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05-18-2002, 06:47 PM
SORRY KIWI---YOU ARE CORRECT ---THAT LAST HEADING WAS INAPPROPRIATE----loved the references to JUNE!!!! i really do miss the days when nuts would drop by---and now we can't even read the archives---if those bags at Cybermom had given some warning,I would have printed off some of the better posts!!!!!I DEMAND THAT PEACHES APPEAR---THIS IS GETTING WORRISOME----I DEMAND YOU OTHERS DEMAND SHE APPEAR!!!!!!!!!!!sorry to be so demanding,but it's my nature----KIWI---IS IS POURING RAINING FOR DAYS IN THE BACKWOODS LIKE IT IS HERE IN THE FOGBELT???????some holiday weekend-------at least I'm not camping in the rain with children aged 7,5 and 2 like my poor sister!!!!! SOMEBODY SAY SOMETHING----ARE YOU STILL WORKING ON THE BOAT ???IS EVERYONE HAVING FUN????????????????????????????????? EXCEPT ME????:?: :?: :dizzy:

Cherry Cow
05-19-2002, 06:12 AM
That is a much more appropriate subject line Bagzz!

Did I tell y'all that I'm having a thyroid scan on Tuesday? I have to take a radioactive pill Monday. Yummy. I don't know what's next if the thyroid isn't the problem.

I'm still working out about an hour three days a week. Walking, weight-lifting, and stretching. (Remember how Lushie would encourage us to stretch? Sigh.) It's not doing any good, but since it seems like I gain a half-pound every day I DON'T exercise, at least it's keeping the weight from piling on too fast. I'm now at 188.

My messy site has a new bulletin board. Y'all can check it out if you want. It's similar to this in the layout. The members aren't thrilled but I think the board is great fun. I have to tell you, in a lot of ways I understand why Francine disappeared. It seems like you run yourself ragged trying to keep a bunch of people happy... and it is very expensive to try to run a good website... that it is very tempting just to say, screw it, they don't appreciate the work I do. I hope I never get to that point with my site (and I did save all the archives from my old board so I can repost them later, when I can afford more disk space.) However, I do NOT understand the email she sent out a year and a half later. She has to understand that it hurt a lot of people to lose that meeting place, and that a lot of people still aren't over it. No one's really been able to build up as good a meeting place as that was. BTW, Bagzz, I did save some CyberMom archives, but not likely the ones with June and some of the other nutbags. I do have some with Dusty and from when your sister used to visit. (However, I am not the nutbag who occasionally posts old archived posts.)

PEACHES, APPEAR! Is that good?

05-19-2002, 08:37 AM
THAT HONOUR BELONGS TO MOI!!!I took alot of joy in reposting nutbag posts---my particular favourite was the "Period Sponge " ad!!!!--the answers that you bags would give were priceless---If you have my email,could you send me some Dusty posts for old times sake-----only iif you find a spare minute!!!---i hope they settle your problem soon---it sure sounds like a thyroid problem!!!!keep us posted!!! I will try to garden again to day if the RAIN would stop----PEACHES APPEAR!!!!!! yes I like that----let's use that---------:o :o :o PEACHES APPEAR RIGHT NOW YOU OLE HUDDA HEAD!!!!!!:smug: :smug: :smug:

05-19-2002, 04:32 PM
Hi Cow Girls!!!!!!

Well, here I am. I know I've been AWOL for a while. Do you remember me? I'm the organized clean freak who has anorexic tendencies; or I'm a fat slob. I can't keep myself straight.

Life in NJ is fine. DD is finishing her first year of HS. The boys are finishing 3rd and 5th grades. School is killing us. Work, work, work.

I have checked in several times, but never have time to post. I am so busy. When my computer died I filled my computer time with other things and now that time is gone.

I'm at a loss for what to say. This is the reason I really don't post. I'm so boring. Where's Wabby????? Where's Kiwi. I expect a welcoming party. Peaches, come back.
Love and kisses,

05-19-2002, 05:39 PM
Nagging works!

