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01-23-2009, 02:12 PM
I was on LA wight loss program last year and did very well. I have been reading the posts here and it seems like some things have changed. I was wondering if you could give me some clarity on a few things. The last plan I was on was Red w/lites (weight at the time 182) I was put on that plan because I was working out 5-6 hours a week. Now I am 205 pounds, and I will begin working out 5-6 hours a week again without lites. What plan should I use? Also, I was thinking of doin the master cleanse to help boost results, what do you think about that? Oh yeah I am 5'4. Thanks!!!

01-23-2009, 08:03 PM
I would say you would probably stay on red so long as you were working out that much. You can use luna bars or other comparable supplements to act as lites, or just try red w/o and see if you get a good losing streak.

I have had friends do the cleanse and I've heard mixed reviews. If you think it will help you get your head in the game so to speak, I'd say go for it. I know there are arguments both ways as far as the health benefits, but it might set you on the right track.

Let us know how you do!

01-23-2009, 09:17 PM
I do think they probably would have still put you on Red at your current weight. If you need to drop down later to keep losing, you'd go to Blue, which is the same exchanges with a smaller protein portions. (basically wherever you got 8 oz you'd get 6 and where you'd get 6 you drop to 4 oz). Both of those plans are typically used for those who exercise a fair amount or have an active job.

It is quite likely at the 182 there were close to moving you to Blue, although they usually keep you at the current plan until you stall out on losing for awhile.

I've bought Luna bars on amazon for a reasonable price. I've often used zone bars too. I've tried a variety of bars, and haven't found a huge difference as long as they contained a goodly amount of protein. I think it is the protein that keeps you from getting hungry for awhile.

If you wish to do less than 5-6 hours of working out, you could try purple. Which is about the same as Red with one less starch and half a protein (I think that is what it is anyway). Perhaps if you start out kind of slow at the gym, you could do purple for a short time and then ramp up to Red once your workouts get up to a level that you are feeling the need for more calories.