100 lb. Club - Polar Body Age Test - My results and a Question

02-13-2009, 12:03 PM
I started working out with a trainer, he's the fitness director at my gym and a former body builder. My neighbors both had him as a trainer and loved him...so far I think he's awesome. Anyway we did a Polar Body Age test yesterday and the results were interesting...

Here's a link if you want more detailed info on how the test was performed: http://www.polar.fi/sg-en/training_with_polar/fitness_test/body_age_test

Blood pressure: 120/79

Max VO2: 35.2 (Moderate)

Strength: Bicep strength 260 lbs (Excellent)

Flexibility: Sit and Reach 13 in (Fair)

Body Composition:
- Body Weight: 195lbs
- Lean Body mass: 145.5 lbs
- Fat Mass: 49.5 lbs
- Body Fat %: 25.4% (Moderate)

Skinfold (where they pinch the fat):
- Tricep: 15mm
- Suprailiac (belly): 22.5mm
- Thigh: 30mm

Basal Metabolic Rate: 2071

My body age is the same as my real age 32.

So this has made me revaluate my goal weight of 140lbs. I'm not going to get to 140 unless I loose muscle mass which I don't want so I talked to my trainer and we think the best approach for me is to focus on bodyfat %. Goal #1 is to get down to 20% bodyfat, #2 18% bodyfat, and he said if I work my butt off and really tighten up my diet he thinks I could get as low as 15%.

I feel pretty good about this. I don't really care anymore what the scale says in the end. I will be very happy at whatever weight/whatever pants size as long as I'm not all jiggly, I'm fit, and I look hot :D

Has anyone else had this test done?

What do you guys know about bodyfat vs lean mass? I guess I would lose some muscle mass as I lose weight but not that much. Do you think my trainer is right and 140 might not be realistic for me based on my current lean mass? I mean I get it I just want to know if anyone is in the same boat. Thanks a bunch!

02-13-2009, 01:48 PM
Lean mass does not equal muscle mass but muscle mass is a part of your lean mass.

At my highest weight, my lean mass tested to be around 190 and trust me I'm not 10 lbs of fat and 190 lbs of muscle :)

what you should focus on though is your body fat percentage. Set a goal for yourself. 20%? 18%? You will naturally lose some lean body mass as your body won't need extra cells/tissues to support your lighter body. And yes you may also lose some muscle too.

Also, how was your body fat tested? Most current methods are good estimations but aren't exact.

02-13-2009, 02:40 PM
Lean mass does not equal muscle mass but muscle mass is a part of your lean mass.

At my highest weight, my lean mass tested to be around 190 and trust me I'm not 10 lbs of fat and 190 lbs of muscle :)

LOL...you would be a female hulk if you were 190lbs and 10lbs fat :D

Thanks Nelie and excellent point about lean mass <> muscle mass. Can't forget about the bones and organs that are part of your lean mass. I suppose I was just surprised that mine was 145 and the irrational crazy side of my head said you won't be able to weight 140.

Regardless of where I wind up weight wise I am going to set goals based on body fat from now on. It appeals to me more then the number on the scale.

My body fat was measured using the skin fold method with calipers, I've read its not the most accurate way, but at least it give me an idea of where I'm at.

02-13-2009, 03:14 PM
Hey you,

I'm searching fruitlessly for a gift certificate I've lost - but found the results of an old body fat percentage test from last summer. What Nelie is saying is spot on (as usual), LBM does not account for muscle only. It's all sorts of a mess: muscles, body fluid, connective tissues and bones. Blech! Just picturing it! :lol:

Anyhow, last May the test said I had 149.14 pounds of lean body mass. This caused me a lot of questions about my goal weight too! I certainly didn't want to sacrifice valuable muscle for a stupid number on the scale.

Today, I weigh 150 pounds. While I don't consist of 149.14 pounds of LBM anymore, my body fat percentages are very healthy, I'm muscular and lean and the LBM I lost is in a lower proportion than the body fat I have lost. A good thing. My LBM is a MUCH better number now proportionately, today, than last May although it 'weighs' less now than then. Hope this makes sense.

It's natural to lose some LBM as your weight decreases. You try your best to preserve what you can through good nutrition and strength training - focusing more on losing body fat. I agree with you completely, body fat percentages are a healthier goal than a mere scale number (which doesn't give an accurate picture of body composition).

02-13-2009, 03:39 PM
FB - I'm glad you lost that gift certificate :) Hope you find it too!

I feel like I learn something new each day on this weight loss journey, which is awesome but it can also be a little overwhelming. Love that I can come here and talk to you all about my concerns, makes me feel less alone :hug:

Guess I'll be killing some time at work today googling LBM and fat loss :devil:

I appreciate your insight.