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02-02-2009, 12:45 PM
Hello & :welcome: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

Feel free to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey!
So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke etc. and pull up a chair and join us!


02-02-2009, 01:02 PM
Good Morning -

Hope it was ok to start a new thread! Just thought we were crashing at over 100. ha

Weigh in was ok, I guess, considering I indulged over the weekend and spent most of my time saying "it's ok,'it's ok"

Back up to 140.8, so that is managable, we'll just get back on track, right?

I have a day of mopping and cleaning out Gabrielle's closet. I am thrilled w/ a Dick and Jane book I picked up at the library last night. Gab has been having a hard time w/ reading but she sat and read a few chapters of the book last night. I was happy about that.

Cristina - Too bad on only one couple showing for the open house. I wasn't even thinking of the super bowl, I probably would have shown for an open house. lol I watched the half time but otherwise didn't catch the game. And thanks for all your encouragement! You're a sweet lady.

Jules- Oh, Gabster still loves horses. She said "it's just a nibble, it doesn't hurt. I love horses" The horse *nibbled* thru her hoodie on her arm , left a purple bruise, faint....not too bad. Still I'll be more careful in the future. Nice that JR is good w/ Dominic, course little D is a sweetie :)

Francie - sorry your team lost! It was Rachel's team too. She said she was for the Cardinals because they were the closest team living to Oregon. :dizzy: Course once she said that I was like.....ya, I want them to win! lol

k- I have my mind on all the cleaning I have to do before I get Gaby, so I better get my butt moving.

:wave: to everyone!

02-02-2009, 02:09 PM
Susan~My mom used to collect Dick & Jane books. She had a TON of them, lol. It sucks that the Cardinals lost :( I'm still bummed about it. Have fun cleaning!!!

02-02-2009, 02:36 PM
Francie--I am sorry your team lost cause I luv you and I always root for the underdogs during the Superbowl, but I luv Teri too and Steelers were her team and we have to live with her. We watched a Charles Bronson Death Wish marathon instead of the game--Teri went to her boyfriends house who are a bunch of Cowboy fans who were rooting for the Cardinals. Ry and I watched the last 10 minutes of the game after Jerry went to bed--I loved the Cardinal touchdown when the guy jumped way in the air and got the td-Ry just wanted the Steelers to win so Teri would be in a witchy mood.

SusieQ--Dominic loves to be read to. I like the Dick and Jane books. Glad Gaby wasn't traumitized by the bite on her arm. I used to buy a little Golden book for Ryan every payday. I think 140-145 sounds right for you. There is no magic number for where your body is comfortable so you gotta do what feels right for you. Unfortunately my body wants to stay at 210-212 and I would like to be in the 150-180 range with 140-145 being an ultimate goal.

02-02-2009, 03:57 PM
well, Tommy had his follow up appointment with his surgeon today. the mass that they found, he said that it was normal and that every body has it. Tommy's was just inflamed and so they pulled it out anyways. He got the all clear to go back to work, now he is in the free and clear to go looking!

we went to see my parents yesterday. we actually got to see my grandma as well. she is now living with my mom and dad because the care giver that was taking care of her was beating her, stealing her money and who knows what else. so, my grandma punched her with a closed fist.

the kids are all doing well.......they are getting bigger by the day!

02-02-2009, 05:01 PM
Back I am feeling grumpy, sleepy for sure. But I did get my exercise done and feeling good about that.

MINDEE...sorry to hear about your grandma, that is just terrible. I am glad that she is with your parents now though.

SUSAN...wanna come clean my house. Actually, it's clean today since it was cleaned Saturday. HA! I learned to read with Dick & Jane! I love Dick and Jane...too funny. I actually found some of the old books and had to have them...missing some of them. Even have a calendar and paper dolls, lol.

FRANCIE...I think the referral should still be good because you didn't go. But what do I know? With the medical/insurance crap who the heck knows.

Anyway...nothing going on. Came home after the showing today to unlocked doors. WTH? Give me a break...damn realtors. And I did complain to our realtor and plan on complaining to the other one once I find out who the heck it was. Why would you leave someone's house and leave all the doors unlocked? Especially when you came here they were locked, ugh!! My rant for the day, lol.

Just getting laundry done right now, or trying to.

I did weigh today but not counting it...changing my WI back to Saturday and quit WW. I am going to continue to try and do it at home but not going to waste money when my mindset is not there. I've got to get my mind set on losing again and not sure why I can't. I was doing good and then blah! Not complaining as I am back on track today. Did away with the ticker because I am not going to make the 6 pound loss...there's no way now, well, maybe. But every time I set a number for a loss it never fails that I set myself up for failure. Not going to focus on the scale & numbers right now...just trying to get my focus back on being healthy. So...we'll see how that goes.

Have a good one.

02-02-2009, 06:01 PM
I thought I learned on Dick and Jane books but I remember a Mikey when I read out of the books in the early 70's?
The one I picked up for Gaby has a Puff (cat) and Tim (stuffed bear) and a Baby Sally. Anyway, I was thrilled she was reading!

Cristina - No, I don't wanna clean your house, sweet lady or not. lol One of the doctors at the hospital is looking for someone to clean their mansion and I passed. Sucks about the doors left unlocked, whats up w/ that? I would be complaining to. I was taking my ticker down last week- lol. Just get bogged down in numbers at times, have to get past that and focus on healthy living.

anyway - that sounds good , huh? lol

Jules- You'll get to goal! I am sure of it. :D:carrot::D

:wave: to Francie and Mindee..........and everyone else!

On a mission to get the Gaby from school, hope to get her bangs cut and have an early dinner of beef stew,,,,,,that I made! Thought I would cook too since I was stuck inside. I did make a tuna salad for lunch so I will just have a little of the stew w/ veggies.

Totally blew off my orientation on the cardio equipment! I forgot, I swear! lol Sheesh, will have to reset the appt now.

anyway, swimming tonight and The Bachelor! yay.

02-02-2009, 08:02 PM
Hello All!!

Had a busy weekend, finally getting out and about. Went to dinner with friends Fri nite, then back to our house for dessert and gabbing. Saturday we ran all around Annapolis. Went to the amish mart for lunch, browsing at Home Depot, shopped at Trader Joe's then off to Annapolis Lighting to look for a new light for our foyer. I found a closeout foyer chandelier $880 marked down to $360. :carrot: Then I came home and googled the light and found matching fixtures for the hallway on closeout also. I'm on a roll :D. Of course, on my disability pay for two weeks, how do I think I'm going to pay for all this ;)

Anyhoo, back to the doc this afternoon and he has finally cleared me to return to work on Monday. I really thought I'd be going back tomorrow but he wants me to get tons of sleep and get back to normal activity during the day, so......that means I'll be stripping wallpaper and scrubbing glue off the walls in the foyer and hallway for the rest of the week.

Cristina--Good luck on your house showings. We have had 3 houses for sale in our neighborhood for over a year. One just sold :carrot: Gotta look it up and see what it sold for.

Francie--More snow is on your way tomorrow!! Usually referrals are good for a month or more so make another appt.

Susie--Ouch for Gaby's little pony bite. She sounds like a tough little one.

Hugs :hug: to everyone else. You know who you are!! ;) I slept like crap last night. Gonna shower, watch 24 and hit the bed early tonight. I could go for a bowl of popcorn. Weight has stayed steady at 139-140. Heading back to WW on Wed. Still gotta get the motivation to crawl back up on my elliptical. One step at a time!!

02-03-2009, 12:08 AM
I am back!

nothing really new on this end......we are meeting with the lady from the local manufactured home community that is just around the corner from us tomorrow at 1pm. then on Wednesday we are going to get our taxes done at 1pm.

we are also doing some research for our friend since he is going through a situation right now. so, we have been doing some legal research for him.

I am about to run off and do some more research and finish checking my email since I haven't really been online much since last week maybe.

02-03-2009, 12:51 AM
I keep forgetting to put this on here, but Tommy informed me that we are going to have to do some shopping before the end of the year. I said "oh yeah....what kind of shopping?" He said "the kind where we get a sitter for the kids, and it is just you and me." I said "oh yeah.....for what?" He says "well, if I am going to become master of the lodge this year, then the master's lady needs a nice dress to wear." I told him "well, that gives me plenty of time to lose the weight that I want to."

I also figured out that I am not going to aim to lose 100 pounds and try and get down to 135 pounds like I am "supposed" to be for a woman of my height. I told Tommy that my first goal is to get to 200 pounds, and then from there I am going to get to 180 and stop. He asked me why 180 and I said "well, that was how much I weighed when I met you, and you honestly couldn't tell that I weighed that much. Plus, I was really comfortable at that weight."

02-03-2009, 02:41 PM
Good Morning,

I was all pumped for $10 bag day at the 2nd hand store til I drove up and saw the Open @ 11:30 sign, wth......bummed now because they are usually open @ 10am. Argh.

:wave: to Mindee & Tammy - glad to see you ladies post, had to scroll down a little too far to get to BIK! Sheesh, we'll get lost in the heap. :D

I watched the Bachelor last night, pulling for Jillian, I like her a lot. Course it doesn't matter who I like. lol What was Naomi wearing at the rose ceremony??? It reminded me of Enchanted and she was making dresses out of the, it was downright ugly and not becoming on someone so young. tsk,tsk....too bad Stephanie was sent home but she was way to classy for Jason. I see her more with someone w/ money and a tad older. Anyway, I like Jillian and Melissa, don't care for Naomi or Molly.

Mindee- 180 sounds good! I have struggled the last month on the numbers and really it isn't about that at all. We should at least be comfortable where we are in weight, otherwise what is the point?? I think I will bounce between 140 and 145.

Tammy - sounds like you are going to be working anyway, just not getting paid for it. lol Good to hear you will be going back to work on Monday!

I also was thinking that it wasn't Dick and Jane books I learned on. I think it was the series w/ Jeff, Mary and Mikey??? Does anyone remember those??

Gaby swam like a minnow and is antsy to become a shark next week but I think we might have to keep her in minnow another round, her

and her father is being weird...........again. Just because we haven't fought in a week he asked me last night at the pool "so, do you think we will ever have sex again?".....I said "no, I don't think we are ever having sex again, I don't want sex with you.....ewwwwww" (and don't worry we haven't had sex in over 7 years!)

k- I didn't say ewwww, but I was thinking it. He is such a friggin don't just have sex, you should be in a relationship first!!! Give me a few dates at least,,,lol....anyway, whatEVER...he pissed me off, he is always murking the waters. I just want to get a long and have no tension....and he always thinks just because I am civil I must *like* him...*eyes roll*....

k- now that I am all wound up I am headed for work......salad made and house all cleaned! :carrot:

:wave: big hello to everyone!!

02-03-2009, 04:39 PM
Hiya Chickies...

TAMMY..I agree with Susan, you will be working, just not getting paid...well not with a paycheck...but with a pretty house for sure! Yeah, we've had/have some in the area that have been for sale for a while too. One has been on the market since we have been here...our realtor said it has some god-awful green carpet in it. Then the other was a redo...people bought it and fixed it up as a flip...they were at our yard sale last year, lol. Did a GREAT job but I think they overdid it and inflated the price. Those two have been a while but we've had others that sale...just taking longer than normal. Oh well...if we sell it we do, if not :dunno: Glad you had a nice weekend!

SUSAN...well, what kind of friend won't clean a friends house? I see how you are, :lol: I actually thought about doing that for a living and then thought, ummm, I don't even like cleaning mine, why would I want to clean someone else's :lol: Used to do it for my Aunt growing up...I think she made more messes because she had someone else doing it! What in the world is the ex thinking? Lol Sorry the store wasn't open when you went...wish we had some place like that around here...there's the goodwill but they don't have $10 bag day. Of course I think they know when I am coming because there is never anything there for me!! I don't remember a Mary, Mickey & Jeff. That's good Gaby is reading :yay: And glad she loves her swimming.

MINDEE...good luck at the trailer place today! Is Tommy part of the Mason's or is this lodge something else? Hey, you have something to look forward to later in the year!

I think the little rugrat finally went to sleep. I had to tell her to shut up and go to sleep. When she goes to bed and when she is eating, all of a sudden she has all this stuff to talk about...especially when she is supposed to go to sleep, lol. Wha't funny is, if she will just lay down, be still and close her mouth she would be out in 2 seconds-serious! She's too cute though. Anyway, that's what I've been doing all morning...playing with her, working with her and I got some exercise in there. Spent a little time on the computer too while she watched Dora, Diego and Barnyard something and played. Doing laundry too.

