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02-07-2009, 02:14 AM
Hey, I know some folks use Recipe Zaar and they have a favorite members tool that I'd like to use to see what you all are up to! You can view people's cookbooks and their reviews so you can check out what people are cooking and what worked and didn't work for them.

My username is the same on Zaar, pferde01.

02-07-2009, 06:12 AM
Funny, I just registered there last night, under the name of Tea_Annie. It does seem like a very good site, and I like that the software they use seems to calculate the calories and nutritionals of all the recipes submitted (or at least it takes a credible stab at it).

I haven't contributed any opinions or anything to it yet, but I'm enjoying browsing it now.

02-09-2009, 01:14 PM
I'm not a premium member, but I go there pretty often and post in some of the forums. I've done a few recipe reviews, but haven't posted any of my own yet.

My name there is the same, mayness.

02-23-2009, 09:15 PM
I love this website and this is where I get the majority of my recipe. I don't have any of my recipes posted yet. My username is LizDaCook.