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02-16-2009, 02:08 PM
Hello & :welcome: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

Feel free to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey!
So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke etc. and pull up a chair and join us!

:coffee: :coffee2: :cofdate: :cofdate: :coffee2: :coffee:

02-16-2009, 04:19 PM
Cristina - Thanks for the new thread! Hope you are having a good day and congrats on the ticker!

Sue - It is nice to see you posting and thank you for the birthday wishes 4 Gaby. She is busy playing w/ some new Barbie's at the moment. Hope you are making headway on Mt Washmore! :)

We were going to go home after a quick lunch, need to be home by 3pm....or at least I want to be.....have laundry to get done. Bachelor is down to 3, I hope he sends Molly home tonight.

anyway, talked Gaby into a smaller cake, we certainly dont need a sheet cake if it is just the 2 of us. We were going to go by Albertsons and pick up her cupcakes for school as we head out of town.

k- just wanted to say hello again since I have the computer right in the house and don't have to do the lame library thing.

:wave: to everyone.

02-16-2009, 04:29 PM
Okay, so 3rd times a charm eh?

First... (

Happy Birthday Miss Gaby!!

I'll be back in a few minutes!

02-16-2009, 05:34 PM
Okay, I am back... silly woman...I have talked about Jason plenty, my oldest. I probably don't say his name much, him or DD...use DS or DS#1. I know I mentioned their trip to Canada and then his trip to Miami recently. Just I seem to talk more about DD because I spend the most time with her, and J & C/family because I watch Cambrie...I guess :dunno: :lol: He goes to school, works and is hardly ever home but I am sure I talk of him. Anyway, the pork chops w/mushroom soup was good! I have cooked them in the crockpot before...taste the same to me as being baked in the oven. Yay on the shoes! Hoping Gaby's BD is a fun one!

MINDEE...hoping you and the hubby get some alone time soon. Sorry the friend wasn't feeling well.

SUE...beautiful picture! I love the rays coming thru the trees, so pretty. Can't wait for spring...of course we have had some spring like days last week and tomorrow is supposed to be up to 69! Sorry about the 3 pounds :hug:

SASSY...don't work too hard packing! Ugh, that is something I don't look forward to when and if we ever sell this house!

KATHY...I think you did an awesome job with your walking challenge/goal! I could never do 3 miles in 30 minutes. And :bravo: to the 10 pounds missy! :yay: :woohoo: Hoping the puppy is okay, poor little guy.

FRANCIE...hoping all is well with you...come and chat when you can. :hug:

JULES...hoping you are having a good day! :hug: must be back at working hard.

KATY...hoping you are having a good day!

ASIA...come out and play when you can! :D

MICHELLE...hoping you are having a great day, and hope to hear from you soon. :hug:

Okay, I think I got to everyone, if not sorry.

I've had a busy day today, or rather the time has gotten away from me doing nothing, lol. I think that is what it is. I get on the computer and lose track of time. But in between I do in my exercise, a little over 5 miles...feeling good about that, got two loads of laundry done, the kitchen cleaned...someone is feeling better and starving and left me a sink full of dishes!, had my shower, straightened some and read some. So I guess it has been a busy day.

Had a horrible eating weekend. Was just being a pig. But I am on track today. I am going out to dinner, an early dinner with the hubby when he gets home and showers. It's our V-day dinner. We never go on the actual day...usually do a day the week of. But I was getting over the sickness last Monday, he worked late Tues-Thurs and we never really go out on a Friday, especially Olive Garden so...tonight it is. You probably didn't need the whole story about that tho :lol: Oh well...need to go finish my hair.

Take care all, and I hope you are having a great Monday! :hug:

02-16-2009, 07:31 PM
Well, we had to go out and get my phone fixed......then we went and looked for some dress shoes for Tommy......then we grabbed some lunch, walked around the mall and came home. a lady that Tommy used to work with, that lives in this complex, is giving us a new couch and dresser. so Tommy is going to go over there in a little bit with our neighbor and they are going to pick them up.

I changed my tongue ring took me and Tommy to do it, but it is done. I could do it on my own, but the bar is a little short so I need his assistance in changing it.

my eating really hasn't been the greatest BUT I am still somehow losing weight, so I am not complaining! Must be all the Wii playing! I still want to get a Wii fit for it.

02-16-2009, 09:02 PM
I'm still here!!

Back to work last week and it totally exhausted me. I should have gone back to 8 hrs instead of 12 hr shifts but somehow I made it. I worked Mon, Tues, Wed I had a dentist appt and hair appt and then had a guy scheduled to hang a new foyer light. Went to dance that eve, worked on Thurs and collapsed in bed by 10. I can't believe how little energy I have. Then we went away to the beach for the weekend with friends to celebrate Valentine's Day. Eating out all weekend was wonderful but also left me feeling bloated and full of fluid from all the sodium. My legs are so puffy. I usually don't retain fluid. Gotta work Tue, Thurs and Fri. I had off today and went to Wally World for groceries. I forgot that school was off for Pres. Day and the place was over run with kids. I had good intentions of doing indys tonight but have run out of time. I have to iron uniforms for the week, pack lunch and watch 24 tonight. I check back as soon as I can. Take care and hugs to everyone :hug:

02-16-2009, 09:29 PM

Well I made it through lastnight at work alone. Wow was it busy! In the AM I got totally slammed! I was sooooo happy to see the dayshift girls come in! lol.

I feel about the same today. Girls at work say I sound worse. lol. I feel worse......UGH. I guess just have to get "over the hump" right? Its not in my throat, that was just the 1st night. Its all in my head now and I can't breathe...........UGH.

I kidded with my husband and my coworkers saying I came up with a new diet, just plug up your nose so you can't smell or taste anything! Cuz I don't wanna eat. Lastnight I ate my WW's Yogurt for lunch and that was it. Just didn't want anything else. I should have just packed all yogurt for lunch. lol.

DH stopped to get me some dinner tonight and I can't eat it either. :no: My coworker looked at me and said, "you don't want that, do you?" lol. I was like not But my husband won't let me not eat..........:p

I will be so happy once this move is done with too! We did get the coolest thing at Costco though for our house. Its an Electric Fireplace but it is also an entertainment center too! Its really cool. We have it at my in-laws right now until we get moved.

We have to find a dresser or something. The one we have my mom gave us and we've had forever and its just falling apart. Ikea has one we like but I think its like 2 or 300 dollars and we just don't wanna spend that money right now. So have to get by with something. May just take the one we have I guess. :shrug:

HAPPY BDAY GABY!!! I hope it was a good one!


02-17-2009, 10:40 AM
Good morning!

SASSY...hope you feel better soon. how are you liking the tongue ring?

TAMMY...try not to work too hard, I know that is easier said than done.

Hello to everyone else :wave:

Nothing going on with me right now. Went and picked Cambrie up, just had breakfast and getting ready to start the day. She's watching Diego right now so as soon as it is over I have exercise to do. Getting back on my schedule of doing weights/sculpting on Tues & Thurs...not being doing much sculpting or weights at all and I don't want to lose the muscle I built. It is supposed to get up to 69 today but with the wind blowing as hard as it is I'm not sure it will be so warm so our little walk/bike ride may be out...we'll see. I'll be back later this afternoon when I put her down for a nap.

Oh, as far as an Easter challenge goes...I am going to go with a 3 pound loss :crossed: I hate doing weight loss challenges as I feel I set myself up to fail from the start...put a time frame on it and I might as well forget it, lol. But I am going to try anyway. Only going with 3 pounds because Easter is not so far away!

Hoping everyone has a great Tuesday! :hug:

02-17-2009, 10:56 AM
Good morning. Oh wow, I did indies and then the thread changed. I really did shout out to all of you. :)

Not a lot going on here today. I am still drinking coffee and trying to get warm. Can't for some reason. It is sunny and 26 degrees in our neck of the woods. Brrr.

I am taking Mom to the Dr. this afternoon. We will most likely go out for a very late lunch, early dinner after the Dr. DH won't be here all day or evening, so I see no need to cook a big dinner. heehee. He said yesterday if he was gone Mom and I would eat out every day.....I argued and said "not EVERY day." But he is right. I am burned out on cooking. I have been doing it since I was 16 and that's a lonnnnggg time.

I think I will get time to finish my latest Sue Grafton book today and possibly start another. I have been watching a mama hummingbird feed her babies via webcam, very entertaining.

Talk to you all later. I do want to get in a walk today. (indoors)

02-17-2009, 02:38 PM
Good Morning -

Cristina - ohhhhh, that Jason.....:D, I really don't remember. It is just spacey me, I Thats an adorable picture for Gaby, thank you! I will have to show her next time she is around the compter. How was the Olive Garden? Sounds yummy! I think my Easter challenge will be no eating after 6pm.....starting tonight because last night I was grazing. lol

Tammy - Nice to see you posting, a 12 hour shift would be grueling no matter what to me. Hope you start getting more energy, and take it easy! :)

oops, better get to work!

:wave: to Sue, Sassy, Mindee,Katy, Jules, Francie, Michelle, Kathy and Asia!

Hope I got everyone!

Gab and I had a *cake for 2*, I picked it up at Albertsons last night, just perfect. I am glad I didn't get the sheet cake. After driving 90 minutes to get home I had to hang streamers and blow up make the kitchen area festive for the party girl....we also dashed to Freddies and picked up a Barbie car.......cause she HAD to have one of those.

Watched the Bachelor and was bummed he sent Jillian home. What he see's in Molly is beyond me.....her make up looks gross and her hair looks, so mean. Whatever. I like Melissa, so will pull for her now.

k- time is up...and so is the HAVE to get it back down this week. Been very naughty for the last 3 days, back to my salads now though!

chat more later.

02-17-2009, 03:32 PM
Back again for a few minutes...

SUE...I am the same...been cooking since I was 15...worked in fast food if that counts, lol. Plus at home...just get so tired of trying to figure out what to cook everyone and it is so much easier to eat out. Hope everything goes well at the doctor.

SUSAN...I was wondering when the girls got into playing with Barbies...have bought Cambrie a couple and she liked them for about 5 minutes, lol. This is after she said she wanted one too! Hope Gaby had a great/fun BD!

Hiya everyone else again!

Did my walk and took Cambrie on her bike ride. She is down for a nap so trying to be quiet. Once she is out I am going to do my BL sculpt dvd...haven't done that in ages, and then I am done for the day, with the exercise that is.

Almost forgot Susan, the book I am reading is Love Walked In by Marisa De Los's okay, not great but it sounded good at the time I bought it at the used book of the 10 for $10 ones...can't beat that. Anyway...

Have a great day!

02-17-2009, 05:23 PM
Hello everyone

Popping in really quick before we run the puppy to the vet.

Went and saw Paul Blart Mall Cop last night and we actually had a good laugh. It was good. Made a loaf of raisin bread for DS #1 because he has spent the last 3 days playing DS #2 favorite racing game with him and he hasn't complained about playing with his little brother. Shocked me! Actually shocked me to find out that DS #1 even really liked raisin bread.

Cristina - Oh yeah that Jason :lol: jk I did know about him but I missed somehow that he had been on a vacation to Canada. Where did he go while he was here? He certainly did not pop in to my house for dinner. He would have been more than welcome. The Barbie DD never was into Barbie's, but all her friends at the age of 4 were Barbie crazy. The babysitters girls are 4 and they love Barbie's. Cole likes to play Barbie's also. He wanted one for Christmas, but DH said NO WAY. Then DH said maybe we could get him a Ken doll. I said wouldn't it be better if he plays with Barbie instead of Ken? :rofl: Needless to say Cole did not get Barbie or Ken. DH did let him get the Easy Bake oven that he wanted though. Hope that you had a great walk. I bet the fresh air helps Miss Rugrat nap better. How do you like the BL sculpt video?

