Dieting with Obstacles - PHYSICAL CHALLENGES ~ March's Thread

02-28-2009, 10:30 PM
WELCOME EVERYONE ~ Please join us in our thread: to give support and encouragement; to share ideas, and/or just chat with one another about everyday issues ...

This special thread is for anyone with any kind of physical obstacle and/or challenge like SB, CP, MS, MD, PK, Lupus, Osteo, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or any other condition (s), whether genetic or acquired (like injuries), that causes some physical limitations and/or difficulties.



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03-01-2009, 12:16 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ welcome to the new MARCH thread -- just thought I'd bump this back up to the top of the page again, so MEOWEE would see it better.

Hope you all are having a SUPER SATURDAY NIGHT ... I'm off to put my feet up and do some puzzles and reading. The temps are falling fast out there again; guess it's down to the low - 20's Celcius again tonight. Gotta bundle up good in lots of blankets and comforters!

Take good care :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-01-2009, 01:03 AM
Thanks for bumping this up, because I'm having a moment...

I'm on a trip with my older son this week, shopping for universities. We're in Seattle. I was so looking forward to it, because we're staying in downtown Seattle and it's a terrible area of town to drive through, but perfect for navigating on foot...and that's what I really, really wanted to do today and tomorrow.

But today, on our way out of the Space Needle (where I had an amazing brunch!), I twisted my bum knee (again) and had to limp back a quarter mile to the hotel. I've got ice on it, and took some Advil, but I know this is going to give me problems for the next week. I'll have difficulty in bathrooms, getting out of chairs, even stepping off a curb (which is how this happened). This is an issue I seem to encounter whenever I walk outside with uneven ground.

So, there's my boo-hoo moment. The pain will subside in a week, and I'll be back on the treadmill again, back to my quadracep strength exercises. But I really wanted to make this trip a fitness success!


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03-01-2009, 01:56 PM

Hi there . . . so far the weather is not very lion-like . . . but it's not exactly nice either. :shrug:

03-01-2009, 05:00 PM
WOO HOO MARCH! only 10 more weeks till the SNOW IS GONE!!!

03-01-2009, 06:27 PM
:wave: HIYA VAL ~ nice to see ya pop by; can't wait til the snow goes away and we can go to our lot again. We have sun today, but it's really cold right now.

:wel3fc: GEORGIA ~ we certainly know how that feels here; I have a bad knee too, but it's getting better than it was. I read some of your blog earlier today; thanks for sharing your journey with us. Come on back and visit us when you can; we'd really love to hear from you now and then!

Be back after; gotta go put dinner on ...

03-01-2009, 10:01 PM
:wave: HI, I'm back again ~ we woke up to sun today; it was on and off, but still very cold out there. We had some more female grosbeaks visit our feeders today, plus dozens of redpole finches, some starlings, and another woodpecker. As each day goes by, more and more show up, so I guess we will use up more of that feed DH bought me as a gift, in the month of MARCH; and they are starting to look very healthy again too. DH says they are starting to look like little round golf balls! :lol:

Anyways, we just stayed home and hybernated today; had a guest drop by for a while, then we had BBQ spit chicken for dinner with long green beans and whole baby carrots and a new baby potato each, and it was really nice. Have been doing pretty good staying OP; trying to do better this month as well with watching my snacks, trying to make them healthier.

DH's TV went on the fritz on him today; so he wants to buy a new one. I told him to just use mine for now until a good sale comes up, as he watches TV more than me: just his videos and dvds really though.

I hope all you ladies are having a SERENE SUNDAY with lots of rest and relaxation too. It's time for me to go make my big mug of tea and put my feet up for awhile; guess I'll do my puzzles and read for awhile, if I can stay awake. Lately, I have been falling asleep and not getting to finish much of anything. Take good care ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-02-2009, 06:29 AM
Hi Ladies

It is much brighter today and the sun has made an appearance. Our lounge is nice and warm as the sun keeps beaming through the window in there. Of course Rizzie has taken the prime spot on the floor where the sun rays are hitting the carpet and warming them up but now shining on his fur. Not that I can't say I don't blame him to find the warmest spot.

Yesterday I spent the day at my sisters not sure whom was most tired when we arrived home Rizzie or me. We had a beautiful lunch that her DH cooked of roast pork with vegetables. we then all had a play on the wii fit game and had a laugh. They were all laughing at me as it calculated my age as 75 years after the first test. The worse thing it was a balance one and I have poor balance. I had to stand on one leg well I managed to achieve that for the grand total of 3 seconds :lol: We had a really fun time playing on that between us. Our nieces loved having the dog with them and were continually taking him for little walks. Rizzie I think thought he'd died and gone to heaven with so much attention. Our nieces were so pleased to be able to take him for a walk and was as proud as punch. I think they would have slept well last night as well after all that walking they add done.

VALDINE :wave: nice to have you drop by. :fr: still 10 weeks of the snow. Gosh I did not realise it hung around so long. The winter for you must seem never ending.

GEORGIA :welcome2: to 3fc and to this thread. Sorry to hear that you have injured your knee, sound like your doing the right things to get it better again. It must always be a possibility with the snow you experience.

ROSEBUD Nice to see that your feeder for the birds is being regularly used now by all the different species of bird. I must admit I do not know the bird the grosbeak so I have looked it up. They look pretty little birds what sort of grosbeak do you have, black headed , ultramarine , pine or evening grosbeak? It would be nice to have such birds visit our gardens but we get nothing as pretty as those. Ours consist of sparrows, starlings and crows. If we are lucky we get the rare glimpse of the robin, blue tit and chaffinch. So most of the birds we see on a regular basis are not very brightly coloured but consist mainly of black and brown plumage.

Well done staying more on plan this month and watching your snacks. The more of those you can string together I am sure you will see positive results. Needless to say it must have a positive effect on our health as well fuelling it with healthier foods rather than sugar, fat filled ones.

Great idea to look out for a TV in the sales or a good bargain. It is a great way to save a lot of $. If you buy things at full price they seem to be so dear. I imagine with the recession you will see more and more bargains as shops try to entice you though the door.

Right time to go and tackle the breakfast pots I have been putting off for the last hour. I do not know why as there is is only a few pieces it is not like I have loads to do. Take care everyone and hope you had a wonderful weekend.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-02-2009, 09:54 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

Guess our March Lion showed up yesterday after all -- things are definitely looking all white and fresh out there this morning -- a little too white and fresh for my liking. :s: Still got a bunch of weather warnings posted so I imagine more fun stuff will be falling from the sky again today. And, of course, the schools are closed again. :shrug:

At least the eating was OP yesterday so that's a good start for the month. Hopefully I'll make it two good days in a row today. I'm definitely tired of this "maintenance" regimen I seem to have been practicing so far this year.

Other than that, guess I'll stay in and knit some socks (but on regular needles). Have a good day, all . . . :wave:

03-02-2009, 09:57 AM
Gosh, ladies, when I don't much time to spend on the computer, I sure get behind:o.

Purple-we still have the cold temps, but some warming mentioned for later in the week. Most of our snow is gone now, just big piles remaining from the plows, but March is traditionally our snowiest month, so we'll see what happens, I guess. I grew up further south in southern Indiana and when they're getting the March and April showers, up here they're snow showers:eek: I've lived in these northern areas for almost 20 years now, but will never get used to these looooong winters! Glad you enjoyed your visit with your sister! I, too, have a sister who I only get to see once or twice a year, but we "visit" a lot on the phone;)

Georgia-:welcome2: glad you found us! Sorry about your knee. I know what you're going through and it sure does take time for the knee to heal. Last time I twisted mine, I decided to go to the dr and he injected cortisone-it helped a lot! Reduced the swelling so I could walk and do more activities again.

Val-:lol: I know what you mean about the snow-just when ours starts to melt away, we get another snowstorm to cover everything up again!

Meowee-Maybe this March is just a baby lion for you and will go out like a baby lamb without much turmoil!:) Ours has been definitely lamb-like, so it's like waiting for the next shoe to drop, when will the lion come calling....

Rosebud-your birdies sound so nice! I have a batch making noise in the bush outside my window now, but not sure what they are,probably just sparrows. :bravo:for staying on plan and eating better snacks! It really does make such a difference in how we feel, doesn't it? Keep up the great work! How's Numpster doing?

Well, not much going on here, just the usual, but I suppose it's time to get moving;) Hope you all have a great day!

03-02-2009, 12:47 PM
Hi Ladies

Back like the proverbial bad penny. I saw that there had been two post since I put my entry in this morning. Tomorrow it is highly unlikely I'll get time to post as it is my day for my oxygen therapy. I have been a busy been making a macaroni cheese for my DH for tomorrow. I can't remember the last time I made that. I do not like it as I (A) I do not like white sauces and (B) I am not very fond of cheese. So I am having pasta in a tomato and herb sauce. So all I have to do for preparation for tomorrow is make sandwiches to take to have over the lunch time at the centre. I will do that after I have finished on here.

MEOWEE The weather is sounding pretty horrid where you are at the minute. Does the weather effect the schools much during the winter?

Good for you staying on plan. I have been a little naughty today and yesterday. So tomorrow I have to needle down and get back to my plan. You and me both are rowing along in the same maintenance boat and like you I want to be off this boat and on the one that losing weight boat.

That is one thing that I have never attempted knitting socks as they are normally done to my knowledge on 4 needles. :fr: I am bad enough with two needles let alone letting me loose with 4 needles :lol:

RONNI Thanks for filling me in on how the weather pattern is in your part of the world. This to me is so alien but so interesting to learn about. That is one of the joys for me learning of different cultures, routines, names and things that are different from my own way of life here in the UK. I have learned so much especially from Rosebud and the differences not to mention the things that are the same.

I am fortunate that I only live about 28 miles away from my sister so am able to see her regularly. I normally see her once a fortnight when I visit my mum and dad. Then times like this weekend when we go for a meal or just drop by after visiting my parents. That is the trouble when you live many miles apart things like the phone, mobiles (cell phones I think they are known as) and the INTERNET become very important. This has taken over from the hand written letters to family and friends. This forms of communication help make the miles seem less. My sister and I have always been close. Even when she was nursing down south of our country. I would visit as often as I could . Though it was difficult getting a day that we both had off together as I was a nurse also. I can not imagine what it would be like not going to see her regularly. My sister and not forgetting my DH helped me cope and come to terms with my MS. The MS had an impact on my career and I was no longer able to nurse which I was devastated about. So they both helped me come to terms with it. I loved still hearing about her stories of clients she's nursed it kind of helped the blow for me no longer being able to do it.

Though unfortunately nearly 3 years ago she was involved in a car accident and the other driver was over the legal limit for alcohol. As a result of this she has been unable to work as it has damaged her bones in the spine. It is looking like she will have to have an operation which is not guaranteed will solve the problem. Even then she will not be pain free but hopefully it will make the pain more manageable. I know she misses nursing as much as I do. That is all the work either of us have done and my sister began at the age of 16 and I was 19. I went to college to get the qualifications to do my nurse training to become a registered nurse. My sister is a nurse whom title is called nursing assistant. They help the qualified nurses and in my opinion even before my sister started this work they were an invaluable member of the team and I could not do my work without them. So I never though myself as better than them and to me everyone was my equal. we all had our roles in the ward and neither of us to do our job without the other. I liked all of us to take a break together on the ward for a cup of tea and that way it aids a great team. Of course this break together was not alway possible if someone was on suicide watch. (watched 24 hours a day by a nurse) but wherever possible we did try. Even doctors and domestics (cleaning staff of the ward) all sat together. Who ever was ready first at 10.15am they would make the drinks for all. Now that included doctors making the drinks or it could be me. Everyone mucked in.

Well must get cracking on with making sandwiches for tomorrow to take with us to the MS centre. Not so good in the morning so not a great idea to leave that task till the morning to complete. Then I will make a cuppa to have my medication for the 5pm dose. Take care ladies and hello :wave: to NUMPSTER.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-02-2009, 02:37 PM
Hi Chicks! Sorry to be away so long. We had a wonderful weekend. :) My son and his family came. We celebrated my GS's 2nd bday and it was wonderful. :D:D We saw lots of family and friends. It took my mind off the reality of DH looking for a new job. But, he's a very positive person and I know he'll look for one like it's his new job.

I am going to try and get myself off of some of my meds. I don't know if it will work. I take Celebrex 200mg daily and a muscle relaxant almost daily, I am on day two of being off of them. :dizzy: I don't feel too horrible - but, I can tell the difference. I will try to make up the difference using ice and heat. We'll see how it goes. If I combine it with stretches and strengthening exercises - I am hoping I won't need all the drugs.

Purple - I hope all goes well with your oxygen therapy. I am so glad you get to keep in contact with your sister. I feel the same way. So much of my family is very far away. I think that every day I am grateful for cell phones and email! :D

Ronnie....Hi! HOpe you are having a great day.:)

Justwanna - we used to see woodpeckers at our old house in Michigan. I love them. So. so pretty. Enjoy! :D:D

geoblewiss - sorry to hear about your knee. :hug: That's rough. You take the best care of you can. Looking for colleges can be fun, but, stressful.

Hi Valpal -- snow is gone from me :D- but, it's mighty cold.!

Welcome Georgia - so glad you found us. :DTake care of that knee.:hug:

Meowee - glad to hear about the better weather and an OP day. :carrot: Yippee!

Tonight for supper - grilled chicken, salad, corn

Have a GREAT day!

03-02-2009, 09:06 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we were very blessed with a full day of sunshine, but the temps were very cold again. They are predicting that the temps will warm up more and more as the week goes along, so we're looking forward to that.

Anyways, spend some time doing book-type stuff and sorting some boxes that just needed tidying up (filing our bills for 2008 and such); and put them away in boxes for storage: gee, that can take a whole afternoon. DH went to town to buy a tool, but they gave him the wrong one, so he had to go right back and return it. Oh well, we'll just have to keep looking til we find the right one for the job.

BEVERLYJOY ~ that will be nice to be able to get off the meds; hope your foot is feeling better real soon. Are you able to walk around a little bit better right now?

PURPLE ~ we have lots of PINE GROSBEAKS here (those are the ones that have come here so far), and the males are bright red and the females are grey with green on their heads. At our last place, we also got the EVENING GROSBEAKS and boy, were they colorful: the males are a bright yellow and the females are a lime green, and they are all so pretty! All of them have black and white stripes on their wings and black beaks too. They sing and spat with each other and almost sound like a 'voice box' trying to scare other birds away from the feeders, but the finches just jump around a bit. :lol:

PICS BELOW: I'm gonna try and post some pics of the birds we got in the other place -- see bottom of post. From left to right ~ Here is a female Pine Grosbeak on DH's shovel, a male Pine Grosbeak, a Chickadee, and a GreyJay or Whiskey Jack, as they are called up here, and (correction) a female Junco in flight (she looks like an Angel to me). Female Junco's are brown and the males are gray; that's why I kept getting them mixed up with the nuthatches and wrens.

The EVENING grosbeaks are harder to catch as they are more nervous and won't come to the house, keeping their distance, but the PINE Grosbeaks will come right to your house, if you put food near by. Sometime, I hope to get a camera with a bigger zoom -- if you ever buy a digital camera, get one with a larger zoom so you can take pics further away. NUMPSTER has one with a 12-zoom; but mine only has a 3-zoom. Of course, the higher the zoom, the more expensive they are, but you can get 4-zoom, 6-zoom, 10-zoom, 12-zoom and higher as well.

HI RONNI ~ we get Sparrows in the summertime, along with Robins, Gold Finches, Bluebirds, Swallows, Starlings, Juncos, Wrens, Blackbirds & Grackles, Sandpipers, beautiful Mourning Doves and White Turtle Doves, plus pheasants and partridges. Oh, and also eagles, hawks, pigeons, Loons, Cranes, ducks, seagulls, and GIANT Ravens (and I am not exaggerating about this). That's what I can remember for now ...

In the winter, we get Pine and Evening Grosbeaks, Chickadees, Red-pole or Red-cap Finches, Starlings, Snow Buntings or Snowbirds, Woodpeckers, Juncos, Whiskey-Jacks which are Gray Jays, and Blue Jays; plus brown Owls and Snow Owls, which are awesome.

NUMPSTER is keeping pretty busy lately; was talking to her recently and she says that she has lost 16 lbs since we last saw her. She was having problems with high blood sugar levels, so she had to start eating a bit more regular and funny thing is, then she started losing weight. I think her body was producing too much insulin to make up for her one meal a day; her doctor pressed her to eat something, even just toast in the daytime. It's a balance issue, since she has severe digestive problems which runs in our family.

MEOWEE ~ good for you sticking to plan; I would like to see things go downwards too, but I have to be more diligent I think. March is usually a cold month for us too; they are expecting a light snow at the end of the week, but maybe it won't be too bad though.

The rest of the day, I just some light chores and we had lean banger & beans for dinner with coleslaw. Take good care ladies, hope you have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:


03-03-2009, 06:48 PM
So nice to see birds -- even if only in your gorgeous pictures. That's a lie -- we always have our crows and our seagulls -- but you know what I mean. :lol:

Did nothing but rain all day today. Luckily I'm on pretty high ground because there is quite a bit of local flooding around the area tonight and some homes are being evacuated just to be safe. Supposed to freeze up overnight so the whole Province willo probably be a skating rink tomorrow. :yikes:

On the good news front -- three days in a row of OP eating. :yay:

03-03-2009, 11:25 PM
HI FOLKS ~ we had a lovely sunny day today and warmer temps too; I think some of the snow went down because we can now see part of the neighbour roof just over the snow a bit. I took some more pictures today and spent the afternoon doing BIRD research on the Net. I finally found out what kind of bird it is that looks like an Angel in Flight: it is the Female Junco, which are brown; hence the confusion and mixing them up with other birds. There were some here today under our fur tree and on our big feeder today; and I managed to get a few picks of her too.

HI MEOWEE ~ I'm glad you like the pics; I have many more, so I will show some now and then for fun. Congrats on having 3 days of eating on plan; I am doing much better this month too!

We had fish and baked homefries (I had five pieces only), sliced tomatoes, and shredded coleslaw for dinner tonight and I had some good snacks too. It's time for me to go and put my feet up and do a puzzle or two. Hope you all have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!! Take good care ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

03-04-2009, 05:51 AM
Good Morning

A quick hello before I go shopping to do the weekly grocery shop. My fridge is looking a wee bit bare. Not a big shop mainly fruit, vegetable and fresh products really. So for once the bill should be a lower one.

Beverlyjoy Glad you have had a little distraction regarding your husbands job. It sounded a nice party for your grandson.

Heat and ice pack can work well with different sorts of pain. It is worth a try to try and make up the shortfall. I take so many tablets for trigeminial neuralgia it is a wonder I don't rattle :lol: Though I take the bear minimum that I can get by on just not a low as I would have liked.

Oxygen therapy went well thank you yesterday. Though it looks like next week I could be on my own. Though seeing as I stay till later waiting for husband to finish his voluntary work operating the tanks. I will go in the later session at 11.45am rather than run it just for me. It is expensive to run the tank and I see sending it down with just me is not good especially when I have the opportunity to go down later.

Yes in this day and age where families move apart unlike maybe 50 years or less ago families stayed close by on the whole. In parts of the UK the whole family, mother, father and children would all live in the same street or couple of streets very close together. So now things like the telephone and INTERNET help lessen the miles between families.

Rosebud Wow lovely pictures of the birds that visit your gardens makes me envious. I know my Dad would love seeing all those birds. When we have been on holiday and some places are teeming with birds he's the first in the shop getting food for the birds and of course our dog. He sits in the chair near the window and looks out loving it. All these birds are alien to me I do not think they are visitors to the UK. I had a look up on the INTERNET to see what all these grosbeaks looked like and like you said they are brightly coloured and look very pretty.

Yes I think you need an expensive camera with high zoom if you want to photograph the more elusive shy birds. I suppose they give a great picture. Though you have worked wonders with your camera taking those shots.

Good idea to do a bit of research on the INTERNET to get yourself familiar with the different breeds of birds. I am sure that is how bird watcher learn to identify all the different species.

You and I are both chief filers when it comes to receipts etc. I did ours the other day and I had not done it for a while so had lots of bits of paper to file away. Though once I knuckled down it wasn't too bad but still took a while to do. I have 2 folders with house hold bills etc and then one for receipts for goods bought. Then I have a final couple of folders which contain manuals for everything in the house and garden shed. It is surprising how many manuals you seem to have for every house hold appliance and every garden machine.

Good news about Numpster losing 16lbs :bravo: Yes eating little and often can help as you do not tend to pig out when you do eat plus your body does not think it is in starvation mode which it would tend to do being feed once a day. It is a tight rope you walk if you have digestion problems so it is a matter of trying to eat as much as your tummy will allow and still keeping your blood sugars within normal range. I am glad that Numpster seems to have found by error a method that it is working for her to lose weight. I now eat more often and more food than I ever use to. The only thing is now it is the right stuff well on the whole ;)

I find when I am eating every 2 to 3 hours I do not want huge plates of food. I may only want a slice of toast (wholemeal of course :D) and a zero fat yoghurt. You would never think tweaking you diet in small ways like this can have such a positive impact. If you eat less sugary food and then I find you do not crave more in return.

meowee You and I share the same birds I reckon ;) When the weather is bad we tend to get the seagulls more as they fly in from the coast. The coast is about 90 miles away but much shorter as the crow or seagulls fly for that matter :lol: I know now that we also have urban seagulls that are born and bred so to speak in the city area. Though the population increases when the weather is bad at sea.

