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01-30-2009, 09:04 AM
Mistake #1: I make almost all my meals from scratch and for me that involves test-tasting everything to death. Then I sit down with my 1/2 to 3/4 c. and I'm really not hungry, but eat it anyway. Now that is dumb...just because it is there I have to eat it.
Correction: I've taken to drinking tea or water while I'm fixing food to keep my head out of the pot so I will be hungry when I sit down to a meal.
Mistake #2: When I sit down with my family for a meal, I don't really concentrate on my food. I correct GK table manners, catchup on my DH's day, get up and get more things for the family,talk, talk, talk, etc. Correction: Concentrate on how I'm feeling when I'm eating, what the food tastes like. I eat too fast and get clogged and have to eat my dinner in two phases a lot of times. When I'm comfortable stop eating, not JUST finish it off because it is there.
Mistake #3: I eat little meals five to six times a day and really don't ever feel real hungry. Correction: I'm trying to cut back on this because I think that I'm doing too much grazing! I do have a problem with low blood sugar at times, but not near like I did right after surgery. I'd like to feel a real need for food instead of when I THINK I need food.
Mistake #4: My water intake stinks! Correction: I've set new goals to drink half my water before noon and the other have before 7:00 before I go to work. If I don't big fat kidney stones are in my future for sure!
Mistake #5: Too many easy snacks around here. Correction: Send them out of here and don't bring them back in.
Mistake #6: My exercise program stinks and in this weather is non-existant.
Who am I kidding. Snow is piled up to my butt, little GD can't walk in it, and my back is bad so that means I don't have to exercise! Corrections: Balogna! I've got Leslie Sansome walking tapes, Dancing Grannies Tapes, Zumba tapes, back exercises from physical therapy, small arm weights, big old stationary bike, etc. Even if I was on my death-bed, I have something that I could do.

Feel free to add to this list. I'm sure I've missed many of my MISTAKES, but these are up-most in my mind right now.

01-30-2009, 11:00 AM
You should eat a tiny bit every 3 to 3 1/2 hours but it need not be a full meal, your metablolism goes into to a resting state if your stomach is empty for more than 4 hours so even if between meals you only eat a dozen almonds or a light cheese stick (under 100 calories, though the nuts stick with you longer) you will keep that matabolism up and running full force.
the other trick is what you mentioned in #5 just DONT have easy high cal snacks, make all your snacks that you have on hand easy, healthy and small portions such as light cheese stick, sugar free pudding or yogurt, fruit or evenpre cooked and sliced chicken breasts where you know the average weight and count on the strips (if I know that the one strip is averaged at 50 calories it is easier to eat 1 or 2 only)
I love candy canes but I hide them from myself and people laugh about that but the fact is I forget they are there until I really NEED them like for an upset tummy, just putting them in a drawer i have no need to get into helps me forget they are there and then I open the drawer and think OH YEAH that is nice a treat... then I get ONE and shut the drawer and make myself forget for another week to ten days.