Susan - What a good Mom you are to decorate the house for our Gabster. Did you find a Barbie Car? BTW your garbage must have been really heavy if the ex has to sit down to tie it up. :rofl: You have him trained well though if he will still take out the garbage for you. I don't watch the bachelor. Maybe he kept the one so it won't be so hard to choose which one he will make as his final choice??

Sue - I hope all goes well for your mom at her Dr.'s appointment today. :fingerscrossed: and I am sending good vibes also. I have just finished reading a series from David Peltzer. A child Called It, Little Boy Lost, and A Man Called Dave, and there is one more in between that I can't remember the name. It is his Autobiography about his life and how he over came the child abuse he suffered as a child.

Sassy - :hug: Sorry that you are sick. Also having to work alone when you are sick sucks also. What kind of calls do you take? If I was to call in at 2 am because my internet is not working, would I get to talk to you? :lol: I know I wouldn't but it would be nice. When do you start moving? You will have to send us your new address.

:hug: Tammy :hug: My goodness, I am still exhausted after reading what was going on with you and I am not sick, or actually doing all that. Wow....You really are Superwoman. I sure hope that you get some time just to put up your feet and relax a little. Unplug the phone while you are at it.

Mindee - that is great that you are getting some new furniture. Have you heard anything on a new place? I have to say, too bad you didn't have some pictures for us to look at of both of you changing your tongue ring. What a good hubby you have, because mine would not have helped me. In all honesty I think he would have hid my car keys if he knew I was going to get my tongue pierced. He is kind of old school that way.

Ok Michelle - You took the hard step by finally logging back in, now come on out to the kindergarten yard and spend some time with us.

Jules - How are you doing? :hug: Is little man walking yet? Our daring Punkin has decided it is time to start running. It is so funny to see her little legs go. She of course lands on her butt, but she is determined to get it right.

Katy - Did I mention how great your tank top looked on you? I can't wait to be able to wear one. What do you have going on today in your busy world?

Francie - How are you? :hug: We sure do miss you. I hope all is going ok.

Asia - Come out Come out wherever you are!

Well I guess I had better get going. DD took one puppy up to someone in Edmonton today, then there is someone else in the town closest to us that will take a puppy. That only leaves us with 3 more to get rid of. I can't wait until they all have happy homes.


02-17-2009, 06:38 PM
Hi all ..have a few minutes to kill before I have to head up to the bus stop.

Susan - HB to Miss Gaby! Leigh swears being 7 is So much better than being 6, lol! Much agreement on Jillian. She had lots of energy, personality and of course she must be dumped! I think Kathy is right... and DH said the same thing when he caught himself watching it with me last night...she would be too hard to dump at a final two. I get the impression that Jason wants to be the dominant one and is less interested in an equal partnership.

Kathy - thanks for the compliment..I'm still too self-conscious to wear the tank to the gym.. but, put it up on the blog? No Problem!

Cristina - Leigh made a big deal about Barbies, too, then lost interest very quickly. She is way more into Littlest Pet Shop. Makes sense as she loves animals. I need to think of an Easter Challenge. I was pretty spotty on the Valentine's day one, so I need to be more realistic with the next one.

Sue - hope you got your walk in today...and that your mom had a good visit with the doc.

Sassy - good luck with the sound so excited! I'm excited for you.

I know I'm missing people so Hi to everyone I didn't get to!

The girl scout cookies arrives last night. I did indulge to day, but i counted the calories and will stick to a light supper to keep things under control. It put my carbs over 100, but I can keep it under 125. I think that will be my Easter goal...keep the carbs between 100-125. I am doing better at getting it under 100, but I am not consistent. DH and I also a going to have a Lent challenge of doing some kind of exercise everyday. So when's Fat Tuesday? That's when I'm supposed to start right?

Anyhoo...hope everyone is having a great day, I'm off to the bus stop...

02-17-2009, 11:38 PM
Did someone say GS cookies? For several years I have avoided buying any. This year one of our new neighbors asked us if we wanted to order we couldn't be the nasty new neighbors. I think DH has 2 boxes coming. Luckily I hear the boxes don't have many in them these days. :)

Nothing going on here. I watched Biggest Loser and switched back and forth to Idol. DH was gone or I wouldn't have kept flipping the channels. (can't tell him not to if I am going to do I forgot to mention earlier that I was disappointed with the Bachelor last night sending Jillian home. I thought all along that he was into Melissa, but I hoped it was Jill. Actually, he was probably into more than one...oops, did I just say that?

Mom's Dr. sent her specimen away for a culture...whatever that will mean. We will know on Friday. He did explain more about what can be done since she can not have surgery. Nothing sounds like a true solution. We just play it day by day.

I finished my latest Sue Grafton book and started a Patricia Cornwell. That and a little housework was all I did after going to the Dr. Tomorrow is a trip to Hobby Lobby for patterns and fabric then to lunch with mom and DD.

I hope you are all having a great week and have a Happy Hump Day!

02-17-2009, 11:45 PM
my goodness you ladies were chatty while I was away!

we were so busy over the weekend, and then yesterday we had some running around to do. today was a rough day since it is Tuesday.....but they were okay for the most part. Tommy is going to Walmart, and then he will come home and we will more then likely play the Wii for a little bit!

we never did go out for Valentine's day......and our neighbor was going to watch the kids for us on Sunday, but then she got she couldn't do it. she said that when she gets better she will watch the kids for us to go out and go bowling or something.

someone mentioned GS cookies? we ordered 3 boxes each from two of our nieces........I went with the lower calorie option. I was mad that they didn't keep the Cinna-spins that they had last year.

02-18-2009, 01:41 AM
Hi all.

Sickie here. lol. I am getting better though, slowly. I get better while I am at here at work and then I go to bed and wake up all stuffy again. I take meds but I just think it has to work itself out.........:p

Kathy -- We do Corporate IT support. So if you worked for Xyz Corp. and they had support through us, then if your computer broke you'd call our helpdesk and no you wouldn't talk to me unfortunately. lol. I don't talk to end users, I only talk to Helpdesk Agents or Technicians. My job is to make sure your ticket gets worked so your problem gets fixed. Basically they pay me to "Nag" the crap out of people! lol. My team also takes call offs too, so if anybody in our buliding here calls off, we get those calls too and on my shift, we get the most of those.

Thank You all for your well wishes with the move. We begin moving next week. Starting Wed. (2/25). I already have the utilities being switched over to us beginning on the 1st and put in a request for our mail to be forwarded. Just seems like so much to do to move. At least now a days you can do most things online, so it makes it a lot easier.

Girl Scout Cookies......yeah DH ordered some from some people from work. We figure its a once a year thing so we treat ourselves. :o

Well Take Care Everybody!


02-18-2009, 10:47 AM
Good morning...

Trying to get a post in first thing every morning now.

KATHY...Jason (DS#1) & Carrie (DD) took almost 2 weeks and went to Chicago then off to Quebec, Montreal, oh my gosh, I forgot where else...Jason is in LOVE with Canada! This was back in October, right before Halloween. Man, it was a quiet house too! He's off for a couple more little adventures...this weekend I think he is headed to Chicago, spring bring he is headed back down to Florida and then in June-July Mexico with the college...part of his studies. Anyway...yeah I LOVE the BL Power Sculpt dvd! Didn't so much yesterday, lol! I was feeling it! I haven't done it in a while and I need to quit that. On the dvd she says to do it at least 4-5 times a week when getting started, yikes! Don't think so. I never did do it that much...just 2-3 times and I am getting back with it.

KATY...Cambrie I believe is into mostly make believe...she wants to be a princess, a real princess. I have never seen a 4-year-old that is so into her self! She can not pass a mirror or anything she can see herself in without looking at herself. She always ask if you like her outfit, or her hair's ridiculous! Hate to see her when she is older! She's looking at herself right now in the glass insert in the fireplace, lol...messing with her is picture day at preschool. I think that is a good challenge...I should have come up with something else. I want some GS cookies! Waaahhhh! :lol:

SUE...girl scout cookies for you too eh? Apparently we don't have any around the neighborhood :( There were a couple of guys at V's work that had daughters in the scouts that we usually ordered from...not sure they are even there anymore. But no cookies for a couple of years now. And yes, there are less in the packages which is a good thing! Which Sue Grafton book were you reading, can't remember if you mentioned it or not? I have a few of hers I need to read and never did get T.

SASSY...happy moving! Hoping you have great neighbors!

MINDEE...never heard of the cinnaspins...did try the lemon ones one year and those were good. We always stick with the usual mint ones and the shortbread-wahtever they are called. Maybe I can pick up some at the grocery store...they usually set up a table.


I will be back later to check in. Right now I am going to go get the rugrat set up with some work to do while I walk some. Her momma sent specific instructions for picture day, lol...and even sent a curling iron in case the curls fell out before perschool! later...going to grab a walk and get some caffeine!

Have a good day!

02-18-2009, 02:22 PM

Sorry it's taken me a little while to get back here again:stress: I've got so much on my plate right now that I just wonder how some days I make it through them! I am so happy though, I received an email from my older daughter yesterday and she said she needs to forgive me, forget about the past and just concentrate on now. She said she loves me and wants her boys to know me and have me in all of their lives. I have waited for this day to get here for so long and I just sat here crying and crying for so long. I thank ALL of you so much for your kind words of welcoming me back and the support and love you give.:hug: I feel so bad that I haven't been able to address each of you individually yet, but I will be. I had a first time doctor appointment on Monday and she is trying to get me on some meds for my migraines and depression, it can take some trials before finding the right ones. Then yesterday, I had an interview and was offered a job right then so I'm going to take it, it pays almost $3 more an hour and has excellent benefits!!!:D I'll be working as a Senior Technician at a BioLife Plasma Center and I'll be one that will be inserting the needle and withdrawing the plasma process. I'm very excited to be able to get into the medical field and help other's lives. My girls have bought their tickets and they will be coming to Iowa for 9 days in April so I'm so excited to see both of them and the babies too! I know I'll be taking lots of pictures. It's a very windy and stormy day here today and we're supposed to get some freezing moisture later tonight.:mad: Oregon's weather is so mild compared to Iowa and that's one thing I'm still trying to adjust to is the horribly hot summer and now these horribly cold temps and the snow and ice! I promise to check back in here soon. TY again for everyone's kindness and concern and welcoming me back, I have missed you LOTS:):hug:

02-18-2009, 02:46 PM
doing my daily pop in to check in on every one.......

we get the Somoas for Tommy, the shortbread cookies for the kids, and then I got the tag-a-longs for myself. the cinna-spins were the *new* item last year and I was sad to see that they weren't listed on there this year.

Sassy~ Good luck with the moving!!!

Cristina~ They already have the tables set up around us.

Michelle~ It is good to hear and see you back here! And that is so great to hear that your daughter sent you an email. I can't wait to see the pictures from when they visit you!

02-18-2009, 04:22 PM
Well, I am back again.

Got the rugrat off to preschool in her beachy clothes, lol. I told the teachers Charlottes instructions and they kinda laughed, as I did too, lol! She's had her pictures professionally for modeling one too many times! Anyway...she's a cutie pie...or rather sugar butt!

I've got a mile to get done and a few minutes of weights, aiming for 10 minutes of the weights.

Just finished some lunch and I am ready for a nap! The last two mornings I have been waking up around 4'ish afraid I am going to oversleep and cause Josh to be late for work! He went back to work for the guy (a friend of V's) he worked for before he joined the Army, in construction. The guy didn't have much of a business when Josh left and it was basically out of his house...almost 4 years later he has an office/warehouse and 4 trucks! Josh couldn't find anything so he called him up. It's a job so that is good! Anyway, so I am meeting him at a quick trip store in the mornings at 7:30 to get the little one and then he picks her up here after work, when she doesn't spend the night.