It did nothing but rain with us yesterday the same as you. Though today is fairing better as we are at least seeing a little sun now and again.

I hope the flooding did not materialise around you as that is so devastating.

Right time to get a move on this was suppose to be a quick break but you know me when I get going can chat for England. So bye now all and take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-04-2009, 08:10 AM
Hello Chickies!!! I've decided to be cheerful today :) matter what.

I've been off of my Celebrex and muscle relaxants for three days. I can definately feel the difference. My pieces and parts feel worse...but, I am able to tolerate it so far. These meds just ripped my stomach up. Time will tell.

Justwanna - I LOVE see the pictures of your birdies!! :D It's been so cold here..I don't know how the robins are surviving (since they eat fruit and bugs - not seeds). We have a wild cherry tree and the robins sit there all day munching on the cold dry fruit. It's almost gone. :dizzy: I'll put out some raisins for them, I think.

Bravo to Numster for losing 16 pounds!!!!! :carrot::carrot:

Purple - glad the oxygen therapy went well. DH has been doing the shopping so I can stay off of my sore foot. He's becoming a bargain hunter. I never thought I'd see the day! ;)

Everyone....have a GREAT day.

03-04-2009, 10:55 AM

It's cold and it's icey and old Mother Nature decided to give us about 1/2 inch of new snow, just to be sure that people didn't really notice all the ice. :yikes: On the good side, we are having sporadic sunshine.

Later . . . :wave:

03-04-2009, 09:51 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had absolutely gorgeous weather today, warm and sunny -- so we went up town to do a bit of shopping and got some great deals. Our Pantry Cupboard arrived this morning and DH spent the rest of the afternoon putting it together.

While we were there, we also found a nice rug for our livingroom floor; and at a great price too (only $65 for a size 6' x 9') and the color is dark gray so it matches our sofa too ... yeah! We also picked up a few groceries and then had to head on home as the car was very full by that point; but what a lovely day to go out. We ran into some friends and relatives and chatted at bit.

GOOD FOOD FIND ~ We bought and tried a new kind of pasta today; it's made by BLUE MENU (a product of Loblaws) and is made of ground lentils, oat & barley flour, flax meals and semolina flours. It has 13 grams of protein per 82 gram serving @ 300 calories and 6 grams of fiber too. DH and I eat 65 gram servings though (about 250 C's); we really liked it and found it to be very filling. With some chunky homemade sauce that makes a complete meal; and we had some long green beans & carrots with ours. The only difference we could tell, is that you have to cook it for 20 minutes instead of 11-15 as it is a heavier pasta, but it still tasted great to us; I think that I might prefer this to the other grain pastas.

PURPLE ~ glad you liked the pics of the birdies; I have piles more, but I have to resize them first. I tried going to those other sites and just can't seem to navigate my way around; I'll just stick to this method which I am more familiar with for now. I will show you some more pics every now & then, just for fun. DH and I were discussing just this evening how much fuller we feel now with the different whole foods we eat now, esp all the veggies and whole grains. I suppose it is also possible that our stomachs have shrunk, but I really think it's the better quality of foods that we are eating now.

HI BEVERLYJOY ~ sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well, so will send up some comfort prayers for you. My feet are bothering me now, as I did a bit too much walking, but I felt OK when I started out; but I always pay for it later, and feel like a tin man. As soon as I finish posting in here, I will have to go and put my feet up for awhile again. I'll try and find out for you what ROBINS like to eat; I found a couple of really good sites yesterday that give piles of info on birds.

HI MEOWEE ~ I'm glad you at least got some sunshine; be careful on all that ice though. That's the worst kind, when ice is covered by a little snow, you can slip because you're not expecting it ... so take care!

HI to RONNI, and VAL, and NUMPSTER ~ I'm not always sure that Numpster is on the net each day, but I say HI to her just in case she happens to pop by and do some lurking -- hehe! ;)

DH is so exhausted he decided to go to bed very early tonight; I think I may do the same myself. Well, that's all the news from here for now, so take good care ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-05-2009, 11:04 AM
Hi Ladies

It has been a tough day today not a good day. Walking difficult and even feeding myself. So this will be a short entry today, I have enjoyed reading everyones post. I knew that there would be days like this so not down hearted about it. I don't think all the laughing I did trying to feed myself helped my coordination either. What with the uncontrolled shaking and then me laughing making the issue ten times worse. DH offered to feed me but I am "independent Annie " so will not give up doing things without a fight.

Tomorrow might be a better day so I can do more that I can today. Take care all till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-05-2009, 10:08 PM
:wave: lol Ronni you are considered 'very south' in comparision to where I live. It's funny to think somebody so far south can relate to having snow any month of the year. How many feet of snow do you guys still have?

:hug: purple I'm sorry to hear you've had a bad day. dont focus on it too much - I'm sure your DH would love it if you let him help.

Rosebud - I will have to check out the blue menu pastas the next time i am in Extra Foods (small version of superstore). I really like whole grain pastas. Thanks for the suggestion!

meowee- be careful out there I"m sure it's slippery!

03-06-2009, 12:09 AM
HI VAL ~ nice to see you drop in; yes, those BLUE MENU pastas are called "Omega-3" Spagetti (made with lentils and flax meal, under the title). We really liked them, but now that you have told me that you really like the whole grain ones, I will try them too. DH is game for trying anything that is healthy for both of us, so that helps a lot.

:hug:DEAR PURPLE ~ yes, we are sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time right now; so I put your name on our new 'Prayer Thread' for prayers by our special group, along with Val's and Ronni's too! You have a great attitude, my friend -- I'm so glad that I met you; and know that we think and pray for you every day. Like Val says, this is just a blip ... and it will pass! :hug:

We had piles of snow today with cold blowing winds; gee, it blew south last time, and now it came back and is blowing towards the north -- haha! The one thing I like though, is the warmer temps which were around 0c all day.

We had a funny mishap today: you know that lovely bench we bought for me to sit on while on the PC; well, DH was looking at something over my shoulder and leaning on the side of it and I went to get up and the one side spit in two. :yikes: It scared us, and we both jumped up when we felt it go: so ... no more benchy! Haha! Guess I'm gonna have to get that 'Deluxe Executive Office Chair after all, eh??? :D

:wave: Time to go put my legs up and do my puzzles; so -- take good care ladies and have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-06-2009, 06:49 AM
Hi Ladies

Thanks for the lovely messages and prayers. I am feeling a wee bit better today if not 100%. DH is wonderful I must admit but he promised me he would never take over unless I asked for help. It is so easy to fall into the role of the "sick" person and let others do things for you. Yes I am not saying it takes me longer to do things or I look awkward doing something but I have my Independence. I know that there could be a point in the future where my Independence is taken away by the MS until that point I will do as much as I can. I have never been one to let things get me down I mean why be miserable over something I can't change. No one likes being around someone who is miserable and got a chip on their shoulder.

VALDINE Oh yes my DH is only too willing to help out I just have to say the word and he is there. So I have no worries on that front. I have just had a burst of energy and so have been preparing sandwiches for tea and popping them in the fridge. All my vegetable are prepared for todays dinner. Being adventurous today and trying asparagus for the first time been threating to try it and eventually D day has arrived ;)

ROSEBUD Thanks for the prays regarding the blip in the road with my MS. Like you say it is only a blip in the road so nothing to worry about.

Lucky escape with the computer bench. I am lucky my DH bought me an executive computer chair which is heavily padded and even on the arms for comfort. They are so comfortable and I have had this one years. My DH has an executive chair also but too me his his so uncomfortable and hard.

What sort of puzzles do you do. My parents both do puzzles either word search, or criss cross. Though Mum also reads for hours also as a hobby of hers.

Time to close and start to think about putting the dinner on very shortly after I have finished this cuppa. Take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-06-2009, 01:55 PM
Hello, Friends! Feels like it's been forever since I've been here. We've had a bad week here, not physically, but emotionally, I guess. So, my default during times like this is to become a hermit, which is really the worst thing to do, but it's a habit from many years. I did manage to stay on plan and finally made it to onederland! Been trying to walk more too.

Val-we've been fortunate this last week and most of our snow is finally gone-still some piles and ice in shaded spots, like our back yard, but in 90% of the yard, we see grass! It's brown and there's some mud, but at least it's not snow:)

Purple-so sorry to hear you had a few bad days. I'm sure it's your positive outlook that's making you feel better again. You are an inspiration for the rest of us!:hug:

Rosebud-thank you for the prayers. You are also such a wonderful inspiration to me because you have such a positive attitude. Glad you and DH survived the bench incident-it would have been very easy to get a sore back or rear from something like that! We had a porch swing break under my DH and grandpa once while DH was holding one of the babies-fortunately, they had really quick reflexes too! Back a few days, you mentioned having a lean banger and beans for dinner and I'm wondering what a banger is? Never heard of that before.

Beverlyjoy-hope you are still doing well off your meds! :hug:

Numpster-yay! 16 pounds gone is wonderful!

Meowee-hope your sun is holding out :sunny: and making all that ice and snow go away!

Well, hope you all have a great day and weekend!

03-06-2009, 05:31 PM
:wave: . . . believe it or not . . . it's snowing again. :s:

03-06-2009, 09:37 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had a good day today; very mild temps but overcast and of course, we had snow all night long so our car was a large snowball by this morning. I just stayed home today and did small housechores and let DH do all the running around: mailing out the bill payments and other such errands, which he loves to do.

HI MEOWEE ~ March isn't really going out like a lion here, more like a lamb with big, fluffy snow on and off; it stopped by this afternoon.

RONNI ~ Yes, DH confessed later that he might have actually been sitting on the side of the bench which caused it to split as I was just getting up: I guess me putting my hand on the arm rest and DH's derriere was just too much for it! :lol: I think he felt kinda bad about it, but what the heck -- no use getting upset over spilled milk, they say. I told him that executive office chair looks like it's coming sooner rather than later and we both laughed.

BANGERS are a LARGE kind of Sausage: it's a European term (where our families came from) verses the the small ones which are called Breakfast Sausages here. These are made by a local man and they are really lean like the Turkey ones are: when you cook them, there is no fat in the pan when you are done, and they taste great. DH likes the mild ones but I like the medium-hot ones; they are nice BBQ'd as well. DH has his on whole wheat buns, but I have mine with beans in tomato sauce on occasion. In the summer, I eat the sausage alone or on a w/w bun also.

PURPLE ~ glad you are feeling better today; yes, I like to look at things that way: just a blip and things will be better, because like you, I have my up days and down days. I just don't want to bore people with all the details too often. As I was telling a friend recently, "When you see me out: that's a good day; on bad day, you won't!" I just stay home on the days I don't feel well.

My favorite puzzles are the SUPER-EASY Crosswords and the WORD SEARCH also; I also have a few books of miscellaneous mixed puzzles which are kinda like brain-teasers and fun. I also love to read and do almost daily. Has your mom ever tried the BENT & SQUIGGLY Word Searches: they are much more challenging than the regular ones?

We had mini-pizzas for dinner tonight; we got them from M & M's Meat Store, and they are only 190 calories each. Yummy, nice for a treat; and I had a romaine salad with my dinner to make it even better.

HI to VAL, and BEVERLYJOY, and NUMPSTER ~ hope you ladies have a SUPER SATURDAY!!! Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-07-2009, 02:45 PM
Hi Ladies

I am a wee bit late for me coming on to the thread today but I have been on a delivery to London. We decided to get up super early for us to beat the Saturday traffic and football fans ( you know these as soccer fans). The games kick off here on a Saturday at 3pm and so there is a lot of movement of fans going to the different games around the country. The journey down there was wonderful though when we arrived we found this was an industrial unit and no one was there. We telephoned the contact number but all we got was voice mail. So we decided to go down the road a couple of hundred yards to the supermarket for a coffee and toilet stop. We left a message saying that is were we were and phone number. Though they did not contact us even though we did have a signal on the mobile phone (cell phone). When we arrived back at the unit the customer was there. Great journey back also so worth getting up with the birdies ;)

Before we went I made some porridge with oats. I am not one for having it the tradition Scottish way of water and salt. I must admit I do it with milk or milk and water. I tried to think what could I use instead of cream which was healthier so I topped it off with zero fat Greek yoghurt. I must say I was pleased with the results as it had a cream tasty to it.

RONNI Thanks for the kind words. Sorry to hear that you have had a tough time emotionally. I think we all get those from time to time. We all handle them differently to each other no one way is right and the other is wrong. It is whatever works for you and helps you deal with the situation in hand.

MEOWEE :wave: Gosh more snow makes me feel a little guilty that we have signs of spring with the crocuses in full bloom and daffodils in bud. It will not be many more days before the daffodils show their yellow faces.

ROSEBUD You and I are alike how we deal with our up and down days. I make the most of the good days so go out and about. I throughly enjoy them but sometimes do to much if I do not reel myself in a bit.

yes I think mum has done some of the bent and squiggly word searches to spice things up a bit. I sometime do a crossword but I am not into the really hard ones I need them to be easy otherwise I am stumped :dizzy:

I love to read but am struggling with concentration so at present not reading as much i would like to. Just finished a book set around a hairdresser in the 1950's and finishes around the mid 1970's. The book had me gripped from beginning to end with the tails of this family and the 4 growing children. I am just starting another book now set in the 1960's about 4 women who want revenge for something or other. If this book is as good as her others I will be engrossed from beginning to end.

Nice little treat for dinner having mini pizza but having it with salad does not make it bad calorie wise and helps fill you.

It has been nice dropping by and catching up on everyones posts. Now I must go and wash up the pots from tea. After having lamb hotpot with asparagus (yes we both like it), broccoli, cabbage, carrots and leeks. Then we had tinned mandarin oranges and pineapple with a spot of natural yoghurt. :T So till next time bye for now ladies and take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-07-2009, 03:12 PM
Another quick :wave: from me . . . working on the second day of feeling "funny". You know, nothing specific just vaguely don't feel great. :shrug:

Definitely a bit warmer around here today, but not nice and snow-rain flurries for tomorrow. Think it will be a couple more weeks before anything dares to start sprouting for us. :lol:

03-07-2009, 07:03 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had nice, warm temps again today ... +5c and some big snowflakes fell late this afternoon. It's supposed to be colder tomorrow, but maybe the sun will come back too. We've been having a bunch more birdies visiting our feeders lately; March often brings them in numbers.

I had to rest up a lot today, as I disjointed by lower back somehow yesterday -- probably moving boxes around and doing too much. I didn't get much sleep last night, but this afternoon, my back seemed to right itself (heard one of those cracks or crunches and the pain started to subside). I sure prayed a lot, and am so glad it's starting to feel better; I hope I'll be back to normal in a few days. Gee, we really have to be on the watch not to overdo things as we get older.

HI MEOWEE ~ yah, it will be awhile before all the snow melts around here. In the front, it's above the top of our deck, and well, you know about the back snow mountain which is even higher than the last time you saw it.

:coach: DON'T FORGET TO PUT YOUR CLOCKS >>> AHEAD >>> TONIGHT ... esp for all the CANADIANS out there!

HI PURPLE ~ glad you had such a nice trip to LONDON; great idea to start out early to avoid all the weekend traffic. DH loves porridge too and could eat it almost daily, but since I ate it so much as a child, I like it about once a week only! ;) I like to vary things up with Natural Cream of Wheat, or Bran Flakes & Buds, or Shreddies (wheat squares), or BLUE MENU Granola. I like a variety and have all of these in my cubby. On occasion, if I'm really famished, I might have a small bowl of cereal for a snack.

Glad you like the asparagus; we tried that and like it too. We have broccoli and cauliflower more now too. On Thursday, we had baked B-L Chicken Breasts with a small new potato each plus green & yellow beans, baby carrots, onions, celery, and clumps of Cauliflower on top: yummy! I am really loving the roasted veggie idea and often make a big pan of them so we have some for leftovers the next night. That fruit dessert mixing the mandarin oranges with the pineapple sounds lovely too ...

HI to RONNI, and BEVERLYJOY, and VAL, and NUMPSTER ~ it's time to go fetch dinner now (put it on, I mean) as DH just appeared, so take good care and have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!!

03-08-2009, 06:03 AM
Good morning fellow chicks

Well just recovered from the heart failure Rosebud gave me :D about the clocks going forward. Then just came to my senses and realised our do not go forward until the 29th March so a couple of weeks away for us in the UK. Ours go forward one hour in March and back one hour in October.

I started watching this programme yesterday about a gentleman going to restore a crofters cottage in a remote part of Scotland. A croft is a small plot of land which has a very small stone built home. The original people who lived in crofts use to have a few farm animals and grow their own food. They were pretty much able to feed themselves etc.

He is going to replicate this way of life. The croft is by the shore so 2 minute and your paddling in the sea. He has brought his dog with him called Reuben who he recently rescued from a dog shelter. This dog melts your heart with his antics. First of all he learnt the hard way not to poke your nose in. The man had rescued a gull with a broken wing and Reuben curiosity got the better of him so he stuck his nose in the box with the gull. Needless to say the dog came off worse with a peck on the nose for his troubles.

Then another morning the man (Monty) was cooking himself breakfast namely a bacon sandwich. He just turned his head for a fraction when his sandwich was made and Reuben saw this as fair game. Reuben gobbled up the bacon sandwich in record time :o So after that he was put in the car whilst Monty cooked his second bacon sandwich.

Then Monty got half a dozen chickens oh boy I had tears rolling down my eyes at this time. Why I hear you ask thats because Reuben saw them as a playmate to chase round the croft at break neck speed. The poor chicken had only just bucked up enough courage to come out of the chicken coop as well. My Rizzie has tried this stunt once when we were having a walk up the allotments near my parents. I didn't know that some chickens had escaped their home. Well my Rizzie thought his birthday had come early and would gain a new playmate to chase. So these poor chickens got chased to pillar to post and Rizzie became as deaf as a post as he was having way to much fun to listen to me ;)

Though Reuben has had his naughty moments like all dogs considering he has just been rescued he is very well behaved. He is extremely sociable and good with kids. He seems to have the basic commands so is going to blossom in this new environment with Monty.

ROSEBUD Glad your back righted itself after going a bit too much shifting boxes. Your prays where answered and there was relief for you.

Your birdies should be winging their way in your directions any day now if they come in much greater numbers in March. We do not have many birds who migrant in the winter to warmer climate. Except the swallow and swift which come to mind. They should be gracing our shores this month but we do not have any around us. So some parts of the UK could have seen them already.

Right I need educating what is a cubby? This word is alien to me so I will be looking forward to its explanation. I suspect it is a bowl but I might be barking up the wrong tree so to speak ;) Like you as a child I think I ate so much porridge to sink a battle ship as we virtually had it every day with a milky coffee. So like you I have it a whole lot less, its about once a month I suppose on average. I tend to eat the same cereal called Just right as it works well with my flaxseed. Though I will eat other cereal as a snack like you do if I am hungry. Last night I had Kellogg's sustain for supper. My DH is a big eater of weetabix. I like weetabix but not the traditional way with milk. No I like mind with margarine on and quite think at that :o Strange I know even more strange when I know that I never put margarine on sandwiches or toast. I just have the filling or jam/marmalade. My mum likes them this way as well. I like shredded wheat with the dried fruit in and again I eat it differently with no milk just dry. I eat most of my cereal in this manner with no milk on. The one I have every morning I have just enough milk to mix it to a paste disguising I know :D I have such re read your post I have had a second thought what cubby might mean now I think it might be cupboard or larder?

Today I am going to be a lucky bunny my DH is taking me out for Sunday lunch but it is a healthy dinner as there is plenty of vegetables and I just leave most of the potatoes and eat the rest. I don't eat the Yorkshire pudding though as I don't like that but I know a man not a million miles away who loves them namely my DH so it does not go to waste. The café is only a 2 minute drive in the car bit longer now the road works are in operation at the bottom of our road. The food is very reasonable at $8 per meal and $6 for senior citizens. I know it is a touch more on a Sunday but not much more. The staff are lovely and so disabled friendly. We meet frequently in there a friend of ours who has MS. His disease is more progressed than mine. He just has to sit down and they come to the table for him and get his order. We have to go to the counter and pay there. Staff come to the table for his money, with his knife and fork. It is nice to see that staff care so much for Pete this way and the elderly community that frequents there.

Time to put some laundry away that has been drying all night. I washed the bed clothes so they just need a wee bit of airing before I put them away completely. I need to do some ironing as well if I get anything today called "energy" :D. I have not got too much to do but I do not want to add another load to it otherwise the ironing will be too much for me. So time to go as laundry calls and so does washing up the breakfast pots. So a big hello :wave: to NUMPSTER, RONNIE, MEOWEE, VALDINE and BEVERLYJOY I hope I haven't missed anyone if I have sorry. Take care one and all till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-08-2009, 05:54 PM

Our clocks used to be on the same schedule as yours, PURPLE, but two or three years ago now, the USA decided to start changing earlier in March and not going back until later. They are our largest trading partner so I guess that's why most of Canada decided to follow the same timetable. I say "most of Canada" only because Saskatchewan has never gone to DST anyway and still do not. Maybe I should move?????? I do not do well with time changes.

But . . . I won't bore you with my usual harangue about the evils of Daylight Savings Time . . . why would I want to do that when I can still complain about the delights of our weather. :lol: It has been snowing pretty much all day. At least it has been straight down and pretty wet so probably won't last long. It definitely looks all fresh and white out there once again. :s:

I could happily eat oatmeal porridge every day. As a child I never had it. My poor Mother got it shoved at her everyday when she was a kid and she hated it. Consequently she never made it. I really only discovered it in fairly recent years.

03-09-2009, 12:24 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ DH was up at the crack of dawn and went around turning all the clocks ahead; he said NIKO woke him up at 5 am. :lol: I think he can read clocks too! ;)

MEOWEE ~ you probably aren't the only one who thinks that way, I'm sure (DST). It seems anyone who had too much porridge as a child, dislikes it when they are older; but if you didn't have it, you like it later on because it's something different. I like it, but only want it now & then because it was better than that rice puffed wheat stuff which I really hated (that came in those giant bags), so I would eat toast one day, then porridge the next.

PURPLE ~ DH and I couldn't understand why they were putting it ahead so early, so we checked our 2008calendar and it was put ahead on the 9th last year. For the last few years, they have been putting it sooner and sooner. Meowee explained in another thread that the US puts their clocks ahead at this time, so our Canadian government decided to do the same. I had always thought that it coincided with the alleged first day of spring which used to be March 21; that has been changed to the 20th as well: why? Who knows? :shrug:

Anyways, everybody knows that spring doesn't arrive until APRIL: you know, April showers bring May flowers, but what can you do? I do like having more daylight though, but I was never really sure why we put it back in the first place, and I'm still not sure ... :?: Maybe we learned this when we were kids and I just can't remember anymore!

A CUBBY ~ is short for CUBBYHOLE which is a small cupboard or closet or pantry, of sorts; you can use that name for any of them really. We have cubbyholes here; one above each closet and another one above our washer and dryer closet. In one place we lived, I had one above my staircase and often you can find them in attics too. So, you guessed right! :D

The only cereal I can eat dry is granola or those ones with the sugar on them like Captain Crunch and so forth; but I don't buy that kind much anymore. When we got out on our own, my SIS (Numpster) and I shared an apartment and one of the first things we did was buy the kind of foods we liked, like Captain Crunch Cereal (which has a kind of honey coating on it: yum). Once there was this really nice one made of bran and honey squares with holes in the center; and I loved it, but they don't make it anymore ~ shucks -- and I could eat them plain too, esp for a snack!

We had lovely sunshine all day today, but yep ... you guessed it -- it was very, very cold here today as too. Well, I'm glad we had the sun at least. DH worked on getting his bike ready for summer and I did stuff in the house today; very little really as I was restin' up my back and it worked. I am feeling much better now, but I am gonna take it easy this whole week and give my back a good rest: a March break, so-to-speak. ;)

That show with Monty in a stone cottage sounds really interesting. I think England has lots of interesting shows. Over here, they don't seem to have any imagination or creative thought about shows at all. I just finished an interesting book written by real women who lived in our province who talked about their lives from childhood up or some other real-life happening from their marriages. I really enjoyed it; and some of these stories would have made a wonderful show or some really nice movies. You know, the pioneering women of Canada type stories ...

ANYHOW, it's time for me to go as it's getting late. We had a nice steak dinner with lots of mushrooms and other veggies (some were leftover roasted veggies from another day). I had cauliflower and a salad with mine as well, and DH had a new potato with his. It was very yummy. Take good care ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

03-09-2009, 12:24 PM
Hi Ladies

It has just got mid afternoon and I realised that I had not put in an appearance here as I have been very busy this morning. This has been the first opportunity that I have had to sit down . I still have a few chores that i want to pull in if my body is willing ;) Namely hoovering and the sorting out of the waste paper baskets as tomorrow is bin day for the garden waste and recycling bins. It does not seem 5 minutes since I was doing it last week not to mention that we are now in another month.

Have already done my exercise for the day but the walk was hard work. The weather appeared glorious but it disguise the wind blowing a gale. Good job I had my DH to cling on to for grime death :D The gusts were so strong it would have had me floored on more that one occasion if DH wasn't there. Saw my first daffodils out in full bloom today but this garden I know is in a sun trap so they are a touch earlier. I have daffodils in my garden but mine are only in bud. The only things that I have flowering at the minute are pansies and primroses.

MEOWEE Thanks for letting me know about the moving of the earlier DST heres me wanting to put BST (British summer time). Here there has been much debate whether to still use it or even revert to the war time schedule of BDST which is British double summer time which is forward the clocks 2 hours. No bills have been past either way so for now we stay with the traditional hour forward and hour back. Takes me a while to adapt to the hour forward more than the hour back.

Glad you have found you like porridge in recent years. Like me because your mother didn't like something I did not get to know whether I liked it or not. This included bread and butter pudding and spotted dick (steamed suet sponge with dried fruit). I found out I like both of them but do not have them frequently now I eat more healthier

ROSEBUD Thanks for explaining cubbyhole a cultural difference. Here is means more a little niche a small area for putting things. I am confused though I always thought a closet was for putting clothes in. Not that we use the word closet the word we use is for putting clothes into is a wardrobe. The only context that we use closet in British English is for someone revealing a closely guarded secret out about themselves namely their sexuality. So maybe a closet is a walk in cupboard?

Yes I know we have to pay a television licence fee but the BBC (television company) tends to put out some good programmes the documentary sort like this. Looking forward to the antics of Reuben and Monty I have another programme to watch that I have to see off the INTERNET. I am lucky that the BBC allows you to catch up on programmes previously viewed on television though I suspect you have to be a resident of the UK to take free offer up :(. I know if I go to American sites they have full series to view but as I am not a resident of the States it won't allow me.

I am looking forward to a book coming out in a couple of weeks time and the author in question is from my home county of Lincolnshire. All here books have been set in and around Lincolnshire and have the Lincolnshire dialect in the book. People from Lincolnshire do not have a strong dialect though there are a few words that people don't understand. Like jump dyke's are sheep :D and tates are potatoes. Though the word jump dyke is very old Lincolnshire dialect from my grandparents day really. I know the book that is due to come out is called the suffragette girl.

Had steamed medley of vegetables (using up all our fresh vegetables), potatoes and beef. Then for dessert it was low fat and low calorie yoghurt with sugar free jelly (jello) with mandarin oranges in :T Again using up bits and pieces from the fridge and cupboard. The small piece of beef that was left over I have made some rissole's. These are made by using a food processor and blitzing down the cooked beef. Then 1 or 2 slices of whole meal bread again blitzed down to make bread crumbs. Then add in 1 medium sized onion which is minced super fine. Or you could use onion powder. Then you will need a couple of eggs to bind it together. you need the mixture to be more on the wet side as it make better rissole's that way. Then in a frying pan put some olive oil or vegetable oil. Just enough to cover the bottom of the pan. Then over a medium heat cook on each side until golden brown. Try not to turn until the first side is cook otherwise they have a tendency to break up. Make each rissole to the size you wish put press tightly together to withstand the riggers of cooking. You can serve with whatever you wish or if the rest of your meal is not ready place in silver foil (aluminium) and wrap up tightly and place in oven to keep warm. Or let go cold then freeze them. When ready to use place in silver foil with a tiny bit of spray oil and reheat in oven until hot throughout.

This is an old dish passed down to use up small portions of meat and make them go further. They taste lovely with any roast meat though chicken or turkey rissole's tend to be softer in texture to the red meat rissole's in my experience.

Right must go and tackle another chore otherwise I will never get any more done. Bye ladies and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-09-2009, 05:39 PM

It was actually :sunny: today but still quite cold. Same kind of stuff is supposed to continue tomorrow. :crossed: Just wish I felt better so I could enjoy it more. :mad:

Our local evening news is doing a review on whether the earlier move to DST the past couple of years has actually saved any power costs (the reason the USA said they were doing it). Wonder what the verdict will be for us. I can see that it might result in electricity savings in the southern states. I'll let you know what they have to say.

Not too much going on for me . . . nursing sore ankles (back is not too bad) but have been really experiencing a lot of pulmonary edema lately -- you know coughing more and enjoying it less, especially when I go to bed and start making those sizzling 'coffeepot' noises. Finally get to see the doctor on the 23rd so hopefully he can give me something.

In the meantime, I am happy to report that this is day 9 of my good eating and the scale-:devil: showed me 210.5 this morning. I know that probably means the exiting of a lot of water but, hey, that has to go too. Hope I can hold it together, because I really want to see that new decade again soon. I caught a very fleeting glimpse of 209 for a couple of days waaaaaay back last September. :lol:

Other than that . . . nothing exciting for me. Have a good evening, all . . . :carrot:

03-10-2009, 12:04 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had a gorgeous sunny day; and tonight there is clear skies with a beautiful full moon. We had lots more birdies come today: some starlings are now coming every day, plus we had the two kinds of finches, chickadees, and I have to make a correction -- as I finally found an exact picture of my newest birdies: they are actually HOUSE SPARROWS (not female juncos), which are bigger and different than the Song Sparrows we get in the summer. These ones have a black mask on their faces and the others do not, but they have beautiful markings on their feathers and grey bellies and heads. They are a bit skiddish too; gathering as much food as they can, and going back to their homes/nests hideaways rather than hanging around for long.

I also found one picture of the hummingbirds we used to get in the country; the only one even close to it -- is called the 'Ruby-Throated Hummingbird' although we used to call them the red-banded hummingbirds because ours have a red circular band all around their necks; the females didn't have the red band and were just that lovely metallic blue-green with white bellies. I find many of the birds we have here are very pretty and much brighter in color than some pictures I have seen.

MEOWEE ~ oh, thanks for the info about DST; as we don't have TV right now, we didn't know the reason they were putting it back. I thought it may be because of SAD, but I could see that they might think people will use less hydro with more daylight, which remains to be seen, I guess. I know at my Dad's cottage, there is no hydro hooked up; and we just used the daylight and then just came home before it gets dark. We mostly ate cold picnic lunches, and my DAD used a small propane burner stove for a hot soup or something like that. This year, we plan on taking our BBQ up there too.

:congrat: on losing 4.5 lbs -- surely some of that will stay off; you are doing really well. Hope you are feeling better soon though, and your doctor finds a way to help you ...

HI PURPLE ~ WOW, flowers blooming in MARCH -- you are fortunate over there. We are still buried with snow, but I'm looking forward to seeing how my SPIRIA Bushes do this year; last year, the pink ones bloomed twice.

Here we have closets for putting all kinds of things in: food, linen, clothes, coats, laundry machines, and tools. I even know some people that have 'fridge closets' or coldrooms. I had a friend who had one in her apartment in the basement; it had a door just like a closet and you walked in and that was her fridge. Some people call them cold rooms these days but hers was quite modern. Some are walk-ins and some you just open the door.

One Italian family I babysat for -- had a DRESSING CLOSET where they put all their clothes and they went in there to dress. After I told my mom about this, she made one for my sisters to keep their clothes out of the bedroom, and off the floor. Numpster could attest to this, but she was a neatnic like me (the youngest one was messy then but not today; :nono: shhh ... don't tell her I told you this).

Well, we had a lovely roasted chicken dinner tonight with cabbage, celery, onions, baby carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli with new potatoes. We have enough left over for another dinner too. I am really liking roasting all these veggies -- this is very handy and you can put them in soups & casseroles too. I had leftovers from last night for my lunch today.

Well, that's all the news for today; letting my feet, legs, and back rest today; DH has been helping me quite a bit too, which is nice; and last night, he did the dishes for me too. He says he appreciates all the delicious meals I cook, so it goes both ways.

HI to VAL, and NUMPSTER, and RONNI, and BEVERLYJOY ... hope you all had a MARVELLOUS MONDAY!!!:hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-10-2009, 01:06 PM
Hi fellow chicks

Good Afternoon just returned from my oxygen therapy but had a little bit of bad news today. A friend I have made from the MS centre Peter whom we have lunch with at a café around the corner. Yesterday his wife past away. She had cancer and was poorly for a long time. I never went to his home as his wife did not want people seeing her "in this state". I respected those wishes of Margo Peters wife but would have like the chance to get to know her. I have sent Peter a card saying we are thinking of him during this time.

On a more pleasant note the MS centre I attend as be bequeathed in a will a 6/8th portion of a bunglow worth about $220.000 so that will work out at approximately $186.000 which is wonderful news for the centre. The centre is run as a charity and only has 2 paid members of staff. One full time and the other part time. The rest of the staff are made up of volunteers like my DH so any fund are gratefully received towards treatment and running cost of the building.

MEOWEE I can understand if DST is being done if savings were to be made upon electricity. I do not know if the majority of your electricity is produced via fossil fuels like it is here or neuclear power stations. We have only a small percentage that actually comes from renewable sources like tidal, wind or hydro. Has we all know fossil fuels are going to come to an end some day.

Sorry to hear that your ankles are sore and that your pulmonary oedema is getting progressively worse. I hope the visit to the doctors will improve matters for you on that front.

Great news that you have had a positive weight loss but your days on plan are paying dividends. :congrat: keep up the good work. I am on a plateau myself though part of that is not sticking enough to consecutive days on plan as I should. Too many naughties creep in :o

ROSEBUD Thanks for letting in about the closet gosh I really had got the wrong end of the stick thinking that it was only for putting clothes in. My sister was the messy one growing up drove my Dad to distraction who like things neat and tidy.

After my sister did not heed his warnings about tidying her room my father put all her stuff off the floor in a black bin bag and put it out for the bin man. I felt sorry for her so warned her but this did put the wind up her and did make a conscious effort to keep her room tidy. To see her home now you would not believe it was the same person it is so neat and tidy especially as she has kids.

I like a soup recipe which the pumpkin and onion are roasted before putting in a chicken or vegetable stock to make a soup. I love the taste that the roast vegetables bring.

Time to get my body in the kitchen to start to make tea we are having a cooked tea tonight. Though only a matter of reheating. So bye ladies and take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-10-2009, 04:19 PM
Hello, everyone! I've just had short spurts of time to get on the web the last few days, so just don't seem to get to post everywhere I want. I do try to get here and read even if it's just a couple quick postings, though. I've decided I'm going to have to try roasting veggies after what you've said about them-sounds delicious! We've had some varying weather too-one day sunny and nice, next day sleet, today rain, sleet,and maybe sleet and snow again later:p. But, when I looked out the window at our front flower bed (which is right up against the south side of our house), I noticed that the crocuses and daffodils have just started peeking out of the mulch! Finally, a sign of spring-I thought I heard a robin the other day also, but haven't seen it yet, so could have been something else, like one of those mimicking cat-birds.

Purple-so sorry to hear about your friend's wife. He and his family will be in my prayers, as will you, because I know it's hard to see our friends suffering. That's excellent about the money for the MS center, though. I know what you mean about walking being difficult in the wind gusts. We get lots of wind here too-sometimes it just rattles the windows and I've been blown nearly off my feet before(even when I was still at 260!). Our county is said to be the 12th windiest county in the US, so all the utility companies have put up wind turbines all over the place. I think it's great to be using that free resource, although my DH works in a natural-gas fueled power plant, but he wants the company to use as much renewable energy as possible too.

Rosebud-We get hummingbirds here too, though, not usually till fall when they're migrating. We have put up feeders in the past, but not in this town, because they fog for mosquitoes every week during the summer:mad: and the insecticide they use would make the hummingbirds ill, so we don't encourage them to come. I had to laugh about you and your sisters! My sis was the messy one, too, but now her house is always a showplace. She has big, big closets in every room, while, I, unfortunately, haven't had a closet bigger than 3 feet across since I got married:lol:and DH gets 2/3 of that! Someday, I'll have enough closet to actually hang up my clothes and not keep everything folded in drawers or laying over the ironing board:rolleyes:

Meowee-4.5 pounds lost!!!:carrot: Every loss is a good loss in my book! Really sorry you're having those health issues, though. Praying that the doc will be able to help ease the symptoms.:hug:

Not too much going on here, but must figure out something for dinner, so I'll talk to you all later!

03-10-2009, 05:15 PM

Another gorgeous day -- sunshine and temperatures right at the freezing mark.

I was out and about for most of the day and am glad to say I managed to avoid all the chocolate bunnies that were calling to me. So my tenth day in a row is still in fine shape.

The verdict for Atlantic Canada (and I imagine for most of the rest of Canada, too) is that there has been no difference in power usage because of the earlier and longer switch to Daylight savings time. No surprise -- what we save in the evening we are simply using up in the morning.

PURPLE. . . in Canada most of our power is generated from fossil fuels, although most of South-Western Ontario is working on hydro-electrical power thanks to Niagara Falls. Down here in the Maritimes, they are starting to lean toward windmill power (boy do we ever have wind), but it will be a long time before they can phase out the dependence of coal.

I did buy some more yarn so guess I'll just keep knitting -- good way to avoid those chocolate critters -- hard to do 'busy work' that requires both hands and eat at the same time. n:lol:

03-10-2009, 10:17 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had a mixed day of sun on and off, but it was mild too, so we'll take it for sure. I spent most of the day backing up all my files and pics onto discs while doing laundry and other daily chores. I try to do that regularly, and it's easier to do while doing something else; not so boring, etc.

MEOWEE ~ so I guess the experiment didn't produce any benefits, so I wonder what they'll do now??? :shrug: I think they should harness all that free energy from the sun and wind; I think they are putting up Wind towers near Sudbury now.

HI RONNI ~ so nice of you to drop by; we love hearing from you. Did your DH go ahead and put that application into another place after all? Maybe a move might make him happier, and you may like to move into a bigger place too. I like to make a few OVEN DINNERS each week where I use a large roaster and do lots of veggies; then use them over the week; they can be frozen in containers also to be added to soups and casseroles. I just put the 'meat of choice' in and surround it veggies & new potatoes with skins, adding water & seasonings, and let the oven do the rest of the work -- so easy! Sometimes, we have red or white new potatoes (a small one for me and a medium one for DH). I have even roasted corn on the cob this way; it's great!

HI PURPLE ~ yes, so sorry to hear about PETE's wife passing; he's in our prayers too. That is so nice that someone left something to the center to help them out. Will it be put into a trust or an annuity? Because, if they did it that way, investing the bulk of the money (in safe stocks & bonds & GIC's) -- that would guarantee them an annual income perpetually, and help the center for a very long time. :D

We just had a quick dinner of 'Bangers on buns' (a large lean Sausage on a whole wheat bun); and I had a salad with mine. I love these as they are really easy and quick to make; while the sausages are sizzling, I make up the salad. This made it kinda feel like it was summer.

DH worked on his bike and trailer all day whilst I did my thang; time to go have a fruit snack with a tea; and do my puzzles too. Hi to VAL, and BEVERLYJOY, and NUMPSTER ... Hope you all have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!! Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-11-2009, 09:37 AM
Hi gang . . . :grouphug:

Sunny again this morning, but snow/rain is in the forecast for this afternoon.

I think Canada will stick with the same timing as the US regarding DST. Too bad. Personally, I like to see daylight earlier in the morning.

03-11-2009, 11:00 AM
Hi fellow chickadee's

Good afternoon ladies it has been a busy morning for me I have managed to do my shopping and just finished putting it away. Had cottage pie for lunch with cauliflower, carrots and cabbage.

Tomorrow I we are going to do a delivery but this is a more local one at about 40 miles round journey or there abouts. I will be making sandwiches for the trip so that we have food for lunch time. Plus take a flask with us for the journey also. So will make them very shortly so everything is ready apart from the drinks.

I am quite tired now after the shopping I must admit the walking has taken it out of me but I think I have done my exercise for the day. Met Pete today the gentleman who lost his wife. He is bearing up remarkably well under the circumstances and is doing well. We sat and ate some lunch with him at the café up the road from us.

RONNI Thanks for the prayers for Pete that is very kind of you. Yes as you say excellent money for the centre and I am sure it has helped with financial circumstances. I don't think we have any wind turbines near us as far as I am aware. Though I do live about 8 miles away from a power station fuelled by coal. This is the one that we locally know as the seven sisters due to the 7 towers that are used there. Rosebud thinks they may have been called seven sisters due to there shape that looks like that of a womans curves.

MEOWEE you beat me coming on here today :D From what you have told me that you really have two main source that supply electric in Canada. I know that they are talking about tapping into doing something with the tides of the sea to supply electric but I do not know how far that is in the scheme of things. I know our government need to seriously look at other sources to supply electric.

ROSEBUD Thanks for the prayers for Peter that is very kind. Yes the money for the centre is great news though the talk is at the minute is looking for new premises. Though I do hope they have more funds than this donation because I think it will need a lot more than that. For starters they have to reinstall the two MS tanks used for oxygen therapy and transport them to the new location as they need to be done by a specialist. I know this alone will not be cheap. Maybe need to change the toilets to make them wheelchair accessible as many of our users are wheelchair users. I will let you know how they decide to use the money in the end. I think they should look at putting it into some account that would give them a income every month or year as I think it will give the centre more help that way.

Bangers in buns sounded nice I love mine with caramelised onions in :T

I have no more news now but also must go to the kitchen and finish making a milk jelly. Bye for now and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-11-2009, 06:41 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We've been having a blustery snow storm here all day; the winds started late last night and woke me up a few times. We have been fortunate that the snow is blowing south, so out of our yard and across the roadway. The weather is too bad to do anything outside, so we decided to stay home today, and will until the nice weather returns. This is what is great about having a pantry and a freezer; if the weather gets bad, we still have lots of food in the larder to choose from.

PURPLE ~ speaking of hydro alternatives, we have our own hydro plant here that is fueled by a renewable source: wood dust and chips that are leftover from the manufacturing of other wood products. I know it supplies our town with quite a bit of hydro (not sure if all); gee, I'll have to inquire about that ...

PURPLE ~ you once commented that you think that you contracted MS during your RN training. Does that mean that you believe MS is caused by a form of Virus? I have believed this for some years myself. I know there are other theories out there, but there is just so much evidence that points towards the viral factor, ie the reason they want to test people's spinal fluid.

I read a medical article a while back about a doctor in the US who is a specialist in the field of MS, and he has only MS patients in his practice. He discovered by accident that ALL of his MS patients had the same viral infection in their bodies. This amazing discovery has led him to doing some research for the US government regarding this matter. Have you heard anything about this? I am hoping that some day they may be able to make an anti-viral shot for the prevention of MS, and some other auto-immune diseases and/or cancers that may be caused by them, like the Epstein Barr Virus (sp?), for instance.

ANYHOW, I'm so glad that you were able to meet up with your friend PETE today, and that he seems to be doing well at this stressful time. Sounds like your center wants to find a more permanent home; it looks like it is a progressive organization and unfortunately, there will likely be more people with MS in the future, not less. I wish it wasn't so, but there may still be many who just don't know that they have it, since it takes so long to diagnose this illness. It would be nice if they could develop a blood test that would detect MS as well, so people wouldn't have to suffer through spinal taps, and could get help much sooner too.

:wave: Well, I have to go now and put dinner on, but I hope you all have an absolutely THRILLING THURSDAY!!! ;)


03-12-2009, 05:15 AM
Good morning

I am up with the larks this morning and posting on here;) Well if the larks get up at 6.30am that is. I did not have to be up so early but was having trouble sleeping so decided that I would get up. Not very often do I experience not sleep and usually am the opposite and sleep very well.

We are off to Ashborne in Derbyshire the next county to us. Not a long distance journey will take about an hour there and back I reckon provided the traffic isn't against us. We are going to Derbyshire to do a delivery to a customer not very often we get the local ones so it is a nice change i must admit. Derbyshire also has some pretty scenery and so the journey should be a pleasant one.

ROSEBUD Yes I am of the thought that MS is caused by a virus such as Epstein-Barr Virus and another factor which is yet to be discovered. I think if you get a combination of these factors you will get MS. I had Epstein-Barr Virus when I was 29 years old and it left me quite poorly for a while. I was also quite old to have contracted the disease which normally hits when you are in your teens.

Another train of though is that there is a high incidence of MS in nurses and they are exploring the possibility of the connection with the Hep B vaccination that we had to have. Again it is not just the Hep B vaccination is solely to blame but another factor as well yet to be discovered. So I have had both Epstein-Barr Virus and Hep B vaccination just would love to know the other factor that might be involved. Then I think we would be one step close to providing a cure for MS. Maybe a viral vaccination like you said would provide the cure. I know that it would not repair the damage done to people with MS but it would be nice to know that it would arrest the disease in its tracks.

Like you said from the article you read it could also provide useful in other autoimmune diseases and providing a cure for those or a vaccination. We have a little magazine from the UK MS society and I have that delivered. This contains all new forms of therapy, trials and researching going on in the disease. You have to learn not to become to excited about this research and trials as they are only baby steps into curing this disease. It would be years before something came onto the market and approved for us to take it :(

Pushed the boat out made porridge again this morning as it will keep us fuller for longer whilst out on the road. I have also made sandwiches to take with us as it will be around dinner time before we get back home. Just got to make coffee later to take with us in about an 1 and half time.

Great that your electricity plant is using a renewable source of wood and hydro power. Now that is green electric. We have a programme on here which has just finished for that season which is all about being green in all parts of your life and it is called it is not easy being green. It looks at getting solar panels or wind turbines to provide electric for your home. To foraging for free food and using this. It is really interesting and has lots of difficult articles in the show.

Right to get my act into gear and go and wash up. So hello to all the ladies who post on here RONNI, MEOWEE, VALDINE, BEVERLYJOY AND NUMPSTER :wave: I hope I haven't missed anyone out. Any way bye for now and take care all

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-12-2009, 03:03 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ WOW, March is almost half way over already! We woke up to lovely sunshine today; thankfully, the storm finally stopped and we are still standing! ;) The temps were cold though ... -20c this AM, and now we are sitting at about -7c, which is much better, but DH says that there is a bit of a cold wind and it actually feels colder than that.

Just had leftovers from last night's dinner for my lunch; made a bunch of bran muffins for snacks yesterday afternoon. Will likely do some linen laundry today as I changed the bed yesterday too. We are having leftovers for dinner tonight (chicken and veggies with rice); nice and easy for me.

PURPLE ~ hmmm ... we think alike on so many things. I have been waking up earlier lately too; with the sunshine peeking through my bedroom window, mostly. Hope you have a wonderful trip to Ashborne today.

HI to VAL (TGIF tomorrow), and BEVERLYJOY, and RONNI, and MEOWEE, and NUMPSTER ...

Not much else to report today: just keepin' busy doing the daily stuff. Well, that's enough for this old bod anyways. Take good care and have a FANTABULOUS FRIDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-13-2009, 09:33 AM

Had a busy, busy day yesterday but I did manage to keep the eating in check. March is going well for me in the food department and I definitely plan to do my darndest to continue this great trend. :yes:

Today is our second day of nice sunshine but definitely winter-like cold temperatures and, undfortunately, lots of wind. Not that it matters much today since i will be in hibernation mode. :lol: Not that I'm superstitious or anything but -- well -- as the old saying goes -- better safe than sorry. so it will be a knitting day, I guess and I might even throw in a little nap.

Hope you all have great fun things on the go. See you later . . . :wave:

03-13-2009, 10:18 AM

Meowee-:bravo:for doing well with the eating! It does improve the outlook to be able to stay on plan and see progress, doesn't it?

Hi to everyone else, too and hope you're all having a great day! Our furnace broke yesterday, so spent the whole day trying to track down a replacement part -almost impossible and the one we can get is so expensive, we've decided it's better to replace the whole HVAC system-so then I was lining up contractors for estimates. Unfortunately, most of them treat a woman like you don't have a clue what they're talking about-you know, us poor, little dumb females who have to rely on our men to make these kind of complicated decisions:rolleyes: I had the facts charted out and decision 80% made before DH got home from work! Then, when we went over everything, he agreed with my decision (cause HE knows I've got a brain;)), so I can line up the work today. Just wish we'd known this was coming-I'm not the best at budgets, so something else is gonna have to wait. Oh, well, that's been our lot in life for the last 18 years, so we should be used to it by now:D That's the choice we made when we decided to do the homeschooling-we knew we wouldn't always have $$ like families where both spouses have paying jobs.

But, a good thing from the furnace issue was that I got absolutely ALL the laundry done! DH has the dryer vented into the house in the winter, so we heated with the dryer and the oven (roasted chicken and veggies-yummmmmm!). Today, off to town for some groceries after I talk to the HVAC guys.

Hope you're all having a great day!

03-13-2009, 05:39 PM
:wave: RONNI ~ glad you have found a solution for your furnace problems, even though it has to be a new one, and that costs lotsa money; but at least you do have your income tax refund to cover that, and heating the house is an important need right now. As you know, I took business the second time I went to college, so I am always haranguing people about the benefits of putting away some savings for a 'rainy day' for unexpected emergencies like this. Hindsight is always 20-20, isn't it?

Can't tell you how many times we have been so grateful that we did put a wee bit by ... as life is full of these kind of unexpected problems. I kinda believe that we should always 'EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED' ... :lol: I could make that my motto, I think! ;)

MEOWEE ~ Well, the storms have finally passed here too; glad you are having better weather, which sounds similar to what we have here right now as well. Congrats on eating so well this month too ...

Well, we are just staying home today so DH can rest up his shoulder; we have a full larder, so we are OK. We had some sun on and off, but there is a bit of a wind too. Poor NIKO isn't too well today either; earlier DH found the evidence of an upset tummy :barf: ... poor fella!

So we have our hands full here right now too, but this too shall pass! :lol: Hope you all have A WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!! Take good care :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-14-2009, 11:39 AM
Hi Ladies

Round 2 why round 2 I hear you say I have just typed this out once then had a moment absent mindedness and decided to delete it instead :o The annoying this was I was just about done I was suppose to be smalling them on my desktop and in my infamous wisdom hit the cross and closed it completed. So hear I am again typing it out.

The trip to Ashborne went well and no traffic problems. We have another fairly local one next Monday to do so something like the 23rd of March the day after Mothers day. I know it is not mothers day in other parts of the world but we celebrate it on a different day here. Something to do with it being contacted to the church that decided the day.

Yesterday we were at my parents house and then in the evening went to play cards. I did no good but not that I can complain as I have had a real purple patch just recently (purple patch is slang for a lucky streak). DH faired better than I did he won first and so won a money prize of £3.00. We played cards the night before and we came away with a lot of prizes. I won first and got bacon and tomatoes (tinned). DH got the lowest score :o and won a tin of rice pudding. Then we won a raffle prize of a packet of wafers which we gave for her grand children.

RONNI Sorry to hear that your furnace has broken I bet they are expensive to replace. It is one subject that gets me onto my soap box the way women are treated by some men as stupid when clearly we are not. Oh for the day of equality for all no matter what sex, colour , age or weight. The list goes on the areas people are discriminated with but the one that touches me most now is the sexual inequality. It also use to be my weight but now I am more like the norm or others perception of it. Those I must add that my brain has not caught up and I still see myself as I was before. I still have the butterflies as I go through turnstiles wondering whether I will fit.

I do not blame you home schooling your children. If the education system is anything like it is getting in the UK. Here in my opinion they are exposed to things way to young. Unlike when I was educated there where things I did not know about until I went to secondary school and now they are doing these subjects in primary school.

Though as you say there is a downside to home schooling having less income. So it means tightening the belts and not having so many luxuries in life but there are somethings in life that money can not buy.

ROSEBUD Like you we always try and put a bit away each month for a rainy day as you never know what life will throw at at you. Some months it is not much as we do not have a lot left over in the budget.

At the moment we have been saving hard for the deposit on the car. We do not know how much the deposit will be till the end of March when the new book comes out with the new prices. Then we quickly have to decide which car we wish to have. We have one or two in mine but the final choice will ultimately come down to the amount of deposit. I try not to get my heart set on a car as I have done that in previous years only to find that the price as gone way up out of our budget.

MEOWEE Your an inspiration to us at the minute with being steadily on plan this month and seeing good positive results due to your eating habits. I unfortunately can not stack enough good days together to have an impact on my weight so all I have is status quo at the minute.

With the weather getting nicer I am managing to get in more exercise and doing a daily walk. I must admit it has been really hard getting back into walking after having such a long lay off from it. So it is a matter of gritting my teeth and trying hard. I am hoping it will pay off doing this gentle bit of pushing myself.

Time to go and make a cuppa then phone my sister and help her do something on here computer. My sister can just about find the on button bless her. We were never schooled in this area so are self taught. I have had more tuition with having a nephew who is good in this area who are taught us well. Bye ladies and take care till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-14-2009, 09:03 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we have had snow on and off all day; some big, fat flakes too, which are kinda pretty really! Milder temps too, and I don't mind that at all. I just stayed home and did stuff around here ...

PURPLE ~ Sorry you lost your post; I think that happens to us all at least a dozen or more times. I have had mine disappear into LA-LA LAND many times, as have others. On those days, I use your tip to do the retype and put it in a file; save it and then copy it. Thankfully, that doesn't happen too often. Glad you had such a prosperous week playing cards, and a nice delivery trip too.

MEOWEE ~ yes, right now you are our biggest inspiration. I'm doing well on my meals, I am really trying to have better snacks though. Some days I do superbly and then I'll have just that ONE DAY, that I get off track, but I figure the damage isn't too bad to ruin the whole week .... I hope?

Don't have much news here right now, except we had a new young female Woodpecker at our feeder today, and she came back twice; plus we had big male Squirrel here today too. Well, it's the first time I have seen him that is, or it's the first time he noticed there was food here, more likely; and now that he has, he'll be back for more ... :lol:

Hope all you ladies have a SUPER SATURDAY!!! Take good care :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-15-2009, 11:36 AM

Thanks for the kind words, Chickies . . . happily I'm still on track. My carbs snuck up a little too high for a couple of days, but overall the calories stayed in the good range. Haven't seen any more movement on the scale for a couple of days, though. :s: I have faith -- in us all.

We are having mostly sunny weather and the temperature is expected to sneak up to slightly above the freezing mark today . . . not exactly Spring yet, but I have faith in Mother Nature too. Spring will eventually arrive. :lol:

Hope the rest of your weekend is great. :carrot:

03-15-2009, 03:03 PM
Hi and good afternoon ladies

It has been a lovely sun day with temperatures as high as about 15C so nice weather today. I noticed that we now have those sticky buds forming on certain trees now so spring is definitely on its way now.

We were travelling down a country lane the other evening coming back from playing cards and saw these cute rabbits by the verge side feeding. They did not look overly big so I suspect they where young ones. We occasionally see wildlife like that as we travel out into the country to play whist. Now our country roads tend to be very twisty so you can only go at a slow speed down them so tend to spot such niceties as rabbits, squirrels, foxes and different birds.

MEOWEE you deserve the praise as you are doing so well at the minute and this helps keep the spirits up. It is always harder to lose weight when you have other health issues like diabetis to contend with. This is because as you know you have to balance the diet out regarding sugars and carbs.

I do not now how strict the diet is in Canada regarding diabetis but I know that it has relaxed some what from when I first started back in nursing all those years ago. Where you could not even have a grain of sugar and all carbohydrates where measured faithfully. The diet here is more relaxed and you can have the odd treat now and again with sugar in. Though it must be like on high days and holidays. Also no measuring of carbohydrates not sure if that is the case if you are insulin dependant though.

ROSEBUD I should know better than to just type a post out on here but sometimes I am absent minded and just merrily type away and forget my golden rule of doing it on a note pad or something similar. so I suffered the consequences of it disappearing into cyber space.

Woke up yesterday morning as if a herd of elephants had trampolined all over my back ;) Though as the day wore on it eased off and was pain free by the end of the day. I normally find if I end up sleeping on my back I end up in pain. I do try my best at sleeping on my side but not always successful. DH if he finds me on my back will wake me knowing that I have trouble every time with pain if I am in this position. Another problem with this position I can not move so I need assistance to get out of bed.

Well off to make some tea now as I am getting hungry now. Just going to be something simple like a sandwich or toast. So bye ladies and hope you all having a lovely weekend.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-15-2009, 08:18 PM
:wave: Hi ladies ~ We had a lovely day today; started out with clouds, but then the sun came out to shine and warmed things up all day. The snow is starting to melt and I can even see some pavement on the roads. Yeah, that's a sign for us that spring is on the way ...

We had another new young male Woodpecker come by today; they really love the suets we put out. We put out one Peanut Butter one and a mixed seed one, and they love them. We had a lovely dinner of roast beef and lots of veggies with red potatoes. Just having a quiet night at home and DH is just playing with his music tape collection.

PURPLE ~ I am finding the same as you; if I sleep on my back, I have pain the next morning ... so I am going to have to make a note to sleep on my side, which doesn't have that same effect. When I start out on my back, it feels OK, but by the morning, I am stiff and sore. I used to sleep on my stomach or back, but then I switched, but I am going back to my side again for awhile and see what happens.

MEOWEE ~ one day last week, my sugars snuck up into the sixes on me; not sure what caused that, but with a few adjustments, the next morning I was back down to 5.4 -- just goes to show ya that you have to keep an eye on things all the time.

HI to VAL, and BEVERLYJOY, and RONNI, and NUMPSTER ... hope all you ladies are feeling good out there and that you all had a great weekend ...

Take good care and have a Wonderful new week! Your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-16-2009, 09:28 AM
Hi chicks....DH and I went out of town last weekend to visit family. It was good to get away and not have to 'think' about DH finding a new job. Sorry to be MIA last week. I've been having such a hard time with anxiety and pain. I am trying to rely on Arthritis strength tylenol, ice, heat, stretching and meditation to get me thru the day. It has been really hard.

I really need to change family doctors. I got this one when mine left the practice. She is strictly clinical - never smiles, not warm or caring. I don't need a doctor to give me a 'hug' or anything...but, I just don't relate to the style of this doctor. When I was losing weight....she never noticed or said anything unless I pointed it out. But...since DH is without a job and I feel so extremely stressed out...I just don't feel like I have the 'energy' to switch. I know it doesn't make sense...but, it's where I am at with it.

I'll come back for personals...need to ice, ice baby!

Have a great day.

03-16-2009, 11:04 AM
Hi and good afternoon

Another glorious day here at 15c went out in the garden briefly with no jumper, cardigan or coat so you can see that it is nice weather. Great weather for drying clothes outdoors. Not sure whether this nice spell of weather will last.

Been busy this morning with ironing and household chores. The morning has just whizzed by I must admit. So I am glad of a sit down and a bit of relax to be honest. We had lamb, with steamed vegetables of carrots, swede, cabbage, broccoli and potatoes. Then I did a yoghurt which was low fat and calories at about 49 calories I think with half a banana. The yoghurt was toffee flavoured so it kind of gave the hint of bananoffe pie ( i think that is how it is spelt)

BEVERLYJOY I fully understand your need for a different doctor who is not so clinical. You need a mixture of someone who is on the ball medically but also has the feel of a good friend. I have a really nice female doctor who is really "chatty" and puts you at your ease but also up to date medically. I know how you feel about not having the energy to change. When you are struggling with your health it makes things so much harder to do than when you are OK.

I know when I was having trouble at another doctors practice with my own GP it was when I was having symptoms but not yet diagnosed with MS. I went along with the symptoms and all he did was send me to see a dietitian. I was devastated and so upset yet really did not want to go back to see another doctor. My DH really coerced me to see the other doctor a lovely Irish gentleman whom I will be eternally grateful. He looked passed the weight and saw the symptoms. Within 18 months of that visit I was diagnosed with MS. When you are ill you just don't have the "get up and go" that you would normally have. This is normal to feel this way and your not the only one to experience this feeling of trying do things but lack of drive.

Sorry to hear that your having a tough time trying to keep the pain under control with the regime of treatment. I hope that things improve quickly for you.

ROSEBUD Looks like your birds are coming in earnest. I have never seen a woodpecker in real life I have only ever heard them tapping away at the tree. See you have a few secret foods up your sleeves that they can't resist.

It brings to mind when I was watching the gentleman living on the croft in Scotland he was trying to lure the pine martin with oats, jam and honey as they have an very sweet tooth. I am afraid he wasn't successful so he visited a home of someone who the pine martins visit frequently. Here they were eating digestive biscuits (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaA digestive biscuit, sometimes referred to as a sweetmeal biscuit, is a semi-sweet biscuit or cookie, popular in the United Kingdom, in other Commonwealth countries, in the Republic of Ireland and in Greece. The name "digestive" derived from the belief that they had antacid properties due to the use of bicarbonate of soda when they were first developed.) covered in jam. Here he was successful at seeing the elusive pine martin.

Like you I used to sleep on my tummy but as I put weight on this became uncomfortable. I have tried it since I have lost weight but still uncomfortable as my "girls" get in the way. I know I am not so big now but I have loose skin from the weight lost. Now I usually sleep on my right side and occasionally on my left if my face will allow. When my face is playing up then I can not abide anything on my face or pressure on it.

Time to go and make a cuppa I think. This has been a nice interlude with a break from the chores. Still have a few more left to do before I can really sit down so bye ladies and take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-16-2009, 11:16 AM
Hi there everybody . . . :grouphug:

Oh BEVERLYJOY . . . I hope things start to look brighter for you really soon. I too can understand what you mean about a slightly less clinical doctor. Mine is okay but I do wish he were a woman.

As for you, PURPLEORC . . . I am so very jealous of your weather. We've got another sunny day on the go, but our temperatures are going in the wrong direction. The expected high today is going to be -5C -- silly.

ROSEBUD . . . an occasional day of high BGL is not cause for alarm. Mine are an ongoing disaster of late -- having trouble getting the fasting level below 9 even with my regular meds and 17 or 18 units of Lantus insulin -- and I'm beginning to wonder if it could some how be connected with the increased symptoms of pulmonary edema. :shrug: My biggest fear is that after 20 odd years of living semi-successfully with Type II, my pancreas may have decided to shut down completely (it does happen, unfortunately) which would mean needing to go on a mjuch more stringent insulin regimen. Guess I'll wait and see what the doctor has to say next week.

Nothing else too exciting around here -- it's School March Break and I imagine all the stores I need to hit today will be packed. :lol:

03-16-2009, 09:52 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had a lovely day of sunshine and the temps got up to about +7c, so we decided to go for a drive out to our lot. Yep, it's still there but we just wanted to check the snow levels to see how long it will be before it melts. Out that way, the snow is much lower than in town, so it will melt pretty quickly. Our place had a bit more snow than other places by the road; not sure why, but a couple of weeks of warm weather would melt it all anyways.

I even made a picnic lunch: we had a sandwich plus a small piece of fruit pie to go with that, so tonight we just had a light hot turkey dinner (I just had turkey & gravy on a slice of whole wheat bread with 1/3 cup frozen peas and DH had potatoes with his). It was nice to have a treat as the last time was Christmas; and we haven't had apple pie in years, but I gave NIKO my crust to cut down on the calories a bit. I usually make a type of apple crisp, but we had these in the freezer from Christmas (they didn't get eaten). I left some pieces in containers in the freezer for another picnic as well; that way we won't eat too much at one time.

It was nice to at least go out for a drive to get out on a nice, sunny day; and with the roads clear most of the way, it was a nice drive as well. Later, I just came on and looked at recipes for awhile and read my mail. We are going to be checking over the next few weeks to see when the snow melts exactly as well. We can't wait to get out there; and I miss going for my walks and so does NIKO. He got so excited, he scratched DH's face, but he's OK, just left a wee mark.

BEVERYLYJOY ~ don't you have any pain meds for your foot? I forget exactly what's wrong, but have been praying for you. When I'm in pain, I take mild meds as needed, and get off my legs or rest or whatever is needed. Hope things improve for you very soon.:hug:

PURPLE ~ I slept on my side last night and my back felt much better this morning. I can't wait til all the snow is gone so we can go walking again. There is too much ice around this place to go walking in the winter; we live on a hill, so when it melts the water runs down on our side of the road and when it freezes up, it turns to a sheet of ice as does our laneway. I had hoped to walk up and down the laneway here, but many times I went out, it was a sheet of ice. So winters here will have to be indoor stuff mostly; and spring to fall, will do walking outside.

MEOWEE ~ gee, I'm sorry to hear how much trouble you are having getting your sugars down. Hope your doctor can figure something out for you. I have been looking at the sugar amounts in some foods, and boy, there is lots more sugar hidden in foods than we think ... so, no wonder some people have such a hard time getting their blood sugar levels down. Will send up some more prayers for you too ...:hug:

Well, that's about all the news from here; my feet are a bit sore, so it's time to put them up and do some puzzles, and maybe read a bit, if I don't nod off, that is. So take good care ladies, hope you all have a HAPPY ST. PATRICK's DAY tomorrow ... for all those who are Irish like us, and for those who aren't too! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-17-2009, 08:57 AM
:goldpot: Top O' The Mornin' . . . hope your day brings the proverbial Pot o' Gold to you and yours . . . :grouphug: . . . Apparently the green beer is already flowing in Atlantic Canada -- the bars in Halifasx opened their dorrs at 7:00 am this morning and the patrons were already lined up to get in. :yikes:

Nothing too exciting planned for me -- may just don some green clothing and take advantage of another day of lots of sunshine (but still cold) and travel off to town for a few things I forgot to get yesterday.

Nice trip across the causeway yesterday because the ice is starting to break up in the harbour and I saw three beautiful bald eagles sailing over the open areas in search of fish -- yes I do think Spring will eventually arrive. :D

Natural sugars (like in fruits and vegetables) are not a big problem, ROSEBUD, but you really need to watch out for the added sugars -- you have to read both the nutrition panel and the ingredients list on prepackaged foods to know what you are actually getting. My FBGL this morning was better, but still not very good at 7.6 as compared to yesterday's 9.0.

Have a great -- but semi-sane -- ST. PATTY'S DAY.

03-17-2009, 03:28 PM
Good evening ladies

This is only a swift drop by as I do not have a lot of time today with it being treatment day at the MS centre. So no personal posts to people Oops I forgetting my manners :goldpot: :luck2you: HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY :goldpot: :luck2you:.

When travelling to the MS centre I saw trees in a small white flowers not sure what type they are to be honest. Though they sure did look pretty and a sure sign spring is here for us. I know that we are extremely lucky to have temperatures so high. Though today it has been considerably colder though when I first got up it was glorious sunshine.

Been struggling to keep my jeans up today so I decided when I got home to measure my waist out of curiosity. Which I did and I was really suprised how much I have appeared to lost around my waist since I last measured I now measure 35" I was 38". Not that I have lost any weight I am a little heavier than my ticker shows at the minute by 2 to 3 pounds which my body seems to stay at constantly so it has found its niche at the minute. I know if I was more ridge with my food regime and strung more days on plan together I would lose. I have been good for the past 4 days I have been on plan so I am proud of that achievement.

Tiime to go I am afraid gosh the time sure does whizz by typing. Take care one and all till next time.
:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-17-2009, 07:20 PM
Oh PURPLEORC . . . that is so terrific to have lost so much around the waist. Measurements are a much better goal than the old scale numbers anyway and getting rid of thickness in the waist area is great for your long term health . . . you rock, girl. :high:

BTW . . . afraid I have to own up to a major chocolate meltdown today :o . . . so much for a perfect month of March. I will get my act back together tomorrow, I promise. :yes:

03-17-2009, 08:32 PM
:goldpot: HAPPY ST. PATTY'S DAY !!! :goldpot:

HI LADIES ~ we had a lovely warm day that felt like it was spring: can you believe it was +15c out there today, and that's 55 Farenheit? That is absolutely awesome for March, in this here hinterland ... :lol:

We woke up to sunshine and everything was icey, but the clouds rolled in and the temps still kept climbing. By the time we got back, the ice was melting in the early afternoon. DH went scrounging about and found some sand to put on the laneway just in case it freezes tonight.

Anyways, we had a good day mostly; I just didn't like all that ice that was out there today, and DH has fixed that now (albeit, with some coaxing on my part). I had to make a suggestion where he could find some free sand, but then he was on his way. Thank you GOD, for woman's intuition ... :D

PURPLE ~ Congrats on losing 3 inches around your waste; hey, that's just as good as weight. I have been doing my tummy tucks and such pretty faithfully only missing a day for soreness of my back and I can feel that my clothes fit better, and DH says he can notice a difference. So will have to pull out my stats pretty soon and compare; I wanted to wait long enuff to be sure of a difference.

Hope you had a good session at the treatment center. I managed to get in lots of walking today; purposely walked the perimeter of two of our largest stores here in town. My feet were a bit sore by dinnertime, so I rested them awhile before dinner. We just had a light dinner of a banger on a bun, as I had some w/w sunchips for a snack today; trying to balance that out a bit. I had some strawberries for dessert, but skipped the salad today.

MEOWEE ~ when I went to the store today, you could literally smell all the chocolate in one area, so I zoomed through it as fast as I could and exited another way; but I did have a small treat of some whole wheat sun chips, which isn't too bad, I hope. I think one chocolate splurge during Easter season is allowed for everyone. At Christmas, I found some very dark chocolate sticks that only had 16 calories each, so I had 2 a day for one of my snacks for only 32 calories. I hope they get them again next year; wish I'd kept the box to remember what they were called now though ... dang it. ;)

HI to VAL: hope things are melting for you too; and BEVERLYJOY: hope you are feeling better; and RONNI -- hope everything's OK with you and yours, and that new furnace; and NUMPSTER ~ that wedding should be coming pretty soon; hope all is well down there!

Take good care friends ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-18-2009, 10:17 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

I've seen those little chocolate sticks, ROSEBUD -- great idea for those who manage portion control. For me -- both chocolate and peanut butter fall into a category called "a portion is equal to the amount available". :o

Just worked out my nutritional averages for the month so far and happy to say my 2286 total calories yesterday did NOT screw things up too badly. I'm still in good shape for the month. Average total calories are 1444 and percentages are running right on 40% carbs and 30% each for fat and protein. Sometimes you just get lucky I guess. Yes, I do believe in the 'cycling' philosophy whether you are tracking calories, points, or something else. I just don't think it needs to be all pre-planned. For me, and most of us (probably), it just seems to happen. :shrug:

Can't rest on my laurels though . . . I'm sitting solidly on 210 right now and I very, very much want to be able to move down into a new decade when I change my ticker at the end of the month.

Nothing exciting planned for me today. Looks like another nice sunny day and the temps may actually get several degrees above freezing. Tomorrow they are predicting rain, but quite a bit milder. We'll see. :D

Have a great day, everybody . . . :wave:

03-18-2009, 11:33 AM
Hello, Everyone! Gosh, it seems like it's been forever since I've been able to be on here, except nothing spectacular has happened in the meantime, so not much to talk about.;) We're still getting hvac estimates:p, the boys had to give depositions for our lawsuit against the person who crashed into our car 3 years ago (what a joke-I can't believe they still refuse to settle), & DH had a doctor appt in MN. What it mostly adds up to is too much time sitting in a car and too many meals at restaurants in the last few days, so my back/legs hurt, I'm retaining fluids and my weight is up 2 pounds:yikes: We're supposed to be on spring break, but no one's gotten to do anything fun yet:(.

Meowee-I do cycling of calories too and it's amazing how easily that works. Even when I have a couple bad days like the past few, I know it'll be easy to get back on track and on the plan. Glad you're having some nicer weather too. The sun has me thinking about my garden plans and flower beds:flow1:

Purple-:carrot:for lost inches!!! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to have loose pants? Keep up the great work!

Beverlyjoy-sorry to hear you're struggling with pain and anxiety. Job issues are such a problem, even when you still have one (my DH is really tired of having to pick up the slack for co-workers who won't work, but will steal his ideas and claim they're their own for bonuses from the managers:mad:) I'll pray for your situation. I know stress can make pain matters worse. Remember to try some slow breathing techniques-I know it can reduce blood pressure and pain awareness.:hug:

Rosebud-your intuition is great! I need some of your insight,as I still haven't figured out how to get DH to do what needs done when it needs done;)

Hi to Val and Numpster too! Hope you're all having a great day! :hug::hug::hug: for everyone!

03-18-2009, 01:09 PM
Hi Ladies

Good Afternoon this is the first opportunity I have had today to drop by as I have been shopping, out for lunch and then out for my daily exercise of a walk. Must admit with the shopping and then a walk shortly afterwards my right leg by the end of it was not playing ball as we say. In other words it was starting to drag badly and the numbness was creeping up my leg. So it sure did tire me out a good work out session I would say.

Weather today is partially sunny and then partially cloudy though it was nice weather for walking in. Great opportunity to see peoples front gardens springing into life after months of lying virtually dormant. So pretty with the daffodils, the polyanthus and now the blossom appearing on the trees. I am so lucky to have a temperate climate.

Went out last night to play cards but did no good, my DH had to cut the cards as he had the joint lowest score with another gentleman but he lost the cut so the gentleman won the prize. Nice to get out and see the players. Signed a card for a lady whom is 90 in a few days time. Lovely card has been bought for her. It has beautiful roses decorating it and tells you about how much things cost in 1919 when she was born, people whom was born in that year, songs that were popular during that time and the people. She is not our oldest player at this age we have several in their 90's. One lady puts me to shame she swims I think 20 lengths of the pool 5 days a week. Plus plays indoor bowls regularly and drives a car. She is as bright as a button and is well educated. Before she retired she was a school teacher for many years.

MEOWEE Yes you are so right sometimes the tape measure is a much better friend that the scales which are more often than not your enemy. Yes you are right that it will be beneficial to my health now that I am in the 35" range for my waist which is the top end they like ladies to be and 40" for gentlemen. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would have a waist that size at the beginning of the journey it was 48" :fr: For me that was the first area that I noticed the weight lose when showering I could actually see my feet without bending to see them. Before my tummy was always obscuring them.

Your allowed a meltdown now and again the important thing is getting back on the horse as soon as possible. Where as before I would use it as an excuse to go back to my old ways now I do not do that I see a melt down here and there is not going to ruin all my good work.

RONNI Yes sure nice feeling to have loose trousers I must admit. When you say loose pants it makes me smile I know what you actually mean but here pants mean ladies or gents knickers so you can see the reason for the little smile. Though I must admit it is time getting to get some new knickers as these are getting rather on the loose side. To be honest they stayed up because of my trousers but now my trousers are loose there is an accident waiting to happen. An embarrassing accident at that I can just imagine that here's me fishing around my ankles to pick my knickers up and trousers as they have both dropped south :D

My sister had a car accident 3 years ago and still there has been no settlement for her either. Their insurance company is the same as my sisters and they are dragging there heel trying not to pay out. She has injured her back and is likely looking at surgery with metal plates etc to help her. I think they will eventually pay out now looking at all the medical evidence accrued over the years. Though the payout will never give her health back no money does that.

I am sure that the weight gain can be contributed to the meals out and added salt used which shoots the scales up. I am sure a few days on plan will sort that out.

ROSEBUD Thanks for the praise on the weight loss it sometimes a good positive thing to hold on to the tape measure. I hope your hard work pays off and you see positive result also. I am sure if your husband is seeing changes I am sure that it is a going to be good news. Doing exercise does help tone up our bodies but as we know muscle weighs more than fat and it is healthier.

See you have been getting your exercise in whilst doing the shopping. You seem to walk a bit in these supermarkets and do more than if you are pounding the pavements. Especially if the supermarket as changed the store round and moved items then you are playing hide and seek the grocery items.

Time to go and put my feet up before I go out tonight and recharge the batteries a wee bit. I think I know a dog who will come and have a snuggle up to me ;) He's a big softy and loves a cuddle. Loves nothing more than to be snuggled up to you touching part of your body. There can be all the space in the room but he loves the comfort of knowing your close by. Bye ladies and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-18-2009, 10:30 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we had another gorgeous day today; started with sunshine and warm temps again of +15c or 55 F; so we went out for drive this afternoon to see how the snow is melting in other areas. After dinner, clouds rolled in with some winds and we are getting lots of new snow again, but we kinda expected that.

We also stopped at a store to look at shower sets, and I found a lovely suncatcher or stained glass window with hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, and flowers on it. It was a very good price too. DH is gonna hang it up for me tomorrow in one of our windows and it should look very pretty.

PURPLE ~ yes, I am able to walk in stores better becuz I can hang onto the carts to keep me upwardly mobile and that helps relieve my back and my legs at the same time. The ice around here is formidable, so I only went walking about a dozen times; not near as much as I had hoped, but I did try to do some indoor stuff instead like dancing and walking from one end of the place to another.

That's why we are so glad that spring is almost here. Our landlord went and got some better rock salt for us, as the stuff DH bought wasn't working well enough to melt the ice for us. The last two days, our laneway has been a sheet of ice, but after DH put this new stuff on, it was melted by the time we went outside to leave just after lunch. So the landlord told DH not to waste his money on the other stuff; just come and get some of his.

I had a bad fall on ice at the last place we lived, so I am very nervous now to walk anywhere near ice; and DH had a few bad falls there himself. I just can't afford any more serious injuries to my back and legs at this point. It will take a bit of time, but I will be doing walking at our lot, but I only start out small in the spring (short walks), increasing my distance each time I go; and I can take rest breaks in between, if I need to as well.

HI RONNIE ~ nice to see you drop by. Hopefully, things can get back to almost normal for you and for family for awhile. Will send up some prayers that you will find a good furnace at a reasonable price, that will fit your budget too.

INTUITION: you just have to know my DH -- all I had to do was come up with an idea of where to get some sand in the middle of winter, that was close by, and also FREE; then he's a happy camper. Capish? :lol:

I think you have to work with some men ~ know how to sweetly cajole them, or bargain with them a bit. He likes anything that's FREE; and anything that isn't too complicated or difficult to figure out. He just needs some ideas: and that's a gift the women in our family are quite blessed with. He's very mechanical himself though, so that's not an issue for us.

My mother used to always say that the key to a successful marriage is to choose your battles very carefully; and to know when to hold 'em (hold your tongue) and know when to fold 'em (know when to let things go, and walk away). Do you always want to be right, or do you want to be happy?

My mother taught me this song when I was very young and there's lots of wisdom in it ~ Here's a little something that every girl should know: Daddy's never lose -- but mommy's always win, so let the sun shine in and face it with a grin. Just open up your heart, and let the sun shine in! And, we used to repeat it and change up the verse with ~ Mommy's never lose -- but Daddy's always win, and so forth ... ;)

MEOWEE ~ I am very fortunate that there are some things that I can have that I can resist binging on. I can eat little bits of dark chocolate, muffins, one scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, and peanut butter without a problem. I have more difficulty with munchies like chips, nachos, and cookies, but I am getting much better. I am trying to allow myself little treats as part of my plan, but I am avoiding those few things that give me more trouble for now.

Well, it's time to go put up my tired legs and have a nice big cuppa tea. HI to VAL, and BEVERYLYJOY, and NUMPSTER ... take good care ladies :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-18-2009, 11:02 PM
RONNI . . . If I tried to stick with a set number of calories every day, I know I'd never last. As a matter of fact, I look at the whole month as a unit although i know that most 'cyclers' think a week at a time.

PURPLEORC . . . I'd swear my waist is getting bigger not smaller, but it might be that my fibroid tumour (aka Fibbie McGee) is growing, but as long as he causes me no pain or bleeding i really don't want an abdominal hysterectomy . . . my earlobes on the other hand are getting really skinny now. :lol:

ROSEBUD . . . Just goes to show that we are all so very different -- chips and cookies are usually not a problem for me. :lol: BTW, don't forget that most ice-melters don't work very well after about -5C. Oh my yes -- all stores should come with shopping carts.

03-19-2009, 10:54 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

I do know it is morning, albeit an overcast one, and imagine my delight to discover that it was only the 19th of the month. I spent most of yesterday thinking that Friday (first official day of Spring) was going to be the 22nd instead of the 20th. :rofl: So this is like somebody gave me an extra two days to play with this month.

Nothing too exciting for me today -- probably a little shopping and lunch with my friend LouLou.

Hope everybody else has a great Thursday (it is Thursday, isn't it?) . . . :wave:

03-19-2009, 08:03 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We had another wonderful day of sunshine again; the temps were a bit colder though, with some winds that kinda chilled you through. I stayed home and did laundry and household stuff. I made a nice cottage pie from leftovers and some fresh mash for dinner tonight; it was tres yummy, for sure!

While I did that, DH went up town to run some errands; he needed to buy some new rubber boots as he wore his out last year, and he picked up a couple things that we forgot the other day. It's getting colder outside right now and things turning icy again. DH cleared the sidewalk in front of our house while things were melting today, becuz the ice was so bad that everyone was walking on the road instead (which isn't really safe on a busy two-lane road like this).

MEOWEE ~ yah, the stuff we bought to put on the ice would take ages and only melt a pinhole here and there. :lol: A waste of money for sure; the new stuff works much better, but then like you say, it was also pretty mild out there the last few days too. Hope you had a nice day shopping and having lunch with your friend today.

HEY VAL ~ TGIF tomorrow -- How are things going way up there? Are you away on a cruise or something? Haven't heard from you in a long while; it makes me think that you are away on a trip again ... hmmm?

:wave: HI to PURPLE, and BEVERLYJOY, and RONNIE, and NUMPSTER ... hope you all have a FABULOUS FRIDAY tomorrow!!!

Time to go do my puzzles and have my tea ~ take good care now :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-20-2009, 10:12 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

Well, it is officially SPRING and, the sun is trying to shine in northeastern Nova Scotia. Nice after it rained all day yesterday. There is **** in the forecast for Monday/Tuesday, but a lot can change before thben so maybe "they" will be proven wrong. :crossed:

I celebrated the start of this glorious new season by removing the 'blankie' I tack over my westerly facing, and very drafty, sunroom door. As I sit here in front of it, I fear I may have jumped the gun a little; but it definitely looks more spring-like in here. May trot off to town later on (just because I can) but other than that I honestly have no plans for the day.

How about you . . . any exciting 'vernal equinox' celebration plans?

03-20-2009, 05:27 PM
Hello ladies and good evening

I had planned to come on yesterday but overdid it as I will explain later. Today as been a busy day also time has rushed by and before you know it is gone 7.30pm.

Yesterday I went into the city and boy did I walk. I walked to much by the time I came home I was shattered to the point I was falling asleep at my computer. So I had to relent and go to bed in the afternoon to sleep off my pushing myself to hard.

Today apart from a slightly sore right leg I have got of Scot free which I was not sure I would do. Today went to look for a new car as the scheme I belong to as I am disabled with mobility issues. Providing you fit the required criteria you can join the scheme though some decide not to join it and have the money instead. For me it gives me a reliable car, which is serviced regularly and the car insurance is paid for. Every 3 years I change my car to whatever I want to providing it suits my needs as a disabled person. Depending on which car you select some you require a deposit though there are many others which do not require a deposit. We have been saving hard and for the first time we are able to afford a little better class of car. So this time we are going for the Volkswagen Touran (? spelling not my hot point at the best of times)

Went to see a film today called Marley and Me. I am sure any dog owner past and present can relate to some of the stories relayed in the film. I sure could with compare them with Rizzie. I can remember coming home one day after being out and our dinning room floor was covered with tiny shreds of paper which he had taken out of music CD cases. In a nutshell he had created absolute havoc in there. One other thing we found that he did in that house was if we were out he would not use the dog flap in the weather was rainy oh no he wasn't going to get wet so he would trot no doubt as pleased as punch down to the cellar. Down in the cellar he did his business :fr: Not that we have ever left him long never more than 4 hours and that is once in a blue moon. Fortunately has he has got older he days of shredding paper have diminished and he just shreds the inside of a toilet roll now and again.

