend you find a physical therapist or personal trainer with a great reputation for the physical assessment aspect of the job and get a first-hand, personal assessment.

This is not an uncommon situation. If you will not or cannot get a professional assessment, there are a few easy tests that you can give yourself. One is simply to have someone take a side picture of you while you are standing up. Stand up tall but relaxed and do not consciously try to correct your posture. Be natural. When viewing this picture the joints of the body should be stacked on on top of the other. The middle of the ear, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle should be in a straight line. What you are looking for specifically in this case is "forward head". Is the middle of your ear more forward than it should be? How about your shoulders?

Next is the pencil test to see if your shoulders are interiorly or externally rotated. Stand relaxed with two pencils in your firsts with the points facing forward. Stand with your arms by your sides facing a mirror. In your natural posture (again, try to fight the tendency to consciously correct your posture) the pencil points should be facing forward. Are they rotated to one side? Are they internally rotated?

Lastly is the acromion test. Place two fingers at the top of your right shoulder and feel for a bony notch that protrudes from it. That's your acromion. Now take a ruler and lay on your back with your right arm resting alongside your body. With your left hand, measure the distance from your right acromion to the floor. Make sure that you do not raise or lower your right shoulder as you do so. Is the distance more than one inch?

If the results of the in-person or self assessment do not find any evidence of the suspected posutral distortion, then my suspicions are flat out wrong (and prove the hazards of message board assessments) and you can ignore the rest of this post. If the self assessment is consistent with my suspicions, then I would start off with getting rid of the backpack. Do two pulling exercises for every pushing exercise. Do more face-pull variations and seated rows to the neck, do more prehab type exercises such as light rear delt flys, prone trap raises, Y-T-W-L's, and lots of light band or cable internal and external rotations.

Again, this is just a suspicion from a few posts. Situations such as these are where excellent certified trainers are most valuable.

03-20-2009, 12:13 PM
Hey everyone,

Its been a while since I have last posted on here, so busy with school and exams right now. this is my senior year so i am constantly applying to scholarships and visiting universities. The decisions are due anytime soon, so i am always sitting up at the edge of my seat these days.

Well unfortunaly because of the enoumus stress load with school work i stopped working out for a period of 5 months. Now i am just getting back into it because I feel so much better when i do- and prom is comming up at the end of may.

I'm really not looking to lose lose weight persay, maybe 5 at most. But more or less tighten up. as long as i look much better than i did b4 i dont care much for my wieght since i am in an ideal catagory.

Well so far i have been hitting the gym 3 days a week for fb wo. and the at home 3 days for 20 min sessions of HIIT. Hopefully all this work will pay off soon. I now what my perfection is, I managed to achieve that last year. So i am attempting to work towards that goal once more as during these five months of resting- i have lost a good deal of muscle and became pudgy :).

So far i am in 2 weeks into my program and boy am i sore. Its a good feeling though because that means I know that my body is working.

jamsk8ter- I think your crossfit report are amazing and quite detailed. I wish i can try that here. but I have no locations located close to me and the prices do seem a bit steep. So you have a package deal or do you do pay as you go.

Shannon in ATL
03-20-2009, 01:20 PM
Depalma - I read your post for kittycat and tried your tests... I sit in front of a computer all day in a bad chair, and have for years... I think I have "forward head". :) My ankle, knee and hip line up pretty well, my shoulders are close to in line but rolled forward a little, the middle of my ear is well in front of the center of my shoulder. I haven't measured the distance between my shoulder and the floor, but I'm going to. My pencil points are internally rotated. :) I'm trying to vision how to do seated rows to the neck and 'face pull' exercises, and having a hard time getting the motion in my head. I'm going to research and see if I can find some pics! The back of my neck is stiff and sore a lot - right now, even - is it because my head leans forward?

03-20-2009, 02:10 PM
Here's a video of seated rows to the neck:


Here's two photos of Mike Robertson doing two face pull variations. The regular face pull and the face pull with external rotation. (taken from the T-Nation Article "Pushups, Face-Pulls and shrugs.")



And a link to the full article which also contains some video and more some excellent funtional anatomy information, particularly on the scapula.


And for those who do not like to visit T-Nation due to some of the images they display, here's a video of Tony Gentilcore demoing the face pull with external rotation.


Also, I read in an article once (actually, I think I learned the acromion test from the same article), that the average human head weighs about 8 pounds and that if you move the chin forward just 3 inches (like you often do when on the computer) that the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and upper back must now support the equivalent of 11 pounds or an increase of more than 37%, so yes, this MAY be causing some of your neck stiffness.

03-20-2009, 02:11 PM
I read your post for kittycat and tried your tests... I sit in front of a computer all day in a bad chair, and have for years... I think I have "forward head".

I know without the tests that this is my case as well. I sit at a computer or in a chair in a meeting at least 6 out of 8 hours I'm at work. I consciously try to keep my body in line when I'm standing or walking, but I'll research some of the exercises as well.

Lately my upper body workouts are limited to occasionally adding light handweights while running

Kitty - I was always told that it was not good to run with hand weights, but darned if my old brain can remember why. :) I wouldn't think that they add much of an upper body component though as you're not lifting them under tension.

I've tweaked something in my left thigh/groin (which I don't remember doing) and am having trouble lifting it in certain positions. Mostly I have problems putting on my socks and lifting it high enough when putting on my pants. Weird. It's not improved with rest and gentle stretching. I hate the thought of paying for PT but it may come to that for a few sessions. So annoying. I can still do cardio, and anything lower body that doesn't require me to lift it, and that doesn't seem to irritate it. Grrrrr. No one told me that my body would abandon me in my 60's! :lol:

ETA: Thanks for the photos and links, Depalma.

03-20-2009, 02:19 PM
Sportsfreak, prices seem to vary somewhat on the crossfit, but the one I go to costs $99 for the foundations type class (the one I'm taking now), then unlimited workouts membership (which I could do after this class, assuming I can scrape the money, lol) is $110 (plus tax, so actually about $120/mo). That is just month to month. I don't think they do packages/contracts at the one I've been going to. I think they also sell a punch card, but it ends up being way more expensive if you work out regularly. It's a fair price, because it includes constant training/coaching every time you go in, but it's a bit steep for my budget, so I'm still not sure if I'll be able to keep on with it. :(

Shannon, I'm sure Depalma will come back with something brilliant, but in the meantime, there's this on exrx:

Nevermind, D posted while I was, but hey, the more info the merrier, right? ;)

Shannon in ATL
03-20-2009, 02:35 PM
Depalma - thanks for those links to the seated rows! I believe I can do those on my Weider, might have to use the upper hooks instead of the middle to get the right height but doable! I've been looking for more exercises like that as they don't pull my pecs as much as the pulldowns, so if I can help with my forward head problem at the same time that would be more the better! :)

Cheryl - Thanks for your link, too! The pics help a lot! Of course as I read it looks like my posture is much worse than I thought! :)

In addition to the 'forward head' I also roll my shoulders forward somewhat. I'm discovering as I try to add more resistance to my squats I have a harder time getting my posture right and I'm wondering if it is from the shoulders.. I really need to go to a gym and have a few sessions with a trainer just for posture...

03-20-2009, 03:32 PM
Shannon, ditto. If you look at my avatar pic, you can see it, the sloped shoulders (they were down and forward) and the head position. I've seen some improvement over the last couple of months, though. I was just really weak in my back muscles, hams, and glutes before I started lifting.

03-20-2009, 09:09 PM
Had a :D moment the otherday. Was lifting at the same time as a young friend (she's 28?) who is also pretty dang fit, has a Masters in exercise physiology, beats the pants off me running and lifts regularly. But she thought some of the stuff I was doing was interesting and just wanted to mix things up she tried to work in with me a couple stations.

That's when she found out that I may look soft with the extra weight but heh..heh... I got guns somewhere under the jiggle. She popped into my warmup set on bench press. :devil:

She's interested in working out with me some more now.

She does have biceps though. That's one area I am perennially weak relatively speaking.

03-20-2009, 10:31 PM
She's interested in working out with me some more now.
I bet she is! :high: What a great feeling that must have been.

03-21-2009, 04:55 AM
Okay, guys. You'll be proud of me. At skating tonight, the boy was goading me with his superior "Shoot the Duck" skills, so I could not ignore the challenge. Normally, this is quite entertaining for the boy, since I just end up on my rear end, but this time, after only a half dozen attempts, I did it :carrot:, yeah, I could actually reach my skate to hold it up, and I was in the full pistol squat happiness and rolling...for all of 2 seconds, but hey, everybody has to start somewhere! :lol3:

Way past my bedtime, and CF class is early tomorrow...9 a.m. on a Saturday is just mean to people! (well, skater peeps that are up late Friday night skating, anyway!) :faint:

03-21-2009, 08:40 AM
I'm impressed, Cheryl! Just think you far you have come fitness wise :carrot: Shoot the duck sounds a little scary- do you wear a helmet when you skate?

I'm looking at ski helmets now....I think they are flying off shelves like hot cakes. DD and I are skiing in CO in another 2 weeks and we are both considering helmets. I've hit my head so hard so mayb times, tho, I figure if anything was going to break in there it already would have.

Did only 3 cardio sessions this week, but am getting 5 lifts in. Going to PT 3 times week is cutting into workout time!


03-21-2009, 10:21 AM
Depalma, what you are saying makes great sense. I appreciate your insight and taking the time to explain it to me. :):):)

OK, work to do.... focused work.

gogogogogogogogogo us!


03-21-2009, 01:59 PM
Mel - glad to hear that you and DD are getting helmets! I worked as a EMT/paramedic for 20 years, and also for PI lawyers, so have seen several accidents like Richardson's, and also worked on lawsuits (defense) where the same injury played a role. It's very scary because, like her, the patients seem to be fine. Take care of yourself.

Another cold sunny day here. I'm off to a short quilt class this am, and then into work as one of my PT people called me at 8 am sick. (That's a weird sentence). One of the other folks is going in for the first half, and I'll finish out. We're only open until 2, so not a huge deal.

DH called last night, but before I got home from Anchorage (dentist). He's there safely. I stopped to shop after my appt, and scored new black jeans and gray pants at a great sale at JC Penney. Also passed on jeans that were over $100! at Nordstrom. :lol: Now I'm looking for a small bookcase for my home office....

03-21-2009, 04:29 PM
Mel - we went to helmets for skiing several years ago and would never go back. It is really comfy and I stay sooooo much warmer in cold weather and in warmer weather you can take the vent plugs out and it isnt that much warmer. It felt weird for maybe an hour and now I just find it more comfortable than without.