Hi to JULES, KATY, SUE, FRANCIE, KATHY, SASSY & ASIA...hope I didn't miss anyone :wave:

Going to head on over to myspace and work on that page a little more. Trying to find the perfect page, well, something I really like. Imagine out of 1000's of pages and me not finding anything-I can't! :( Anywhoooooo...have another load of clothes to get folded, one to wash and some exercise to do before the little one wakes up.

Have a wonderful day :hug:

P.S. Keep forgetting...LOVE your avatar Susan! Brings back lots of memories when times were so simple and easy, for me anyway. We may have been poor but we had each other and we were happy.

02-03-2009, 05:03 PM
well, we went and looked at two places today. we are going to keep in contact with this lady, and she is going to let us know when she gets some more options in our price range. we liked the first one a lot, but not so much on the second one!

right now Marissa and Logan are supposed to be napping, but neither one is. tomorrow we go to get our taxes done, and Tommy told Logan that if he behaves tomorrow then we will go and get him a price. (he was really good for us today which we were really worried about!)

SuzieQ~ I know what you mean! I was never really sure about what and when I was going to draw the line. But I think the line drew itself when I was looking at pictures from my senior year and from when me and Tommy started dating. Granted now, my body will look different at that weight since I am now three kids later. But I just want to rock a hot body again! (not saying that I am not now.....I just don't personally think I am rocking one right now) what a jerk your ex is!

Cristina~ Yup, Tommy is a Mason. He has been in the chair he is now a couple of times before, but he pushed off taking the head seat because of stuff that was going on. Now, as it sits right now, there is a guy one seat ahead of him that will take the chair, but if he doesn't (which they are sure that he won't) then Tommy will take it.

02-03-2009, 05:16 PM
Dear Ladies....I am sitting here in the cardiac lounge of the hospital. My poor cantankerous mom feels she is being held captive again.... Actually, I left her room so she would sleep. Yep, we are back here, becoming all too familiar with this place. I brought her to the ER on Sunday and they have kept her. I did go home last night for a bit and luckily came back very early this a.m. After I got here we got 4 inches of snow and ice. Now I fear I won't go home tonight. There was a 15 and a 20 car pile-up near-by and DH asked me to just stay here. Ah well, they have food, coffee, blankies and a comfy cjair or bed for me, so I will not venture out.
Now ladies, I need prayers and good wishes from you all again. Mom's problem is a different one, not heart related, but kidney. She is in need of a procedure that they can not do due to her heart and not being able to under-go being put under. We are taking it day by day and if it becomes an "either-or" type situation they will have to chance the procedure. We are praying for the blockage to ease and be something she can deal/live with and manage without the procedure. She has re-gained some strength today as Sunday and yesterday were awful. I could go into lots more details since 3 doctors have kept me up to date and talked so even I can understand, but I won't bore you. It has been stressful, but I am more optimistic today.
Thank goodness I got over my cold and illness right before she got down again. But it does seem like we have all been sick for all of Jan. excpet for our trip.....hope this is not a sign of 2009.
I actually think I am a bit loopy from lack of sleep, and eating crappy...but I will be okay. I did manage to eat a very healthy lunch, just that my snack was a Reese cup. Dang vending machines yelling at me...
I will try to keep you posted and I know we will feel your prayers.

Love you all......

02-03-2009, 05:20 PM
excuse the typos..can't seem to get this machine to let me go back and edit. Sorry...

02-03-2009, 07:50 PM
Sue--prayers to you and your mom. My mom goes for the outpatient surgery tomorrow morning. Hoping an infected cyst is all they find.

Mindee--fingers crossed for you to get a new place like Sassy was able too--both of you sound like you have some crappy neighbors. 200 , well actually 199 is my first goal, then 180 is the next, then the ultimate would be 140-150. I stayed 170-180 for years after I had Teri then I crept up to 200 and then after the accident to 220-226.

Cristina--I am going to quit WW too. The weight is not going fast enough to be worth the $12/week I pay to go. I love the leader and the ladies, but hubby does nothing but complain when I go every Friday morning.

Susieq--they don't have $10/bag day here either. Teri's ex Dave seems alot like your ex. I only remember the Dick and Jane books too. I missed the Bachelor--who did he get rid of last night??

Hi to everyone else!! Gotta go--hubby is complaining.

02-03-2009, 11:08 PM
well, i have been eating well today......which is good since I am usually eating like crap!

I am putzing around online and watching the "What would you do?" program. Right now they are leaving a pretend baby in the car and they are looking to see how people would react to seeing it in the car by itself.

Sue~ I hope your mom gets better! I will be praying for you and her as well.

Jules~ I feel so much better now that I have a closer goal that is even more achievable then the original number that I was aiming for.

02-04-2009, 10:07 AM
Sue--T&P's coming your way. How stressfull for you. I can only imagine what you are going through. Take care of yourself. I know what you mean about wondering how the rest of the year might go considering it started out so bad. Think positive. Your mom is so lucky to have your support.

Mindee--Good luck on your home search.

Ok, I'm bummed right now. I, for one, am dertermined to NOT quit WW. I haven't been for 4 weeks, due to being sick, and set my alarm to go this morning and woke up to snow and school delays, which usually means that the morning class is canceled. :mad: Oh, well, I'll go to the class on Friday morning instead. Even though I've lost a few pounds being sick, I still want to lost another 10-15 before Lauren's wedding. Only 4 months away!! If I lose about 1 lb a week, I just might get there. I'll get back on my elliptical this morning. Going to dance tonight. I also need to look up some arm and back toning exercises. I'm wearing a sleeveless dress to the wedding :yikes:

Gonna check a few emails and get motivated. I'll check back with ya'll later

02-04-2009, 11:28 AM
Another quick note from the hospital. I am hoping to get home this afternoon for a shower and rest. The roads are still icy, so we shall see.
Mom is still weak, but trying to get back to eating and moving around. They did get her up last night for about 3 steps and will work on that again today. The Drs. are talking about her going home later today or tomorrow. I already told them I want her to be stronger this time so I don't have to turn around and bring her back. So we will see. She wants to go home to her own room and I don't blame her. Her problem is not going away and won't get better, but they won't/can't do a procedure unless it is life or death and right now she is improved a little. Yesterday morning I would have said it was life or death. How can they send her home so quickly after being so ill?
Thank you for your prayers and good wishes. It is working...

02-04-2009, 01:38 PM
eek, hope that pic isn't too big for the forum. lol

Good Morning!

Another wonderful day in the land of wacky weight loss chicks.

Jules- & Sue Prayers to both your mothers! And :hug: to you gals.

Cristina- I would clean your house if you were sick or something. I wouldn't want to be paid for it. Because,,,,,you know, cleaning is not my life's ambition. lol My mom use to clean a really nice house for $50 a month, it had a pool and everything. We would stay there when the family went on vacation, gave me a taste of the wealthy lifestyle w/ the family room, play room and on and on. Course our little farm house was right next door. So, it seemed weird that we were staying right next store and it was ok for robbers to enter our house but not the neighbors?? lol I guess we didn't have anything to steal. haha.
Ugly green shag carpet from the 70's?? Gotta love it. Has Cambrie ever watched Curious George??? I looooove that show, I love all the little noises he makes, so cute. lol.

Mindee - Ick, to taxes. I will do mine when I ever get the unemployment W-2, I didn't put in a change of address so thinking (hoping) it will come this week. Going to move w/ my refund! Good for you on making good eating choices!

Jules- Oh, on the Bachelor Jason let Stephanie go....she wasn't broken up too much over it. lol Good for her, I cringe when some of the ladies fall apart.

I made it to bag day yesterday!! You would be so proud of me. I bought $59 dollars worth of clothes for $10. I took an early lunch at 1pm and rushed over to the store and filled a bag pretty fast. I looked for jeans but only came away w/ some denim capri's, 2 sweathers and shirts. I won't describe everything but I am wearing this cute ruby sweater w/ one of the tops today. Gaby goes "you look pretty",,,,awww, it fells good to get away from the hoodie look. lol

I guess that is it from this end. I did eat some turkey deli meat last night w/ some crackers, always feel hungry right before bed. Have swimming tonight, almost done w/ that.

k- :wave: to Sassy, Francie, Tammy, Katy, Asia, and Kathy!!

02-04-2009, 05:57 PM
sheesh, dashing to get Gaby from school but wanted to peek into .....silence!

What are you all doing today?

I had my usual salad for lunch and realized I didn't even have breakfast because we were running late this morning.

Going to get Gaby and spend some time w/ her this afternoon. Picked up some tax forms and all set to get those done.Tooled around town looking at rentals and figuring what part of town I want to be living in come summer, but already know that pretty much.

Better get my sweetie, you all take care!

02-04-2009, 06:18 PM
well, I am in here for a quick second. we went and got our taxes done, and then went on to Walmart to pick up some stuff. I got my hair cut while we were there, and then we went and got the kids each a prize. Tommy mentioned about getting the kids pictures done.....but I mentioned waiting until next Friday since Brandon doesn't have school. He then said "he doesn't need his picture taken." I said "I know, but you said that we need a family picture done, right?"

Sue~ I will continue to say some prayers for your mom.

Tammy~ Good luck with not quitting WW! I need to get my butt in motion.

SuzieQ~ That is a great shot! I love taking pictures, too!

02-05-2009, 01:22 AM
Hello ladies...

Sorry for not getting in here sooner. Busy/crazy/stupid day and now it's almost midnight and I am pooped and still have 15 minutes of exercise to finish...just want to go to bed and be done with this day...only to start it all over tomorrow, lol. Anyway...

KATY...fixed the MS page so you can view the 25 random things now, lol. Took me forever to do...was trying to come up with thinks that most people don't know about me...harder than one thinks.

SUSAN...such a beautiful view! I would live there if I didn't have to cross the bridge daily, lol! Did I ever tell ya I have a fear of bridges over water? Scares the bejeebies out of me! WTG on the bag of clothes! And how sweet of Gaby...isn't it nice when your kids tell you you look pretty? Such a great feeling. sorry to hear about your mother. Lots of hugs to you and yours :hug: :hug: Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Be careful if you drive home in that weather.

JULES...thinking about you and your mom as well. Hugs and prayers to you :hug: :hug:

TAMMY...I have faith you will be down the pounds for your DD's wedding! You can do it!

MINDEE...hoping you guys find the perfect home!

Hi to everyone else. :wave:

I am pooped so I am going to go and do my last 15 minutes...was in the middle of my exercise when Josh & the kids came over. they dropped the wife off to get her hair colored...umm, I swear I thought pregnant women weren't supposed to get their hair colored. :dunno: Anyway...I'm tomorrow since I won't have the rugrat...don't even want to get into that.

Nighty, night all!

02-05-2009, 02:45 AM
Hi everyone

Had a busy week, and I hope to get on here tomorrow. Anyways, just letting you know that I didn't run away.


02-05-2009, 09:29 AM
I'm here, too just havinga really busy week.
Sue and Jules -- hope you mothers are doing well today..been thinking of you both.

Hi to everyone else! Scale is refusing to budge :( yet I plug away.

Hope your respective weeks are going well

02-05-2009, 10:17 AM
Good Morning Ladies!!

Well yesterday I pushed it to the limit. Did my elliptical for one mile (haven't been on it for months) and actually did pretty good but my heart rate got up a little too high. Sanded and spackled the walls in the hallway. Dh stripped the wallpaper under the chair rail in our foyer and hallway upstairs and he is replacing it with picture frame wainscoting. So the walls have to be really smooth for painting. I'm hiring someone to paint the upper half of the walls but until then, gotta keep sanding them there walls! I also went to the paint store and looked at samples. Confused, don't know weather to go darker or lighter :dizzy: Headed to the liquor store to ask about a discount on 70 bottles or so of Verde for Lauren's wedding. She wants to re-label them and give them out as favors. Then I went to dance last night (haven't been for a month) and danced as much as I could. Needless to say, I was quite pooped when I got home last night.

Today plan on doing more work on the walls, back on the elliptical for a mile or more, change out the sheets on my bed and maybe get a walk in with the pups. Eat a little better today than I did last night at dance. They had fried chicken and clams. I love those little fried clams and had a little to many. I also have to make some doc appt. Missed my mammo while out sick and need to make an appt with my internist for my annual bloodwork. My pulmonary doc (who admitted me to the hospital) reviewed my bloodwork over the past several years and says that I am too anemic. Hey I could have told him that. But he says that it's a different anemia where my RBC are too immature. I have to go on iron, not a multi-vit, but gawd-awful-make-your-poop-black-constipating-stomach-cramping-IRON.

OK, I'll stop complaining. The pups are clawing at me to go out and potty. Everyone have a wonderful day!! Do indies later!