MEOWEE Yes I am sure Fibbie McGee can be the cause of any thickness of the waist. I know my tummy swells when I have a cyst on my ovaries or should I say cysts. I have PCOS and you can get numerous cysts. I have been lucky so far and all have mine have burst and been absorbed by the body. If it causes you no real issues then why put yourself through a major operation if you don't have to. Now I could understand if you where having lots of pain or bleeding heavy then the benefits out weigh the risks of having such a big procedure.

ROSEBUD I can understand your fear of falling on icy surfaces once you have experienced it once you do not wish to repeat it again anytime soon. I know for me now I am very cautious after a few nasty falls I have lost my confidence I once had.

My dad uses the same method as you using the shopping trolley (cart) to aid your mobility. I tend not to use the shopping trolley as I find it difficult to steer as I reduced strength in my arms. To be honest I have appalling judgement when trying to gauge the distance and gaps. I am sure I have given my DH a few more grey hairs with me manoeuvring a shopping trolley as I nearly knock down a display in the supermarket :lol:

Glad the new rock salt is melting the icy or snowy condition away as you need it too. I so hate you to have another fall as they take such a long time to recover from.

I think that is all the news for now. So time to make a drink. Bye ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-20-2009, 10:51 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We had another gorgeous sunny day, but it was very cold and that played havoc with my feet and lower legs. I'm starting to wonder if I have a type of arthritis in my feet as the cold and damp really bother them -- so I put on some warm wollies and put them up for almost two hours this afternoon. I had a heck of a time sleeping last night; was having silly nightmares about silly things, and felt chilled too. Sure hope that goes away for good.

HAPPY 1st DAY OF SPRING, MEOWEE ~ We tried to open up our front door so we could use our porch and it was stuck closed. Dh had to use a board and hammer it to get it open. The snow has melted off our deck, so I wanted to go and sit there, but then we couldn't get the door to close either: there was a 2-3 inch gap. That was no good cuz then all the cold would come into the house and make our furnace run non-stop, so DH had to bang it close the same way he had to open it. The landlord doesn't want to fix it until all the snow is gone and the frost is out of the ground; I sure hope this isn't a permanent problem. What's the use of having a deck or door for that matter, if you can't ever use it??? :shrug:

HI PURPLE ~ it's still a bit too cold here to enjoy without winter coats; and poor DH fell on some ice today. He was out there trying to break some ice up and then fell on one really bad spot. He was waving to a little boy going by with his mommy & daddy and down he went, but says he just hurt his elbow. Poor guy. That's exactly why I won't venture out there right now. When the weather is warmer, I'll get DH to open the front door and sit on the porch instead, but turn the furnace off first. ;)

BTW ~ we got some really good news today: that our gas bills (for heating and hot water) will be going down over the next year, so that's nice for us; will give us back a little pocket money for other things.

Yes, I have to watch myself too or I pay with sore feet and legs; maybe I overdid it this week too, as today they were really bothering me, so I'll be staying home and taking it easy for few days for sure. I hope you are feeling better soon too. I spent some time sitting in my rocker today, soaking up the sun right here in my livingroom, and that was nice too.

Well, it's time to put my feet up again and rest some more; and do a puzzle and maybe some reading. I'm listening to some quiet music on the radio as I'm typing on here as well which is peaceful too. Take good care ladies ... VAL, and RONNI, and BEVERLYJOY, and NUMPSTER -- have a great weekend!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-21-2009, 07:30 AM
Hello fellow chicks

I am taking the this opportunity to post now as DH is out walking Rizzie. I normally go for a walk with him ( much shorter walk than when he goes alone with the dog) but my leg still remains sore. Last night my right leg kept spasming so it seems I get my just dessert for pushing myself to hard in town and walking too far. I hate to admit I maybe looking sooner rather than later an electric scooter for town and getting about. In most major towns and cities we have a scheme where you can rent a wheelchair or electric wheelchair for the day. Some schemes require a small deposit of about $8.00 while others require nothing. All you have to do is book the chair in advance. This will also reserve you a parking space very close to where you pick up these chairs. I think this scheme is an excellent idea and it has enabled many people to carry out a normal life style with family and friends. If you are visually impaired you can book to have a guide walk you around town instead of relying on someone else it gives you that independence. It is wonderful what a guide dog can do but they will not tell you whether that dress you tried on suits you ;) The people who take you round as a guide will assist you with things like that.

Last night watched a programme about the Chelsea Pensioners. For those who are not aware what that is it is a group of ex service personal who live in this home but still keep many of the military traditions whilst in there. They have 2 uniforms a blue one for every day and the more distinguishable bright red for dress. The red dress uniform is worn outside the home and on formal occasions. They are renowned for looking so smart and tidy. This programme was about 2 ladies who have been the first women to be accepted into this institution. You saw them going for their trial visit and then eventually going to stay there. Then you saw them starting to fall into the general regime at the home.

ROSEBUD It looks beautifully warm outside today with the sunshine beaming in through the lounge. It is suppose to be 13c but I do not know whether it feels that temperature as depending on where the breeze is coming from it can feel much cooler.

Sorry to hear that your DH has took a tumble on the ice, I do hope this morning on waking he has not felt too bad. I do not blame you not going on such a slippery surface as it is a recipe for disaster.

It is a lovely picture you conjure up of sitting in a rocking chair taking in the sun whilst in you lounge. This sounds so idyllic the only time I have been in a rocker was at my grandparents as a young child.

Great news that the fuel bills are going to come down and this will give you a little extra money to spend on luxuries. I do hope that this happens here in the UK as it is so costly at the minute these bills. The fuel bills and the council tax is the highest of our bills. The council tax it paid 10 months a year and it is based on where you live the country and the more your home costs the higher the council tax. I think there are 8 bands, bands being levels. A being the lowest and H the highest. When we first moved here we were in band B but then they downgraded us to band A. Our council tax is approximately $200 per month :fr:

By the way you describe your pains in your feet being affected by the weather like cold and damp it sure does sound like arthritis. If it gets so bothersome you may have to go to the doctors and get an anti inflammatory drug which in layman terms is a drug that brings down the swelling in the joint caused by this. If you reduce the swelling then this in turn reduces the pain. There are several there out on the market but only a doctor can say what is best for you with your medical history and medication you could already be on.

Right no more lingering about on here I must get on with the daily chores I have set myself to do for today. Sitting here is just putting them off. Hello to our posters here on this thread Numpster, Beverlyjoy, Valdine, Meowee and Ronni Bye got to run getting nothing done just sitting here ;)

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-21-2009, 10:54 AM

sunny but cold . . . at least I know it is Spring and things will soon improve.

03-21-2009, 10:33 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ this was an interesting day: we woke up to sunshine and ended the day with sunshine, but in between, we had huge feather-like snowflakes on and off all day; they were very pretty though. We had lots of excitement at our feeders today; lots of woodpeckers and one female got into a tiff with a starling over the peanut butter suet cake. It was very funny to watch: oh, and the woodpecker won the spat. At one point, we had our chipmunck, a female woodpecker, some starlings, a few house sparrows, and a bunch of finches all at the same time; it was really nice.

Well, we had a nice dinner of spagettini and mini-meatballs with homemade mushroom & tomato sauce that simmered all afternoon. I also made some nice fruit & bran muffins for our snacks today; I omitted all the sugar and subbed a bit of molasses & honey instead and cut the fat down to 1 tbl. I think next time, I'll just leave the fat out and see how they are; these were quite moist as I had subbed some mashed bananas for the fat in the recipe.

PURPLE ~ glad you took a day off and rested; I have to admit when I read that you went walking while shopping and then came home and tried to go for a walk outdoors on top of that, I was a bit concerned for you. I know for me that wouldn't be possible right now; I have to watch to not overdo it also. Hope you are feeling better by tomorrow. That show about the Vets living together sounds interesting too. That's nice that they allowed some ladies to come and join them there.

You have many benefits that we don't have, but those council taxes are high. They remind me of some of the high house taxes some people are paying here now. That's nice that you might be able to get a scooter or rent one; I don't know of a program like that here. It sounds like your country is way ahead of ours for taking care of their physically challenged people for housing, transportation, and mobility accessories.

HI MEOWEE ~ glad you finally have some nicer weather down that way. I think it's wonderful that you are able to use your sunroom again too -- we want to have one in our cottage with windows with screens that open, to protect us from the buggies. ;)

Well, I spent some time today looking at room and housing designs, just for fun; now it's time to put my feet up and do a puzzle or two. We just had a nice, quiet day at home; am planning this for the whole weekend. Hope all our friends out there have a lovely weekend and a SUPERBLY SERENE SUNDAY!!!

Take good care ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-22-2009, 12:02 PM
Good afternoon fellow chickadee's

First things first "HAPPY MOTHERING SUNDAY" I know it is not mother's day in Canada or the USA as it is later in the year to my knowledge. Father's day is the same day as yours just Mother's Day is different.

DH is feeling achy and stiff today after working in the garden. The worse job taking up a shrub called a broom which was in the wrong place as it grew like a "triffid" every year and had to be prune very heavily each year. It would not have been so bad but it was on the stretch of garden bordering the path leading up to the bungalow. If you did not prune it severely it started to block the path. It took my DH a long while to take it up as the roots had gone beneath the path. But eventually it was taken up.

My leg is much better today after recent days of it spent spasming. Normally I suffer for several days after spasms as it feels like it has been bruised afterwards but it hasn't been too bad. Did the washing last night and put it out early this morning. The weather was lovely drying weather so was dry within a couple of hours. Even though it was glorious outside it had a very cold biting wind. Hoping to do the ironing later today the few pieces I have to do.

Yesterday evening I made some carrot and ginger soup. Made from chicken and vegetable stock plus I peeled umpteen carrots :lol: I added a pototo, seasoning and onion powder. After it was cooked I used my hand blender and made a smooth soup. This is for me for tea today and I am looking forward to it. I love soup but homemade is extra nice plus added bonus you know what has gone in to it.

ROSEBUD I bet your spat between a wood pecker and a starling was funny to see at your feeder. I have never seen a chipmunk as they are not native to our country.

Yes I think overall our country does try and help those who have mobility issues. Most of our buses now are wheelchair friendly as the side lowers down to the kerb and they just roll from one to the other. There are then spaces to sit in a wheelchair on the bus. The amount of wheelchair spaces are limited per bus but at least there is progress.

We also have a scheme called RADAR which is a organisation for the disabled person. From them or selected shops you can purchase a RADAR key which is a key which allows you access to locked disabled toilets. They have been locked to help reduce the likelihood of being damaged. Don't get me wrong we do have disabled toilets that are not in the RADAR scheme though more of these RADAR ones are popping up. The key only costs a few dollars and is well worth it. The only down point I have about the key is it is massive, so does not sit neatly on key ring. The only reason that comes to mind that it is so big that it is easier for some people with challenges with their hands and it would make holding small keys virtually impossible.

Our welfare scheme also provides care financially for those who are born or have acquired challenges. They are not perfect by no means and can always do with improvement. Though if I compare them with other welfare schemes in other parts of the world it is brilliant. Like you say we appear ahead in some aspects of caring for people with physical and mental challenges. Next year I think we are having a little shake up with one of the benefits which is to now look at what you can do not what you can't. Really and truthfully it is to sort out those people whom are abusing the system we have in place to help those in proper need. The most used way of scamming the scheme is pretending to have a bad back. So thousands of pounds is spent trying to catch these people out by observing them. There has been a great number been caught out as they say they have a bad back and there they are "moving furniture" for example. I feel so sorry for those genuine people with damage to their back. At the minute though the wording is ambiguous and they have not yet clarified what they call severely disabled. So many like myself are anxious to know what they mean by that. Though it says in the information I have read ( or at least I think I remember) that those with neurological problems will be exempt. If this is the case I will be exempt as MS is a neurological condition.

MEOWEE Glad spring is upon you and know you know that the better weather is just around the corner for you. Then you will get the lovely weather and the plants firing into life after lying dormant all winter.

Going to put my feet up now as I have been up with the birdies this morning. So I think someone here's going to be in bed early tonight. Bye and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-22-2009, 03:32 PM

Actually, I use my sunroom all year -- it is well insulated even though the door is drafty since the 10 windows seem to work well. No heat except for space heaters but since it is on the south side of the house, if it's sunny, it is warm no matter how cold the outdoors and the room will stay fairly warm for a couple or three hours after sunset too.

Speaking of sunshine -- there was lots of it earlier but it is now fading fast. Guess the couple of inches of snow they say we are getting tomorrow may just materialize after all. :halfempty

I did not sleep well last night and have already had a nap and I'm beginning to think I need another one. Just a really draggy day for me. Luckily I have no big plans anyway.

See you later . . . :grouphug:

03-22-2009, 08:55 PM
I wish I were on a trip! No.. just batlling the winter blahs. Everytime I think I've caught up with my energy MS knocks me on my butt and I'm back to square one weak and so fatigued. lol could be worse but it's disheartening none the less. (I'm 24! I shouldnt NEED to go to bed at 9:30 on a friday night. or a saturday.. or stay in all weekend resting) ah well

I did join the Relay for Life committee up here.. it's an all night fundraising event for the cdn cancer society so preparing for the event next month is taking up my evenings. :hug: I'm still alive. hope everyone is taking care.

03-23-2009, 12:21 AM
:wave: HIYA VAL ~ it's nice to hear from you; sorry, to hear the winter is giving you grief. Believe me, DH and I really understand how you feel. We had lovely sunshine today, so we went out driving this afternoon just to get out of the house. The roads were busy today so I think many here decided to do the same thing. We went out to our lot again, as we are measuring the snow to see how much they get out there and it was down quite a bit in just one week since we were last there. We could see the top of our brick pile which was totally buried just last week.

So ... even though this was a very snow-heavy year, it is melting pretty fast out in the country. Here in town, the piles are still too high. Last year, in the country there were mountains, but the snow was all gone in April; so I think we'll be good for an early April thaw, as long as we don't get too many heavy snowfalls yet. We had some light fluffy stuff yesterday that was mostly melted by today.

I know what you mean when you say 'at 24, you shouldn't have to be resting so much'. I was feeling like that today too. I have an injury in my left foot; all I did was trip over DH's leg as he had it sticking out when we were doing the dishes together last night. And I twisted it again; I had injured it many time before by tripping over things like NIKO, a rug, and DH's boots; and man, does that hurt. Feet and ankles weren't meant to turn under ... ya know? :lol:

ANYHOW, I will live; but this is an injury I could have lived without. I had to take a low pain pill so I could walk today, becuz I just didn't want to miss going out for a drive. DH says this has been a long winter for many; and I thought it went by fast, but we are sure glad it's almost over. I'm afraid the cold is bothering us much more than in the past.

HI MEOWEE ~ Oh, that's great that you can use your sunroom all year round; gee, I would really like a four-season room like that myself, but I think it will have to be on the south-west corner as that's the only place there is room; but I think that would work out OK too!

HEY PURPLE ~ I have mentioned to DH many times that I would love to have an electric scooter, but they are really expensive here. A good heavy duty one is about $3000.00 here; way beyond us I'm afraid -- maybe we could find a second-hand one somewhere for a better price. I think that would be so handy, so I could get out and about more often when my legs and feet hurt too much.

It's interesting that your Father's Day is the same as ours, but you Mother's Day is on a different day. Ours is on May 10th this year (which is one of my brother's birthday), but it is usually on May 11th. One of my grammie's passed away on May 11th, so that was a reminder to us; and she was a terrific mother and grandmother too! It seems they are changing the dates for many celebrations lately; not sure why though ... :shrug:

Anyone here can access the handicap washrooms and I'm glad for that; most places keep them in really good shape and esp in the ladies rooms, most don't use them unless they need to. That's one thing I do like about women: they do keep the public washrooms clean and neat here. As I used to work as a professional cleaner, I have a fetish about this and always wipe the toilet seat before I use it and afterwards too (with paper towels). I know that must sound crazy, but I look at it as a public service. ;)

Now, don't get me started on the 'GERM' topics; that is one of my pet peeves and fetishes for sure! :lol: That's why I do that; and I wash my hands many times a day too. Oh well, I guess we all have to have our idiosyncracies, and that's just one of my thangs! :D

Actually, I'm sorry to hear that the physically challenged are being screened so heavily, because we have been through that here so much already. Sometimes, workers are over-diligent in this respect, and have hurt people with their rudeness. Like VAL says, it's hard enough to live with these conditions; and it is stressful to boot, but some get too curt in the way they talk to and about the disabled.

It's sad to me that anyone would be jealous of a disabled person; but we do hear this by a certain element. But we know from previous experience that most companies do not want to hire a disabled or physically challenged person because it makes them feel guilty to be using a disabled person to make money; and I've heard bosses say this!

When our government dumped the 'hire a disabled minority voluntary law' about 10 years ago (in Ontario), disabled people were let go in droves (fired or laid off)! So, people just have to make up their minds, if you don't want to hire them or share your job with them, then you will just have to support them. You can't have it both ways. We have really strict rules here: they have tightened things up quite a bit, and we already use the 'Who and What is SEVERELY DISABLED criteria now.'

Our programs are now called 'SUPPORTS', not pensions anymore. I think some people will always be paranoid that a handful of folks are ripping the system off, but if the system has the right safeguards in place, and is working correctly, then that number should be negligible.

The biggest problem is that we have a combination of mental, intellectual, learning, developmental, physical, emotional, and psychological challenges or limitations to evaluate; and many people have more than one issue, so it can get very complicated ...

Boy, did I get off on a rant or what? Anyways, enuff of that! We had a gorgeous day, and had a fantastic drive; and then we picked up some chicken for dinner too. We had a good day all-in-all; and I hope you all did too! HI to BEVERLYJOY, and RONNIE, and NUMPSTER ...

Take good care, my friends and have A MARVELLOUS MONDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-23-2009, 12:25 PM
Hello, Everyone! Glad to hear of nicer weather in places, but sorry about falls, twisted joints, tiredness, and overdoing-it issues. I'm wondering if it's the long dragging on of winter that's causing part of it-well, ok, obviously, the winter's responsible for some of the falls and joint injuries-duh:dizzy:! I've been feeling very tired lately too, falling asleep on the couch during some of my favorite evening shows, long before bedtime! I know I shouldn't try to blame everything that I feel on the MS, but I've also been having mystery pains in feet, hands, and hips, as well as facial numbness and a twitch in my right eyelid that's lasted over 3 weeks. It just seems to wear me out at times. I don't know of anything I could have done to injure my foot or hand, either, especially since the foot pain is on the top of the foot and the hand pain is on top between the thumb and first finger-just weird:dunno:

Rosebud-your wildlife's antics are very funny! We sometimes see birds chasing each other, as well as chasing off squirrels, and we have a short-tailed squirrel who's the absolute loudest creature we've ever had living in our yard-he yells at us constantly! Don't know how he lost his tail, but he's not the only one we've seen in the area with only a stub. DH put a little perch in an awning outside my kitchen window, because last year we had a pair of house finches that kept coming and looking in on me. He's hoping they'll actually set up nest there this year.

Purple-it does sound like your gov't takes better care of the disabled. Our new pres claims that he's got all the answers for the problems here, but I just don't think he knows as much as he says he does, since we all know that the money's got to come from somewhere and it looks like it'll be people like my family paying for all his programs:soap: (climbing down,now!) Hope you enjoyed your Mothering Sunday!

Meowee-your sunroom sounds wonderful! I'd love to have something like that if we ever get a new house. A nice comfy chair and a good book-that sound like heaven to me!

Val-:hug: Yes, you are way too young to be feeling so tired. It just doesn't seem fair, does it, but hopefully, the fatigue will soon pass and you'll be able to do more. Getting involved in the Relay for life is sure to boost your spirits and maybe energy levels as well. Remember that you're not alone-it's so nice to be part of this group where we all have similar issues and can find support:)

Well, I really hope everyone heals up quickly from the bumps, falls, bruises, twists, and fatigue:tired:! Take care and have a nice day!

03-23-2009, 12:57 PM

Brace yourselves for a weather whine -- it's snowing and the infamous "they" are predicting 10 to 12 inches of the stuff by tomorrow morning. I have to go to the doctor this afternoon and to the dentist first thing in the morning and since I'm having problems that I need to deal with now in both medical and dental areas, I definitely don't want to cancel. Luckily I don't have far to drive for either one because this wet Spring snow can make for really treacherous roads.

See you later . . . :wave:

03-23-2009, 05:12 PM
Hi ladies

Gosh we have all been busy posting since I stopped by yesterday. Today I have done a delivery, well pick up of a rental bean bags from a hall being ( or have be filmed already) used for a television show. The setting was so beautiful a long drive way through wrought iron gates. Each side of the road are sheep wandering free more than once we had them decide to cross the road. To the right of of the road past the field with the sheep in was a river so there where ducks mingling in with the sheep. Really idyllic scene especially since we now have lambs which look so cute and adorable. So that journey took up a good couple of hours. Though it was not that far away from here so that was a bonus. Our next delivery is Friday is which is much further afield.

