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01-31-2009, 11:10 AM
Hi there everyone :)

I've been away for awhile. First I allowed the holidays get in the way, well the post holiday family time off, all of us sitting on our rears watching new Blu-Ray movies and eating too much.

Then my excuse was the stress of my husband getting laid off. It has been stressful. In fact it still is. He's been interviewing and we're keeping our fingers crossed that something comes through soon. But, it's still an excuse to not take care of myself, not a reason.

I've gained back 16 lbs. since right around Christmas time. And more importantly to me, my blood sugar has been out of whack, I've been tired, I've been cranky.

Time to get back on the right track.

Last time I started was September 1st and I did really well in the 3 months after that. This time I'm starting February 1st and giving myself a goal of losing the 16 pounds by my birthday, which is April 11. I was supposed to get the results of my A1C yesterday, but the appointment had to be RS'd til this coming Wednesday, so after I see my pcp and get the number I will set a goal for my next A1C as well. I should also be doing that around the time of my birthday.

I need to browse around the site and see what is new with all of you. I hope that things are good for you and that there have been a lot of successes!

Hoping 2009 is starting off great for all of you!

01-31-2009, 01:27 PM
I am so glad that you are back. I missed "seeing" your smiling face around :) I am so sorry that life got in the way and you put yourself on the back burner. You are more important than that for sure.