Atkins - why is spinach in the "other vegetables" list for Induction

01-28-2009, 05:30 PM
yeah... why is spinach on the "other vegetables" list? The foods on the "other veggies" list should be limited to one cup per day because "these vegetables are higher in carbohydrate than the salad vegetables." [quote from DANDR, c2002]

However, spinach has 0.2g of carb per 1/2 cup, the exact same count as romaine lettuce that is on the salad vegetables list (from which you can eat 2-3 cups daily) or even cucumber, which has 1.0g of carb per serving, WAY more carbs than spinach. It just doesn't seem logical to me.

Personally I would prefer to have 2 cups of spinach per day, and in the way that I interpret Induction it seems consistent with induction ideology, but Dr. Atkins CLEARLY put spinach in the "other vegetables" group in DANDR.

Has anyone else encounter such an issue or wondered about this? Let me know what you think.


01-28-2009, 05:42 PM
I'm guessing it's because in "the olden days" (don't forget Atkins originated in the early seventies with DADR) spinach wasn't really eaten much as a salad veggie, but was cooked instead.

When I did the induction, I counted raw spinach as a salad veggie, and I did just fine.

01-28-2009, 05:53 PM
A half cup of boiled spinach has 3.4 grams carbs...or 2.0 grams net carbs. Cucumber, about 5 oz. has 4.4 grams carbs or 1.5 grams net carbs. Romaine lettuce has 0.7 grams carbs or 0.2 grams net carbs. Raw spinach is 1 gram carbs for a half cup, or 0.2 grams net carbs. I ate plently of raw spinach as well as romaine lettuce on Induction (more than was recommended) and I still do. I don't believe anyone ever gained weight eating salad:)
I hope this makes things a little less confusing:)