MINDEE...must find girl scout cookies! :lol: All this talk and you guys are making me want some! How's your it healing? glad to hear your Dd has come around and wants to see you. :hug: That is GREAT news! Bet you are counting the days 'til they come to visit! Welcome to the midwest!! :lol: I think we get about the same weather here...although, we have had quite the mild winter. Just hope it doesn't mean we will have a late one! Anyway...congrat's on the job too! Good to hear from you.

Okay, guess I better go finish up my exercise for the day. I am liking having it done before Jeopardy so that I can relax the rest of the evening!

Take care all :hug:

02-18-2009, 04:29 PM
Cutie pie and sugar butt are awfully cute nicknames for Cambrie. I am probably doing some mental damage w/ Gaby because her nickname is poopy. lol

anyway, just a fly by for me. My hip is numb and someone mentioned it could be a pinched nerve???? It tingles and if I lay on it too much at night it starts to ache. *wah...

I had my salad for lunch and we have a container of cupcakes in the fridge staring at me. I haven't had 1 yet! I did eat some rye crackers w/ turkey last night after 6pm, so I was a tad guilty over that , I will try tonight to not do that.

k- bbl when I get some errands done! :wave:

02-18-2009, 04:52 PM
OMG SUSAN! You crack me up, poopy :lol: Sounds like a pinched nerve to me...I get it once in a while, not sure why...but for the most part exercising/walking makes it feel better. Stay away from the cupcakes missy! Unless of course you want to share, lol...I want one!

Gonna have to go add a bunny to the easter challenge...too cute! Okay, going to finish up my walking.

02-18-2009, 05:33 PM
popping back in shortly while Tommy and the boys play the new Wii game we got last night with the steering wheel. it is a racing game, and now Logan wants Tommy to race with a school bus!

I think we are going to see if I can switch the balls on my first steel barbell for my tongue ring. I like the one that I have in now, but it feels like it is too short. So, I am going to see if I can just switch the balls around and put them on the longer barbell.

Cristina~ The tongue is healing just fine. It looked like I somehow got an extra flap of skin on it, from when she pierced it, but it is all good. And it doesn't bother me one bit, so I am fine with it.

SuzieQ~ How are you and the Gabster? I am a sucker for cupcakes, so I am surprised that you are able to refrain! I had made heart shaped cookies last Friday and also peanut butter cookies. I just took the last of them over to the office for our friend that works in there.

02-18-2009, 05:59 PM
I am fingers smell like onions from slicing them for my salad. What a lovely scent...should we even wonder why I haven't had a date in months? hahaha.

Mindee- The cupcakes are in the fridge,,,,out of sight and I can't smell them...otherwise I probably would eat one or I did have a slice of the cake, just not much into sweets, I guess. Now if it was a bagel! :D

Cristina - oh sure.....exercise will help my numb butt, figures. I think I will just get use to it. lol Gaby isn't into her looks very much ,must be an earthy child...she does like pretty dresses and shoes and she liked getting her hair washed and dryed at the hair dressers the other day. I call her sweetie too, it isn't always poopy..., and I say it w/ love!! lol Why are you waking up at 4am? That would be horrible, I need my sleep. I was walking dead yesterday at work, I was so tired from the Portland trip.

Katy - I hope Jason picks Melissa! Molly is icky, I can't get past that make up. 7 is so different from a whole year. :dizzy: Gaby keeps insisting she isn't a baby anymore. I have her taking a Saturday Sharks class starting this weekend, she is thrilled w/ being a shark.....because they kill or something like

Sue - Thinking of you and your mother! Hope you are having a good week..and stay away from the girl scout cookies!

Kathy - What breed of puppies do you have? Gaby would love a doggie someday. Raisin bread sounds yummy! And the ex is just wimpy,my garbage is light. Course I am getting to be an expert trash slinger from having to do that at work. Also,he could have sat in the kitchen,,,,,why drag it across the living room! Still pisses me

:wave: Hi to Sassy & Michelle.....

running out of time, need to go get Gaby from school!!

chat later....

02-18-2009, 08:16 PM
Quickie for me--both throat and lung cancer have been ruled out for Mom. We go the the appt a week from tomorrow and get her set up for radiation. Hoping that it is just in those few lymph nodes and the skin cancer and the radiation will take care of it and be done.

Happy bday to Gaby!!! Such a big little girl...Teri has a baby and she's still my baby!!

I will pick up from here, too much to try to catch up at this point from this thread and the last!!! Where have I been...what was I thinking...I can't miss more than a day or I am too far behind and having to read forever!!!

Love you all...

02-18-2009, 11:06 PM
what can I say....I can't stay away from you girls!!

SuzieQ~ I am not one for much sweets either, unless it is a muffin or a yummy looking cookie! Our friend that works here, told me that I shouldn't have given him the whole bag of cookies because he can't stop eating them. I said "well, that is what they are there for." Then he shot back "yeah, well I am trying to lose weight." I said "what weight? you don't weigh that much!" He then said "I am trying to get a six pack and not a six roll." Then he told me that he can't help it because I make delicious which I said "what can I say? I strive for the best."

Jules~ I will be thinking of your mom! Are they going to run any more tests to rule out any other forms of cancer?

02-18-2009, 11:59 PM
Hey Girls. :wave:

Well guess what? I CAN BREATHE!!!!!!! :D :cp: :woohoo: I am soooo happy! And the cold is over with just in time so I can work on packing and not pass out from not breathing AND this is MY Friday! :cp:

We get the keys to the house on Friday (this Friday)!! :D Very cool!!!

Sorry I have not done individuals, but been busy w/ work and then when at home, busy working on packing and getting ready for the move! WHO-YEAH!

I hope you all are doing well!!!!!


02-19-2009, 09:59 AM
Good Morning.....I have a VERY busy day ahead of me at work today. I have a little sticker on my computer here that says "the urge to scream tells me that I am at work"....I just need to focus on being thankful that I do have a job that I like and coworkers that work well together with just minor issues.

My niece had a miscarriage...she is so sad. SIL and I had a major blowup late last year and just have recently started talking again. I am so sad for her.

Mindee--to answer your question, the Dr seemed to think that those two spots were the only other possibilities of where the cancer was coming from. Here's hoping and praying that it is just the skin cancer and that the radiation wil take care of it quickly. I have a weakness for cookies at Christmas, but for the most part I want something salty.

Sassy--woohoo on feeling better and getting keys to your house..Teri is getting so frustrated at the looking process...the one she fell in love with is already rented...If worse comes to worse one of JR's friends has a townhouse to rent to them but it's about 40 minutes from our house and if she gets the job at Citibank she will have an hour drive one way...He's frustrating me a little...he's not willing to compromise and even look at places closer in our direction (and of where she will be working --"fingers crossed") but he wants her to compromise and move to the same city his parents and friends are. I am starting to wonder if she once again got the same type of guy but just one that has a job and pays his share.

Will the stresses ever end......

Well, I gotta get to my work!! Have a wonderful day to you all!!

02-19-2009, 12:14 PM
Hello ladies...

Susan...I have no idea why I keep waking up at 4 a.m....but I did it again this morning, ugh! Then the alarm went off at 5:15. The plan was to get in a dvd in before getting ready to go pick up the little one...HA! Right!, lol...I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep but it wasn't happening. I really hate waking up that early too because I stay up a little late 11:30'ish so that I will sleep thru the night. I love the smell of onions after you slice/cut them up...smells so good to me. I can't eat raw onions though, lol. Driving does take a toll on one, hope your hip is feeling better :hug:

Jules...glad to hear the news, hope they figure it out though, and soon. Funny you say that...I have always told the kids "No matter how old you are, you will always be my babies" Hope Teri ends up with something closer to you guys, espeically since you watch the little one...a hour one way is terrible! Sorry to hear about your neice, that is too sad! Lots of hugs to her :hug: :hug:

Mindee...sweets are my downfall. Not sure at what point I got a huge sweet tooth but I wish it would go away, lol. Glad the tongue is healing.

Sassy...yay to getting the keys early!

Hiya Katy, Sue, Michelle, Kathy, Tammy, Francie, and Asia...why is it I always feel like I am forgetting someone, sorry if I did. :wave:

Not much going on with me today. Picked up the little one and went to Wal-Mart for grocery shopping. took a little over a hour with her...that is why I prefer shopping alone. I didn't even have that much to get either!

Home now, of course, and getting ready to do a dvd then she (Cambrie) wants to watch her movie...Enchanted. Her momma had to buy her a new one because the other one was so worn down and scratched, lol. I'll try to get back later but not sure...maybe when she goes down for a nap.

Take care, and have a wonderful day! :hug:

02-19-2009, 01:03 PM
Good Morning!

118g carbs yesterday. I splurged on a pint of stout at knitting group, or I would have been closer to 100, but I did it anyway. Did water aerobics in the a.m. Easter challenge is off and running!

Cristina - we all loved Enchanted, but don't own the DVD, yet. We'd probably wear it out, too. I would want to sing along to all the songs... You know, I wake up every morning at 4, too. I've been told it hormones, but then again, every complaint I have seems to be about hormones, ugh.

Jules - glad to read the your mom's cancer is not appearing elsewhere. I hope the radiation gets it all. I'm sure it will as it sounds like your mom got on top of it early...always a good thing with skin cancer! I hope Teri can find a place close to you and her mew job...would make life less complicated wouldn't it?

Sassy - glad you are feeling better in time for your big move!

Susan - OK, you are going to laugh but I have Bachelor spoilers - again. I read the Bachelor thread over on Survivor Sucks, and EW also has been talking about this guy named Reality Steve who swears he knows all the behind the scenes dope. I don't ask for this privilege, it merely has been granted to me by the forces of the internet, lol! I don't like Molly either...too much makeup for bungee jumping if you ask me, then to go on about how she just puts her hair in a ponytail, puts on Chapstick and leaves the house? Yeah right!

Hi to Mindee, Francie, Sue, Tammy, Kathy, Michelle, and Asia!

Going to try to get on here daily to post my carbs/exercise to keep me focused for this challenge. Third time's the charm, right? My day is looking to be pretty uneventful. I need to clean house a little, pay bills, knit, stay off Facebook ( lol)....real boring. Have a great day everyone!

02-19-2009, 04:20 PM
I had to pop in to see how you are all doing.....

we are going to do some moving around in our bedroom because we are getting a dresser from a lady that Tommy used to work with.

I made some chocolate chip muffins, swept and mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors, and then had to call the office because our front door handle broke! the office manager sent our friend over to fix it, but it is broken completely, so they had to order the part. thank goodness for having a dead bolt on the door!

02-19-2009, 05:57 PM
Was going to do individuals but I am too pooped...does reading all the posts count, lol?!

I put Cambrie down for a nap and did the Denise Austin's Burn Fat Fast and I swear, it doesn't matter how many times I do is still a KILLER! Ouch! Then I thought since I was warmed up I would head outdoors and do my walk...was too cold for me earlier. So I am done with the exercise! But I am pooped and now time for Jeopardy!

Have a good one!

02-19-2009, 09:38 PM
well, I am putzing around on here and then I am going to go play the Wii for a little bit! Tommy has a lodge function tonight, so I am here while the kids are sleeping.

Tommy talked to our friend that works here, and he isn't sure if they are going to have the door handle in time tomorrow. so, it should be fun to deal with it......although I hope that they get the handle in tomorrow!

02-20-2009, 08:46 AM
Just a quickie for now...I am up bright and early. Actually did get up to exercise before starting the day. Did a 2 mile slim and thin dvd and a short 12 minute walk on the treadmill. Have a sort of busy day so I will be back later to do indies!

Have a GREAT Friday! :hug:

02-20-2009, 09:45 AM
Ugh 150g carbs..but I did go to yoga. Too much late night snacking I'm afraid. Today, I am up and at 'em and off to aerobics. BBL to do indys :)

Have a good one, ladies!

02-20-2009, 10:50 AM
Quickie for is acting up again--why do I pay a monthly extra to Verizon for high speed and security???

Off to the grocery store and need to do my taxes (maybe Ry's to if he got the Washington W-2 they sent to his friends house instead of here...)

BBL for indys (Cristina--yes it counts if you read all the posts!!)

02-20-2009, 11:46 AM
Good Morning Ladies.

Just popping in real quickly also, Have to go meet someone and get rid of a puppy. Yahoo. We have found homes for 3 of the puppies, only 2 left.

Susan they are Yorkshire Terrier puppies. Guinea Pigs make great pets for kids. Small, but not too small, don't eat alot, don't smell, don't bite, and love to be cuddled and carried around. Don't cost alot either. (And yes Cole has actually slept with Murphy and he was still there in the morning.


02-20-2009, 12:39 PM
Morning All. :coffee:

Well today is the Big Day! We get the keys! :woohoo:

We got more stuff packed up lastnight. Our apt is a huge box zone now. We are weaving in and out boxes. lol. But will all be worth it! :D

Jules -- Hey Girl -- I wish Teri lots of luck in a place that is both close to you and her work! I am moving a lot closer to my work and it drops about 20 min. off of DH's commute to work!

Thanks everybody for all the well wishes both to get better (I am now!! YAY!) and for the move. I only have two nights to work next week then I will be on vacation to move! YAY! I can't wait!!! :cp:


02-20-2009, 12:54 PM
Howdy :wave:

Back again for a few minutes...

KATY...Cambrie is watching Enchanted AGAIN! Lol She loves the movie, me, not so much, especially after about the 50th time, lol. Enjoy the aerobics! And I has to be the hormones!

JULES...ugh! Don't even want to think about taxes...thinking we are going to wait until the last minute!Enjoy your day out and about!

KATHY...I would love to have a yorkie! I've always wanted one but was never willing to pay the high price tag, one day I think though for sure! That might be my next dog if I can bear to get another once Ernie Dog is gone. Hope you find homes for them all!

Hello to everyone else.

Kind of in a hurry here. About time to get the little munckin some lunch and get her off to preschool. Then I have to run to the mall and find something for Josh for his birthday Sunday. We are having a BD dinner for him tomorrow though. Changed it from Sunday to tomorrow since the hubby has to work Sunday. And of course I waited until the last minute to shop for him. So glad I am done with the exercise and not have to worry about getting it done later. I think once I get back I just may take a nap...woke up again this morning and told myself "Let me guess, it's 4 o'clock" Ummm, no, it was 3!!! Ugh, so tiring but I will live. Okay, be back later.

Have a good one!

02-20-2009, 12:55 PM
Hiya snuck in there...bye :wave:

02-20-2009, 02:30 PM
Good Morning -

I guess I will settle for getting points for reading, not in a chatty mood for indy's, maybe tomorrow.
I managed to only eat some chicken broth last night and 3 crackers, scale was 145.6 this morning, so I feel better.
I use the same veggies on my salad....mushrooms, green peppers,purple onions, low fat cottage cheese, kidney beans and top off w/ chicken. I don't know why I am writing this again, I guess to imprint it on my brain for all enternity.
Legs are sore from moving furntiure at work so in a pissy mood.

Kathy - You think a guinea pig?? I will see, I just don't want it to bite her and kind or worry about Momo,,,,,,don't want him to like eat

Guess I'll bail and go hide in my hole for a few days. lol


02-20-2009, 03:39 PM
Susan- I like your easter goal...I'm working on that, too..didn't do so well last night. Today is going better. I bought some calms forte and I like it. It works much like the gui pi, but it is alot cheaper and I don't need to take so much of it. I still woke up at 4 am, but I slept through, so that's good.

Cristina - getting up at 4 isn't so bad if I can get to bed by 8 or 9, because my sleep has improved to the point that I can sleep through. It gets really bad if I wake up at 2, then can't go back to sleep. Fortunately I am not doing that as much lately.

Kathy - the pups sound so kids bug me all the time about getting a pet, but I am putting it off for awhile partly due to DD's allergies, partly due to expense. But it will happen someday and a yorkie would be a great dog for us!

HI to everyone else!

Just finished teaching art to my DD's 1st grade class and it was so fun! I drank some real coffee, because I was dragging and now I'm wired since I haven't had that in awhile. Also made it to step this morning, so I'm doing great on the "exercise every day" part of may I need to work on the "keep carbs between 100-125" part. So far so good today. I just finished lunch and am at 55, so I can do it if I keep away from the Girl Scout cookies...

Later, chickies!

02-20-2009, 03:42 PM
well, they fixed our door handle and now we are able to go in and out without any problems!

I have some things to maneuver around, in order to get Marissa's clothes put away. I have some things that need to get put in the closet and take some things out. I also have some jackets in there that I need to have Tommy go through them.

02-20-2009, 05:01 PM, your post sounds like a to-do list. When you're finished there you can come and work around here for me, please, lol. Glad the door knob was fixed.

Katy...good job on the carbs. I wish I could go to bed that early...sometimes I don't get to bed until midnight so waking at 3 is bad. Stay away from the GS cookies!!! :lol:

Susan...sorry you are not in a chatty mood. Hoping nothing is wrong :hug: WTG on the 145.6! Your salad sounds delicious! Well, minus the onions.

Hi to Kathy, Tammy, Sue, Francie, Michelle, Jules and Asia

Okay...I will try and get on tomorrow before leaving the house but not so sure. I have some chicken to get cooked, exercise to get done and a shower before heading out at 11 to Chase's basketball game. Then have to come home and start cooking. I am fixing some chicken enchilada's among other things. It will be almost 2 before we get back from the game and they are coming over about 4:30 I think. Did get to the store and found him something, I think he will like. And that's about all I have for now...take care ladies, and... (

02-20-2009, 09:54 PM
You all have been busy here.
Quick one from me tonight. We are ok and just awaiting more snow. ugh. All colds and illness seem to be gone. Mom is feeling quite good and eating well. *fingers crossed* that it lasts.
DH and I went to Indy to see his sis for a bit this a.m. and stopped for lunch. Hadn't been out a lot lately.
Eating, not good, exercise, ditto.
We are off to LV again March 4th....if all goes well.

"Hi" to you all....

02-21-2009, 10:19 AM
Sue - glad your mom is feeling better. I can't remember, did you find a place to buy on your last trip to LV? Hope all goes well so you can make your trip.

Cristina - have a great day! Hope Chase's team wins their game.

Mindee - glad your door handle got fixed...that has to help you feel more secure. I has this visual of you staying up all night to let Tommy in 'cause you couldn't use your deadbolt until he got home. ugh ... hope that didn't happen.

Good morning to everyone else!

Yesterday was 92g and I did step aerobics in the a.m. I had plans to do yoga/and aerobics this morning, but I am feeling so tired....I just need to pull up my big girl panties and do it, right?


02-21-2009, 10:53 AM
Good morning...

KATY...yes, just pull 'em up and git r done! :lol: You're doing great, 92?! :carrot: I think you can skip a day of exercise. ;) Have a good weekend.

SUE...glad everyone is better. Vegas sounds good right now, I need a break/vacation!

So right now nothing going on...I am up and that's good as it gets right now. I overslept, I guess. I actually did sleep thru the night and didn't wake up until 6 this morning. Had planned on getting up but rolled over and fell asleep. But I still was up at 7:30 so that's not too bad. Got th ebed made, some clothes put away and the chicken in the oven for later. Thought I would just go ahead and cook it before we leave so I don't have as much to do when we return. Baked the cake last night so...I'll have plenty of time. Now to get my butt in gear and get some exercise done...I am dragging and procrastinating...I don't want to do anything! Wah.

Anyway...take care all, and have a wonderful day/weekend!

02-21-2009, 03:37 PM
Good Morning -

Only a second because I am on a break @ work.

Sue - Sounds like you are staying busy! Good to see you popping in and continued prayers for your mother.

Cristine - Hope you have a great weekend! Happy Birthday to Josh tomorrow and I am sure you will have a wonderful dinner tonight! Sounds like fun.

Katy - Not eating after 6pm is really a pain, very hard for me for some reason. Teaching an art class sounds great, good for you!

ok- ran out of time! Sorry.

My leg still hurts, old age I guess.

Gab has her last basketball class today and her swimming will start tonight. Now her father wants her to take horse lessons, so we'll see about that. Social little thing. lol
Did I mention Becky made honor roll?? She did, proud of her, she has really pulled her grades up over the past 2 years.

Weighed in at 144.6 this morning!


02-21-2009, 05:36 PM
well, it is snowing here, and so we are staying home and not doing anything! we played the Wii for a little bit, and now we are getting dinner made. Tommy is making Venison chili. Him and Brandon ventured out to get some oyster crackers and some bread to go with the chili.

I got some new pajamas from Walmart last night! I got a size 2X shirt, and then had a pair of 2X and 3X pants in my hand. I grabbed one pair and shoved them into the basket because the kids were starting to act up. Tommy picked them up and says "I thought you were buying smaller pajamas?" I then said "what did I do? toss the 3X ones in there?" Sure enough I I just put them back and grabbed the 2X I am NO LONGER IN 3X clothes!!

And the way I figure it......when I get to 180 pounds that should put me into either size 18 or size 16 pants.......and then I will be where I want to be!

02-21-2009, 05:41 PM
I will post and bump us back to the top! :D

I meant riding lessons, not horse lessons. Duh. It is $25 an hour and we were thinking of twice a month, or weekly. Depending how much G likes it. Of course she will love it.

Cristina - how was Chase's game?

Sassy - you still moving? I bet the place is going to be great!

Jules - did you get the taxes done? I have to finish mine up Monday when I have off. I get some back from federal but 1/2 of that will have to go to pay state. I will get some $$ to move with but not as much as I thought.........or hoped. lol

anyway - thinking of getting some lo sodium chicken broth to have in the evenings, maybe I won't graze as much w/ something hot to sip and tea just makes me want to dip something into it.

k- break over with

:wave: to everyone!

02-21-2009, 05:43 PM
awww, you snuck in Mindee, yay to the 2x pj's! Ugh to the snow, I want spring and summer to arrive! It is beautiful out today here on the coast, kind of balmy.
anyway, have a fun eevning w/ the family!

02-22-2009, 05:25 AM
Morning All. :coffee:

Well we got the keys to the house on Friday! :woohoo:

The landlord has been working on the house getting it ready for us. He just emailed my dh saying he just bought us a new fridge, that will be delivered on Thursday and also a new dishwasher too! :cp:

We got to show my best friend and her significant other the inside of our house. They liked it. My dh's best friend is going to be staying with us while he helps us move, its easier for him than trying to drive home late and all tired. We're like thats cool. He was gonna get a hotel room and we're like, "uh you can stay with us." lol.

I was supposed to have packed more boxes last night and instead I fell asleep. :( I guess I am just sooo tired from everything.........could not help it. But I have a few hours this morning to get some done............

Anywho I work two nights this week at work, tonight and tomorrow night, then I'm off until March 8th. So I doubt after Monday night/Tuesday morning that I will be online much at all.

So take care everybody if I don't get a chance to say so!


02-22-2009, 10:33 AM
Hey Sassy- congrats on the exciting!
Mindee - WTG on the 2x time you need some new ones you will be even smaller
Susan- boy, Gaby is sure busy...horseback riding sound like fun. I like your chicken broth idea...I may have some in the afternoons when I feel like snacking.

I really blew it yesterday. I did end up walking for an hour...walked the elementary school for a meeting. BUT - I ate some granola and drank a couple of my carb count was 192, boo hoo. well, it felt good at the time, but I did pay for it with bad night's sleep. Today will be better!

02-22-2009, 02:07 PM, Gaby will love the riding lessons. And :yay: to Becky on making the honor roll! :bravo: Chase's game was least it didn't end with a zero score, lol. They really aren't very good at all...they don't want to pass, they don't look up, etc. The other teams they play are definitely getting some practice in...there was a little guy on the other team who was fast and good! But it's nice to go watch them.

KATY...sorry about the carbs. Today is a new day!

MINDEE...good deal on the 2x!

SASSY...happy moving!

Hello to everyone else :wave:

Yesterday was a nice day overall. I didn't get in the amount of exercise I would have liked but something is better than nothing so. Spending time with my family is much more important and we had a great time. Dinner was good, and I enjoyed the day/evening, we had a great time. The game earlier in the day was nice as well...even if Chase's team lost. They haven't won very many games, thinking 2 or 3??? But it's fun to watch the little guys play. Can't wait to see Cambrie play that is going to be fun!

Not much going on today. I plan to get some exercise done today, but not a lot. I need my one free day and I did a little yesterday, not the amount I wanted so I will just do a little to make up for that. I think I got my mojo back! Need to stay on track for sure! Plan on getting some reading done today and probably a load of clothes, or two. Jason weill be home tomorrow and I am sure will have his own laundry to get done. He is in Chicago for the weekend checking out some colleges and doing some fun stuff. Anyway...

Hoping everyone is enjoying the weekend!

02-22-2009, 02:20 PM
Good Morning -

I have to be fast again because it is break time! Sooooooo happy tomorrow is a day off, I think it has taken all week to catch up on my sleep from last weekend, those trips to PDX are a killer! I took 2 calms forte and 2 tylenol pm and actually had a good nights rest.

Scale is 142.6 today! I go up fast and down fast.........maybe it isn't really weight?? Maybe retaining water?? *chug *chug...

The site to that horse place is ..... www excaliburfacility .com if anyone is interested in seeing, whatever.

Cristina- Gab's last basketball clinic was yesterday and they celebrated by actually playing a game. I don't know how many times the girls stopped and chatted w/ each other. lol I am glad to hear the evening went well! :)

Katy - You don't strike me as a beer lady, more wine because you are so refinel lol I like beer in the summer, when it is really hot outside. I have yet to actually make it through an eveing without eating. I stole some bites from G's mac and cheese. Tonight though I will make it to the store for the broth.

Sassy - Happy moving!

I better get back to work. Oscars are on tonight , look forward to that. Beck went out to dinner with her boyfriends family for the fathers b-day. I thought that was nice....the ex finally met the family, Beck has been going out w/ him for 3 or so months. blah - blah...oh, and she was accepted to be an outdoor counselor this year,,,,last year her grades were too low! yay, beck...

k- chat later.

02-22-2009, 03:19 PM
Hiya Susan...

Kudos to Beck! That is GREAT! :woohoo: The horse place looks great! Gaby is gonna love it! I never learned to ride but did have the chance many years ago...I was too afraid of the height, lol. I was quite the weirdo. But now that is something on my list of things to do before I die.

Good job on being at 142! Try not to work too hard missy! :hug:

I am signing out now...was lurking a bit at other threads. Now I need to get something done!

Have a good one all!

02-22-2009, 08:20 PM
Hi everyone

Just popping in to say hello. Now I have to go make some supper as I was sidetracked by the riding stable websites. BBL

02-22-2009, 10:40 PM
well, we took a boring lazy day and did something with it. we had to run to Walmart, our home away from home it seems, and picked up some things. I got the book "Angels & Demons" by Dan Brown.

we then went to Harsens Island for some early dinner and the kids did well.....for the most part. we are going to come back in the summer time and remember to bring the camera because it is just so beautiful out there!

then we came home, got the kids into pajamas and off to bed they went. now we are sitting around the house.....Tommy is on the couch probably watching the backs of his eye lids, and I am on the computer. I am looking for a new myspace background.

SuzieQ~ That sounds exciting! I have only been horse back riding once and that was with girl scouts a loooooong time ago! thanks for the nice comments. I am vowing to myself to NOT go back to those sizes again!

Sassy~ That is so exciting!!!!!

Katy~ I have to agree with you on that one! Tommy has been hounding me about getting new ones because my bigger ones don't show off my butt well enough for him.

Cristina~ I am thinking about getting the kids into soccer when they get old enough. they all love to kick the balls around the house, and actually the other day, when we were at Walmart, Brandon found this soccer ball that he was so intent on getting. Tommy told him that he couldn't get it because there was snow on the ground. So, I am sure that since daddy told him that when the snow melts he can get one......I know Brandon will remember that!

YAY Beck!!!

02-23-2009, 12:54 PM
Just a quick HI for now...I will be back later to do indy's. I am so sleepy and dragging this morning. But I did manage to get some exercise done, and a load of laundry. Speaking of laundry...the washer is beeping away...need to go start another load, and almost time to get lunch for the rugrat and get her off to preschool. Hoping I can stay awake the rest of the day and get in a walk outdoors instead of on the treadmill...we'll see.

Have a good one ladies...I'll be back!

02-23-2009, 02:04 PM
Happy Monday chicks. It is sunny here, but still very cold.
I have put in a full day already: to our local Diner for breakfast, grocery store and took Mom to get her hair cut. Then dusting, laundry and bed-changing here at home.
I have a meatloaf ready to pop in the oven later, so might just get a little reading done this afternoon.

Nine days till our Vegas trip and sunshine. :) We have several places to look at out there and hopefully will buy. I am ready !! DH is pacing the floor he is so restless with this cold weather.

Sounds like everyone is doing well and surviving winter. I will be back later for individuals.

02-23-2009, 03:24 PM
I took yesterday off..we make a big deal out of watching the Oscars every year, so we had pizza and treats in front of the telly last night. I know the carbs were too high, but oh well. Scale was back down to 173 today ( was 177 a week ago). I'm back on track so far today.

Sue - Hope you find something you like in Vegas, I know you miss the warm weather.

Cristina - your day sounds like mine. So far, it's been water aerobics, Costco, and laundry all before lunchtime.

Susan- congrats to Beck and her great report card. Is she looking forward to outdoor school? James gets to go after Spring Break ans he is very excited..maybe Beck will be one of the counselors...wouldn't that be a hoot?

Hi to everyone else!

Nothing much else to report. My various volunteer gigs at the kids' schools are keeping me very busy right now. It's good, I don't like to be bored. Hope everyone else is having a great day!

02-23-2009, 03:51 PM
well, I have started to use that elbow grease and clean the silicone off the window in the boys room. we picked up the stuff in order to clean it, so now I have to get to work on it. I am about to run over to the office to see if they have a razor blade or something that I can use to get it off the window.

I am having some lunch right now. okay, so it is now about ten minutes after all that and I was able to get a window scraper and got the stuff off the window!

02-23-2009, 08:31 PM
I am sooo tired, but I wanted to at least post and say hi!! Dominic spend the night from Thursday night until last night--getting that last one year molar has not be helpful to sleeping....he was up and down every hour to two last's 7:30 and I am seriously ready to go to bed....I don't think I could do indys right now...I know now why I had kids when I was young and didn't need also helped being a SAHM until the kids went to school.

02-23-2009, 09:14 PM
I am back!

Jules~ It is good to hear from you!!! I am sure that Dominic is getting so big!

02-24-2009, 02:48 AM
Howdy Girls. :wave:

Well this will probably be my last post for a while. This is my last night/morning (23/24th) at work and then I start my vacation and moving.

DH measured all the windows and got blinds for all the windows. The landlord is putting them up for us. The landlord also got us a brand new dishwasher and fridge, the fridge will be delivered this Thursday. He said he got a nicer one for us. He also installed a new light in the dining area. Not exactly what I would have picked, but at least we didn't have to pay for it and we can always change the glass part that goes around the bulbs (sorry don't know what they are called -- lol) to create a different look.

Well I suppose that is about it.

C-Ya??? I dunno when. lol.

Take Care Everybody.


02-24-2009, 11:47 AM
I'll be back in about 45-50 minutes. Meant to get on here last night but that didn't happen. But wanted to say Good Morning to all for now! I'll be back! :wave:

02-24-2009, 01:46 PM
Okay, I am back. Had to get a walk in and Cambrie down for a nap. Her momma wanted her to take one before I take her to her work. She has a Dr appt at 2 so things are a little backwards, lol.

Almost done with my walking/exercise...just have my BL Power Sculpt to do when I get back later. I'm wanting to take a walk outdoors too but I feel that is overkill, so we will see.

Did my laundry yesterday but didn't get it folded until this morning. Had a load to do, which is drying right now, so I really don't have anything to do until the rugrat wakes...fix her some lunch and get her to her momma.

I have a new addiction, lol...gsn! I should never go to a site that has games...can't pull me away! I keep saying, "Okay, one more time" then, "For real, one more time this time" :lol: Guess there could be worse things I coul dbe addicted to eh?

SUE...hoping you guys find something this visit to Vegas. And enjoy the trip when you go, just a few more days!

SASSY...enjoy your vacation at home/moving! would be great for the kids, I think they would love it! A good way to run off some of that energy too! Kids always remember everything! Almost everything.

KATY...glad you enjoyed the Oscars. I sometimes watch just to see what everyone is wearing but they burned me out with all the talk of Angelina/Brad and they were expecting them to go at it or something, jeez. I cannot not stand AJ/BP! But I was very happy to hear Kate Winslet won! Good job on the 173!

JULES...come back and chat when you get some rest! :hug:

Hi SUSAN, FRANCIE, MICHELLE, TAMMY, KATHY, ASIA an anyone else reading this! Hoping all is well with you ladies...miss you when you don't post! :hug:

Okay, well, I am off to do something. Trying to be quiet but planned on waking the little one at noon, or by 12:15 the latest. She wants to play outside before she goes and I need to pick up dog poo...such a fun job!

Take care ladies, and I hope everyone is having a GREAT day! Hugs

02-24-2009, 04:22 PM
well, the kids are not napping like usual. But I do have to say that Marissa was napping until I had gone into our bedroom to put some stuff in there.

things are looking much better then they were this time yesterday. a lot has been going on that isn't weight related, and so I have been trying to wrap my head around all of that. and I can finally say that I have gotten some clarity on things, and things are looking much better!

I am also going to try and figure out when we can do Marissa and Brandon's birthday party! I know that we won't be able to set up too many details, even though their birthdays are 2 months away now! And it isn't looking like we will be moving any time soon. Money issues are popping up, so unless we find that hidden money tree, we will be having to wait a little longer to move.

and since today is Fat Tuesday, Tommy is out buying paczki's. I don't like too many of the flavors, so I am hoping that he only gets one that is the flavor I like, and the rest of them repulse me so that I won't be tempted to eat them!

our bathroom sink is almost finished. the office manager wrote up the work order wrong, and so now he has to come back again. he has to order the part and that probably won't be in until tomorrow or Thursday.....which is actually fine because it isn't an emergency issue.

02-24-2009, 04:23 PM
I meant to say that I was 225.6 on the scale this morning before I ate a paczki.

Cristina~ I love to kick the ball around with the kids when the weather is nice, so when the weather breaks here soon (hopefully) we will get them all their own soccer ball and I can kick it around with them.

02-24-2009, 04:27 PM
Hi All!

Yesterday was back on track at 92 g carbs and I did water aerobics. I haven't yet exercised today (and probably won't), but the carbs are good today,too
I decided to take a break from exercise today as lent starts tomorrow and we are trying to exercise every day during lent. hands hurt..been typing all morning, so I'm going to pass on indys and just give a big:hug::hug::hug::hug: to everyone today! hope you are having a good one!

02-24-2009, 08:12 PM
Katy--are you giving anything up for Lent? Sorry your hands hurt!!!

Mindee--I must be dumb...what's a pacski??? When you find that money tree send us all cuttings so we can grow some too!!

Cristina--I am addicted to the fre online MSN games..Cubis, Bejeweled, Zuma...and the list goes on--they relieve my stress!! My coworkers who have fallen in love with WII says I should get one. I'd never get anything done!! Starting my Yoga Booty Ballet DVD's tonight after hubby gets done watching the news...I need to get another tv since we only have one in the house right now--hubby took my spare one down to the garage when his died down there...

Sassy--watch your back with all the moving--so exciting!! Teri has two more lined up tomorrow to go see...

well...hope everyone is having a great night!! be back tomorrow!!

02-24-2009, 11:09 PM
Long day here. Mom had another Dr. appt out of town. We then stopped for lunch, went to Wal-Mart and to take some donations to Goodwill. I never realized Goodwill sold books, so I had fun digging through those but did not find any Sue Grafton's that I need.

I bought a mini trampoline today. They recommend 3 or 4 minutes of work out at first...rebel that I am I did 10 minutes. It is fun and it takes about 3 minutes of easy bouncing to get your heart rate way up. I plan to do 10 in the morning and 10 at night until the week-end and then I will do full blown work-outs. Right now I am just bouncing and walking. I thought this might be easier on my knees and hope I can do WATP videos while being on the trampoline. Anything to get moving.

Jules- That Yoga Booty Ballet looks like a real butt kicking video. Let us know how you like it.

Katy- I am also trying to exercise every day..just to prove I can. I have been so sluggish with all the illnesses and hospital visits. I have to shape up. WTG on the carbs.

Mindee- Hope you get the sink fixed. Glad you feel things are looking much better. Don't know what you have been going through, but it is always nice to hear that things are working out well. Kiddos will love having a soccer ball and look at the exercise you will get.

Sassy- Thinking of you while you are moving. Don't work too hard...enjoy fixing up your new home. It sounds like you have a great landlord.

Cristina- You are doing great on the exercise...keep it up. I am trying to get going again. The trampoline I bought also has bands to do arm exercises. I also have the belt with the exercise bands from I have no excuse to not do something.

Susan- Where are you? You are doing good keeping your weight in your little zone. I don't think anyone could do give yourself some kudos and don't be hard on yourself.

Francie- Where are you also missy?? Hope things are okay and you will come back and talk to us soon.

Kathy- How are you?

Michelle, Tammy, Asia..come back and see us.

I have to call the dentist tomorrow. I chipped a tooth at dinner. Can you believe I bit into a piece of celery that felt like it had a rock in it...I couldn't find anything hard, but it sure chipped the tooth. I guess I need to go make sure the tooth isn't cracked in the back or anything. I don't think there is anything to be done with it, but I will make sure.

02-25-2009, 09:21 AM
Morning All! :coffee:

Well my sleep schedule is back to "days" now. :yawn: DH and I were up at 7 am! :fr: lol. I have my coffee brewin'. ;)

Its gonna be nice being apart of the "living world" for the next week and a half! :D Even if we will be workin' our behinds off!

DH and our friend are going to get breakfast then they are going to bring me something back. I have laundry to finish up.........

Well that is about all from my end.

Have a Great Day! :D


02-25-2009, 10:21 AM
Hello everyone.

Sassy, I am so excited for you that you will get to be in your house. Hope you can spare a little time to pop in and tell us how everything is going. Sounds like you will have a good landlord. Although your landlord is very lucky to have you guys moving into that house.

Sue, have fun with the mini trampoline. Did it come with some sort of workout video? Hope that you are able to get into the dentist today. What Sue Grafton books are you looking for? I have not read anything of hers. What type of books does she write?

Jules, Did our little man's molar pop up? Punkin has the top ones through, but is working on the bottom. Hopefully within the next day or 2 those will be up also. Usually around here, the computer is on addicting games. I really have to moniter which games Cole plays, because there is alot of bad ones, but there is alot of fun ones too. I am however most addicted to Guitar Hero. How is Terri's house hunting going?

Katy, great job on only 92 carbs. How often do you do water aerobics? That is the only thing that I miss about living out of town, is not close to a gym, pool, or walking track. Can't really ride a bike out here either. Are the kids starting to count the days until March break? Cole is crossing off the days on the calendar.

Mindee, is Tommy aLL healed from his surgery? Glad that things are looking better for you. I can't wait for spring and all our snow to be gone...we like to play soccer out here with all of us, and the dogs. It actually requires all of us to be faster than the dog as she will run off with the ball.

Cristina, hope Cambrie's dr. appointment went well. My SIL got me Jillians 30 day shred, so I am hoping to start that today. I figure 70 minutes on the treadmill in the morning, and then her DVD in the afternoon. You are such a good dog owner. I should go do the poo clean, but there is too much of it. Do you and your DD ever have a mom/daughter night out? I was thinking of taking my DD out but don't know what I should take her to do.

Susan, how are you doing? I was flipping through the channels last night and they were interviewing Jillian from the Bachelor, then saying that she might be the next Bachelorette. She said she would definately do it. Did your Bachelor pick his final pick yet? I am going to PM you about the riding.

Hello to Tammy, Asia, Francie and Michelle.

Well I am having a hard time with Cole's teacher at school lately. I don't even want to go in and pick him up anymore. She has been complaining that he is unorganized and doesn't close his locker door, and has a messy desk, and has to ask for a new pencil every day, and so on and so on...Is he like this at home?? He is only 6 for Pete sakes.

Well I must run and get everyone out the door.

:hug::hug:to everyone.

02-25-2009, 11:25 AM
'Morning ladies...

KATHY...sounds like Cole's teacher is anal. Yeah, well, being the human pooper scooper is not a lovely job, lol...and I don't know how I ended up with having to do it. Another reason I have a small dog! Let me know how you like Jillians 30 Day Shred...I've heard so much about it but don't really know anyone who has it.

SUE...sounds like you had a busy day. The trampoline sounds fun! Sounds like something that I may need-soon! I've been having a problem with my right knee and have to be careful. Walking doesn't hurt it, but doing some of the WATP does, especially when it comes to the squats and lunges! How is your momma doing? Hope your tooth isn't bad, ouch! do you like the Yoga Booty Ballet? I saw that advertised on t.v. OMG! Bejeweled is my favorite! :lol: That and there's a big money game and then of course Wheel of Fortune...not sure why they don't have more than one round though. Of course I have/bought Bookworm a while the word games too. How's the little guy doing? I saw the pics on facebook, he is so cute!

SASSY...again, happy moving! And like Jules careful with your back! I swear everytime we moved my back always went out. me dumb too because I have no clue what pacski...I am too lazy to look it up, lol! Hope you got the sink fixed!

KATY...great job on the 92 carbs and getting the water aerobics in.

HIYA SUSAN, ASIA, FRANCIE, TAMMY and MICHELLE...hoping all is well with you ladies.

Nothing much going on with me today, same old stuff, different day.

02-25-2009, 11:41 AM
Cristina I was looking at the piles of horse poo by the fence and someone really needs to do something with it. (Someone of course being me, as no one else will do it.) How many calories do you think I will burn with a shovel and a wheel barrow and a moderate walk across the field to fertilize the trees behind the shop?:lol: Good thing it is way to cold to do it this week. Does need to be done though so the horses don't get parasites.

02-25-2009, 11:47 AM
So far so good on the trampoline. I did 10 minutes yesterday and 10 minutes this morning. I will do it 2 more times today I think. Not sore at all. Yes, there is a video to use with it. I haven't looked at it yet because I am just doing the "getting used to" part. I know it gets your heart rate up in a hurry. My goal by the end of next week is to do 20 minutes twice a day...unless the video says different. I will watch it today and figure it out.

I am also back to calorie counting..ha...going to Vegas next week will slam that, but I can do it before and after. Need to get a handle on the portion control again. I am actually feeling pretty good about all this....I think having the sun shine does make quite the difference about my attitude. Do you notice anything like that? Bleak cold days make me think WTH...ha.

Off to the grocery...does it seem like I am always off to the grocery or doing laundry? It sure does to me. :)

02-25-2009, 12:02 PM
Sue - WTG on the trampoline. It does make a difference when something is fun. Have fun in Vegas. Where do you usually stay when you are there? Is your mom going with you? I need a nice sunny warm weather vacation....

02-25-2009, 02:03 PM
another busy and crazy day around here!

I went to bed at 1:30 this morning because I was too busy reading my book to finish it up so I could start my next one. So, I finally get to sleep, and Brandon woke up crying at 3:36 this morning. I go in and check on him and he is telling while still crying that he has yuckies on his bed. I go in to check on it, and find that he threw up all over his blankets. I get him all cleaned up and back into bed, and back to bed I go. I get back to sleep and wake up hearing him crying 4:33 this morning. I go in again to check on him and he tells me that he has yuckies on his bed again. So, I get him all cleaned up and changed again......get him back into bed, and go back to bed myself. I hear him crying again at about 5:30 this morning and he is crying again.....telling me that he has yuckies on his bed. So, I strip his bed completely this time, and clean him up.....put on all new bedding and he got himself something to wear......and back to bed we all went. I gave him a bucket next to his bed in case he had to throw up again. I hadn't heard any thing from him when the phone rang at 9:30 this morning, so Tommy checked on him and he was still asleep. The only one that slept through it all was Logan......he woke up at the last trip into his room with Brandon at 5:30. Marissa was up for EVERY trip that I made!

and as I type this, neither one of them is sleeping or even attempting to sleep!

a paczki is basically a doughnut that they fill with different flavored fillings for Fat Tuesday. I had a raspberry one this time yesterday, and then last night I had an apple one, but that one didn't agree with me all too well.

02-25-2009, 03:43 PM
Mindee - I didn't know what a paczki was either, but they sound delicious! Hope Brandon is feeling better today.

Kathy - That teacher sounds you volunteer in his class? I try do do that, and it helps the teacher and it helps me see what my kid is like in the class. There could be an explanation.

Sue - We have one of those trampolines, but it is outside for the kids to jump on. I should bring it sounds like good cardio.

Cristina - hope you are having a good day sounds like yours..I get to mop!

Jules - not giving up very Lutheran of me, lol! We try to set personal improvement goals instead and this year the hub and I have decided to exercise every day. So far 1 for 1 :)

HI to everyone else! Hands still hurt so I am not knitting so much to give them a break. I do have a contract that has to get done, so I can't do much about that one, fortunately it's small. Made it to water aerobics this morning. Kathy - I do it twice a week. I started doing it in the deep water with ankle floater thingies and I get a much better cardio workout and it's also a really good leg workout. Much more resistance than in the shallow end. My plan is to do water MW, yoga T and Th, step on Fri. Saturday, I do yoga and floor aerobics back to back. Sunday is up in the air, but my tentative plan is to either do Wii Fit or go for a walk. Wish me luck!

02-25-2009, 03:59 PM
Whew Katy, I got tired just reading what you are doing. Good luck. Yes, the tramp is fun so far, but I imagine like anything it will get tedious. Mine is a 36 inch one with resistance bands also. It has a counter which counts the jumps but I didn't put it on. The reason being when I read the reviews on Wal most people said the counter broke or was useless. So I just didn't put it on. The other tramp I looked at did not have a counter nor bands. Also the reviews had lots of people who bought the mini tramp to keep their kids busy indoors during the winter. I would have never thought of that. "Whatever works" is my motto. This one is listed at $37.77 but in the store was actually $30. I figured it was worth a shot. DH just shook his head...he doesn't believe I will use it ala the treadmill I had to have years ago. He forgets the Body by Jake contraption he saw on an infomercial at 2 a.m. and had to have...only to use for a week and then there it sat. LOL. In fairness we both used the treadmill one winter then I got plantar fasceitus (or however ..) and I quit, so he quit.

Okay...I guess I am gabby. I went to the grocery and it is so sunny and nice outdoors. I am waiting right now for DH to get ready for a walk. I have been wearing my pedometer and even shopping it is not moving very quickly.

Kathy- We stay at Sam's Town because it is a locals place away from the Strip. It is just a few blocks from where we had our home there. We don't go to the Strip much...too much hustle and bustle. We are looking for a place in the same area as before, so will most likely still spend lots of time at Sam's. They give us pretty good comps.

Mindee- Hope Brandon is feeling better. I felt yucky just thinking of all the yuckies you had to clean up. Ugh.

02-25-2009, 04:04 PM
I skimmed the post, I guess that doesn't count?? lol

Sorry, limited time on the computer and I HAD to spend time on the Bachelor board reading the gossip/rumors.

I worked the last 6 days, I was called in Monday because 2 co workers were sick and by Tuesday I was just dragging, too tired to get on the computer at all.

Kathy - thanks for the PM on the horse lessons! The teacher does sound somewhat anal. I was heartbroken this morning when G said she didn't want to go to school because no one would play w/ her at recess. I think these school years are hard on the I just want her to be happy. After breakfast she was fine and went in the school by herself.

Sue- Trampoline's would scare me!

Mindee- :hug: to little Brandon

Cristina - Ick to the dog poo, is this from Ernie? I know. I alsways sound, maybe we should all do a short bio again because I never can remember who has animals, children or spouses.....and I don't even know birthdays! Ugh. Anyway , how is Cambrie today? Hope you are having a good day!

Jules - Did you get rested up? Hope you are having a good day too! :)

Sassy - Happy to hear you got moved ok!

*sigh, sorry that is the best I can do on indy's. I spent 3 hours this morning cleaning the apt and I need to go fix me some lunch now. I weighed in at 142 this morning, so in the range I want to be in....I will try and not be too hard on myself. I still can't get a handle on the eveing grazing, frustrating.
Work is so so.....the glamour of being a cleaning lady has worn, it is just a pain in the behind now.
Look forward to my 3 day weekend after I get Th/F over with......I won't be going to PDX this time. I deserve to just putter around for a change!

k- bbl when I get a chance :wave

02-25-2009, 05:25 PM
thanks ladies for the hugs and nice comments.....

he is doing better now. I am not exactly sure what it was, but he was up and ready to go to school without any hesitations. so I reluctantly sent him in, and didn't get any calls about him getting sick or anything. now he is home from school and he is his normal self. so I am not sure exactly what it was that caused it but I am hoping that that is the last of it!

02-25-2009, 08:11 PM
Mindee--glad Brandon was feeling better this morning..Teri hated to miss school even when she was sick. I don't know if I would like a paczki, I haven't liked donuts since I worked at Dunkin Donuts when I had really bad morning sickness while I was pregnant with Ryan and he turns 24 on April 1 (right before Miss Francie's bday)

SuzyQ--that Yoga Booty Ballet kicked my butt...I went to bed and slept like a non-teething baby!! Poor Miss Gaby..I think those elementaty school years are harder on us parents...the kids seem to bounce back and find themselaves and then get all screwed up again when they become teenagers which is harder on us yet!!

Sue--I used a mini tramp during physical therapy on my knee--I really liked it. I was thinking about buying a treadmill from a coworker but everyone who has one says they don't really use it after the excitement of getting it wears off. I loved the YBB, I got a beginner set with four different workouts plus the beginning instuctions and pamphlets and complete with the ball for under $30 on Ebay on a second chance offer. I bid on several before I got it. I did the sculpt and tone last night, tonight is cardio cabaret and tomorrow night is advanced fat burning. It was really fun though I feel it today.

Katy--when I have problems with my wrists and hands going numb the chiropractor massages the muscle in my lower arm and it really helps. There was a tread up in the community forum about giving things up for Lent so I thought I'd ask. Hope you get through your project without too much pain!!

Kathy--I thought we were done when Dominic got 7 out of the 8 teeth in a few weeks ago...that last little one year molar is giving him more trouble than the 7 at once. All he has left to get of hois baby teeth are the two year molars. Teri liked one of the 3 she saw today and has two more to see on Friday. I hope they get one soon!!! The one she liked is actually a farmette where she could board horses if she had any. The landlords horses are there. It would be fun for Dominic. Ryan had a first grade teacher that I got into with cause she was just plain mean. I cringed when Teri had her two years later but Teri loved her. I agree with Katy, volunteer to do something and see what's going on. I looked at that 30 Day shred--let me know how you like it!!

Cristina--I really liked the first YBB dvd...will keep you posted. My ultimate goal is to do one dvd in the morning before work and one in the evening until it's ligth enough and the paths around the property are dry enough to walk outside. I am trying to exercise more, just counting the points doesn't seem to do it for me.

Sassy--mmm coffeee...I bought some blueberry flavored coffee that was really good. The WW leader says she does the flavored coffees to not crave sweets so much. I got a chocolate one but didn't like it.

Well hubby's new is almost over...gonna go do my day 2!!

02-25-2009, 09:40 PM
ok..I am back..YBB Day 2 kicked my butt...actually day one killed the abs and day 2 had my calfs screaming.....I will probably be feeling this 3 is Advanced fat burning.....I wonder what will be begging me to stop tomorrow....

02-25-2009, 10:48 PM
Howdy All

Well, I didn't go into the school and pick up Cole today, I just made him get ready and come outside. Before Christmas the teachers complaint was that he didn't do anything, just sat daydreaming all day. I volunteered to come in and be a parent helper, and she said that wouldn't help anything. And she does not have parent helpers in the class, that is what she has an aid for in the class. Then after Christmas she informed me that he was a totally different child, doing all his work. Now we are at doesn't pick up after himself, doesn't close his locker door, (neither does half of his class) I just don't get it. Also there is some little boy that is a class bully that punches him everyday. He actually hurts alot of the kids in the class everyday, and I have made an appointment with the principle to deal with this situation. There is a few other parents that are hearing the same complaints as what I am getting. One mom asked her child's speech therapist to go spend the day at school and observe what is going on. She went yesterday, and she said that all the kids (except Mr Bully) are all good normal 6 year olds, and she could not see what this teacher is complaining about. Sorry my vent is getting a little long here.

SusieQ - :rofl: you truly make my day. Actually if Cristina would stop letting Ernie use the neighbors yard, the neighbor would keep her dog from using Cristina grass...:lol: :hug: Sorry to hear that Gaby is not wanting to go to school. I just wish it was easy for the little ones when they go to school. BTW We are so proud of your honor roll Beck. And yes you deserve to have some you and Gaby relaxing time. Enjoy your days off.

Katy - Wow at least you have different activities that you are doing, and that keeps you from getting bored, although you must lose at least an extra pound a week just be running all over the place. So have you done the hulu hoop game on the wii? That is my favorite, not that I am good at it.

Jules - There is a blueberry flavored coffee? Where do you find it at? What is Yoga Booty Ballet? Slept all night long? That in itself might make me try your Yoga. I haven't had a chance to check out Jillian's yet as I can't find the remote for the DVD player. That is our goal for tonight.

Mindee - Glad that Brandon is feeling better. It is hard when they are sick. Does Marissa go right back to sleep? Or did it take a little time to get her back to sleep?

Sue - How did your trampoline workout go today? When we were in LV, we found the strip ok, but of course when you have a 5 year old with you, there are limitations, but we really liked Freemont Street, it was a whole different attitude it seemed.

Cristina - how was your day today? Did you get your walk in? I was watching Extreme Home Makeover and they redid a house in Chapman as the town was destroyed by a tornado. That is not anywhere near you is it? I will really have to go and google that after I am done here.

Hello to everyone else...Pop in and chat with us soon.

:hug: to everyone

02-25-2009, 10:56 PM
I am back!

we get the pictures back tomorrow and I can't wait!!!!!

Jules~ I have been wanting to try YBB. How are you liking it? Is it worth getting? How much was it, if you don't mind me asking? And what all came with it?

Kathy~ I would definitely talk to the principle on that one. I honestly don't know how long it took for Marissa to go back to sleep after the last time. I fell asleep to quickly I guess!

02-26-2009, 09:28 AM
Good Morning!

Yesterday was fair; 122g and did water aerobics...I hope that the daily exercise helps me lose...I feel I've been stuck for awhile; need to bust through that plateau.

Kathy - good thing you are talking to the principal...time to get to the bottom of it. Personally, I think you should be able to spend time in your kid's class..there's always something to do, always a child who needs one on one reading. I get a little suspicious of teachers who ban parents, but that's just me.

Jules - YBB sounds like a great workout..I remember my thighs screaming after a few days of the Wii fit. what a nice surprise :I

Susan - I'm hooked on all the Bachelor gossip, now I'll just HAVE to watch the final rose on Monday. I guess the big drama will be on the second "after the final rose" next week.

Mindee - glad Brandon felt better and could go to school

Sue - Hi ..the tramp sounds like it's working out for way it's going to turn into a treadmill!

Well, I woke up to some snow! Not much, I'll defrost the car before heading out to yoga. Today I get a haircut and I need to clean the house exciting! Hope everyone has a great day!

02-26-2009, 11:20 AM
Mindee--I got it on ebay around $28 with free shipping and here's what I got _HD_DVD_Blu_ray?hash=item310125428472&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1205%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C39%3A1%7C 240%3A1318%7C301%3A1%7C293%3A1%7C294%3A50

02-26-2009, 11:58 AM
Goodmorning all...

Well another exciting house cleaning day around here also. Can't wait to get started on it. :lol:

Jules - Ebay was so much better when are dollar was even with yours. Now we have to add some extra.

Katy - I noticed that all the classes don't have parent volunteers in that school. When my other 2 where in elementary school, they were in the public school system, and was always there volunteering, doing the piddly little stuff that the teachers need done, but don't have time to do themselves...but with Cole we decided to put him in the Catholic school system as we would like a school that could help instill some of our morals and such...

Mindee - Have you left to pick up your pictures yet? I can't wait to see them, I bet they look great.

Susan - Your welcome for the information. I hope it helped you some. People really bond to horses, and it is actually an amazing bond to see develope. DD I think has a natural talent. She found an abused horse that noone could ride and we bought it, and she turned it into a loving horse that we put Cole on now, and she has shown him, and won some good prizes. The whole group of 8 girls that she rode with for years have all got their own horses as well.

Hello to everyone else.

Well I am waiting for 10:00 to hurry up and get here, as I need to go online and get some tickets for the group Celtic Thunder. Has anyone ever seen them on TV? They sound amazing, and we have been waiting for them to come. Well I had better hurry and get started on my cleaning. We are going to see the Nylons tonight. Anyone remember them?

Chat later.

02-26-2009, 12:38 PM
Quick good morning...It is supposed to be sunny and warmer again today. We actually got up to 58 here yesterday. The sun puts a new perspective on life I think.

I did 20 minutes on the trampoline and a 1 mile outdoors walk yesterday and felt pretty good. I watched the dvd that came with the tramp and oh, my. I would love to be able to do it all the way through, but I know that will take some time to work up to. The instructor (female) has an amazing upper body which I am sure she didn't get from the trampoline. LOL. Bet she works out a lot. My goal for today is another 20 on the tramp and an outdoors walk..possibly even bike ride if the wind does not kick up.

I am not joining the Easter challenge since every time I join one something happens that I can't finish. Soooo, with that said I will just try to post my exercise and see where that gets me.

Be back later to see what all you ladies are up to.

02-26-2009, 02:45 PM

I am here, barely. I feel so stressed in the money matters, will I ever move to Astoria?? I can't afford to stay where I am and I can't afford to move :stress::stress::stress:

and yesterday someone knocks on the door and I answer it and omg - it is a sheriff!!! Did I spell that right?? Whatever. And he hands me a small claims from my former landlord because I owe move out cost. And no I never even attempted to pay because I was being charged $600 in carpet cleaning and de fleaing. Whatever. I never had fleas. I bathe!!! :D
I guess from Momo. Being in property management I know you can almost recarpet the whole *amn apt for $600. I could agree to the broken door from what Rachel did and he charged me $140 in cleaning,whatver, I CLEANED. I mean I have been cleaning for 12 years in property management. I even recieved f-ing awards for my cleaning!!

jk......but I bet I would have if there was such a thing.

anyway- so I never paid and the cost is now up to $1000 for all his f-ing filing fee's. So, I called and offered to pay because court scares the crap out of me (it's true.....not a pretty site and I guess I kind of smell too........jk, trying to get some stress released w/ humor!! )

The landlord FINALLY called back this morning and asked what I proposed in regards to a payment agreement and I agreed to $120 a month and he said ok. Actually he was pretty nice about it and bad me for not taking care of it back in Sept but w/ my unemployment about to end and only having a 20 hours a week motel job I was holding on to all the $$ I had.

What does this have to do w/ weight?? I just was sooooooo stressed yesterday I ate 2 bags of organic chocolate cookies and a bagel w/ cream cheese.

*sigh.....and it is very depressing watching the, I watch sponge bob w/ Gaby. lol

who btw is fine,she was happy as a clam this morning going to school and I am happy w/ an agreement and not going to court and I DO have a job and I will have medical as soon as March gets here. I just will have to scale back (even more) and maybe only make 1 trip in a month to see the girls....because truthfully I can easily drop a $100 a, that is $200 right, I will be fine. I always think the worst and torture myself on that. lol

So, ya............. :wave: good morning!!!

Jules - Barf to blueberry coffee! That is just wrong. lol I am glad you have gotten caught up on your rest!! :hug:

Kathy- I haven't heard of the Nylons, but I have Celtic Thunder, my mom wanted to go see them. :hug: to little Cole.

Katy- I need a haircut but I can't afford one. lmbo ......we had a 2 hour delay for school this morning. I took Gaby to Freddies and she wanted a toy and I said no....I did get my 1.75 grande but think if I stopped that that will save me at least 40 a month right there! Living for Monday night now and the Bachelor, sad,,,,huh? lol

Sue - I am not doing very good on the Easter challenge but it is kind of fun seeing how much I am failing on I did pretty good last night though,,,,,I just went to bed at 6pm , that solved that problem of the late eating!:carrot:

oops, better get to work! I have to get my uniform and all.....better scoot.

hi to everyone else!!! :wave:

02-26-2009, 04:50 PM
Hello ladies...

I read all the posts and promise to catch up tomorrow...just too pooped right now and feeling blah. I enjoy days where I am busy but sometimes I just want to sit and be lazy allllll day! By myself!

Hugs to all who need them and I will chat more tomorrow.

Take care, and try and have a good day! :hug:

02-26-2009, 05:02 PM
Susan - :hug: :hug: :grouphug: I am sorry that you are going through that. Glad that the landlord was nice when you talked to him. And yes there is awards for least for hotels, motels and such. So I know that you would receive an award...
I am glad that Gaby was happy to go to school. Cole is happy that Grandpa is picking him up after school today. The Nylon's were most famous for The Lion Sleeps Tonight.
Oh Sue you are so lucky. I would love 58 degree weather. Then I could do more outside. Hope that you get a walk in.
Ok I must run. Got my Celtic Thunder tickets.

02-26-2009, 09:54 PM
well, we went and got the pictures! they turned out so fricken awesome!!! I will have to take a picture of the walls once we are done putting them up! we are going to go back and get the picture disk on another day..........then I will be able to have them on the computer!

we were looking at getting some MP3 players for me an Tommy. he goes in the morning to get his stuff put into the car, and I get to sit at home and wait for the bug guy to show up to spray around our sink again for ants! then it will be off to school for Brandon and hopefully Marissa and Logan will nap!

we were out and about today at nap time, so it was an early bedtime for them. (however Marissa is still protesting, but I will take her in some milk here in a minute) Logan threw up in his room at one point right before I got him up. Then he was sitting on the couch and threw up a second time. (I spent all afternoon in the laundry room yesterday, and proceeded to do it again today!)

although, I do have to say, I went through my clothes and got rid of ALL the clothes that are too big for me!!!!

02-27-2009, 10:23 AM
I have to say YBB is a little new agey, but I have found most yoga type workouts are. Day 3 was advanced fat burning. I will have to look what I do today when Dominic goes down for his afternoon nap. Heaven forbid Hubby or Teri do something with him so I can workout....they both just say that he wants me....

I was going to go back and add more to my post yesterday but hubby wanted to go ahead and run our errands and then we stopped to eat at a new little Mexican place I got a chicken taco salad with black beans--it was really good. We drove the long scenic way home and then I had to go meet my Mom and brother for her appt. We got some bad news, it's more serious than we first thought, but they are hopeful since the cancer seems to be just in the one area, but the tumors are definitely growing fast. They are going to be agressively treating it with radiation for 5 days a week for the next 4 to 6 weeks and one dose of chemo mix it one day a week to start. We were all kind of shocked when chemo was mentioned. Please keep her oin your prayers.

Mindee--so sorry to hear Logan is sick now...Woohoo on having clothes that are too big!!

Kathy--they have some different flavored cofees at the grcoery store I go to. The WW leader said she liked a coconut coffee at a local coffeehouse chain called the Daily Grind. I stopped in but they were out. I would like to try it before I bought it though. I ended up hating the chocolate flavored one. The place Ry works had a blueberry one that is even better than the brand I got. This summer Cheap Trick, Def Leppard and Poison are playing together--I would love to get tickets to see that one...

Susie--the blueberry flavored coffee is zero points if you are adding skim milk and splenda. It's actually good. Though I love my chai lattes....Sorry about the money trouble. I am feeling it too. I got hit with a few extra things this month--so much for keeping to my budget plan.....the more I try to get things completely paid off the more other problems crop up...we all just need to win the lottery...or you could find a sugar daddy...mine is definitely not one..he spends all his money on car and motorcycle stuff...and he is definitely not sweet as sugar...

Sue--it was warm here too does help the blues and blahs to know that spring is going to be here soon...keep up the good work on the exercising!!

Katy--i am feeling it most in my abs, but i am more energetic. How's the hands feeling?

Cristina--hope all is well with you.

Sassy--hope your move is going well..

Francie and Asia and Tammy--come back with us

I am not going to do the Easter challenge with mom statring her treatment a week from Monday.

02-27-2009, 11:27 AM
Jules...Prayers, love and lots of hugs for you and your mom. I was sorry to hear that she has to do the chemo, but hopeful that will take care of it. Did you sat this started as skin cancer? I will continue to send good vibes and prayers your way.

I am on a fast track this morning, off to eat lunch with DD and mom for mom's birthday. She is a leap year baby, with no actual BD this year, so we are just celebrating as we see fit. Ha... Se will be 81 years old and we are so thankful. No one thought she would see 80 if you want the truth. She is feeling good right now and hopefully it will last.

02-27-2009, 11:37 AM
Okay, so I am here, barely...not in a talkative mood. I know I promised indy's but not really in the mood, sorry. Not sure I could catch up with all the posting going on anyway.

Lots of hugs to you Jules, and your mom. She is definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

Take care :hug:

02-27-2009, 12:04 PM
Jules - :hug: :hug: :hug: :grouphug: I am sorry to hear about your mom. You will have daily thoughts and prayers from me. I get Roxy just wants me also. Oh Cheap Trick/Def Leppard/Poison would definately be great. Mom surprised us with tickets to Sharon, Lois and Bram. Now that is exciting. We get to go in April.

Mindee, you will have to post your pictures so that we can get a look at them. Hope that you are all done with sickness now.

Cristina and Susan, I hope that you are both feeling better today.

Must run, bbl

02-27-2009, 12:14 PM
Cristina and Sue, you bith snuck in here

Cristina :hug: to you. Come back and chat with us soon.

Sue :hug: to you too. I am glad that you are celebrating your moms birthday like you are. Next month take her out for me.

Ok going now..

02-27-2009, 01:50 PM
Here is a little about my Mom's cancer. %3CKW%3ESkin+Cancer%3C%2FKW%3E+Warning+Signs%7CSta tistics+on+%3CKW%3ESkin+Cancer%3C%2FKW%3E&ab=1& Fmetastatic.htm

She has the metastatic squamus cell skin cancer that is very unusal but the radiaiton and chemo should take care of it. The Dr that we spoke to that will adminster the radiation said it should since it hasn't spread anywhere yet. Once it spreads it goes to stage 4 which is bad. It usually doesn't spread but did. She's definitely not to stage four since the cancer cells are staying in the lymph nodes on the right side of her neck. There also looks to be cancer in one of her saliva glands.

Dominic just woke up...bbl!!

02-27-2009, 03:55 PM
just thought I would quickly pop in to see how every one is doing.....

I am going to hopefully get the disk for our pictures today since we have to go back to Walmart to get some more frames! then I will be able to post the pictures, so look out for them!

02-27-2009, 03:57 PM
Thank you Jules for the info. I will be reading more on this web site. I am a 5 year survivor of melanoma and have also had basal cell skin cancer.
I am so glad they found hers early and pray the treatment goes well for her.
My DH had to have his saliva gland removed on one side a few years ago and has had no problem since. There is so much they can do and manage to do these days.
You have my prayers...

02-27-2009, 08:04 PM
Jules your mom is in my thoughts today, hope all is going well :bighugs:

02-28-2009, 12:03 AM
well, it is official......birthday party planning has begun! my sister sent me an email earlier today asking me if we had thought about when we were going to have Marissa and Brandon's birthday party and what flavors we would want. (she is the one that made Logan's Grave Digger cake) She told me that she has an idea of doing Lightning McQueen and Sally for them.

I talked to Tommy, and we are going to go with the 18th of April and are still not sure exactly about the flavors but we will talk about them.

we went and picked up our picture disk and the rest of the frames that we needed so I will be working on getting the frames put together and we can look at the picture disk!

Jules~ Your mom is in my thoughts and prayers!

02-28-2009, 03:18 PM
Good Morning -

Sue & Jules - :hug::hug: to you both and your mothers, continued prayers for them and their health.

Jules - I just don't like blueberry flavor, I tried some apple spice tea last night and that was pretty good. Hope you and Dominic have some fun this weekend!

Cristina -:hug::hug::hug:. I get in the nontalkive mood too. I hope you are having a good weekend so far and are able to come chat soon! :)

Kathy - Thanks! Money matters just stress me and the thought of being stuck where I am at depresses me so that is a great combo for a down mood. lol But I feel better today! I remember The Lyons Sleep Tonight, we use to sing that song back when I was in grade school on the bus .....some 6th grader use to have us kids doing a sing along, was kind of fun.

Katy, Mindee and everyone else....:wave: hope everyone is doing well.

Gabster is being a 7 year old demanding attention. We have swimming this afternoon and a Hoe-Down tonight. Grrrrrr to her teacher for saying you *have* to dress in western garb.....there is a contest but you don't HAVE we are on a hut for a pink plaid shirt, pink belt, pink rope, pink boots......I told her RED would be a better color. Whatever.......I am not spending a lot of $$$$$$ on this....grrrrrrr

I might work tomorrow for a co worker that isn't feeling good. WI at 142 this morning, so seems that is where the scale likes to land, fine by me! I did good yesterday in the evening. I did have some cottage cheese w/ peaches for a snack.

*sigh............G is driving me nuts, better get!

02-28-2009, 06:41 PM

See ya there....... :scooter::scooter::bike: