100 lb. Club - I just e-mailed the daily plate! *angry*

01-30-2009, 09:19 PM
I don't know how many of you belong to groups or dares but I noticed this:

example post:

"I want to lose 4-5 lbs per week. I put this in the calorie calculator and it says to eat 950 calories a day. I am doing this and excersizing 3 hours a day and still not losing weight! What's going on?"

I AM SO SICK OF THESE POSTS! I understand, people should educate themselves, I understand, there is lots of info on the site, and I understand there are lots of people to help them.


I find it highly irresponsible of them to ALLOW the calculator to even DO such things.

What do you guys think?

feel free to email them !!!!

01-30-2009, 09:21 PM
In short, I think it's irresponsible of them. I think it encourages unhealthy behaviors.

01-30-2009, 09:22 PM
Actually it's 800 calories that is what doctors won't put someone below. If you try to put numbers in the calculator that drop you under 800 calories it says it's a dangerously low # of calories and to consult a doctor.

My sister is a doctor and says she regularly puts people on 800 calorie diets who need to lose weight quickly. You have to figure out how to get enough nutrients but 800 calories isn't dangerous in and of itself.

I still think that if you're going to go below 1200 calories you should only do it under a doctors supervision to be safe, but that's just my opinion.

01-30-2009, 09:25 PM
800 calories seems to me to be for people who are morbidly obese and need to lose weight quickly for something specific, like a surgery or something. I mean honestly, even if you CAN do that for even a short period of time you are most likely going to gain it back and then some.

I jsut don't think it promotes healthy eating.

01-30-2009, 09:26 PM
or it should at least have a warning about going below 1200 needing a drs supervision.

01-30-2009, 09:29 PM
That's one of the things I don't like about the daily plate.

01-30-2009, 09:34 PM
I did this the other day just to see what it said, I put in that I wanted to lose 4 lbs a week and this is what I got:

Your weight loss goal would require you to eat an extremely low number of calories each day. Please consult your doctor, or choose a more realistic goal.

It wouldn't calculate that for me, went back to my 2 lbs

01-30-2009, 09:40 PM
oh geez then people must just be STUPID.

01-30-2009, 09:44 PM
No, it will let you go down that far if you add in exercise. They should give that warning on anything that low no matter what the activity level.

01-30-2009, 10:42 PM
I did this the other day just to see what it said, I put in that I wanted to lose 4 lbs a week and this is what I got:

Your weight loss goal would require you to eat an extremely low number of calories each day. Please consult your doctor, or choose a more realistic goal.

It wouldn't calculate that for me, went back to my 2 lbs

and I got:

"Our estimate is that you may consume about 1,256 calories a day to lose 4.0 pounds per week."


Actually, that is the amount I first started out with a dropped the weight pretty quickly. hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm

01-30-2009, 10:54 PM
1256 is still sane.

8-900 is not so much.

01-30-2009, 10:56 PM
I would feel so hungry if I tried to do 800 calories. What would you eat and stay under that?

01-30-2009, 11:29 PM
I knew a girl who would just eat a big mac every day or something, and nothing else. Augh. She is so frustrating. she said she'd rather eat just A LITTLE BIT of junk food than a lo of healthy food.

01-31-2009, 01:37 AM
800 calories a day... I might survive a day or two... Maybe three..
But then I would probably die lol

01-31-2009, 02:43 AM
I'm with ya lalique. I need to feel FULL!!!

01-31-2009, 09:12 AM
You know they give coma patients something like 1000 calories a day lol. So i think you at least need that. I use fitday and I origionally tried to do realy low cal and alot of exercise and I think it equaled out to be 4lbs lost a week and it gave me a big red warning that it was unhealthy to loose more than like 2.5 lbs a week without Dr supervision and I should cunsult my DR. A site like that should definately give some kind of warning about health and safety. But people also fave to use their brains to.

01-31-2009, 10:22 AM
I pay for using the site, it's well worth it - but know it's also available free. I think it's a relatively new website as far as they go, it still has a lot of technical difficulties and it's limitations.

I checked to see how low I could go, it says to lose 3.25 pounds per week I can eat 459 calories per day. At my highest weight that would have been considerably higher, probably something doable (although I like to eat more, so I don't know if it would be doable for me!). The problem is that it's a general guideline and it isn't taking current weights into consideration. It's assuming we have common sense and giving blanket recommendations - which is a dangerous thing for most people in combo with nutrition!

I don't think the website should be held accountable for people's poor decisions. It's merely a tool - and tools of all sorts will inevitably be abused by someone.

However, I think it's a wonderful resource, I want it to be available for me to use for a long time to come - so they should cover their butts better so they aren't held responsible when someone becomes ill from following those guidelines. I agree, people could become quite ill and some people are quick to litigate.

It would be helpful for them to put a Nutrition and Calories 101 link on the homepage, you know? Just FAQ easily available and right in your face every time one logs in. I cannot recall if it offered any warnings or info when I registered, it's been awhile.

Yeah, I just checked, at 295 I could eat 1563 calories per day to lose 3.25 pounds, at 152 I can eat 459. Shucks!

01-31-2009, 11:29 AM
Yeah, I just checked, at 295 I could eat 1563 calories per day to lose 3.25 pounds, at 152 I can eat 459. Shucks!

LOL - 459 calories per day is a little less than what I eat just for breakfast!

01-31-2009, 12:25 PM
I agree about the faq.

Ten Years
01-31-2009, 07:49 PM
I couldn't do it. I need VOLUME when it comes to food. I need to know that in 2-3 hours, I can put something else in my mouth!

That being said, I don't think 900 calories is something that is actually dangerous or harmful to a person. Like most of of noticed, it is probably not sustainable and won't likely result in permanent weight loss, but those are more frustrations than dangers.

02-01-2009, 04:36 AM
You could get a fair bit of bulk with spinach and chicken for 800 calories.

I'm not saying I'd want to do it. And 1200 calories for someone who is 300 lbs is probably the same as 800 calories for someone 150lbs (or something like that) I mean 800 is just a number. What matters is nutrition and fuel to run your body at you need less fuel and smaller weights.

02-01-2009, 11:09 AM
The one I tried said to eat 600cal a day.:D It did however have a big red warning that said something about it being unhealthy. It also had a red flashing one over my current weight and goal weight that said something like the amount of weight I wanted to loose in the period of time I put in was dangerous. A guy can dream can't he?;) I was using the Fit day calculator.
I get your point however. It would be bad if there was someone my size who did not know that consuming only 600 cals a day would most likely kill them (especially with extensive workouts).

02-01-2009, 11:12 AM
I have been eating between 800-1000 calories per day since June. My doctor reccommended Medifast. I am off all meds and she is more than happy with the results and so am I. I wouldn't recommend that anyone try to do it on their own. It would be almost imposible to get the proper nutrition by simply calorie counting at this range. I am on Medifast. It is formulated to provide proper nutrition, allows me to eat 6 times per day and allows for consistant weight loss.

It is not sustainable nor intended to be sustained at this calorie range. The plan includes a very specific plan to reintroduce a variety of healthy foods back into the diet , slowly raising the calorie count to avoid re-gain, while maintaining the small frequent meal strategy that keeps the metabolism revving.

The program goes against the philosphy of some peoples diets so it often gets attacked or lumped into the fad catagory even though it has been around for 25 years, studied extensivley and reccommended by doctors and nutritionists.

I just know it has worked for me where many others have failed...and it doesn't matter what program you o to loose the weight...If you are not committed to making changes in your diet for the long term...You will regain the weight.

02-01-2009, 08:46 PM
lol i belong to caloriecount.about.com and they wont let you do that. believe me i have tried, in fact they are the opposite they tell you to eat more than i think you should and you'll get to your goal sometime in three years. LOL

02-01-2009, 09:01 PM
I use the purchased Fitday PC software and have had it in my hard drive for a number of years and it raises a huge fuss if you accidentally configure your number of calories too low, although you can do it, so I assume the web site is the same. I think it's good to have a warning, but I agree also with one poster who said people can't hold a web site accountable for their choices.

Sites are all different. I've lost considerably more than 100 pounds over time and last year wanted to lose five regained pounds that were sticking around and I also just like playing with diet sites, so I went on one run by a popular TV trainer and huge guru that everyone seems to love (well, ok, I love her a little) and put my weight and goal in there and she came back with "Uh-oh, I don't encourage anyone going below 140 pounds, but maybe if you have a small frame you can get away with it."

Well, ok, many healthy people weigh less than 140 pounds and I used to weigh more than 100 above that weight and anyhow, my point is that the information, in my view and for my body, was not correct.

People really need to just go ask their doctor.

02-01-2009, 09:39 PM
According to this calculator, it's not allowed to tell me how to lose 5 pounds a week.

So I plugged in 3 and 4 pounds a week, found the difference, and figured up 5.

Someone my age and height and weight wanting to lose 5 pounds a week would need to consume 598 calories a day.

Honestly, I could do that. I would love to be able to lose that much weight that quickly.

I would also like to be a Princess, but let's get real, people. 5 pounds a week? That's never good.

02-01-2009, 10:24 PM
let's get real, people. 5 pounds a week? That's never good.

Depends on who's losing it. Someone who weighs 150 pounds? Five pounds in a week isn't a great idea. Someone who's at 350? It's less than 1.5% of their bodyweight.

02-01-2009, 11:16 PM
I lost about 5 pounds one week, I don't think it was unhealthy at all.

02-01-2009, 11:21 PM
I'm talking about throughout your entire diet, though.

I lost 8 pounds my first week, and I was fine. If I were to do that the entire hundred plus pounds? Wouldn't be the best idea.

02-01-2009, 11:22 PM
Sure, me too. I've done the whole mysterious, who knows why it happened 5 pound loss when I was heavier. Huh, if it happened now I'd pee my pants in joy, because I'd be at goal. Impossible at this point, I'll just keep on trucking .5 pounds per week (if I'm lucky)!

02-02-2009, 05:52 PM
I started Medifast two weeks ago. I'm a 53 year old man, 5'7" and started at 314lbs. I'm eating around 1,000 calories a day and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really haven't been that hungry (well, maybe the first 3 days). I've dropped 19 pounds so far.