South Beach Diet - Motivation, Questions, and Confusion

03-01-2009, 12:00 PM
First, the fun stuff.

The ex-wife is going to lay eyes on me for the first time on May 24, and I intend to look slammin' in a mini dress. :devil:

Okay, so that's catty, but dang if it isn't motivating.

I already have the dress. A Size 4 number that I used to wear at the turn of the century, and I really did look slammin' in it. :carrot:

My question is this: there is a sticky about Phase I foods to use (I start tomorrow) that was posted by Ruthxxx in May of 2008. Is that the latest list? And is that SBD approved or is that a modified list for this site?

My confusion is that when I got the SBD recipe book, it clearly stated no bacon and no sausage. Yet, within the recipes, I see bacon and sausage used. :?:

I have to say that I have never read so much about a way of eating as I have about SB. This seems to require a tremendous amount of planning and trips to the supermarket (lettuce doesn't freeze well). Husband left this morning on a business trip and will be back next weekend. I figured it's a good time for me to dive into this and when he gets back, it should feel rather natural to me. He's jumping on board with me here, not because he needs to lose an ounce, but because this is just a good way to eat and live.

Now back to :devil: mode... does anyone have any personal stats to share? I will be running and weight lifting four to six times a week and will diligently stick to this way of eating. Is it reasonable to lose 25 to 30 pounds in three months? I'd love to hear your stories.

Thanks, ladies!

03-01-2009, 12:05 PM
I would say it is possible to lose that much, but usually that is for people who have a LOT to lose... you don't have that much to lose so I think its probably pushing it- but hey, it could happen!

as for the lists they are up to date- I believe if anything changes they just edit the lists and not make complete new ones...

and for the recipes that call for bacon or sausage, they are probably just posting a recipe and modifying them when cooked- like with turkey products or vegetarian products...

Good Luck!

03-01-2009, 05:25 PM
My confusion is that when I got the SBD recipe book, it clearly stated no bacon and no sausage. Yet, within the recipes, I see bacon and sausage used. :?:

I used to be totally against turkey bacon and sausage - but Trader Joe's has an absolutely wonderful uncured turkey bacon. It's almost as good as the real thing. ;) I have also adapted to the taste of turkey sausage; it's not so bad. And every blue moon I use regular, reduced sodium bacon. :devil:

As far as the 30 pounds in three months goes, I agree with rdw - that usually happens to people who have a lot (i.e. more than 150 pounds) to lose. It has taken me almost eight months to lose the 43 that I've lost.

Good luck!

03-01-2009, 05:58 PM
Welcome Diva (or is it welcome back? Your pic looks familiar)
You are already at a healthy BMI and it sounds like you are pretty fit so unless you've been living on junk food it will probably take you awhile to get those pounds off with any healthy eating plan. Of course everyone is different and you could have magic results and even without that this is a really healthy lifestyle and can only help. Once you get used to the planning it isn't bad. Most of us don't eat a lot of lettuce but go for the bulkier veggies and luckily they can be found in the freezer ;)

03-03-2009, 12:40 AM
Good luck with that. Remember though that SBD is a way of life and everything won't happen over night. Stick with it and good things will happen!