100 lb. Club - Accountability/Menu/Planning 23 Feb - 1 March

02-23-2009, 01:34 AM
Hi lovelies,

Yay, another Monday is over! Busy busy day at work - it was such a relief to hang up the headset at the end of the day and head home.

Went to the gym this morning and did some cardio and weights. I think I'll feel it tomorrow - my legs are already feeling quite heavy, and I have to go out again a bit later. And iron some tops for work. Somehow I forgot to do that yesterday - or couldn't be bothered. It's ironing afer all, and I hate ironing.

Lottie, go you! That's awesome stuff!

MJ, you're having no luck with that knee, are you? Do you think you should go back and see the doctor about it?

Rhonda, Beverly, Numina, Mug, Tammy, Donna, everyone else and lurkers, how are you all doing!

The menu today was:

B - toast with vegemite

S - boiled egg

S - yoghurt

L - salad roll,

D - I made this, added lots of greens and it was lovely. http://www.healthyfood.co.nz/recipes/2005/april/kumara-smoked-chicken-and-egg-salad

Enjoy yourselves today!

02-23-2009, 07:37 AM
Hi Chicks....thanks to all that missed me when I was sick and to those who sent love and support as we learned DH is part of a group of people laid off at his company. This is very scary.

For today:

put fork down between each bite
drink lots of water
stretches and strengthening

breakfast - egg white scramble, turkey sausage, toast, applesauce
lunch - soup, steamed carrots
snack - apple
dinner - grilled cheese, tomato soup, green bean salad
snack - pnb toast, sf cocoa

Have a great day. I'll be back.

02-23-2009, 08:53 AM
Hi Friends,

Beverly - I'm so very sorry to hear about your husband's job. :hug:
MJ - So sorry to hear that your knee is hurting again.

I've been pretty sick with the flu for almost two weeks. I spent yesterday in bed and finally decided to start taking some leftover penicillin I had on hand. Today, the congestion has let up quite a bit and I can actually sit up at my computer. I'm hoping that I'm seeing the last of this stuff so I can get on the treadmill again soon. The waistband of my jeans is getting uncomfortable again and our June family reunion at the beach will be here soon.

Have a great on-plan day.

02-23-2009, 10:05 AM

nicolen--Sounds like a great workout! I hate ironing too!!! I am going to call the dr later today. I am waiting for approval for surgery, so at this point, there really isn't much he can do for me.

Beverlyjoy--Still thinking about you and your dh!

Rhonda--Sorry to hear you have been so sick.

The scale is FINALLY moving in the right direction! Still not quite at my ticker weight, but very close! I am very happy about that! Still just a #, but when I know I am really putting the effort in, it's frustrating to not see the results I want to see....

As I said to nicolen, I am going to call my dr later today. If nothing else, to see if they have heard anything more about the surgery.

On a positive note, I have FINALLY decided to cut my hair. I will call tomorrow (closed today) for an appt. I probably won't get in until next week, but that's ok, I've waited this long! LOL! I can't wait!!!!!

I didn't quite get my water in over the weekend, so today will be OP day #14, but the good news is everything else was OP. As long as I do well today, I'll be wearing my new lip gloss tomorrow!!!!

Have a great day everyone!

02-23-2009, 07:43 PM
Wow, quiet day around here today! Hope everyone is doing well!

I am home from the gym....note to self...Do NOT use the elliptical the same night you work legs. DUH!

Thought I would pop in here, rather than go get a handful (or MUCH more) of the jellybeans my dh is munching on right now...instead I am sipping my special k protein water...pink lemonade--yum!

02-23-2009, 10:37 PM
Hey there, Nicole! Its always cool to see your post at the top of any day; makes me feel connected to the whole world to know you are working this in New Zealand just like we are here. You guys still iron down there, huh? :lol: Sounds like you had a strong opening day for the week --- we will have to move our fannies to keep up!
Hugs, Bev --- still sending you all the positive vibes I can muster. How is your husband holding up? Im sure things look pretty tough at the moment, but remember that the two of you together are WAY tougher! Thanks for keeping us posted.
Get well already, Rhonda! Man, this years flu/cold/black plague have real staying power, dont they? Glad to hear the penicillin is making a difference. I am sure you will be punishing that treadmill very soon!
What color is the lip gloss, MJ5? (That is a cool reward for staying OP I may steal it!) Congratulations on getting the numbers on the scale to slip the right direction and on hitting the gym despite the knee. I hope your doctor can give you a definite date for the surgery, a NEAR definite date. How long is your hair now and how short are you thinking about going?

I think the scale might be moving for me, as well --- I will have a better idea tomorrow morning. I have been at the same weight for a week and I am sick of it! (Patient, huh?) I took some time today and really examined what I have been eating --- ok, but not stellar. I have been watching the calories but not paying attention to the actual nutrition. So, I trying to plan out the week with better nutr1tion in mind.

B: WW toast, laughing cow, chicken leg, V8
S: none
L: great big salad, lots of carrots, spinach & brocolli,
S: apple, 20 almonds (yeah I actually counted!)
D: sole, brown rice, salad
S: SF jello

It does seem pretty quiet in here today -- maybe everyone is worn out from the weekend. Hope everyone had a great OP day today. "You're the one that I want" from Grease is playing on my Itunes background and I think I need to get up and dance for a few minutes. Don't forget to have some fun out there, ladies!


02-24-2009, 01:58 AM
Hey everyone!

Happy pancake day! Do Americans celebrate pancake day? Anyway, had to have pancakes today, so I made savoury crepes for dinner, froze most of them and put the leftovers from last night in a couple and served it with a salad. Seemed the best way to do things.

Anyway, gym this morning and I did cardio. I was right - I am a bit sore, but I guess that's what it's all about. Work was fun - we didn't have access to our main computer system till after 10am, so it meant a lot of time doing nothing and then having to play catch up for the rest of the day. We'll be catching up tomorrow as well.

Beverly, fantastic to see you back again! Still sending happy thoughts towards you and DH.

Rhonda, that's certainly a nasty bug you've had! Hopefully the penicillin will start working and you'll feel better soon.

MJ, a new hairstyle sounds fantastic! What's it going to be? Fingers crossed that you won't have to wait too long for the surgery.

Numina, I hate to disappoint you, but I only iron my work clothes. That's more than enough for me - my mother whenever she stays with me irons absolutely everything, down to the sheets and pillowcases. I think she's mad! Yay for the scales moving downward - and for the dancing.

The menu today was:

B - toast with cheese and vegemite

S - muesli bar

S - yoghurt

L - leftovers from last night

D - crepes filled with the leftover salad, greens.

Have fun, everyone!

02-24-2009, 08:52 AM
Hi chicks - Thanks to you all for your love, support and kind thoughts. They mean alot.

I am moving along. Yesterday I started to have an anxiety attack - shortness of breath, hands tingling... so, I did some breathing in a paper bag. Actually, I felt better after that. DH filed online for unemployment insurance. We never ever thought that something like this would be in our life. But, we are grateful. He has some severance pay - but, they say to file right away. At least DH knows he wasn't let go for lack of talent or efforts - just downsizing. So, I've bundled the cable, phone and internet to save, stop getting the paper and pick up recycling and we'll take the rest as it comes. I believe the new stimulus package will help pay for us to cobra our health insurance - otherwise there would be no way we could pay $950 a month for coverage. We have committed that we will use the recumbent bike every day to help counteract stress. DH has never had a resume in his life. But, we'll get help to put one together - he's done the same thing for 32 years. So, we move forward. He will help me in my jobs this week. One day at a time.

The good news is that our DS, DIL and Grandson are coming to celebrate our Grandson's birthday (2 years). on Thursday for a few days. We had already invited all the family over for a pizza party and will go ahead with that.

recumbant bike
stretches and strengthening
lots of water
eat slowly
meditate!!! must do this
meeting here this afternoon

breakfast - egg whites and ketchup, applesauce, pnb toast
lunch - open face garden burger with cheese, carrots
snack - tangerine
dinner - turkey meatloaf, rice, green beans
snack - cinn. toast, sf cocoa

Nicolen - Happy Pancake day! Actually, DH and I have pancake day once a week! I think it's lovely. Thanks for your good thoughts, friend.

Numina - I hope the scale was smiling. Thanks for your positive vibes. DH is a very positive person - so far he's doing OK.

MJ - I hope your knee is feeling better. Ice, ice!!! How short will you cut your hair?? Thanks for your support, friend.

Rhonda - you've been sick so long with that flu. Hope you are feeling better soon! Thanks for you kind thoughts.

Have aGREAT day.!

02-24-2009, 10:07 AM
Good Morning! I don't want to jinx myself, but my knee actually feels a bit better today, not great, but better.

Numina--So, what's the verdict on the scale??? I'm w/ you...if it's possible to have negative patience, that's me! The funny thing is, everyone at work thinks I have a lot of them! Boy, do I have them fooled! LOL!!! No word from the doctor, yet... My lip gloss is Philosophy Green Apple--think green apple jolly rancher...that's what is smells and tastes like! No color, but it has great shine and just enough shimmer.

nicolen--Ooh, do tell, what is pancake day? No, we don't celebrate, but I think I might have to...I'm getting really excited about a new hairstyle..seems like I have had the same FOREVER!

Beverlyjoy--Wow. So much to deal with. You are right, one day at a time. Exercise is a great stress reducer. Hang in there!!!! That's awesome that your family is coming to visit. That will give you something to look forward to! Yep, that's my mantra these days...Ice, ice...the dogs have even gotten used to it, they just shift position so they are touching the cold! LOL!

Rhonda--Hope you continue to feel better.

Schmoodle--How are you?


Hi to everyone else who pops in!

Here's a link for the pic that I am taking to my hair appt (as soon as I make one!). I probably won't go quite this short, but who knows???? My hair is curly, so I am hoping it won't be too much work to actually get it to look close to this..


My hair is currently about 1/2 way down my back--long and curly. I want to talk to my hair stylist first. I have been going to him for years and he is always honest. Going to call today for an appt.

I FINALLY made my 14 days OP! I am wearing my lip gloss...Philosophy Green Apple. It smells and tastes like a green apple jolly rancher. Mmmm....

Plan for today is arms/shoulders and cardio...I'm thinking recumb. bike (I'll be thinking about you Beverlyjoy!)

02-24-2009, 11:10 PM
Nicole: I don’t think I have ever heard of Pancake Day --- it sounds like it would be a fun day to go out for breakfast (you and every other person in the country!) I love crepes and I think you approach to the holiday was very OP --- good work!
Bev: It certainly sounds like you are going into this lay-off rationally and with as good as planning as is possible. I am glad you are going to enjoy some grandkid time --- you need something fun and upbeat! What a difficult time for your family --- sheeeeesh!
MJ5: I LOVE the hairstyle in the photo! It will certainly be a big change from what you have now --- but heck! Hair grows pretty fast, right? Good for you for the non-food reward and for staying OP for 2 weeks running. Keep that momentum going!

I have supposedly dropped 2 pounds, according to my scale this morning. But I have been playing tag with this particular 2 pounds for so long, I don't exactly trust the weigh-in. (But it is still much nicer than NOT seeing the drop!) I will believe it when it becomes 3 pounds....

B: 1/2 bowl of oatmeal (just couldn't finish it), yogurt
L: 2 WW toast with laughing cow, V8
S: a handful of red grapes
D: green salad, palm-sized slice of prime rib, 1 tablespoon mashed sweet pot.
S: maybe some SF jello

I hope everyone had a good day today ---- spring is just around the corner and that should gift us all with some energy, right? Have a great Wednesday, everyone, and I'll see you tomorrow evening!

02-25-2009, 02:16 AM
Hey everyone!

Gosh, we're a quiet lot this week. Where is everyone? I'm missing hearing from you all...

Oh, what a day at work. I emailled one of my people yesterday querying a payment he'd made, assuming he'd get back to me fairly much straight away. He didn't and I got busy and forgot about it. Besides that, it's not my job to chase him up - he's an adult! Needless to say, the payment didn't get released and a complaint went in about the delay. I know that we all email far too much these days, but at least by emailling there was a trail showing I'd done nothing wrong...

I went to the supermarket after work and am quite proud of myself. I was hungry and walked straight past the Easter eggs, chocolate and my personal weakness the potato chips and none of them found their way into my basket. I got the couple of things I needed and decided to walk home. It's 2.5 kms from the supermarket to home (around 1 1/2 miles) and I made it in 25 minutes. Not bad going considering this was in the middle of rush hour and I have to cross 5 major arterial roads, so I had to wait for the lights rather than dashing across the road.

Pancake day is always held on Shrove Tuesday - the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. I think historically it was a way of using up milk, eggs, butter and meat before the start of Lent when those sorts of food are off the menu. And isn't it interesting to consider that milk, eggs and butter were considered luxury foods? OK, butter is never on my shopping list, but I've always got milk and eggs.

Beverly, $950 per month on health insurance! That's an insane amount! Seriously, my take home pay once tax, student loan, superannuation and union subs are deducted is only a little more than that a fortnight. I can understand now why a lot of Americans don't have insurance - who can afford it? You look afer yourself - or make DH look afer you! :hug: ;)

MJ, I love that hairstyle! That's gorgeous!

Numina, know all about the 2 lb thing. I'm bouncing between 240 and 243 every day. I'm not updating my ticker till it stabilises.

Everyone else, how are you all? I miss hearing from you!

The menu was:

B - toast with vegemite

S - blueberries

L - leftovers from last night

S - muesli bar

D - subway - 6" melt on honey oat bread with honey mustard dressing and lots of veggies.

Enjoy your Wednesday, ladies

02-25-2009, 07:42 AM
Hi Chicks - onward, another day. DH is going to a Job Fair today with a colleague from his old job. He laughed and said, "I wonder if there's an over 55 area?" It will be good for him to check it out.

We both did our exercises yesterday. I am grateful.

Nicolen - in the USA health insurance is usually a benefit offered by an employer. That employer will pay some, part or all of it's monthly cost depending on the company. Or - people can buy health insurance on their own - it's quite costly. The new package passed by Congress should help us with this cost - but, no one has the 'paperwork' for it yet since it's so new. And - guess what - it was Pancake DAy here too yesterday! Good for you passing up the Easter Chocolate!

Numina - thanks. And, DS emailed and said that they can come tomorrow instead of Friday!!! YAY. Great job on your 2 lbs.

MJ - I LOVE that hair cut. Go girl. 14 days OP is awesome. Ice ice!!

Everyone have a GREAT day.

02-25-2009, 10:22 AM
Good Morning! I only have a minute..I have an appt coming soon, but wanted to pop in before things get too busy!

Numina--Yippe for the scale moving in the right direction!

nicolen--Great job at the grocery store! Funny, I had a similar experience yesterday...I went to the store after the gym, not usually a good idea for me, BUT I really wanted to some fruit for desert and that what I bought...fruit. Nothing else!

Beverlyjoy--Good luck to dh today!!! Great job on doing your exercises too.

Thanks to the compliments about the hairstyle choice. I can't wait! My appt is next Wed after work...I can't wait!!!

Have a great OP day everyone!!!!

02-25-2009, 02:27 PM
beverly joy, sorry to hear about DH

rhonda, hope you're doing good today

numina, congrats.

I went to lunch with a friend today. I used to go to this restaurant and get chips with a 3 salsa picka dippa, a wing wrap and fries. Today I got no chips, the wrap, which I ended up only needing to eat half of, and gave the fries to my friend. Man, crazy how I used to eat! I just can't get over it!

I dunno todays menu yet, but just stopping in to say hi! :D

02-25-2009, 04:04 PM
quick drop in

work is crazy right now

food plan is fair, just having a hard time getting enough cals in, the scale is MEAN! I need to quit getting on it every day . Two days ago it said I was up 5 pounds over night, this morning it was only up 2 pounds....but still, I almost kicked it (again)

Knee is wrapped in an ace bandage that has a pocket for ice....not good

MJ, LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair style,

hope to be able to post more regularly soon, you guys really help me, more than you probably do

something to think about.....anyone else have the "enough syndrome"? Its my own title. I either feel I am never enough in some areas and then WAY too much in other areas. what a bunch of garbage to feed my brain....anyone else relate?

02-25-2009, 05:00 PM
I got my first "you're losing weight, arent you?" compliment today, Yippie!!!!! And I hadn't even told that person i was dieting, so I feel great about that!

egg & cheese on toast sandwich

part of a grapefruit

Smart Ones spaghetti & zuchini type meal

10 almonds
maybe part of a grapefruit later

Dont know, I am in a rut for ideas...I hate that!

sf jello
maybe 2 yogurts, yum

I was gonna buy some soy protein powder to make low carb biscuits, but it was almost $13 so I'll have to wait. Bummer!

02-26-2009, 01:42 AM
Nicole: Thanks for the information on Pancake Day --- I have heard it called Maundy Tuesday, etc. but that particular tradition by-passed me, I guess. Very cool on combining a walking workout with grocery shopping --- very green Earth. And great job on leaving all that crappy food at the store! I hear those darn potato chips calling out to me when I shop..
Beverly: You are staying the course and that is quite a lot to say right now. Kudos to both you and your husband for getting in your exercise today. I bet you are really looking forward to having your sons family visit --- and I admire the way you can still be positive about the good things in life when various other parts are temporarily heading south.
MJ5: Hope you had a productive and OP day --- you certainly sounded full of energy when you posted! (Either that or you are hiding a massive hangover from Fat Tuesday --- nah! :) )
Lottie! Good to see you up and around again! It sounds like you did a great job at lunch and that this healthier, improved eating is becoming a habit --- a GOOD habit. Good job!
RedFlame: What the heck happened to your knee? Youch! Post when you can --- it sounds pretty hectic at your end of the Internet (how are you doing on stress levels?) I am not sure what you mean by enough syndrome: I either feel I am never enough in some areas and then WAY too much in other areas. I am assuming you mean intellectually/emotionally/personality and not physically? I am intrigued, so if you get the time to post about it, I would be very interested in hearing more.
Mug: YESSSSSSSS! The results of your hard work are being noticed by the people around you and that is a very sweet thing to have happen. Mark this episode on the wall or blog it or whatever you young-ins do to help you remember, so can remind yourself that you ARE getting healthier and stronger and fitter on those days when the scales abuse you (like they are currently abusing RedFlame). Congrats!

So, today was a weird day. Evidently, the last 2 days when I have been sweating like Niagra on the treadmill, I have also been chafing the be-jingles out of my...um...nether regions. I have WELTS! It looks like my hubby and I either really like each other in a moderately kinky way OR he is a nasty piece of work. And you know what? Welts hurt like crazy if you happen to have any hair on them, say, and that hair gets tugged by your undergarments.


B: a drumstick, V8 and 1/2 grapefruit
S: nada
L: a salad with 2 WW toast with laughing cow
S: yogurt with 12 almonds
D: a diet wild cherry pepsi and a SF jello

Keep on keeping on, ladies --- we are flexing our big girl muscles with every good decision we make and those muscles are going to get us out of a lot of tough places, not just being overweight. We may be large, but we are IN CHARGE!


02-26-2009, 01:48 AM
Hi everybody!

Yay for Friday tomorrow. This really seems to have been the longest week - there's been lots of dramas at work, and I'm really over it all. I've applied to have Friday of next week off just to have a me day - I think I need it.

Anyway, made it to the gym and had a goodish workout. It's the last session with old trainer tomorrow, so I'm a little bit sad about that. We've got on really well and I hope things go as well with the new trainer.

I got a compliment of sorts today. We were talking about things and one of the girls said to me that she thought I'd done a lot in my life. I was curious and asked how old she thought I was. She told me she thought I was about 28. I'm actually 35, so she's my new best friend!

Beverly, how did DH go with the Job Fair. The medical insurance thing sounds so strange to me - we do things very differently here.

MJ, looking forward to seeing the photos of the new hairstyle!

Lottie, go you with the meal out. That's awesome stuff!

Red, yep completely relate. My self esteem isn't fantastic and it doesn't take much for me to feel that I'm never quite good enough.

Mug, compliments are awesome! Go you!

The menu was:

B - toast with vegemite

S - 2 plums

L - salad roll, muesli bar

S - yoghurt

D - beef stir fry.

Enjoy yourselves!

02-26-2009, 09:43 AM
Hi chicks - I've got two jobs today. DH is helping me and we'll use the wheelchair to get in and out. His job fair went well. There was anything that pertained to his skills. He got some ideas for doing his resume. He's very positive about it all. I am hanging in fairly well, considering I am a professional worrier.

Today my family is coming from out of town. It will be wonderful!!!!

Thanks for all your kind thoughts and wishes. It means alot.

I've done my stretches, stregthening exercises, heat and ice. I'll ice and heat one more time before I go. I've done one meditation and will try to get another one in.

My goal is to eat mindfully and slowly and to make good choices. NO standing up and eating. Put the fork down between bites. Leave a small portion on the plate.

Nicolen - sounds like the gym is the perfect way to combat a crazy day at work. Love the compliments.

Numina = I use Gold Bond power is I get a rash from moisture, etc. Don't forget to rehydrate if your sweating alot.

Mug - SO happy to hear about your compliment.

Redflame - darn that scale. Five pounds over night sounds like water. Hang in there.

Lottie - good for you and eating well when out!!

Hi Mj - hope you're have a great day.

Have a great day everyone.

02-26-2009, 09:49 AM
Hi everyone! Just popping in super quick. It is going to be one of those really busy days at work, but checking in here helps me stay 'grounded'!

I need to come up w/ a new reward to be working towards....hmm...better start thinking!

Have a great OP day!

02-27-2009, 01:02 AM
Nicole: Everyone should absolutely get "me" days once in a while, or save my sanity days. I hope you come up with something appropriately decadent to do! It is sad that you are losing your current trainer, but the new one will put some novelty back into the workout and give it a zing for a while. And they might be every bit as good as your current trainer!
Beverly: I'm glad that the job fair went well for your husband. I guess it is a (minor) silver lining that he can help you with the wheel chair at the moment. Good for you for sticking to your more relaxed and mindful eating habits through all of this. I hope Friday is good to you.
MJ5: We help you stay grounded? Cool! And I have to agree. I find myself thinking "I'll have to post that I ate that (piece of cake, bag of chips, whatever) tonight" and that helps me decide to not have the offending food. I guess we really are in this together!

I had a very quiet day, no walking but food and water where they should be.
B: 2 WW toast w/laughing cow, a yogurt
L: I ate about double the salad I normally do (which isn't small!) and then had an apple and then some more veggies --- it was like I was binging, but on good food instead of crap
D: the boys ordered pizza and I hid until it was gone --- I had some chicken broth and then some popcorn instead. It wasn't like I was hungry because I had a big lunch, but just that pizza smell made me want more food.

Hey! We made it to Friday again! Another week successfully navigated. Does anyone have any cool plans for the weekend?

Have a great day today! :cool:

02-27-2009, 01:46 AM
Hey everyone!

Yay Friday night. I'm really craving a glass of wine at the moment, but I've got none open and I really don't want to open a bottle just for one glass. Who am I kidding - it'd be one glass and then another and so on. So I'm going to make do with a can of diet coke instead. Not quite the same, but probably better for me calorie wise.

I have to tell you all about this wonderful customer I had today. She's 95 next week and still in her own home. Lovely lovely lady and as sharp as a tack. That's what I want to be when I'm 95!

My trainer worked me hard today and I'm going to feel it tomorrow. I can see definite improvements nearly every workout - they're not big improvements, but they're improvements. I'm waiting for the new trainer to get hold of me - old trainer has given him my numbers, but unfortunately the sim card in my mobile has gone strange and I'm getting no calls through. My trainer's going to make sure he's got my home and work numbers though.

Beverly, I love the "professional worrier" bit! I do exactly the same thing as well.

MJ, reward ideas, hmm. I've got on my list a massage, some new perfume and theatre tickets.

Numina, go you for avoiding the pizza!

Everyone else, sending lots of happy thoughts!

The menu today was:

B - toast with vegemite

S - 2 plums

L - leftovers - stirfry from last night

S - yoghurt

D - leftovers - stirfry from last night.

I cooked far too much last night - still, it made cooking tonight easy!

Enjoy yourselves, ladies!

02-27-2009, 10:04 AM
Good Morning! Another busy day, but at least it is Friday!!! No big plans for the weekend, but that's ok, I need a break for the super hectic-ness of the week!

Numina--Absolutely!!!! When I start to think 'oh, I don't want to go to the gym....' I remember that I will have to come here and be accountable--it almost always helps turn me around! Great job avoiding the pizza!!!

nicolen--Wow, great job not opening that bottle of wine! Very cool about your customer. Any word from the new trainer yet? I know you will continue to see improvements!

Hi to everyone else!!! Pop in and let us know how you are doing!

Last night I bought some different flavors of gum, just so I would have some variety at work. It really does help when I get that "I want something sweet" kind of feeling.

Ok, I need to get going. Have a great OP day everyone!!!!

02-27-2009, 03:05 PM
I didnt make it to the gym at 5 am like I had hoped, but I DID DO 10 MUNITES OF WALKING AT LUNCHTIME. That is good for me cause I never exercise.

egg & cheese sandwigh

10 almonds

Subway 6" veggie delight

10 almonds

Leftover vegetarian chile
sf jello
dont know what else, I probaly will need more calories!!!!

I think im gonna try adding some brown rice to my breakfast scrambled eggs. That way it will give me more calories and since eggs are low carb anyway, I can have the rice. Just an idea......

Have a good weekend Ladies, and be sure to stay on plan, as I hope to do the same!!

02-27-2009, 05:54 PM
Mug, complex carbs paired with protien is a great idea! that helps burn fat and gives you energy and a more balanced nutrition for your meal

02-28-2009, 11:32 AM
Hey, Ladies --- this is in the nature of a driveby posting since we are going in about 76 different directions this morning. I was completely back on plan yesterday, getting back up to 60 minutes on the treadmill. Food and water were also on track.

I am doing a little mini-challenge this weekend with NickiRose (and maybe others, who knows?) to simply stay OnProgram over the weekend, since we both have some trouble with that.

So, I will check back tonight and let you know how day 1 went. In the meantime, everyone have a great Saturday! I for one am going to do SOMETHING outside (the weather is pretty decent) and FUN! How about you?


02-28-2009, 11:48 AM
Hi everyone! I am getting ready to leave for my main/pedi...I cannot wait to just sit and relax w/ no one bothering me for a change!!!! I am turning my phone off (dh knows where I am, if he absolutely needs to reach me for an emergency) and just relaxing....something I do not do very often! The best part is, I have a gift cert., so I don't even have to pay to be pampered!!!! Next week is my hair appt....so I will be a whole new woman!!! LOL!

Have a great op day!!!!

02-28-2009, 12:08 PM
Just letting you all know I'm still around. the weather is getting nicer, so I"ve been working on my book, I prefer to write in nice weather, dunno why. anyhow, I've just been really busy with that, working about 8 hours a day on it. whew. hehe.

I went up to 1600 cals cuz I was losing 4 lbs a week on 1500 and now I haven't lost a single lb. so I'm g oing back down. it's frustrating.

also, I'm going skating today.

03-01-2009, 09:18 AM
Good morning everyone! Just popping in to say hi! I have been doing ok this weekend, not great, but not terrible either. I have had way, way too much sodium and I am feeling it today, so I want to make sure I get extra water in today. Other than that, no big plans.

Have a great OP day!

03-01-2009, 05:59 PM
Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you are all having good weekends. I am actually staying on plan thanks to knowing that Meredith and NickiRose will kick my butt in a little mini-challenge thing if I don't. :lol: ---- isn't it amazing how we can find ways to make this fun?

Keep it going!


03-02-2009, 12:17 PM
Feeling really lousy. Not losing. On period. Fought all weekend with hubby. Binged yesterday for the first time in a long time.

Today I will:

go walking at lunchtime

egg & cheese muffin

10 almonds

subway again--I think I'll puke if I have to eat this much longer

10 almonds

Who the heck knows. I have fresh green beans, cauliflaur.

I sure hope this week lets me lose some weight cause Im starting to get really angry and thats not a good sign...........