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05-24-2002, 12:12 PM
I'm off to the seaside for another adventure in boating, and all those things that go with it like eating and drinking and lazing around in the sun.

Ciao (which rhymes with cow, or is it kiao?)


05-24-2002, 07:08 PM
Just checking in to tell you sweeties to have a loverly holiday weekend. Anyway, if it is a holiday in your part of the world!

Cherry Cow
05-25-2002, 05:03 AM
Wabby, did you see the new People magazine? I thought of you when I saw those girls on the cover.

Hi Kiwi!

My most recent test was "normal." I can't really find any information about what that means. Most of the stuff I have been able to find just says the scan would rule out several things I didn't think I had anyway. The doctor was gone, though, so the nurse is the one who told me. In a way, I'm relieved, but I'm also very confused.

Anyway, no matter what is going on medically, I'm going to buy a new book on nutrition for marathoners and DH and I are going to follow it to the letter. (He's not a marathoner, but we both need to eat much healthier.)

Blah blah. This is so old.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I actually have Monday off-- YAHOO! We're going to an air show on Sunday so I can get my fix. We haven't made plans for Monday because we didn't know until today that I would have the day off. Camping is out because the camp grounds are crazy crowded. Too bad they don't offer special slots for vets on holidays like this one... :D .

Gotta go, I'm still writing for work.

Cherry :moo:

05-25-2002, 04:54 PM
It's my birthday (6 yo old gave me a necklace made out of a piece of red wool with a fake plastic ruby taped on to it !:D ) and everyone goes away for the weekend *just because it's a public holiday????*. I mean, really! You should be here entertaining me.

Cherry darling! Don't accept "normal" as a test result. That don't mean nothin'. I'll mail you again some time this weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend, cows!

Cherry Cow
05-25-2002, 06:24 PM
Happy Birthday Sugar P!

05-27-2002, 08:53 AM
Happiest of happy birthdays to you, Sugar Darling!!!!!!!!!!!
What are your plans????? Make those men in your house serve you, OK?
We had our Memorial Day party yesterday so I'm totally free today.
I had to get a new car. Mine was tap, tap, tapping in the engine. I'm not excited..I mean, I drive a mini-van....who could be excited about getting one of those. We got a good deal, so I guess that should make me happy.
Did you see the Fat Chicks???? They aren't fat anymore. Isn't that amazing?
Cherry, what kind of tests have you had? You're doing a Marathon? Wow.
Wabby and Kiwi, have a great holiday!!!!! Don't eat too much.
Where are those difficult girls??? The Floridian and the Canadian.

05-27-2002, 10:39 PM

:hb: :hb: :hb: :hb:

Are you thirty yet, dahling? :lol:

We had a lovely weekend on the sailboat, got the sails on, took some friends out to dinner (they are leaving in a few weeks on their sailboat for a trip down the coast, up the Hudson, through the Great Lakes and south on the Mississippi and other rivers to the Gulf -- they will be gone indefinitely!), went for a short sail this afternoon. Ate too much, drank, well not too much, but probably more than you should if you don't want to be a porker, played cards, read books. Nice weekend.

Your medical experiences are just so...frustrating, Cherry! But you know your own body, and if something is wrong, you should pursue it (this from the woman who hasn't been to the doctor since the dark ages).

Where did you see the 3fc, Lush? Is that what's on the People cover? If they're thin, what am I doing wrong? Congrats on your new car, I guess. :dizzy: Does it smell good? That's my favorite thing about new cars.


Cherry Cow
05-28-2002, 01:05 AM
Hi Lush and Kiwi!

Lush, I tried to run a marathon in October but failed miserably. I did about 20 miles and then had to stop because I got sick. It was a learning experience. I'm taking this year to try to lose weight and build up mileage. I don't know how well that will work with this problem I may or may not have. Anyway, I want to run the Chicago marathon in October 2003. I hope I can get better by then.

Kiwi- I don't blame you for not going to doctors. I'm not expecting much from this current round. Anyway, I'm glad you had a great weekend!!

I ordered the book I was talking about. I'm going to start walking twice a day, in the morning with my dogs and then at night on my treadmill. And I'm going to follow the food plan.

I don't anticipate getting any help from the medical community, so it's gonna be up to me.

Enough of that boring crap. I have a three-day work week! I asked for Friday off before I knew I would get today off. We're heading up to Iowa.

Cherry :moo:

05-28-2002, 08:04 AM
Actually, Kiwi, I'm an old bag of 39 . Ahhhhhhhhh! Bet you're sorry you asked now, eh?

It's raining. I should be ironing and sorting socks. Instead I am wading around the net wasting time. :smug:

05-28-2002, 03:03 PM
Ah, Sugar! you're such a child! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! :hb: :hb: :hb: :hb: :hb: :hb:

Cherry, I know what you mean by the blah, blah, blah thing. I just wish sometimes I didn't have to think about weight and metabolism and exercise and all that stuff!!!!! But we do. damn. Sometimes I just bore myself to tears with it, but the alternative is to not care and I see too many women riding around on their scooter/wheelchair thingies because they didn't care. Such is life. I did see the cover of People magazine, but I just couldn't bear to actually read it. When I see the billboards I get choked up every time.

Kiwi, your weekend sounded great. Was it warm and sunny too? We just hung around home, I worked in my yard like a slave and dh worked on his race car, the kids have their own life now, so we didn't see too much of them. We did have friends over a couple evenings for a few drinks and a bbq one night. I ate like a hog, but oh well. I gotta do that once in awhile. I needed those Mike's hard lemonades.

So where's Bagzie?

Hi Lushie! It's so good to have you back! I want a new car too, but I can't decide if I want another suv or a real car. Something sporty for my middle age crisis. DH says I need something to haul plants and sacks of potting soil in. He wants me to get a PT Cruiser. I say I need something glamorous.