Now down to answering your posts whilst I wait for the soup to warm through. It is a home made soup of carrots and ginger. I am having it with a small baguette type roll.

MEOWEE Sorry to hear that you have had a sleepless night the other night I do hope that last night was much better on that front. It is so hard when you don't sleep whether through pain / discomfort or just plain can't get off to sleep.

That sun room of yours sounds lovely a real sun trap that you have utilised to its full potential. Though on the other flip of the coin it sounds that you are going to have some bad snow fall. I really hope that the weather folk have got it wrong so that it does not mean you have to cancel your medical and dental appointments that you have.

VALDINE I fully understand what you are going through with the fatigue side of things with the MS how it floors you to the point you are going to bed when your friends are going out. I do not know if drugs are licenced out in Canada to be used for fatigue. Though here in the UK there are several drugs that maybe used for that purpose to deal with the fatigue. One I know is used primarily in the treating of narcolepsy and the other is a treatment for influenza. There maybe others out there that I am not aware about but it maybe an avenue to explore or have in mind if things get bad. They are not miracle workers this medication but it can help somewhat even if you just use it for days when you which to attend certain functions and at least feel a bit lively.

RONNI Yes we on the whole take reasonable care of our disabled here in the UK. Not that there is not room for improvement in the service provided but we are getting there. I can understand your frustrations at the government and the way they intend to fund their great plans. I would be more than cheesed off by this myself and I would be on a soapbox also.

Having the condition MS you will find that it is so hard to distinguish what is MS and what is something else entirely. I know that you can get pain with MS but you can also get pain as you get older as other people do in the population. All I can say is if you are slightly worried about something go to your local doctor they will put your mind at rest and tell you if it is your MS or some other physical condition. Facial numbness or any numbness in various parts of the body unfortunately come with MS. You will find they will come and go. Or sometimes you will have less sensation in various parts of your body. I have reduced sensation in my feet and have had for years. I frequently can not tell you what foot wear I have on without looking. Other days I have the feeling that I am wearing a tight pair of knee length boots. I wouldn't mind but I don't even own a pair of boots :lol:

ROSEBUD I really wish you where here in the UK as you would be entitled to a scooter under the mobility scheme we have here. You can either have a car or a scooter to help you get around. So you would get a brand new scooter and serviced regular, plus be repaired for free if it had any problems with it. I do not know how often you get one, like a car you get one every three years or five if heavily adapted for someone with extreme physical challenges.

Here in the UK also I know there are laws that firms must take on a certain percentage of people with phsyical and mental challenges. I do not think that figure is no where high enough but at least some people have the opportunity to work. The more people that are able to work in the work force it will help break down the barriers that can exist and predjuces that people have.

We all have our own foibles that's what make you, YOU and an unique person. Just some are more common than others the things that we do. The one about "germs" is very common and I am very careful in this department also. I am sure I must drive other people nuts by the way I am but that just me :rofl:

Time to shoot soup is just about ready to serve, late tea tonight due to todays schedule I am afraid. Not sure if I will be able to drop by tomorrow as it is treatment day for me but I will see how it goes. Till next time take care everyone xxx

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-23-2009, 07:58 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had beautiful sunshine all day long; which was nice becuz it is a bit colder today. DH went out for a couple of short bike rides though and he said it wasn't too bad. He is trying to get some more exercise after not having much to do over the winter, but he has to work his way up; don't we all? I'll have to do the same thing with my walking come spring too!

HEY PURPLE ~ We used to have many companies that hired the disabled, but as I mentioned that changed about 10 years ago. After that, many challenged people started up their own businesses in the bigger cities and work together as a group hiring other disabled or challenged persons, which I think was clever. There are a few places that will hire someone for maintenance (floor sweepers); or as a Girl-Fridays or Mail-Boys, but it is very limited in numbers and to places like hospitals and such.

We also had homemade soup for the last couple of days for our lunch with some leftover chicken along with that today. Tonight, we just had bangers on a w/w bun, as we had our lunch a bit late today.

MEOWEE ~ our forecasters here are predicting snow for the rest of the week, but they were wrong about today, so maybe it won't be as bad as they are saying. Hope you make it to and from your appointments OK tomorrow.

HI RONNI ~ Your squirrel is chattering at you becuz he wants you to give him some food. It is possible that someone who lived there before you, was putting food out and he may be wondering why they stopped. I'd bet that is what he is complaining about. Squirrels love peanuts and sunflower seeds the most. We have a bag that is mixed that we put out that has both in it, plus some grain & plant seeds that the finches like too; we just put out a small can of this each day.

And the fact that some finches come and gape into your window is a second sign to me that someone in the past was feeding them at that house, becuz they will return for years to the same place looking for food, and finches are very brave and friendly towards people and will come right up to your house and windows to let you know that they are back. :lol:

TIP: We are finding now that if we put the food in a few different places that lessens the scrapping between them all, but DH swears that they are just bored and enjoy the excitement, becuz as soon as the competition leaves, they leave also. :shrug:

Well, the temps rose to -5c today, and it is supposed to be even warmer this week with those ****, so we'll see what happens.

HI to VAL, and BEVERYLYJOY, and NUMPSTER ... Hope you all have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY tomorrow as well!!!


03-24-2009, 05:14 AM
Hi Ladies

Woke up to a glorious sunny day though at the minute it is rather chilly at a 2c not sure what temperatures we are suppose to rise to day. Well I am up with the birdies this morning and found that I have a little time which I decided to use productively and write a post on here. I am up so early as it is my treatment day. Only a week today and I will be signing for my car then it will be a 12 week wait until 29 June when I should get my car unless there are any delays. If the new car is delayed for any reason then you are allowed to keep your old one so you are not left with no transport.

ROSEBUD You brought a smile on my face saying your putting the food in different places to lessen the tiffs between the birds at feeding time. Sounds like your playing referee and mediator ;)

I like to put our Rizzie treats in different places around the house he absolutely adores searching them out. Though he is never convinced though that they are all gone so still searches for ages afterwards despite me telling them they have all gone. DH has to keep him occupied because he has got wise to me popping them about different place and so as I was putting them out there he was behind me gobbling them up at break neck speed like a Hoover :rofl: So at least DH keeping distracting him allows me to put them into different hiding places for him to search.

Like you said to ronni it appears the previous owners feed the birds and squirrels as you say they don't forget feeding places in a hurry. My friend has squirrels lurking about here garden and I do love to see them scurrying along. Or doing death defining leaps from tree to fence they absolutely fascinate me.

Talking of wildlife I saw a fox trotting along the bottom of our garden this morning it has been a while since I have seen any. When the weather is much nicer we go walking at twilight and it is the prime time to see lots of them. My niece loves to go and see them. I can remember on one occasion looking for foxes we could hear them but had to follow the sound real detective work. We eventually found them gosh was in for a shock there is a small green ( patch of grass in front of a row of shops which are only a stones throw from here) there were 8 foxes we counted dotted around this. I think they must have been male foxes and it was near mating or a female fox was on heat and driving all the male foxes wild. I have never seen so many of them together in such a small area. We on a good evening will count seeing 7 or 8 foxes on our short walk but never in a small area like that.

I am in the process at the minute applying for a blue badge (renewal) not sure if you have the same scheme or something like that. It is called blue badge as it is a blue laminated card which has your photograph on it plus a few other details like a card number. Then you also get a cardboard dial which represents the clock and you put what time you parked in that area. It then allows you free parking for up to 3 hours and allows you to park on double yellow lines providing it is not on an area which also has a yellow line on the kerb stone to denote no parking at anytime. For disabled people these are a godsend as they give more independence to you. We are lucky in my city as well as it allows you free parking in the shopping centres which are notoriously pricey. They allow us 4 hours there instead of 3 which is very kind of them. Due to the unscrupulous people abusing the system it has tighten up so now I need to show much more document ion. Like photocopy of birth certificate and medical card. I have to show documentation of a certain benefit I am receipt of ( it is one for disabled people regarding mobility and level of physical care required.) and house hold bill. So now quite a bit is required but I would rather they filtered out the abusers.

Well must go now as it will be soon time to go and not yet quite ready myself for going. So take care ladies and see you soon

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-24-2009, 10:48 AM
Hi . . . :wave:

Ugly, ugly day outside -- it is snowing and blowing like mad. I made it to the doctor yesterday but have definitely cancelled the dentist for today. I am going nowhere. It's beginning to look like the predicted foot of snow may be even more. Apparently, my section of the Province is definitely getting the worst of this storm. :mad:

Doctor appointment yesterday was a big fizzle -- my chest noises were nice and quiet while he was listening (maybe I should invite over to listen to me when I try to get to sleep at night :lol:). So he put me on a Flovent inhaler (usually used to control asthma) and scheduled me for a chest x-ray on the 16th followed by a return appointment with him on the 30th. We'll see. :shrug:

PURPLE . . . we have a similar system here. You get a special blue card to stick in your window to allow parking in special areas. Unfortunately ours do not include a picture and they are definitely misused a lot -- since the card usually stays with the car, people tend to park in the special areas even when the person to whom the card was originally issued is not among the travellers. :s: Of course, it can be difficult to tell sometimes because not everyone who is entitled to a card has outwardly visible signs of any disability. For example, one of my nephews has a sun allergy (no, he does not have any other vampire-like tendancies) and consequently has a disabled-parking-permit. Picture ID would definitely help to control the abuse.

ROSEBUD . . . I sincerely hope your snow stays away -- although I would like some company in my misery, I don't wish this stuff on anybody at this time of year.

Well, better go do the puffer thing. Hope I get better with it because I seem to get more on my tongue than into my lungs. :dizzy:

Hope everybody else has decent weather on the go and some sunshine. See you later .

03-24-2009, 01:16 PM
Meowee-just wanted to make a quick note here, as I have to run to town soon. Did your doc give you an extender for your inhaler? Both DS3 and I have asthma and were given extenders that are about 6" long to put at the end of the inhaler, so the medicine has more distance to vaporize and you can inhale it easier without getting so much stuck in your mouth (icky and wasted, too). Here, they are free at the pharmacy when we refill our prescriptions, but can be washed over and over, because they just a simple, flexible, plastic tube.

Well, gotta run! Hope you are all having a great day, even though it sounds like the weather is against all of us;)


03-24-2009, 01:56 PM
Thanks RONNI . . . I will ask my pharmacist for one -- the next time I can get out of the house. :lol:

03-24-2009, 09:57 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ Well, the sun tried to shine through some clouds today, but we didn't actually get any snow. The winds were strong in the morning, but calmed down and the temps rose to +7 C or 50-something F. The afternoon clouds looked like rain clouds but nothing fell. DH was actually hoping for rain to melt some of the snow we already have, but didn't happen. :D

MEOWEE ~ isn't that always the way; you feel unwell and have symptoms, but as soon as you get to the docs office, they mysteriously go away; supernaturally healed even! :lol: This happens to my DH a lot. He says by the time he finally gets an appointment, he's already recovered! ;) I hope your puffer helps you, and you are feeling better real soon. :hug:

:wave: HI RONNI ~ Hope you had a good day shopping today or errands, etc. I hope you and your family are keeping warm without a furnace; maybe a small heater might help until the warmer temps show up, which should be soon in your area (only one more week and April will be here). :hug:

HEY PURPLE ~ yes, like MEOWEE says we have disabled cards and I do have one of those. On really bad days, Dh drops me off at the door, but I don't have as far to walk to the car coming back out. Most places only have 1 or 2 spots, but we've managed OK so far.

I'm not sure if they entitle me to free parking, but they certainly are closer than the other side of a huge parking lot on a busy day when you are tired and sore. I have good days and rougher days; sometimes, I just send DH to do errands and pickups like today.

That's a good idea for a game for your RIZZIE: hiding biscuits or treats all over the house for him to find. We had a pair of woodpeckers here together today: one male and one female; becuz we have three suets out, each one could have one of their own. Normally, when one is here, the other leaves or is chased away; according to who is bolder or less timid. Now we have one on the roof of the large feeder and the Starlings like it (easy to access); one hanging on the side (the female likes that one), and one hanging in the tree which the males seem to like better.

The Starlings try to mimic (copy) the woodpeckers and jump on the suet bags but always end up falling off, so it is very funny to watch. The woodpeckers have special talons on their feet so they can hang on to anything and climb easily as well; the Starlings don't have that bonus on their feet, so they slip, but they sure get an 'A' for effort. They say that is why there are so many Starlings now; becuz they are so flexible and learn from all the other birds around them ... they are very clever birds! ;)

Speaking of foxes, we often see them here; especially along the sideroads in the country; and last year, DH and I saw a bunch of four, which like you said, are likely a litter that are hanging around together. They live together and hunt together too; sometimes mom is with them and sometimes she isn't. I think they wander onto the roads sometimes, while mom is out hunting for some dinner! :lol:

Well, we had a nice dinner of lean pork centers (boneless) with broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots, onions, and rice with a mushroom sauce poured over them for dinner tonight. This is done like a casserole and baked in the oven until the meat is tender and the rice is creamy like a risotto.

Well, that's all the news from here; not much going on right now. Winter not quite over and spring not here yet; yukky in between time. HI to our other friends here; hope all is well for you and yours; take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-25-2009, 02:05 AM
Rosebud-hi and to let you know that the people we're buying the new furnace from loaned us a used fan for our existing unit until the new one comes in (apparently they're back-ordered right now-probably due to so much flooding last year in our area and so many people in the midst of replacing the ones that were ruined), so we have good heat and have been doing ok in that area anyway.

Didn't get too much done today (yesterday at this point, I guess), but was totally exhausted by 9:30, so we went to bed early, but then I couldn't sleep and DH started snoring so loudly that I decided to just get up and come downstairs for a bit (and check out the 3fc site;)). I get to thinking when I can't sleep and now have plans in my head for painting the bathroom and hallway:lol: Got our taxes finished earlier and we will actually get a few $ back, but not much due to the local school tax (in Iowa we can't get any of that back, even though we homeschool, unlike other states:(). Oh, well, at least it's done for this year!

Well, I think I'll go see if the snore storm has passed and try to get a few winks! Talk to you all later!

03-25-2009, 04:57 PM
Well what can I say . . . the "people in charge of measuring snowfall" have officially spoken (although I don't know how they can measure sideways snow). Anyway, we did not get the 12" that had been forecast. We got 16" (that's right, you read it right, sixteen inches) of the lovely white stuff. It's still windy and cold, but at least it has stopped snowing.

So far no trip to the drug store for an extender for the puffer, but I discovered I can hold my tongue down with a fork while I puff and now think the stuff is actually getting into the lungs. So far nothing good to report, but I do imagine it will take a few days at least.

Along with the bad weather I had two days of definitely off-plan eating -- way too heavy on the fat and carbs -- today, I have my act together again and hope :crossed: to stay that way for the balance of the month.

Have a good afternoon, gang and I hope it is full of warmth and sunshine because I n eed to live vicariously through the rest of you. :rofl:

03-25-2009, 09:45 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ Well, we had a bit of a dreary day with clouds and drizzle all day long; the winds were cold and I ended up feeling quite chilled until I put the oven on for dinner and that warmed things up quite a bit, along with the furnace.

RONNI ~ I am quite glad to hear that you have heat again; and you probably already told us this, and I likely just forgot. This old memory doesn't work as good as it used too I'm afraid! Nice to get those taxes done and out of the way; it's even nicer, if you get something back! :D

SORRY, MEOWEE ~ that you got all that ****, but we only had a peek of sunshine today, then rain the rest of the day; but at least, we didn't get the ****that they had predicted.

PURPLE ~ hope you are feeling OK today after your treatment yesterday. DH and I tried that search game with NIKO, and I'm afraid it will take him a few times to get the knack of if; he did managed to find a few by himself, but the rest DH had to kinda give him a hint where they were. He is a pretty smart boy, so in time, he should figure it all out.

Speaking of NIKO, he just came barrelling into the house, and has gone completely rangy; DH left him out in the rain a bit too long for his liking, and he was stuck on some frozen bricks which he really dislikes; so needless to say, he was upset that DH didn't come and rescue him right away! He really hates getting wet and this is surely the source of his angst. He's been running around the house like a cuckoo-bird for the last 5+ minutes, so DH took him into the other room to put on some music which seems to calm him down quite a bit. He loves to listen to music and just lays right down and goes to sleep. ;)

HIYA to VAL, and BEVERLYJOY, and NUMPSTER ~ hope you all are having a great week too. Take good care and I hope everyone has a TRANQUIL THURSDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-26-2009, 08:54 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

The sun is shining and we are supposed to get a degree or two above the freezing mark by this afternoon. Hopefully, things will start melting. :crossed: Longer term forecast is calling for warmer and warmer over the weekend and rain. That will wipe out a lot of this mess.

In the meantime, I ache all over; I still sound like my coffee maker; and my blood sugar is staying relatively stable, but, unfortunately a bit too high for my liking. Things could definitely be better -- but -- things could definitely be worse. :lol:

Hope you all have a great day dawning . . . :wave:

03-27-2009, 01:09 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We had another day of rain up here and I'm sure it's helping the snowhills to melt; things that disappeared during the wintertime, are suddenly peaking up from under the snow! :lol: We are actually measuring these things each day, we are all so eager for these mounds to go ...

Well, I had a busy day doing stuff around here; did my hair today, and made a nice steak dinner with loads of veggies. I roasted one pan with lots of celery, onions, carrots, summer turnips, new potatoes, broccoli, and cauliflower; and another casserole of mushrooms, onions, and kniblets corn.

Gee, I can even hear thunder out there as I am writing this. I should make this a short one and turn my PC off soon. Gonna see if that indeed was thunder as lots of trucks go by here at all times of night so it's kinda hard to tell. We are now living on a main thoroughway, so there's quite a bit of traffic along here.

Oh dear, the net is kicking off on me, so I think that I'd better do the same. Take good care all, until the next time ... Rosebud.:hug:

03-27-2009, 11:38 AM
No sun for us this morning, but it is starting to waarm up a little as evidenced by the heavy fog earlier this morning.

I actually saw a robin yesterday -- he stood out really well against the solid white background. :lol:

03-27-2009, 04:50 PM
:wave: HELLO THERE ~ I'm back ... yes indeed, that was thunder and lightening we were experiencing late last night, so I didn't want to chance losing another modem. I quickly turned off my PC and disconnected the internet and power lines just in case. During the night, the temps fell down low enough that the rain changed to *****; and some more fell this morning, but now some gorgeous sunshine has come our way! Yeah!!! I sure hope it stays ...:D

HEY MEOWEE ~ That's great that you already saw a robin down there. Last year, we had robins show up early too; when there was still snow on the ground. We were surprised to see them so early. We have a new member of the household now; our resident squirrel has taken up residence under our house somewhere, at least temporarily. DH spyed him coming out from underneath it today; he is stashing some goodies under there for sure. Then we saw him perching himself up on the snowbank in our front yard like he was a new lawn ornament or something; very cute though! :lol:

HIYA PURPLE ~ I sure hope that you aren't under the weather right now as you haven't been in lately; but I'm sure that you told us you were taking a small trip out of town on Friday, so we won't worry too too much, or is that bad grammar? Probably is ...;)

The most exciting thing around here is the continuing saga between our woodpeckers and the starlings vying for the suet cakes by the fur tree, but it is so hilarious to watch them each day. Kinda like watching a homegrown nature movie for free! :D

We had a nice bowl of creamed mushrooms and veggies soup (used some of the leftover roasted veggies from last night) for lunch today, and it was very nice. I am planning a type of fettucini with tuna in a light sauce with more of those veggies for dinner, as we're having our pasta meal tonight instead of on Wednesday as per usual.

Anyways, will just be having a quiet night at home and resting this bod for sure. HI to VAL, and RONNI, and BEVERLYJOY, and NUMPSTER ... Hope you all have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!!:hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-28-2009, 10:21 AM
Wowee, we have sunshine, and a predicted high of about 8C/almost 50F. :yay:

Wanted to get here early this morning so I could get out and about to enjoy the weather, but a furry little nocturnal "somebody" managed to disconnect me from the internet overnight. Since I was trying to use my laptop I didn't discover the problem upstairs with the main computer until I was about ready to call the cable company and register a bitter complaint. Glad I decided to take a quick look at the main connection before I did. :o

Anyway, now I'm about to jump in the shower and get myself out to the busy, busy mall -- oh, okay, guess I'd better get dressed at some point between those two activities. :s:

Have a great day and I will see you all later. . . :grouphug:

03-28-2009, 10:31 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ boy, everyone seems to be away on holidays around here! :lol: I spent most of my day on the telephone talking to both my sistas, and to my Dad last night. We had a very, very longgggggggggggggggg gab session! :blah::blah::blah:

So I really didn't get much else done around here today. We had clouds and cold temps (-10c) this morning, but by afternoon, the temps had risen and we had lovely sunshine for the remainder of the day. We had hamburglers for supper tonight, and quite late as well; but it was a relaxing kind of day nevertheless. BTW, NUMPSTER is doing well; busy of course, and still working long hours.

ANYHOW, I hope your absences means that you are all having a fab weekend full of fun adventures during this early spring weather. Take good care, and I hope you have a SUPERB SUNDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-29-2009, 09:07 AM
Good Morning . . . :wave:

Another gorgeous and sunny morning. I want to go out and play, but the laudry is definitely calling my name. Oh what to do, what to do. Since the next few days are supposed to get a bit nasty -- lots of rain and a bit of ice and a bit of snow -- my guess is the laundry will still be here tomorrow. :lol:

RONNI . . . finally got around to looking for the extender thing you mentioned. My drugstore didn't know what I was talking about abnd tried to sell me an aerochamber for $35 that only makes it take longer for the puff to get into your mouth. I'll keep looking, though. In the meantime, my tongue is still breathing well. :s:

Gee ROSEBUD . . . looks like we've got our own little thread on the go . . . hope some others show up again soon. :yes:

Surprisingly, the scale was showing me a nice number slightly under 209 this morning . . . surprising since I did seem to be retaining water last night when I went to bed as witnessed by slightly swollen cankles. And, wonder of wonders, I got my third in a row, decent FBGL reading of 6.4/115 this morning, too.

Now . . . if I could just get this cat to stop wandering across my keyboard and trying to chew on my fingers . . . :rofl:

03-29-2009, 01:14 PM
Hi Ladies

Been a gloriously sunny :sunny: day today lovely and warm really for the time of year. The blossom on the trees are in full swing as are the daffodils. Everything is springing into life now after the winter.

Been a bit wiped out with the trip on Friday which didn't exactly go to plan. We were 35 miles from our destination and the van broke down :cry:. This van is the works one rather than a hire one. The road side assist company came and diagnosed the problem on the van . Not that it meant a great deal to me but the tension pulleys to the fan belt was broken. Prior to them coming the police came and moved us on with flashing light and escort to a more safer place. Unfortunately this stretch of road did not have a hard shoulder so he escorted us to a slip road which had less volume of traffic so hence safer. The van was unable to be fixed at the road side as it was too bigger job and awkward :(. I really hoped that it could be fixed so we could continue on with our journey. The van was towed back to Nottingham on the back of this pick up truck. DH and I travelled in the cab part of it. Only 2 seats but one very uncomfortable which I sat in because I needed help to get into the cab and more help getting out of the cab. So all in all that journey took its toll I know it was going to be gruelling anyway at 170miles one way. The man from the roadside assist was a lovely man so helpful could not fault him. He was very talkative and chatted all the way back so the journey went quick.

In limbo at the minute whether I have to repeat the journey tomorrow minus the breakdown I hope ;) I am hoping it will be later in the week to give me more time to recover from the ordeal. DH has been a sweetheart since and helped me loads to do the chores etc. He even took me out to lunch which was really nice so I didn't have to cook.

Today just finished watching the boat race on the Thames in London of the two universities of Oxford and Cambridge very heavily watched for a minority sport it heralds some 250,000 spectators along the route. Not to mention the millions who watch it on television all over the world. Next week I think it is the other big sporting event in the calender of the British sport this is the Grand Nation the big horse race equivilant to the Kentucky Derby I suppose.

went over to friends last night for a meal and then played a game that is called Rummikub (pronounced as "Rummy-cube"). The game is for 2,3 or 4 players you each have a big rack which you place 14 tiles on at the beginning of the game. The game is very much like rummy you play with cards but this does not have hearts, clubs etc but has 4 colours instead. Very tactical game which involves studying the tiles laid down and seeing if there are ways to place your tiles on the table by maybe taking a tile away providing it leaves 3 on the table that are run or 3 of a kind.

We then played solo a game where you play for yourself with a pack of cards with 4 players and use all cards so at the beginning you will have 13. When you get your hand you see if you can make certain bids such as take

Solo The bidder undertakes to win at least 5 tricks, playing alone, using the suit of the turned up card as trump.
Misère The bidder undertakes to lose every trick, playing alone with no trumps.
Abundance The bidder undertakes to win at least 9 tricks playing alone. The trump suit is chosen by the bidder.
Abundance in Trumps The bidder undertakes to win at least 9 tricks playing alone, using the suit of the turned up card as trump.
Misère Ouverte The bidder undertakes to lose every trick, playing alone with no trumps. The bidder's hand is placed face up on the table after the first trick is complete.
Abundance Declared The bidder undertakes to win all 13 tricks, playing alone. There are no trumps, and the bidder leads to the first trick.

We had a great night one negative though we lost an hour last night as our clocks went forward in the UK ;) So it is going to take a couple of days for my body to adjust to the new time.

Just showered Rizzie as he was scratching ( I am certain it is not fleas) I checked his ears for wax as that is normally the culprit. Rizzie is prone to getting wax which I have to regularly clean every month or so. Otherwise Rizzie does a DIY job on it and scratches his ear and makes them bleed :fr:. He does this damage to himself extremely quickly. On one occasion when we had him at the beginning he managed to cause a whooping great blood blister in his ears which had to be operated on to make him better. So as a result of that he has a cauliflower ear like the rugby players get. ( game similar to American football but rougher). Not to mention the vets bills which are expensive :eek:. We do have Rizzie insured but we have to pay the first £60 in treatment. If it was not for the insurance it would have cost us so much more the bill ran really into the hundreds. So as his ears or fleas was not the culprit I suspect it is him getting rid of his winter coat and getting a thinner spring coat in replacement. So hopefully that showering has helped dislodge some of the hairs for him and made him more comfortable. With him being a shorted haired dog your can not groom them like you can a long haired dog. The only thing that seems to bring hairs out of his coat is the flea comb. Though he is not impressed by the flea comb one bit :D Fortunately he has only had fleas once and that was not a big infestation as we caught it early.

Gosh only another day to go and I will be officially signing for my new car. Not the ideal time as it straight after treatment at ms centre but it was the only time in her schedule that worked for us both. Oh well will sleep well on Tuesday night it seems ;) It really does not seem 3 years since we signing for the one we have at present. The time does not half whizz by when you are getting older.

Well no more news to report at the minute my end so take care and catch up with you shortly

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-29-2009, 11:20 PM
:wave: HELLO LADIES ~ Well, Old Man Winter came by to leave us one more hoorah -- a lovely white snowstorm all day long; and a times, it was a total white-out, but oh so very pretty at times as well. DH just loves it too; but NIKO doesn't like it at all, as he hates getting all wet and that includes wet snow! :lol:

So, we just stayed home today and rested. I made a nice roast chicken dinner with lots of veggies and for dessert, I baked a bunch of apples (mixing two kinds in chunks with skins on) with a bit of honey & maple syrup & cinnamon; they were just scrumpteous. Just before eating, I sprinkled a mixture of buds & granola over the top: really nice.

We had piles of birdies here today and quite a scene again with the woodpeckers and the starlings. Funny thing is they don't seem to bother the males or the big mama, just this one little young female, so DH was getting annoyed and chased them away for awhile. She was then able to eat in peace and the starlings came back later. It's interesting how the worse the storm got, the more starlings and finches came and braved the winds and snow. Some were just sitting and swaying in the wind on the big branches: quite a sight to see! :D

PURPLE ~ it's nice to have you back visiting with us; sorry, your Friday trip was such a bust. Hope the return trip goes much, much better for you; but it was much farther away than I had orginally thought (170 miles each way). I bet you are excited about getting your newer car; less than two more days, and that will go by fast. That game sounds interesting; it reminds me a lot of BRIDGE, with a few minor differences. We have played another game called CLAYGE or CLAIGE (not sure of spelling) where each person has to bid on how many tricks they will or will not take. If you get it right, you get NO points, but if you get it wrong, you have points charged AGAINST you (like in golf). We have played that since we were in our teens and many family members play it still.

Our NIKO scratches when he is losing hair too; he is shedding just a wee bit right now. The first spring we had him (last year), he lost so much hair, DH had to vacuum the livingroom rug twice a day; so I went and bought a brush to help it along and like your RIZZIE, he hated it, but it was a softer combed brush so it shouldn't have bothered him too much. I got some hilarious pictures of DH trying to comb him; you'd have thunk he was being tortured or something, and it was quite funny to watch. I just think that he wasn't used to all that attention and maybe the hairs coming out felt kind of itchy or something ... hehe ... poor thing! ;)

Well, not much else going on here; DH has his favorite GOLDEN OLDIES on the stereo and he dances around a bit. It's nice to listen to as I'm posting in here too. NIKO loves music and just lays down and goes to sleep.

HI to VAL, and RONNI, and BEVERYLYJOY, and NUMPSTER ... hope you all have a MARVELLOUS MONDAY!!!

Take good care :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-30-2009, 08:31 AM
OMG . . . this winter will not quit . . . so glad I stayed home and did housework yesterday. Rain and ice pellets today and a big bunch of snow starting tonight. :mad:

03-30-2009, 11:34 AM
Meowee-More snow and ice and sleet? Yuck:p!! Well, at least you have the laundry to do;). I'm sure spring will come sometime, but it sure does seem to be holding out this year, doesn't it? Our crocuses finally bloomed, but will probably get snowed on tomorrow if our weatherman is right.

Purple-So sorry about the breakdown on your trip. My DH has always worked on cars and those tensioner pulleys can be a bear to fix-lots of stuff to move and disconnect to get to them. Hope the next trip goes better. Our dog has been itchy lately also, but she gets dry skin, so I'm supposed to give her fish oil capsules to help, but we ran out and haven't been to the vet yet. We got a curry comb (that they normally use on horses) to comb her fur and it works better than any brush we'd tried before. She sheds like a fake fur coat in a washing machine! Never saw a dog lose as much fur as this one. Our last dog would just lay down and we could use the vacuum cleaner on her, but this one is scared silly of the thing:dizzy:!

Rosebud-glad someone enjoys the snow, but tell your DH that he can just wait till next winter-the rest of us are tired of it;)!

Hi to Val, Numpster, and Beverlyjoy too! Not much going on here. Had a bad week food-wise and now I'm up 2 pounds from last week:( Back on track now:yes: Having some tummy issues and feel bloated and "off" all the time (MS-related?), so I'm trying more yogurt and got some flax seed oil capsules to take along with the fish oil capsules. I've never had this problem before-usually it's the opposite issue from lactose intolerance, so not sure what to do to deal with it. Oh, well, just another thing to learn how to handle.

Well, I must go write up some lessons for DS2 to take with him to work on between his p/s chem classes today. And, of course, must get DS3 on his work, but he's the difficult one lately-probably age-related as he's now 12 and totally unmotivated! DS2 was like this at that age, but now is prepping up for college tests, etc, so works much harder. Have a great day, you all!

03-30-2009, 10:58 PM
:wave: GEE, MEOWEE ~ I was sure that I had put in a paragraph yesterday about getting your blood sugars down so far. Oh well, guess I erased it or something ... Anyhow, I just wanted to say -- CONGRATULATIONS on that; and ask you if you have any idea why and/or how that happened, so that you can remember for the future too.

My brother, who is diabetic, gave me some really good tips like how to set my needle gun so it doesn't hurt so much; and another lady said something to the pharmacist so he gave me finer needle tips which don't hurt as much. My brother also told me the best remedy for high sugars is to go for a walk outside for awhile, especially after dinner (inside will do if you pick up the pace a bit). This would always help him when his sugar levels went sky-high on him. Him and his family would dawn their jackets, and go out for a brisk walk around the neighbourhood, and that would always work for him.

HI RONNIE ~ Our girls loved having their hair combed; they would lay down and even fall asleep -- all of them hated the vacuum cleaner, esp NIKO and PIN PIN, but SWEETIE would just come and sit by me. NIKO runs to me or into the kitchen, as he hates anything with a loud motor which means you really have to watch him when walking down the street as he hates trucks that have loud exhausts too. We think there might be something wrong with his hearing, as he shows signs of that too.

YES, most of us would love to see the snow go; and DH says that he would too, but he has this odd theory (not scientific, I'm sure) that a new snow will ?burn? the old snow off. :chin: Hmmm ... isn't that a contradiction in terms? :yes: OK dear, whatever you say ... :lol:

Anyhow, it was cloudy here for the morning; and a huge flock of finches came by (50 or more) with several woodpeckers through the day. By late afternoon, the sun came out; but sure wish it had come earlier. The skies have cleared up, but don't know if it will be that way when we wake up tomorrow.

Anyways, we had dinner sausages with veggies, tators, and salad for supper tonight; and it was yummy. So I ate well for the day and I'm happy about that too. Well, tomorrow will likely be our shopping day as long as the weather is good and it's supposed to be quite mild.

HI to PURPLE, and BEVERLYJOY, and VAL, and NUMPSTER ... hope you all have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!!

It's time for tea, and puzzles, and to put my feet up for a while; so take good care ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-31-2009, 08:16 AM
Oh wowee . . . it's all wet, wild, and very WHITE outside. Looks like Mother Nature has decided to revise the old adage (at least for northeastern Nova Scotia) to "in like a lion; out like the whole pride". This is ugly. :mad:

At least some things are good -- in spite of my having had a run-in with some (over half a pound) of not very lean ground beef yesterday, my scale is still hovering at that "smidge" below 210. I will wait until tomorrow morning to officially change my ticker (just in case some miracle occurs over today).

The blood sugar level this morning was a great 5.2 -- thanks for asking ROSEBUD -- I think the secret is two-fold; I've upped my bedtime insulin to 20 units and I make sure to have a bedtime snack. For some reason that it working better than lower insulin and no snack. :dunno:

In view of the delightful weather :s: guess I'll be doing some more housework and maybe a little knitting today.

Hope the rest ofr you get a beautiful Spring day . . . :wave:

03-31-2009, 02:32 PM
Hi Ladies

Just a swift drop by we some how time ran away from me yesterday but unfortunately I could not drop by here :( I really do miss not dropping by here like a group of people who keep me on the straight and narrow well more or less ;)

MEOWEE Great blood sugar level, this level appears to be the same system that we use in the UK but I do know that there is another system used that I am not familiar with. I know here in the UK they like your blood sugar to be between 5 and 7 if at all possible.

ROSEBUD It is so true what you say you can pick up little tips on managing your condition like diabetes from other diabetics whom know what you are going through. I have found the same with MS I have found out so much and tips on managing it a wee bit better.

No I do not pick the car up today just do all the paper work signing ready to receive the car in about 12 weeks time June 29th. This is always the procedure that is followed. I had to bring in documentation as well a recent bill and proof that I am in receipt of a certain benefit. Plus drivers licence as well of up to 2 drivers.

I think Niko and Rizzie have gone to the same school of drama when it comes to creating as much fuss as he possibly can when combing his coat. Hey you'd reckon I was murdering him by the amount of noise he makes :D He does an oscar winning perfomance sometimes and I am sure people thing I am hurting him rather than trying to brush his coat :o

I love learning new card games or any game for that matter. So much more fun than watching the television the hours whizz by when you are playing. It is like when I play cards of an evening at a whist drive we play 24 hands and that goes so rapidly it is unbelievable. That is where I am going tonight to a near a famous town renowned for a pie called a pork pie. It is pie made with pastry and filled with chopped cooked pork and to fill the gaps jelly from cooking of the meat is pored in. They are eaten cold either on their own with bread and butter or as part of a salad.

RONNI Sorry to hear that your tummy is off colour I really sympathise with you I have an ulcer in my tummy so have to be careful what I eat otherwise it bites me back. I hope you get to the bottom of it. The van was fixed yesterday that we broke down in apparently. That is the blessing of having a garage next door.

bye ladies must run

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

03-31-2009, 03:12 PM
:lol: PURPLE . . . thank you . . . actually, as far as I know, almost everywhere -- well Canada and throughout Europe anyway -- uses the system you and I are familiar with. The US uses a different system and, since this site is mainly Yankees, you tend to see the other system a lot. I almost always translate just because of that reason; but around here I know that you and Rosebud are the main readers and that you understand this system.

BTW and just in case you care . . . :lol: . . . "Our" number (5.2) x 18 = "their" number (93.6 which I'd round up to 94). Just as obviously you can go from their number (mg/dl) to ours (mmol/L) by dividing by 18. When it comes to HbA1C there is only one system since that represents the average percentage of glucose in the bloodstream over the past 90 days.

You must be getting really anxious to get the new car, girl.

03-31-2009, 09:08 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we did get some sunshine today and it warmed up quite a bit today; so we did go and do a bit of shopping. Then we came home for lunch as I was a bit tired; but we decided that we would spread it out over the week so that I could get out again and get a bit of walking in on another day. I hope to get out at least 2-3 times a week if the weather co-operates and my health does as well. I seem to need one day in between to recupe though, so we'll see how it goes.

We got quite a bit of snow the other day; the roads are starting to clear up, but we hope that some melting continued for part of today. Later the clouds rolled in and they are predicting some rain or drizzle for the next two days so maybe that will melt some away too.

MEOWEE ~ wow, 5.2 -- that's pretty good; and it's good that you have figured a way to get them to come down even if it wasn't exactly what you'd hoped for. I know you would rather not have to take the insulin and don't blame you for that. I hope that the sugars stay good for some time now. Thanks for that info how to transpose the American numbers to the Canadian and UK ones; that is very helpful.

HI PURPLE ~ hope you have a fun time playing cards tonight, as I know how much you love it. Glad you got the van fixed up too, so you'll be on the road again soon. My DH is French, and we make a traditional meat pie called TORTIERRE here. I have made it with lean ground beef or a mixture of ground moose and ground pork. Moose is very, very lean (almost no fat at all), so it needs something added to it to make it not so dry. We like to have them at Christmastime especially; and we have a bakery that makes them the old way, then they freeze them unbaked and we sometimes buy a couple (just pop it into the oven and bake as you would for any pie). DH just loves them, but I don't eat them too often because of the fat content; now and then is OK. We just have a veggie and/or salad with them to balance the meal.

HI to VAL, and BEVERLYJOY, and RONNI, and NUMPSTER ... Hope you all have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!!

We had leftover roasted chicken with lots of veggies with rice for dinner tonight; yummy & so very filling. Can't believe that another month has come and gone already, but I think we all welcome April this year. I'm gonna go set up the month of April thread for MEOWEE to set up as a red sticky now.

So, take good care ladies, and do have a great night too! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

03-31-2009, 10:42 PM
:wave: I think spring is here!!! *fingers crossed* It's been zero degrees celsius most of the afternoon for two days in a row now!! I GOT TO WALK OUTSIDE TODAY! For exercise without getting frostbite! wahooo!!!!

just had to share :) that

Rosebud - how long have you been on insulin? My mom just started it -- she had been on avandeia (Sp?) instead of insulin but her family has a history of heart disease and the drug is known to increase heart risks -- so after much prodding she switched (I like to think it helps that she watched me go through injections and become comfortable with it)

Purple pork pie eh? I've heard of stranger things -- so the gaps filled with 'jelly' is that just fat from the meat? How does that taste??

hi to meowee, ronni and numpster! keep it chill yo, eh? (ha ha.. ok so I'm pretty giddy from the spring weather) Meowee 5.2 is great! I dont think my Mom has been there in years -- hopefully now that she's on insulin it will help.

I'm skimming posts and I'll catch a line like 'roast chicken' you ladies eat well! I'm jealous :p

03-31-2009, 11:27 PM
HIYA VAL ~ nice to see you drop by ... actually, I'm not on insulin (thank goodness); but METFORMIN which is a pill form that helps (I believe) regulate hormones that affect my blood sugar levels and a few other things too. I have been doing so well; when my sugars went a bit high a few years back (2005), my doctor put me on METFORMIN to get them back in line because there is so much diabetes in my family.

He explained that with MET and a healthy & balanced eating style, we could likely avoid full-blown diabetes, which we have succeeded at. Now, I had watch what I ate very carefully over these years, and I have never had what some might call a binge per se, but even with a few snacking mistakes here and there, my sugars are staying in the safe ranges and I am so very grateful for that.

When I mentioned needles -- I meant the needles that go in a neat little contraption that tests my blood. It kinda works like a bow & arrow action on a spring. You insert the needle; put the cap back on, then press the button on the front and the needle shoots out and quickly pricks your finger to produce a tiny amount of blood for testing. Then I put the tester strip into the auto-tester machine and up to the blood droplet; it sucks it up and takes a reading very quickly. It all works very fast and the drug store gave it all to me free, which I am grateful for. I did have to buy the strips and needles though.

Sorry, for the misunderstanding. My mother and one of my brothers had or have diabetes; and Numpster has just recently tested positive as well, but I think they are working on getting her sugars down with more balanced eating plan for right now. When she started eating more regularly, her sugars started to come back down into the normal range. We believe her body was producing too much insulin and spiking, in order to balance out the lack of food during the day, but so far it seems she is getting better.

I think the new eating plan has really helped me keep my blood sugar levels in line, but I admit it has been a struggle at times. I get cravings for treats now and then, but I am keeping them managable so far. I guess I should be more proud of myself for doing this so well for the last 3-4 years. :D

I had hoped to lose more weight by now, but maybe some will come off in time -- a little bit at a time; and now that spring is here, we can all get out and get some more walks in too, like we all did today.

It's so nice to hear from you; and I am glad you are feeling well right now. Take good care and do come back and visit with us now & then, because we enjoy hearing from you very much ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

04-01-2009, 08:34 AM
Okay gang . . . I'm closing this thread.