02-05-2009, 10:48 AM
Good morning ladies...

Feeling crappy...feel like I didn't get enough sleep, but I did...just lazy I guess. Funny, I get on a schedule of getting up at 5:30 and I don't want to but once I am up I feel fine. I sleep until 7:30 or so and I feel like would think one would feel more rested...anyway.

Did 2 miles so far this morning. Getting ready to head out to Wal-Mart and get some groceries...don't need much so it shouldn't take long. Once I get back going to do another 2 miles and before the day is over I hope to have gotten in a whopping 6 miles plus some weights...we'll see how that goes.

JULES...thinking of you and your momma today :hug:

TAMMY...geez, lady, sounds like you had quite the workout your arms are killing ya! Glad you are feeling better though. Love the'll have to take a pic and show us the finished product!

KATHY...good to see you posting! Come back when you have time, we miss you when you're not here!

KATY...good to see you posting too! Miss you ladies when you don't post.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Better get going...just wanted to stop by with a quick HI :wave: Be back later.

02-05-2009, 12:29 PM
A quick good morning ladies. I have Mom home and she is improving. *fingers crossed*
Me, lots of laundry and dusting to do, bathrooms to clean and nothing much else. DH swiffered and ran the sweeper yesterday, so it could be worse. He kept the kitchen clean and the dishes washed up. He's a keeper I guess. :) (not to mention he kept the drive-way shoveled so I could get in the garage, and the sidewalk clear for whatever .)
Basically I will be taking care of Mom and maybe even doing some cooking again...I made them pancakes & eggs for breakfast although I ate no pancakes. I will try to get back on track and in my routine, we will see.

Happy Thursday to all and hope you have a fun week-end planned. Thanks so much for your good wishes.

02-05-2009, 12:51 PM
Update--will be back for indys when I get home...

Mom has squamous cell cancer. They removed the big cyst which was bigger than they thought. There is a lymph node that still needs to be taken care of. She has to go to a cancer specialist and will probably have to have radiation treatments.

02-05-2009, 02:28 PM
:wave: Good Morning -

Jules - :hug:I am sorry to hear that about your mother, will continue to keep her in my prayers. Thank you so much for the card and thoughtfulk note inside! That was sweet of you and I appreciated it!

Sassy - :val1::val1: Also a thank you to you for the Valentines card, that was nice to get yesterday too! Hope your packing is not too stressful!

Sue - Thinking of you and your mom, good to hear she is home and improving!

Katy - My week is going well, thanks! Hope you have a great day and are able to slow down soon and come chat w/ us! Curses to the scale. lol

Kathy - yay, glad you popped in. :D

Cristina - sorry you are feeling crappy! Maybe as the day goes on you will feel better. I didn't know you were scared of bridges! The other bridge here is 5 miles, the one that goes to Washington, that one is a little scary...Gabster won't go over that one. lol Not sure about the coloring of hair, maybe the chemical smell isn't good to breathe of something along those lines. :dizzy:

Mindee- Oh, I did my federal last night! Scared to do my state because I think I will owe something there, nice to get a EIC this year, perks of not having money, I guess. lol Reminded me , have to still get Gaby's hair cut!

:wave: to Tammy, Francie and Asia!

Drama w/ the R's last night.......always before bed time, pissed me off. Rach really needs to get her act together w/ her 18th birthday in Aug. we won't have to put up w/ her outburts........grrrrrr, just shove her out the door. lol ....jk.....she just is pmsing.....oh, joy. And the girls borrow stuff without asking, just walk into each others rooms. So....immature.

anyway, better get to work........a couple is on each side of me (I am in the middle - duh) at their own computers discussing vacation plans....a - h& I wanna listen to it,,,,,unless they are going to take me with them!!!! lol

k- pissing me off,,,,,better go. :mad::mad:

02-05-2009, 02:41 PM
well, we had every intention to go and get some things done. BUT the van had other plans! Tommy used the remote start on it, then noticed that it shut itself off. come to find out, he thinks the battery is dead. so, he asked a neighbor if he could take him to the store.......that neighbor took him to get his set of jumper cables and then Tommy will drive it over to the store. he thinks it is the battery, so he will pick one up while he is at the store. then he has to go pick up our taxes and check. then run to the bank....then he will more then likely come back here and we will see what time it is.

we are going to get caught up on pictures, probably next Friday since Brandon doesn't have school.

jules & sue~ I am hoping that your moms start to feel better soon.

sassy~ thanks for the valentine's card! I got it yesterday and it was a nice surprise to see!

02-05-2009, 03:28 PM
Back again for a few minutes...'s just stress...thinking I am getting an ulcer I swear with all the worrying. V's company will be laying off 2300 before the end of the year. The way the company is they won't say who or when until the day, and they won't say how many at one time. But so they don't have to pay out the arse...they lay off 499 and then wait 91 days for more layoffs...this way they don't have pay pay two months severance to the workers...just kick them out the door. We will know tomorrow if V will have a job or not. Was going to say, guess things could be worse, and I guess they can but this is pretty bad. Wichita depends on the aircraft industry and among the 4 big ones right now (Boeing, Cessna, HawkerBeechcraft & Bombardier) there have been too many lay offs...not good. Never used to worry about anything I don't have control over but this could possibly wreck us and for once I am worried. But like I said, it could be worse and I am sure we will bounce back somehow. Anyway...girls! Sorry the R's are fighting. I remember when me and my sisters were growing up. My oldest was ALWAYS taking my things, never asking. Even when she moved out she would come over while no one was home and things would go missing. Oh yeah...I really hate looooong bridges over water...totally freaks me out. I have gone across the Golden Gate bridge several times growing up but as an adult I don't think I ever could...always thinking of earthquakes in that part of the country! sorry to hear about your mother. Lots of hugs to you both. :hug: :hug: Keeping you in my prayers. Thank you for the card! I was excited about the baby but not so much now...maybe when it gets closer I will be...:dunno:

Sue...glad to hear your mom is feeling better and home. And yes, I would say the hubby is definitely a keeper! :hug:

Mindee...sorry about the battery, sux! Always something isn't it?

Sassy...thank you for the card I received today...that was very sweet of you. Very nice surprise to get the mail and have not one but two cards in the mail! Boy, I feel special, lol. Thank you! :hug:

Kathy...hoping you're able to take a breather today. How are doing doing with your walking?

Hiya Tammy, Katy & Asia :wave:

Well, I went and bought groceries. Tried not to spend so much but never fails...I get nothing and then the total shocks me. DD told me I need to quit organzing the grocery cart to where it looks like I have nothing, lol. Get it all bagged and that's a whole nuther story...oh well, gotta eat, wash clothes, etc. I was in the local grocery store one week and the woman in front of me had a bazillion coupons. I was amazed when the lady said her total was $54 something and you saved $95...what!? :yikes: Where does one get that many coupons? the most I have ever saved with coupons was $10 that why I don't use them half the time. Anyway...

I've got a couple loads of laundry to get done and a 2 mile walk to do so better get going.

Have a wonderful day!

02-06-2009, 12:30 PM
Cristina--thanks for the prayers, hoping the radiation treatments will take care of the cancer cells. Sorry to hear about hubby and the threat of a layoff. Teri is having a terrible time finding a job--one of the assistant managers called and told her to go to corporate and she would back her up--she said that Teri being fired was in retaliation of wanting to transfer to the other store. I know what you mean about the grocery store--I have started making a tick sheet as I go so I stay within my budget. Buying diapers and extras for Dominic makes things hard. I sort my groceries too...makes it easier to bag and then put away when you get home.

Mindee--good luck with the van--Hubby changed the oil in our car and will do Teri's later this weekend.

SusieQ--Ry gave us such a rough time from around 15 until he moved out at 18--then when he was having to deal with an irresponsible roomate--he said himself he started to turn into hubby and saw why hubby said and did some of the stuff--he really grew up after moving out. Teri borrows my stuff all the time--and the stuff I have here for Dominic she takes without telling me....

Well I am going to go into work a little--I can get more done with nobody will make up for some of the time missed on Wednesday at the hospital with Mom.

Have a great day--will try to get back later..

02-06-2009, 12:53 PM
Good morning, ladies...

Feeling icky...not sure what happened. I was fine when I got up and went to get the rugrat. Came back and felt a migraine coming, and just felt sick to my stomach, not sure what is up with that. Anyway... are welcome, I will keep your momma in my thoughts and prayers. :hug: Hoping Teri finds a job soon...that is BS that she was fired for those reasons. That is exactly why I sort the groceries, lol. Don't work too hard on your day off missy!

Hiya to eveyrone else :wave:

Was going to go for a walk and let Cambrie ride her bike but with my stomach feeling like it is, that is not going to happen. Besides, she has prechool at 12:30. Maybe after I take her, I will come back and lay down...a nap always helps. :crossed:

Well, I've not gotten a call from V. Not sure when they hand out the notices but they are laying off 1000 right now. Guess I got things a little mixed up as to how they do it. But today, they are letting 300 go with 2 months pay, and then the other 700 will get letters with a 60 day layoff notice. Doesn't make sense the way they are doing it...300 get two months with pay and the others have to work the two months and then they are screwed when they walk out the door. Anyway...not going to worry about it 'til, and if something happens.

I'll be back later to chat more...have a great morning.

02-06-2009, 01:36 PM
Happy Friday Ladies!!

Sue--Glad you have your mom home. Hope she continues to improve! Take care of yourself also. Sometimes we forget!

Jules--So sorry about the cancer with your mom. How scary. Hopefully she will get the treatment she requires to take care of everything. Wishing Teri good luck with her job searching.

Mindee--Did you get the Van back on the road?

Cristina--I would be beside myself also with worry about a layoff. My dh has had to fire a few people recently and they are also having a ton of layoffs. He is upper management in a chemical co but I still worry about his job. I feel like noone is safe anymore. He works 10-12 days and is constantly called over the weekends and evening when things happen at the plant. I worry about his stress level. Hope your tummy feels better.

Susan--That was a beautiful view of the bridge. Can you imagine Cristina trying to drive over the 7-mile bridge in the Florida Keys!

Hugs to everyone else :hug:. I went back to WW this morning. Usually go on Wed. but today's class was huge. There must have been 60-75 people there. The leader was great, but I'm not a fan of waiting in line forever to get weighed. I'll probably still go back next Fri and then get back on my regular sched of Wed. Next Wed I have a dental and hair appt. Lost the same 4 lbs that I've accounted for since being off sick. Just made it official. Going to eat a little tuna for lunch, watch my soap, do a mile on the elliptical and go get my nails done. Going out to dinner tonight, don't know where. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I plan to shop a little tomorrow and Sunday, Lauren and I have a meeting with our Church for wedding planning and then have a bridal show to attend in the afternoon. Then it's get ready to return to work on Monday. Take care everyone!!

02-06-2009, 02:09 PM
Happy Friday!

02-06-2009, 02:38 PM
Good Morning!

Cristina - :hug::hug:I think ( hope at least) that is just all the stress you must be going through w/ lay offs and house selling. It really would bring me major anxiety. Maybe a walk would help you, staying in the same routine and such.
* sucks though :hug: I will send you warm vibes.....can you feel them?? :D:hug: I would love to go to SF, how long is that bridge???

Jules- I borrowed from my mom when I lived w/ her. I remember I was going away for my birthday w/ tattoo man and I asked to borrow her overnight bag and she came unglued. Said I had taken her jewlery months before without asking and no one respected her things ...yada, yada. I said ...."sheesh, if it bothered you that much why didn't you say something at the time????"
anyway, so I cried and my step dad knocks on my bedroom door and said "you can have my bag",,,,which made me cry harder. He is so sweet.
I was like what???? 43 at the think I was a teenager. lol

Mindee- How goes the van? Hope it was nothing major!

Tammy - You probably would have to pay me (and big bucks too) to stand in line to get weighed. lol I think the hospital has a WW meeting but it is like at 7am in the morning.....argh. Good for you on the 4 pounds!

Sue- Thinking of you and your mom, hope you have a restful weekend.

Beck is coming to the coast w/ 2 of her girlfriends to celebrate a birthday, just like 15 miles down the coast. When suggested I could pop in Saturday after work to snag a hug she said no.......*GASP*...don't wanna ruin her image.
Whatever that, keeping in line w/ her spoiled teenage brat. Fine, that didn't hurt me.
What hurt me was yesterday when I didn't even get out of the car when dropping Gab at school and she jumps out and says "bye mom!!" and runs off to the playground. omg - I was the lone parent standing out there in the cold all year watching my kid play because she didn't want me to leave. lol

Also, she made Shark in swimming, from Minnow! Yay, G.

Made a yummy salad for lunch. Co workers ooooo and ahhhhh over it. It is becoming a conversation piece now. Small town and all.....maybe I will get in the paper for it?? :dizzy:

:wave: to Francie, Sassy, Katy, Kathy, and Asia!!

02-06-2009, 04:26 PM
Hiya ladies...back again! :D

TAMMY...DS just got back from FL and called on his way from the airport to the Keys...did not want to think about him driving tha bridge! I told him the ONLY way I would go there is if a plane landed there, lol. Yeah, you are right...I am not even sure there is such a thing as job security anymore. To top it off...I just read about a job freeze! :yikes: A Bridal show sounds fun...hope you and your DD have a wonderful weekend of planning! WTG on the 4 pounds! I think that was another reason I quit WW...the freakin lines are ridiculous. Well, I quit going to the meetings...I still plan on doing it once I get my head set on sticking with it 100%. Too much going on right now for me to focus completely on weight loss.

SUSAN...I am not sure how long the Golden Gate bridge is...but I won't cross it ever, lol. The last time I was in CA they had that big earthquake and showed people on the way. In CO once we went to the Royal Gorge and walked across that suspension bridge...I did fine until some dummy decided to drive over it, OMG!!! are so funny. I remember when Jason started Kindergarten and did that...I've seen kids cry when they had to go but I think I was the only mom standing there on the verge of tears, lol. You can't ruin their image ya know, lol! Love the pic...too cute!

Well, I probably need to go do something. Got the little rugrat off to preschool, came home and had some soup and crackers...feel a liitle better. I just hate that dizzy feeling. Need to fold some clothes but feel like taking a nap. I have a feeling J & C will be by later and drive me crazy...I don't mind them...just not in a great mood for company. It's warm enough they can go out and play so...

Hoping everyone is having a wonderful day!

02-06-2009, 05:22 PM
SuzyQ--Teri borrowed my overnight bag cause her leopard print one is so out of style--I think it's cute. the only thing of mine she took that pissed me off were the perfect pair of tweezers that I have had for years...she lost them of course. She borrowed a choker type necklace and broke it....It looked cuter on her anyway--JR thinks he can fix it.I just hate when she takes my stash of formula, diapers, wipes insert any baby item here and doesn't tell me until I go to use and have to run to the store to replace it...

Tammy--wtg on the 4 lbs. Good luck with the wedding plans. Have fun at dinner tonight!!

Cristina--I used to be scared to death of long bridges--I crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on the floor in the backseat of my Nanny's car with a cover over my head. My Mom blames Ted Kennedy and Chappaquidick (I know I spelled that wrong...) and the girl that he crashed into the water withdying being all over the news..I WOULD love to go to the Florida Keys...bridge and all...

SUe--glad your mom is doing better!!

Gotta go...

02-06-2009, 09:21 PM
They got Mom in with the cancer specialist quick--her appt is Wednesday.

02-07-2009, 10:47 AM
all by myself....don't wanna be all by my sellllff anymore...

anyone got that song stuck in their heads now.....

02-07-2009, 12:22 PM
awww, Jules..........I will come and play w/ ya! Don't want you to be all alone!:hug:
Good to hear your mother will get in to see the doctor in Wednesday!

Cristina - Happy to hear you were feeling better!

I am hurrying because I only have a short break at work. Gaby starts her basketball clinic today, I get off work just in time to take her this afternoon.

Her father was an f-ing grump last night when picking her up. What a jerk.

Different day, different salad....same bat channel....haha

ok- it is recess time!! Everyone needs to come out and play!

Chat more later...


02-07-2009, 01:24 PM
It's hubby's 49th birthday and he is being a combination of whiny and grumby and full out a$$hole. We are going to a firends house in a little while...need to go get a shower....

Thanks for coming to play at recess SusieQ!!

02-07-2009, 02:17 PM
well, I think I found a way to lose some pounds.......I got my tongue pierces last night.....and well, it is a pain in the butt to eat anything until I get used to it being in there. so, I have been drinking plenty of cold drinks, and nibbling on some doughnuts that Tommy bought for me last night. not the most nutritious thing, but I am at least getting something into my system.

now, we are hoping that our neighbor is able to watch the kids tonight and if so, then we are going to go out and go bowling. we asked a friend of ours what he is doing but we haven't heard from him yet today. (he has been going through a rough time we figured that we would offer him the chance to go out and relax)

the van is fixed, and it was only the battery this time! we do have to get new tires, a transmission overhaul (I think he called it) and back brakes. but for now it is working good!

gotta run, I am going to try and eat some soup.....and then we are going grocery shopping!

02-08-2009, 10:50 AM
Mindee--OUCH!!! That's one peircing neither of the kids have gotten...yet. Teri had too much dental work done. Hope you got a babysitter and went out bowling and had fun!!

I am just washing clothes and then going to take Dominic down to my Mom;s house. It's beautiful out today--not even 10AM and already 60 degrees. I am hanging the bed clothes out on the line to dry!! Had fun at our friends. Dominic played with their kids and had a fun time. The cutest moment was her boy that will be 2 in May was pulling Dominic around in his little red wagon. Wish I had the camera with me.

02-08-2009, 05:49 PM
Had an awesome visit with my Mom and Dominic...they were so happy to see each other..we went to the park that's a block away from her house.

02-08-2009, 08:18 PM
Hello...I love you...won't you tell me your name....

02-08-2009, 08:26 PM
hey Jules..can't leave you here all by yer lonesome, lol! It's pretty quiet around here today, isn't it? I've had a busy day with church and James' soccer. I am fussing around in the kitchen getting dinner going and baking some lemon shortbread for a church gathering tonight. Plus, I started some wonder the day has zoomed by. Your weather sounds great! We've had sun, but it's still pretty chilly...haven't felt like walking to the park, but Leigh has been playing out in the backyard alot.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

02-08-2009, 08:46 PM
Katy--the wind had a chill to it today, but it was beautiful yesterday...short-sleeved weather. Lemon shortbread sounds good. gotta go it's Dominic's bath time...

02-08-2009, 09:31 PM
ARGH!!!!! I just lost my freaking long a$$ post!!! Stupid computer!

Okay, sorry ladies but I will have to start over tomorrow! I can't believe I didn't think to copy it first, ugh!

Have a good evening...maybe this one will take!

P.S....go figure the little post took! :( Okay, I'll try tomorrow ladies...:hug:

02-09-2009, 12:48 AM
just popping in to see how every one is doing......

we went out and took the kids to the BIG mall today. we did a lot of walking and we all had a blast! we got some dinner, came home, got the kids to bed and went to help Brandon with his Valentine's for school, but realized the ones that he got didn't have envelopes with them. So, Tommy is going to find him some that have envelopes with them and he will either send them both OR he will just use the envelopes and we will let Logan send the other ones out.

we never did get a we stayed in and played the Wii after the kids went to bed. we are actually about to play it again here shortly. Our neighbor might come over and play as well.

my eating is getting better and I am starting to not notice it so much while eating, but occasionally I do get the reminder of it being in there.

02-09-2009, 11:14 AM

Well, I tried to post last night and that didn't work and I am feeling pooped this morning. Will try to get back later and do indies. Hoping after I take Cambrie to preschool to come home and get a nap in. Feeling better, but not. Not sure if I should call the doc or not...

Since I changed my WI to Saturday I went with that which was 181 and guess what the scale said today? on them three times to make sure I was seeing them right. I knew I would be down some since being sick but I didn't think it would be that much. Had been bouncing up and down from 184 to 182 for the last couple, maybe 3 weeks now so this is good. Hoping I can keep it at that, or lower come Saturday's WI. Not gotten any exercise in since Thursday.

Anywho...hoping everyone has a good day, be back later.

02-09-2009, 02:20 PM
just thought I would pop in to see how every one is doing....

I am eating some soup, and then I will head out to the kitchen to make some cookies. not sure what kind I am going to make, but I am sure that I will make two different kinds.

I am also going to go and do some laundry as well. oh yeah, I stepped on the scale this morning, and I am at 225.2!

02-09-2009, 07:22 PM
Pretty quiet 'round here...

JULES...glad your mom got a quick appt. Hoping all goes well. :hug: Hope Jerry had a great BD. A late HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him! Sounds like you had a fun day at the park. did Gab's b-ball go? She is going to love it I bet!

TAMMY...hoping you had a fun weekend of shopping and wedding planning.

SUE...hoping all is well with you and yours.

FRANCIE, ASIA, KATHY...hoping all is well with you ladies.

KATY...lemon shortbread sounds so good...I am starving over here of course so it's a good thing there is nothing like that around! Sounds like you had a busy Sunday!

MINDEE...a tongue ring eh? You are a brave woman...I know I wouldn't ever do it. Guess I don't see the point in them...enlighten me please! Is it just for looks? Something to play with? Guess I am just old and never got it, lol. Bake and eat some good cookies for me! WTG on the 225!

Well, I am finally feeling better. Feel drained for sure, but I got my nap and feeling better...better than the last three days anyway. Now I am afraid DD has it...well, she is vomiting, started last night...I had the 'd' word, sorry if that is tmi. Bunch of sicko's over here. Other than that, not a lot going on with me. Getting ready to fix some dinner...hamburgers for the hubby and son, and soup for me and DD if she can keep it down. Anyway...hope everyone had a great Monday!

Hugs :hug:

02-10-2009, 12:01 AM
I am back again!!!

we had a nice dinner, and yet I still haven't made any cookies! I have been meaning to make them for the past couple of days now, but I still haven't made them! oh well, there is always tomorrow!

Cristina~ Yup, a tongue ring! I don't know, but it is always something that I thought was cool and wanted to get. Plus, my mom wanted one, but my dad told her no. So, that kind of made it something more that I wanted!

I need to call and set up an appointment for us to get our pictures taken as a family, and for the kids together and then Logan and Marissa separately. I am going to try and set it up for Friday since Brandon doesn't have school.

02-10-2009, 09:53 AM
It's snowing!...well, a little. It certainly seems pretty icy out there...waiting to hear if school is delayed.

No WI this week.. I weighed, and gasped in horror, then later that day started TOM. I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

Have a great day everyone!

02-10-2009, 12:27 PM
Hello all...

Hoping all is well with everyone who is MIA...getting worried about you ladies. Plus, it's too quiet around here.

Nothing going on today. Watching the rugrat of course and changed the bedding and getting my laundry done. Definitely feeling better today. Good enough that I am going to take the little miss out to ride her bike and get a walk in. Supposed to be a whopping 70 here today. It has been so nice, weather wise here...too bad I've not been able to enjoy it the last few days. But of course after today the temps are supposed to drop again so...more cold, brrrr.

KATY...sorry to hear about WI/TOM and the weather. I am definitely sick of that stuff. Luckily, fingers crossed, we have seen the last of it. Of course we didn't get near as much as we did last year and I guess we needed it. Oh well, it ain't over yet I am sure. Try to enjoy your day.

MINDEE...DD had wanted a tongue ring at once...I told her NO! Not as long as she was living in my house. It passed, lol. Can't believe your mom wanted one, lol. No cookies? WHAT? :lol: Made a few yesterday for Cambrie...not from scratch, just some of those already made Valentine cookies.

Take care :hug:

02-10-2009, 01:53 PM
doing my daily pop in! I scheduled our appointment for getting our pictures taken this coming Friday at 11am! It is so cool that you can book your appointment online!

I need to get out the boys' outfits and make sure that they stay clean and looking good. Then I have to figure out something for Marissa to wear, as well as what me and Tommy are going to wear!

Katy~ I am due for TOM, and I think she is going to show up some time today.

Cristina~ Yup, no cookies......I am such a slacker! I will get to them hopefully tonight! Still not sure what kind I am going to make, but I am sure that I will make two different kinds and then some muffins. Yup, my mom wanted one.......we used to live in a city where tongue rings and the such were really popular, then she moved up to farm land and wanted to get a tongue ring and who knows what else!

02-10-2009, 03:46 PM
Come out, come out, wherever you are...

Nothing going on...have the rugrat down for a nap. We got some lunch and went for her bike ride, my walk and now she is out! Started whining and didn't want to take a nap but 5 mns down and not a word.

Working on the laundry and later on will try to get in a dvd or some short walks on the treadmill. Let me tell ya, after not exercising for so many days this 1 1/2 miles almost did me in. But I know I am a little weak after the last four days...glad that is over! Poor daughter has it now. :( Anyway...

Hoping everyone is having a good day! :hug:

02-10-2009, 05:45 PM

I am here! I wish I was in bed though, been dragging all day. I worked yesterday in exchange for today (Tuesday) and tomorrow off (instead of Mon/Wed off). Woke up yesterday to the schools being 2 hours late and an hour later the district calls and says there will be no school. So I had to scamble to get a sitter for Gaby.
I did! It was a pain in the u know what though.

Jules - 60 degree weather sounds soooo nice, I am done w/ winter, I want to thaw out now! I love wagons, the R's had one and use to put all their stuff animals in it and pull it around. I am glad Dominic and your mom had a fun visit.

Mindee- MAJOR ouch to the tongue piercing. I let Rach do the nose/lip but said no to a tongue, she'll have to be 18 to do that. I kind of been dragging my heels on a nose one for myself, something dainty and cute - if that is possible. lol :bravo: to the 225, good for you! Did you decide on the cookies?? I love peanut butter and oatmeal too.

Katy- lemon shortcake sounds delish, do you have a recipe? You look good at the weight you are at, really. So, I am glad you aren't being hard on yourself. I tore something that Wyonna Judd said in an article, I will have to write it down here tomorrow in regards to weighing!

Cristina - I am glad you are feeling better! And a :bravo: to you too on the 178! I bet that feels good. Gabster liked the basketball clinic, a lot of the girls she knew from her school were there, so it was like a social thing happening. She'll do that for the nect 2 Saturdays and if she likes it enough I will try and get her on a team. I also have my eye on softball coming up soon. Grrrrrrr, don't want to hear you are in the 70's!! lol It must be great to get outsode and not freeze, enjoy the time for me!

Sue - Thinking of you! Hope all is well w/ your mother. :hug:

Tammy - How is WW? How is the wedding planning going? Did you get back to work?

Kathy - Where are you? Hope all is going ok up north, we miss you :hug:

Sassy - Busy packing for the move? Come and chat when you get a chance.

Francie- Hope you are feeling better from the last time you posted, we miss you too.

Hope I got everyone, if not :wave:!

I promised Gaby she wouldn't have to stay after school, I mean I paid for the Adventure Club to cover today (because I usually work) but she wimpered that she wanted me to pick her up, so I will. We have to head to Walgreens and get her Valentine cards. After that we will go home and relax for the rest of the day.
Watched Bachelor last night and pulling for Jillian!
Gaby has her 7th birthday this Monday so trying to figure out where we will have it, here or in Portlnad. Since the R's have been such brats I really don't even want to drag myself into town this weekend. Course I get the guilt over that. Yada, Yada.

Weighed in at 141 this morning! Ok with that , I get the feeling it will be hard to maintain 138/139.....I also need to crack down on my evening munchies, I just want to graze all night It is horrible, so that is what I am woking on these days.

anyway, hope eveyone is having a good Tuesday! Chat more later. :wave:

02-10-2009, 07:52 PM
Real quickee for me...go to Mom's appt tomorrow. I will be back tomorrow night....

02-11-2009, 12:19 AM
just popping back in here.......

we had fish and macaroni and cheese for dinner since Tommy had lodge tonight. the boys went to bed without any problems, but Marissa is dragging her feet on going to sleep because daddy wasn't here to put her to bed.

I helped Brandon sign his name on his Valentine's, which he told me was fun to do. Then Logan said he wanted to send some Valentime's too.....then I went back and forth with him on them being Valentines and not Valentimes.

we are going Friday morning to get our pictures taken. we are getting a family picture taken, a picture of the kids together and then of Marissa and Logan separately, since Brandon got his picture taken in school.

02-11-2009, 11:41 AM
'Morning all..., say it ain't so! Can't believe Gaby is going to be 7! The kids are growing too fast for sure! Glad she is enjoying the b-ball and being with her friends. Well, the 70's were nice yesterday...while it lasted. Only supposed to 55 today which still isn't bad but it started off with rain and snow...rain here and snow where J & C are. And the sun is peeking out now.

JULES...thinking of you and your momma today. :hug: :hug: is your tongue? Does it still hurt?

Not sure what I will do today. I know I have to take Cambrie to preschool later and stop at the grocery store on the way back...need to pick up a couple of things. Figure out something for dinner, not sure what sounds good. Have some laundry to do and I DO plan on 4 miles today for sure! I've been a slacker in the exercise dept....of course for good reason the last few days but I NEED to get back in the swing of things. I'll check back later on today....have a good one!

02-11-2009, 12:34 PM
Good Morning Ladies.

Jules - :hug: I am with you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers today. Sending you out some good vibes. :hug:

Sue - :hug: How are you and your mom doing? I hope that you are both better. :hug: Let us know.

Sassy - Thank you so much for the Valentines. Cole slept with his last night. They probably came on Friday, but someone stole our mailbox so the maillady couldn't deliver our mail. We made the trip to pick up the mail yesterday. Are you getting all packed? What day do you get to move?

Cristina - sorry to hear about your and DD flu. 70's weather would be great. Did you get out for your walk? I haven't been able to do any walking on the treadmill, as I pushed myself a little too hard and pulled a muscle in my leg....its good now, so I hope to be back at it this week. (i wasn't wearing the proper shoes. Won't make that mistake again.

Mindee - We are trying to get the Valentine's done for school also. Plus they are celebrating 100 days of school and they are suppose to bring their collection containing 100 items for Thursday. I will have to make a trip to the $ Store and maybe pick up some balloons. Then Cole can just give them out to everyone. Hope the tongue heals soon. Little Punkin got her ears pierced this last weekend. They look pretty cute.

SusieQ - Wow Gaby will be busy with all her sports. You will be busy running her around. Are you really thinking of getting your nose pierced? You are brave. You are also a nicer mom than me, I didn't let DD pierce anything. She did however let one of her friends pierce her belly button in the school bathroom. After she turned 18 she didn't want anything pierced anymore, but she did get herself a tatoo.

Katy - how did the church gathering go? Bet the lemon shortbread was a hit. Wow more snow for you. We usually get alot, but I think that you have gotten all ours this year. Did get your blog read. Love all your knitting projects.

Tammy - how are you feeling? Have you tried the elliptical trainer again? How are the wedding plans going?

Francie - How are you feeling? Have you and Fonzo still been going to the gym and taking your walks? How is it going with BIL? Is he liking his job?

Asia - How are you doing?

Well it has been busy around here. Lets see.....Hubby bought a new to him truck - his and DS dream truck. First time we were driving it, the gas gauge said that we had 1/4 tank of gas. Ran out of gas. Next night had to pick up Cole from town, and it started freezing rain on our way in. On our way home, a semi was driving over the centre line, and when DH was trying to move over and get out of the way, he lost control and we went across the highway and ended up in the ditch. All's I remember him saying is hold on, we are going to roll. I was trying to hold onto Cole. Luckily we did not roll. We of course were only about 2 kms away from home. Third time we took it out, the person who put on the new ujoints didn't do it properly, so our drive shaft fell off.....I told Mark it is time to sell the truck. Wouldn't be bad if we lived in town. Last week the kids took us to the fancy restaurant in town to celebrate our anniversary. Was nice of them. And last night, DS Cody and I drove to the city as the college that he wants to attend next year had an open house. So we went to check it out. My BIL met us there also. Cody will live with them while he is in college, but he told me on the way home that he will be home every weekend and DO NOT touch his bedroom. It is still going to be his bedroom. Well thats about all for me. I must go and get some cleaning done. 5 puppies running around do make quite a mess. So do the rest of us.

:grouphug: I won't stay away for so long again. I missed playing in kindergarten.

02-11-2009, 01:37 PM
We made it to Wednesday!

Katy - This was the Wyonna Judd quote that I tore out of a magazine while washing my comforter at the laundromat yesterday!

"Ladies, throw out your scales! Weighing yourself every day is as stupid as a man measuring his "manhood" every morning.I am not going to do it anymore. Instead of beating myself up for the 10 things I didn't do, I am going to appreciate the 2 things I did do. I am going to start celebrating myself."

I thought that was pretty good. Not that I don't peak at the scale mid week, I have been trying to just ONE weigh in a week.

Kathy - yay, you're back! Scary about DH losing control of the truck though, I am glad you all are alright! I don't know about being a nicer mom, more of a push over I would think. lol They whine and whine til they get their way, very spoiled and I can't really blame them for learning how to get their way. This morning Gab wanted to go have breakfast first before getting ready for the day and I told her no. Too hard to go up and down the stairs and I want to make sure she is ready to leave for school because she can always grab breakfast at school. anyway - she stomped her feet and let out a wail, think I was shooting Held to my guns though! Sheesh. Running the girls around is my main job, lol, tiring too. I would love to get a nose piercing, dragging my feet on it, scared like a chicken. There is a co worker that has one and when I worked at the property management there was a lady my age w/ one,,,,and Rach says I have a nose for one, whatever that means. She is probbaly trying to butter me up for something she wants. haha.

Cristina - Yes, 7 years old. I was watching her walk to the playground all by herself this morning and thinking "I want another baby"....*gasp*...I really enjoy the baby and toddler stage. I am going to miss that w/ Gaby. Hope you have a good day! And you are SOOO not a slacker in the exercise dept! :)

Mindee - What kind of valentine cards did you all pisk out? gab had to pick out 2 "one for boys and one for girls" so it was Barbie and SpiderMan and she did all 18 of them by herself while saying "girls rule and boys drool"....I don't know where she came up w/ that. lol mmm, mac and cheese sounds good. What are you going to wear for the picture taking?

:wave: to everyone else!

Katy, Tammy, Sue, Sassy, Francie, Jules and Asia!

I had a mixture of yogurt/peaches and banana for my snack last night, I thought that was pretty good. I just really need to buckle down and stop eating 3 hours before bedtime. I also need to work on my water. I had a bowl of oatmeal w/ a banana this morning.

Taking Gabster to get her hair cut this afternoon but otherwise just a few errands to do and just rest for work tomorrow.

Chat more later.

02-11-2009, 04:09 PM
Hello again...thought I would check back and try to keep up with all the posting going on, lol.

SUSAN...I've always wanted a nose ring too...I too worked with a lady that had one, always thought it looked...mmm, don't want to say cool because I think it implies I am trying to be cool so...just like it, lol. I know we are never too old for anything but...I am too old for that. But I'd get another tattoo in a heartbeat! Love that Gaby had to have boy and girl valentines. Cambrie was having her party in preschool today because there is no preschool Friday...lots of snacks and junk today. Charlotte made cupcakes, I took drinks, and almost everyone who dropped off a kid had cookies! Glad she is going home after that, lol. Love Wynonna's quote!

KATHY...oh my goodness! I am so glad that you guys are fine...too scary! Sounds like the truck is bad luck! And...sounds like you have been one busy woman! Oh yes...we must have good walking shoes on the treadmill. I tried with thongs/flip flops a few times...not good. Hope you leg feels better soon! I did get a walk in outside yesterday and it was nice. OF course halfway thru my left calf started cramping up...hurt like heck! Better today...thinking I definitely need to get back on track with the walking and stick with it. How was the college tour?

Hi FRANCIE, JULES, KATY, SUE, TAMMY, MINDEE, SASSY & ASIA...hope I didn't miss anyone.

Left early to take the little one to preschool. We stopped at the grocery store on the way and then picked up some McDonalds-ick! I say ick because I know it's bad but I have been wanting a filet o fish from was soooo good! I passed on fries considering the calories in the fish sandwich. Did 2 miles before leaving too and will do another two in a few minutes and call it good for the day, I think. Felt good to actually walk...yesterday it almost killed me but today, was good!

Lots of hugs :hug:

02-11-2009, 05:09 PM
doing my daily pop in.....

Brandon had his Valentine's party today at school. He said that he had fun....tomorrow they will bring home their Valentine's that they received.

Cristina~ My tongue is doing good. It is getting better to eat with it, but my tongue swelling is going down, and so I think we will be going to the place that I got it done to ask them when I can change the stud for something smaller. It still hurts from time to time, but I am not popping Tylenol every four hours....I can usually get away with taking some when I wake up, and then when I eat I usually need some more. But it is getting better with each passing day.

Kathy~ thankfully, we only needed to use 15 of the 30 that we bought....but Logan seems to think that he needs to send some out. how old is little punkin? we got Marissa's ears pierced before she was a year old. She loves them now, she calls them her pretties.

SuzieQ~ I can't believe Gabster is going to be 7!! Brandon is going to be 5 in April already....then again, I can't believe that Logan is going to be 3.5 and Marissa is going to be 2 already! I love that quote from Wynonna! Brandon picked out his own Valentine's this year. He picked out Harley Davidson ones. I am not sure what I am going to wear yet! I am having the dreaded "what am I going to wear?" dilemma.

