Support Groups - #29 Let's Get Off this Fat CAN!!! (Low Carb)

05-20-2002, 12:20 PM
Well Pam it sure is wonderful to see you agian. I know it was not that long but it seems like many of us are being distracted from our selves nad falling to either temptation or not being able to feel good with our selves.

So that is what the topic of this tread is about. Thanks for my yesterdays resolve and Melody's "vacation"

I went out yesterday and bought me a 2 piece swim suit. It is way to small and i look really bad in it but I am going to fit into it for the summer.

So Melody I have my suit for the BFL challenge >>> hint hint hint

lets get off our fat butt and move it all of us. Pat, Dana, Lee, Terri where are you guys??? pam and melody and i are going to be driving the buss like maniacs join in when you are ready. I will say that i have been haning in there by a thread but when i got o the scale and saw that in the last 2 months i have gained 20 lbs!!! yes i did say 20 lbs I am up to 188 this morning. I can not believe it. I am so disgusted with my self. I am back Op with a vegence. I willbe needing all the help i can get and when i get rolling forgive me if i get a bit carried away cuz when i get going i will carry you all with me as i tend to get carried away with the ball rolling!!!

So here goes this fatt butt is moving!!!!

05-21-2002, 04:20 AM
Don't let it throw you Sue Bee,it has happened to us all at one time or another. It just means it is time to grab hold of yourself. I am as swollen as I can be as Tom has moved in for the fourth time in the past 30 days! GUess I really have to get these things seen to. Surgery can not be avoided for much longer!I really need to lose a few more pounds but not many. My Sister left on Sunday and was delighted that I had lost so much weight which doesn't seem like much to me but she saw it in an instant! My Aunt and cousin I had not seen in over 25 years and it was a pure joy. My Uncle is not long for this world and I cried when I saw his picture. I have always loved them so. How many years past and wasted as we all scattered to the wind. Auntie and I hug each others neck and cried a little. I cooked wonderful foods for them while they were here. Something I had never had a chance to do before and took great pleasure in it. I ran around all over this three acres until Tom. In three more days I should be my new normal self which is totally different than before. I was not op but I am back in full stream so watch out all I am on the move!!!!!!!

05-21-2002, 07:17 AM
hi all,
I am here. Lurked a couple of times. Holding my own food and water wise. Haven't been exercising. Just house hunting, I am with you all.

Thank god for all of you. I haven't lost hope am just scattered.

05-23-2002, 03:18 AM
Pat, House hunting is hard work as well I know! I must have been in hundreds before I bought this one. Upstairs , around the inside, outside, and area. So many hubby saw alone. It is very important to find not only what you need but what makes you happy as we usually live in our homes a very long time. There is so much to consider. So , it is no wonder you get distracted. This path takes a good deal of concentration too. Maintain babe, maintain.Good luck I hope you find something wonderful that makes you really happy.

05-23-2002, 12:20 PM
Hello everyone...Life is really hard for me right now....BF is drinking again, and we had a reallly REALLY bad fight last night. I don't know what to do I am at my wits end with him, and I do not want to live like this. In Feb. when we bought the house and moved in together he had been sober for a he is drinking again. I just wish I had the answers. I told him today to decide whether he is going to get sober or not, and if he's not I am leaving him. I can't live like that anymore.

I am ready to start that BFL challenge any time you are Sue. How about Monday June 3rd. That will give me time to get all my stuff together, and then go for it. I am hoping to get exercise a part of my habits this summer, so that I will keep it up when I get back to school in August. Isn't crazy how easily you can become distrated by life, and forget what you truly want??? I am going to have to do alot of soul searching...

Pam I am glad your family's visit went well...Fralick...I missed your constant presence...there for a while you were the glue that held us all together....Anyone heard from Dana?? I will type at ya tomorrow! HAve a lovely day!:)

05-24-2002, 01:58 AM
Melody, I know your pain. I too have lived that. It was my first marriage in fact and I was a tender 15 at the time. After 4 years of marriage I left. It was scary and I was afraid but it was the best thing I ever did. He to had stopped for a long time but once he started again it escalated, ntil one night I called my Mom and told her to call me in the morning. If ....I said, he does not put me on the phone call the police, he will have killed me. Poor Mom that must have been the night from **** for her. It certainly was for me. two days later with the clothes on my back and my cat in my arms I left. I went to a friend , they didn't have shelters then. I would have stayed in a hen house. I called my parents and went home for a while. A week later I had my own place and a decent job. Not great but enough. Do what you have to do and don't help him to be sick by making excuses for him I tried that and it doesn't work. I was only making it worse. You have children to think of and the booze and the fighting leaves a permenant mark on their lives forever. For your sake and for your childrens lives do what you must to raise them without that influence on their lives. There are many place to turn to now and you can do it. I know how it hurts but it isn't just your nightmare it is your childrens too. A peaceful happy home is the best gift you could give them for good healthy lives. Good luck and God Bless.

05-24-2002, 05:08 PM
My life has been a congfues mess. Last night I had my purse stolen from my car. that was a great topping to my week!!! UGH!!! What makes things worse was that i had been given a check from my mother to help me out for the rest of the month. Now i am in a bit of a quandry!!! the check has been canceled and well life is being a bit grumpy this last week. so i am so ready to get back control over my life!!! I do not like this out of control business. I did not have much stolen but it is the fact of repalcing everything!!!

well I just want to say that with the know in my stomach i do not thhink i will be off plan in a while!!!! (except for the sunday i just had to have today!!!)

05-25-2002, 01:27 AM
Sue Bee Darlin... , having control of life is our greatest illusion and the one we battle about the most trying to keep control of. In truth the only thing we really have control of is us and how we react to life. Control of ourselves is a major huge job as it is , let alone control our lives and those in it. So relax. It is a bumpy part of lifes path. God knows we all have those bumps and mountains. You are my champion and will make it through smelling like a rose when it is all said and done. It is so sad that someone felt like they had to take what you had rather than knowing they could do it for themselves but there are a lot of hopeless desperate people in the world without the self confidence to know they can find their own ways to get what they want in a good and positive way. You on the other hand have just stumbled on such a circumstance. It is a pain but thank God you are not in such a state of mind. How lucky we are!

05-25-2002, 07:20 PM
I just realized that my doughters concert tickets were in there. It was bad but bearable to think that some one took my purse and my personal stuff. thinking that everything was replacable. but then i found out that they were taken and OMG that was it My DD idolizes this band and well lets just say that telling her was not easy. I have contacted ticket master and we will get them replaced, and the check is on it;'s way froom my mom.

I am still off plan but it is a m,ore controled off plan. I am going to do things a bit different, as when i fall i tend to fall hard, so i will have to make things a bit more controled for me. I am working on it but i will do it. I have incentive. I have my new bathing suit and i feel so out of control right now. I an regaining control and feeling better but i still need to have that last bit under my belt here!!!! So girls get ready cuz here i come. I will be having a picnic on monday with some off plan eating but things will be undercontol!!!!

05-26-2002, 07:35 AM
Well I guess I need to send hugs all around!

Sue, I am so sorry about your purse> You sure seem to be faced with alot to handle lately. It is so frustrating.

Melody, I am so sorry that this is happened to you. But your prioroty is the safety of you and your children. It isn't easy and I am sorry you have to go through this.

Pam you go girl!!! That is awesome and inspriring.
Dana I miss you, and wish you were here.

Terry how are things with you?


I think I am missing someone. UGH

Well I am still here. House hunting fool. My goal is getting back on track this week. I so wanted to head into summer in teh 100's. But maybe I'll use the summer to get there!

Have a great holiday

05-27-2002, 12:20 AM
Oh Sue Bee!!!!!! I know that was hard to tell your daughter!
You are handling things well despiye the mountains and I am so glad they will replace the tickets! Life can be a beach sometimes.
Sand like hot rocks amd water with jelly fish stinging. Hang tough
Babe, much better days ahead!!!!!!!!

Pat Honey, House hunting can be as much exercise as a gym! Don't worry we all have our down times when it comes to dieting but you can do it. I will be cheering for you. That creates a scary picture....LOL

Melody ...... You and your family are in my prayers. I send you all my love and support. We are behind you all the way. Take careand God Bless.

Lee....... Hope you are feeling a bit better, Take your meds my sweet and know You are daily in my prayers. Up from the ashes came the phoenix in all its glory and so will you. God Bless you.

05-27-2002, 08:19 AM
Good Morning all, And happy Memorial Day!
I hope everyone has plans to enjoy today and teh weatehr to sxupport it.
This is to be my last Off Plan day/momment. I was very bad yesterday and have just polished off girlscouit cookies for breakfast. Am I out of control or waht?
Plan on working outside and drinking water all day. Spent yesterday with my siblings, 3 sisters who weren't ever fat. That should motivate someone to do something you would think. And one of my brothers. There are 6 of us total. Family is a funny thing.

I was thinking how lapse I have become and how easy the old way of eating slips back in when you are focused on other things. How easy it is to let things beside yourself become more important. My husband to has reagined some of the weight. I thank god am holdin teh 230 mark! WE are celebrting my dad's 65th birthday this August and I would like to be comfortably in a size 20 by then. A nice summer frock. I have always wanted to get a family protrait done but have always shied away from teh reality that pictures bring. That would be nice.

House hunting sucks

So Ia am thinking of bringing teh weekly challenge back. We will only have 4 days this week. Can't hurt and I really need to focus!

Hopee all is better for everyone.

I think of you all alot we have been through so much together and that is imporatnt!

05-28-2002, 07:25 PM
I am here today I am OP. atleast so far. I have to run to give my class I hope that I am not the only one there today. One of the guys are off on vacation, and the gal did not come last week. but there should be one there, but she is so straped that i do not think she can pay. I am willing to continue to do her for free, if she shows some success. so today will be a challenge for her. this will be week 3 for here and we did not weigh in on the first week. I had not expected anyone so i did not bring my scale.

well I will be on later but just wanted to let eeryone know I am here and thinking of all of you. Melody especially!!!! my heart is there for you. Pat how is day 1 for you??? Pam my hero!!! how are you doing??? I have so much respect for you and your ability to say the right thing!!! Lee?? are you with us??Terri???

Dana?? you got us started where are you??? We all are sturguling heer and even if you do not feel to have enugh to spread come and recieve from us. we all miss you. we feel like a piece is missing here!!!

My spirits are high and ready to get moving!!!!

let me check in later tonight!!!

05-29-2002, 10:47 AM
Sue thanks for the invite. I just scanned the thread and like all of the support I see here. Just so everyone else knows I'm Deb and just getting started. So support and guidance is what I really need.

Sue I do have a book. I've got the Heller's plan and am ready to start this weekend. I still have to weigh. Man that's the hardest part. I really dread seeing that number come up. But I've put it off for tooooo long. We have a doctor's scale at work I can use. Never really trust the one I have at home. So friday is weigh day.

Hoping to get to know everyone soon. But I can be a little slow with names. Please bare with me. Be back tomorrow!
Deb :dizzy:

05-29-2002, 01:53 PM
Welcome Deb!!! Glad you have joined us. Please do not be discouraged by the actual number. it can be overwealming. I am only 5'2 inches and well 235 i had over half my body in fat and had about 110 lbs to lose to get to my "Ideal" weight. i have since changed my goals and well i am closer to goal than i had expected. I am gong for size not weight. which is better. Please be realistic when you do the weigh in. take measurments too. hide them so you do not have to see them. and then plan on doing them every few months or at the most once a month. the weight should be done less frequent too.

I have done hellers plan for a while but it was the first one CAd not CALP and well i tried to sneak in 2 RM then 3 and well I was lost after that. many do great on the plan so we will be right here beside you to help and coach you all the way!!!

I get back to the gym today i did the eliptical for 30 min today. at a jog speed and well i did a god sweat. I am OP today I did good yesterdy except a small icecream which actually was OP within my carb limits!!!

so this is day 2 for me!!!

Pat??? check in you usually are the early bird here??? where are you???

I did send an email to dana so hopefully she will stop in quickly I will let you guys know what she says.

Pam how is your day today??

Melody have things slowed down for you??? I am finally getting things back on an even keel from the theft!!! I wish that i had seen them they would have droped a load in their pants if i had ran after them and was able to keep up eith them and even cought them!!! I was thinking that today as i went 2.25 miles today!!! I did run 2.5 the daybefore it happened so i know I could have done it!!!! well girl i hope things are calming down for you!!! and i hope things with BF streighten out. it is so hard being in a relationship like that!!! You know my love and thoughts are with you!!!

05-30-2002, 06:50 AM
Good morning all!!

Well it is Day 3 for me. I have been OP food wise. Water has been good worked out for 45 mins on Tues. DH is sick and has had me up 2 nights in a row. So I keep pushing the snooze alarm. UGH.

I came to the conclusion that alot of my problem has been a loss of desire.
Desire to meet my goal, of my goal and all that goes with it. Because if you don't desire it, you don't commit to it fully and thus don't make the choices each day to make iy happen.

So to declare myself

I desire to be a size 12!

I commit to eating lo carb, drinking my water and moving my body.

I need to desire this more than the few seconds I think I get from eating something off plan.

Hey Deb welcome. I get so much support from these great ladies. Alot of help info and insight too.

Dana, O am so sorry about the purse. How did your meeting go?

Pam, How are you? Thanks for yout kind words

Melody how is your world?



05-30-2002, 01:13 PM
Hi girls day 3 for me here too!!!

Deb how are you doing??? this is the tough time when the cravings seem to hit the hardest. just hold on one more day and it will get better. have you any headaches?? that is common while your body is adjusting. take ibuprofen and just know that you will be feeling 200% in just a few days!!! hang in there !!!! PLEASE!!!! hold your hands out and think of that food in one hand and your pride in the other. the satisfaction of eating that food will last only about 20 min if that, and then you will feel absolutly junky, but in the other hand is your pride that will hurt for a few seconds as you denie your self but it sure will sour high when you finally start to peel the weight off!!!

I saw on a shirt of a young boy and i love the saying i have revised it this situation.

Junk food is temporary but pride is forever

Well Pat glad to see you here!!! hang in there wheil you get readjusted to the low carbs. I am doing the same thing. and you are right we need to take a page from Pams book she really respects her body and her desire. look at how great she has done (Yes i am talking about you pam!!) she has broken a tremendous barrier. and so will you too. we just need to regain our focus and desire. ai think we have done that we just need to get through the hard times i will work on a plan for fight ing the hard times. that will help it is those hard hours and those hard times when with others that make this hard. so we can come up with ideas for fighting tham how to battle the picnic!! and how to fight eating on the run which is so much the norm these days. what can we do to satisfy all of us in a quick

I will let you all know what i am facing right now!!!

I have not eaten all day yet (bad i know and setting myself up for failure) and my kids just walke in the house with a huge pizza and it is only 3 feet away and smells wonderful but i am thinking of my pride, and how badly i need to do this for me!! how much fatter i feel since eating pig stykle for a few weeks (total carb/grease fest) So if I can do this so can you!!!!!

GO GIRLS!!!!!!

05-30-2002, 02:50 PM
Well the battle for good and evil is raging in Louisianna. Just knowing I'm going to start induction on Saturday has me stressed and wanting to eat everything in site. I don't know why I always want to bing just before the fast begins. But I have another delima. I completely forgot that I have a wedding to attend Saterday afternoon. ON MY FIRST DAY!!!!!! And I don't want to put this off any longer because that would seem too much like another excuse to sit and do nothing. I'm the kind that has to strike while the Iron is Hot.

So how do I manage a wedding with food and adult beverages I'm sure. And who knows whats in the mystery punch. :?: I could not eat or drink a thing but the wedding is outdoors. And it's June. So do I bring my own Water. Would that be rude. I really need a hand gals. I refuse to be out done on my first day. I don't think getting off to a bad start is a good thing.

HELLLLLLP!!!!!!:dz: :dz: :dz: :dz: :dz:

05-30-2002, 08:13 PM
HHHMMM that is a good one! Eat good all day till the wedding. then enjoy your self. the reason i sat that is this is going to be a life change for you. you will want to find ways to eat like this for your entire life. and well it is going to be next to impossible to resist anything that early in the game. so call it the first day trial. enjoy the party, and do your normal but know that you have done good before and after, that will help ease you into it better. many do better having a few lower carb days before they jump into the woe whole heartedly. Do not see this as a stumbuling block. Life will throw you many tough tricks like this, but we need to glide through them with our pride. If we denie ourselves then we will miss it more and more all the time, but you need to take it this way you will not crave it so much.

So far today I have been good. I made tacos today and had the meat on a bed of letuce. So far today I am OP for day 3

05-30-2002, 08:56 PM
Hello everyone, and welcome Deb.

School is now out, so I will not be checking in daily as i was before all this stuff started happening. Probably twice a week. So don't worry about me, if you do not hear from me in awhile.

Bf and I are still arguing...things are ugly. I told him I wasn't amrrying him, but I am still wearing the ring. I gave one back before, several years ago and he hawked it...this time I get to hawk it...he's not getting it back. I told him to stop drinking or I was leaving him....he stoppped and got a six pack this afternoon. I guess that tells me what I mean to him. I haven't been talking to him except to answer him when he talks to me. I am reallly tired of the crap. He quit for a year...why would he go back???? Things were so much better when he didn't drink...but he doesn't see it. I asked him laast night if he could see how we were falling apart, and he said no. How can you not see it????

Sue I am so sorry about yoour purse. That sucks. I too am ready to regain some control of my life. So how abouta bfl challenge starting next week Sue??? I am ready if you are. Let's do this once and for all. Thanks for your prayers...lil sis is doing better...I will fill you in more next time. I got to go pick up DS from karate! I hate to run, but I gotta go! Lots of love to you all!

05-30-2002, 11:30 PM
Melody, sweet Melody...don't you know no one sees what they do not want to see. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom first and it sounds like he is one of those people. There is nothing wrong with you it is his addiction that rules his life. You are not alone in this situtation many of us have been there or are there but you and your children have to come first. Having him there with you and your children is an example you do not want your children to have to live with. The people they will be are being formed now and their standards are set by your own. By the time they are 12 much of who they are is already set. Drug abuse of any kind and the fighting is so hard on children. With the battle you are fighting (losing weight) it is no easy on you either. We all react to stress with eating badly or we wouldn't be here. So please be kind to you and your children. You deserve so very much better. Don't be afraid to be alone . Learn to enjoy your own company. Happiness comes from within not outside of ourselves. If you can get this down pat my Darling and it took me a long time to get that in my thick head too, you will have so much more to give to a healthy relationship. God Bless you . You are in My Prayers.

Sue Bee.......... thank you for the kind words and TLC you always seem to bring to us all. I happen to think quite a lot of you too. In fact all of you ,I hope, knows how appreciated you are to me. God knows I am far from perfect but I know when I stumble it is only me I am cheating and no one else. I have cheated myself out of to much in this life I refuse to continue it so if I stumble or fall, I also have learned to catch myself and not fall victim to all the head games that have given me permission to fail yet again. It took me many years to get this .....I just don't want you all to be as dumb as I am. So.....I post a lot, say what I think and lay it all out if it helps I am grateful if not well I have tried to share my experiences. You all have helped me more than you know and I am now beginning to feel like the Foo-Foo Pam I am. Onward and downward LOL!!!!!!!

05-31-2002, 10:59 AM
Well I hit the scale this morning. 276, god I have a whole person to lose. Sue like you I'm short. 5'3". and round at 276. God I hate that number. Thanks for the advice on the wedding tomorrow. But I still want to stay on a good eating plan if I can manage. But if I slip I know you won't hate me for it.

Melody about the BF. I know you don't know me from adam. But been there done that. It was the end of my first mairrage. And was very hard at first to leave. I was young with a small child. But in hind site, I would not have changed a thing. That which dose not kill us only makes us stronger. And you can do this!!!!

Well I've got a real busy day ahead. I'll check in tomorrow evening to let you know how day 1 goes.

05-31-2002, 05:45 PM
Hi girls i have only seconds to say hi.

I will be thiking of you deb tomorow. (and think of me i am going to be eating subs how is that for OP?? NOT but it is the only thing besides my P bars that i can have that is portable, and can be easy traveling. do not worry about the numbers concntrate on small numbers at a time!! take 10 down at a time then when you have enough under your belt then you can start looking at the bigger numbers. did you take your measurements??

well got to run. Love to all of you

melody it is good to hear from you again. i will be praying for you. BFL starting monday!! I am ready Suit in tow!!

and Pam. you are my hero!!!!

Take care and i will be back on sunday!!!

05-31-2002, 05:47 PM
Down 1 1/2 lb. weight is 298 and that makes a total weight loss here of 40lbs and 53 1/2 from my beginning of this treck. It is not the mass weight loss I had hope for when I began but I too have set my self up to fail with unreasonable expectations.
I am going to ask you to please refer to my posting in the 100lb club concerning stress and put in your insight and inputs. It is under #157. Please help me to sort out the pitfalls of weight loss and hopefully make it just a bit easier for us all. Love to you all.

06-01-2002, 10:10 AM
Well I'm up early on my day off. Boy I hate getting up so early during the week. Thought I'd check here before I went and looked in the fridge. Glad I did, It will keep me on the right track today.
Sue hope your trip goes well, and Pam thanks for the words on stress. This is always my worst enemy. I'll be keeping this in the back of my mind today.

Well I'm going to get started by making a good egg breakfast and going out to wash my car. That should burn a few calories. I'll check in tonight. Everyone have a great OP day.

06-03-2002, 06:29 AM
Hi all
A new week and a new opportunity as I think I have put on a couple of ponds(not water). Ugh

Nothing new on the house hunting
I start a statistics class tonight.

Happy Monday all

06-03-2002, 11:50 AM
I also a little strapped for time this morning. But Just wanted to say I'm hanging in there. Not an easy task. But BF is very supportive. Did ok during the wedding. Drank lots of water. And BF and I left early to go and have a low carb meal. I'll try to get back later tonight.

06-03-2002, 02:22 PM
On my way to the Dump.

Just stoped in to say that i did great for sunday. not bad for a carb loaded few days. they had spaghetti for dinner on sat. and cookies after,. HHMM it was good but did not taste as good as i woul dhave remembered.

I am on tract for today Tam will be taking my picts today later in my 2 piece. UGH!!! for a laugh i will post it when i get it developed. then i wipp post the monthly changes. UGH!!!

I will check in ater just had to stop in and say HI!!!

06-04-2002, 12:36 AM
Well, Sue Bee your hero is really fumbling around for words at the moment all you have to do to understand just how bad I can get is to read the stress thread I did on the 100 Lb club. I am right in the middle of working through this thought form to some real and viable conclusion. It is long (of course) a bit muddled and a bit confused I am sure. I have to really get a handle on this.
Love is an action not words and I do want to love myself enough to get this worked out in a real and permanent way so that I do not have the tendencies to regain mass amounts of weight ever again. There is an answer I think I have part of the thought form but at the moment is an uncompleted one. Worthwhile but very indepth and time consuming. I will chew on this until I have a real understanding and resolution of some kind that works. There is always an answer to the human condition. I think I will pray for great wisedom and clarity on this matter. I am getting there... a little at a time. Well my day has been very "Stressful" indeed. I have four totally major and not normal bills to pay this month and I have to figure out how to deal with situtation in a logical and effective manner. Right now I am a little ....ok, a lot, panic stricken.
Of course I could have and sorely wanted to slam my head right into that plastic grocery bag on the microwave cart containing
all those candy bars!!!! A loaf of fresh bread and two pounds of butter. Yes I would be sick but I had to walk into the bathroom and have a stern talk with me! I got to reasoning with myself about the end results of such an action I knew I was coming out of it. I won!!!!!! Op totally and well. By the skin of my teeth. Of course Hubby bringing me yet another unexpected major bill just made it worse and then we came close to an argument. I stopped it though and said Look I am overwhelmed and a bit out of control temporarily. I am not in a good humor and bad vibes just creates worse one . It is me. Then I leaned my head in my hands and just tried to calm myself. I began to laugh and said ....
stress , yes , that's the issue and God is helping me get it. How? cope with it . eye to eye, toe to toe. Thank you God for the learning experience and the wisdom and strength to work through it effectively and in a god and healthy way.

06-04-2002, 12:42 AM
that was supposed to be good and healthy way. Must be God is tring to get my attention. Oh Dummy... I get it! Shall we all sing ...Lean on me, when you're not strong, I'll be your Friend, I'll help you carry on.............
I can be a little dense sometimes...Love you all.

06-04-2002, 06:35 AM
Hi all,
Gosh it is tues. already.
Aw Pam. It's always something isn't it?. You girl will work through it. Money problems suck. But putting your head in teh grocery bag will only add to your bad feelings

Sue. You are so right that that darn food doesn't even taste as good. Yet I go back agin and again.

Deb great job on the wedding!!! Support is a major componant to success!
Melody how is your life going?

Dana, Terri???

06-04-2002, 08:58 AM
Hi all, Sue if you post that pic, you've got more guts than I will ever have. I don't even like to take pics with all my clothes on. But onward and downward. Could be a great motivator. LOLOL

Pam I feel your stress. And wish I had the magic words to help you through. But know I'm keeping you in my thoughts.

As for me well I'm OP so far, but it's going to be more of an adjustment than I thought. I think I'm going through some kind of carb withdrawal. I feel like crap. And I'm PMSing at the same time. Poor BF is trying to deal with me and all I can do is complain. Right now I'm taking it hour to hour. I'm not even sure I can think day to day yet. keeping my toes crossed for us all.

06-04-2002, 06:49 PM
Well My Darlins......
The knot in my stomach is at an end. I knew God was trying to tell me something. He was. So at 2:30 am I went and sat in the shower to not only clean me but as kind of a ritual cleansing. To clean away the fear. Make no mistake that is what it was. I have worked so hard to get us financially sound after the great hardships of the past years. I did it and then all heck broke loose all at once. I sat down and identified the emotion. Took it all in and looked to the root of my was fear. Fear that those bad days would be back. Bill collectors on the phone, at my door, phone cut off , no electricity, no money to take care of it all. And I lived in that for four years everyday, sweating blood and my health spiraled down so that was a fear too. Then bancruptcy on top of it all. Seven years to repair the damage brought by terrible illness. Here I was with a hole that was getting bigger all the time. Hubby could not find a part time job.....oh my. Huge bills all at once and I was so overwhelmed. I tried to be calm. I worked and reworked my finances trying to find a balance of some kind yet no matter how creative I couldn't make $100.00 stretch into $400.00 and no relief in sight. The hole had all the promise of a black hole looming in front of me....... and then........ while posting last night God did try and get my attention .....and succeeded. I got it so the ritual shower and there I said God I cast this into your care. The song.... Lean on me when your not strong, resonating in my ears. I can find no way out of the disaster that looms in front of me and fear has invaded my heart and spirit... we can't do it alone. Thank you for being ever faithful.
I called my hubby today and told him to keep the grocery bill as close tothe minimal amount I had allowed and he said well I didn't get to the bank today..... I immediately thought ..... I have to have staples , what am I going to do when he interjected.... I didn't have the time at lunch because I found a part time job that pays $7.50 an hour. Now I know that's not a great deal but it will be enough to put us back on an even keel. The relief flooded through me. I stopped and Thanked God with all my heart. Now believe it or not I am not the most religious human in the world but I have always known there was a God. I could feel the presence, sense it in a million ways. I was new age for years. My truth is in many philosophies but in the area where they all agree and can be proven to work in life so I am not preaching just sharing my great sigh of relief with those I love and letting you know I have learned much about stress and will spend the next few days processing so perhaps I can now achieve a much greater understanding. I hope........LOL I don't want to do this again either!!!!!!!

06-04-2002, 10:40 PM
Oh Pam I am so happy for you! Now If only that would happen here. I too am struguling with huge financial bills with no relief in site. I am trying to find out how to make 8 in to 800so i can keep living in my house. I really do not like who i am when i am working. i change totally and can not be nice tomy family. so that is my delema. so I may end up partime soon. I need to pay the bills.

I have found that if you lay your problems to God and "lean on him" it really works. I found that something always happens the last minute!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

for me Pat the frenchfries called me i have a strong weakness where they are especially when i have to make them for the family. so i did have FF today other than that I was good.

06-05-2002, 07:12 AM
Hi all,
It is weds.
At this point my focus is getting teh eating part back on tract. Did ok except for an ice cream cone and not enough water. Realized that I have to get back to basics again. Then I will incorprate the exercise.
Class was OK
house hunting is improving as we have finally stumbled into a realator that will help us

Pam I am so glad there is some light in your world.
Sue Iam sorry that you are still waiting
Deb PMS sucks
Terri, dana and melody how are you?

06-05-2002, 09:28 AM
Hey gals. Man will some one tell me how to get rid of this headache. I'm hoping this is all going to pass soon. :(

Pam I'm so happy for you!!! And I'll be keeping you in my prayers. Sue you will be there too. Pat you just hang in there baby!:cool:

Me and BF had a big falling out last nite and can't even tell you what started the whole thing. He's also out of work. So Pam I know where your coming from. My check is enough for the bills, but it's thin. I feel bad, he's bored and on edge. If I get through induction it will be a small wonder. This really sucks!:?:

06-05-2002, 06:26 PM
Financially......... If you need help......
I am going to share with you something that turned our financial lives around in a big way. Jessie Duplantis a preacher on telly.... and makes me laugh alot (a cajun you know) made a statement that changed my world. He said God will not be challenged and will only be tested by us financially. Financially we have authority to change him and prove him faithful. Well kids that got my attention in a big way. To prove he is loving and faithful to us and finances!!!!!! Jessie said God had promised us abundance, repeately. I knew that but proof? Now at this point I have to tell you an odd thing happened. There is a method to achieve this. I have no memory of what the steps were. It is most unusual for this to happen to me. I vaguely remember ther was a prayer or shall I say a proper request of God a scripture to read out loud and by using the scripture and the right words to hold him to his promise, he proves most ably that his words are fact. Our lives have been so totally changed. He has a web site and I am sure if you ask for this by e-mail they will be happy to tell you exactly what to do but don't be surprised id you forget later what it was.
It seems that is making sure we have let it go into his hands. I really can't say I believed it fully but I figured it was worth a try and life had been so hard I was willing to try anything that really may work. You still have to take action but the way is made so extremely easier. What you need appears out of the blue , no matter what challenges face you. This is a true and factual statement. As you have seen here on this board when I forget to lean in the right way , something always reminds me.

06-05-2002, 06:27 PM
By the way learning to trust was a major, major issue with me so I gained more than you can ever imagine.

06-05-2002, 10:39 PM
thanks pam i will ook into it

Deb time it will suddenly be gone how many day have you had this headace?? it should be about t2 right now?? it usually last about 4 days then voila it is gone and you will suddenly just realise it is gone for the first few day you feel like crab and that is the same reason for the headach your boyis protesting your use of a different fuel than your body want. now it has to work to burn the energy, where the carbs it needs to do so little owrk. see even the body is lazy!! LOL but hang in there take a bunch of ibuprophen round the clock if youneed to. maybe some excedrine it has caffiene and that may help but i found it did not domuch

Pat am glad you found one that you like!!! that makes life somuch easier!!! good luck.

I did good till late today i went to a picnic and did not get a chance to eat before hadn so i went very hungry so i did eat 2 buns and small piece of cake, exercise tpday YES!!!

06-07-2002, 02:01 PM
Weighed in today and my weight has remained the same. 298lbs.
I am totally happy with this as my scale showed me my weight this whole week has bounced around quite a bit. Meds have taken the expected effects , but not to woory the weight loss is just being secretive right now and will jump out to delight me soon. I still have two weeks of meds. So , onward and downward I go.

06-07-2002, 08:16 PM
DEB DEB??? DEB??!?? Hope you are still with us. things get soo much easier after this first week. and you are on the up swing. PLEASE HOLD ON!!!!

as for me i did a killer upper body today, then rode bike for about 10 miles!! way too good!!! diet wise: right OP, as planned.

I am so psyched!!! I am ready to take onthe world. Like you pam I know the fat will just start falling off. I am ready and willing for it to go. you know the song I feel good do do do do I feel good!! well I doo!!! I am going for another bike ride tonight with the kids so it will be a small one, just a few miles.

Pam I have left things in his hands and hope that he gives me a hand. I feel that things are changing soon.

DD tried out for cheer leading and got on the team WHOOO HOOOO some thing I always wanted to do but felt i was too fat to do!~!! I am so proud of her.

sons got new bike helmets so they can ride like the wind with me!!!

DH is on vacation for a week. OPS i was talking about good stuff!! :lol: :lol: well that means some free cals to be burned this week!! :D :o

Melody how is sis? and how is BF's hand?? you do know that being with problems that may be causing him to be edgy. how are you doing personally?? are you doing better? Have you started BFL yet?? I took my picts but have not had them developed yet I am afraid to as i will get depressed. and loose my motivatyion

Dana where are you???? this is comming up on 25 years!! I want you to get back OP with us. you will find your motivation with us!!! and you will contribute your energy when you have it. we all have leaned on eachother now it is time for you to lean on us!!!

Pat i hope that you find your dream house this weekend. things are looking good!!! good weekend and good weather!!!


BOO are you there???