03-21-2009, 06:33 PM
Here's a vid of Shoot the Duck on roller skates, if anybody doesn't know what it looks like:
Shoot the Duck (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbyuBcF-c8E)

Here's a vid of my next project on skates. My friend Mike showed me this one last night...minus the limbo pole, this move is called Shoot the Moon:
Shoot the Moon (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zk5iwj6tnT4)

Mel, thanks! It helps a lot that "the belly" is mostly gone...that really got in the way (of a LOT of things). I've also made some gains in hamstring length and overall flexibility this year, for sure, which I've been fighting tooth and nail for, so I AM proud of that.

I do not wear a helmet if I'm just jamskating, because at the rink, it's all flat and smooth. There's some danger there of breaking bones if you trip over somebody or get plowed into and land wrong, but I've been skating for...:chin: 37 years :fr: so I have pretty good reflexes when it comes to falling as safely as possible. When I skate outdoors doing anything besides flat/smooth dance skating, like with a dog pulling me, or skating hills or skating around/near car traffic, then definitely yes, I wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads and gloves.

Well, my sister called me when I was trying to post, and we got to chatting on the phone, so I'll cut this one short, and post the crossfit report and the other replies later. I can't seem to post without writing a novel, sorry!

03-21-2009, 09:52 PM
Oh my, Cheryl! You need some great flexibility for those moves! :) And you're skating on the 4 wheeled skates? I spent half my teen-aged years at a roller rink but never doing anything fancy. And now I'm in charge of a department that includes an ice arena, and I can barely stay upright and go forward around the ice. :lol: My DH makes up for me though, he ice skates several times a week for exercise and balance.

And may I say GRRRRR, it's started snowing!!! This is the second day of SPRING folks - stop with the white stuff already :tantrum:

03-21-2009, 11:34 PM
Pat, yes, I use roller skates. I never did master the inline skate thing, or ice skating, for that matter.

Kitty, thanks! Enjoy the time in the weight room! Probably the best "aha!" moment I've gotten from lifting is that a person CAN affect changes for the better, not just for looks, but for better posture and long term health and functionality. I think the buffness is just a nice bonus!

Ennay, meant to say WTG and congrats on showing that kid how it's done!

Lydia, what are you up to the past few days? We need a workout report or something!

And now, for the Crossfit Report:

Class #9/Sat

My Pre-Warmup: didn't happen. Got home from the rink late, posted here, got to sleep about 130, tried to get up at 6, but woke up at 8:10. :eek: Had the fastest shower of my life, since I never feel up to it late Friday nights after skating, didn't have time for tea or breakfast, even, but got there 5 mins before start of class. Had just enough time for a short walk. Again, it was just me that showed up for class. I'm guessing the lady quit (?) and the guy had another obligation for his job. It's great to get the full attention of the trainer and all, but also kinda disappointing, since I was looking forward to starting with some other folks at the same time. :shrug:

The Warm-up:
Run 400 meters
Then 2 rounds of:
10 air squats
10 push-ups
10 sit-ups
Then 10 shoulder dislocations with the pvc.

I was still really sleepy, and missing the chance to stretch, especially when we got to the next part...

Old Skills Practice:
1) Pull-ups and the :devil: kip! I was having a lot of pain in my shoulder when hanging from the bar. I told my trainer about it, and she was able to improve things for me by telling me to close the shoulder a little, so that instead of my hands being directly overhead, they were a little in front of my ear. This helped, but I'm still having to fight the pain in my hands. I feel like I did better today, though, without the distraction of the major shoulder pain. I fought hard to keep my grip and did better there, plus I finally was able to get 3 times in a row with enough kip to get a little momentum up off the bar (I'm supposed to get enough kip that I can let go and reset my grip on the bar, so I did that 3 times, barely, but that's my first successful 3-in-a-row with that!). My major weakness here is still my grip. I'm pretty sure I could do the kip if I could just frickin' hold on!

Then I practiced with the big rubber band, but still don't have the hang of using that. I got like 2 singles where I was close, but no chin over the bar yet on those.

I'm gonna do some practice on my own for this. I found a cool video on the Crossfit Journal where Todd Widman is training this guy in the kip, and it makes so much sense to me, I'm hoping that will help me learn the kip. My trainer is doing it a slightly different way, which I just am not having a lot of luck with, so I figure maybe I can try the new way on my own, and if it works, then that's all that matters, right?

New Skills:
1) The Hang Power Clean. This is the same move as the Hang Power Snatch we did Thursday, except this one is caught in the front rack position. This one was harder to get right, but by the end of the workout, I think I was doing it right more than not. The hard part for me was the speed element. You really are supposed to whip those elbows up and get under the bar fast. Lots of practice in my future on this one! Lemme see if I can hunt up a video clip:
Okay, I did not look near that good, lol!

The WOD (workout of the day):
Run 400 meters
10 Hang Power Cleans 45# bar
Run 300 meters
10 Hang Power Cleans 30# bar*
Run 200 meters
10 Hang Power Cleans 30# bar

My time: 9:47
*I started with the 45# bar, but near the end of the first set of cleans, I was getting a bad twinge in my right shoulder, so my trainer got me a smaller bar, and the shoulder was fine after that. I think it was just still tweaking from the pull-up practice.

I did stretching on my own, because the regular group was there, and my trainer was the only one there, so she had to get those guys going on setting up equipment for their warm-up and workout.

After Class:
I stayed on to watch the first half of the group do the "real" workout. Part of their warm-up was to do the limbo under a pvc, and I wasn't about to miss that, lol. Then they did Fight Gone Bad. It was cool to see a real heavy duty workout in person. Some folks were kinda wussin' on it, like not locking out the arms on the push press, but most were working as hard as they could, it seemed, and one of the older guys there was just a freakin' beast...like, it was plain he was in pain on the last round, he had the shakes and all, but he just kept going...very impressive effort! I want to be like that when I grow up! Here's a clip of what the FGB workout consists of:
Fight Gone Bad (http://media.crossfit.com/cf-video/CrossFit_FGBSCDemoExplanation.wmv)

And that is it for the CF Report today.

PS to Lydia or anyone who's interested: if you don't have a CF Journal subscription yet, but have considered it, it's totally worth the $25. There is an unbelievable amount of info there on fitness topics, a lot of video/audio/pdf, I mean, tons more than the freebie stuff on the main site. Anyway, I finally got one, and just thought I'd say that I thought it was money well spent. I know that you guys know this, but for future ref, I'm not affiliated in any financial way with CF or the CF Journal, just think it's cool and thought I'd pass it on.

03-22-2009, 11:36 AM
I'm having real trouble getting on the site lately, so that is why you don't see me posting as much. My pages take forever to load and I have to keep refreshing, anyone else? I just saw a message saying that my phishing s/w is scanning the site as it loads -- that could take a loooong time I guess. That could be why and it could just be me. Sometimes reloading the page manually works, but sometimes not. Anyway, I'm here and plugging away, so don't worry that I've fallen off the track!

03-22-2009, 01:27 PM
Fran, I have trouble with that on my desktop (which is 5 years old!) but my laptop loads more quickly. Funny, as my desktop has a very comprehensive anti-virus, anti-phishing, everything program on it. Grrr.

Loved the report as usual Cheryl. My lifting yesterday consisted of carrying a small bookcase I bought at Fred Meyer. It was ony 30#, but a very akward shape in a slippery box.... Fits great where I wanted it though :)

A 1/2" of snow, and temps right a zero this am. I'm off to shower, dress and go to church.

03-22-2009, 04:33 PM
Fran, I set my phishing software not to scan this site, which helps, but I still sometimes get "stuck" in the loading phase. Usually, I page back, just till it is starting to load the previous page, then page forward, and the page will load right up. Seems like mine gets stuck in the "waiting for" the advertisements to load, and then just stops there, waiting and waiting, so the page back/page forward thing usually works to load the page right up. Sometimes mine gets stuck trying to upload a post, then I just press my "esc(ape)" key, resend the post, and that works. Maybe some of that will help, or maybe it's just particular to my computer..?

Pat, glad you found the bookcase you wanted! It's always a good feeling to see a project like that completed!

I'm taking a rest day today. :faint: Had that med ball clean workout Thursday which just abused my legs thoroughly, then skating Friday night, then Sat morning running and cleans with the barbell, then Sat night went skating with my friends again. It's been a blast, but my legs are fried, and my shoulders are sore from all the pull-up practice. I've got a date with a hot shower and some rubbing alchohol, so hopefully things will be a little loosened up by tomorrow.

Oh, speaking of skating, I tried the shoot the duck move again last night, and did much better. I could go most of the way around the rink floor before I landed on my butt. Gives me hope of actually getting a real pistol squat some day, though I'm not as good at balancing one-legged on shoes as I am on skates, lol. They had a late session last night, till midnite, but most of the folks left by 11:30, so 3 friends and I spent the last half hour playing with shoot the duck, shoot the moon (I just fell on my butt a lot with that one, but did sorta get a feel for the balance of it, so will just keep trying), and we fooled around pushing each other on little plastic dollies (aka "butt scooters", lol). So yeah, a bunch of adults acting like kids and having a good time. It was fun having the whole rink floor to ourselves. :devil:

For tomorrow, I'm planning just an easy workout, mainly skills practice on the kipping pull-ups, the new oly lift warm-up we learned Thurs, and the new lifts I learned this week.

03-22-2009, 05:58 PM
Hmm, got in today without a problem, make a liar out of me!

Sitting here enjoying a free day. NOT looking forward to my new harder lbwo tomorrow. :faint: ugh, it kills me!

03-22-2009, 06:40 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

I'm here. Mostly lurking. I've been really busy this week. I interviewed with the owner of the gym on Friday and sat in during their team meeting. He has offered me the opportunity to join the coaching team however there is a period of time before I actually get to touch a client. There are some videos, shadowing other trainers, orientations and an NASM certification I need to get out of the way. I've already got my ACSM but the owner perfers to have all his people with the same certs and I have six months to complete it after I train my first client. No pressure really but I'm going to begin soon since so much of the ACSM is already fresh in my memory. So yep, been a little busy but it's been the good kind.

Cheryl, I couldn't imagine doing those movements on skates. :yikes: I've watched the hang power clean video you posted about a year ago. I remember wanting to try it but knowing that without a coach I would be doing it incorrectly. :dizzy: and everyone else in the gym wondering what the :devil: I was trying to do over there makin' all that noise. :lol3: You must be having a BLAST doing this Cheryl. ~sigh~ My name is Lydia and I'm a CrossFit addict. I should look into the journal as you suggested.

Pat: EMT! What haven't you done in your town. :rofl: I know what it is, you really live in that town all by yourself right? :s:

Mel: I hope your back is beginning to feel better through your therapy. Are you feeling improvement?

Nelie: Good luck with your training. We've had some beautiful running weather the last few days as well as cycling. I just haven't been able to get out there on my bike yet. Soon. Soon.

Okay. Long week and I'm wiped out. I need to get dinner ready so I can call it a day.

Oh, wait. Cheryl, you asked about my workout last week. :chin: I recall a lot of movements that required scapula contraction before the movement was executed. Let me just comment on how freaking hard it is to do bb rows to your chest when you have to pull your shoulder blades down and tight together first. Yeah. Makes a big difference. I can lift so much more when my form slips and I allow my back to round a little. :lol:

And wow. I was sore the next morning. But, it's working. I do feel more of an inclination to draw my shoulders back and down even when I'm not lifting. Another one of those surprise side effects of gettin' stronger.

03-22-2009, 07:34 PM
Pulling my scapula back is a lot of what my PT is about. I think my form is good on back exercises, but I tend to do a lot more super heavy chest exercises and have created an imbalance. I still have numb fingers and a tingling arm, but no more scapular or neck pain. So I guess it's an improvement :p

Lydia, I'm really surprised that they want you to do a NASM cert with an ASCM cert! You have what is considered the gold standard certification! If you test fairly soon, I'm sure it will be a breeze :)

I have to find some continuing ed credits for my certification which expires this November if I don't get cracking! I don't think they'll take my recently acquired credits in taxation and estate planning!

Oven timer is beeping.... gotta go!


03-22-2009, 07:42 PM
I know what it is, you really live in that town all by yourself right?

:rofl: Lydia, you've guessed my secret!! It is a small town, just under 6,000, and I actually live about 2 miles outside the city limits. The EMT stuff was all volunteer, though I did get paid some for the classes I taught. I really enjoyed it as I had originally gone to college as a nursing major though I switched majors before I changed. Didn't lose my interest in medical stuff though.

It snowed about 1/2" overnight, and there's some swirling around this afternoon, but not accumlating. Spring, I demand spring! :) I talked to my sister in Massachusetts this afternoon. I'm visiting her the week after next, and so far there's no spring there either, though the temps are warmer, but still only in the 40's, and cloudy. Sigh. Maybe it'll change in the next 10 days?

Glad you're feeling some better Mel. I assume that your tingling arm/fingers are not carpal tunnel?

Okay, back to finishing tax stuff so it's off my plate.....

03-22-2009, 07:47 PM
Today was such a beautiful day!! I went for a run around our lake, after a nap on our deck :) Yesterday, we went for a walk around the lake and then I did a workout video last night (30 day shred).

Running certainly is getting easier as I'm able to go longer without a break. My left quad is bothering me a little so I have to figure that out. Maybe just overdid it a little. Hills are a bit tough on it :)

03-22-2009, 10:39 PM
Mel: I'm so glad to know your back pain is subsiding.

I think that my chest is proportionally stronger than my back as well. It kind of surprised me that I had difficulty pulling it back as well during my lifts. I've been doing a lot of activation exercises to help with this problem. It's making a difference.

About the certs. I know! It's why I chose the ACSM. I did do some comparison between the two. With the ACSM I can do risk stratifications like nobody's business. However, what I'm missing is really looking at form and being able to determine weak areas of the body based upon the persons movement. From some of the things that I've read the NASM will address these issues for me. I really don't mind the extra studying, it can only reinforce what I already supposedly know. What I do mind is the cost of another cert. :rolleyes:

Pat: Small town girl here too. Population 4,000. Can you imagine! In Ohio, a community smaller than the one you are running?! Gosh, I really didn't even live in the community itself. I was still twelve to fifteen miles out of town/village. Uhm, yeah, a village. The "outpost" from the village which was about four miles from my home had a bar, a church with an elementary school, a tiny brick IGA, and a feedmill. :chin: Man, talk about a time in my life when I REALLY could have used a laptop and high speed internet access. :rofl:

Back to work. Have a great evening everyone!

03-23-2009, 11:28 AM
I saw the WOD and think I'm going to go buy a medicine ball :) I've been wanting one but wasn't sure why. Not sure what I'm going to hit it against yet though... don't think my husband would appreciate me hitting the house or the walls.

I'm sore this morning from my run but managed to walk the pups for a mile. Oh and I don't think I mentioned it but my battery died on my HRM during my run. I really wanted to cry because it was a different path and I wanted to know the distance and I was doing intervals. Luckily, my husband was walking the dogs on the same path (opposite direction), so I boogied to meet up with him and stole his watch. Of course I just realized I was a dork because I forgot that I need to recharge it. Yesterday, I thought I had to buy a new battery for it, now I just have to find the recharge station, wherever I put it.

03-23-2009, 12:50 PM
I'm having real trouble getting on the site lately, so that is why you don't see me posting as much. My pages take forever to load and I have to keep refreshing, anyone else? I just saw a message saying that my phishing s/w is scanning the site as it loads -- that could take a loooong time I guess. That could be why and it could just be me. Sometimes reloading the page manually works, but sometimes not. Anyway, I'm here and plugging away, so don't worry that I've fallen off the track!

same for me. both at home and at work. :?:

03-23-2009, 06:25 PM
Ooh, Nelie, I am liking the wallball WOD. If you have a bag of sand, I've heard you can make about an 8 lb ball with an old basketball, cut a slit, use a funnel to fill it with sand, duct tape over the slit. I'm thinking I will make one of those, though having a real one (or two) would be super cool. I love them a LOT for doing squats, because it takes the guesswork out of whether I'm going deep enough, so I can concentrate on my form and just cranking out the reps. At home, I use my laundry basket, upside down, which is just a rubbermaid tub that's about the right height, but a real medicine ball would be the bomb. Definitely go for it if you can buy one...you can do the wall ball, cleans, squats, I don't know what else, but they're fun to play with! What about hitting the local schoolyard after hours and bounce it off their brick walls?

Lydia, thanks for the link on the BB row. I wondered about that, because you see a lot of big guys doing those with a rounded back, spread shoulder blades, and it seems like back angles were all over the place. Good to find out how to do them right. I didn't know that about the lift starting from the floor every time. Speaking of certs, I really want to do a Crossfit cert some day, at least the level 1, just cuz it's chock full of good info and actual hands-on practice. It's spendy, but if I could afford the cost, I'd do it just for my own education. There's a cool CF gymnastics cert now, too, that I'm putting on my wishlist for "maybe someday" when I might be in good enough shape to take full advantage of that one. Wish they weren't so freaking expensive, but at least if you're a trainer, you have a chance to earn that money back.

Mel, I hope the PT is able to fix those numbness issues! :hug:

I've been practicing the kipping pull-up progressions, and feel like I finally made some headway yesterday. I started with a box for support, practicing the swing for a few reps, then swing and jump (with straight arms) a few times, then swing/jump/pull the chin over the bar, then swing/jump/pull/push away at the top (trying to get propelled back into that straight arm swing). That went well, but going from there to no support (minus the box) is too big a leap for me, and I end up deadhanging and pinching my shoulder joints, especially when I'm tired.

So, I was thinking about the ring rows, and how it gets harder if you step forward with the feet, and wondered if I could use that on the pull-ups. I started fooling with stepping farther and farther forward, and that definitely makes it harder, so I've been doing those. Then, I brought the box and my feet back under the bar, and started trying them with one foot on the box, and trying to do the kip with my other leg, and that is working, though I need more practice to get the kipping action coordinated. Still, I feel like I'm getting closer, and maybe I can use the one legged trick to master the pull-ups with the band. My trainer doesn't want to give me a bigger band for assistance, and I just have not been able to get over the bar with the one she gave me, so maybe if I can add a little kip with my free leg, that will propel my weight up a little more. Anyway, hopefully am making progress there!

My sister called today, and she's hoping to squeeze in a workout at the Y after work, so I told her I'd like to go along, since I need to get some practice in today.

03-23-2009, 07:23 PM
Pat: Small town girl here too. Population 4,000. Can you imagine! In Ohio, a community smaller than the one you are running?! Gosh, I really didn't even live in the community itself. I was still twelve to fifteen miles out of town/village. Uhm, yeah, a village. The "outpost" from the village which was about four miles from my home had a bar, a church with an elementary school, a tiny brick IGA, and a feedmill. :chin: Man, talk about a time in my life when I REALLY could have used a laptop and high speed internet access. :rofl:

You just decribed the town my cousin lives in to a T. Anywhere close to Utica, Ohio?

I am finally back to lifitng tonight. The only exercise I've gotten in 5 days in mowing the yard. I can't wait. I've fixed DH a gyminee account so he can track his own food. Yeah right, who am I kidding, I'll be doing the tracking for the next few weeks. At least I can load my favorites into his profile, so that cuts down the set-up time. Does anyone else have a gyminee profile?

After catching up on the posts, I want to go skating now. Maybe DSS will let me take him this weekend. He's getting old enough that it's not cool to hang out with me anymore. But I bet if I offer him the choice between skating and yardwork, we'll go skating. :D

03-23-2009, 09:11 PM

I ran around this evening trying to find a medicine ball. Heaviest I could find was 12 lbs and it was $50!! I ended up buying a basketball for $4 and plan on buying sand sometime soon.

Oh and I was perusing Amazon and found a 15 lb medicine ball. Not cheap of course ($48.71) by GoFit. I really like other GoFit products I have like my kettlebells so I ordered it. Free shipping too!! Poor UPS guy.

03-23-2009, 09:43 PM
Poor UPS guy.
:rofl: Nelie, has he ever asked what you have in these boxes? :rofl:

I also had no idea how much these things were. :faint:

Sand sounds like a good idea to me too. Gives me a whole new respect for that twenty pound med ball that hovered over my head during my bosu squat exercise today. :dizzy:

03-23-2009, 09:57 PM

The dog food is the worst! 50 lb boxes and what not. UPS guy just goes with it I guess.

03-23-2009, 10:11 PM
It's how they work out! :rofl: I have this little wirey guy who delivers large boxes of books to the library - without a dolly! The UPS guy - who is bigger - hates it when we have boxes of tax forms. Sometimes he's too macho for the dolly - other days he takes the help.

03-24-2009, 08:33 AM
I figure if I get laid off I can be a UPS guyette :)

nelie- I missed your medicine ball posts in time. I bought Mine a (of all places) Tuesday Morning and TJ Maxx for about 10 dollars each! Unfortunately, I also usually end up in the purse dpartment and spend a whole lot more :dizzy:

Cardio done, legs at lunch.

03-24-2009, 10:32 AM
Mel: You find the best deals!

03-24-2009, 10:42 AM
Mel - That is amazing! I always scout the fitness section at TJ Maxx but I've yet to see medicine balls.

One amazing thing though is I went to 4 stores yesterday looking for Medicine balls and most of them had something even if it wasn't what I was looking for but all of them had kettlebells!! I guess I get excited about kettlebells because when I first started buying them, not many stores had them.

Last night, I did fake throws with a 20 lb kettlebell and got pretty winded. With the kettlebell I can throw it in the air a few inches and catch it without fear of hurting myself or the floor (well the floor is concrete). This morning, I went on a run and its getting easier. Funny thing is I did 2 miles, first mile was mostly running, some walking and it took me 14:30 to do the first mile. The second mile was all walk/run intervals and it took me 13:50 to do the second mile. Good news is that I'm getting faster, bad news is I'm slow :)

03-24-2009, 11:15 AM
Nelie, cool that you found one you like! I had no idea they cost $50, but I'm not surprised, after looking up kettlebell prices. I definitely mean to try the sand/basketball trick...I wonder if I could put some lead fishing weights in there, to make a heavier one. :chin:

Dixie, have fun with the skating! It's my fave exercise, since it doesn't seem like a workout, but it always is. :)

Everybody else, :wave:. I need some caffeine, then I have to get ready for my CF class. Only 3 classes left! (Please let there be somebody else there, to distract the trainer. She's way too evil when she's got just me to put all her focus on!) The boy is supposed to go with me today. He wants to play on the ropes and such while I'm doing my class, and the trainer said it was cool. I love that about CF...people bring their kids and nobody freaks about them romping around, being kids.

03-24-2009, 12:02 PM
I love Tuesday Morning! (the store, not the day :lol: ) There is one near my niece's house in Freeport, ME - along with a zillion outlet stores.

Not much new.WIth DH away, I get into a bad habit of leaving the laptop at the kitchen table - spending too much time on it.

And that's where I am, and I really need to be in the shower.

03-24-2009, 01:52 PM
You just decribed the town my cousin lives in to a T. Anywhere close to Utica, Ohio?

Utica, Ohio. Yet another great ice cream town.:D We seem to have so many and I have way to much experience with most of them. :rofl: But no Dixied, I'm not from Utica. Other side of the state. Like, think of the imaginary state line between Ohio and Indiana. That's where I'm from. As a matter of fact, my grandparents farm was on both sides of the state. My father went to high school in Ohio and my aunt and uncle went to high school in Indiana. Go figure. :dizzy:

Recovery day for me at the gym. I'm finding that my workouts are becoming full body strength training four days a week with recovery days in between. It's the functional training that is requiring this. I'm not losing strength and I can see where areas of my body are improving as well. So, I'll call it a success and keep learning. It's nice to have the recovery days to explore some more yoga moves or maybe do that little extra cardio outside on my bike since the weather is breaking.

Have a great afternoon everyone. :sunny:

Shannon in ATL
03-24-2009, 02:01 PM
Wow, I'm behind on this thread... I was just reading all the cool things that you guys are doing and I feel like my Weider workouts need some spice! :) I've do a lot more on my exercise ball now and added in some dumbell work this past week, so I need to start researching what I'm going to add in next. I like the kettleball idea, but don't yet know how to use one. I'll read back through some of these threads for some inspiration! :-) You guys are wearing me out just reading them!

Hope everyone has a good day!

03-25-2009, 11:26 AM
Utica, Ohio. Yet another great ice cream town.:D We seem to have so many and I have way to much experience with most of them. :rofl: But no Dixied, I'm not from Utica. Other side of the state. Like, think of the imaginary state line between Ohio and Indiana. That's where I'm from. As a matter of fact, my grandparents farm was on both sides of the state. My father went to high school in Ohio and my aunt and uncle went to high school in Indiana. Go figure. :dizzy:

You gotta love a town with an Ice Cream Festival. (Shameless Plug: Anyone is the area should check out the Ice Cream Festival Memorial Day Weekend at the Old Mill in Utica, OH)

I'm from the opposite border of Ohio. I'm actually from Parkersburg, WV/Marietta, OH. Not quite as imaginary a line, since it's divided by the Ohio River. :D Must have been nice to have a choice of schools. But state taxes must be a pain.

03-25-2009, 03:37 PM
Hey peeps. CF class was cancelled yesterday morning. The trainer called me at 8:15, luckily I checked messages before I left...she accidentally scheduled a doctor appt for her boy at 9 am on a Tuesday...the class is new to her, so she didn't think about it when setting up her appt, lol. NBD, but my boy was disappointed, since he'd gotten up early and was excited to see the gym. I was disappointed, because I got up at 6am and ate fish and broccoli for breakfast, so I wouldn't run out of gas for the workout. blech! We'll try again Thursday.

Yesterday was supposed to be kettlebell swing and rope climb for new skills, so we get to make that up Thursday. Rope climb. :rofl: More like, "okay, pull"...(me) "I did" (still on the floor), lol. Last time I climbed a rope, I was in 6th grade. I was the only girl who ever made it to the top, but that was about 80 pounds ago, lol. Well, it will be entertaining, at least! I'm looking forward to learning the KB swing, though. I've tried those some with a dumbbell, but probably with bad form, so I didn't use much weight.

In the meantime, I've been practicing my pull-ups, or pull-up attempts. My grip is getting stronger, or my hands are getting numb to the pain, whichever...I can hang on a little longer. I think I'm doing really good with at least one foot on a box, but with no box, it's still a struggle.

I might put some dead hang pull-ups into my warm-up, since it seems it will be a while before I'm strong enough to do this kipping pull-up thing. If my trainer will let me, I could do some dead hang practice with the ginormous rubber band (or two), just to keep on building my strength for the pull. It's got to be better than all this business of trying to kip, not being able to, and never pulling myself over the bar, right? I figure, I can practice both, maybe switch them out in my warm-up, but at least if I have enough band assistance I can keep working those muscles. If she doesn't like that idea, I'll just have to hit the Y for the assisted machine and keep working on it there.

Whatever I did to my right shoulder (Saturday I think I pulled something during kipping pull-up practice at CF) is tweaking on cleans and snatches. :kickcan: Well, the good news is, I'm learning to use my freaking hip extension to get that bar moving, because any pulling with my arms is like a jab with a knife...that's better than a trainer to keep me legit on the form!I've got some swedish miracle linament stuff that I use for the dogs, that I'll try rubbing in there today. It has dmso in it, which makes me queasy, but since I'm home today, it will merely be an annoyance, so I'll see if it can help speed the healing along.

Lydia, I know what you're saying about the functional fitness moves. It's hard to do those without working every frickin' muscle in your body. That's all good, but cuts down on the fun BB lifting opportunities. I'm still trying to figure how to sneak in some totally useless isolation lifting, just for fun, but CF, even the baby workouts, kicks my butt all the time, and I'm afraid of not being 100% recovered for the next class.

Shannon, I'll give you the skinny on all the kettlebell swing cues after my next class, and dig up some video, so that might help you get started with the KB. Of course, you can do more than swings with them, I'm sure, probably anything you can do with a dumbbell, and vice versa, so you can use a DB if you don't own a kettlebell.

Pat and Dixie and Mel and Nelie, anybody I forgot, :wave:! Hope you're all getting the good workouts in! Nelie, meant to say, my nephew has the same experience, though he's faster than both of us (I have about the same speed for a mile run, or a little slower than yours, so we could start a club, lol)...when my nephew does alternating running (as fast as he can) and walking when he gets out of breath, his mile time is faster than if he just runs the whole mile. He did a 5K like that last year, and made it in under 30 mins, I think...the punk! Of course, he's 6'5" and his legs are about a mile long!

03-25-2009, 08:15 PM
Cheryl, I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder. I hope it begins to feel better with a little forced rest by good form. I can't believe that you ate fish and broccoli for breakfast. Wow. You got me beat! Nothing but oatmeal porridge before 11:00am.

I had to reschedule my workout for tomorrow morning. I'm going to bed early tonight. Today's workout was less than stellar. I think I just needed a little more recovery time today.

Dixied: My DH great aunt lived in Parkersburg. So, I actually know and have been there. His great aunt was an elementary school teacher way back in the Dick and Jane days. (I had those books too but only because my elementary school was really old)

Hope everyone has a great evening. Doing a little review work and I'm going to bed early.

03-25-2009, 10:06 PM
Ice cream festival???? I drive that direction a lot :D I thought Columbus was the ice cream capital!

Cheryl, I have been eating fish and fruit in the morning lately. Mh ds and dh come into the kitchen and make gagging sounds, but I was getting to the point of dreading even the most elaborate egg white omelets.

Rope climbing is FUN! I was the kid in 6th grad PE (we called it gym class) who couldn't get more than 4 feet off the ground while everyone laughed. When I climbed a rope all the way up at 45 years old I was elated! Take that, every gym teacher I ever had:devil:

I was a rock star today a physical therapy (my life is so exciting). I was doing a series of exercises designed for the Phillies pitchers to rehab their shoulders. Somehow it involved doing about 100 body weight squats then step ups while doing external and internal rotation and circular moves with 2 pound weight cuffs on my hands. I asked the therapist what he did with people who couldn't do 100 squats (like the 80 year old woman watching me clutching her shoulder) and he told me this series was for athletes. :rofl:
It takes so little to butter me up, it's pathetic.

Food was ON the last few days. Why oh why isn't it always easy?????


03-26-2009, 10:21 AM
Mel, you are a rockstar! I'm glad your PT recognizes this! Just for the record, I never laughed at that kid, myself. Thanks for the encouragement on the rope climb.

Lydia, trust me, if I had some eggs in the house, I'd have gone for some other type of protein, but fish was my best choice at the time. This morning, I'm going for the turkey bratwurst, just because I can't take another fishy breakfast. I love salmon, don't get me wrong, just 6 a.m. is just too early for that and a ginormous amount of broccoli. My usual breakfast was yogurt for the longest time, but that's not enough to get me through the crossfit workouts.

I've been resting my shoulder the last few days, and yesterday didn't even fool around with any practice, since I'm supposed to try to climb a rope today. :faint:

I'll check in later today with the CF report!

03-26-2009, 11:58 AM
I know we've discussed this before but I can't do front squats and can't figure out how to get the bar resting on my shoulders with my elbows up. It seems like my arms are built wrong. Maybe its inflexibility?

Anyway, I got my medicine ball yesterday and it came with a DVD of exercises so I did some of them. They are pretty decent but I almost killed myself on one. It is a russian twist on a swiss ball, here is a video I found:

Basically, I twisted to one side, then went to twist on the other side but really didn't try to center my gravity and ended up rolling off the swiss ball all the time saying 'woah woah woah'.

03-26-2009, 06:14 PM
Nelie, funny about falling off the ball. Did you get the hang of it after that?

The Crossfit Report is below.

Class #10 & #11 (combined today)/Thursday

Since we missed Tuesday, we made up the skills part of that class today.

My Pre-Warmup:
Came out to leave this morning, had a low tire on the truck, so didn't get to class till ten minutes before class started (I usually have 20 mins to do this part). I got a walk and some jogging in, did some moving and stretching, then it was time to go do the class warm-up.

The Warm-up:
2 rounds of:
10 squats
10 push-ups (up to 5 on my toes each set...that's 7 more total than I could do 3 weeks ago!)
10 sit-ups

10 shoulder dislocations w/pvc

New Skills:
1) Kettlebell Swing. Well, I promised Shannon the skinny on this move, but there wasn't a lot to tell. The main points were not to pull with the arm, and to keep the shoulder relaxed. For Crossfit, the standard is to get the KB up overhead, and that all has to happen via opening the hip. You take a wide stance (so you don't wack your knees with the KB), get down into a good squat position, start with the KB on the floor, about a half step in front of your feet, so it swings back when you pick it up, eyes forward, chest up, nice back/squat position, pick it up, let it swing back between your legs, stand up out of the squat and open the hip. It took me a few tries to get it overhead with just the hip power, but once I got the hang of it, it was easy as far as form goes. Lemme dig up a video:

Watch when she does the heavier weights, you can see easier how she it takes her a few swings to get it overhead, and it's easier to see the hip drive. One thing I learned just doing this was to slow the descent a little bit, keep it controlled, rather than just letting gravity swing that bad boy back between your legs. This will save some wear and tear on your upper body, I think. Overall, a fun exercise!

2) Dumbbell Snatch (one arm at a time):
Snatches. Ahh. With my shoulder tweaking me, I wasn't thrilled to see this come up, but again, it was good for my form, because I could not pull from the shoulder without getting bitten. I had a lot of trouble getting this one right, mainly because I was trying to pull with the arm, plus I was going too slow, so wasn't catching it with a straight arm. I kept giving it a half-arsed dip-drive, which wasn't getting enough momentum, so I ended up catching it with bent elbow and pressing it out. After about a dozen tries, I started getting it right: fast feet was the cue that got me moving correctly. Also, fatigue helped, because once I wore my arms out, I HAD to use the dip-drive and a fast squat to get that DB overhead. My shoulder twinge was not noticable once my legs caught fire, and as usual, I just :love: these oly lifts!
Here's the quick demo:
And a workout with DB snatches in it, just cuz it's cool:

3) Beginner Rope Climbs. Okay, thankfully, my trainer L didn't have any illusions about me actually being able to climb a rope. :lol3: Instead, we got a little chalk on the grip, cuz the rope is fat and a bit slick, then I just started standing at the rope, took a grip with both hands, then trying to keep my body straight, I lowered myself to the ground, trying to touch my shoulders to the floor first (not the butt), then pulled myself back up (had to bend my knees a bit for this part, which L said was okay).
This was the only video I could scrounge up. The beginner mods are at the end of this clip:

The WOD: (aka workout of the day)
(My 12 y.o. son was with me today. He spent some time playing on the ropes, then he was bragging about how he could beat me in any workout, so L made him join in the class and put the poor boy to the test, lol.)
Row 500 meters
21 Kettlebell (KB) Swings, 25# for me
10 Dumbbell (DB) Snatches, each arm, 12# for me
3 Beginner Rope Climbs (lower to the floor, pull back to standing, rigid body)
15 KB Swings
10 DB Snatches, each arm
3 Beginner Rope Climbs
Row 250 meters

My Time: 13:45 I accidentally did 25 KB Swings on the first round..doh!
The Boy: Dropped dead after the first round of rope climbs. Hardly a fair contest, since he'd never done the rowing or snatches before, but it sure stopped his bragging, lol! He was the boss of me later, since he got a couple of kipping pull-ups on his own.

After the WOD:
Did the crossfit cooldown (lying on the floor, crying for my mama), then got the foam roller out and laid around on that for a while.

L says this is it, I passed, my movement is good, I'm ready, but I can have one more class with her, next Thursday, if I have any questions or want help with something, or I can just jump in and start joining the regular workouts. I told her I might have to wait till the second week of April, when I'm sure I can pay the dues, but she said I should keep coming anyway. I got home and checked my calendar, and was wrong about the date, and should be able to pay the first week of April, but still it's very cool that she said I could go on and start joining the real WODS now. :carrot: That's a little scary, actually! :brr:

03-26-2009, 06:40 PM
Cheryl - She is swinging a 70 lb kb!!! That video is interesting, I've never actually seen a KB go so high for a swing. I'm going to have to try it tonight and hopefully not kill myself.

As for the russian twist, the first one was the only one I fell on :)

03-26-2009, 07:09 PM
Cheryl - Congrats on "passing" your Cf class. I want kettlebells sooo badly now. I checked to see if our TJMaxx had any last night. Nope. Looks like I'll be paying full price. :( I'm thinking that outside will be best for this exercise. I'm afraid the tile won't hold up to me dumping a kettlebell on it.

The CF Foundations class in Pensacola is $170, so that's going to wait until later in the summer, after I get done paying for trips home for weddings/reunions, baby gifts, wedding presents, etc. Evil people, getting married and having kids, don't they realize it's supposed to be all about ME!!! :devil:

03-26-2009, 07:14 PM
Nelie, it might be your grip. At home, I was trying to grip this too narrow. To set the correct (for me) grip, I hold the bar about at the top of the deadlift position (about hip level), and put my hands just where my thumbs barely can touch my thighs, or even a smidge wider. You kinda have to play with it to find your sweet spot. With just a pvc or stick, the rack position will have you basically choking yourself, because there's no weight on it. If you can handle a little weight, it's easier and won't be choking you. Once the bar or stick is in the rack position, let it roll to the ends of your fingertips, hands are outside the shoulders, but not too wide, chest up, elbows as high as you can get them, stick the butt out like you're reaching back behind you as you come down into the squat. Coming up, try to lead with the elbows...that's a good cue that keep the chest up, drive through the heels but think about just driving those elbows up as you come up out of the squat.

Here's a good/bad short video for the front squat:

Here's a longer video that shows more of the training bits for the front squat. Hope some of this helps!

03-26-2009, 08:38 PM
Mel: You are my hero! :D An athlete even in physical therapy. ;)

Nelie: That was a great video. I've been doing a lot of exercises just like these at my new gym. Here's a tip that I learned. The first attempt at these type of exercises usually end up with the client/victim falling off. But often the second attempt we have a better sense of awareness that allows us to perform the exercise a little more effectively. So give it another try! It also helps to have a trainer standing next to you to give you pointers on where to position yourself on the ball. Here was my balance ball movement for today:


The trainer who showed this to me did it with one leg off the ball and extended behind him. :faint:

Decent workout today but not 100% yet. This evening I'm feeling like I finally got the rest I've needed all week long. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's workout since I finally have a little something in the tank again.

Have a great evening everyone.

03-26-2009, 08:51 PM
I think the good/bad one is one I've seen. I was practicing with a wooden stick I have. I'll try seeinf if the longer video homes.

Oh and I came home and one of first thing I tried was swinging the kettlebell above my head. I could do 25 and 35 lbs no problem but the 45 gave me trouble. I'm going to have to keep trying :) I also don't do a lot of 2 arm swings, I do a lot of one arm swings. I wonder if the crossfit standard for one arm swings is also overhead?

03-26-2009, 09:20 PM
The first attempt at these type of exercises usually end up with the client/victim falling off.

:rofl: :rofl: Now you are thinking like a trainer!! :D

To tell the truth, I've probably provided more entertainment by falling and/or rolling off equipment and stability (now there's an oxymoron!) balls than I've had clients who fell or rolled.

OK, maybe I'm not such a rock star...my shoulders are SORE!

No workouts today...events conspired against me. Had to be a work very early to prepared for meetings that went through my usual lunchtime lift. :( Then therapy after work.

Cheryl- We should compile all your crossfit posts into a cross fit sticky. Maybe on the weekend if I can find some time, I'll do it. Thanks for the updates.

Lydia, nelie, dixie, fran (where are you?), lurkers :wave:

03-26-2009, 10:02 PM
Boo, I'm not leaving tonight. :tantrum: The volcano erupted again this morning and the winds aloft (I love saying that) are carrying the ash towards Anchorage. I'm rebooked to Sunday night, but if I don't get out then, I'm not sure it's worth going at all.....

DH, you may recall, is already there, so I'm on my own for an unplanned weekend - could be fun! :) I'm going to work tomorrow though, no sense "wasting" a vacation day.

03-27-2009, 12:11 AM
Dixie, you posted while I was hunting up a good link for Nelie's front squat question. Thanks for the kudos! When you take your CF class, we'll need detailed reports, of course, so we can compare, and steal any cool moves you learn!

Lydia, I'll have to check out your video after posting this, but it sounds dangerous already, lol! So, are you really liking the new gym? And, is that the same gym you're applying to work with/from?

Nelie, I'm not sure about the one arm swings, although you can do what you want for your own workouts. At least you have a new swing to try out now. Do you know a good clip of the one arm swings online? I don't think I've seen one, though I haven't looked too deep into the KB movements myself.

For the front squat, if you don't have a barbell, or you have one that's too heavy, do you have some 1" weight plates? If so, try sticking a couple of ten pounders on the ends of your broomstick, to make a little practice "barbell". Hold them in place with duct tape or rubber bands on either side of each plate, or whatever, just temporarily, so they don't slide off and smash something. Just that much weight will allow the stick to roll down to your fingertips, so you can really experiment with where to place your hands on the bar.

Mel, a sticky would be cool, I think. Easier to find for anybody looking in the future. Plus, we can add to it when Dixie takes her class. :)

Pat, I hope you get the all-clear soon. (sorry, pun not intended) :hug:

03-27-2009, 12:14 AM
Hey Lydia, my boy does that on the ball all the time. The next challenge is to try to cross the room while remaining balanced on the ball. The boy does that a lot for his warm-up when he does the CF kids workouts. We'll need video evidence that you actually did it, of course. :rofl:

03-27-2009, 12:17 AM

Kettlebell Athletics has a pretty decent youtube video of 1 arm swings

Shannon in ATL
03-27-2009, 12:41 AM
And I once again fell right off the ball on my face trying to do a prone jackknife - tried it several times to see if it got easier, and fell off every time. I can do 25 reverse curls without rolling off the back now, can do the hamstring curls, and can balance briefly for the 'superman', so I know there is hope! I haven't tried the jackknife pike again since I hit my head last time I tried it...:o

03-27-2009, 01:14 AM
I'm around, just struggling as my PhishPHilter hates this site. I don't know if it's new on my laptop or if the site changed something, but loading each page takes manual refreshes and getting on the first time initially can take up to 5. It's kinda like a real pita. I move to another window while waiting for this one to load and then never make it back to post (bc it's still loading.)

I've finally been able to do the hamstring leg rollups on the balance ball. It's gotten much easier with my new meaty hammies - either that or my ball just needs more air!

03-27-2009, 02:25 AM
Cool video! Thanks, Nelie! I'll have to try that one. :)

Shannon, that prone jackknife is evil. I'm pretty sure somebody made that up as a joke (probably Mel...she's like that). ;) I don't know if this helps, but the only way I found to do it (and this looks GOOD if anybody is watching), is to start with the ball in front of me, and roll forward over top of the ball, walking out with my hands until I've got my feet on top of the ball, then good luck from there, lol.

Fran, sorry to hear that you're having trouble. Can you just tell your phishing software that this site is okay, and get it to quit fiddling around trying to check the whole site? Glad to hear that you're getting big strong hammies!

03-27-2009, 05:48 AM
Thanks for that tip on the jackknife!
It's cool that CF also has kids workouts! I enjoyed your reports a lot, they were very inspirational to get me out of my comfort zone.


03-27-2009, 02:14 PM
Hello ladies,

:wave: to all of you. I have not fallen off the Earth (although I am sure it looked that way) and for most part, I kept reading 3FC although I did take an unplanned break.
Sadly, I found myself dealing with plantar fasciitis at the very beginning of February. First, I did not know what it was so I tried to ignore it and wear different shoes thinking it was somehow footwear related. Then I went to walk-in clinic where the doc spent about 2 second with me, pressed my heel, asked "does it hurt here?", I said "yes" and he was done. Gave me a Rx for an anti-inflammatory (Naproxen - 3 weeks of it had 0 effect on my heel) and a sheet with exercises. I have been doing them but not much improvement.
Of course, I had to ditch all jogging and Zumba, and for a while I really REALLY slacked off and it was very alarming to see how quickly I piled on some weight (needless to say, I consoled my frustration with a bit of too much food).

Then I kicked myself in the butt, had a long speech with myself and returned to the gym + to healthier eating habits. Most of the extra weight is already gone except for a few lbs. I am exercising as much as I can but I have to be careful. I do sessions on the elliptical as cardio and I am taking 2 core classes and 1 pilates class a week (because all the lard heads straight for my stomach area) and lifting as usual.

Today, I had my first acupuncture session and I hope it will help. I am still waiting for an appointment with a podiatrist (2 more weeks - health care in Canada is no walk in the park).

Pat, I sent warm thoughts your way this morning - I read on the news (while on the elliptical this a.m at the gym) about the volcano erupting again. Keeping all fingers crossed.

Lydia, I am proud to report that for once I can do the exercise you posted about (the stand on all four on the ball). I can do it with one leg stretched behind me as well, but I still cannot lift myself up and only kneel on the ball (Unless I am by a wall and have at least one hand on the wall - that is if I don't fall off before I can stabilize myself). :-)

Cheryl, I am totally amazing at the stuff you are doing. I end up exhausted and sweaty just by rreading your posts.


03-27-2009, 04:29 PM
Shannon, that prone jackknife is evil. I'm pretty sure somebody made that up as a joke (probably Mel...she's like that). I don't know if this helps, but the only way I found to do it (and this looks GOOD if anybody is watching), is to start with the ball in front of me, and roll forward over top of the ball, walking out with my hands until I've got my feet on top of the ball, then good luck from there, lol.

I do it this way, too, though it's still a struggle for me...

Alena - PF is a long recovery. The exercises and time should eventually do the trick. One thing that my doc told me that really helps, esp with re-injury, is to never ever go barefoot, and 95% of the time wear shoes with good support, i.e. not flip-flops or ballet type shoes. Good for you pulling yourself out of the funk though! :)

Volcano blew last night about 10:45 pm, just an hour before I would have been boarding my plane, so I wouldn't have gone even if they hadn't cancelled earlier in the day. It's erupted once again this morning. I do have a ticket for 1:00 am Monday, but if that gets cancelled, I'm cancelling the trip. No sense to spend 2 days traveling to/from with only 4 in between. I'll save my vacation days and airline miles. (I can't extend the trip due to other commitments here, including a new crown that I had to wait 6 weeks to get an appt for).

After some pity eating yesterday, I'm back to my routine this morning. And I'll be at the gym tonight - having unpacked my workout clothes. :)

03-27-2009, 04:43 PM
Rabbit, glad if I could help on the jackknife. I should put that into my warm-up once in a while. I haven't done that one in months, I'm sure, and it's a good core challenge.

Alena! :hug: Been missing you around here! Nobody to tell me I'm talking in code, lol. Sorry to hear about the misadventures, but glad to hear you're back on track. Hope the PF heals up soon!

I've been thinking today about what I want to do for workouts. I want to keep going to the CF gym, but I am really jonesing to put some less technical heavy lifting splits back into my workout week, as well as some longer slow runs. Both of those are just so much a part of what keeps me going, just because I enjoy doing them, and they're therapeutic to me. I'd like to get back to something like I did before, with as many heavy lifting sessions as I can handle, crossfit maybe 2 days a week, skating 1-2 days, and a long run or two. That's a lot to fit in, just because it's a bit excessive in the leg workouts, but I'll figure it out, I'm sure. I wonder if there's a cheaper membership option at the CF gym for only doing it 2 days a week? I'll be checking that out.

Shannon in ATL
03-27-2009, 05:20 PM
Thanks for the tip on the jackknife! I'm going to give that a try. I've walked out that way for a couple of other exercises, but didn't try it on this one. I'm determined to be able to do it eventually.... :)

Alena - hope your recovery goes smoothly! I've wondered where you were. :)

03-27-2009, 09:06 PM
Shannon, just looked at your new pics! :high::cheer3::cheer2::congrat:

Today I did a "everything you can think of on a stability ball" workout. I did the 4 point balance that Lydia posted, then came up into a kneeling position. A friend handed me a 10 pound db and I did single arm shoulder presses, raises, curls and tricep overhead extensions, then switched hands. The tricep exercise was the hardest for me to maintain balance. It would intuitively seem like a side raise would be the toughest, but the overhead tri exercise throws your balance all over the place. Then I fell off gracefully. It's exhausting!

Food is dreadful...good thing workouts are on!

Tomorrow I have cardio and a full body workout scheduled with a friend, then a day of chores and an afternoon trip to the outlets. One last excess before I admit that we are in a recession and I may be unemployeed soon.

Welcome back, Alena! Sorry to hear about you PF problems.

Pat, When I saw the news while the PT was torturing me a couple of days ago, I wondered if you could see the plume or the ash. The pictures are spectacular...but from afar! Stay safe.


03-28-2009, 05:08 AM
Shannon, great pics! :congrats: You think you're all that now, since you have abs AND boobs. I'm not bitter! ;)

Mel, I did not have a stability ball party today, but I am the boss of "shoot the duck"...tonight at skating I did a few with the leg out (like a pistol or one-legged squat) then did a few with the free leg wrapped around the leg I was rolling on...these were much more challenging to balance but I did it. Tried to work my nerve up to try the "shoot the moon" move, but wasn't wearing long sleeves and am emotionally attached to the skin on my arms, so decided to bring a long-sleeved shirt, maybe some gloves...maybe some full body armor, before I try that craziness! Your ball tricks sound more impressive to me, though!

I would just like to say that the kettlebell/DB snatch workout yesterday was just evil. My hams and the muscle inside the thigh were all tight and sore today. It took me almost an hour and several attempts at stretching to get warmed up and loose enough to skate tonight. Skating was great, but I'll be lucky if I'm still able to walk in the morning. Ow!

Well, I checked out the payment options for doing crossfit, and it would cost me the same amount to go twice a week as it costs to have full access. So, I'm going to go for the full access and since it's pretty spendy, I'll be going in more than twice a week, to get the most out of it that I can. Means I probably won't have much room for anything else but skating, which is a bummer, but I love the CF stuff, too, so at least it will be interesting!

Okay, I'm finally wound down from skating and ready for sleep! :faint:

03-28-2009, 10:45 PM
Mel: :dizzy: Your ball workout is just insane. I'm going to practice the kneeling just to see if I can do it. Then maybe, just maybe attempt the presses.

Cheryl: It is difficult to put one interest aside while developing a new one. I hear you. But you know it is helpful to mix things up and keeps our enthusiasm high. We can always return to our previous methods too. Crosstraining. And the more we know the easier it is to mix things up every four to six weeks right? You also asked it the new gym I joined is the same one I'm interested in working in. Yes, it kind of evolved that way. I joined so I could learn their style of training. I have had little to no exposure to functional training outside of Youtube videos so I joined this place to learn the exercises properly. During my physical assessment the trainer I was working with asked if I would be interested in joining their staff. Kind of an awkward moment for me because I really wasn't anticipating that. But the timing seems to be right so I said yes and I've been in training for the past two weeks. There's a lot of things to cover so it will be a while before I get near a client. I'll let you all know when and how that goes. I have a feeling though that with all of the individualized training I received up to this point that I'll be more than ready when that time arrives.

Shannon: OMG girl. LOOK AT YOU! :hug: A completely different woman. I love those kinds of before and afters. Its always so surprising what we look like at our healthiest/fittest. I'm SO VERY HAPPY FOR YOU and what you have accomplished. You look amazing. Congratulations. And thanks for sharing your photos.

Alena: Sorry to hear about your foot and how it's kept you from your Zumba shoes. :hug: Goodness. I truly hope this isn't going to take a really long time to heal. But you are doing a great thing by nipping the unplanned eating in the bud. You'll be okay. A little time and you'll by zumbaing all over the place again.

Tomorrow is a rest day but a lot to do. Menus, precooking, and I want to get a workout put together for this coming week. I've been flying by the seat of my pants for the past two weeks. It should be fine but for some reason my head thinks it's not nearly as effective as when I PLAN my workout. I need objective goals so I can check them off and say to myself: back done? Yep, biceps sore, check. Unable to walk to the car? Priceless.

Have a great evening everyone!

03-29-2009, 02:48 AM
Mel, I can't see the plume, just on the internet or TV. But after several eruptions yesterday and another at 1:30 this morning, we had another about 7:20 tonight which is now depositing ash in Anchorage and here 50 miles NE. The airport is now closed, and I have already received a recorded message moving my flight to Tues night. I'm not sure but I'm thinking of cancelling my trip altogether. It's now down to 2 12-hour flights with only 5 days in New England. Plus of course, no guarantee that Tues will be any better. DH is scheduled to come home on Wed.

03-29-2009, 01:00 PM
Oowwww Pat, sorry to hear about your trip! I hope your DH will be a
ble to fly in on wednesday..

03-29-2009, 02:09 PM
Lemme see, lemme see! Where are Shannon's pictures? :drool: Somebody pls post a link, I must have overlooked it somewhere.

A nice mild day here, it was supposed to rain and it did ... some .... I was hoping for a lot more, I raked out the lawn yesterday and now I would like to see some green grass instead of the burnt oatmeal that is there now.

I enjoyed my workout this morning but it was a mishmash of arms, shoulders, back and chest .... Lydia, just like you, I feel I get more done if I plan properly.
By the way, I am very excited to hear that you will be a trainer! :cp: Now I know where I am going to spend a week of my vacation ... how about if I drive down to Ohio and you can torture me at the gym. I'll gladly sacrifice myself so that you can practice on me. :D

I am taking a short :coffee: break - I am spending the day in my basement installing a new floor and a new toilet. It will also need a new paint but Rome wasn't built in a day.

Pat, I can't believe that your trip to New England will take 12 hours - does it include a transfer somewhere? Yikes, that is a lot longer than flying to Europe (direct fly).

On Friday, I had my first acupuncture session for the ailing footsie. I think the doctor got somewhat amused (when she collected tons of info re my health etc.) that I don't take fish oil myself but that my dogs get a capsule each day. Cheryl, you will surely understand that, won't you? I see nothing wrong with that. :chin:

03-29-2009, 02:15 PM
Hot Shannon pix found here

Speaking of pix, nice avatar Tomato! You aren't as...red....or round....as I pictured!

03-29-2009, 02:57 PM
:lol3: Midwife!

Alena, nice avatar! I agree with you on the fish oil...I never forget to give my dogs their supplements, but me, that's another story. I am taking the fish oil now myself, though, since it's supposed to be so good for me!

Pat, sorry to hear about your trip. Five days still seems like a good vacation to me, but I sure wouldn't be looking forward to the long days flying! :(

Rabbit, :wave:!

Lydia, you must be good, if they asked you right off the bat! I'm sure you'll be a great trainer!

I'm still on the fence about the Crossfit membership. I'm inclined to keep it going right now, since I feel like I could use more guidance with the oly lifts before I feel confident of having the form down.

The problem with trying to do anything else along with CF is that it's almost always a full body torture of some type, and the soreness can last for days. It's more of a buttkicking than I think I ever gave myself, even though I'm still using pretty light weights compared to what I would have chosen if I was doing the workout on my own. Like now, it's 3 days since my last CF workout, and I'm still walking around like I'm a hundred years old and have to hold onto something to sit down in a chair, lol.

I think that as long as I'm paying for a membership there, it will probably have to be my main workout, just to make it worth the money. May as well take advantage of all that coaching/training if I'm paying for it.

So, I'm still weighing my choices, but if the money is there, I'm thinking I'll keep on with the CF membership for another month or two, or maybe even over the summer, if I can. Come winter, I'm pretty sure the money won't be there to keep that going, since during the winter the electric bill shoots up, due to having the heat turned on and longer hours of darkness. By that time, though, I should have a good handle on my oly lift form, and be able to continue on my own, at which time I could do a cycle of any kind of lifting or other exercise I want to do. Also, the longer I do the CF, I should get in better shape, and may be able to handle some other stuff on the side without overtraining.

I feel like I've lost a little ground in my lifting strength this month, just from doing all the CF stuff with light/beginner type weights, but hopefully when I get into the real workouts, I'll start being able to use more weight and reverse that trend.

I asked my trainer whether I should be practicing dead-hang pull-ups with a band, to keep training those muscles so I get stronger on the pull-up movement. Her advice was not to worry about it. She said that everything that I do, even though it's not that specific movement, will make my pull-ups stronger, which I guess is a main tenet (sp?) of the CF training philosophy, the whole cross training effect..? I just thought that was interesting!

Shannon in ATL
03-29-2009, 03:34 PM
Wow, I'm out of the loop for a couple of days and come back to lots of posts about my pics! Thanks for all the kind words everyone! :) I'm telling you, increasing the HIIT and really working on the strength training made all the difference - I'm so glad I found this thread. You guys have been a great source of information and support in this journey. Thanks! :hug:

Cheryl - I used your tip on walking out on the ball for the jackknife and made four before I rolled off. Tried it again without shoes and got five. Can't do it up on my toes yet, still have the fronts of my feet on the ball, but I was still very proud of myself!

Alena - home improvement projects are so much fun, aren't they? (Said very tongue in cheek, there...) I love the end result but hate the actual working on it part. And love your avatar pic!

Mel - I haven't even attempted that four point balance on the ball... looking at the demo makes my face hurt in anticipation of the rolling off!

Lydia - congrats on being offered a staff spot! You'll be great!

Nelie - I looked at the swinging kettleball - I have this vision of swinging it right up into my head and knocking myself out... I'm not the most coordinated person...

Pat - sorry your trip keeps getting pushed back...

Have a good weekend everyone!

03-29-2009, 04:13 PM
Alena: I :love: your new avatar! You have such a lovely picture. And! You look like you could be a member of my family. Seriously. How cool. Who are your people:s: :lol: Hey, if you want to come to Columbus I'd be more than happy to train you. It would be more like a shared workout session though. I'm pretty certain I wouldn't be able to stand there and count out reps with you.

Thanks for all the congrats everyone. I'm not really all that great. While I think I have potential I have a lot of work ahead of me before I get the go ahead to begin training real people. :lol: But, I'm in a good place and I'm enjoying the experience.

Cheryl: I think that you are looking at your options very well. Another month or two of this may be just all you need to be able to refine your lifting skills. I also fear losing strength or maybe just hypertrophy by the full body crosstraining I'm doing. I don't think it's happened yet but its still a concern. My approach is to put together my workouts for the whole week so I can look at it with a plan objectively and make sure everything really is getting hit the way I want with appropriate recovery when I really need it. Really I'm struggling with the same concepts you are. I like to work out 6 days a week. I am a gym rat and usually I don't find it a downer to spend more than an hour during my workout. Obviouisly I can't do the functional training six days in a row. I tried and I'm either not recovering enough or eating enough or both. By Thursday I'm exhausted and just can't get it going at the gym. So, I'm going to build in recovery days that include more yoga, core work, and modest HIIT during those days. You know, kind of like "Be kind to myself but still move kind of days." Gets the blood into the tissues to speed recovery maybe even do a little foam rolling on those days too. I'll let you know how that plan works. :s:

By the way, went to breakfast with the family this morning. I checked out the menu online ahead of time. Even though I really wanted a freakin' pancake the info stated it was like 400 some calories for just one. OMG. Really! I went with the eggwhite omlette with turkey and feta instead. It was actually more satisfying than the piece of pancake I pilfered from my son's plate. But wow, could you imagine how much we could pack away without even knowing it. A Pancake! :faint: Lesson for the day. If you know ahead of time where you are going when eating out, find out what the nutritional info is. It may be all you need to ward off that "this is a special treat and I'm going to cave feeling." I was so darn angry by it and thought no pancake is worth that! Especially after all the hard work I put in at the gym. (The protein pancakes taste a heck of a lot better anyway) Now, talk to me about a nice Italian meal and then, maybe you might get me to spend a little time at the table. :rofl:

'Kay, back to my house cleaning. Have a great afternoon everyone.

03-29-2009, 06:33 PM
I bit the bullet and accepted that I won't get out of here til Tues night. I did extend the trip 3 days on the other end, so I'll actually have a decent time there. I need to change a dental appt here, oh darn, and I'll be back for Easter. :crossed: that the volcano stays quiet. Tomorrow is a holiday here, so I intend to double check my taxes between today and tomorrow so they'll be ready to go.

03-29-2009, 08:55 PM
Cheryl, if you are worried about losing strength while doing Crossfit, have you looked into Crossfit Strength Bias. The article describing the program is in the Febuary Journal. Cuts down a bit on the Metcon and adds in a little more heavy lifting and still has skills training built into the program so you still get to work on new lifts or refine technique on some old ones.

03-30-2009, 02:13 PM
Shannon, you look smokin' hot!!! The boobies look awesome, too!:bravo:

Midwife: ROFL! Thanks for making me laugh. But if you look closely, the redness is there, especially in my right cheek - it's obvious in all my photos, I can never quite cover it (I don't like too much makeup and my foundation is pretty light) and in fact, I stopped trying. Actually, it comes from rosacea - another health issue of mine - I don't know if I ever mentioned it here. I consider myself very fortunate because it is pretty dormant. I remember how awful and painful it can be from the year when it got nastier than usual and I hang around a rosacea support forum.

Pat, don't mention taxes! I hate that word.

The soreness: Sometimes I feel like I am so old (although Pat and Mel like to remind me they are older). Today, my arms/chest are so sore that I got up in the morning to go to the gym for some cardio on the elliptical, and instead I went back to bed. I am aching all over (I got reacquainted with the Gravitron which I neglected for a while, and I can feel it). Tomorrow morning I have a Core 'N More class, which is real killer (45 minutes of burpees, mountain climbers, jacknives, squats and lunges with weights, push ups, crunches, crossover crunches, etc.) - last week, I could still feel it 3 days later. I am hoping to survive enough to also take the Pilates class in the evening.

I have been playing with the ideal of doing some kettlebell exercises, and I got 2 kettlebells (they were on sale) but regular store don't go above 10 lbs. That's not good enough, that's too light and I will return them. I have no idea how much the fitness store charges for a 15 or 20 lb kettlebell, what is a good weight to start with anyway?

03-30-2009, 03:17 PM
Hi all, checking in from vacation. Went running this morning and whew, I'm not used to running in temps more than 50 degrees. It was difficult but good.

Tomato - I've bought my kettlebells from either Target or Dick's. I think 15 lb would be the minimum weight I'd recommend but I don't use my 15 lb anymore but it was good to practice with. 20 lb is a good weight (my Target carries up to 20 lbs). Definitely test out the kettlebells because I've found some are designed for bigger mens hands and are a bit difficult to grip, especially if you are learning. I love GoFit brand.

03-30-2009, 06:57 PM
Hey everbody. :wave:

Well, it's not looking promising for doing the crossfit membership this month. Since I don't want to go in there and rack up a bill that I'm not sure I can pay in a timely manner, I'm going to hold off on the CF membership until I can be sure of paying in advance. The trainer did offer for me to just come in and pay when I can, but I'm just not comfortable with that arrangement. My luck, about 5 things would break around the house, and I'd be taking money from the real necessities to pay my gym membership. Just don't want to even venture down that road!

So, I'll be on my own for a month or two, then will try to get back in for some coaching for a few months in a row. That's the optimistic plan at this point, anyway!

Depalma, thanks for reminding me about that article. I'd skimmed it before, but this time I read it through, and that may be of some use to me in designing my own program to get me through the next few weeks on my own. I was thinking of something similar myself, but got some good ideas from looking at how they're approaching putting the workouts together.

Lydia, what you said. I do care more now about functional fitness than I did when I first started lifting, but I'd be lying if I said I don't care about hypertrophy. After being fat for so many years, I'd like to be the buff chick with the tiny waist who can wear sleeveless shirts in summer and pick up heavy (er...stuff)!

03-30-2009, 10:25 PM
Cheryl: I think you are going to be fine lifting at home. You acquired some great skills and had help correcting your form. These are things you can take with you and build further upon in the coming months. :crossed: Here's to nothing breaking in your home or mine. :dizzy:

I'd be lying if I said I don't care about hypertrophy. After being fat for so many years, I'd like to be the buff chick with the tiny waist who can wear sleeveless shirts in summer and pick up heavy (er...stuff)! True for me too.

Pat: Have a great trip!

03-30-2009, 11:51 PM
Another small eruption, more cancelled flights, but only between noon and 6ish. I've enjoyed my day off - or parts of it anyway. The taxes I didn't enjoy - the time I spent reading I did. :) Amused the cats by doing a DVD. Did some laundry, yada yada. Back to work tomorrow, and home to pack the final stuff (for the 3rd time!)

03-31-2009, 06:03 AM
Pat, good luck with the trip. Hope the volcano will give you a break here soon!

Lydia, thanks for the vote of confidence! :hug:

I had a nice long run last night, then today decided to see what was up on the crossfit mainsite for a WOD. Today it was "Nicole" which is 20 mins of work, as many rounds as possible of Run 400 meters, max pull-ups. Since I just did the long run, I subbed rowing, and since I can't do a real pull-up yet, I used the assisted pull-up machine at the Y (they don't have bands or pull-up bars you can swing on without killing people, unfortunately). I went this evening so my boy could take advantage of the open swim time, while I worked out. Here's what I did:

The warm-up:
Run 400 meters
Row 200 meters (got a rower set up just for me...these don't get used much so it was easy)
A little stretching and ROM movements to get the kinks out.

2 rounds of:
10 air squats (bodyweight squats)
10 push-ups (5 on toes, rest on knees, each round, slow but steady improvement!)
10 dips (80 lb assist)
10 hip extensions

A few assisted pull-ups to figure out which weight assist to use.
Then some more stretching.

The workout (scaled for me):
"Rowing Nicole"
AMRAP in 20 mins:
Row 400 meters
Max Assisted Pull-ups (106# assist...shoulder still tweaking)

Round 1: 16 pull-ups
Round 2: 14 pull-ups
Round 3: 12 pull-ups
Round 4: 13 pull-ups
+329 meters rowing before I ran out of time

The cooldown:
Did the CF Cooldown.
Did some stretching once I was able to sit upright.
Got in 15 mins of therapeutic hot tubbing before open swim closed.

The verdict:
Killer workout! The rowing left my legs jellified and shaking so bad, I could hardly do the assisted pull-ups at all (since it's one where you stand on the lever with your feet), so those were a real challenge. Gripping the bar was difficult due to sweat and no chalk allowed in the Cybex room (lots of 1 arm grip, swipe the other hand on the t-shirt, switch hands, continue pull-ups..). The shoulder injury was a little pissed, but I was careful of ROM and am sure I wasn't injuring it further, it just hurt, but not in a serious way.

The Peanut Gallery:
I had an audience for this one. I've never really gone all out at the Y before, but tonight I was danged if I was letting them get in the way of me getting a real workout in. Had about a dozen guys from the weight room and another 3 or 4 from the Cybex room just standing around watching me go after the first 2 rounds. I was their entertainment for the evening, I guess!

The hot tub was a nice treat. Only thing the Y has going over the CF gym, lol! Anyway, great workout. If you're still in the assisted pull-up phase, give this one a try! (scaled down or up as needed, of course!)

Tomorrow morning (okay later this morning, cuz I'm up way past my bedtime), there's a group class in the weight room, where they do some kind of crazy functional fitness challenge each Tues/Thurs morning. If I can drag myself out of bed in time, I'm thinking of checking that out. The mainsite WOD tomorrow is GHD sit-ups and back extensions, 5 sets of 30. I might just give that a try, too, and see how far I get, rather than scaling it. I've been doing these a longish time, so I'm curious if I can do the full workout.

03-31-2009, 08:27 AM
:wave: still here- just crazy crazy!
Alena- You are so pretty! I think I also expected "rounder and redder" :rofl:

I' girding for a weeklong visit from family involving a birthday party for my mother. I've done no planning and little cleaning, so that will be tonight's fun :p

Cardio done, legs at lunch :dizzy:


03-31-2009, 09:12 AM
Mel: Enjoy the birthday party cleaning. We have an awesome day on tap today and although my basement is a nightmare, I'm outdoors all day today. :chin: Maybe drag my bike out of the basement.

Cheryl: It sounds like you had a fantastic workout! Do not worry about being the evenings entertainment at the Y. I'm sure you were not entertainment so much as MOTIVATION! :high:

Pat: I really hope you get to take your trip. Packing three times :dizzy:

Quick one hour workout this morning. Mostly functional, all done on the ball and a little yoga stretching for my back.

Have a great morning everyone. :coffee;

03-31-2009, 12:12 PM
:crossed: THe volcano has been quiet for 24 hours again. All flights after 7 pm left on time last night. Of course my flight is at 2:30 am Wed, so I'm not taking anything for granted yet (though I will check in online when I get to work :) ) If I get out, there's a good chance DH will get in - though he's not scheduled to land until 11 pm Wed. But enough of my vacation woes.

Cheryl - great workout! I was tired reading it.

Lydia - warm enough to bike? I'm jealous. I can't even get to the shed where my bike is stored. This summer the upgrade to the road by our house should get finished. It includes a bike trail, and will allow me to ride my bike to work safely. I mean, I could now, but it's an arterial road with minimal shoulders and traffic at 60 mph - too scary for me! I only live 3.5 miles from work, so riding my bike is a no-brainer. DH rides into town a lot, but not at high traffic times.

Okay, the shower is calling. My co-workers will appreciate me more.

Shannon in ATL
03-31-2009, 12:44 PM
Good morning everyone! I did a lot of ball work yesterday afternoon - once I crossed that first prone jackkinfe hurdle they have gotten easier. Well, I use easier to mean I don't fall on my face anymore - they are still hard as heck, I just don't end with a headache! I also tried the four point balance on the ball and managed to stay up for ten seconds on one of the tries.. the others were in the five second range... I'm discovering I love the ball... :)

Cheryl - That sounds like a great workout! And hopefully you were motivation to some of the boys watching! Sounds like you were on it!

Mel - enjoy the family visit!

Lydia - I just read your post about your breakfast out - wow, 400 calories for a pancake... I wouldn't have guessed that. It does remind me that you have to look things up when you can so you go in prepared!

Pat - keeping my fingers crossed that you get out for your trip! I just can't find the smilie that shows it... :)

Nelie - I've found that it is harder to run as the temperature warms up as well, I've had to start carrying a bottle of water. I need a belt or something, carrying it just isn't working well...

Alena - hope you feel better today so you can really enjoy your Core & More and Pilates classes today! I remember that they made you pretty sore on their own last week!

Everyone have a good day!

03-31-2009, 01:23 PM
Shannon, the smilie is crossed (surrounded by colons of course).

03-31-2009, 04:34 PM
Cheryl, did it ever ocur to you that the guys were staring because you look so hot? If not, give it some serious thought. I MEAN IT!
What's AMRAP though? (sorry if I keep asking some if these questions repeatedly - hopefully it will stick one day. I figured that CF most likely meant crossfit. LOL)
Your workouts are enough for two people!

Nelie, thanks for the recommendation re the kettlebell but I am in Canada so I don;t ordering a 15 or 20 lb kettlebell online would be wise ($$-wise re delivery). I will check out local fitness depots when I get to it.

Lydia, enjoy the lovely day out today. I was out at lunch time (to see a doctor at a Sports Medicine Centre - I will be getting custom orthotics, massage and physio for the footsie - can't wait - and the best news is my health insurance (through work) should swallow most of the expenses.

When I was leaving the gym this morning, I overhead 2 ladies that were getting into a car parked next to mine - it was 7:15 am and the sun was showing up - one of the ladies said "Maybe it will turn out to be a nice day after all", and I thought "the day started with the gym, it already IS a nice day, no matter what will folllow". I love them endorphins!!
The Core n More class was full of ladies today, it may have changed somewhat (we are on a new schedule - I will have to ask her) and it was more core than functional training. I would have preferred the functional training - it was tough. I will go back tonight for a Pilates class, to tickle my abs some more.

Mel, thanks, but you are too funny. You and midwife!
Happy Birthday to your Mom - enjoy some guilt-free cake.

Pat, I do hope you will depart this time. New England at this of the year must be beautiful. They are usually little ahead of us (i.e. of us here in s-w Ontario) - at the least the handful people I am in contact with through one of my greyhound mailing lists - they are around Manchester, NH.

Shannon and everybody else - hi!


03-31-2009, 07:51 PM
AMRAP = as many rounds as possible

03-31-2009, 10:21 PM
Thanks Depalma. One day, I will know all Cheryl's abbreviations.

Pilates done, 2 sheets of Persian meatballs done, tomorrow's food packed for 'grab and go'. I am falling in bed.
Good night to you all

04-01-2009, 12:51 AM
Hey peeps. :wave:

Alena, sorry, I try not to do talk in code any more, but I miss one here and there. Depalma took care of it for me, though. (thanks, D!) It means keep repeating the rounds until your time runs out. Next time you do the same workout, you can see if you're getting faster (ie, getting more rounds done in the same amount of time). LOL about looking "hot". I'm not all that. I'm pretty sure they just thought I was mental and were waiting to see what would happen.

My trainer from the CF class emailed me back today, said I'm not allowed to take a month off and ruin all her good training. She called me ten kinds of chicken if I didn't show up tomorrow for the morning workout, that I should just start paying in May as planned, but she wants me to show up in the meantime and to stop worrying about the money for April. That's a little embarrassing, to tell the truth, but it's also really nice of her, and I couldn't think of a good way to turn her down, so I'm going to go in tomorrow morning. The people at that CF gym are very cool!

Tonight I had planned to do the sit-ups/back extensions workout from the main site, but since I have to do a workout at the crack of OMG tomorrow, I just did some practice drills for the olympic lifts, and did laundry instead, because I didn't have any clean workout clothes. So, early to bed for me, and off to do my first real WOD (workout of the day) at the CF gym tomorrow. I'm excited! At least there, nobody will stare at me like I've lost my marbles for actually getting sweaty during a workout, lol.