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05-19-2002, 08:24 AM
Good morning everyone!

Since it is 6:00 am and I'm sure most people in there right mind are still sleeping I thought I'd go ahead and start the new post!

I am doing laundry from the cabin....all the bedding that was left on over winter. We have 3 bedrooms and a total of 8 beds. So I have mountains of it. Later we are headed back up to continue cleaning and preparing it for summer. I guess all the work this weekend is okay since my last 2 weekends have been all pleasure. One other good thing I don't have time to think about food this weekend!

I think this week is going to be great for everyone! Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend, 3 days off and what we've all been waiting for the unofficial start of summer! Although that means much more time with the kids. I love them dearly but sometimes they push me to the edge.:lol:

Everyone hve a great week. Hopefully I can check in more than 1 time this week.

Drink your water and try to add 1 more fruit or vegetable to your food plan per day. It really has helped me!


05-19-2002, 11:34 AM
Good Morning all!!!!Just stopping in to say hello!!!Doing good today...soo nice to be ending the first trimester soon and getting the energy back!!!!

Well, off to build a swing set for SD#2 with DH!!!!!!

05-19-2002, 12:08 PM
Good morning.

Thought I'd check the posting out early today - looks to be a beautiful day here, although cool.

L&F - the cabin sounds really cool.:cool: You are fortunate.

RR - have fun building the swing set.

I am doing great staying on plan and am so thrilled about it.:D

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05-19-2002, 12:45 PM
Happy Sunday everyone!

L&F, How nice for you to have the cabin. My parents have on that we spend a lot of time at, it is very peaceful.

Vicky, Have a great time working on the swingset.

Rabbit, Way to go being OP.

I am doing well. I have gotten over the gain (well almost) I know that it was not deserved so I am not going to let it sabatoge my efforts. I am not getting on the scale tell ww day. The scale just messes with my mind.

05-19-2002, 07:03 PM
Hi guys. Well, I have done awful this week. I gained a pound. I guess I should be glad it is just a pound. I was so bad. Oh well, tomorrow is another day and I *will* do better.

Pyria: Where are you? I need you. :) I need a kick in the butt. Please send one ASAP!!

I have been taking the puppy out running with me on the bike. We went Friday and yesterday. I may be doing a bad thing though 'cause he was so bad last night. He ran the whole two miles this time and had tons of energy when we got home. Sorry to say that I didn't. Had another asthma attack. :(

Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!! You must be if the activity here is anything to go by.

:wave: :wave:

05-20-2002, 12:20 AM
:D Hi ladies I just got back from Church and had a surprise for me. After our WINGS meeting the ladies gave me a surprise wedding shower. I was married on Valentines Day and hadn't made it known that we wern't married yet. I was shocked and so surprised. My face was :o :o :o . I even had a piece of cake because they made it for me and I didn't know how to say no thank you. They took the time and the cost to do it. I did my 2 mile walk today and am glad that I did it before Church. I skipped it yesterday but plan on getting back on track tomorrow. We are going to a ladies luncheon Tuesday to Chinese so I plan on having white rice and steamed veges. Do you know any thing else that is safe? OK gotta talk to my son he popped his knee today and is in pain.:( Daphne

05-20-2002, 10:02 AM
Hi All,

Had a busy weekend, friend's kid's 1st b-day on Saturday and church and cleaning yesterday. Went to the church my landlord goes to, which she told me was fairly similar to the church I grew up going to. It was a little, but of course it had to be a special occasion! Everytime we try a new church, there's something going on and it's not a usual Sunday. They were having a commencement for the Teen Doctrine Class. Otherwise it was nice though, and we'll go back on a normal Sunday. DH did give me some encouragement though, he said that maybe if I wanted, we could start praying before our meals, like my family does. That makes me happy, because I think it's really important. Religion has always been a touchy kind of subject for us, since he's Catholic and I'm Christian (born again). We are both realizing how important it is to instill these practices now, so that our child grows up with them.

Anyway, Brat- How nice that they threw a party for you! No, I don't think you could've passed up the cake, it was best just to have it! When you go for Chinese, ask if they have brown rice, even better than white or fried, and tastes soo yummy too! I think most places have steamed chicken and veggies.

Karen- Sorry about the gain, but good for you going out biking. Maybe you just need to take it a little slower until your body gets used to it, so you don't have an asthma attack?

RR- Hope you were careful building that swing set!!

L&F- Sounds like you got a lot of cleaning exercise in at the cabin this weekend!!

Have a great day all!

05-20-2002, 01:17 PM

OP for a week and going strong. Got into the hot fudge last night with my ww sundae, so today I threw it out & am so happy with myself!:smug:

Nanci - where is your parents cabin? I think that would be a nice thing to have someday.:) ~ glad to hear you are not letting that undeserved gain derail you.!

Karen - sorry about your gain!:( Get yourself right back on that horse! ~ Hope your asthma is better.

Dab - how nice that they had a surprise shower for you!:D ~ Hope your son is ok.

later all!

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05-20-2002, 06:31 PM
Hello all!!!

Lauren-I "built" that swing set by sitting on the ground and supervising....DH wouldnt let me even pick up the tiny boards!!!!We have the club house done and now working on the roof.!!!

Dabrat--Happy Wedding!!!!That is too cool about the shower!!!Congrats on the recent event!!!

Karen--Keep your inhaler with U on those runs!!!Yeah on the excercise with the dog!!!!!

Nancy-great attitude!!!I have decided not to look on the scale at the md office my entire pg!!!!She will tell me if there is a problem!!!!:smug:

Rabbit-Horray for the willpower!!!!Congrats on throwing out the fudge!!!!!

Well, off to daycare and then to relax some more!!I guess vacation is over when the old clock goes off at 3:30am again!!!!!

05-21-2002, 03:31 AM
Well $*&! I just typed like the world's longest post and LOST tha dang thing....

To recap: Things are good and bad, have had a slight gain, but will get back on things. Company in trouble. Lost 1 paid day each week starting June 1.... So I will have plenty of time for my long neglected job hunt!!!:D (Will be eating ramen noodles, though.....). Whatever, can't be bummed out after last weeks great news! Thanks for all the support. It really means a lot.

LBH: WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! Can't wait to see pics of little Cletus!

Everyone else: Wow thats great! Ugh, dontcha hate when that happens? Come on now, pick yourself up and get back on that wagon. Hey - good for you, keep up the good work!

Catch ya later!

Back op plan: Tues - all h2o, fruit and veggies
Wen: Tues plus within points & Journal
Thurs: Wen plus some form of exercise (outside of lifting fork to face:lol: )

05-21-2002, 09:55 AM
Hi. I'm not feeling very motivated right now and it took 2 days for me to even get over to this discussion board to read the threads. My mind is on so many things right now - I really let myself get stressed about things that are too far away to really even worry about yet. So I'm trying to just take it easy for the next week. We don't have a show this weekend and I think I'll pass on attending the annual family reunion (even though I'd like everyone to see how much I've lost since I attended the last one 3 yrs ago).

Anyway....I guess I better go take the dog for a walk. - jul

05-21-2002, 12:26 PM

Oh I am so happy to be so motivated. I'm really doing much better than I have in quite awhile. Next week I'm supposed to go out of town (again:dizzy: ) for a few days, but I am thinking of skipping it - not sure if I'm strong enough yet. DH is pushing though, so we'll see.

RR - sd is sure to enjoy the swingset!:D

Bailey - sorry about the work troubles, but that extra day will help, you're right. Good luck! And great to hear from you!:)

Jul - oh I do the same things sometimes - getting myself all worked up about something that may not even happen or is way in the future. I have 3 words for you - Let it go. ;)

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05-21-2002, 03:04 PM
Hi, all. Introduced myself last week. Will just update you all. I am 36 years old. Married with 6 kids. The oldest is 16 and the youngest is 15 months. And I have about 40-50 pounds to lose. And I am tired of being asked when I am due. I get this at least once a month. The majority is around my middle (probably due to all my kids), but also on my butt, thighs, and hips. Oh, and I have that back fat that hangs off your shoulder blades. Very attractive.

Just started a new job Sat. after being a stay at home mom for the last 4 1/2 years. Am hoping that actually moving and not sitting on my butt all day will help me to lose some weight. The only problem is that I work nights and am usually hungry when I get home, especially if I don't get a break. Eating right before bed is probably not a good thing to help weight loss and then have trouble sleeping due to reflux.

Got totally depressed:( trying on slacks that I need for work. I have been living in leggings and didn't even know what size I wore. They look terrible on me. Had to get the more expensive slacks, 'cause the sale ones really looked awful. The pleats in front make my stomach look twice as big. Even got one of those body slimmer jobies that are supposed to suck you all in, probably helps a little, but not much. Probably just makes it harder to bend over.

Maybe just more insentive to lose the weight. Was hoping to take the dog out the last few days for a good walk, but the weather is not cooperating. It has been cold and extremely windy and wet. Feels like winter, not almost summer.

Need to get a scale to keep track of the weight loss. Was wondering if anyone could recommend one. Do those body fat scales work?

Well, I guess that's it for me for now.

05-21-2002, 04:59 PM
Hi everyone!! I finally have a couple of minutes to stop in. I've been pretty out of control -- eating like crazy and no exercise -- so I'm trying to get back on track. I'm planning on getting on the treadmill everyday and having lite dinners the rest of the week. I had to do the big steak and baked potato last night though. I have to have that at least once while I'm here. I spent most of the past weekend eating anything I wanted (including fudge!!) but I did walk around Disneyland for ten hours so hopefully that will negate it. :) The major surprise is that I haven't been drinking much. I thought with the free alcohol I'd be enjoying a lot of wine but so far I've only managed one glass a night. I drink more than that when I'm home. :D

Hopefully Friday I will have a chance to sift thru everyone's posts and reply. Last weeks training here went great and this week I'm spending my days working with my main cohort getting some paperwork straightened out.

Congrats to all the losers!! I'm afraid of what the scale will say when I get home. :o

05-21-2002, 05:07 PM
Hi Lexikate: Welcome to the group!! Wow, SIX kids??? Man, I don't know how you do it and work. That must be hard. I don't have time enough for everything and it's just me, work, hubby and school!!

Bailey: Sorry about the job. Sorta forces you to look for a new one doesn't it!!

I'm having WW chicken and veggies tonight and its *6* points. How on earth they get six points for that measly bit of stuff I will never know. There are only three small pieces of chicken.....there's no way that is three points and maybe a half cup of rice, the rest is veggies. What are they doing to us?? Counting the preservatives as points? I'm gonna go weigh that chicken!! I'll let ya know!!


05-21-2002, 06:22 PM
:) :) OK we were going to do CHinese and it was switched to Skippers. I had the Grilled Alaskan Salmon with a baked potato and grilled vegges. I did have the toast that they serve with it.:p I used no butter and maybe half of the sour cream packet. I also had water to drink. I feel like I did really well. All the other ladies chose the all you can eat fish and chips. I was so tempted but I want to lose weight not enjoy food for a few minutes. They all thought I was crazy I think.:lol: I was asked if my food was any good. I was yes it is delicious! It really was yummers. I passed up the cole slaw and the tarter sause also. Did I do good or what? I wish I was able to reply to you all but going to go take a nap my ear or jaw is hurting and I am tired. I also did my walk today but was a bit slower today. I did my 2 miles in about 35 minutes and not the 30 minutes I usually do it in. Have a nice night! Why is that WW dinner 6 points? What did it weigh? Daphne

05-21-2002, 06:58 PM
That chicken weighed 1.5 oz!! If it was a 1/2 cup of rice that means it was only 4 points. Where are the other two points!! Even if it was 3 points of rice..........I KNOW it wasn't 1 cup!! Oh well, I'm counting the darn points but that is the last WW dinner I eat!!


05-21-2002, 08:03 PM
Hello all!!
Welcome Lexicat!!!Wow...6 kids, I am working on #1 and freaking out about the side view!!!OMG..and I am just 10 weeks!!!I have decided to work on things after the baby comes and not worry about anything right now!!!!!

Must do some excercise tomorrow..Good excuse yesterday..left my clothes to work out in at home....
Well, off to put them in the car!!!
Hello all!!!

05-21-2002, 09:06 PM
Just popping in for a quick hello to everyone. I didn't have the best weekend food wise. I just splurged a bit too much and fulfilled a few of those cravings. I guess it's not so bad but I really want to stay under 150 and I'm not sure if I'm there right now so I'm going to try to be good for the rest of the week and just weigh myself then. Sometimes you just don't want to see that number!

RR - sounds like you're still doing great and I'm so happy for you!

Daphne - great choices!! give yourself a pat on the back. Sometimes I find it hard to decide if I should splurge and treat myself once in a while so I don't feel deprived or if I should make the right choice (like you did) so I'll feel good about it later. Sounds like you made the right choice and enjoyed yourself - what a great combination!!

Karen - I had a lean cuisine for dinner - 5 points! They're not too filling really but they're convenient. I'm sure if you had the time and the right groceries you could do much better for the points but I know I can't always do that. I figure for 5 points I can have that and something else small for dinner because they're never quite enough alone. Think of it this way - you could have probably a handful of chips for the same 6 points and they probably wouldn't have filled you up as much - even though they taste better!! :)

Lexikate - if you have 6 kids and only have to lose 40 pounds or so - feel proud - that's not so bad. I had to lose about that much and I don't have any children!! You can do it if you really want to and this is a great place to come for inspiration and motivation so welcome!!

Rabbit - glad to hear you're feeling motivated again. I'm hoping to be back there soon!

Hi to everyone I've missed.


05-22-2002, 12:41 PM
Life around here has been wild and chaotic, so I haven't been able to keep up like I want to, but I think I am back for now.

I am finding out that I can't make myself pig out even if I want to anymore. It just doesn't make sense anymore. I went to a restaurant last night, and ate chicken fajitas, I don't eat the beef anymore. I ate less than 1/2 of the sour cream and guacomole, and only ate a few bites of the rice and beans. It is a nice feeling to know that when I do "blow my diet" I don't blow it very bad. I am not loosing as fast as I want to, but I realize that I am eating for life, not to diet. So, I guess I am achieving my goal.

Well, I have to run for now, but I will be checking in soon. Hope you all have an on point/on plan day!!

05-22-2002, 04:32 PM
Hello All,

Everyone seems pretty busy this week. Sorry I haven't checked in sooner, we decided to skip the tent camping in below freezing temps last weekend, and considering that AF came to visit on Sun I'm even more glad.

I guess I wasn't greatful enough last week about the loss so this week it mostly came back, I am so tired of treading water I really need to get moving toward the goal :rolleyes: .

So in that vein here are my goals for this week (5/22-5/28):
Write down everything I eat!!!
Avoid the useless calories/points (like alcohol)
Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day above and beyond any additional fluids!!!

Hopefully I can get back on track soon.

RR - my sister who is due the end of July was funny with the tiredness, you could almost count to the day the end of the first triemester when she came "back to life". Glad you're doing so well.

Lyssa - definately important to keep in mind that this needs to be a lifestyle change and not a "diet" it will help you in the long hall.

Rabbit - glad you are sounding so upbeat. Good luck if you do leave town.

Daphne - you did great! Eating out is definately one of the most difficult things we do.

Karen - I think the points are in what they cook it in and the sauce, I try not to think about it too much. I usually eat them for lunch instead of buying a sandwich and fries or making a sandwich which I wouldn't like.

Lexikate - Welcome!! Can't help you with the scale, but our WW leader says it's an old wives tale that the later you eat your points/food the worse you'll be, so ... Although I have the reflux problem also and eating before bed isn't always wise.

Baily - how's the plan coming??

LBH - Good luck with the new church (and just for the record Catholics are Christians just like Methodists, Prespetyrians(sp?), Baptists, etc.).

Well I need to find a good snack and go out and mow. We're part of a focus group tonight and they're supplying pizza for dinner so I'm trying to save points.

Good luck to everyone!!!

- Tech :spin:

05-22-2002, 04:59 PM

First I'm going to vent! Hope you all don't mind. I've been doing TOTALLY AWESOME (if I do say so myself) and have been expecting a great loss this week (lost .25 both previous weeks so I think I'm due) and now I'm pmsing and hoarding water like a camel. I think I'm going to have a totally undeserved gain. :( Sigh. I know it is only temporary but it is frustrating none the less. I'm going to have to stay in town next week if only to see that scale finally go in the right direction!

LKate - good luck on your goals!:) Nice to have you join us. And congrats on the new job.

Liz - get back home soon. We miss you!!

Karen - that is a bummer on the 6 points. I eat Lean Cuisines. There's a hearty size one I like that is 6 points. It has a little more food. Then I always have veggies with it as they never fill me up.

Dab - Hooray for eating out experience!!

Elisa - Hi!

Lyssa - wow you have a great attitude!

Tech - super goals!

gotta run - it's beautiful outside today!

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05-22-2002, 09:17 PM
I actually took the day off and played today. A friend and I went to Springfield to shop and eat lunch. I tried so hard not to feel guilty about being away from the house (leaving DH in charge of the kids). They did fine. I enjoyed myself and we laughed a lot.

The apprentice that is living with us is amazed at what all I do every day. She has really kicked in and even been doing all the dishes and laundry. She even cleaned the bathrooms. The bad news is she just left last night for 2 weeks. She's going to Amsterdam for the GAS conf. (Glass Art Society). She won a scholorship thru school - cool!

I'm up 2 lbs again :( . Trying to get remotivated. It'll happen.
- jul

Backfor 2002
05-22-2002, 11:13 PM
Hi all,

Just wanted to do a quick check in. I have been crazy busy trying to get everything taken care of at home and work so we can leave for two weeks.

My throat started hurting really bad so I have been popping zinc tablets like crazy.

I will try and catch up with everyone tomorrow or Saturday.

05-23-2002, 12:39 PM
Well, I see I have a wierd pattern of loosing weight!!! I lost 30 lbs. in 2 months, and now it has changed so that I am loosing aproximately 5 lbs. a month. I bounce all month in those 5 lbs, and then at the end of the month that is where it stays; and then the next month I go down the next 5 lbs. I guess that is an average of a pound or more a week, but I had more fun loosing the first 30. It is however nice to know that I am not really on a plateau, but actually still continuing to loose the weight. So, I am now entering the month where I will finally break 160, (I am speaking in faith!) Which is the lowest I have been in nearly 10 years! The next low would be 130 which is where I was before I had any of my kids. So, here's to the future.

Nanci - Hope the throat is feeling better!!!

Rabbit - LEMON WATER!!! It is awesome on water gain!!!

Tech - Good for you on setting goals. I was brought up Baptist, and anti-Catholic. But my best friend is Catholic, and defies everything I was tought about Catholics!!! The point, Catholics are no more, no less Christian than the rest, but they have been the victims of bad publicity with in the protestant faiths!! So, I stand with you on the Catholic issue.

Elisa - How is the new house?

RR - Glad you are feeling better

WELCOME Lexicat!! Hope you enjoy your stay at 3FC's!!!

Karen - I guess I won't be buying WW frozen dinners. But then a gain, I don't usually buy frozen dinners to start with, would rather go out when I don't feel like cooking. And I love McDonald's Ceaser Chicken Salad which is only 100 calories, and huge if it is packed right. It is so good, I can eat it with out salad dressing, but they have a fat free salad dressing that is only 60 calories; that way I can save my calories for my Blue Bunny icecream.

Jul - I hope you are feeling better!!! CHIN UP!!!

Bailey - I am just glad you are posting more again, and feeling better. But I do hate it when you post a good post, and poof it is gone.

Well, the kiddo's are going a little wild, and need my attention.

Check ya'll later!!!

05-23-2002, 12:54 PM

I have been taking midol for 3 days now & I think it is FINALLY starting to help with the water weight gain. I don't think I will gain tonight. Whew.

Jul - Hooray for your day off!:cool:

Lyssa - 30 pounds in 2 months is a lot!! Super that you are losing 5/month now. ~ I'm doing the lemon water all the time (almost anyway. I don't like it with my vitamins.)

Still haven't decided if I'm going out of town next week. DH really wants me too, but I'm not so thrilled. We'll see!

Pryia - where are you girl??

OP since 5/13/02:D

05-23-2002, 02:38 PM
:D OK I did my walkking for 5 days in a row this week and Monday-Friday last week. I added in RS Tone and Sweat yesterday. Dang my arms feel it today. I want to be strong and do the whole tape not have to pause now and then because of the pain!:o
Rabbit I would love to go out of town! I never go anywhere so it would be fun for me. I hope you have fun no matter what you do.
Lyssa 30 pounds in 2 months!:dizzy: :dizzy: Wow i am impressed! I am such a slow loser I would love 30 pounds fone. What are you doing to be the great a loser? 5 pounds is still great!
Nanci I hope you feel better Zinc is great when you remember to take them.
Elisa are you still shopping like mad?
Jul I am glad you had a day off and had fun!
OK gotta scoot for now. Hi to all I missed! Daphne

05-23-2002, 04:53 PM
Hi Everyone!

Okay I did get on the scale today even though I was going to try to wait a couple more days! I was so happy it was still under 150 - okay only 149.5 but still!! Given the few days I had I was quite happy. I think, like other people, I find that my "pigouts" just aren't as bad as they used to be.

Lyssa and Daphne - thanks for asking about the house. Nothing is really happening now since it doesn't close until July 2nd. We're busy pricing things and doing a little shopping. Mostly we're just trying to see how far our money will go. I think I've got the mortgage, the lawyer, the movers etc. all worked out so that's good. It seems everyday I'm calling people to arrange something or sign something. I haven't made this many call since before the wedding!! It's fun so far, we're a little nervous but good nervous because we haven't stretched ourselves too thin.

Rabbit - good luck on the weigh in - sounds like you've tried really hard this week so I hope it shows!

Tech - nice to see you back and good luck with your goals this week - keep us posted.

And yes - where is Pryia??? Come out and say hi!


05-23-2002, 06:52 PM
Hi guys. Boy, is my butt dragging today. I'm so tired. I wish loosing weight would kick in and my energy level would increase. I'm at school so I can't spend much time here. Wish I was home :).

Jul: Yeah on the day off!! I am so looking forward to this weekend.

Whoops, theres the teacher gotta go!! Bye!

05-23-2002, 11:30 PM
Quick update:
Fell off program
Kid got sick
Got Busy
I got sick


05-24-2002, 12:12 AM
Pryia - Good for you on getting back on program, now stay there, ok?!?!?!

Backfor 2002
05-24-2002, 12:45 AM
Hi all,

Well I am happy to report that I lost 4.6 this week. I am so glad that 4 from last week is gone! DH lost .2

I promise I will get here and catch up with everyone soon.

Happy Friday eve! My last work day for two weeks.

05-24-2002, 06:09 AM
Yeah Nanci!!!!!
Just a quickie check in!!!!Lauren..where RU??????

05-24-2002, 10:17 AM
I'm here!! Been kind of busy at work, but I'm always here reading...waiting for M/S to kick in. :rolleyes:

05-24-2002, 11:36 AM
A few of you asked how I lost 30 lbs. in two months, so I will tell you. It isn't what I did, but what I didn't do, that caused the weight loss. Before January 25, we ate out all the time. We ate burgers, fries, and cokes, supersized several times a week, we ate high fat, low nutrient, foods almost every day. I used to eat in one meal what I now eat in one day. We have this all you can eat buffet that we ate when we wanted "healthy" food, and we ate plates of food, followed by plates of dessert. I ate little Debbie snack cakes almost every day, and some times more than once a day. My favorite, Fudge Brownies, they are like 400 cals. per pack, and I would eat 2 paks in one sitting. The worst part of it now looking back on it was that we were taking our kids right along with us. Our kids still get the junk occasionally, because they are kids, and our diet now is so low fat, that they need the extra fat occasionally. But now I cook low fat meals at home. It is cool to all sit around our kitchen table, and have family meals.

Anyway, my body has adjusted to the new way of eating, and I am loosing an average of 5 lbs. per month, which is a good rate of loss, but not as much fun as loosing almost that amount per week. I am beginning to know what my body needs instead of what I want to taste. I may not get as thin as fast as I wanted to, but I believe I won't have as many health problems as I was headed for eating out. I now eat to live instead of living to eat (to quote Dinotopian law).

05-24-2002, 03:43 PM
hi all!

Well, after my whining, I was fortunate enough to lose 2 pounds! The midol kicked in just in time. I was so happy to see the scale go down because I'd worked so hard. Now to continue . . .

Dab - hooray for all of the exercise!:cool:

Elisa - happy for you that you are still under 150!:D

Pryia - nice to hear from you! I thought maybe you'd be lurking out there.:)

Nanci - woohoo on the 4.6!!:eek:

Lyssa - well you have definitely made a lot of changes in the past few months! Good for you. ;)

gotta run - have a great weekend all.

OP since 5/13/02 :^:

05-24-2002, 04:41 PM
:D I think this is a grat group of ladies and you are all so postive!
Lys I think it is great how you are feeling about eatting now. I remember the days when I would go to Burger King and have 2 Deep Fried Tacos with Onion Rings for lunch , maybe have Fast Food Chinese with 3 poppers on the way home before dinner. During the day have 2 lattee with 2% or whole milk and a flavoring. Wow why didn't I lose weight then? It is amazing when you keep track of what you eat what you really are eatting!
Last year when I was working in a mall job I would have a Pretzel Time Pretzel *sometimed 2 if on bogo* amd a Nordstroms Lattee tripple. Maybe 2 or 3 on some days that I was stressed. That wasn't even a lunch! The food at Rainforest Cafe is all fat and calories. I put on 60 pounds in 2 years there. I have lost 20 of it so far and am stuggling each day still.
OK I forgot what I startd to say but hope you all have a great day!
Rabbit congrats on the 2 pounds and Midol working! Yeah for Midol!
Nanci big congrats on the 4.6! That is a large chunk a meat there! A nice size roast!:lol: :lol: :p
Hi to everyone else! Ddaphne

Backfor 2002
05-24-2002, 10:09 PM
Hey ladies

I hope everyone is doing well. HAPPY Friday. I am officialy on vacation. YIPPIE

Jul, Your play day sounds like it was a lot of fun. Good for you for taking it.

Karen, Did you get back on track? It is hard sometimes. I find weekends are the hardest for me.

Dabrat, That was very nice of the ladies to have the shower for you. You did great at skippers!

Rabbit, My parents cabin is about 30 mils north of Seattle. It takes exactly 45 minutes from our front door to their front door. That is if it is not rush hour traffic.
Congrats on that two pounds.

RR, Great attitude on worrying about the weight stuff once you've had the baby. Just get some moderate exercise in and you will be fine.

Elisa, Sorry the cravings got ahold of you. Congrats on staying under the 150.

Lyssalou, Great job at the restraunt. I too am finding that I am doing better in those situations. I was thinking the other day that it has been so long since I have ate so much that I am really full. It is so nice not to have that feeling.

Tech, Great goals for the week!

Bailey, I am really sorry that you are having so much stress with work. Maybe you can look at it as an extra day each week to enjoy the summer.

Pryia, Glad to see you back!

Lauren, I am not sure if you are waiting to get MS for the first time or if you get it every day and were waiting to get it that day. If it is the first maybe you will be lucky and bypass all of that.

We are getting really excited to get to PV. I am a bit nervous as to how I am going to do down there. I have decided that no matter what I am exercising every day. Lot's of walking and swimming laps. It is the food and alcohol that has me a bit concerned.

05-25-2002, 08:01 AM
Hi all! Still here,lurking in the background and reading all the posts. I miss you guys, but I just can't seem to get my butt in gear - however I am thinking of you all, so don't think too badly of me for not participating how I used to :o

05-25-2002, 10:39 AM

I went for a walk this a.m. outside - it was nice, except for the dog who cut my walk short. That's the only thing I don't like about walking outside. Got 20 minutes in anyway.

I have decided I am going out of town on Tues-Sat so I'm just going to have to keep this new-found motivation going. At home I can control my environment easier. Wish me luck.

Dab - you are doing great! Super that you've lost 20 so far.:)

Nanci - nice that the cabin is so close. I definitely think that would be a bonus and I'm sure it get used more often that way. ~ Good luck and enjoy your trip. You have done so awesome, I'm sure you'll be fine. Remember your progress, keep your goals in mind! YOu can do it.

BPB - always nice to have you pop in to say hi.

gotta run - have a nice holiday weekend.

OP since 5/13/02

05-25-2002, 11:14 AM
OMGoodness!!! The scales say 158!!! I broke 160!!! Now if it will just stay under 160, I will be very, very, happy!!! But if it bounces for a while, I will survive that too!!! At least I know I am loosing this weight once and for all!!!!

Everyone have a great weekend!!!

BPB - It is so nice to see your smiling posts!!! I hope you get yourself in gear, and post some more, you are so much fun!!!

Backfor 2002
05-25-2002, 11:40 AM
Happy Saturday!

BPB, Do not worry about not posting more. We love hearing from you. Take it one day at a time.

Rabbit, Ok how about we think of each other while we are both out of town. My WW leader says when you are traveling try very hard to have breakfast & lunch very similar to what you would normaly do, journal and try and exercise. We can do this!

Lyssalou, Wahoo on getting under 160 that is AWESOME!

Have a great day everyone.

05-25-2002, 01:42 PM
Hi All,

It's a beautiful day here in NJ, to bad I'm inside cleaning! :rolleyes: DH went to work to catch up on stuff he missed on the two days he was off this week.

Lyss- Congrats on breaking 160!! :D It's great that you've got your whole family participating in eating better!!

Rabbit- Be Strong!! I know you can do it!! :strong: Congrats on the loss!!

BFB- Hope all is well!

Nanci- I am waiting for M/S to kick in for the first time, I'm 6w2d today, and nothing. Hopefully I will be lucky and not get it, since my mom and aunt didn't, but I don't know. I'm just constantly starving it seems! Been trying to eat more protein, as that's supposed to keep M/S away. Have a great vacation!!

Brat- I remember the times when my eating was completely out of control like that...and it's happened more than a few times since I've been on WW also. But I've learned soo much about how I should be eating, that it's easier to jump right back on when I have a moment of weakness like that!

Tech & Lyss- I'm sorry, I did not mean to be saying anything bad about the whole Christian/Catholic thing! I am not anti-Catholic. I was just specifying that DH is Catholic, I understand that that is Christian, sorta like his "denomination" of Christianity is Catholic. It is just easier to say he's Catholic, afterall, that's what he says he is! Did not mean any offense by it!!

Elisa- Glad to hear things are going smoothly with the house so far!

Oh well, time to throw more laundry in!! Have a great weekend all!! :D

Backfor 2002
05-25-2002, 10:52 PM
Just wanted to say goodbye to everyone. Have a great couple of weeks.