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02-20-2009, 10:22 AM
Hope everyone doesn't mind that I started a new thread. I would ask that our moderator please "sticky" this? Thanks.:D

02-20-2009, 10:35 AM
Good morning everyone. Very chilly here this morning...and windy! Our guests are leaving for central Florida for an overnighter which will give hubby and I some much needed time to get things done. They will be coming back here tomorrow.
All the sick people in the house are feeling much better but hubby has a lingering cough and my GF and I still have some sinus/congestion issues. I've been irrigating with saline which has helped tremendously. Hopefully I won't end up with a sinus infection! I'm having trouble getting more weight off...must be all the cooking I am doing! Maybe I can get back on track today. This cool weather does give me a bigger appetite! That's not good.
Candice, I had to stop with the baking. Too many good things around the house didn't help hubby's glucose readings. He really needs to watch his sugar/carb intake or he will find himself in trouble with his doctor. He does like his banana with lunch every day though.
Mima, glad you enjoyed your company. Did they spend the night or was it just a day visit?
Hope everyone enjoys their day.

02-20-2009, 10:58 PM
Kate, thanks for starting the new thread! Hope someone will do the sticky thing for us.

I have been having some sinus issues lately too. I've been dizzy, and I wonder if I'm getting another ear infection. Not easy to do aerobics when I keep falling over.

Tim even mentioned tonight how tired I've been this week. I get at least 7 hours of sleep at night, but a couple of afternoons I've taken naps that have lasted up to 3-4 hours long. Mon. and Wed. of this week though I was on the go from 7:00 AM until 10:00 PM, so that might have something to do with it.

Maurice makes me laugh each day. I am so glad that I decided to get him. I know he was such a comfort to me in the fall when Tim was still away at school. Having Tim home this semester has been wonderful.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

02-21-2009, 07:24 AM
Frank and Joan have been here for 2 nights-what wonderful people-He and Brad have so much reminiscing about their days in Youth Group. We hope we will see more of them when we are home. Frank and Brad have worked on jobs together.
My neck keeps spasming ???? and my toe hurts-need to soak it more. I will call for a massage. Brr for the cold.
We went out to eat-their treat and I had grouper. Joan gave us 2 leftover porkchops so we will have leftovers tonight.
They are leaving to go to the Villages this morning-more friends. I would love to see that place.
We went to the Flea market-I did get a rug sample to put in front of my chair but def will go to Penney's
the rest. Hope you are ok, Tammy. Do you have a netti pot to drain your sinuses-Kate?? Reda about them and you can buy them at the drugstore. Mima

02-21-2009, 07:48 AM
Tammy needs the netti pot too! Yes dogs are special:)

Mima..soak your toe.......

Kate..gald you are on the mend.

I haven't been out so had to bake to destress....I relaxes me. But we do eat too much..I send them off to my boys and put int he freezer so dH does not eat abunch.

Supposed to snow but It may have missed...hope so!

02-21-2009, 08:21 AM
Mima, that's nice that you've had such a good time with your friends. I've been to the Villages, and it is a neat place. We were only there overnight, and Bob and I had talked about going back sometime. I've been looking for a rug for the kitchen, but I haven't decided how big or what style or anything yet. I told Tim that I"ll know it when I see it.

I've never used one of those neti pots, but I know others who have and swear by them. Might have to break down and give it a try. Candice, send some of your baked goods to me! LOL

Not sure what's on the agenda for the day. I have my Bible study materials out on the dining room table, so that's where I'm headed when I get off of the computer. I need to go to Wal Mart or Meijer and get a few things, but I'll wait till later to do that.

02-21-2009, 11:31 AM
Good morning everyone. Chilly this morning on our walk! But the sun is out and it is warming up fast. My guests should be arriving back here anytime now. My GF will be leaving on Wed. but not sure how long her hubby will be staying after she goes. I think he has plans to visit other friends on the west coast. It has been a peaceful 1 1/2 days!

Mima, I have been irrigating my nose with some OTC saline nasal stuff, tilting my head from side to side to make sure it gets into the sinus cavities. I am still feeling a bit stuffy from this cold/flu but my main goal is to avoid a sinus infection. My equilibrium feels a bit off today as know, that walking into walls/dizzy feeling?? I will check out this "netti pot" gadget though...sounds like something very old-school! I am thinking perhaps your neck spasms could be bed pillow related?? What type of pillow do you sleep with? If I toss and turn at night, I usually end up with a stiff neck the following day. I use a chiroprator's "water" pillow. It's got a chamber you fill with water in the center. Nothing like the sound of "sloshing" water to lull you to sleep!
Trying to get my computer info backed up and printed off as I need to make an appointment with the tax guy this week. Finally got all our statements in so I can get our return filed and over with.
Have you heard anything more about Joanne Tammy? I do hope all is well and she is getting better. Your body must need the sleep for you to want to nap so I say go for it! If your body tells you things, it's good to listen to it.
Hope everyone enjoys the day.

02-21-2009, 04:12 PM
Those little "neti pots" are so ....cute?? How much saline do they hold? They have an assortment for sale on and I'll bet the constant flow from one of those would sure take care of any "ills" up there! Thanks, Mima. I think I am going to purchase one!
My guests have arrived "home". They certainly love being in my little environment. My hubby is snoring away in his recliner as we speak and my GF is stretched out on the couch doing an "acappella" to his snores! Such a sight! Perhaps a digital photo is called for !!! :s:
Making a Lime Shrimp salad for starters and then grilled hamburgers with sauteed mushrooms and onions for dinner. Side dish of Jamaican black beans and brown rice. Looks yummy. I have to watch those carbs though as my scale is not reading any weight loss this week. Company can be such an excuse, huh?
Hope everyone is doing well......

Happy Canuk
02-21-2009, 08:56 PM
Good day to you all. Hope all is well with you.

Mima - glad you enjoyed your company. Watch you don't get an infection in that darn toe. I got a really nice rug for a really good price at a Liquidation Center. It is perfect for what I wanted.

Kate - I use a Neti Pot and I love it. I bought mine at Walmart and it came with the saline packages. Othat than that, take a cup of boiled wated, add a teaspoon of salt, and let it cool down. Then go for it. Takes just a couple of minutes and then it is done. I use Saline Spray as well.

Dinner sounds good - what time do we start ?? :lol: Glad everybody is feeling better.

Candice - I bake to relax as well. Hope your toe is now better. Perhaps as the nail grows over it will heal. I go to the Dr. on Tuesday about my foot. Sure isn't gettin g any better.

Tammy - glad that you and your doggy are a team. That is good. Spring is coming, only a few days left of February, and then we are on our way. I have grass outside my window and it is turning green. Been warm and all the snow is melting - having said that, next week it is to get cold and snow for days on end, so that poor grass will be all covered again.

Well, I have to go make dinner. Have Sole Fillets and veggies, salad etc.

Enjoy your evening.

02-21-2009, 11:07 PM
I haven't heard anything lately about Joanne. Hopefully she'll be home soon and will be joining us again.

Kate, I think you are right about the sleeping. I fell asleep reading this afternoon. I told Tim that I hope to be in bed by 11 tonight.

Anne, that dinner sounds good too!

Happy Canuk
02-22-2009, 01:40 AM
Hi. On the news the other night, they were saying that OA causes extreme fatigue! It was a new "discovery" and now they are working on a medication that could help correct that WOOHOO!!! All this time I thought it was caused only by the FM.

I sure hope JoAnne gets back with us soon.

Also, I forgot. When you want a thread to be stickied, you have to send a message to the moderator. That would be Meowee for us. I sent her a message and she kindly came a got us STUCK!!! :lol:

02-22-2009, 08:33 AM
Thanks, Anne. I just saw the place where you start a new thread-now I will be able to do it.
My shoulders are much better-stress relief and I took my 3rd pill yesterday of methotrexate. Rest of the body hurts though.
Toe is good and I bought some fungus med for it because I read it could be a fungus causing the bail to grow thick and ingrow. If that doesn't work, I will go to podiatrist.
We watched Fireproof last night-wow-what a great Christian movie about improving your marriage. I cried.
Going to make a baby quilt for one of the couples back home-I think I will do a Noah's Ark theme. Gotta go to Joanne's.
Boy, that pillow sounds great. I hold tension in my neck. My aunt used to say I was born with an extra set of nerves.
Bye for now-Mima

02-23-2009, 12:16 AM
Anne, I also thought the fatigue was just from the fibro. I have been so tired lately that even Tim has mentioned it several times.

Mima, I'd like to see Fireproof.

Email from Eleni says that Joanne is home. I'm sure it will take a while to get her strength built back up. Continue to keep her in prayers.

I made meatloaf today. That is the first time since Bob died. That was always one of our favorites. I cried while I made it, and I cried while I ate it. Tim had talked to me earlier in the week about making it, so we did it together.

02-23-2009, 08:06 AM
Good morning, I have done that crying-it does stop but not right away. Memories are so funny. I would advise against that movie for you , Tammy, because it might make you cry even more. But it sure is wonderful.
PTL Joanne is home. Hope she has home health aides to help her.
Brad is going to the airport to pick up his cousin and her husband for our friend, Joyce, which is how we met her.They come to visit her.
The skin doc is taking out my basal cell this afternoon. Simple surgery-not Moh,s. But it is near my eye,
I am saying goodbye because my page keeps leaving, Mima

02-23-2009, 10:07 AM
Good morning everyone. Great to hear Joanne is back home. Thanks ,Tammy. Hopefully she will be up to posting soon! It's hard to not think of someone who has passed when doing simple things that bring on cooking favorite foods or going to favorite places. Just try to remember that they are still with you and watching over you spirtually.
Just a couple more days and my guests will be heading home. At least my GF will be...not sure about her hubby. I think he may head over to the west coast to visit another friend. Last time he came for a visit, he stayed a month! Poor Queenie....without "her room" for another few weeks! As long as he helps out with buying food I guess we can do it.
Mima, good luck with your skin surgery today. Hope everything goes quickly and painlessly. I'm feeling very tired this morning. I have been sleeping okay but for some reason I have no energy and feel run down. I wonder if my FM is acting up. Maybe I'll listen to my body and go nap. Hope everyone enjoys the day. It's cloudy, windy and cool here today. We might even get some rain showers. Bye for now.

02-23-2009, 06:25 PM
Mima, maybe that movie will be one that I'll have to watch at a later time. So many I've seen lately or shows on tv make me cry. Hope things went well with the surgery!!

Kate, I do feel like Bob is watching over us all the time. I know Tim does too. Maybe when your guest leaves, the puppy and I will come down for a visit! I'm sure he and Queenie would get along great!! I've been tired too lately, and in fact, I just woke up from a couple hour nap. I sleep at least 7 hours at night.

Heading to the store. I planned to go Saturday, and I ended up reading and playing with the puppy instead. Priorities!!

02-24-2009, 03:15 AM
How does FM affect your weight loss? It affects mine very negatively. I'm always too sore and tired to exercise, and I eat to comfort myself. Eating seems to be my only pleasure these days. Being overweight and in pain all the time makes it so I can't do anything. Even my personal life is suffering. I'm sad because I don't see a way out of this.:(

02-24-2009, 07:13 AM
It's a 2 edged sword-The less you move, the more pain you have. Don't give up. I learned that from watching my mother who had rheumatoid arthritis-much more painful but she took to the couch. Make sure your meds aren't making to tired-muscle relaxers will do that. One day at a time.
Surgery was ok-it started to hurt last night but tylenol helped. 2 days with the bandage. What a nice skin doc!!!
We are going to sarasota today-hobby store for Brad and Whole Foods for me. Went to Joanne's for quilt material but didn't get what I wanted but it will be and blue-not sure of her colors.
I can't live without naps. Even 20 minutes restores me.
My back hurts because I have to stoop-can;t put my head lower than my heart for 2 days.
I worked on my bank accts-one was 500 over and the other was 600 short. Haha!!

Joanne D
02-24-2009, 12:09 PM
Hello Everybody
This is the first day I have been here since Jan. 28th ,as my computer says. I can't be here long , but, I wanted to THANK YOU ALL for your prayers. I know now that that was what saved me.God must have other plans for me or he just didn't have a spot somewhere .It has been a hard road for me lately.. I didn't expect to get so sick. I try to stay in good health..
Each day is a little better.

02-25-2009, 08:06 AM
So good to hear from you, Joanne, Glad you are home-never underestimate the power of prayer. Sometimes I look back in my prayer journal and it;s amazing how many prayers have been answered. You sure went through an ordeal. Eleni and tammy were so good keeping us informed.
Went to sarasota and a drive up the coast to Anna Maria island-had fish and chips at Rotten Ralph's -nice day.
Must have been tired because Brad put the coffee on and I put new grounds over the old grounds-he said it was a mess.
Art today-Bye for now Mima Stay healthy, Joanne,

02-25-2009, 11:37 AM
Welcome back, Joanne! So good to see you back on the forum! Eleni and Tammy kept us well informed and we did appreciate that so much. Hope to see your health improve quickly.

Sunshine, As hard as it seems, please try and get control of the "comfort eating". Being overweight and eating high sugar/carbohydrates could be contibuting to your feeling tired. And Mima is right when she says to keep moving...that is an essential part of managing fibromyalgia pain. Another issue I had to deal with some time ago was to get my butt to a professional therapist to help with the negative feelings I had from being in constant pain. You might need to start with your primary care doctor, make sure your medications are working effectively, and have him/her recommend a therapist to help deal with bad feelings. Some FM people do well with the new Cymbalta medication.....but you really should try and seek help from a medical person if you are feeling this depressed. All I can tell you from personal experience is that there are ways of feeling better with Fibro...but you just have to find the way that works best for you. It's an "individual" thing.

Mima, glad to hear the skin surgery went well. We should all be checking our skin regularly at this point in life. I used to be the biggest sun worshipper! I always had that "mediterranean" type skin that tanned easily and I would get very dark in the summer. But now that I am "older" , I know I should be checking my spots carefully.

Tammy, not sure how anyone else feels about this but I am beginning to renew my spirituality regarding loved ones who have passed on. For whatever reason, I have gotten away from my original feelings about it all. I lost my brother in a car accident in 1992, my favorite uncle 3 months before that, and my mother in 1998. I like to think of them as watching over me too. My GF (who just left this morning) has just recently been to a spiritualist and after reading a couple of the books she brought down with her, I felt myself getting back to my beliefs. I will be heading to the library this weekend to pick up some more reading material.

Need to get busy today. Cleaning and shopping at the top of the list. Having so much company is wearing me out. My GF's hubby will be with us a bit longer....not sure how much longer but I can tell you my hubby sure does miss his privacy! My sister decided not to come afterall so I guess he feels the spare room is his for now. Queenie sure is missing her room right now!

Hope everyone enjoys their day.

Happy Canuk
02-25-2009, 04:48 PM
Hi everybody.

JoAnne - so good to see your name here. Glad you are home, and I hope you are taking it easy and resting. I'll bet your dog was glad to see you back. Perhaps even hubby :lol:

Mima - glad your skin surgery went well. I have to go on Tuesday and get a small black spot removed on the side of my nose. I just don't like it there. It looks like somebody dabbed me with a ballpoint pen.

Sunshine - you do need to keep moving, even if all you can manage is a walk to the end of your driveway. Just keep going and going a little further every couple of days. The muscles get to tight if you don't use them. Stretching exercies are a great help as well, to just stretch those darn muscles. Also, meditation might help you. The winter is a bad time for me, especially Jan and Feb, due to the long, darker, days. I crave carbs. As the days lengthen, that stops some. Also, since you do have FM, watch and make sure you don't have a yeast problem. I do, and it has been ongoing for several years. Can't seem to get it cleared up.

Candice - where are you?? hope your toe is getting better now.

Tammy - you will have bad times, that is for sure, and for years to come. You will hear a song, or see something that will twig a memory and the tears will come. That's ok, because they are cleansing. Our loved ones are never far away. I was 26 yrs old when my Dad died, and I was at the hospital. He sat up, told my Mom he was going now, kissed he goodbye and laid down and died. Do I believe in the hereafter? You BET I do! How could I NOT! I feel my Mom and Dad with me at times. So cry and remember as it is the memories that will heal you.

I went to the Foot Dr. yesterday, and it appears that I have a ruptured capsule at the base of the toe next to the big toe and the one next to it. There are, apparently, ligaments that run to each toe, and the capsule that encases them is what has ruptured. This will cause the toes to become deformed, so he has recommended Orthodics. Said they can't cure it, but they will help so they don't get worse. The two toes spead horizontially, the one next to the big toe, wants to get as close as it can to the big toe, and the other toe wants to go the other way - causing a lot of pain. If I don't get the orthodics, eventually, that toe will start to go over my big toe. Go figure, out of NOWHERE, comes this foot problem. Never have I had a problem with my feet!

Well, everybody, have a good afternoon and evening.

02-26-2009, 08:05 AM
I have seen that toe problem =I guess it's a good idea to get the orthotics. The lady across the street has that and she only can wear certain shoes.You haven't seen anything til you've seen my poor husband's hammer toes=he walks on the knuckles and they get corns.he will go for a second opinion at home.
talked to dennis sister-he has 5% of his heart=a defribulator and a pacemaker and he has to leave the nursing home because of his insurance=going to live with a friend. Yikes.
Great about wanting to read about spirituality, Kate. We had a great Sunday school class about Heaven by Randy Alcorn. Then there's 90 Minutes in Heaven. I believe that we need to make sure we have the right beliefs to get there. That's where the Bible comes in.
I bet you are tired of company. Hope he leaves soon.
I guess we are going to the outdoor market-going to a block party Sunday. Bringing a fruit trifle.
Wow-skin doc did a great job-Kate, your skin type is probably not as susceptible.
Hey tammy, Joanne, Candice and Meme. Mima

02-26-2009, 11:03 AM
Good morning everyone. Another beautiful day in Florida. Our house guest was suppose to leave today to go a bit farther south to visit other friends but I think a problem has come up and he is not going now! Yikes! I think I am going to lose my mind here if I don't get some quiet time. All this guy wants to do is talk, talk, talk. It can drive someone who is used to the quiet nuts! I am going to lose it if I don't get some quiet time pretty soon!! My hubby just called and I quietly hinted to the idea our guest might not go....he's laughing at me because he gets to go to work to get away from it all. Not fair, I say!! Okay, enough of my whining...
Mima, I still have a few spots that need to be looked at and am hoping it turns out to be nothing. I just found a small hole in the top of my crowned molar (tooth)this morning. I have to go get it checked out tomorrow. Can't wait to see what the dentist will charge me for that. I definitely do not feel like I am aging gracefully!! I also have a weigh-in with my doctor in the morning. Not sure what he will have to say as I have not been losing fast enough. Hopfully he will cut me some slack because of the onslaught of company and being sick all last week. Guess we'll find out tomorrow.
I sure wish we had a Whole Foods Market around here! We have nowhere to purchase good organic and natural foods except for some veggies at the local road-side stands. Our only source of organic stuff is "Greenwise" at Publix Super Markets which is so expensive. I don't think there is enough "people traffic" in my area to warrant opening one of those great chain stores here.
Need to get some bookwork done as I have an appointment with the tax guy Monday morning. I only hope I don't keep getting bothered while I try to get it done!! Have a great day everyone!!

Joanne D
02-26-2009, 05:47 PM
Kate ,None of my business ,but, a house guest is no longer a house guest after a few days.. I bet if you asked him to go out and buy some groceries etc. he would be gone soon enough. Ask him to take out the garbage ...
Happy. Yes hubby was glad to see me come home after 18 days in hospital and 5 in rehab. He was not coping too well. Every day is getting better. Today I said no more walker and told PT I didn't need them. I needed them last week when they didn't show up,but, not now. I am doing most things for myself. I rest often.
Memi- Yes, I know now that it was prayers that pulled me through. I am learning slowly what I went through in ccu. It was so bad I don't really want to hear about it. I was told that the Dr's gave me 24 hours to rally. They told my family to make arrangements for me.. I now look at things with a little different outlook..
Tammy- I haven't read all the replys ,but, I feel sure this was a hard month for you... Things will get better ..

02-27-2009, 07:05 AM
It's great you are getting your strength, Joanne. We know you were really ill.You have a wonderful sister.Taxes-got the e-mail from our acct that we owed 1740 but that's not  the bad part. $900 in penalties because I didn't send in all the quarterlies because I thought they were just for the business and Brad only worked 6 months. He gets SS and we don't have taxes taken out. I really don't think that penalty amt is correct and I am trying to get a second opinion. Suzanne's FIL is an acct but hasn't answered me=I am sure he is swamped.I prayed about this asking God to intervene, At the same time, I prayed for a couple at church who may lose their 2 million dollar business so i guess it's all relative. We are having blood tests this am but I don't have to fast.Thyroid.Go somewhere, Kate. My husband talksa lot and it drives me crazy but I can tell him to be quiet when I am doing something. Hope he leaves soon.
Bye for now-Mima

02-27-2009, 01:20 PM
Well, still have the houseguest! He hasn't left to go south to see his friends. Seems no one has called him back regarding his visit.....Gee, I'm beginning to see why! (Shame on me).....
I am vacuumning right around him and no cooking tonight or this weekend. I told everybody it was my weekend off. He can go out to eat, consume hotdogs with hubby or buy the groceries! I'll figure it out somehow but I am trying not to be rude about it. And his cell phone rings continuously...just another thing that drives me nuts.
Good report from my doctor this morning. He is pleased with my progress and all looks good so far. I do need to get my butt back on that elliptical though. That's my new goal for this weekend! The tooth is just a chip in the porcelain of the crown and nothing to worry about for the moment. When I can afford it, I will have it ground off and recapped with a new crown. That will be $890. Need to have lunch and then finish vacuumning. Hope everyone enjoys their day. We're getting another cold front coming through tomorrow for a few days but not as cold as the last one, thank goodness!

02-27-2009, 05:59 PM
Thanks for your replies ladies. I got on my recumbant bike on Wed. for 15 minutes. Didn't do any on Thurs. Today was feeling crummy again, but told myself that I was gonna get on the bike anyway. I did 15 minutes, and I'm amazed that my mood lifted and I have a bit more energy. I really am amazed! I feel like I probably won't lose any weight with that much exercise, but that is all I'm going to start with. :carrot:

Hope you are all having a good day!

02-28-2009, 09:26 AM
Good for you!!! I force myself to walk and I feel great after-just have to be sure I don't overdo it.
Sounds like you need the same 900 Kate. I made a huge mistake-the 900 is the first quarterly due this year-the penalty was only 12. I have to pay the quarterlies. Don't mind the fine but I hate coming up with so much money. We get interest on cd's and insurance and that adds to it. But I told acct we were both over 65 so he's going to refile and get us money back. The apt was a loss but I hope it won't be next year,
Got a call from shin doc=there is still cancer so i need special surgery. Not happy about that. I had that before and my head is still numb-don't want my face that way. I am very light skinned.
We have a block party tomorrow but weather does not look good.

02-28-2009, 10:34 AM
Good for you, Sunny! :cp: Even if you aren't losing any weight you are still circulating that blood and lifting your moods. That is a positive step forward. Better moods may help you move forward when you feel ready. Like most of us here with FM, I have to talk myself into doing physical things. But I always feel better once I do it. Keep thinking positive!! :ebike:

Hubby talked to our guest while I was walking this morning. He told him I need some "space" during the day. Last time this guest was here, he played golf everyday and was gone all day long. This time, he hasn't even left the house and it is driving me crazy to have someone around me all day especially with that cell phone text message beeping going off all day long! Hubby finally explained it to him....guess he sensed I was being a bit grumpy! Long story short, he is leaving Monday morning to go back up north. :D It is definitely time for him to move on somewhere. I don't think I have ever had company stay as long as he has....very unnerving. Looks like hubby and I are going to have to have a talk and set some ground rules for future company/visits. I think no more than 1 week from now on.

Need to get some bookwork done for the accountant Monday. I will be glad when this is all done! I never liked having to get my tax stuff ready...guess that hasn't changed much.
Mima, hope you have this skin issue taken care of quickly. Sorry you have to go through all that. Is is going to be a major surgery (being knocked out) event? Keep us posted on your progress.
Hope everyone is having a great day. Hi to Tammy, Candice and Joanne too! Sorry if I missed someone......

03-01-2009, 08:05 AM
It is not mjor surgery-same as before but it takes longer because they do the biopsy on the spot. Usually it takes a while to get an appt.You are so right about company-def too long. I don't know why some people are so insensitive but they are. Glad he;s leaving on Monday.We got wind that the restaurant where our new tenant was working got sold =we actually didn't know for sure if she was going to move in-and she;s out of a job. Brad has made 2 calls to her and she didn't call back. She is a nice girl but,,,, Really glad it happened now and not later.Supposed to be storms today and we are going to an outdoor party. Then to my son's because his fil is visiting-first time in 11 years.
Hi all!!! Mima

03-01-2009, 10:17 AM
Good morning everyone and a good morning it is indeed! Our guest left at 6 am this morning after making lots of phone calls last night to his friends further south. Not sure what the problem was but I printed him out a map for Wellington's Wanderer Golf Club and off he went!! :wave:Thank you, thank you! My hubby hasn't stopped complaining about his day yesterday since I got up this morning. His one full day with our guest as opposed to my 3 weeks! Give me a break...I don't want to hear it! That's just what I told hubby! :nono:

Had a horrendous day on the computer yesterday trying to straighten out my online accounts. After 5 hours, I gave it up and will work on it again later. Need to get my year end reports printed out for tomorrow.
And how do I get everyone to just leave me alone today???:?:

Mima, I am surprised your new tenant(?) would not still have her job because the restaurant sold. I would think the new owner would want "experienced/in-house" employees to continue on to save time and expense of training others. Wonder what the reasoning is behind that? Is the business changing to another type of operation? Hmmmmm....

Weather getting cooler and very cloudy here today. We're suppose to have some serious rain this afternoon. They have tornedo warnings up in the Daytona area this morning! Guess this cold front will stick around for a few days and then warm up again. We need the rain desperatley so I will just go take a nice QUIET nap with the "Queen". Hope everyone enjoys their day....I certainly am going to!!:D

03-02-2009, 07:56 AM
Wow that your guest has left!!!!! Our block party was postponed til today =we also have dinner plans with Brad;s cousin. I am getting my stitches out this morning and will find out about the new surgery. We went to Jason's Deli and visited son's FIL-nice time. The new owners are going to run the restaurant themselves,
Hey Joanne -hope you are resting, and getting stronger.
Bad snow back home. Hope my kids are safe. Suzanne has an hour commute.
Bye for now, Mima

03-02-2009, 11:02 AM
Good morning all! A very chilly start to the day here...35 degrees! Brrrr....needed gloves to walk her royal highness this morning. She is just loving this cold weather though. Wish I could say the same!
Off to the accountant this afternoon so I have been fine tuning the reports off the computer. I am hoping for some input from my tax man on condensing and simplifying my bookeeping on the computer. I use Quicken Home and Business (but I don't need the "business" part of it anymore). I don't think I can "downgrade" my accounts with new software so I am going to have to reorganize what I have. Maybe he will have an easier method for me.
I am really enjoying my quiet time again. Hubby and I had a lot of discussions yesterday about the "house guests" situation and we have decided that our new policy from now on will be a limit of 7-day stays. We will use this terrible economy as our reasoning.....because we just can't afford to have guests for more than 1 week. I think that is an understandable approach. Any comments or suggestions for future visitors' requests would be welcomed from all you ladies out there! I am one of those people that hates to say no but after this past experience, I will learn!!
Off to finish my bookwork. Hope everyone enjoys their day...and stays warm! I'll check back later and maybe hear from Candice and Joanne soon! Hope you ladies are doing okay....Mima, keep us posted on your skin surgery.

03-02-2009, 03:41 PM
Hello everyone! We've been having computer problems, so I'll make this quick before I lose everything again. I ordered a new computer, should have it by next week. The old one is probably 8-9 years old, so I guess it is time. I also bought a new desk! The one we have is 15 years old and has definitely seen better days. Tim has claimed it for when he moves out next year.

Hope you are all doing well. Kate, I think your 7 day policy is a good one. I have a friend who lives near Disney. When we come down, she always asks us to stay there, but we never have. I hate to bother people.

Joanne D
03-02-2009, 05:02 PM
REST! What is that? I spent 3 hours in ER this morning.. my coumadin went to 4.9 On Sat. . Dr said get into Dr. today.. Well I went to the so called new primary that my daughter set up while I was in Hospital to find out I wasn't in their system. Then home to fight with Humana to find out they had no record of a change in primaries.. So got that resolved and found out I had to go to old primary for another month. I called them who couldn't take me in and told me to go to ER..That was my morning. Otherwise it is slow going with the walking. My legs ache like the devil when I am on them for any length of time. But, I know that is the price I have to pay to get them stronger..
Tammy, I know you will enjoy a new computer and desk... The desk I use was my G/fathers. He was a contracter and built houses . He drew up a lot of his plans on this desk. It is small occording to the standers of today. It works for me. Our son is a design architect and his desks are twice as big as this one. It is kind of strange 3 generations in much the same business. My father was a contracter/builder.
Kate.. You can have the guests... My house is kinda small so I always say I will find a nice motel for them. Ofcourse not including close family.
The hubby is not a guest person..
Mima.. Cold here today. Being just a mile from the gulf we only got a little of the rain that came through.Sure hope they resolve that area on your leg. Our son had a spot on his back removed. Pre-skin cancer.. I always warn him about the sun . Do they listen ? He is 50 and still doesn't pay attention to those things like sun protection.. A shirt..His wife should say more..
Hello Happy, Meme...

03-03-2009, 07:15 AM
I know-DIL used to get upset if I put sunscreen on Alison.
Oh Joanne-what an ordeal. Hope it straightens out today!!
I got an appt to do the Moh's. It's 2 towns away but closer than home.
Brad talked to the lady that wants to rent and she is working.So it looks good .I don;t care who goes in there as long as they are responsible/
Went to the block party and froze.
Brad is taking his cousin to the airport at 6:15 qhich is now-then to bible study and Louie is coming over to help him with the floor. Yeah!
Computers don't last forever-always updating, You will love your new one, tammy.
Bye for now-Mima

03-04-2009, 12:45 AM
Joanne, you had better stay healthy or I'm coming down and kick your behind! That is neat about your desk and how it has been in your family. Tim and I were sitting here last night talking about a few bookshelves and cabinets that were made by family members that we have here. I want him to remember that.

Mima, glad to hear that your renter is still working.

The new computer should be here tomorrow! I am so glad. I'm on the laptop now. I ordered the computer from Amazon. My brother said that he has ordered from them for the past 2 laptops and desktops that he has purchased. He checked it out and found me one that he thought was a good deal. He is the computer tech. person for one of the school districts near here, so I guess I can trust him. lol

Tomorrow is my crazy busy day, so I really need to get to bed. I'm up at 7:00 and on the go until between 9 and 9:30 when I get home tomorrow night. Well, I do come home after aerobics and shower in the morning. I'm sure the members of my bible studies are glad that I do.

03-04-2009, 07:57 AM
Hope the computer comes today-I love Amazon. I buy a lot from them-including cookies.Speaking of desks, I have a child's rolltop that was my aunt;s , her cousin before that -I can't use it. But it has nice memories,The new floor is awesome. I worked on my quilt but put it together wromg-squares not matching and ripped some of it out. That woman is not our tenant yet. But we are happy she has a job-no matter what,Boy-I am freezing and very allergic after the floor installation.Art today. Too much going on but MASSAGE  tomorrow. Where are you Candice???Bye for now. Mima

03-04-2009, 11:37 AM
Good morning everyone. A very quiet day for me here....which I am enjoying. Did lots of cooking yesterday so I can relax a couple of days. Hubby can eat leftover shephard's pie and healthy lasagna. Going to the local street vendor for fresh veggies today. Need to pick up more dog food too. Everything is so far between that it takes a good hour or so just to pick up a few things. I wouldn't mind normally but the traffic is terrible this time of year. Our weather here is going to get warmer next few days. I think the chilly stuff is gone now and we will be looking at turning on the A/C by the end of the month. Oh joy! Queenie doesn't like the hot weather. She'll stick close to the house when it gets too hot.
Joanne, sounds like you had a day from "heck" there. I do hope you are doing better now. I'm hoping we'll hear from Candice soon too. Hope you have your new computer up and running Tammy. Does it have Windows XP or Vista? I have Vista and it does give me problems once in a while. I don't think they have worked all the bugs out of it yet. I'm sure a new version will be out soon. But then again...with the economy the way it is...who can afford it? The "predictions" of Nostradamus I saw on the National Geogrphic Channel the other night say we are in for some major life-altering world changes in the year 2012....including a worldwide financial crisis. I certainly am not going to spend every waking moment worrying about this but I think I will be paying closer attention to any major events from now on. I just hope we can all survive these troubling times.
Need to get some chores done. I am having some recessed areas on my front teeth "bonded" tomorrow so I'll want to keep my day open. That means getting everything done today.
Hope everyone is doing well and that we hear from Joanne and candice soon.

Joanne D
03-04-2009, 08:11 PM
Tammy- You said it nicer than Eleni, she said she was going to WOP my A-- if I didn't get my head on straight and go to rehab while I was in the hospital. After 18 days there I just wanted to go home and sleep in my bed. So I went to rehab for 5 days. That was all I could take..The beds in both places were the worse I have ever been on.Enjoy your new computer..
Kate..I too am waiting for the warm weather. They say it will be close to 80 if not in the 80's this weekend. As our daughter and G/children are coming we will have the ac on.. They want to have a birthday dinner for me as my birthday is tuesday.. I will be 76 young..the 10th ,Thank God I will see that birthday. It was really close this time last month that I wouldn't.
Mima- I need to get back to my quilting .. I also am going to look up and see how much baby yarn I have around here. I am a pack rat and alwasys buy more than enough for a project.. I will be a G/G- mother around Nov-Dec.
Hello Happy, Meme,

03-04-2009, 10:58 PM
The computer came this afternoon. It is still in the box. Tim was putting the desk together tonight and ran into problems. The main piece of the desk is bent, so he got online to the company & they are sending a replacement piece. Hope it comes soon. His gf will be here this weekend, so maybe he could have some help (from someone other than me!!).

Mima, what kind of cookies to you get at Amazon?

Kate, I think it has XP, but I"m not sure. Pretty bad, huh? Tim's gf has vista on hers, and she has been lucky and not had any problems.

Joanne, I cracked up about Eleni! I read it to Tim, and he was laughing too.

03-05-2009, 02:35 AM
I'm sorry I have been out so long and sorry I missed Joanne being sick. Don't know what all else I missed. I went back and read a few of the messages and tried to play catch up a little but there were way too many to read them all. If I missed anything else important, you'll just have to fill me in.

Had a whole lot going on here so please just forgive me for missing out on your lives ... I really do mean that. I enjoy reading all your posts and all about what you have been doing.

We now have Ross living with us 24/7. He got to be more than his parents could handle. :?: We've had him for almost 3 weeks now. We love him dearly and are doing the best we can with him ... I just hope this will be enough to meet his needs. He is a wonderful young man and he needs much. He will be 13 in August and is maturing fast. He is having difficulty discerning what is socially acceptable and what is not. He is also having a problem with authority and his temper. We're working on all of that and more ... one day (one moment) at a time. Hubby takes him to school before he goes to work and I pick him up in the afternoon. We have many meetings and many 'talks' with him. We have Bible studies and role play. We discuss different ways of handling things. We talk about different words and how they are used at home and then why they might not be used in a social setting. In talking to his teachers and watching and listening to him, I've realized there are gaps that have been left out of his knowldege and understanding when it comes to social settings. I'm trying to fill those gaps while, at the same time, trying to teach him to control his temper and obey authority the first time and without question. It's an uphill battle but one I feel is worth fighting. I love this child.

I still have all other responsibilites as before, also, so I'm busy. Breakfast meeting at school tomorrow morning at 7:30, "Party" tomorrow night, Breakfast with hubby's aunt Fri. morning (plus customer coming before that) then Ladies meeting at 6 Fri. night, New Pastor and family coming to church at 1 to meet youth Sat. Then at 4 for Q & A, at 5 for dinner and then will speak at 6. Maybe I'll have time to breathe inbetween all that.

Just pray for us and for Ross. My desire is for him to turn out to be the fine young man I know he can be. He has a heart of gold.

03-05-2009, 08:23 AM
I think I know how you feel about Ross-had my stepgrandaughter living with me. It was a different situation but I think it made a difference-Brad;s sister has their grandson but they were too easy on him. I think you have a lot to give, Is he still on meds???
Massage lady coming-I had wicked sinus trouble yesterday. Hope this helps but already feeling better,
Glad you have your life back, Kate.
I like xp. I don't need a computer yet but this one needs to be cleaned up. My son will do it.
Bye for now-Mima

03-05-2009, 11:47 AM
Meme, you and your hubby will be a blessing to Ross. I know how much you love him! Will keep you in prayers! You are still a busy lady.

Mima, I know several who have been having sinus problems lately. Don't like that.

Off for reflexology soon. I'm taking Tim out for dinner at one of his favorite local restaurants. Haven't been there in ages. Tim loves their pork chops, I love the whitefish. Yummy!

03-06-2009, 07:17 AM
Yummy is right!!
I am trying something different-taking the synthroid after breakfast-getting terrible cramps. I hate meds that you have to time and avoid things.
I had a massage yesterday and I feel worse. Usually you feel better the next day.
Busy weekend-Art meeting-Tea-early church and Art Show. I am ready/
Sinuses much better-I think that was from massage.
Meme-hope it goes well. Love your strategies.
Finally warmer-yeah!!! Mima

03-06-2009, 11:12 AM
Hit yet another snag ... oh so many of those lately between the fights with mom and dad and the fight with the principle of his school. He just does not seem to want to listen to or obey authority but he wants to be listened to. Yesterday his cell phone went wild ... flashing, etc. When I tried to get him to give it to me so I could see if I could fix it he wouldn't. I knew right away something was wrong. I finally got it and found a lot of stuff on there that should not be on a 12 yr. old's phone(or anyone's phone for that matter). Now he has had his phone, Wii, all electronics and computer priviledges taken away. I took the phone to mom and dad's and we went over it from top to bottom. I came back home and confronted him and taked to him about how serious it was. This is his first offence but once is all it takes with something like this and he needs to learn that lesson. He will not be getting a phone back (his mom says until he is driving). Also, he will not have computer priviledges without adult supervision. He will learn what a precious priviledge freedom is.

Our schools are closed until next Tuesday because of the flu ... I'm thinking a lot of 'homework' is coming his way! I've already downloaded 8 pages of math off the internet. I was at a breakfast meeting at his school just yesterday morning and the speaker said next year TN schools were jumping a whole grade in math for all students so he will be needing to increase his math knowledge. Now is a good time to get that jump-start! ;)

I'm off to do laundry, housework and homework. YUCK!

03-07-2009, 08:28 AM
Yikes-those are the teenage problems, Sounds like a good consequence. Imagine what we lived without and we eren't even grounded,
We were stopped in a line of traffic and Brad glanced in the mirror and said that guy is not going to stop. Well he did after he rearended us!! His car had more damage-he just picked it up after 2000 repairs. He was very apologetic . But my neck feels funny and my back hurts more than normal.
Brad braced himself but I didn't/ but the man wasn't going fast.
Art meeting, tea this afternoon.
Bye for now Mima

03-07-2009, 10:04 AM
Good morning everyone. I'm having a mini melt down this morning. Hubby came home from work last night and informed me our houseguest is returning this afternoon. Yikes! He is only suppose to be staying the one night (tonight) and leaving to drive back up north tomorrow morning. I'm a bit miffed because he just spent the last 3 days at the Seminole Casino, with his room and meals "compted" and he hasn't even offered to take hubby and myself out to dinner after spending 3 1/2 weeks at our house. Yep, I'm a bit miffed. And, no one is suppose to mention to his wife that he was at the casino rather than the Honda Golf Classic which is where he was suppose to be. What's wrong with this picture?? I definitely will NOT be cooking tonight. "Let them eat cake!"
Meme, a brave person you are to take on a troubled teen. Is this a family arrangement or more of an adoptive one? I really do not know the story behind this so I was just trying to understand the relationship with Ross and your family. I hope things work out for all of you, especially Ross. I'm sure he will appreciate your efforts when he is a happier young man. You have taken on a big responsibility and hopefully it will be appreciated by some.
Mima, I agree with you about the "priviledges" of today. We grew up playing out doors, creating games and riding bicycles everywhere. There were no cell phones, computers or such to whine about having. Our biggest gripe was who got to watch what on the ONE T.V. we had. Most of today's kids have too much given to them and it is never appreciated. I see it everyday with the kids living in my neighborhood...."entitlement attitudes".Need to go back to phase 1 of the South Beach plan. My weight loss has slowed to nothing and I think it is because of the carb servings I have been having. I need to get the issue under control again and will have just veggies, protein and salads for a few days.
Off to vacuumn and wash the floors. Need to brace myself and adjust my attitude before our "houseguest" gets here or I may just tell him to get a hotel room!!
Hope everyone enjoys the day and don't forget to turn your clocks ahead tonight.

03-07-2009, 12:50 PM
I'm here...had stomach problems for awhile and felt really crummy, and the weather was getting to me too! Computer was acting stupid also so didn't need the extra aggravation of turning it is not quite a year old yet, my one son hates Vista and the other one has Vista...I have that. Too many security boxes to close all the time and it kept telling me I was offline when I was online.....see it's stupid! Wouldn't let me post anything since I was offline...arggggg! LOL Took down the final star and rolled up all the cords last night so very sore......sore...sore!!!!!

Joanne...glad you are home and doing better....Happy 76th:) :bday2:

Tammy...I want a new desk too, I have my grandpas pull down DH uses but it is not in very good shape.

Mima....what cookies? I love cookies.....did some baking, yum ae too many!

Kate...sounds like the houseguest from H&!!

Happy...hope the orthotics help...I use mine in any shoe they will fit in. The doc told me to limit my stairs and ladders...not easy here..I'm short!

Meme...what a full plate.....I know how much all your grandkids mean to you! Hugs((()))

Sunny...good job..I want a recumbant bike too stay of my feet I do a treadmill but with two bad feet it is hard.

03-07-2009, 01:02 PM
Didn't think my post would be here..stupid computer did it again...then the page freezes up...and I lose everything.....

Happy Canuk
03-07-2009, 05:46 PM
Hello. Nice to see you back Meme and Candice.

Meme - I wish you well. If LOVE could cure something, he would sure be well. Poor little kid. It's an ordeal for everybody. He's probably in the right place. I know you will give it your all. I also, know you are as busy as always.

Candice - well, you finally got Christmas packed away. Good for you. I wish you were feeling better.

Joanne - I guess they will have to hogtie you to get you to sit still :lol: Just take it slow and gradually build your energy levels back up. Happy Birthday to you. Hope you have a good visit with your daughter and family.

Mima - Hope you don't end up with a whip lash. Getting rearended is not fun, and when you are sitting in a line, you have no where to run. That has happened to us twice now. Fast or slow, it still jars the body.

Kate - If he stays longer than 1 night, then I guess you will have to tell him how it is. Send him packing. Company doesn't bother me, and I enjoy it, but we are all different.

Tammy - I have my new computer up and running and I am really liking VISTA Haven't had any problems yet. Set it up on Monday night. Been busy with loading it. I set everything on Windows Classic and it is just like having Windows 98. Did the same thing with XP. Hated the start menu on that.

My daughter slipped on some ice on Thursday, and ended up breaking her arm, at the top, just below the shoulder. They did the x-rays, gave her a couple of shots of Morphine and sent her home with Percocet and made an appointment with an Orthopedic Dr.. If it needed surgery, they would have done so on Thursday, so I am left to think it is a clean break and needs to heal. Hopefully, she will feel better in a couple of weeks. It is right arm, and she is right handed. Can't drive, and can't work - I am sure she will be going crazy soon!

I am having a mole removed on Monday (the same one I was having removed almost a month ago). I decided to have it removed by laser. He said it was small, round and dark, which is perfect for the laser treatment. One is all it will take. I prefer this to having a knife go at it, as it is on the side of my Nose. I scar really badly, so hopefully the laser is the answer.

Take care, and enjoy the weekend.

03-08-2009, 08:33 AM
Glad you are better, Candice. Hi Anne. Kate, I would have a huge resentment for people that don't buy food or take you out to eat, The most you can do now is not to let it happen again. And forgive yourself for getting into it.
Wewent to the tea-Brad drove us -I was still woozy but better today, It was great, Quiche, scones, pastries, Ate a little of it. Then Joyce won this guge basket with a tea serving etc, She wants me to come back to help her open it.
We are skipping Sunday school-just going to church and come bacl and set up for the art show which is 1-4 and then the dinner. It will be lovely.
But I will be glad when it's over, although I will enjoy it.
Taking thyroid later but getting cramps still. Anyone else take synthroid.
Bye for now Mima

03-08-2009, 11:52 AM
Good morning everyone. Glad to see everyone posting again! Anne, that is a horrible place for your daughter to have a broken bone. I feel for her. I had rotator cuff surgery about 3 years ago and I had a terrible time recouperating. I couldn't imagine going through healing a broken bone in that area of the arm. I certainly hope she gets through it okay. And as far as the houseguest goes....I wouldn't mind the company at all if they were a little more considerate of the financial situation. I have always purchased groceries and "beverages" when staying with people along with offering to do any cooking/cleaning. I feel that if they are gracious enough to let me stay in their home it is the least I can do. That's where I am having such an issue here. Our guest has yet to offer to do any of the above. While his wife did purchase some of the groceries while she was here with him for two weeks, it was hardly enough to continue to provide upkeep for her husband for another two weeks(+) along with the fact that he expects me to provide meals and clean up for him as a wife would. I definitely don't need two husbands! My only hope is that he will want to get back home and will need to get back to his landscape business asap. I am not going to be rude about all this but I will have reservations about future visits from anyone. And unfortunately, nothing has been said about his leaving yet today. Enough of the houseguest issue. I've made my bed, I will have to lie in it. And thank you for the "forgiveness" point, Mima. I have a hard time with that for myself.
Candice, my Vista freezes up my computer when I am using any Windows applications sometimes. It can be very annoying but it only happens once in awhile. I almost think it might have something to do with my DSL service. My computer is just about a year old. I bought it with wireless capabilities in the event my MIL and FIL had to come live with us. I would have rearranged my two guest rooms for their private area. But, they opted to stay in Rhode Island near the grandkids they raised and have since gone into a nursing home. Not the ideal situation for them but I don't interfere with the choices his family makes.
All this talk about skin things is making me crazy. I also have a small black mole over my lip that has been there since I can remember. I just can't think about having it cut off. It isn't odd shaped or anything abnormal but I can imagine it is the first thing about my face people notice. Hey, let's just say it's unique! I'll keep it.
Hope everyone enjoys their day. I need to "google" some directions for our guest....can I only hope here?? I'll check back later...

Joanne D
03-08-2009, 12:35 PM
Hello Everybody . I wrote a post yesterday and see that it didn't make it here.No telling where it went.
Our daughter was here for a couple days and cooked a nice Birthday dinner for me. It was nice to have most of the family here. Although I won't be 76 till tuesday. They all work or live out of town.I got a lot of nice gifts.. I got a lot of lotions and candles. They all were sweet pea.. No one knew what the other was getting so I guess sweet pea is in now.:D Got a new pocket book from daughter and bracelet from the son and his wife.
Meme- I hope things work out with Ross.. Is he in therapy?You always seem to have a plate full.
Mima- You may need to see a Dr. If you have whip lash the other party should pay your medical bill.
Kate- I would never put up with what you are doing with the house guest.. He is taking advantage of you and your hubby. It sounds like.
Candice - Nice to see you back.. Christmas was down and packed away the day after .. I couldn't wait to get it put away..
Happy- Yes it is hard for me to not be in the middle of things.. My sister was having a fit last night trying to get me out of the middle and go sit in living room.. I am just not as up to par as I want to be yet. It drives me crazy..

03-08-2009, 11:42 PM
Meme, keep us posted on how things are going. I know it has to be an adjustment having him with you, but I think you are doing the right thing. Tough love?

Mima, sorry to hear about the accident. Hope you aren't too banged up.

Kate, I think your houseguest has more than overstayed his welcome. I know he left for a few days, but my goodness, this is getting ridiculous! I can understand how you wouldn't want to have any more house guests ever.

Candice, computers can be so frustrating, can't they? Glad that you have the decorations down!

Anne, ouch to the daughter's broken arm! Hope you don't scar from the mole removal. I have one on my back that I want to get checked out.

Joanne, Sweet Pea is one of my favorites! Is it Bath and Body Works? I can imagine that you are going crazy not being able to do things like you are used to.

Here is my latest incident! For the past week or so, I've been dizzy off and on each day. I told Tim that I thought it was sinus crap, and he pretty much agreed, but he thought I should call the doctor. I didn't of course. Well, yesterday off and on all day, I kept getting stabbing pains in my left temple. It didn't last long, and it didn't happen often. Last night I ended up with a longer pain and dizziness. Took my BP, and it was down to 110/60, pulse was 58. That kind of scared me. Tim wanted to call the squad, but I thought he could just drive me to the hospital. Took my BP again, and it was even lower and so was the pulse. I agreed to the squad.

It was an interesting ride to Greenville chatting with the dudes in the back. I was feeling better once they started an IV. At Wayne, they did blood tests (sed rate and others), checked urine, and I had a catscan. Everything came back normal. The doctor told me that he was honestly stumped. He had ruled out all of the "bad" things that it could be.

They gave me a steroid shot of some kind to help with the headaches, and I've only had one short one since the shot. I'm to get a prescription filled, but I'm going to wait until after I see the doctor. I'm calling him in the morning.

We got home about 5:00 this morning. Short night. I have felt pretty good today, only a few of the stabbing pains in the temple. No dizziness. BUT I've slept most of the day, so maybe if I would have been up and around more, things would have been different.

03-09-2009, 08:38 AM
I guess it sounds like a sinus infection. You should get better on the meds.Hope you heal quickly. You did the smart thing.
The Art show was great and so was the dinner. Slept almost 9 hours last night.
I am not hurt bad-I think I would like to go to the chiro.I have so many things wrong with me that it's hard to decipher.
Hope your guest leaves today-and glad your gf helped out some.

Bye for now-Mima

03-09-2009, 11:01 AM
A better and quiet day today ladies! Our guest finally decided to move on after I informed him he needed to go to the store if he planned on staying. I guess he decided to save his money for the casino on the way home instead of buying groceries because he left yesterday afternoon about 4 pm. Hubby and I both had the big sigh of relief on this note....yesireee. So good to have my house back and the "Queenie" is enjoying her "bed" again. Thanks for "listening" to me whine about this, ladies. It did help to vent some....

Tammy, something just doesn't sound right with your headache issue. I never heard of low BP due to sinus problems. And they ran all kinds of tests, huh? I would definitely pay attention to details of how you feel and start jotting them down in a log of some kind. Maybe it will tell a story the doctor can interpret. I do hope it is nothing serious and it clears up soon.

Happy Birthday Joanne! 76 years young, huh? Personally I never aged past 39...that's my story and I'm sticking to it! And like you, couldn't wait to get those Christmas decorations packed away the day after. Isn't that why they call it "Boxing Day" in Canada? At least that's what my neighbor GF told me. She hails from New Brunswick. I'm sure having your family for a few days was a joy for you. I hope you enjoy your special day tomorrow.

Need to have a day to myself this week. Seeing as my dentist cancelled my appointment last week and rescheduled me for this Thurs, I will have to do my day either tomorrow or Wed. We have another friend here from up North but they own their own house a few streets over from us. We are suppose to get together with them Wed evening but it's very hard to plan week day things because of hubby's schedule. It looks like we may not get together with them this time around. Hubby has been working long days lately. Oh well. Maybe next visit.
Off to do some chores. Weather has warmed up a lot past few days. Going to be in the 80's all week. We need rain desperately though and there is none in the forecast. Hope everyone enjoys their day.

03-09-2009, 04:07 PM
Well... we made it through the weekend without too much trauma. The only thing boy did that was extreem was to rip up a perfectly good pair of jeans with his bare hands while sitting in church. Don't ask why ... I did and all I got was that he thought they looked 'cool' like that. He ripped the whole bottom out of both legs ... and I'm not kidding ... all the way from knee to hem. I threw them in the trash to teach him a lesson. He was not a happy camper! :p He also changed outfits on me yesterday morning. We agreed on what he was going to wear to church ... I let him choose. While I was downstairs practicing, he decided he didn't want to wear that afterall. So he chose something else and got dressed. He got in the van and we were on our way to church. I looked over at him and realized he had on a shirt that had big white splotches all over it where bleach had been spilled on it ... it had other spots on it as well plus he had different pants & his old shoes on. I stopped in the middle of the road and asked what in the world he was thinking. He said he just changed his mind and decided to wear that instead. I told him he didn't get to change his mind without consulting me. He started yammering something about how that wasn't fair, yadda yadda yadda. I told him to shut his mouth. I told him I had to sing in a class at church & I was going to go fullfill that duty then he was going home and change into what we agreed on and come back for church. He was so upset because he wanted to go to his class and see his friends. I said, no, you will go to my class, sit on the back row, keep your mouth shut and then go change your clothes. He started yammering at me again so I smacked him and told him he would not speak again until we got to church. We changed the clothes and he learned to do what he was told.


On the plus side ... he went to the altar last night! :D

There is much much more girls ... the half has not been told. Yes it is a 'family affair'. This is my daughter's son. My daughter has had all she can humanly take. I guess you could say she came to the end of her rope with him and the end was in flames. His dad was not being much help, either. Whatever she said not to let him do is the very thing Dad would allow. The last thing he did at home before we got him was to kick his door down. It took both of them to spank him and then they still couldn't do it. He disobeyed his teacher a week ago and got into it with the principle at his school ... it took him and 2 teachers to paddle him. His mom wanted to send him to an academy not too far from here but it was going to be over $40,000 for 6 months and they said that was how long he needed to stay. They simply could not afford that. I guess you could say WE are substituting for the academy right now. Hubby told him if HE had to paddle him he wouldn't need anyone else and he'd better hope that never happened. I told him if I ever got him I'd use a belt and I would not be particular where I hit so there would be no need to hold him down. The bad thing is, school was out last Fri. and today because of a flu epidemic here. We have four days this week and then it will be out for 2 weeks for spring break. HELP!!!

Kate ... I don't do house guests well. You are a good person.

Tammy ... that was scary. Doesn't sound much like a sinus problem to me. Let us know what the Dr. says.

Mima ... Chiro sounds like a plan but you might should have an Xray. I wrecked my van 3 weeks ago ... thank goodness no one was hurt. Whole front end is gone ... parts are going to be in this week sometimes. Supposed to get it fixed first of next week.

Joanne ... take it easy and let people make a fuss over you now while you can. When you get better they'll all have you up waiting on them soon enough.

Anne ... hope your daughter's arm doesn't give her too much pain. Who is taking care of the kids? Sure hope that mole doesn't scar but it shouldn't with laser surgery.

Candice ... hope you're feeling better by now. I hate computer problems. I have 2 stupid boxes that pop-up on mine every single time I turn it on. Drives me crazy. The only way I can get rid of them is to press Alt - Control - Delete. It takes forever to get mine started. I've been just leaving it on because of that.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and I will all of you. I may not be on as much as usual but you'll know why! Love you gals.

03-09-2009, 11:21 PM
My doctor is out of the office until next Monday. The other doctor in the office is taking his patients, but she was booked today. Have to call in the morning to get in. They do appointments the day you call instead of ahead of time. Don't like that much, but what can I do. Only a couple headaches today and no dizziness.

Mima, sleeping 9 hours sounds wonderful!

Kate, so glad to hear that your guest finally "hit the road". I would be so relieved. I agree with you about it not sounding like sinus stuff with the way the bp was. Doesn't make sense. I've kept track of my bp today and I'm keeping track of how I have felt. I am really tired, but that happens alot.

Meme, keep us posted on how things are going! I know it isn't easy.

03-10-2009, 08:55 AM
Happy Birthday, Joanne!!!!!! Sounds nice about last weekend.The chiro is going to take xrays. But I couldn't get an appt til next week. I was hurting yesterday but it was from eating wheat, i only want an adjustment but they have to do xrays. The ins co keeps calling-my daughter does that same job and she says that's what they do.Going to the Red Sox game with my son-take him every year for his bd-we have 10 bd's in the next 2 months. DIL sent me a list of what they all needed-aren't you supposed to wait til you're asked??? My gf keeps telling me that I need to look upon her actions as ignorant-she doesn't know any better. That is true. Getting car fixed tomorrow-we will have a new bumper-other one was already scratched up and a new trailer hitch and a rental car.So-you don't like my diagnosis of tammy. I am sure it wouldn't make her bp go low-guess we will have to wait for the doc-teasing because I like to diagnose. Sometimes I am right like whenBrad had an ulcer.
Meme-my middle son had oppositional disorder and all I could do was make hime face the consequences but it was so hard. He didn't actually straighten out for a long time but he is the best young man-he is going to be 34-now. I learned to let him go and put him in God's hands when he was older.
Not that you don't have to do that now. Prayers for you and your husband-
Bye Mima

Joanne D
03-10-2009, 08:22 PM
Mima -I have had some family send me lists of what they want for Christmas,Birthdays. Ofcourse I asked for them.. Otherwise I can't imagine recieving a list.
Tammy- Sounds like you are having allergy problems. Everything is blooming now. the oaks down here are and effecting just about everyone..
Meme- Sounds like you have more than a hand full to deal with..I hope things get better before they get out of hand..Is Ross on medication?
I try to take it easy.. I think The hubby thinks all is well now.. I am trying to get stronger. I walk more. The legs really hurt if I am on them for any lenght of time.. I guess this is just going to take longer than I am willing to give.
Today I cleaned out linen closet , Went to Walmart , .We went to Chillies for lunch.. I ate too much. I will pay the price when I check my sugar tonight.
Kate When You reach 76 ,39 will seem really young.. I just say 76 young.. Now I am out to walk the dog (pug) for the last time tody.. I can only go a block right now.. I am still slower than I want but I will try to increase a little each week. I am not pushing it too much right now.. I am just glad I can do that much..They were telling my kids a month ago to make arrangements for me if I didn't rally in 24 hrs. So I guess with Gods and Family help I am lucky to just do what I am doing..
Enough about that...
Hello Happy , Candice..Joanne

Happy Canuk
03-10-2009, 09:58 PM
Joanne - Happy Birthday, again. I am glad that things turned out they way they did, and that you are here with us to celebrate that birthday. God has other plans for you. I am glad you are taking baby steps. You may NEVER get back to doing what you did before, but HEY, that's ok. You are here and that is the main thing.

I am sooooo tired the past couple of days. Can't seem to function right. Pain levels are down, because it is cold and dry (-31), but I think it is caused by the big swings in the temps. Be the weekend it will be 34F and then getting warmer as Spring air starts to replace the frigid stuff. My body doesn't like those big swings in temps.

Meme - they still strap or disipline kids in your schools? My goodness, they haven't been able to do that here for years (at least 40 yrs). No wonder kids misbehave so much as there are no reprecussions for their behavior. Parents certainly don't do anything. When I was young, if you got in trouble at school, you got in worse trouble at home. RESPECT (fear) managed kids and there was not all the problems of today.

Mima - Enjoy the Red Sox game.

Tammy - hope you are feeling better today.

I hope you are all doing well.

03-10-2009, 11:14 PM
Happy Birthday Joanne!!!! Hope you saved us all a piece of cake!!

Got into the doctor today. She went over all the test results with me from the hospital, and she agreed that all of the "bad" stuff had been ruled out. I have a prescription for a steroid that I need to take for the next few days. Since I had the steroid shot at the ER, I have only had a few of the headaches, and that was on Sunday. Taking it pretty easy. Still going to the Y in the morning, but not doing all that much. As for the BP, she thinks that maybe it's time to adjust the meds. My regular doctor had reduced the dose, but after Bob died last summer, he upped it again because I was having problems. Might be time to reduce it again. I can get in to see him next week. Supposed to keep tabs on it.

Oh, I'm already up 3 pounds from what I was on Saturday morning. The doctor told me I'd see an almost instant weight gain with the shot, and he was right. I can just imagine what the pills will do to me. I have been eating less the past few days, so I know I really haven't gained the weight, it's the meds doing it.
Joanne, take your time on getting back into the routine. You've been through a lot.

Anne, I've been so tired too. It was up to 72 today, and then it will be back into the 30's in a couple of days.

03-11-2009, 12:03 AM
Tammy ... glad you're ok.

Yes, he is on several medicines for ADHD and mood swing, etc. And as for the discipline, he goes to an alternative school not a regular school. There are two sections, one for special ed. which is where he is and one for dilinquents which is upstairs. But at that school paddling is permissable.


03-11-2009, 08:14 AM
I am surprised that they can paddle-not in MA. Not sure that that is working for Ross but setting limits might, Bobby used to be on behavior modification-he would have to earn his privileges-he didn't care-he would do the least. He will be 34 next week!!!
It was graet going to the game an seeing the Red Sox-a lot of the 8,000 attendees were from MA.
From what you have been through, Joanne, I would imagine it will take time.
I am switching back to Armour Thyroid-halved the one I took before. Sick of the cramps.
Hope the steroids work-they used to give me a dose pack of prednisone for sinus problems. I didn't realize you were already on bp meds-Brad's bp went to 46 because doc was giving him too much med. I would imagine that would make you tired.
Brad has to go to doc tomorrow-potassium etc is too high. Related to diabetes. Probably put him on insulin/
Watched Idol last night. You can see who will probably win.
Anne-I have had so much pain lately. I would be better if I could take more tylenol. I don't see how the methotrexate is working.
Art today-church supper and church tonight-great day. Mima

03-11-2009, 11:02 AM
Good morning everyone. Another fine day here in Florida. Mima, are you near a spring baseball training place? How wonderful you got to see your hometown team play. We have (actually...had) the "Dodger"town training in Vero up until this past year. They moved to another city. Not sure what is going to happen with the stadium yet. They are trying to draw another big team to use it. I really haven't had time to follow all the goings-on in the county lately. I know Indian River County gave a substantial "incentive" payout to Piper Aircraft to remain in Vero but the company has just recently laid off about 400 workers and their new jet production is on hold. They haven't received all the money yet (about 16 million), just 4 million so far. They are not going to be able to collect anymore unless they meet certain criteria. The taxpayers really griped about this whole episode. Just another day in Vero Beach!
Had a wonderful visit with my GF from up north last evening. She has a house about a 1/2 mile from me and we went over to have cocktails. They had brought down some supplies with them from Trader Joe's. I sure wish we had one of those around here. I would think our population would be big enough to put a store in this area but I haven't seen anything even come close to it. Publix only offers so much...not a great variety.
Feeling very tired today. I have been careful about what I have been eating because my weight loss seems to have slowed down. I'm just feeling like I need about 4 more hours of sleep. Maybe I am tossing and turning too much at night....not sure what it could be but I definitely want to sleep today. :dz:
Maybe I will give in and go take a nap. Hope eveyone is feeling okay and will be enjoying the rest of the day. I'll check back in later. Who does everyone think will be the next American Idol?? I missed the show last night but I have my ideas...just want to see what everyone else is thinking!:D

03-11-2009, 11:09 PM
Meme, those alternative schools can be wonderful for so many children.

Mima, I've been on bp meds for probably 9 or 10 years. Once I retired, my bp would go so low, that I was constantly dizzy and almost passing out. That's why the doctor reduced the dosage. Then he upped it again after Bob died. It's going pretty low again, so it's probably time to change again. Were you really tired with the steroids? I'm not sure if my tiredness is from that or just everything.

I don't watch Idol, so I don't know who will win. lol

I'm surprised you don't have a Trader Joe's near you. I like to go and just wander around and look at all the goodies.

Ok. Yesterday I weighed here at home, and I was up 3 pounds. Tonight at the class, I was down 1.6. I told her it had to be wrong. I got off and on the scales 3 times, and it kept being the same. The leader had gained 3 pounds, so she thought maybe I gave them to her!

03-12-2009, 08:57 AM
Funny-my theory is that the pounds have to go somewhere.
It's the time change-our bodies need to adust.
I didn't sleep well-shanged my throid med but watched Idol and had pepsi at church.
I think Adam is going to win but I love danny.
The Red Sox and the Twins are in Ft Myers. and another team is thinking of being here.
There will be a couple of trader Joes opening on the East coast I was told back home./Next year.
Mike's bd is Sat-he wants the triple choc cake that was my mother's recipe. Suzanne is sending one to Afghanistan for Jim's bd.
Our new didning room looks awesome. Got to get new curtains. Bye for now Mima

03-12-2009, 01:42 PM
Hello everyone! A beautiful but warm day here today. Sure wish we would get some rain soon. The lawns are looking very "crispy" right now. Looks like our A/C will be on in the near future. It's about as high in temp today as I can stand it without A/C. I will hold out to the last gunshot though!
Tammy, I sure wish I could give away some of my pounds! I have slowed down in that department. I think I am eating too many carbs even though they are the good ones. I am trying to be extra careful but I also have been feeling very fatigued lately. Maybe Mima is right and it is a result of the time change. I just hope I get some energy going soon so I can something constructive done around here. Mima, did you happen to hear which areas on the east coast they are putting these stores? It probably is closer to Palm Beach or Port Saint Lucie. We sure need something up our way but everything seems to always be too far south of us. The closest one I heard of is Ft. Lauderdale which is about 3 hours south of me. Maybe I will check out the website for Trader Joes and ask them where they will be opening another store....why not, right?
Had my dental work done this morning. Who really wants to go to the dentist at 8 am? It's a mad rush to get out the door that early when you have a routine. Poor Queenie...she got dragged around the block for a quickie this morning and now it is too warm to do a longer walk. She will have to wait until tonight and maybe it will cool off enough to go a bit longer to make up for it. She can be such a "willful" dog at times. Kept us up most of the night barking out her window at everything that moved. A great watchdog but annoying when it's at all hours of the night. I suppose the full moon had a lot to do with it in addition to her nocturnal nature.
Off to get something done around here...I hope. I could end up just going for a quick nap!! That sounds good too. Sure wish my energy level would come back. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day.

Happy Canuk
03-12-2009, 03:05 PM
Hi. We are out of the deepfreeze once again. My goodness, that was a week of cold (-32) and by tomorrow, it will be +6 (44F). These bigs temperature swings are not so good for OA or FM, as with them comes a good dose of pain. However, I will take it, as the winter has been the hardest one we have had in 12 years - COLD, not so much in the snow department. Anyway 44 will feel like a warm summer day.

Kate - glad you are getting some heat now, as that is what you like. The hot to me is worse than the cold. We have a very dry heat here as well as the dry cold in the winter. Treat Queenie nice and go for a little longer walk tonight lol We don't have Trader Joe's here in Canada, but Walmart carries some stuff from there, at least it says that name on the bag! Nuts and dried fruit and I don't know what else.

Mima - I agree that the time change isn't good for normal people, but people with sleep problems really suffer. I am FINALLY awake today. Been over a week of dragging my butt around. When I get that low on energy, I crave carbs and I just eat them. Most times I do get a bit of energy, otherwise I would just not be able to be mobile at all.

Tammy - Good for losing 1.6 pounds. It sure isn't easy to get rid of them.

Joanne - hope you are feeling a bit stronger today as well. One day at a time.

Meme - The girl I used to work with had a son that had all kinds of behavioral problems. He went to special ed classes, but there was a ZERO TOLERANCE at the school and the kid was forever in trouble (well lots of them were, as they seem to have NO control). When he was 12, she sent him to live with his dad as she just could not control him. He did some pretty bad things, when left on his own. Of couse, she had NO control on him at all and would say NO and then let it go. That is just not the answer for any kid.

Hope everybody is doing well and enjoying their day.

Joanne D
03-12-2009, 08:10 PM
Hello Everybody- It is one day at a time... I feel good. My energy level is just not what I want it to be.. I get tired easy and short of breath.. My coumadin levels are holding pretty good as is my sugar . I have to acu check that 4 times a day.. I sometimes have to take insulin.. That I am not happy with.. They have me on predisone which I am hoping to be taken off of in a week or so.. Maybe then my sugar will get stable..
Kate my ac gets turned on at least for part of every day lately.. I can't breath well in the heat.. We live about a mile from the gulf but it is just too warm in the afternoon for me..
Meme- They don't paddle down here as far as I know.. The daughter tells me if a kid gets out of controll they call the parents to come and get him or help get them back in control..Does the paddle work?I hope you can find a solution to help Ross.. This time must be very stressful for you..
Tammy- Every pound counts.. My daughter bought me a electronic scale for Christmas.. I love it.. The Dr's scale is still higher than mine . I go by mine.
Happy- Your warm weather is still too cold for me. Although I would like to see the snow just once.. My pug is not getting as long a walks as she wants ,but, I can only make it a couple blocks at this time..That is one block going and one block back home..

03-13-2009, 07:20 AM
Keep it up, Joanne but don't overdo, We are do glad to have you back,
3 weeks and I will be talking about the cols. I put my ac on in the pm.
We got the car back but couldn;t find Brad's keys-the ones that have keys to everywhere-the church, his cap for the truck. I always take my car keys off the ring, Hindsight is 20-20.
We went to other health store and I got Rice Dream ice cream and cinammon rolls made from tapioca. Yum.
I put my last regular stitch into the cross stitch-now just the trim and the names and date. And the quilt only needs the outside sewing and to be tied, i know when I am home-there will be no time for that.
Walmart to shop for bd dinner. And cards.
Couldn't sleep well last night again-took less thyroid med. today.
Bye for now-Mima

03-13-2009, 11:24 AM
Good morning all. A bit cloudy this morning but it probably won't last long. It's been warm and sunny forever it seems and boy, could we use some rain!! Mima, I haven't been sleeping well past few nights either. Do you suppose it could be the full moon? I did notice how bright it has been last few nights and of course, that makes "her royal highness" bark like mad. I have been feeling lethargic everyday right about this I want to lay down. Definitely something different going on last few days.
Need to get some housework done this morning. Hubby has the weekend off... finally... and I won't try to vacuumn around him. Need to get a few supplies at the store too. We're suppose to go over to my GF house again tonight as they are leaving tomorrow but I just don't feel very "social" today. Hope they won't be too disappointed if I call and excuse ourselves.
Joanne, do take it easy. You don't need to set the world on fire, just get the match lit, okay? You will get back your strength with time and effort. Don't want you to over due and have any set-backs. And just FYI, my electronic scale is 3 pounds lighter than my doctors too! How strange is that?
I checked with Trader Joes and they don't have any stores in Florida yet. They didn't indicate anything starting up in the near future either. They just said "check back to store locations periodically". Guess I'll have to make due with Publix.
Hope you all enjoy the rest of the day.

03-14-2009, 08:13 AM
I heard that info from the man who was checking out my bread in MA.He sounded like he was in the know.
Finally got some jeans last night. I used to buy them in Walmart but theirs have their waistbands stretched out-looks defective. Ones in Ma were the same way. So I pd big bucks and got Alfred Dunner which fit perfectly, including the length,
Gotta bake Mike's cake. Triple chocolate-his fave.
Brad has to vac-he hasn't been sleeping well either.He was supposed to go to church for the handyman team but he's not. Maybe it was the full moon. I slept pretty well.
Well-be good everyone. Mima

03-14-2009, 04:44 PM
Hello Ladies. My name is Diane and I have FM. I was diagnosed 4 years ago after a car accident that happened 5 1/2 years ago. Do you mind having one more weary soul in the land of the fibromyalgia thread?

Have a great day!

Joanne D
03-14-2009, 07:59 PM
Welcome Diane- At one time or other we all are weary soals.. Come on in a share.. We try to help each other when we can.. I just went through a bad month .Feb. Thank to the prayers of Family and friends I am here to say I don't know what I would do without them...
Mima- I have a bunch of jeans that don't fit right either.. Where did you find your Alfred Dunner.. I usuasly get jeans at sears.. Now the 12's are too big.. I will have to try on some 10's,but, I don't like them to fit too tight. They are either too tight /loose or too long. I just want to find a happy medium.
Kate- Most Dr.'s use the old fashion scales. They don't usually balance them or have them checked.. All it would take is 10 pennys on them to see if they are right.They must have had them since they started practice...I go by mine.
Hello Meme,Happy, Candice.

03-15-2009, 02:55 AM
Hi Diane and welcome to the Fibro board. Fibro is the pits. Not only because it hurts like the dickens but because people who do not have it can not see it and do not understand it so they do not believe it is real a lot of the time. It's one of the more complicated disorders and we who do have it are left feeling almost guilty for having it. We feel like we can't really SAY we feel bad because we spoil things for others when we do. Ever feel like that? Yep ... like I said ... it's complicated. Add another disorder or three like arthritis or anemia or any of the other 100 or so 'silent', 'non-killers' to Fibro and you have a cocktail for depression.

And speaking of weary souls ... add me to that growing list. I have had the most perfect day and evening. Dad came and got Ross this morning and they spent the day together. Then he went to dinner with the whole family and spent the night at home. He is supposed to come back here tomorrow morning in time to go to church with us. This is just a 'visit' home. I hope it went well for him. For me it was wonderful; peaceful and quiet. I got my washing done and the house all cleaned up. Hubby and I went to town and picked up a movie and a pizza. Back home to eat and watch 'Lakeview Terrace.' Then a time of :love: 'togetherness' :love: which we had not had in :eek: FOUR WEEKS!!! :eek: In one way I can't believe it's been that long and in another way it seems like 4 years. I want this over with but with his attitude I don't see it ever ending if they are expecting him to change a great deal before coming home. No one can tell the child anything. He has the attitude that he knows everything and he won't listen to anything without an argument ... a HUGE argument. I am tired of explaining and then arguing about every little thing I ask him to do. I've made up my mind I'm going to stop. From now on he will do what I say without an explanation and without an argument. He is grounded from almost everything he has. In order to get back what he has lost he will obey without question. If he does he can regain what he has lost if he does not he can not. Simple and plain. I'm going to make a 'Strike Sheet.' When he obeys he will get a reward point, when he doesn't he will get a strike. At the end of each week they will be balanced. We'll see how he does.

Joanne ... I order Lee jeans from the JC Penney catalog. They are the ones with the elastic stretch sides. There is a piece of elastic (not too big) in each side but they still have belt loops, the side pockets and zipper in the front. I also like the fact that they don't have back pockets ... doesn't make your bottom look so big. They fit the waist perfectly and the leg isn't huge. I love the fit. They come in all colors, too, and are only 24.99. I've got about 7 pairs right now of different shades of blue and some black. I live in them. If you don't have a catalog you can find them at online. Go to jeans and look for Lee brand with side elastic.

03-15-2009, 08:22 AM
Those jeans sound nice. I got the Alfred Dunner's at Anthony's. Don't know if you have one there-

03-15-2009, 08:26 AM
Must have hit the wrong button.
Hi Diane-welcome to the best posting place=Some of us have actually met in person.
My daughter was superthrilled yesterday-she passed the insurance exam for Ct-means a lot for her job.
We had a great bd for Mike, Dinner came out good-especially the cake. Then we went for a walk and everyone tried Evan's scooter. Ouch, my legs hurt-must be good evercise.
Sunday school and church.Glad you had some rest, Meme.
Bye for now=Mima

03-15-2009, 11:59 AM
Good morning everyone! And welcome Diane...a great group of gals to get to know. Between all of us I would say there is plenty of experiences to hear about. Meme is so right about people not understanding the condition. You learn to tolerate the pain so it doesn't make everyone think you are a "whiner". Deep down inside you wish they could walk in your shoes for a day or so just to know how it really is.
I spent the day yesterday lugging potting soil, plants/herbs and patio pots to the screened enclosure and planted everything. Also trimmed my in-ground corner planters,and fertilized them, scrubbed and hosed down the patio and cleaned the pool. Yikes, am I ever sore this morning! Took forever to get out of bed and get walking. I definitely over did it as I had cleaned the entire house the day before. It feels good to have it all clean and tidy but I am paying for it now.
God love ya, Joanne.... a size 10! I haven't seen that small a jean since my early 20's! I'd be happy getting into a size 16 at this point. And I haven't had a pair of jeans on since I sold my motorcycle....just comfortable black loose leggings with t-shirts. That's my standard garb except for special occasions. I live in shorts, t-shirts, sneakers and sandals. I finally got another pound off but need to be more careful about my carb intake if I want to lose more and faster. I seem to have gotten into the rut of eating carbs with almost every meal instead of planning ahead and picking certain carbs to eat twice a day. I'll get back there question there.
Meme, I do hope your family appreciates the effort you and your hubby are putting into having Ross stay with you. It is not easy raising someone elses child, especially a difficult teenage boy. Do try to keep some space/privacy for yourselves so it doesn't burn you out, okay? I hope things work out for all of you.
Hello to Candice and Tammy out there and I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their day. I'm going to do some ironing and fold some laundry....nice and easy for today. Chicken stir-fry for dinner tonight with brown rice. Bye for now...

03-15-2009, 11:34 PM
Hello! I've been kind of out of it and haven't been on for several days. Hope you are all doing well!

Welcome to the thread Diane!

03-16-2009, 07:01 AM
Good morning-tossed and turned all night-having the skin surgery this am-get er done!!!Suzanne called and said she got a raise in the middle of this recession.A 91 year old woman is getting baptized Wed night-I was only 68. It's never too late/Bye for now-Mima

03-16-2009, 12:46 PM
Good morning all. Another warm and humid one here in Florida. We certainly do need some rain soon. Looks like the A/C will be on sooner than we anticipated too. Need to get my tax stuff sent out today and will be picking up our stuff from the accountant's office. Still feeling tight and a bit sore from all the planting the other day so I will wait to prune and clean out the Areca Palm bed that is behind my pool area. That will surely kill me....
Going to count on leftovers for the next few days. Hubby will just have to survive it as I need a few days away from the kitchen. We may have another friend coming down to stay for a few days...she and her life partner are thinking about buying a home here and relocating. I told her she could stay with us for a few days if she needs to come to look at things. She's a great gal and will be no problem at all, I am sure. (Famous last words!)
Spending too much time on the computer lately so if you don't hear from me for a few days, it is because I need to retrain my brain. Need to get more done during the day. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day. I am going to try to get 15 minutes in on the elliptical today...need to start up again sometime!

Happy Canuk
03-16-2009, 09:54 PM
Hello. Hope you have all had a good day.

Diane - nice to meet you, and I am sorry it is because you have FM. Just not a fun time that is for sure. Weary soul is the right word, alright :lol:

I had company over the weekend, had to get my hair cut and colored today, and went and got a few groceries. So exciting is the life I lead :lol: It was a reasonably nice day, still cool, but sunny. When the sun is out, it throws some heat now.

I got a new wireless keyboard and mouse for my birthday (23 March) from hubby. Gave it to me early, as he felt sorry for me. My old wireless mouse didn't work well with Vista. Wouldn't let it go into sleep mode or let it activate the screensaver. This one does and I LOVE the keyboad. I will be spoiled for using anything else now.

My daughter went to the Orthopedic Specialist today, and he said it was a clean break, and it will heal ok. Keep it in the sling, and then for about an hour, just let it hang at her side, and some of the pain will diminish (muscle pain). It will just take time, but he said there was a very low chance of surgery.

We are going to Denmark on the 16 May for 3 weeks - My son, dil, 2 gkids, my daughter, sil, 1 gkid so in all 9 of us. Thankfully we won't be staying with anybody and will be on our own. We have rented a summer house, right on the Fjord. It will sleep up to 14 people and it has an indoor swimming pool, so it will be good for the kids. My gdaughter is looking forward to this trip, as she was with us (daughter and sil) a couple of years ago when we went.

Well, that my news. Meme, keep on keeping on. It is hard to have a renagade in your ranks, but I know you will be best for him.

Joanne - hope you are feeling well and gaining strength.

Hi Tammy, and Candice and Kate.

03-17-2009, 07:44 AM
Wow for your vacation, Anne. A swimming pool in the house sounds awesome.
I was fortunate yesterday-my skin surgery only took a short time-they got it all the first time-especially since it was done before. Wow does it hurt-my eye is bruised and swollen and can't put on my glasses. Supposed to take bandages off today. And stitches out next week. The doc knows my doc at home!!!
It sure is muggy. We had a couple stay with us last year and they bought a place in the park-they didn;t stay long-found what they wanted quickly. Sure sounds like you have a nice house. Kate.
No keys yet. Mima

03-19-2009, 08:21 AM
Wow-no posts . Well=spent 2 and a half hours at chiro-lots of tests, xrays, I have a disc in my neck that sticks out-probably from the bad whiplash 23 years ago. He gave me an adjustment and I am going back next week.
Hope everyone is good. Love this rain!!! Mima

Joanne D
03-19-2009, 10:48 AM
Mima- You got rain!! Send it up here.. We didn't get any. It was gone before it hit the ground.
Happy- Enjoy your vacation.. We haven't gone on one in some years.. maybe this summer we will take a week at the beach.. In North Florida..It is not so crowded there..
Kate- I always said that if a person moves to Florida they always have visitors .. I call it free vacations.. I guess it is nice if you really enjoy them.. I guess I have become more of a hermit as I got younger.
Meme- There may come a time when you will need more help with Ross than you do now.. I hope not.. I hope he doesn't become more aggressive.. Teen agers are hard as it is and if they have a problem it only makes it worse for them and their family.. Take care of yourself.. There is always help out there that doesn't cost a arm and a leg..
Hello Candice, Tammy

03-19-2009, 10:58 AM
Good morning everyone. Happy to see some of Florida is getting the rain we so desperately need. Too bad we aren't getting any of it!! Just 1 hour south of us has had almost 5 inches and here we are with nada...go figure! I wonder if it has something to do with being right on the Intercoastal Waterway? Anyhow, I sure hope we get a share of this rainfall. It's cloudy and dreary looking but nothing yet.
Mima, great to hear you are going to a chiro. They always worked wonders for me. I need to find one in my health insurance network and get back to it. I just hate going through all that pre-care testing again. I wonder if they would take previous xrays? I suppose it is something to ask about.
Trying to stay busy around the house lately instead of being on the computer. I need to go back on phase 1 of the SB diet to get a jump start on more weight loss. My doctor is going to be "crabby" if I haven't lost at least 5 pounds this month. Oh well. At least I'm eating so much better than I ever have before. That must count for something!
Haven't heard anymore from my GF about buying a house here. I do know they are going to procrastinate over their selection but I think they will get one bought before summer rolls around. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what they come up with.
Having a quiet day today. My sciatica was acting up yesterday and I had trouble walking her royal highness. It's better today but i don't want to aggravate it by doing too much. I hope everyone is feeling okay and just busy not to have posted....How's the surgery area on the side of your nose, Mima? Is it healing okay? I hope everyone is enjoying their day.

Happy Canuk
03-19-2009, 12:07 PM
Good morning.

Mima - glad that you are getting some rain. We are supposed to get some today as well, but our's may be freezing rain :lol: It is heading up to a whopping 42F today, so it will be a nice day. glad the chiro is helping you. Be careful with any neck adjustments.

Joanne - it really is so nice to see you here. When I think how ill you were, you are doing amazingly well. We don't leave for holidays until mid May, and we sure are looking forward to it.

Kate - starting on phase 1 is a good idea. That diet got my heart all upset, so for some reason, I can't do it. Had to go to the ER and they told me to stay off it. I have Atrial Fibrillation, and it caused my heart to race - by day 4 it was missing beats and by day 7 I was in the ER. Trying to wean ones self OFF the computer is NOT an easy task.

Hi Tammy, Candice and Meme.

My daughter does NOT need surgery on her arm. It was a clean break, so it just needs to heal. She goes back to see the Ortho in 3 weeks and then will probably start physio. She is still home from work, as it is her right arm, and it is pretty useless at the moment.

Hope you all have a good day.

03-20-2009, 03:23 AM
Glad you daughter doesn't need surgery. The vacation sounds wonderful. I need one of those.

Ross is doing better this week. I've gotten him off all his meds but one-half a pill at night. He takes Omega-3 and Melatonin to help him sleep at night, too. He was taking 3 other pills, though ... got him off all those. He seems calmer and more respectful, knock on wood. Keep praying. I'm going to bed now and get some rest. I haven't been sleeping much and it's beginning to show.

03-20-2009, 07:28 AM
Brad wanted me to get  him some melatonin but he's sleeping more with 1 tylenol pm. Anne-glad your daughter doesn't need surgery. My daughter broke her arm when she was 12-roller skating in the cellar. I have a pic of her next to her new bike-this happened the day before Christmas Eve. We got more rain-sorry Kate. Tomorrow is our Sunday school picnic-don't want it then .All the people around Bobby got laid off but not him. He has a phone interview for anpther dept. The chiro took last year's xrays, Kate. I had had an mri.
Trying to find a neck to knee boy's swim suit for Evan -it has spf protection. Plenty online. That's the latest thing for kids.
Big problem about going out to eat for easter=we can't get there til 1:30 and the brunch is over at 2.
SIL sent us a flag that was on a mission in Afghanistan. Wow!!!
Bye for now-mima

03-20-2009, 10:40 AM
Goodmorning all. Thanks for the info, Mima. I do have several MRIs that were done recently I can utilize. My other chiro, who I happen to really like but does not take any insurances, has my original xray from 5 years ago. It probably wouldn't hurt to have a new one taken at this point. I think that might fall under my deductible but as long as the new chiro will work with me, I should be able to swing it. I was going to make an appointment with a rheumotologist but I have been feeling a bit better as far as the FM goes. I found that the Celebrex wasn't really helping me all that much so I went back to taking the Advil and have actually been doing better with that. Not sure my doctor will be as happy about it, but as long as I am getting relief, the heck with him. Once I start getting regular adjustments again, I should be swinging around in no time!
Great to hear things are going better for you and Ross, Meme. I think it is great you have gotten him off most of his meds. I have found that sometimes the side effects from taking some meds are worse than what causes you to take them! I was very irritable when I was taking the Gabapentin...had to stop it after only a month. I tried it twice and it affected me the same way both times. Sometimes it is better to use alternative medicine. Good for you.
Waiting to see what hubby has to say about direct deposit on his paycheck. This is the second time the company has screwed it up. He's suppose to find out what's up and give me a call. Hopefully he will have both Sat and Sun off this weekend. You never know until the last minute. The company he works for is very large so one would think it would be managed more efficiently....I won't hold my breath on that!
We got no rain at all the past few days while south and west of us got tons of it. Still can't figure out what is up with that but I do know we need some rain desperately. And Mima, I am sure restaurants plan on late arrivals when doing holiday brunches so I wouldn't worry too much about the time limit. The only problem you might have is whether there is any food left. You could always call the restaurant in advance and give them a heads-up.
Hope everyone enjoys their day.

03-21-2009, 05:33 AM
Well this site finally let me log in.....wouldn't let me reset my password or re register....a pain in the butt! ya like vista? I have that and my son hates it....he put something on my computer to optimize it and it deletes all my history so can't auto log in and couldn't find my "note" book with all my sites and passwords so winging it..what a pain on this site.......I had the right info but it would not let me log in!!!!! Finally it did....after it told me it would not. Stupid computer ! LOL I have relatives in Denmark, they send beautiful pics.. you are one lucky gal!

Joanne....I like the Gloria Vanderbuilt can get short too..they stretch all over without and elastic waist..but it stretches..they are nice. I get them on sale at Kohl's in the petites. A 10 wow.......I just wear baggy stuff around here...DH's old stuff too.

Kate...sounds like you did a lot of cleaning and planting....I wnat to get some stuff in pots when it warms up here too. Did drag my rhubarb out of the shed from the old place but never got it planted in ground..ya think it will live in a pot?

Meme....hang in there! Good thing Ross has a Meme!

Tammy..good to see you pop in.

Mima..I need a swimsuit like that to cover my flab!

Hi Diane..welcome

03-21-2009, 07:47 AM
Finally got the swim suit on Amazon but had to pay 8.95 shipping!
Kate, we think alike. I called the restaurant and they said no problem for 1:30 and they keep replenishing the food.
Glad you are back, Candice. I don't want to get Vista.
We went to a Big Band Concert-Food not ok but music awesome. What talent in our church!!! Church picnic today.
Bye for now-Mima

03-21-2009, 12:01 PM
Good morning all! And it is finally raining here!! A nice gentle rain that I hope will green up my lawn some more. I used 2 bags of ironite and 1 bag of turf builder for southern lawns and my irrigation goes on 2X a week (all we are allowed!) and my lawn still looks like heck. I think that last cold spell did it in. Hopefully, this rain will give it the boost it needs. I have fertilized EVERYTHING around here so with some water and sunshine...look out!
Candice, I think there is a setting in your "control panel" through the "internet settings" that will allow you to straighten out that history deleting issue. Vista is a decent operating system but does have a few flaws like freezing up on searches. My computer does automatic updates from Microsoft which I think helps those operating issues sometimes. I do know you can change your settings to hold passwords and history though.
I'm not sure rhubarb will thrive in a is definitely a very hardy ground plant. I used loads of it at my bakery for pies and tea breads. One of our biggest sellers was our strawberry-rhubarb pie. The next big seller which we used it in was bumbleberry pie. Do I miss the business you ask? Yes, I miss the excitement of being in a business but I don't miss those long hours and stressful days of owning a bakery.
My poor Queenie had a little problem last night and this morning. I gave her a "new" treat from her pet supply store and she got the "runs". She knew how to let me know it though and managed to get outside all three times! I took her for a short walk this morning and so far so good. Fed her some boiled hamburger mixed with rice and hopefully that will take care of the problem. Guess we won't give her anymore of those "treats"!
Glad to see the rain today. Unfortunately, hubby had to work today but because it is raining, he may get off early. Going to go make some American chop suey (hubby's favorite) with whole wheat elbows. I usually like to use the pasta shells but I can't find those in a whole wheat version so elbows will have to do. I use more meat and less pasta so I should be able to have a dish of it myself. Need to keep an eye on those carbs you know!
Hope everyone enjoys their day.

03-21-2009, 09:45 PM
Can I join this thread?

I've been diagnosed with fibro for 5 years now. My mom also has it, and possibly my sister but she won't go to the doctor.

My fibro symptoms started in 1998-1999. I had just finished nursing school and lost 3 of my grandparents in about 16months time. Then I was pregnant on top of that. I had my daughter in March of 98 and the symptoms just kept getting worse. I also had a doctor who didn't beleive in fibro. After a few years I suggested it to him and he laughed. Said if I thought I had fibro then all I needed was to see a shrink. Hah! I changed doctors and found a wonderful doctor who helped me out of the foggy black tar I was in. She has now moved and I have a new doctor but now that I know what I have and how to deal with it. Everyday life is bareable once again.

A little about me. I am 31, will be 32 in May. I am married to my highschool sweetheart. I have one child, a daughter who just turned 11 this month. I have lots of pets... An African Grey Parrot, several smaller birds, 3 cats, a dog and a horse. I am a school nurse for a small elementary school. I love to read, garden, play on the computer and being with my family. That's about it.

03-22-2009, 02:18 AM
Welcome to the Fibro board, Beth. Glad to have you. Your story sounds a lot like all of ours. You'll fit right in. Pretty bird. What day in May is your BD. Mine is the 20th. I'll be 62 and have had Fibro and Arthritis (both kinds) for about 30 years. Best advise I can give you is "one day, one situation at a time." I've already lost most of my weight, although I wouldn't care to lose about 10 more pounds.

(How did I get to be this old???????) :?:

I've put on 5 pounds since Ross has joined us ... stress eating!

Candice ... I'm hanging ... in more places than I like to think about! :p

03-22-2009, 07:58 AM
Hi Beth-I have had fibro since I was 30 but got it really bad in my 40's when I was going through a divorce, going to school. and carrying lots of heavy books etc for my class. Glad you found a good doc. I did too-my gp sent me to a specialist right away.
Back hurts-walked too far last night-why don't I know that.
Nice picnic yesterday. Beautiful park in the grounds of the church.Lots of people brought coleslaw.
I can't believe 2 more weeks here. I finished my projects but Brad started a new one. The kitchen. My daughter;s wedding present is DONE!!! I have the frame at home. Bye for now. Mima

03-22-2009, 10:17 AM
Good morning everyone and a welcome Hi to Beth! I also have had FM for about 30 years....had a very good DO family doctor back up north diagnose it back inthe 80's. I haven't had much luck in finding a good practitioner here in my area of Florida that can treat it effectively though. Everyday is a challenge for me but I am getting through it. Losing some weight has helped somewhat but I truly had anticipated more relief from any significant weight loss. We all have our crosses to bear, right? I hope you enjoy getting to know us all.
Meme, I sure hope the stress eating doesn't catch up to you! Just realizing you are doing it is a step in the right direction. I think you should find something you really like/want and reward yourself with for being such an understanding psuedo-mom to Ross. I am sure things have not been easy for you and your hubby lately. You should treat yourself to something special. And talk about about that "arm dangle" from weighht loss? Good Lord, do I need to firm THAT up! Yikes! I can live with the "girls" hanging south, but that arm dangle is getting to me....
Mima, I can't believe it is already time for you to be heading back up north. Are you ready to go back? The weather is still pretty cold up there from what my friends are telling me. While I am not looking forward to the heat and humidity of the summer here, I can definitely say I do not miss the cold weather! Will you be driving back up or do you keep a car here and fly back and forth?
I'm going to have a quiet day here today. The "Queen" is on the road to recovery. She seems to be getting back to normal. She sure does like that rice and hamburger mix! Hope she will go back to eating her regular food after this. I have to admit I do spoil her but she is a terrific dog and deserves it. I hope eveyone enjoys their day. Hope all is well with Candice, Tammy and Joanne. I know they are out there somewhere......;)

03-23-2009, 08:15 AM
Goo good morning-we drive because we have so much stuff to go back and forth. Clothes, tools. pills-Had thought about having an extra car but no-we can't even afford it,
Went to Chinese last night and then to target for bd presents for step grandchildren-they had uv bathing suits so i got them some, Too bad I ordered Evan's online but it is really nice.
Well-going to file today-lots of papers.
Hi all-hope you are ok-Mima

Happy Canuk
03-23-2009, 03:32 PM
Hello, not much new here. Went to Edmonton for the weekend. Had a birthday dinner at my sons and a wonderful cake. My daughter was there as well, so it was very nice. All the little ones make it lively :lol: Today is actually my birthday, so have been busy on the phone.

I think I am with Candice, in the fact that I need to wear steel toed boots. Jammed my poor sore toes into the ironing board foot on Saturday night. I guess that will teach me to get up to go to the bathroom. Anyway it is so darn sore and swollen, I am just trying to stay off it for another couple days.

Welcome to Beth. Sorry you found us because you are not well, but that being said, have made some great friends because of it as well. I don't believe it ever goes away, but certainly, get the stress under control, and you will probably have better days.

Well, off to clean some bathrooms - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!:carrot:

Joanne D
03-23-2009, 08:08 PM
[SIZE="7"] Happy Birthday Happy
I know what sore toes are about... It seems like that mine get sore ,ingrown,. Often.
Hello Everybody .. Welcome to the new one of the group.. Joanne

03-23-2009, 08:50 PM
Hello! I just sat down and read through the posts.
Happy Birthday Anne!!I remember when you went to Denmark before. Beautiful pictures is what I remember most!!

Mima, glad the skin surgery went well.

Meme, that is great that you have Ross off of most of the meds. Keeping all of you in prayers.

Kate, celebrex never worked for me either.

Candice, I have a pair of Gloria Van. jeans. They are almost too stretchy for me. Glad Queenie was able to let you know when she needed to go out after the treats!

Welcome to the new ladies!!

I've been doing ok.

03-24-2009, 04:16 AM

Keep us in your prayers for sure tomorrow night (actually it's tonight now). Going to have 'the talk' with Ross' parents about what we need to do to get him back home ... and I'm NOT looking forward to that.

My Aunt had a stroke last week and is back home now ... I'm so relieved. Of course now I'm worried that she may have another. Seems that's what happens so many times with people her age; as with my mom, and mom died 2 weeks after the second one. My cousin is staying with them (her mom and dad) for awhile now and it's hard on her, too, since she is an only child. Wish I lived in NC so I could help out. But then, how could I since I have Ross? Plus, it's tax time and I have no time to do my taxes. Anyone want to run away with me? I asked my friend the other night if I could come live with her, she said, "depends, are you coming alone or are you bringing someone with you?" I said, "do you really think if I'm smart enough to run away from home that I'd be dumb enough to take someone with me?" :p

03-24-2009, 06:04 AM
Happy Birthday, Anne!!! Sounds like it was a nice one!! Sorry about your toe!!
Had a little scare yesterday-there were charges on a credit card that we hadn't used in a while-all to some Microsoft Ad thing. called Chase and they cancelled the charges and my card-sending a new one. they had tried to call me but only had our MA phone. So ladies-check your cards!! At least it had only happened a few days ago.
Up at 3-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will take a nap when Brad goes to Bible study at 7.
Had IBS all day from the Chinese-no more!!
Bye for now-Mima

03-24-2009, 11:14 AM
Very stiff this morning. I've been fighting a headache for two days now. Last night I took my regular meds, which make me sleepy anyway, plus something for a migraine. In about 10 minutes I was out. This morning I woke up so stiff I can't move my neck. I'm sitting here at my neck trying to stretch it out and keep getting weirds looks. LOL People just don't understand so I don't even bother trying to explain it. Just let them stare, it will give them something good to look at! haha :D

It's a beautiful day here and I plan on walking a couple laps on the track before I leave work. DD loves it when I walk because she gets to play on the playground. I like do it before I leave because I get off at 300 and no one but employees and students can be on the track until 340, so we get the track all to our selves!

Meme- ( I had a Meme, gosh, I still miss her so much!) Sorry to hear about your aunt. Is she able to do anything at all? Makes sure she gets good therapy sometimes that makes a world of difference, but of course it depends on how severe the stroke was.

Mima- ACK! I had that happen a few years ago with Cingular (now AT&T) the punk who took my order for a new cell phone, paid about 4 of his bills with my credit card. Visa investigated and took off the charges. I always wondered if he was charged with anything.

Happy Belated Birthday Anne! :celebrate: Hope you had a good day.

03-24-2009, 12:58 PM
Good morning everyone and Happy Birthday, Anne!! Still 39, right? I'm never going to get older than 39!! Queenie had me up again at 2 am. Something is definitely not sitting right with her. I haven't changed a thing except for those two new treats the other day. I can't believe it would last this long over two little strange treats...but maybe I rushed mixing in some of her regular food last night. Back to the chicken/burger and rice!! If she's not "regular" in a couple of days, I'll call the vet.
Mima, I check my statements every month...always...without fail. While I don't use my credit card much except for my online medication shipments through my insurance, you never know so I always look over my statement when it comes in. My debit card is another story! I use that almost exclusively for everything but I do my banking online with that card so I see the charges appear everyday. I think because the economy is so tough right now, we are going to see a lot more of this dishonest stuff going on. Desperation can make people do terrible things. One of my neighbor's husbands just had his hours cut significantly at work. He's an A/C repairman. They have two kids and no other income. Don't know how they are going to do family to help them out. How would any of you go about offering something like food without making them feel worse? Should I just buy an extra whole chicken or roast on sale and offer it to them? I just don't know how I would present this respectfully without hurting their dignity. Any suggestions? Mima, chinese food will get you everytime! If it was an eggroll or anything fried....that's the culprit. I think it's the oil they use in the fryolators...goes right through you!
Meme, good luck with your talk tonight. I truly hope Ross's parents see the light when it comes to dealing with him. You've set a great example but parenting skills are difficult to master. If a child isn't the number one focus of the family in all respects, nothing will change. They need to focus on his discipline and well being first and foremost and put everything else second. If they can't do that, there will always be some issues. Good luck with it. I'll be pulling for you all.
Beth, not sure what area you are from but I have always had headache problems based on the barometric pressure. If the pressure drops suddenly like before a storm, I can always count on a low-grade headache for a couple of days. I used to get migraines but they stopped being so severe about 10 years ago. That was about my menopausal time too so maybe that helped. I have been reading a lot about this Atlas treatment that Happy (Anne) told me about. Still can't find a specialist in my area for that but they have also recently discovered that the Atlas treatment helps high blood pressure too. Interesting stuff if you have time to check it out. Maybe Anne can post the website again for us? NUCCA? Hope you get some relief from the sore achy feeling....we've definitely all been there!
Off to the store to get more supplies for "her royal highness". Need to cook up some more rice and chicken stuff. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their day. Hi Joanne and Tammy!! Hope you are all okay!!

03-25-2009, 07:52 AM
Meme-hope everything went ok-I really don't know the answers. I sure know you pray.Hope Queenie is ok.
Well-we have 2 sets of people wanting to rent the upstairs. Our neighbor called and said her sister was wanting it-we let her take her in-and then we called the original lady and she's psyched for May 1. That gives us 2 weeks to move downstairs, and Brad needs to put in different heat-
I will not carry boxes.
I get my stitches out this afternoon. It sure looks ugly.
Going to Golden Corral before church. I need to be careful. Bye Mima
Where do you live, Beth, I am in Ft Myers Fl and Westminster. MA

03-25-2009, 11:19 AM
Mima I am in East Tenn. About 30 miles east of Knoxville.
dont' blame ya on not carrying boxes. I wouldn't carry any either, but then I always say that then I do it and end up paying for it later.

My neck and back is still so stiff. i think it was a combination of sinus headache, migraine and planting trees. I said I wasn't going to do much but I couldn't help myself and jumped right in. Of course DH didn't stop me just let me do what I wanted to. Now I am paying for it. I never learn :dizzy:.