02-11-2009, 05:15 PM
Cristina - We had to take snack for the Christmas party at Cole's school. Cole wanted to take a fruit tray. I have never had a teacher thank me so much for sending a good snack. I couldn't even take the credit for it.

Susan - Did Gaby get a new fashionable haircut? You will have to start brushing your teeth again at night before you eat your snacks. I don't miss the toddler stage. I do really like the 6 year old caring helpful stage that we are at right now. However, it would be nice if he would sleep in his own bed.

Did I mention that we spent the day at the walk in clinic yesterday to find out the my grumpy hard to put up with DH has shingles and the flu? I need a vacation.

02-11-2009, 05:44 PM
Kathy - No haircut yet, have to go pick the G up in a bit. It is just a layered cut that she gets, plus the bangs....which are rather shaggy right now. Hugs to your DH, hope he feels better and not as grumpy. Brushing the teeth doesn't seem to help, I am just

Mindee- When in April? I found out today my Momo (it's a cat-lol) was born April 4,2003. My mom was going through paperwork and found his medical stuff from my SIL who owned him when he was a kitty(and after that my mom and now me - blah - blah). Anyway, now I want a birthday party for him. lol You'll have to let us know what you decide to wear, I am already looking what to wear for a wedding in Aug. Cute to Harley Davidson!

Cristina - You know Gaby's school just has the PTA giving cookies to the class for the Valentine's party and every other party. It is the first school that I have known that doesn't have a room mother and nil in the parent's providing treats. I think I will send something for Gaby's birthday next Tuesday instead of Friday where she will get buried in all the Valentine activities.
mmmmm filet o fish,m haven't had one of those in like forever....I did have some of Gaby's fries yesterday , finally had to roll the window down while I was driving and toss the rest out before I ate them. I swear.....I am really getting bad in my control of eating. lol

k- going to get Gaby. chat tomorrow.

02-11-2009, 08:23 PM
Mindee, you snuck in while I was posting. Punkin is 15 months. My DD gets mad at me for calling her that all the time because she actually now only answers to Punkin. The daycare workers couldn't figure out why she would ignore them all when they tried to call her. :lol: She just loves her Nana. Will Logan get to go to preschool next year? Hope you can get something smaller for your tongue soon. You are brave to have gotten it done. I am such a chicken.

02-12-2009, 12:16 AM
well, we spent 2, yes TWO, hours in Walmart today! we went there with intentions of getting new tires for the van and an oil change. fine with that, we had some stuff to pick up anyways......we were told it would take an hour! TWO hours later.............we were tired of walking around Walmart, starving, and ready to get the van back!

I got a new red dress, a skirt, and two shirts that I can interchange with the skirt......a couple of magazines, and I think that was it. Now, I am just hoping that the weather will be nice on Friday morning! our appointment is at 11am, so I am hoping that the kids all behave for us! (we might have to use the bribery tactic....of a prize and getting some lunch (which I need to remember to pack some extra non dressy clothes for them) that usually works)

SuzieQ~ Brandon will be 5 on April 23rd, and Marissa will be 2 on April 24th. (my oldest and youngest are exactly 3 years and one day apart......with Logan thrown into the middle of them) I am now on a mission to figure out what I am going to wear! Tommy already knows what he is going to wear, so I am the odd one out because I have to figure out what I am going to wear, as well as Marissa!

Kathy~ I am very sneaky! When was Punkin born? She is about 5 or 6 months younger then Marissa. I am hoping that Logan will get into preschool next year!

02-12-2009, 12:21 PM
Hi ladies...I am alive and finally well, I think. Life here has been pretty lousy for a few weeks, hopefully improving now.

Mom is feeling some better, but still looks so ashen and tired. I don't know how long we will be able to keep her out of the hospital this time. She does see the Dr. next Tues. so we will see what he says. He wanted to see her this week and impressed upon me that he wanted to see her. So I called his office...guess what? They couldn't fit her in until next week. I argued that he wanted to see her this week, to no avail. So I will be telling him about his office staff. It was either that or packing Mom up and going to sit in his office....which he might not appreciate. But I didn't appreciate them refusing to follow HIS orders. Oh well, life goes on....

DH got the nasty cold I had been blessed with and he is just now feeling better. I still cough from time to time but luckily he didn't get the cough as much as the congestion.

I won't even go into the failure with eating and exercising, except to say I am doing WATP today. I just cleaned all the ceiling fans, light fixtures, floors and woodwork, so I am moving around more. (up and down the ladder) I haven't given up but sure have taken a long detour.

I will catch up with everyone as time permits. Jules I have been thinking of you and your mother. I hope things are better there. My mom is so precious to me and will turn 81 this month. Well, actually she doesn't have a birthday this year being a leap year baby. (she has had only 20 birthday's)

The sun is is good.

02-12-2009, 01:25 PM
Okay...was going to do individuals but will come back later to do them. Cambrie was watching her cartoon and I thought I would do a just ended, lol. So now I am doing a dvd and then resting for a few minutes before taking her for a bike ride and walk for me. I'll be back later when I put her down for a nap.

Have a good day! :hug::hug:

02-12-2009, 01:32 PM

Cristina, Susan, Sue, Sassy, Mindee, Jules, Katy, Francie, Tammy, Asia, (now this is where everyone comes running out and starts hugging everyone and we are informed that we are going on vacation and when we come back we will have a new house) O.K I guess that only happens when Ty Pennington shows up and says that.

Jules :hug: hope that everything went well for your mom yesterday. I am still thinking of you two.

Sue :hug: I am glad to see you. I am hoping that you all feel much better very quickly. I think that when a Dr says that he wants to see a person, he should come out and let his office staff know at the same time.

Mindee - Punkins birthday is Oct 21. I will have to update my avatar picture of her. She is growing up to quickly.

Cristina - what do you have planned for today? Do you have the little rugrat today? I am looking foreward to Roxy getting to that age. How is your DD feeling? Hope that she is over her sickness.

SusieQ - Did Gabster get her hair cut? She doesn't want to copy her older sisters style? Cole always wants his hair to look like Cody's. Cody even does Cole's hair in the morning before they go to school. Makes me smile. BTW a birthday party for the cat?? Can I come?

Katy - What have you got going on today? How did you do on your 3 hour exercise marathon?

Sassy - Pop in and say hi ok. We miss you. You do need to take just a little break from all your hard work.

Tammy - How are you feeling? Are you all recovered? Are you in need of a vacation now?

Francie - Where are you? Come say hi.

Asia - You too.

Always feels like I am missing someone. Sure don't mean to if I am. Well I am off and running, I need to finish getting everything clean around here. Want to get it all done, as there is no school tomorrow and I will not be able to finish it tomorrow. I will check back later. Have a fun day everyone.

02-12-2009, 02:22 PM
Good Morning -

Sue - Good to see you posting! We were missing you. Hugs :hug: to you, DH and your mother, pray you all are staring to feel better! You sound busy, take it easy. :hug:

Kathy -
Sure, you are invited to Momo's 6th birthday party! My mom mentioned a party for him, she is kind of wacky. She had a birthday a few years back for her kitty Bucky, and invited all the neighborhood kids. I took Gaby, it was cute. I think Bucky just wanted to sleep though. lol No to the haircut because the lady that I want won't be in til Saturday, so I guess Gab will have to look shaggy for a few more days. btw- I think Ty Pennington is great!

Mindee- k....2 hours in Walmart would torture me, lol. What about the red dress that you bought for the picture? Sounds pretty, especially w/ Valentines day. I know how it goes trying to plan a picture time, don't want the kids too tired and cranky by the time you get around to it.

Cristina - Hope you and Miss C are having a good day! Gab has a bike but she has never been on it, hopefully this summer!

I have to dash and pay G's Adventure Club bill and head for work after that. Slept good w/ taking a Tylenol PM and sipping some sleepy time tea last night....and besides I was just plain tired. lol, feeling my age all of a sudden.
Was able to just have some yogurt and peaches last night for a snack and this morning was oatmeal and a banana. Salad on tap for lunch and haven't decided what is for dinner, maybe I will get a bowl of soup at work.

anyway, wishing you all a great Thursday!

02-12-2009, 02:54 PM
Hi morning's off to a slow start, but have acupuncture at 12:30, so at least I will get out of the house. I do have my WL group this afternoon, too..only 3 more meetings then I'm done.

Kathy - great to see you here again :) Yeah, I survived the three hours, put my bewbs up on my blog and everything, lol! Really, I put on the tank top they gave me that said I survived, made DH take a picture, then I threw it up there. Don't know if it was brave or stupid.

Jules - how's you mom doing?

Sue - glad your mom is home..sorry about the doctor's upsetting. I hope she continues to improve.

Susan- Mom- looks like a real party cat, lol! He takes birthdays seriously.

Cristina - have fun on your walk/bike ride

Mindee - I don't know how you managed, I don't think I could handle two hours in a Walmart.. Can't wait to see the family pics!

Not much else to report. I'm still calling everyone I can think of to volunteer at the event at DS' school...getting nervous that there won't be enough people, but oh well. I will do my best. I did find out that the woman chairing the event is an ESL teacher and she invited me to visit her classroom - Yay! That will be so helpful as I get ready to go back to school. I went to knit night last night and started a new sweater. Ho life is pretty uneventful right now. I really can't complain, at least there is no drama. Hope everyone is having a great day!

02-12-2009, 02:57 PM
hopefully you can see the's the girls...or as my firnd Karen calls them the "factory originals"

ETA screw it..idk why this is so's the link and, it is totally NOT NSFW...very tame in my old age, I guess :)

02-12-2009, 04:59 PM
Hello ladies...

First, a message from our Ms Francie...she has something going and is sorry for not being here but to say HI to everyone! :wave:

Francie...if you are reading this, take care and don't be a stranger too long. We miss you :hug: :hug:

Sue...glad to see you posting lady. Sorry that everyone is/was's been that way here too. Hoping you all feel better soon. Sorry about the docs office too! :hug:

Susan...try not to work too hard missy. Love the bd cat, too cute! On Ernie's BD in the past we have given him a plain cupcake every now and then, lol. Never had a party for him...always a first time though! I thought of you while making my salad today...had some leftover chicken and threw it on there, well, after I cut it was soooo good. Tonight I am fixing tacos for the kids so another salad for me with some taco meat. You know, I must say...that fish yesterday was really good! I have been tempted a few times and those things are so bad. You never know when it is going to be good...gotten them before and they tasted like they had set somewhere for days...this one was freshly cooked and was oh so good! Lol...Hoping that satisfied the craving for a while.

Kathy...dd is better, thank you for asking. :hug: Nothing special planned today other than the laundry I am doing right now. Did my grocery shopping this morning and took Cambrie on her bike ride. She pooped out too soon again...hoping nothing is wrong with her. She's gone on the 1 1/2 mile walk before and wanted to keep going. The last two times she was pooped before we got home. She walked the rest of the way today and I pulled her bike. I love that C wanted to take a healthy snack...kudos to him! :carrot: My grandpa used to call my sister punkin...too cute! Not good when that's all they answer to though, lol. But she is quite the cutie pie! Can't believe how big she is already, and Jules' little Dominic...they grow too fast! the shirt and I know I said it already...WTG on the 3 hours-you rock!! :cp: :high: Love the rug always do such great stuff and pick great colors as well. Hope your able to get all the volunteers needed :crossed:

Mindee...had a brain fart for a minute or two, lol. Couldn't remember what you needed a dress for! I was wanting a family portrait done too. I already discussed it with everyone but Josh and his fam...not sure if this is rude, but think she will take it that way...but was thinking with just the adults, no kids. Especially considering Char is preggos and then the baby won't be in it and I don't know when we would do another one. I want it for my BD/Anniversary/MD this year. I don't know...what do you ladies think? Would you be offended? Do you think it's odd, weird...any thoughts? Anyway...we've got time to talk and think about it so...we'll see. May just do me and V and call it good...but I really wanted a group one with the kids grown. Can't wait to see the family pic when you guys get it! Anyway...glad your tongue is getting better.

Jules...thinking of you :hug:

Hiya Tammy, Sassy, Asia and anyone I may have missed :wave:

Thinking I should have taken a nap with the rugrat. I was fine until I sat in front of the comptuer for a few minutes...getting sleepy now. Getting ready to do round three of my exercise, yay! Then when Cambrie wakes I plan on cleaning out my car...having a little one in the car kills me. I love a clean car and she puts her hands on the window, spills trail mix, lol...but I let her so. I keep a little baggie of trail mix in there for her. Knew I should have gotten a mini-van...may have to get one in a few months with another little one on the way. Anyway...

That's about all I have for now ladies. Hoping everyone enjoys the day!

02-13-2009, 12:50 AM
just popping in before heading off to play the Wii with Tommy for a little bit. That thing gives you such a work out, and I don't even have the Wii fit yet!

I had Tommy figure out what me and Marissa can wear since he already knows what he is wearing. So, he picked out our clothes, and now we are ready to go for the morning. I will get a shower, Tommy will get a shower, and I think I will get the boys in there. Marissa just got a bath because she threw up in her bed.

The lady from the photo place, in where else? Walmart, called to confirm the appointment earlier today. She was then asking questions about how many and all that. Then she asked about me and Tommy getting a picture taken together, so we are going to get one of just the two of us together. (which hasn't been done since we got married...professionally at least)

so it should be fun, and I am hoping to possibly get them all onto a disc, but I think the lady said it would be $100 but if we have enhancements done to the photos then it would be $120, I think.

02-13-2009, 09:00 AM
Sorry I have been MIA. Wednesday was Mom's appt with the cancer specialist. My brother and I went with her and all of us really like the doctor. He is concerned about where the cancer keeps coming from. Apparently it's rare for skin cancer to do what is happenning with her, but not impossible. She went yesterday for a cat scan to rule out lung cancer. She's not a usual candidate for it since she never smoked and after my Dad left she has lived in a smoke free home for 40 years. Tuesday morning she goe to an Ear, Nose & Throat guy to rule out throat cancer which again she is not a usual candidate for. The doctor said that health history wise is she is awesome but her family history is cause for concern. Out of the eight siblings the youngest two are the only ones to not have had a form of cancer. All but the oldest brother were treated and are in remission. I am still having moments of freaking out and wanting to not talk to anyone, so if I am mia, I will be back.

bbl for indys...

02-13-2009, 10:46 AM
:wave:Hello Ladies.....

Um, remember me? I guess I should explain what's been going on in my life. I divorced my husband for the second time in November 2007, and moved in with my sister and brother in law. Both of my girls became pretty distant with me because of the divorce, and I went into another very deep depression. When my sister and brother in law decided to move back to Iowa, I also decided to go sooooooo, I now live in Iowa since June 2008, I have the most wonderful, caring, loving and supportive boyfriend, I work fulltime at Walmart in the photo department, but there has been many sad things happen also. Both of my daughters totally disowned me when I left Oregon, my oldest daughter had two baby boys in November 2008, and she won't talk to me or let me have anything to do with the babies, my very first time of being a grandma and I can't even enjoy it. My younger daughter contacted me and said she cannot hold grudges and she needs to have a relationship with me. She is very busy in Nursing school and babysitting the twins 3 days a week. I have become very very depressed with the situation with my oldest daughter, to the point of not wanting to live some days and wanting to be put in a hospital. My girls are planning on coming to Iowa in April for a visit and even though I know I will be able to see my younger daughter, I just keep praying that my older daughter will have a change of heart and let me see her and the boys too. I just want to apologize to my special friends who I left and lost contact with and I hope we can start over, I have missed you all SO much!!!:hug:

02-13-2009, 02:36 PM
Good Morning -

Michelle - Welcome back and of course we remember you! Very sorry for all the challenges you have had to face but happy to see you made it back to the site. :hug::hug:

Franice -:hug::hug::hug:, hope you make it back soon.

Jules - :hug::hug::hug:

I will just do a post of hugs....ok, group hug time!

Katy - lol, I was thinking the same thing about WalMart. I could manage an hour but 2 hours - I don't think this the WL group at Kasier?

Mindee- Is today picture day? What did you decide to wear? I really need to get a picture w/ all 3 girls, I don't have a professional one. One with you and Tommy will be nice to have! Hope Marissa is feeling ok. :hug:

Cristina - Thanks for the message from Francie, I was starting to wonder where she was.
Oh lord to the mini van....I don't think you want one of those! I use to have one and it just gave the girls more room to make a mess
I really do love fish, maybe if I make it into PDX this weekend the ex will make me some......that w/ wine and kettle chips and I would be in heaven. I think a photo w/ just the adults is fine, not rude at all. When the baby is here you can always get another one but it is something you want for your birthday/Anni and MD (what is that btw?? - lol), I would explain that to Char and hope she accepts it and if not oh hum.....remember she is pregnant....most things she will find offensive anyway. lol - jk. :D

argh, time is up, better get to work!

:wave: to everyone else!! Now that the Valentine Challenge is almost here do you want to try an Easter Challenge??? I have been eating salads pretty much all year.....oh joy. I think my bext challenge(focus) is not eating after 5pm.

With all the cat talk I just remembered I forgot to give Momo more food in his bowl - :dizzy: - hope he will just tip the open bag over and get food that way. poor guy. .......

oh- 90 day probation and I had my evaluation yesterday.....supervisor gave me *exceed* marks in most everything, she said "you think I would see wings on you the way the staff talks about you"....awww, took me a minute to figure out what that meant,,,,what, I am a bug??? No, an angel! lmbo....

ok, whatEVER......:D

give you all a break and go now :wave:

02-13-2009, 03:25 PM
Hello ladies...

Michelle...oh my gosh lady! So good to see you! But so sorry to hear about all the struggles. I have faith your dd will come around and you will be able to be a family again. Lots of hugs to you! :hug: :hug: And don't be a stranger anymore. How do you like Iowa?

Susan...silly woman...MD=Mother's Day. And of course you are an angel, but I love the bug idea, lol. Yeah, we went back and forth with the thought and thinking too that no matter what, Char will get mad about something, lol. I told Josh one day that she needed to just pull her big girl panties up and deal with it...during one of her little drama episodes...thinking we are due for another soon...been too quiet for her. I'd be up for some sort of Easter Challenge...probably not scale wise.

Jules...lots of hugs to you missy. :hug: :hug: :hug: Keeping you rmom in my prayers.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Not a lot going on with me today, still in my jammies. Josh called last night to see if I would meet Char's step-dad at a store so he could take Cambrie for the day, fine by I did. I do not like that guy...something about him just, ugh...creepy. Not sure why he needed to get her this morning and couldn't wait until later to pick her up at J & C's...oh well...she was driving me insane last night, lmao. Of course it's too quiet here today, go figure.

Spent quite a few hours on myspace this morning...anyone try the new 2.0 layouts? I keep trying it but not sure I want to put the time and effort in to trying to find a different page, and changing it. I kind of like them but at the same time not...tried two different layouts this morning and the one was soso...the other of the one I have now just didn't do it for me. Maybe if I can find the 'perfect' layout I might like it...supposed to be better.

Anyway...need to go and get some exercise done...should have had some done by now but I am being lazy.

Have a great day, ladies!

02-13-2009, 03:43 PM

:val1: :val1: :val3: :val2: :val3: :val1: :val1:

I know it's tomorrow but not sure if I will be back on later. And I won't be on tomorrow until the later afternoon so wanted to wish you all a great day and weekend! Love ya's!

02-14-2009, 01:30 AM
well, we managed to make it through Friday without any problems! we got a mondo sized package, but then again with the size of my family alone, we need one that big! we got plenty of good shots, and they will be ready on the 26th I believe. we will also be getting a disk with all them on it as well!

Tommy talked to his mom last night. Apparently his uncle is in the hospital. He keeps going in and out of consciousness and they are pumping him full of sodium for some reason. They are trying to tell the family that if they put him into a coma, that he will come out of it without any problems. Tommy's mom said that it isn't looking good for him.

Then we called my mom to see if she would watch the kids over night tonight (Saturday) since she is always asking us to let them stay the night. We called her and she told us that we were crazy......we were just going to go into the town where Logan was born and get a hotel room. so now, we are staying home for the day and calling it good.....

Jules~ I am sure that every thing will work out for your mom. I will keep your whole family in my thoughts and prayers.

Michelle~ It is good to hear from you! Sorry to hear about every thing that you have been going through.

SuzieQ~ Yup, yesterday was picture day! It started out well, and then went down hill when it was time to get Marissa and Logan done separately! I ended up wearing this floral top that I had and some blue jeans. I wasn't sure of what to wear, so I had Tommy go into my side of the closet and see what would match his shirt.

we got these collages of all the pictures to give to our parents. we got this cute picture of the boys together! I am going to try and see if I can get to them online and then post a link. the computer was down and wasn't letting her order them through the system so she had to ring them up on the register.

Cristina~ I meant to tell you that I think that an idea of just an adult shot of every one is a good idea. we were going to do that for my in-law's but Tommy's oldest brother's wife had an issue with not having the kids in the pictures.


02-14-2009, 09:43 AM
Happy Valentines Day!!:val1:

Thanks for all the prayers, happy thoughts and warm vibes being sent my way..we just want to get a final answer and treatment started...

Mindee--hubby's bugging me to take Dominic for pics--bet yours are cute!! Sorry to hear about your uncle...

Cristina--I need to spend time on Facebook--haven't quite got the hang of it, but then haven't spent a lot of time trying. Hopefully Char will be reasonable and not her dramatic self about adult only pics..good luck

SusieQ--we already knew you were an angel.....

Michelle-sorry to hear about all your troubles..hope you get to see those grandbabies soon....

Katy--LOVE the socks!! have fun volunteering..

Kathy--hi lady..that something about the "dream" truck--glad you are all ok--hug that sweet little one for me..

Sue--How are you--this sick Mom stuff is not fun at all...


Francie--hope everything is ok...miss you...


02-14-2009, 09:55 AM
:val2::val2::val2::val2::val2:Smoochies for everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!

Mindee - glad the photo shoot went well...looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Michelle - Great to see you back here. Sorry to read that your life was so chaotic there for awhile, but it looks like you are very happy now. Give the kiddos some's a hard transition. I hope you have a very nice visit when they come out and that you get to see your grandchildren.

Cristina - I quoted you at the dinner table last night. We were talking about a whiny student of DH's and I said " She needs to pull up her big girl panties and deal with it!" I gave you all the credit, lol! Looks like you know how to handle least she's predictable, right?

Susan - yeah the WL group is Kaiser...almost done. I really am hoping to have 30 lbs off by the time it's finished, but I seem to be stuck...still going to work at it, tho'. There's a nice ring to 30 lbs in 30 months, lol!

Francie - miss you - hope everything's ok

Sassy - How's the move going? bet you are super busy

Jules- hope your mom's tests went's hard but it is good to be thorough.

Sue - hope your mother is continuing to improve.

Hi to Kathy, Asia and Tammy!

It's early, so I may go watch the rest of Heroes on Hulu...have yoga and aerobics later. DH and I are going to a movie this afternoon, still haven't decided on what, but it may be Frost/Nixon...or The Reader. Not very romantic, huh. DH's grandma is getting moved into hospice this weekend. It's a good thing really - it's where she needs to be, though the process has been wearing on DH's dad. I think she's just winding down, kwim? My MIL volunteers for a hospice and she said that entry into hospice usually means there's 6 months to go (or less, depending) so we are making peace with that.

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day!

02-14-2009, 11:42 AM
Hiya ladies...

Just a quickie for now...taking a break after my workout. Got in a good hour and feeling good about that. Now to jump in the shower and get ready to head out for Chase's b-game. No V-day plans for today...we never go out on the actual day so we ar going out to dinner Monday. Usually do it the week of but I had that stomach flu/virus...whatever it was so we planned it for this upcoming Monday. Anyway...have a great day/weekend ladies...I'll be back later! Hugs :hug:

02-14-2009, 04:18 PM
Good Afternoon -

I am going to do a quickie too!! gabster & I are at the library and she keeps coming and asking for help so I have logged off twice and now am getting ticked

Oh, we did go to Safeway and picked out a Wall-E a sheet cake for her birthday Monday. Course it will just be the 2 of us eating it but I guess there are worse things. lol If I had planned ahead we would have had a Wall-E for tomorrow when we go to the ex's but whatever...I will just pick up an already made one.

Mindee- Sorry about your mom not being available for babysitting! If I lived close by I would have watched the kids :D Can't wait to see the pic's, bet they turned out great.

Cristina - It would be kind of gross if you told Josh about Char pulling up her panties and he replies "Geez, mom.....Char doesn't even wear panties"....lmbo...jk. It just came in my mind, see how wack-o my brian works?? lol Thanks for the MD! Couldn't figure that one out :dizzy: You're the angel for helping out w/ cambrie, I wish I had you over here in Oregon!

Katy- Sorry about DH's grandmother but at least it will be some relief for the family to know she is getting excellent care.

Jules- awww, thanks. I am glad someone thinks I am an angel. lol I can get pretty *itchy at times. Who would have thought?? lol Continued prayers for yor mother:hug:

Sue- and your's too.....:hug:

k- better go. I have to get Gaby her hair cut and make it to basketball at 3pm. Also wanted to go by the grand opening of a health food store because there is wine tasting, can't pass that, also want to get some almonds too.
Planning to go to PDX tomorrow to see the girls...just as well because today they are scattered w/ their friends.

k- sorry to rush!

02-14-2009, 06:42 PM
Hello ladies...

SUSAN...enjoy your weekend. Ah, it wouldn't have grossed me out...they say things once in a while to try and gross me out but I up them, lmao. I would definitely help ya out if I were closer to ya.

MINDEE...hope you guys have a great day even with the kids.

KATY...sorry to hear about your DH's grandma. :hug: to the fam.

JULES...I don't spend much time on facebook either...for some reason I don't get it. Much prefer myspace, of course I don't get that either, lol. But I do know my way around it more than facebook. Hope they figure out what is up with your mom soon. :hug:

So I am home and have dinner cooking as I am typing. Threw some pork chops in the crockpot with a can of cream of mushrrom soup. Going to just make some mashed potatoes and green beans and call it good. Did make some brownies for the hubby and kids, man they are smelling good! Hubby is working but hopes to be home at 7 for dinner at least.

Chase's basketball game was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!!! They are so bad...the only way they win is if they play a worse team, lol. I quit looking at the score when it was 30-2. The other team had some really big kids...looked a lot older than 9 for sure.

I plan on getting some reading done and doing a load of laundry. Later on will do a little picking up and call it good for the Open House tomorrow, ugh. I hate the point where I don't really care if the house is spotless or not. Online there has been more than 800 hits...we've had 4 or 5 showings since November so whatever. Of course all it takes is one person but where are they?! :lol:

Have a great weekend everyone! :hug:

02-14-2009, 09:49 PM
Mom went to the regular doctor on Friday--turns out she has a sinus infection..forgot to tell me the cancer doc called Friday with Thursdays cat scan lung cancer!!

Hubby had flowers delivered today!! First time in 23 years,,,I was shocked...

Katy==hugs to your family

Cristina==your dinner sounds good...I made tacos..good luck with the open house

Susieq--I can get pretty witchy myself....Happy bday to Gaby!!

trying to get Dominic to sleep...hi and bye to everyone else!!!

02-15-2009, 11:44 AM
Hello and a Happy Sunday to all! glad to hear it's not lung cancer! :hug: Hope the sinus infection clears up soon. Aaawww, how sweet of your hubby. :val2:

Nothing going on today. Thinking I am going to get lots of reading done, and hopefully lots of exercise too! We cancelled the open house. Jason came home from work last night not feeling so great...he has what me and dd had so he is spending the day in bed, sort of...good thing the rest room is across from his! Wasn't really feeling this open house anyway.

Have a great Sunday!

02-15-2009, 01:49 PM
HAPPY Sunday everyone.

Typed out my long post yesterday and of course lost it. I was so PO's thatI turned off the computer and didn't turn it on for the rest of the day....Now I am using DD's and we will see if this works out.

Michelle - Welcome back. Sorry to hear that you have had such a rough time. Glad that you have a very supportive boyfriend. I am sure that your daughter will come around. Make sure you come here for your daily dose of hugs.

Jules - :hugs: What a relief about no lung cancer. Too bad about the sinus infection though. Wow, that is great that your hubby sent you flowers. I need to take the kids and get their pictures done also.

Mindee - sorry to hear about your Uncle. A few years ago my BIL was very ill, and his dr's put him into a coma so that his body could just heal itself. Was in the coma for about 2 weeks. He came out of it fine. But it sure is scary when they are in the coma, and you are just waiting for everything to be ok. :hugs: to you and Tommy and the family.

Cristina - :hugs: to DS, and to you because it is always hard when males are sick. They make bad patients. My Grandma wanted a family picture of all her grown up kids. Thats what they all did for her for a Mothers Day present one year. Then the families had the option to get their families done while they were all there. Then a few years later they did one big picture with all the inlaws and kids. Hope Charlotte will be big enough to realize that we need to wait until the baby is born so that it can be in the big picture to. :hugs: to you for being an Angel MIL.

Katy - What movie did you and DH go and see? Sorry about DH Grandma. But she will receive good care. :hug:

SusieQ - Happy Birthday to Gaby. :balloons: Is there going to be a party for her over at the ex's? I am glad that your coworkers realize that you are an Angel. An Angel with bug wings. :rofl: I think your job should be just going around and visiting all of us so you can cheer us all up with your wacked out mind. :grouphug:

Francie, Sassy, Sue, Tammy and Asia :grouphug: to you all and hope that you are having a great day.

Well as for the results of my Valentine's Day challenge....I was not able to complete 3 miles in 30 minutes. However, I do not consider this an absolute failure. I did start off the challenge at 47 minutes, and I finished at 39 minutes. I am able to jog for 60 seconds at 5 MPH and then walk for 60 seconds at 4 MPH until I get up to 3 miles. Then I continue on to walk at 3.7 MPH until I hit 5 miles. I have managed to lose 10 lbs....most of which came off the first few weeks that I started to do this. It was nice to not focus on lbs lost, but to focus on a way to lose them.(Make sense?) So are we going to do an Easter Challenge? Mine will still be 3 miles in 30 minutes.

Took Cole, my nephew who is also 6 and my mom bowling yesterday afternoon. Then the boys stayed at my moms while I went and got groceries. Picked up Cody's girlfriend on our way home. Had a pretty quiet evening. Babysat Punkin so that the other kids could go out for the evening. Although little toddlers are great chaperones. Punkin loves Amanda and Cody. (He however was not so amused that she loves them so much and just wanted to be with them yesterday). Also, I think one of the puppies has epilepsy. It has had a couple seisures. Cole has taken over the care of this puppy, and we will be taking it to the vet tomorrow after school. Well I am off to do the daily cleaning.

:grouphug: Hope everyone has a great day.

02-15-2009, 01:58 PM
well, despite it all, we had a great Valentine's day. we went out to a different mall then last week.....we walked around and picked up some stuff from Bath and Body Works. Then we picked up the cat a collar and toy ball from the Harley Davidson store. Then we picked up some dinner on the way home and just called it good. Our neighbor told Tommy that her and her boyfriend would take turns watching the kids for us if we wanted to go out and do something tonight. Not sure what we are going to do, but it will get us out of the house that is all I know! (hopefully anyways)

I can't wait for the pictures to come in! They all turned out so cute!

02-15-2009, 06:22 PM
I am here! yay.

Cristina - I am glad you are still talking to me afrer what I wrote about Char's undies. Once I came down from my Starbucks buzz it was like....."ewwww, even for you Susan, that was gross...." lol I love pork chops w/ mushroom soup, never tried cooking it in a crockpot though,,,,how did it turn out?
btw- who is Jason? :dizzy: you don't talk much about him,,,is he a son?? lol....kind of like Chuck on Happy Days...remember that?? He went upstairs in one show and never came back down. What are you reading?

Kathy - You lost me in all your mph's.... :bravo: on losing 10 pounds though! We'll have fish, honey djion kettle chips and wine for Gaby's birthday! Oh, ya....and she wants lots of presents and she has instructed us on how to wrap them. lol We ended up bowling last night too! Gaby's father took us for pizza (I did the salad bar) and bowling.....I went along for the ride and it gave him a chance to see her for her b-day. He brought us home and started to change my kitchen garbage for me and he sat down on the couch w/ the trash bag....and it was like "omg.....why are you dragging it across the living room!???" And he said...."I want to sit down to tie it, it's not leaking".......o.m.g................that is EXACTLY why we are not together! I told him to just leave my garbage

Jules - I am sooooo happy about the postive cat scan results! I bet that is a huge relief :hug:

Mindee- Hope you and Tommy get out for an evening! Have fun.

I better get....sorry for a quickie. Gab and I are in PDX and I have some shopping to do. Rach is going to take G to the movies while I do the errands. The ex is going to make yummy fish for me....he also bought apple fritters and he always has tons of foods I normally wouldn't have in the house. I think I will be in control and not go overboard....we

k - bbl hope you ladies are having a nice weekend, it is beautiful in the city!

02-15-2009, 10:25 PM
well, our neighbor ended up not feeling well, so we didn't get a baby sitter for the kids. so we didn't get our night out like we were hoping for.....maybe one day we will!

02-15-2009, 10:48 PM
Mindee- pete sakes , what do you mean she isn't feeling well?
Sorry, day you'll get your evening out. It kind of sucks though.

anyway, I am headed for bed early. I took the girls to the movies and went to Target and bought a few presents for Gaby and some cute shirts too. I love Target.
The ex made some salmon, green beans and red potatoes for I picked up some merlot for me and some kettle chips. I guess it is my monthly *free day*.....I love coming to the ex's and getting tipsy. lol
He said the dinner was his valentines to me, so that was sweet.

I'll get back on track tomorrow, I always do, so no biggie. If I range between 138 and 143 .... I will be happy.

k- off to bed I go! I told G she'll be 7 years old when she wakes up. She said she won't be a baby anymore.....aww, she'll always be mine,

02-16-2009, 02:34 AM
Howdy Ya'all :wave:

No I have not gotten lost in the boxes! lol. We have been packing a lot though, every chance we get. We are going to begin moving next Wed.

I have also been sick since Friday. It started in my throat, then it went to my head and that is where it is currently. I sound oh so wonderful, but at least I can speak otherwise I wouldn't be able to come in period, as that is my job. (call center) My coworker took off tonight so I am also all by myself. Yippee! lol. Just have to get through this week then only work 2 nights next week and then I'm gone until March 8th. But I'll be moving so its not like I'll be relaxing or anything. lol.

YW for the Vday Cards.

I send out extra :hug: for anyone in need right now.

A Very Special Hello to our Dear Friend, Michelle! :grouphug: So sorry that things are going so rough right now. :hug:

Well I probably won't be on that much, at least at home.



P.S. -- My weight has not changed. So I have not lost, but I have not gained neither, so I suppose that is good, esp with all the craziness right now of moving!

02-16-2009, 12:04 PM
Good Morning -

Sassy - Happy to hear you are doing ok in the moving dept. , it is such a chore. Hope your throat starts feeling better!

I am just feeling fat this morning, didn't sleep good. I don't think my system is use to eating so much anymore......or maybe it was the wine, or the fritters? Ugh, it was something. I just tossed and turned. I will be so glad to get back to salads tomorrow.
I'll have to be ok w/ having birthday cake tonight w/ Gaby and she wanted KFC, so I guess I will just pick off the fatty skin and eat the meat.

I was going to say I bought some $70 Addias the other day marked down to $23.99,so I bought them. I was happy about that.

Bachelor tonight!

I was also thinking of volunteering at the hospice center or the animal shelter, haven't really decided yet but I want to do something.

anyway - off to get ready for the day and going to my mothers.

02-16-2009, 01:07 PM
Morning ladies...I have been busy with Mt. Washmore and bed changing, etc. I did sneak in a 2 mile first in awhile. Feels good. I might even get 2 more later today. My WI was pitiful..after being all the way down to 165 I am now 168. Darn it! Do you remember how long it takes me to lose 3 pounds? geeze.

Susan- I know what you mean about tossing and turning. If I eat too late I do that. Might just be that you are not "home." Happy birthday to our very grown-up Gaby.

Sassy- Hope you feel better soon. I am so anxious for you to get moved and tell us/show photos of your new home.

Jules- I have been thinking of you and your mom. So glad they ruled out lung cancer and hope she feels better soon. Mom goes to the Dr. tomorrow so we will see if her kidney has gone down any. (it was terribly enlarged)

Mindee- Hope you get a chance to go out one day soon. I am looking forward to seeing your family photos too.

Cristina- Too bad about the Open House, but worse luck about Jason getting sick. There are so many "bugs" out there this year. I have just heard that whooping cough is in our area. Now I am wondering if that is what I had when I coughed for over 3 weeks. Good luck on getting back to the exercise and routine.

Kathy- Oh, bowling sounds like fun. I used to do that all the time on a league. Would be good exercise. You are doing wonderful on the treadmill.

Katy- You have done great on your 30 month quest. And I love the picture of your tank The felted rug is beautiful.

Michelle- Welcome back. I am thinking good thoughts for you. Hope you get to see the grandchildren. I'm sorry I don't remember that you were divorced twice from your ex. Must have been rough. Glad you have the support of a great guy. Come back often.

Off to finish folding the laundry. I think we are going out to eat later...good deal since I can't think of a thing to fix. Do you all get in that rut??

02-16-2009, 02:04 PM
DO NOT POST HERE!!! Please and thank you ;)

Head on over to BIK #72

See ya there :wave: