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02-06-2009, 02:24 PM
What works

Suzanne 3FC
02-06-2009, 03:24 PM
Hi :) I'm glad you are feeling like something is helping, but I feel that I need to point something out. The bitter orange in the product is an ephedra substitute and has been named by Consumer Reports as one of the Dirty Dozen most dangerous supplements. The product may say it's caffeine and ephedra free, but bitter orange works just like ephedra in the body and may be more dangerous than ephedra.

The other ingredients have not been shown to help weight loss. Green Tea (IGCG) has been shown to have minimal effect on weight loss and with real tea, not supplements. Fucoxanthin has shown effectiveness only when consumed in massive amounts. You'd need to eat buckets of seaweed for it to work.

However, the fiber (konjac) can swell and give a feeling of fullness. It can be purchased as a solo supplement without the other ingredients, especially without the dangerous bitter orange.

The diet pill industry is overflowing with fraud because they are not regulated by the FDA and they can make just about any claim they want without having to prove it. It's important to take it all with a grain of salt. Fortunately, that will be changing in the future as new laws are going to force supplement makers to prove everything before they put it in print.

I hope that helps :)

02-07-2009, 10:16 PM
I enjoy talking about weight loss and what works and with apologies since I did not see this thread with the first post unedited and feel more was said that I can't respond to because it's not there :) I'd just like to comment that what has worked for me is eating less and moving more and logging calories and other nutrients so I can get a handle on what I am eating.

Re green tea, I think it's an energizing drink and probably has some health benefits but as far as weight loss goes, it seems to my uneducated brain that maybe it's tea's action as a diuretic that accounts for some of the general feeling that tea helps people lose weight.

Regarding bitter orange, Suzanne said it all. Seems to be dangerous.

I think increased fiber intake helps general health and for me it seems to help in blood sugar regulation by reducing the glycemic response of food (or something, I'm not a doctor, just know that fiber helps me feel better and manage appetite, as does protein ratio in food).

Re the supplement industry as it relates to pills for weight loss (as opposed to, say, whey or soy protein powders, which are supplements but also foods), I personally think it's pretty much all bunk and to me it's scary how many diet pills there are out there with people madly ingesting them without really knowing what's in them (the labels can be telling the truth or they can be lying, how is the average consumer to know that).

Even IF (and it's a big if) some of these pills aid in weight loss, I personally would not take a chance.

I've not always been that way and years ago did experiment now and then with products including ephedra until I became aware it was killing folks. Nowadays, I just don't think weight control is worth the risk and that there are no magic pills except the pills in our own head and hearts of just toughing it out, making the lifestyle changes we KNOW work and won't kill us (on the contrary, they might add years to our lives).

Sorry, ranting. It's been a long day.

09-09-2009, 12:37 AM
OK I'm old but new. I joined long ago but am returning b/c I have regained the 25 lbs I had lost. I have a friend who has lost about 30 lbs taking Solo Slim so I am curious why the topic is not discussed here? Is there a rule against discussing such topics?

09-09-2009, 12:45 AM
Nope, no rule against discussing it (though in this case, the original poster seems to have edited out her post). We will, however, tend to call out dangerous ingredients (like those in Solo Slim including Bitter Orange) when we see them.