LA Weight Loss - Any other Dukan slimmers out there?

01-29-2009, 10:43 AM
Hi, all! Hope I am posting in the right place this time.
It seems that Dr Dukan's regime is not popular yet in the anglophone world as his books haven't been translated into English yet. As I moved to the UK last year, I had a problem in the beginning to stick with my plan as I had yet to learn the right places to shop - eg. where to buy oat bran, how to shop my food on a very tight budget etc etc. That is how I came upon the 3fatchick's site, actually to look for help and advice for these practicalities.
Still, maybe someone is out there lurking while following the Dukan plan - or something similar? - so we could discuss pros, cons, hurdles, recipes and SHARE SUCCESSES cos being positive helps with anything, dieting being no exception.

I look forward to meeting you all :)