Exercise! - Curves for Women Fitness & WL Centers?

05-15-2002, 02:45 AM
A fitness center called Curves for Women (a franchise exercise center... it looks like there are quite a few around the country) is going to open near me and I was wondering if any of you have tried them and what you think of their program. Thanks in advance for your input. :)


05-15-2002, 11:31 AM
I have been a member of my local Curves since they opened here in November of 2000... It's fun, fast, easy to do, and it's the only thing that I've ever stuck with for an extended period of time. Although I didn't lose much in the way of actual weight, I did tone up a lot, and gained a lot of muscle that I didn't have before, so I consider that a success.

Right now, I'm on "medical" leave because I'm pregnant, and suffering from extreme fatigue and sickness, but I plan on going back as soon as I can, and continuing on through my pregnancy and after. The owner of our Curves just recently had her first baby, and she worked out almost daily right up to delivery.

Although it varies from franchise to franchise, my Curves is extremely friendly and open... women of all shapes and sizes are welcome, and I don't think that anyone has ever felt uncomfortable working out. We also do other things together, like our annual golf tourny, yoga classes held on Curves off-hours, and a recreational slowpitch game with the Curves from the next town over. All in all, I can't say enough about Curves! :D

05-15-2002, 02:48 PM
Hello. I joined Curves for Women about 6 weeks ago and really like it. There are women there who are all sizes so many days I feel positively thin!!! I would never go to some other type of fitness center because it seems that the women who go there are already in good shape.

There are no organized activities connected withe the Curves that I go to which is fine with me. I'm so busy as it is that I cannot add another activity!!!

I lost 4% body fat in the first month - so I'm pretty proud of myself!!! I had already lost a lot of weight (50#) but I really need to firm up (a lot) and Curves is working for me!

I hope this helps some.

storms mom
05-15-2002, 04:26 PM
I also joined curves. 30 minutes a day is a doable thing for my schedule. I lost about 5 inches the first month. Although my weight has not changed all that much, clothes sure do fit me alot better!!! It is fun and easy.... there is even an 88 year old in the place I go to.

05-15-2002, 08:07 PM
Thanks for the replies! Now I can't wait for them to open. It's still an empty storefront so they just had flyers hanging on the door.

It seems like 30 minutes is doable and it's nice that there are all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels working out there. How many times do you go a week? Do you pay per visit or is it monthly dues? It sounds like it's a "group" type of circuit training program, is that right? (All I know about the program is what I saw on their website.)


05-16-2002, 04:57 PM
The Curves that I go to has occasional "sales" where there is a special membership discount. Also, one can pay monthly but if you pay for a whole year at one time there is an additional discount. I received a coupon in the mail for a discount, also.

So the best thing to do is stop in and ask how much it is and if they are running a "special".

They say you can go as often as you want but they told me that three times per week is best so muscles can rest between sessions. Three times works best for me.

It is a circuit work-out with marching in place between the machines. Three times around is 30 minutes. No showers, no babysitting, no frills. Just my speed!!!

Hope this helps some. I'm not an exerciser by nature so this was a GIANT leap for me and it really worked out.

05-23-2002, 08:55 AM
You have answered my questions about Curves for Women. My Dr. recommended I read their diet book, so I went into one of the facilities near me and along with the diet book, they gave me a brochure and I've been thinking quite seriously about joining. I know I can do 3 days a week for 30 min. Have any of you tried their diet? For 2 weeks it's quite restrictive, and I was wondering if it's worth doing it for the two weeks.