Peaches come back

You are quite right about Cybermom, Cherry. That email really pissed me off and I went to her little commercial enterprise website and looked at it and I wrote to her about it. I told her how I felt about the whole cybermom thing, and I found some things to criticize in her new website, which I very kindly pointed out :s: Unfortunately I was having trouble with my email at the time and I don't think that email ever got to its destination, so I can't say whether she just ignored me or not.

I am in the throes of sinus medication. I woke up with a big balloon head and took some meds and now I can barely type. My fingers are sort of numb and brain even number. That can't be right-- numb and number? Anyway, yesterday it rained allllllllll day, which sucked. DD and I went to the big city :rolleyes: to do some shopping and then to the coast for my sister's bridal shower. It was lots of fun; I only felt a tiny bit guilty for ignoring that side of my family; DD had a great time with her cousins. One is exactly the same age, another is a couple of years younger but they click really well. The rest are several years younger, so she mostly spent time with the first two.

I always feel a little bit awkward around my father's kids, especially now that he's gone, but I enjoyed the party. Especially when my oldest sister (4 years younger than me) who is sort of perfect (you know the type, thin, beautiful house, accomplished kids, interesting job, cute DH, all that) bumped into me while I sitting with a cup of coffee in my lap and I got coffee all over my nice blouse and blazer. For some reason, I found this rather funny. I don't get to see her being apologetic very often.

Then I found out something which was sort of embarrassing -- one of my sisters moved into a new house several months back and it turns out she lives down the street from good friends of mine (my cleanie dietitian friend who moved away last year)! I didn't tell her how often we'd been there in the past year -- especially the fact that we spent 2 days there at New Years!! EEK!! I guess I should have known; she must have sent me the address in a Christmas card or something, but I didn't make the connection. :o

See, Lush, you don't have to have anything to say. Just ramble on like I do. We like to see you even if you're boring. How's the family?

DD actually purchased a skirt yesterday -- that she liked! :dizzy: That hasn't happened in years. I'm so thrilled. She can wear something besides jeans to her 8th grade awards ceremony (which is what we are pretending is a graduation).

I need to stop typing or I could apparently go on all day in this brain fog.


05-19-2002, 09:53 PM
I am too boring. Today, ds and Herbie and I went to a friend's house for a recital. A bunch of kids got up and played something on some instrument. It was very nice. We were required to wear dresses or shirts/ties and we had to sit still. How boring is that?

I am mad mad mad about not having a school for ds to go to. The private school I want is $3,000. Any contributions? We take Candian. The public school I want more he can't go to because of it's in the wrong district and our guys won't let him go. Kids who go to that school get accepted EVERYWHERE. Grrrr. Herbie (remember him?) could afford to pay for this private school but says "as smart as he is, it's a waste of money." As smart as he is, he deserves an education, I say.

I saw the Flylady article. Pages and pages of her ideas. Wow! Now she wont' have to email it to everyone 27 times a day. Remember those "Go to bed now" emails. DS couldn't believe that. I had to show him.

Sorry you're not well Cherry. Nice igloo Bagz. School is out on Friday so we had awards ... Dogpatch people dress up in their newest flipflops and the tee shirt they got from smoking 300 packs of Camels and came on out to see the kids honored. And Lushie, thanks for giving me Herbie .. now fix him. (DS will be in Pennsylvania in two weeks seeing him dad)

05-19-2002, 10:19 PM

05-20-2002, 07:37 AM
I'm so happy! Two of my favourite WLBers emerged from the darkness and posted on the same day!

Nothing exciting here. It's Whitsun, so the kids have today off. I knew all these religious holidays were good for something.

Thanks for reminding me about the Queen's birthday, Bagzie, because it's also my dad's birthday. Don't want to forget that. He'll be 73 - still cute as a bug's ear.

I did 40 minutes on the elliptical mud slogger yesterday and lived to tell about it. Then I was so hungry that I ate all day. Just happened to have a sour cream peach pie lying around (was supposed to be rhubard, but I didn't have any). So much for losing weight, BUT, my butt is looking a tiny bit smaller while my gut remains the same. No, I won't be posting pictures.

Lushy, you are never boring! Welcome back and keep checking in.

Peachie! What can we do to make Herbie understand about the private school? Have you taken him there to visit?

Kiwi! Your relatives sound divine! I have no sister, only sils. One is whacko and the other one is fun but I get along fine with both, considering I only see them every couple of years! Can you post the URL for Francine's new venture, please? I'd love to take a look. Heh heh.

Cherry! The difference between you and Francine is that you would never just close down a site without any explanation whatsoever. I can understand what a huge amount of work it is to maintain a site like Cybermom ( just look what a fabulous job these darling 3fcs are doing here) but it's the way she ended everything that gets me. No apology, no suggestion of where people could go. You are much too sweet to do something like that. I'll be thinking of you during your scan.

Need to get Mummy to save me that issue of Woman's Day with FlyLady in it. What's the date on it, please?

Gotta go eat something.

05-20-2002, 04:38 PM
Here I am, 2nd day in a row. I forgot how cool all these colors are, I feel so high-tech. Today was a particularly horrible day. I went to the casino with my mother's senior citizen group. This is far worse than going places with kids. Old people are, as we suspect, addle brained and difficult. I am glad I am not going to get like that. I'm cranky. and miserable.
You should be happy I'm never around because I deal with a teenager 1/2 of the time and an old lady the other half. It makes me crazy.

I think I used to be funny, but I'm not funny anymore. Now I just complain. I have fake nails. They don't look so bad, but they make typing very difficult. They also make an annoying sound when they click on the keys. I don't think I'll do this again. DD likes to have hers done, so I thought I'd try it. Everyone in NJ has fake nails. It must be horrible to work in an office here, with all that clicking going on all day long.

Toight we're going to buy DD a shirt since she is going to a retreat on Wednesday and feels this is the time to make a fashion statement.

I think it is nap time. Bagzie, if you know of any cool St Johns websites or would like to provide info on your fair city, I'd be pleased. I don't see how we can beat the Toronto or Quebec projects. No offense, but St Johns has taken a decidedly unflashy approach to tourism and it makes it difficult to put together an award winning school project.
And, what's with Walter Pidgeon? He's your famous person? Please do better.
Peaches, is Herbie giving a bad time on the nephew's schooling? After Athens? I'm surprised. Men can be such a pain.
Sugar!!!! I've missed you so. I live near someone from Stutgard...or however you spell it. Is that near you? I dare not look it up on the map. It will violate my sloth vows.
Kiwi, I'm always glad when DD doesn't wear a skirt..because they are always so short. Do they make a big deal of the 8th grade graduation or awards ceremony? It is a huge deal here. When I was a kid I don't remember it being worth noting.
Where's Wabby. I insist that she come and pay homage. How is her garden?
Cherry, do you ever hear from any of the messie girls? How are they?
I'm off. See you later.

05-20-2002, 07:43 PM
It's a cowzapalooza!

I'm bummed about DS's school situation, Peach. You do so much to see that he gets good opportunities, someone should cut you a break. I used to be much more energetic about trying to get DD a decent education, but I can't seem to muster any more enthusiasm. I'm glad she's about done with middle school, it wasn't especially inspiring. But at least she is not like I was at that age, when I flatly refused to be in anymore gifted classes. Well, actually, who knows, maybe she is--there aren't any gifted classes for her to take anyway. There is so far not even a single Advanced Placement class in her high school, let alone I.B. classes or something like that. She will simply have to rise on her own efforts. I hope she doesn't get bogged down in depression like I did and chuck it all.

I can sympathize, Lush, I've been working with the seniors at the meals on wheels thing. Crazy old coots. They like nothing better than getting into some pointless discussion about town politics and who did what to whom. Of course most of them are very sweet... :)

Hey, Bagz, didn't you just have a holiday last week? What was that one? And Sugar, why isn't Whitsun on Sunday?

DH had the boat moved out of the yard this afternoon. I spent 2 hours this morning vacuuming and washing one of the cabins (he paid DD to do the rest of the cleaning). I used bleach. Bad idea. I feel like crap. Slept from 2 until 5:30.

DD's graduation isn't really one at all. It is an "awards assembly" I was told on the phone. I had to call up and ask about it; DD knew nothing about it except that there was going to be one and we got no info home from school. I miss elementary school when I saw papers every day.

DD said they had to run the mile in gym today -- she did it in 13 something minutes. Isn't that kind of slow?

Must go feed face.

Fake nails :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I'm laughing at New Jersey. I know some people who have fake nails all the time and their nails are a mess -- they pretty much have to either keep getting them, or have a really ugly drying out period. :eek:


05-21-2002, 01:09 PM
Hey! I have fake nails . It's because my natural nails are paper thin and also because I like the mental health therapy I get at my nail lady's. She's cheaper than a shrink and I get pretty nails at the end of my session. Right now she is in California at her bil's funeral. She has been gone 2 weeks and I'm a week over due for my manicure/therapy. I'm feeling depressed and my nails look horrible. Especially since it's prime gardening season and I quit wearing my gloves a month ago.

LUSHIE!!!!!!!! you're back!!!!!! I've missed you, you adorable little heifer! You know I worry about you when you're gone too long. Sounds like you're dealing with alot, but just how do you go cold turkey from hanging on the computer all day. Just what have you filled your time with? Has that cute septic pumper guy been hanging around?

Sugar P, you wonder woman you, 40 minutes on the torture device? You should be thin as a rail by now. Or at least as thin as Letty.

Kiwi and Lush get the weekly sainthood awards for dealing with old folks. My fil is still living next door in his mobile home. He turned 89 last month and will surely last until he's 109, just to torture me with old cars he drags home because "he got a good deal on it". At last count he has 1 car, 2 sport utilities, 1 van and a motorhome we told him he had to sell and we found out he's paying to store it at a lot. He told us it was sold. All these vehicles for a man who has a cataract in one eye, and is totally deaf. He still drives. We call him Mister Magoo. :dizzy:

Cherry, I sure hope they figure things out for you. I'm sure you're sick to death of tests. Poor girl.

Bagzie, all set up in the greenhouse?

Peaches, as my children were neither interested in academics in school, I can't give you any good advice re: DS. If you'd like advice on how to talk a vice principal out of suspending your kid for dressing up in a monkey suit and throwing banana peels down the hallway, I could do that. (Actually my ds only threw the banana peels, his friend was in the monkey suit.) Does the ex have any relatives who could be relied on for support? Are there any scholarships available? Dumb questions, as I'm sure you've already thought of everything already.

05-21-2002, 06:34 PM
Wabbit, I'm an insensitive lout with no sense of style. I quite agree that a manicure is a slice of TLC, not that I have enough in the way of fingernails to make it worthwhile (I grew up playing the piano and long fingernails were a big no-no; I still hack them off every chance I get).

Don't misplace the praise re: the old folks -- I only go mingle with them for a few hours a week: if I lived next door to my stepfather I would be insane in minutes! Today at meals on wheels we heard quite the tirade -- the former town manager is on trial for misappropriation of town funds. Lots of local folks have been called to testify. It's the best gossip of the year.

I have nothing intelligent to say -- it's absolutely gorgeous out today, sunny and breezy. So I took a nap this afternoon.

I'm a dolt. I recorded Enemy of the State which was on TV last night. I started watching it today -- my tape ran out 15 min. before the end.


05-21-2002, 07:58 PM
my dearest Kiwi, you are not an insensitive lout, and you have plenty of style. I just love to have someone piece together a body part of mine, even if it is just my fingernails. I only wish she could fix my other sags and bags as easily. Or these lovely road maps I have on my legs.

Every day when I'm at work the sun is out and it's lovely weather. As soon as I'm leaving work a dark cloud moves in and it rains.

Did I mention I visited the iris gardens the last 2 weekends in a row? They are sooooo beautiful they just knock my socks off. If I could figure out how to do it, I'd post some photos of my own lovely iris's. I could bore you silly. ;)

05-21-2002, 11:14 PM
My joy of the day would be to annoy Crazy Old Coots of WLB.

Did I mention that ds has been given a college scholarship for two years to a community college and two years to a state college? Turns out he can't keep it if he goes to a private school so he'll stay in the system ..... but .... the good news is his gifted teacher scheduled a meeting today and she's going to advocate. She's planning on getting him into the right classes, have him choose a career, find out about scholarships and colleges all while in ninth grade!!! I feel much better.

Then for tenth grade, he can transfer to the high school at the college here and get his AA while in high school ... .... etc. Are you sick of hearing about this?

So, I went out to take pictures and interview this old guy who bought a no longer used public rest stop (5 acres) and turned it into a beautiful home with a yard full of John Deere tractors. He even dressed in green/yellow to meet me. As I was leaving, I saw something he had not talked about and asked. It was his four wheeler which he rides through the woods. He asked me to ride through the woods with him. Isn't that sweet? I have to go back as my boss wants a better picture of the man (the tractors are fine) and I don't want to go alone.


05-22-2002, 02:50 AM
Why, Peaches, didn't you want to go four-wheeling in the woods with a man who lives in an abandoned rest area? Sounds like a whip-snortin' good time to me. Yee haw!

I'm so glad DS's schooling looks better. Sounds like a plan. How does he feel about it?

Sorry to hear your weather sux, Wab. Do the iris gardens have a website like the lilac place? I could almost smell those lilacs when I went there :spin:

Tomorrow is DD's school concert, band and chorus. hoopdedoo. Then this weekend we are going sailing. Or at least we are spending the weekend on the boat. Don't know if we'll actually do anything, but we will be AWAY!

Night night

05-22-2002, 12:46 PM
Sure, Kiwi, it's at

Peachez, see? things will work out after all. Sounds like a plan.

05-22-2002, 04:30 PM
I'm going there right now.

Does everyone's teenaged kids make fun of them incessantly, or is it just me? :rolleyes:


05-22-2002, 11:33 PM
Mine makes fun of Herbie but NOT fun of me. Drives me crazy. I threaten "butt whuppuns" all the time.

U're right Wabby. By the way, did they ever lead anywhere with finding out about those missing kids?

05-23-2002, 12:48 PM
No, Peaches, they haven't come up with a thing on the missing girls. There are posters plastered on every business in town and billboards on all the main highways all around, they mention it on the news occasionally now, not every day like in the beginning. There were candlelight vigils on the 2 month anniversary of the disappearance of the 2nd girl, but not a clue as to what happened to them. I have a feeling that both of these girls had very little if any supervision. Not that that is why they were kidnapped, but I'm sure it didn't help. I was reading the description of Miranda and it said "she has a pierced tongue and a belly button ring". This girl is barely 13 years old. Who lets their child do that? I guess we all want to figure out someone to blame, the thing is so unbelievable.

Cherry Cow
05-23-2002, 08:15 PM
I thought I would find out the results of my test today... but the doc has Thursdays off. Just found out my Great Grandma had a thyroid problem. She was about 90 when she died, but was hugely overweight for probably 30-40 years.

LUSHIE!!!! Yay! It's great to see you! You're not boring!!! Me, I'm boring, especially now.

Bagzie, I thought you might be that nutbag that posted archives! I'll see if I can dig some up for you and copy and paste them to you.

Wabby, that is so sad that those girls haven't been found. How scary.

Peaches, congrats on the Z-man's scholarships!! That's terrific! I'm glad it worked out to keep him in public school. My DS1 starts high school in 2003 and we're thinking of going Catholic. The local high school is a holding pen for kids. It's the sixth biggest city in the state, but has the biggest high school. But the football team wins a lot, so that's what's important.

Kiwi, have fun away! We're going to an air show so I can get my fix of fighter jets.

Sugar P, yay for a smaller butt!!!

I have never had a manicure. I have naturally nice nails. They draw the eye away from the buddha belly.

I'm now up to 190 pounds.

I bet I will be the evil cow who pushes the messages to page two. Oh well.

Cherry :moo: