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01-30-2009, 11:21 AM
Good morning to everyone. Today is mop the floors day and I always hate that. Ever since my surgery straightening up after bending over causes a bit of pain. Doctor said it is because of my colon length being shortened so much it makes it crampy to bend over. It goes away right away, but it is uncomfortable to keep bending over. Maybe when I lose all the weight it will make a difference but I am not counting on it. Just one of those things I have to live with.

Susan: I am so very very sorry about another loss of friends. You have had one tough year that is for sure. How is your newest quilting project coming along? I started the little zip up hoodie jacket for Jackson. Jack walked past me last night and said, "Now what are your knitting?" I told him and said I have to keep busy somehow and I enjoy it. I had the yarn so I might as well use it. I will post a picture of Fortune in his new sweater as soon as I get the buttons and sew them on. I hope they will be here today.

Gail: Still cold here. In fact, Jack went out to go to work yesterday morning and the windshield in the grand marquis was cracked clear across the windshield from the cold so now we have to get that replaced! {{{sigh}} It is always something I guess. He wanted to put it on our car insurance, but I told him I imagine it will cost around $400 tops and our deductible is $250 so I am not sure if it is worth it. We shall see.

Maggie: Oh, that's too bad about the turnovers, but I guess it is good that they were well liked. I like to make smoothies too, but sometimes the points can get high depending on what you use other than fresh fruit.

Jean: I really want to learn to knit socks so I can make cute ones, but I am not sure I ever will. I really have a hard time with the small needles used to knit them. It makes my hands hurt so much. Hope your weather is improving a bit. Jay was supposed to get snow again. Since we have Thomas and Marty tomorrow, I hope we get a bit of a warm up as we are going to take T to the movies I think or to the pizza place.

Well, no sense putting off the inevitable. I have to get these floors done and the rest of my daily chores. Have a great weekend everyone!


01-30-2009, 01:52 PM

The wind is back here in the heartland. My cold is getting better each day for which I am very thankful. Lots of coughing with this one. The Schwan delivery man came this day so our freezer is packed with nice things from which to make tasty meals out of. They even have small packages of frozen fruit for my smoothies ;) Life is good. We are having Lasagna and a nice green salad for lunch this day and then I will have a nice very low point dinner.

DONNA OUCH for that windshield. I do know how expensive they can be. Even for our Jeep. So we now have free glass written into our insurance policy. I think we have replaced that windshield a couple of times now. The first time we paid for a replacement then got glass put on our insurance. :o We were surprised that first break that we didn't have glass on the policy because we always had it even out in CA but somehow a clerk in the insurance office out here dropped it off the policy and we didn't notice it because it doesn't hardly cost anything. It seems every vehicle I have ever owned had to have the windshield replaced. I remember when I got my first car and had my own insurance my father told me to be sure and tell Erv (the insurance agent) to include glass. Erv was my folks agent for years and years and was mine even when he had moved up the corporate ladder and wasn't doing just "folks" anymore but he kept a few of us. I called him my Uncle Erv. He was so good to me when my daugter got in that horrible wreck. So very good. OH Girlfriend I do know that smoothies can contain lots of points. All depends on what you put in them but I have found I can make a meal replacement one for just 3 or 4 points and it is a huge glass full and filling. I have a little booklet put together with lots of tasty different flavored smoothes. If you are interested I can print one off for you. Gail has a copy I do believe. I happen to love the things but some folks just don't want to be bothered, so there.

Everyone have a lovely day. :wave: Type at y'all later.

01-30-2009, 04:38 PM
Good (Friday) afternoon!

Wayne is officially retired now. He went into work for the last time this morning and they were all let go almost as soon as they all arrived. He's not too happy about being retired--we need some more $$$ to meet the household expenses. Anyway when he came home, I hopped in the shower, got ready for the day and we went to get our taxes done. Good news! We're getting money back! Yaaaaay!

Donna Faye, you knit very fast! I've been slogging away on Wayne's scarf for ages it seems. It seemed like I lost focus/concentration when Mom was in the hospital. I couldn't read either. I love to knit socks, mittens, and fingerless gloves. It is 34 degrees today but at least the sun is shining. What I hate most about the winter is dry skin!! I'm lathering lotion on myself throughout the day and my legs still itch by nightfall. I'm sorry to hear about your windshield cracking. I drove a Jeep Liberty for quite awhile and I had to replace two windshields from big semi-trucks throwing rocks up and over my vehicle. Neither time it didn't cost us anything. I know we used our car insurance. Maggie has some great smoothie recipes.

Maggie, I'm glad to hear that your cold is getting better. Yep--I have that smoothie pamphlet you put together--it's right here among my cookbooks! :) One thing I like about smoothies is I get a milk and fruit serving together. Yum. I think I'll pack that little smoothie cookbook and take it with me to Va. Beach next week. Hopefully, I can get some walking in also--a nice walk to the boardwalk (which by the way is concrete) and back.

I haven't a clue as to what we're having for dinner. After we got our taxes done we went out to Applebee's to have lunch and I'm still full. This just might be a smoothie night for me and I can give Wayne grilled cheese sandwiches--he's very easy to feed! :)

Everyone have a very nice evening,

01-30-2009, 06:55 PM
I just couldn't wait to show you Fortune's doggy sweater. He is such a ham and loves to have his picture taken. Only trouble was when he sees a camera he automatically sits, so Jack had to help me keep his attention standing so I could take the back of it so you could see the little fire hydrant and bone buttons I put on it. It is a bit big around as Fortune is between a small and medium, but I didn't want it too tight so went for the medium. Guess it leaves him room to get fat in his old age! lol Hope you like it. It was fun to make, a quick knit and I will probably use the same pattern again to make him more as he likes wearing sweaters.

01-30-2009, 07:17 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It was an interesting day at school. This morning the principal called the computer tech/aide into her office and told her that her position was being eliminated next year. She has been there 19 years and knows all of the computer programs, how to do whatever, helps with the yearbook and newspaper layouts, etc. She will have a job but they haven't decided what yet. She could take early retirement, but she is younger than I am so doubt that she would want to. With all of the changes coming down, I'm glad I will be out of there! It's another cold windy day in my neighborhood. Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 40s . . . I'll believe that when I see it!

"Gma" -- I need to get down on my hands and knees to properly mop my floor. I don't do it as often as I should. :o I am really surprised that your windshield cracked from the cold. It would be different if there was a drastic temperature change, but what do I know. :dizzy: Fortune's sweater is so cute with the buttons! Now I want to see a picture of his cute little face.

Maggie -- I'm sorry about the coughing part of the cold as that is so annoying. I hope you are back to 100% soon. Maybe I will have to reconnect with the Schwan man this summer. I'm sure they have new items since I bought years ago. :T

Gail -- Bob just came home and said their "help" people at the home office were all let go as of today. However, they are contracting the jobs out so he thinks the same people will be hired back on Monday. He is hoping as he doesn't want a "know-nothing" helping him when he's in a hurry. The job market is scary right now. :yes:

Susan -- Did you do anything 'fun' today? ;)

Our power was off for awhile so I need to go around and reset some clocks. Have a relaxing evening and a great weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-30-2009, 10:47 PM
Good evening ladies! Cold tonight.

Went to Curves this morning, colored my hair this afternoon and stealed myself to go to the funeral home for my friend's viewing tonight, a very emotional time. Her husband had her covered with one of her quilts. She was one of the first friends I made here. Her husband asked me to say something at the funeral. I told him I would if I could. I'll try but I don't know if I can do it.

Faye, call the glass company. Usually you don't have to pay a deductible to have the windshield replaced. I've had 2 and never paid a penny. I'm finishing up another ufo (unfinished object) - a small table topper quilt. I'm working on the first block of the year-long block of the month applique quilt and will get the fabric Sunday for my pieced block of the month. I just need to get background and setting triange fabrics. I'll use scraps for the rest. That one will be king-size for my bed. I love fortune's sweater - he is so cute in it.

Maggie, Delsun makes a really good cough syrup. A bit pricy ($12) but well worth it. Glad you are feeling a little better.

Gail, do you get to retires from housework? Seems when we reach 70, the govenment should send maid service twice a week. I'm going to write the President and see what he can do about it.

Jean, you sure made the right decision to retire! Nothing fun today or tomorrow, but Sunday afternoon I'll be going to the Super Bowl Sunday party and sale at the quilt shop.

Have a good evening!

01-31-2009, 06:40 AM
Good morning to you all! I have about had it with the neighbors. Last night around 8:30, Fortune and I were downstairs watching and he needed to go out. I let him out and stood there at the door because there was a rucus next door. There were at least two people, one a man and the man was drunk and saying the most disgusting sexual things to whomever and loudly. I decided to go upstairs where Jack was and told him I thought maybe they were running prostitution out of that house. He said he wouldn't be surprised. Anyway, one more thing and I call the cops and their landlord. My grandson is coming here this afternoon and I don't want him hearing that filth.

Jean: I read an article that Indiana has the highest unemployment rate and it is in the teens. One of the reasons is that Elkhart, which is the next county over from South Bend, is the biggest producers of trailers, rvs and such in the country and that industry has taken a huge hit. I feel for the folks that have lost their jobs and more are coming I am afraid. Scary times that is for sure.

Susan: I hope you get through the funeral ok. I remember a few years back when my best friend's dad died and they had me sing, I barely got through it. It is a tough thing to do especially with all your other losses piled on top of the current one. I told Jack to go get an estimate so I will tell him what you said to me. I am going to scrounge around in my policy and see what it says too.

Maggie: I hope you get to feeling better! I have been through the repeat cold routine this season and it is no fun.

Everyone have a great Saturday. We have the two "boys" this afternoon and all night, the barker, and the redhead! :lol:

01-31-2009, 02:06 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly and it is 39 degrees outside! Where the pavement is bare you can tell that it is melting around the edges. My furnace hasn't been running as often . . . peace and quiet! I made a WM run this morning because I needed bandaides and ended up spending $94! Prices sure went up by leaps and bounds, no doubt about it.

Susan -- It would be an honor to be asked to speak at a funeral, but I don't know if I could do it either. I'm sure that you will do just fine if you decide to do it. The Super Bowl party (and sale) sound like fun . . . something to look forward to. The game doesn't start here until 5:30 and Bob was kind of bummed about that. I'd rather "party" than watch the game! :lol:

"Gma" -- That is too bad that you keep getting such crappy low-life neighbors! I hope the phone call to the landlord helped. My dad used to go to car races in Elkhart, but I don't know if it would be the same place that you spoke of. I had to chuckle at the "barker and the redhead" coming! You are so funny! :lol:

Bob should be home shortly so need to change laundry loads and get something going for lunch. Have a great rest of the day!

Jean -- :dance: from Iowa!

01-31-2009, 02:46 PM
My crazy husband is outside washing our car and it's 26 degrees outside! He is out of his mind!! ...but I'll keep him! ;)

Jean, I believe I could do that--spend lots of $$ at Walmart. :) THAT is why I stay home more these days (other than going down to Va. Beach)--if I stay home I won't spend money. I send Wayne out to run errands some days--I don't trust myself--I'm an impulse buyer for sure. I justify my spending with "it was on sale; I got such a great buy!" I stay home. You're so right--the job market is awful these days. In fact, this morning Wayne started reading the headlines from two pages of the newspapers--all having to do with massive layoffs, house foreclosures, joblessness, muggings and the latest killing in Wilmington (DE) and then down the page the headline was Exxon making billions of dollars in profits. What is wrong with this picture?!

Donna Faye, please be careful when dealing with those neighbors of your's. I know how disgusted and frustrated you must be...but be careful. People can be really crazy these days and I don't mean the type of crazy I call my husband (see above). I love the doggie sweater! I remember when you first started knitting and you have come a long way! I love Fortune! The lady across the street from me has a little dog like your's...Fortune is a Yorkie...right?! Wayne thinks I need a dog. Would you recommend that breed? They're kind of hyper as puppies, right? Fortune is a fantastic little model! :)

Susan, bless your heart--I understand how you feel. It's very difficult to do such a thing--speak at a funeral...and especially for you--you have lost too many people in your life right now. ...ummmm...Susan, you do that--you get in touch with the prez and let him know about this retirement from housework; that all us ladies need a maid! Good luck on that one, sweetie! :D

I guess I should go check on my lovable but crazy husband...go see if he's frozen. I cannot believe he's outside washing the car!! This man will never like retirement--he can't be still...or stay put! I need to find some projects INSIDE the house....

01-31-2009, 04:57 PM

I am somewhat better but not back to exact. I don't ever remember having a cold that kicked me like this one is doing. Aside from that, I am totally in need of my head examined. Yep I am bonkers. I have owned so many bread machines. Like Elmeda Marcus who owned each color of every kind of shoe that was on the market. I think I owned the very first bread machine that was put on the market way back when we lived in Idaho. It was made by Panasonic and they (the shop owners) even wanted me to demonstrate it in the fair. I have ordered a Zojirushi Mini which makes a 2 1/4 Cup flour loaf. It will mix the standerd size 3 cup flour loaf but then you must bake it in your conventional oven. Otherwise it makes a wonderful smaller sized loaf which is good for just the 2 of us. It does other things besides bake bread though. I had one before we moved here and gave it away when we had to pare down to move. I do have some good low point recipes for using a bread machine and since Will likes sour dough bread so well (his very favorite) I ordered some of that sour dough starter from Bakers Catalgue that as been bubbling away for over 250 years. Since times are going to get rougher I thought it would be a good idea to make my own bread once again. Yep, any excuse will do.;)

Come planting time in the spring we are going to put in a nice garden. There are several huge planting boxes out back and we can till up some of the yard to plant the viney things. We can dehydrate lots of veggies that way. We have a small one that holds several trays and does a real good job of it. We are going to plant some blackberry bushes also. And there is an apple tree out back also. Anyway we can pare down our grocerie bill somewhat.

GAIL Yep, you are correct ~ Wayne is definitely touched to be washing a vehicle in 26 degree weather. BURRRR I won't do anything out there in that degree weather. :o I too stay out of the stores. A list is made and Will fills it and on occasion he buys himself something that I don't even have to see, (cookies and such).

DONNA That sweater is absolutely adoreable. Yes, I agree with Gail do be careful of your neighbors. Some folks are really acting strange in these times and I don't want to see you get hurt.

JEAN I feel so sorry for your gal there that is being downsized. Wonder who they will use to filll the gap when she is working elsewhere. Go to Schwans website and check out all their products. They really have some nice things now and they are priced pretty much like the markets. However, their meats are singlely frozen and that saves some wear and tear on them gettng that freezer burn that we sometimes get when we can't get all the air out of the bag. Also you can find out the nutritional information on all of their items. Nope I am not on thier payroll. ;)

SUSAN It is always hard, I have found, to talk at a friends funeral especially if you have been real close to them. Do what can and feel comfortable doing with that request. Question: Can Delsun be taken by a person with HBP? I have to be so careful on what "over the counter" meds I can injest. You know they say that BP goes down when one loses weight but mine hasn't. Since both my parents had it and they didn't have a weight problem I think I will always have to take BP meds. In fact I am the only overweight person in my family (6 kids). (I am a throw back for I look just like one of my great aunts). My mom still lives and is in her 90's and is a slim 5'8" straight standing lady and has HBP. That lady swims every day.

Time to go. :wave: I am all typed out. Type at y'all later. :wave:

02-01-2009, 09:15 AM
Good morning to you all! Well we are surviving the barker and the red head. Actually, Fortune, who is terrified of other dogs, took right to him and Marty, who is kind of hyper has been really good except for pooing 3 itmes in the house and peeing next to my trash can. Marty is 12 years old though so I give him a break! lol He will do fine at our house for a week when they are on their Mexican cruise. They are taking Thomas to China in July I think it is so will be gone almost two weeks so we shall see about that. They thought they might have Tom's sister keep him part of the time, but I imagine he could stay here. He is a nervous little guy though wanders the house a lot at night. I got up at 2 and took them both outside and now I don't know where Marty is, upstairs somewhere, but Fortune is on the couch fast asleep.

We took Thomas to see "Paul Blart, Mall Cop" which was stupid but kind of funny. Bless his heart, Thomas is about 4'10" and weighs only about 65 lbs but that boy can EAT! He got a kids thing at the movie of popcorn, candy and lemonade, then we went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner and he orders from the adult menu and got a tilapia dinner that comes with rice and broccoli and ate about 3/4 of it then had one of their chocolate cake desserts with ice cream which is huge and chowed down half of it. The kid is rail thin like his dad with long, long legs, arms and fingers (perfect for that piano and violin playing) but you wouldn't know it by the way he eats. Of course, his parents have been great about always feeding him good food instead of junk so he orders stuff like fish or lamb when he goes out to eat instead of the hot dogs or chicken nuggets kids meals. He absolutely loves broccoli and man did he eat it last night. That just goes to show you that if you take a little one when he starts to eat solid food and feed him veggies, fish, lean meats and such that when he is older that is what he will prefer. Thomas never ever ever drinks soft drinks and can't tolerate them now. The boy loves sushi. Sure makes it easy for them to feed him when they go on these trips. I told Thomas that by the time he is in jr high he is going to be a world traveler as he has already been to Costa Rica, now Mexico and then China. He says they are thinking about going to Russia or Egypt next year. He really loves it.

Jean: It was beautiful here yesterday. It got so nice and warm by afternoon and sunny too. Looks like maybe you are getting out while the getting is good at the school. Sounds like your administration is really screwing with the school. Like I have said before, my linoleum is old and cracking and needs replacing and it is been giving up its adhesive around the edges for several years now. Problem is, I couldn't help Jack lay new flooring, he has a knee problem where he couldn't really do it anymore and right now, it is pretty expensive to have someone do it. Also, for the time being, I would rather take vacations every other year before we get too old to not be able to.

Maggie: Believe me, I have intention on going head to head with these people. I will let the police or their landlord handle it. I know the landlord and he has asked me if I would let him know if there is trouble. Unless it gets bad, I plan on minding my own business and doing nothing. They did irk me yesterday though. They have someone who smokes and throws their nasty butts all over the walkway so it is littered with ciggie butts. I picked them all up and tossed them into their side of the fence and yesterday afternoon they threw them into our yard so I took them and tossed them right back.

Gail: Yes, Fortune is a yorkie. Our little guy is very calm and quiet, but they can be yippers and excitable. They are terrific dogs though and wonderful companions. Yorkies were bred in Yorkshire England to get rid of the rat population they had centuries ago. They don't look it, but they are hardy little devils. They can have hip dysplasia, but neither of our dogs have had any problems.

Well, I have things I need to get done this morning. We have to take the boys home later on and I want to get things done.


02-01-2009, 11:47 AM
Good morning everyone.

Maggie, I love my bread machine which is the Panasonic you talk about! My Mom bought the bread machine for me one Thanksgiving holiday over 12 years ago (at least) when we lived in the other house. Mine is still baking bread! It's sitting out on my kitchen counter now. I think I'll start up a loaf as soon as I go off-line. Wayne loves the cinnamon raisin bread especially.

Donna Faye, Thomas really is a great eater! By the way, I've ordered that same tilapia entree at Ruby's and I love it. He's going to love China. My two cousins went to China a few years ago and they had a great time. I can't wait until he tells you first hand about his experience at the public restrooms! ;) My cousin sent me a picture--there is NO toilet to sit on; just a whole in the floor! It looked clean; however......... My cousin said the toilets were what we are used to in the hotel they stayed in but when they were out sightseeing, the public restrooms were....well....a lot different!

Well, today is finishing up the laundry and packing.......

02-01-2009, 01:35 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another bright sunny day, but cold with a breeze blowing. We slept in and skipped church this morning. I have a head full of "snot" -- TMI -- and a headache; I think it's sinus because I feel fine otherwise. I watched Joel Osteen on TV this morning. There was an article in todays paper about how the Schuller empire is falling apart in CA. I feel bad because he is an Iowa native, I guess. Bob went to the office to work on taxes, the washer is washing, and here I am.

Gail -- Bob is always washing his truck, but he goes through the car wash with the dryer at the end. ;) He drives on gravel roads to for his clients and he hates it when his truck is dirty. That is funny about the restrooms in China. :lol: When Beth went to Spain there were toilets that had chains to flush with instead of the lever on the tank -- there was no tank. She was also introduced to bidets. She and her best friend roomed together so they had a wonderful time -- even visited a nude beach not knowing it was a nude beach! :o

Maggie -- Do you make your bread from scratch, using the bread machine, or do you buy the mixes? My bread machine bread never tastes as good as other peoples. Thanks for reminding me about the Schwans site! I guess I will have lots of time to learn more about the computer searches this summer. :cb: I asked my doctor about OTC meds one time because I was on HBP meds. I think it was Tylenol for Sinus that I was taking at the time. His opinion was that taken as directed for a short time wouldn't hurt (even though there is a warning) anything. He says there are people who don't read nor follow directions no matter if it is OTC or a prescription. Not this gal -- I do what I'm told! :yes: I think the directions say to see a doctor if symptoms last over so many days.

"Gma" -- Fortune is probably tired from keeping track of Marty! :lol: I am just amazed at the different foods Thomas will eat. That is great! Will won't eat any vegetable except carrots or corn and absolutely no fruit. It makes it hard to cook for such a fussy eater. Thank goodness Beth has their kids eating all fruit and a larger variety of veggies. I hope you neighbors will heed the warning they hopefully got yesterday. Do they have someone on the other side or will they know you are the one who complained?

Well, I need to get started on lunch. I'm trying a new recipe -- simple, but sounded good. It's hamburger, macaroni, spaghetti sauce, and cheese -- I think that's all. Have a nice "rest of the day!"

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-01-2009, 05:47 PM

Wow I am not feeling well at all ~ got the montazuma crud. That is all I will say about that for I do believe you get the drift. Thankfully it did wait to hit until we got home from church and eating out. I think the rest of this day I will be sticking close to home.;) My head hurts also. Ragg Mopp thinks every stuffed thing that comes in this house is his. He got so excited when I brought out my bag of "babies" to put on a shelf in my crafts room. Then he saw I put them high on that shelf he sat under it looking longling up at it. I used to have them on the bed but when we had Turn he would frolic in them and Ragg Mopp just takes one and runs with it so now I keep them on a shelf.

DONNA That is so nice that those two dogs do get along. One never knows. China. That will be quite an experience for Thomas. Isn't it great he has been given good eating habits to follow. Wonder why it is that some folks just can't throw away their own trash.

GAIL We used our Panasonic so much I believe we used it up and wore it out.:o UUMMMM I too like cinnamon raisin bread. Smells so good when it is baking.

JEAN We have your breeze ~ or is it that you have ours? Ya know CA is falling apart. It was doing that when we were there. There are too many minority type interest groups running it like the tail wagging the dog. Why don't we just take a national vote and give that state back to Mexico. I always make my bread from scratch and have never tired those boxed mixes have you and if so are they any good?

Have a wonderful day that the Lord hath made. :wave: Type at y'all later.

02-01-2009, 08:22 PM
Good evening, ladies!

I did speak at my friend's funeral yesterday. I had to write it down but I did get through it with only a few tears. The cemetary is across the street from the church so the interment is part of the service and we all walked over there. It was so cold and windy! There was a dinner at the church afterwards.

I went to church this morning, then my friend and I went to the Crab Shack for a talipia sandwich and coleslaw and then off to the quilt shop. Great sale. I ended up with 20 yards of fabric. I've decided to make the pieced block of the month predominantly black, red, yellow and white with bright colored scraps throughout. I think it will really turn out nice. I need to scan my fabrics and see how it looks in Electric Quilt.

I'm so tired and I feel hot and my nose is starting to run so I suppose I have a cold coming on. I'll be making it an early night.

02-02-2009, 06:03 AM
Good morning to you all! Durn, I am almost afraid to post that I will catch all your germs and come down with another cold! :lol: Seriously, all you ladies take care of yourself and get better!

Maggie: Since I now have roller coaster bowels, I feel for you kiddo. I hope you are feeling better by now and are on the mend. I had a Panasonic bread maker that finally went kaputs, bought another brand at Penney's and haven't been able to get the dang thing to work right since. My dough won't form but ends up in a nasty puddle of goo. I used to even put in the stuff for homemade noodles into my Panasonic and it mixed it up perfectly then I would stop it and take out the dough and finish them up.

Gail: Hope you get to feeling better too! Colds are no fun, especially when you have to work. That's cool that you can make a quilt on your computer so you know what it will look like when finished. I just bought a beaded knitting book with a rebate gift card I got and will use the one pattern in it to make a sweater for T for Christmas or his birthday depending on when I get it done. It has a solid chest in a gold color, the tummy area is an amber then the sleeves are stripes of both and it has one of those little "muff" pockets in front for lack of better words that is striped. It has beads around the collar, but of course I am just going to leave them off.

Jean: Hope you are feeling better as well. I read almost a year ago that Dr Schuller didn't like what his son was doing with the ministry so "took it back." Unfortunately, Schuller is in his 80's and too old to run it again as that is the reason he gave it to him in the first place. Schuller has really liberal religious ideas so I don't know what he could possibly be upset with his son about unless the son is becoming really conservative or something. Our neighbors have people on both sides and with the noise the folks across the street/drive could have heard what was going on and they have little kids. I doubt they will change their ways, they are just trash. Like I told Jack, they won't last long as they are the type not to pay their rent. When I talked to the guy who owns it this last time before the renters moved in, he told me that the two before this never paid their rent on time and this last one was always three weeks late! This group is the worst since the pigs who had the two grandkids that threw food onto the deck.

I have to tell you a couple funny stories with Thomas. First off, we had to have him home by 1:30 yesterday and I asked him what he was going to do. He said his cub scout troop had a badge they had to earn (his dad is cubmaster) and so they could either go visit this old house from the civil war or go visit "old people." I laughed and told him he had just stayed with old people and went and stayed with old people (his other grandparents who are in mid to late 60's) every day after school so he should already be covered. Jack kicked me under the table for the after school comment! :lol: He said they decided on the house. When I talked to Tom he said that wasn't it at all and explained about the cub scout badge so it was doubly funny the way Thomas had interpreted what he heard.

Secondly, we took him to lunch at McD's yesterday and there is a cajun restaurant next door to it and then a taco bell and what Jack calls a "cougar" hangout that went out of business. It is a restaurant where older women go and meet younger guys. Thomas piped up when we were driving away with, "Why do they have fast food mixed up with fancy restaurants?" I told him that all around the shopping center were doctor's offices and then the hospital and he said, "What so you can have a happy meal while you are getting a kidney transplant?" :lol::lol: That boy is his dad inside out.

With that, I am going to go. I do hope you all get to feeling better. I am going to get started on morning chores than it is back to cleaning today.

Have a great one!

02-02-2009, 02:24 PM
Good morning, all. In the 60s already - I love it.

Another fun day - my boss' bag was stolen on his return trip - all his house, car, and office keys were in it so today is get new keys made day. And now his Palm doesn't want to work on his laptop. What else can go wrong to day will!

Faye, I'm telling you I hope to live long enough to vote for Thomas for president. He sure comes up with good stuff. I'm lucky enough to have nice, quiet neighbors, even the ones with kids, maybe because they are all owners.

Bible study tonight, second Kings. It should be interesting.

I weighed in Saturday. I lost what I had gained, plus 1.6 pounds more. A little planning is a good thing!

02-02-2009, 02:59 PM

It is a sunny day here in the heartland. A tad chilly though. My cold is better and I think my other problem must have been caused by that Delsym I took for it was the only thing I had done different. One day when I get this again I am willing to give it another try and see if it is really the problem. I'll be sure to stick close to home though. ;) I am at the tail end of this cough and enjoying my coffee this day.

SUSAN :congrat: on your weight loss. You go girlfriend. :broc: I am so very pround of your success. Some how I find myself feeling more sorry for you than your boss for some reason. :o You have to listen to him whine when ~

DONNA Thomas is a hoot. I love that kid ~ the lights are on and someones home in that one. Never a dull moment with him around. What a joy for you to have as a grandson. No, don't catch this cold. It is absolutely the worst I ever remember having.

Everyone have a wonderful week. This is the beginning. Type at y'all later. :wave:

02-02-2009, 07:18 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It isn't very warm here today -- I think the weatherman has been smoking weed, or something, because his predictions haven't been too accurate! :fr: The sun is shining so that makes it look "warmer." Today was another typical day at school -- as far as I know no one had a schedule change and no pink slips. The teachers' reps met this morning and the board is offering a 1% salary increase for next year. What an insult to them. I say to cut out the FREE programs and go from there!

Maggie -- I hope you are feeling lots better by the time you read this. Being sick is NO fun! I have used the bread mixes with mixed results. The one grocery store has outdated ones on the shelf and when I found that out I put them all in a basket and hauled them up to customer service. The gal looked at me like I was crazy -- I'm sure she had NO clue what yeast was and why it wouldn't work if it was old. :rolleyes:

Susan -- I'm sure your words at the funeral were much appreciated by your friend's husband and family. I'm proud of you! :yes: The quilt sounds like it will be a fun one to make; I'm glad you had a good day yesterday. Your boss would have no luck if it weren't for bad luck! I hope that you got him all fixed up again. Whatever would he do without you?! I hope you're not getting a cold. Congrats on the GREAT loss! :cheer: :cheer2: :cheer3:

"Gma" -- The beaded sweater sounds pretty neat. Are there "real" beads or is that the name of the knitting pattern? Thanks for sharing Thomas' stories with us. He is a character! I'm sure he will go far in his life's goals, whatever they may be.

Bob just pulled in the driveway so is home early for some reason. Have a relaxing evening and a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-03-2009, 01:22 AM

I showed another pound down at weigh in this evening. I am going to shoot for the same next weigh day. ;) I am a happy camper and will continue down this road to thin with a smile on my face.

JEAN I am so much better this day. Just a bit of cough left but not much in sniffles department. Guess you had to give that clerk a lesson why the bread mixes won't work well with the yeast expired. :o It reminds me of what Will said he ran into in the market ~ there was a mom and daughter doing some shopping and the cart was about full. The daughter placed an item in the cart and the mother turned to her and said, "Oh honey, please put that back. It needs to be cooked." Yep, kids of today don't have the kitchen experiences (most of them anyway) that we did while growing up in households where mother did real cooking. ;) I am thinking the mixes that may turn out better are the pound cake kind. Have you tried any of those?

Everyone sleep well. Type at y'all later :wave:

02-03-2009, 09:13 AM