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02-18-2009, 10:35 PM
I know weight loss usually ends up with an increase in energy but I feel like I'm a chronically lazy and it's constantly derailing my plan.

For as long as I can remember, I've been a come-home-and-sit kind of person. I was this way at a higher weight and a lower weight and I am now somewhere in the middle.

Right now I only work 8 short hours a day. My commute is about 25 minutes so I'm gone from about 8-5 everyday. At 5 I feel dead and I eat dinner and then want to do NOTHING. Exercise feels like it will take more energy than I can muster. I can't even bring myself to do other things around the apartment, like clean or study or other chores and those all get pushed back to the weekend.

I've tried "pushing through" and working out everyday before work or after and I end up feeling overtaxed. Last night I got home, made dinner & ate it, took a short break and then did 45 minutes of Wii exercise plus a shower. By then it was 7:30 and I felt no energy to do anything and just watched TV and went to sleep at 9:30.

The last time I consistently worked out was when I worked half-days at school and left at noon. Now I'm back to full days and I'm just so tired!

Anyone have some energy-creating tips? Or stories about overcoming low energy (laziness!)?

02-18-2009, 10:52 PM
Activity leads to activity. I either do my workout first thing before work, or immediately after I get home. Do I "FEEL" like it? Not usually.
I schedule it, and do it - regardless fo how I feel. Usually, once I get started, I really get into it and enjoy it.

Find things you like to do. I like my Wii (Wii sports, Wii Fit, My Fitness Coach), DVDs and walking. What do you like?

I DO have a variety of things that I do. I allow myself a choice of WHAT exercise I will do - not IF I will do.
I choose among Wii, walking, yoga, dance, stretchie bands, WATP, weight machine, Tae Bo). Variety really helps me.
The old Nike adage works here - JUST DO IT!

02-19-2009, 12:13 AM
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I am so glad you wrote what you did. I totally relate to you. Lack energy just like you do, like to "plop" on the couch and turn on the television when I get home too.
I will just offer what I do on an irregular basis......my husband and I have started walking aruond our block in the mornings and in the evenings (sometimes I just can't make myself go in the evenings), 6 stretches, 6 yoga poses (same one done 6 times), sometimes 2 minutes of Tai Chi, putting my hands behind my back and pulling my shoulders back whenever I can think of it as my posture is getting bad as I get older (can't remember to do this every day and it doesn't seem to be working well even when I do it), some other leg stretches but only a few. So, as I write this it sounds like I am really "cookin" with this exercising but I am sporatic with it, miss days sometimes, and even when I do any or all I do just a few so Easy Does It and just take it at tiny bite size pieces at a time and on days you don't do it, have serenity anyway. None of us love ourselves unconditionally enough. g

02-19-2009, 01:51 AM
You might want to check that you aren't anemic or have a low-thyroid if you are that tired.