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01-21-2009, 04:50 PM
Hello & :welcome2: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

Feel free to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey!
So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke etc. and pull up a chair and join us! :cofdate: :cofdate: :cofdate: :cofdate: :cofdate:

01-21-2009, 05:03 PM
mmm, just my I have run out of time!

I have had a good day off from work. Cleaned my room like a teenager, hope my mom lets me go out this weekend*snicker*

Gab talked me into going to the toy store after school and we have swimming tonight!

Almost hate to say it but......getting tired of does not eat by Romaine alone obviously. :D

hope you ladies are having a good day!

01-21-2009, 05:11 PM
k- was able to speed read back post. haha

I also have 10 minutes on the library computer. I feel so lame when I write that. You think I would have my own computer.

:hug::hug::hug: - sorry about the work place. Major drama at my place to, almost makes you want to go get another job. lol Snuggle Dominic! That'll make you feel better.

Sue- Thinking of your mother,hope she is having a good day.

Tammy - Hope you are able to get out of the hospital soon!

Katy - Did you see DH in the parade?? I wasn't able to watch.

Kathy - lol - all sorts of things would jiggle on me too...

:wave: to Cristina, Mindee ,Asia, Francie , I forgetting someone??

Now I better get. Chat later.

01-21-2009, 05:37 PM
I finished The Reader. It was good, the ending took me by surpise. I want to watch the movie now. I'm going to start another book tonight. But for now I'm just gonna enjoy my time alone with Fonzo. Angel is at work right now. So its just me & the hubby alone for a couple of hours, lol. Angel works again on friday..and Fonzo has that day off. YAY!!! Friday is our 6 year anniversary. I cant believe I've been with that boy for 6 years, lol.

01-21-2009, 06:36 PM
just popping back in here to see how every one is doing...

the kids are watching Fireman Sam again.......Tommy is making dinner......and I am putzing around on here.

Tomorrow Brandon has his follow up with the ENT, so that should be interesting to see how that goes.

01-21-2009, 07:01 PM

SUSAN...THANK YOU for starting the new thread, very much appreciated! :hug: :thanks: Kids, they know how to get what they want don't they? Cambrie twisted my arm yesterday when I ran to Wal-mart for milk...went home with a freaking toy grocery cart and puzzle, lol. She wanted more and I told her no, that's more than enough. Gotta love 'em though eh?! How is Gaby liking the new school and swimming? I know she did swimming before, so apparently she loves it, duh! Yeah, I think it would get a little boring, eating salads after a while. I think that is one of my problems, I get bored with eating the same thing day in and day out.

JULES...hugs to you missy. I don't know why some people thrive off the drama. Hope it gets better at work. :hug: :hug:

ASIA...Ernie dog is our puppy dog. Well, we call him puppy dog but he is actually 13 1/2 years-old, lol. Still our baby and now he is miliking it, is smart! I've not gone online and checked out the challenge yet but I do plan to. Is there a time frame for it, and for you for your 16 or 17 pounds? Sorry, I forgot how much you were aiming to lose.

MINDEE...hoping Tommy isn't lifting anything heavy, he should take it easy still since it's not even been a week. Glad the kids are feeling better.

SUE...thinking of you and your mom. Hoping she is feeling better and glad she is home now...there's no place like home!

KATHY...I think we need more hours in the days, but then we would just have more time to work wouldn't we? Hoping all is well with you.

TAMMY...hoping you are feeling better sweetie and hope if you're not at home that you will be soon! :hug:

FRANCIE...I've not heard of that book/movie. But I am thinking I may want to see the movie that is out now, can't think of the name...Revoluntionary Road or something like that???? Hope you get the day with Fonzo Friday.

KATY...when will your hubby be back, hoping he had a great time!

Not a lot going on with me. I was up early and got the majority of my exercise done. I have a 30 minute walk left to do...thinking I will break it up into two walks...feeling sleepy. Took Cambrie to preschool and then DS came home from his trip to FL and offered to take me to lunch so I couldn't resist. Actually, I could but didn't. There went my flex points for the week, lol. Maybe not, I've not figured them out yet. Even if it took all of them that's okay...just means I HAVE to stay within my daily points. Anyway...

Take care :hug:

01-22-2009, 12:35 AM
Thanks for the good wishes for mom. She is home, even though they said after her blood work that she still has the virus in her system. She had the same virus that causes Dr. said she would be wiped out for awhile. I am so glad I took her to the ER. They got her heart meds. back on track and hydrated her.

I cleaned house, and did another load of laundry this morning. DH swept all the hard surface floors and I did the carpets. He knew I was pooped. Eight hours at the hospital Mon. and again Tues. Don't know why that tires me out. Luckily today they had her ready almost as soon as I got there. She and I booked home pretty fast.

Bad news is...after our trip and the hospital I am no where near my goal for the challenge, and have not lost a bit. That good old stress.....ugh. I need a week of eating salads every day...and I could do that...or cereal. I love both.

Grocery shopping and Wal- Mart tomorrow, so maybe I will plan a few meals. I need to tell DH I am not cooking for a That would go over big. (actually, a month would get me a good start) to bed and see if I can rest now that Mom is back under my roof. I worry, then can't sleep. I bet I sleep well tonight.

01-22-2009, 12:36 AM
stopping back in to see how every one is doing.......putzing around online before heading to bed. I already called in to the school and the bus for Brandon. I think that he is happy for his appointment because I told him that he could come home and take a nap if he wanted to.

SuzieQ~ Thank you for starting a new thread! I was going to but then dinner was ready, so I didn't get a chance to.

Cristina~ Nope, he isn't lifting anything too heavy. He has me yelling at him to not lift anything heavy!

Sue~ It is good to hear that your mom is back home. I had Mono my senior year in high I know what your mom is going through. she will be weak for about a week or two.

01-22-2009, 12:54 AM
Cristina~Here's the movie: And here's the book: I do want to see Revolutionary Road too. I love Leo & Kate!!! I was so happy when Kate Winslet won the 2 Golden Globes!!! She's a great actress. Have you seen one her first movies, Heavenly Creatures?? That was such a good movie!!! And of course Sense and Sensabilty. I made my mom watch that movie 20 billion times, LOL!! I just love Kate Winslet!!!

01-22-2009, 09:37 AM
Good morning, chickies...

SUE...glad your mom is home and on the mend. Don't worry about the what you can do, you still have time. :hug: I think I will quit cooking for a week too!

MINDEE...glad Tommy is doing well too and on the mend.

FRANCIE...thanks for the link, I want to see that movie now! Never saw Heavenly Creatures...I don't think, will have to look it up and see. I see so many movies and can't remember some until I go to watch it and then remember that I did indeed see it already, lol. I have seen Sense and Sensibilty...and I too love Kate Winslet and was VERY happy to see her finally win!!!

JULES...hoping you have a drama free day!

Hiya to everyone else :wave:

I didn't have to get up early and go get C but I decided to get up ealry anyway. I wanted to start the day off with some exercise before jumping in the shower. She's not coming over today, well, until later. She had an infection on her finger and it is back so J is taking her to the doc and then will bring her over after. Gives me the morning to get what I need to get done. Which is grocery shopping, and then take some things back to Penney's, and exercise in peace of course, lol. It is supposed to be 62 today so later on when she gets here I will take her on that bike ride she didn't get in the other day. So I will get in 1 1/2 miles there and I am walking the treadmill this morning. Already did one walk and getting ready to do another. Hoping to get in 5 miles today. :crossed: I'll check back later.

Have a great day!

01-22-2009, 10:18 AM
Good morning!

Hubby made it home ok..very smooth flight, no delays. He was tired, but had the time of his life...all worth it!
Now we have the news that his grandma is in the hospital with congestive heart failure and we are just hanging by the phone for daily updates. She's stable on oxygen, but not improving.

Cristina- let's all quit cooking, lol! I seem to be eating salads anyway...guess the kids might like something different once in awhile :D

Francie - I read The Reader for our book group and thought it was very good. We had a long discussion about whether the relationship could be truly consensual...the perspective of the author seemed to be one of someone who had been abused. I think the book leaves one wondering, don't you think? I want to see the movie... I think Kate Winslett is excellent casting!

Sue - glad your mom is doing better.. I had mono in college - NO FUN. I'm with Cristina - we all picked our own challenges, so just do what works for you. I haven't stuck to mine religiously, so I'm tweaking it.

HI to Susan, Mindee, Kathy, Asia, Jules, and Tammy! Hope i got everyone, if not - HI to you, too!

I'd do more indys but I have to go get Leigh up for school. Woke up to 171 and change, so the holiday pounds are coming off. That really should have been my goal all along, though I am still focused on keeping my carbs to 100. I just am not doing it everyday. My produce gets delivered today, so I am going to renew my efforts.

Have a great day, everyone!

01-22-2009, 02:38 PM
Good Morning!

I am sooooooo proud of my turkey meatballs that I made this morning ...... that is not an actual picture (though if I had time......haha).....when I work at 11am I try and get some dinner started and this morning it is like "what will Gaby eat??" She is such a picky eater. I know she will eat meatballs and mash potatoes. I used some of the ground turkey and mixed it w/ a meatloaf mix.

anyway, I probably sound ******ed but I don't cook....and omg, I did this morning!! lol Now I figure I can have turkey meatball salads for the next few days. :dizzy:

Cristina- sorry about Cambrie's finger! Hope she is ok and Ernie is feeling better now that he is home. Wow to your 5 miles!! You GO!! I will just sit back and watch. ;) Gaby loves her school and the swimming. When I get paid next week I am going to sign her up for t-ball, think she will like that. I have to shop for a doctor for her, she has Blue Cross w/ her fathers insurance. I found a female Dr. on the list of preferred so I just need to call. And you know I bought her a $12 playmobil and all she wanted was the horse it the kit......Playmobil is way to expensive!

Katy - :hug:, sorry to hear about DH's grandmother but glad he had a safe trip. Good for you on 171!

Francie - I want to see Revolutionary Road too, I was almost going to see it w/ Beck but she decided on Bride Wars, maybe next time. I am almost done w/ Conversations and still like it! :) Have to check out The Reader next.

Mindee - Good luck w/ the ENT (is it IEP???) tomorrow. Now that Gab has BC/BS I need to call back the speech lady and see if she will take that insurance. Sometimes small towns are a pain. lol anyway, hope Tommy is healing ok.

Sue- :hug::hug: to you and your mom.....sounds like you need some rest, hope you get that today.

:wave: to everyone else!

I better get to work. It is a beautiful day here on the coast, almost feels like spring. I still don't want Gaby at school too early playing outside (they play from 7:45 to 8:15) so I plan on getting there right as they are called in the school. Gab had a friggin melt down this morning when she saw the 3rd graders being called in. "You never let me play!! I want to play!! Now I can only play outside 2 times!!" and she holds up her fingers to show me what 2 looks like...*eyes roll* whatever....what kid needs to be playing outside before 8am?? Not mine. lmbo

Adios and wish you all a good day :wave:

01-22-2009, 03:58 PM
I'm back!!!

Well barely. Got home from the hospital about 7 last night and got immediately into the shower. I was so worn out. Still feeling crappy but slept pretty well last night. Don't know when I'll get back to work, maybe next Thur,Fri. Have a doc appt on Monday and will decide then. Wow, this is the sickest I've ever been. My history of asthma is what really put me under, I'm sure. Without it, I might have been able to handle it better. This was a first for me. Never imagined almost a week in the hospital. I had to beg to get out last night. Promise to do nearly nothing at home! Well, needless to say, after being on the computer half the day, washing my hair, making a sandwich for lunch, I am totally exhausted and hacking my head off more. In a minute, I'm heading for the comfy recliner, cover up with my dogs and snooze a little.

Cristina: so happy to hear that Ernie dog is on the mend. God, I missed my boys, Cody has not been off my lap all day.

Mindee-glad that Tommy had his surgery and is on the mend.

Sue--Hope your mom continues to do better. That running back and forth to the hospital is no fun. Dh was quite moody last night after getting me back home. I know he was tired of all the running.

Hugs to everyone else. Going to lay down now, will check back later.

01-22-2009, 04:55 PM
well, we are back from the ENT. Brandon has to go back in two months because he had some negative pressure in both ears. So, the ENT wants to check him again then. He said that it isn't enough to cause concern right now, which is why he wants to check him in two months.

then we took the kids to the mall to let them burn off some energy at the play area. then we stopped for a pretzel, and then went on to walmart to pick up some stuff. then came home and it is nap time, although the only one not napping is Logan. although I hear Brandon crying right now, so I am sure that Logan did something to him!

I am so ready for a nap, but now both boys are awake and Tommy is napping on the couch.

01-22-2009, 05:47 PM
Another quick HI,'s not funny...just I meant to get here sooner and didn't realize the time..can't miss my Jeopardy, lol. Sorry ladies, I love ya but my Jeopardy comes first...kidding of course, I think. I'll be back a little later. J still hasn't brought Cambrie over but did just get off the phone and they are waiting for Chase to get home then going to get some meds for her finger and then will be over. Anywho...I'll be back later this evening, after dinner. Hugs :hug:

01-22-2009, 11:34 PM
Hey Ladies!!!!! I am really excited about my biggest looser challenge. You have to put in your weightloss by may 5th at the latest. I have not budged on the scales. I think that i am not drinking enough and I am not eating enough fiber. I am gonna try to up my water and fiber and then see how that goes. Well I just have time for a quick one. Sorry ladies. I have to go.

01-22-2009, 11:52 PM
Susan..your meatballs look delicious, lol, and sound good too! Gaby will love much fun watching the kids play. Weird that the kids get to play for 30 minutes before do they know if someone goes missing? Of course I would think of that...paranoid momma I am.

Katy...I wish I could not could for a week! It would be great for me! Glad the hubby is back home and enjoyed his trip! Sorry to hear about DH's grandma, hugs to the family :hug: :hug: Good job on getting those holiday pounds off! :carrot:

Asia...I didn't realize the challenge was until May. For some reason I was thinking till this show/season is over.

Mindee...ENT...for the life of me I couldn't remember what it was/where Brandon was going. Hoping it's not anything. glad to see you back!!! :hug: Glad you are home and feeling better...a shower always works wonders doesn't it? Get well soon missy :hug:

Jules...hoping today was a good day for ya.

Hi to everyone else :wave: Hoping all is well with you all.

I am pooped. Too much running around tires me out...more than exercising or walking. Cambrie is here and out like a log thank goodness. Think they filled her up on caffeine before they brought here, lol...she was bouncing off the walls!!!

Did get my 5 miles in today, a little over that..that is probably another reason I feel pooped! At least I will sleep good tonight.

No plans for tomorrow other than getting the little girl off to preschool and some exercise done.

Take care ladies, nighty, night!

01-23-2009, 01:00 AM
had to stop by to see how every one is doing.....

I am tired, but I think that has to do with the medicine I took to get rid of this cold! Brandon is doing well with his medicine, Marissa's cough has gotten a little better then it was....but I gave her a breathing treatment about an hour ago.

I am going to check the rest of my email and then off to bed.

01-23-2009, 01:59 AM
Just stopping by to say that today is our 6 year anniversary!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad Fonzo is all sicky right now, lol.

01-23-2009, 08:36 AM

Just stopping in to say that I am sooooo Happy! :cp:

All this time I had thought I was like 35 pounds HEAVIER than I actually was! :fr:

Our scale came yesterday and I have been totally dreading getting weighed, but I did this morning and I was totally shocked! Not only that but after being weighed and figuring out that I was not as fat as I thought, I about ran into the bedroom to try on the jeans that I put up because I had not been able to fit into them. So I put them on and guess what? THEY FIT! :woohoo:

OMG it feels SOOOOOO good! :D I know I still have a LONG way to go yet, but this just made me feel so much better! Like hey, I can do this! :cp:

So I just wanna say Thank You to each and every one of you for listening to me whine and moan and groan and still stick with me! You ALL are totally AWESOME people!

I uploaded the pictures of me in my JEANS on my myspace page, please ignore my hair as I just got up about an hour ago! lol. I was just too dang excited to wait until I got to fix my hair and all! lol. I will have DH take another picture once I look better! LOL. Oh and I also uploaded the pictures of the house we are going to most likely rent, we make it "official" next week.

Anyways, I just had to share! :D

P.S. -- I FINALLY made an appt. with my gyn!!!! It is Feb. 25th!!! ;)

BIG :hug:

01-23-2009, 09:45 AM
Francie...a very Happy Anniversary to you and Fonzo. Here's to many more years of happiness. :cheers: Hope Fonzo feels better! :hug:

01-23-2009, 09:49 AM
Okay, now I will try my mini-post again...stupid computer thru me off for some reason-not like I had anything to say anyway, lol.

Mindee...hope you feel better, it's no fun being sick! :hug:

Sassy...yay to the scale and jeans. :yay:

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Nothing special going on today. Sitting here waiting for the little rat girl to wake up. Thinking I will go do a short walk while I wait. I was up early but still trying to wake up. I'll be back later to chat.

Have a good day!

01-23-2009, 11:44 AM
just wanted to stop by and wish Francie and Fonzo a happy anniversary!!!!

we are about to head back to the pediatrician's office for the second time this week. Brandon woke up at 6am this morning crying and nothing was helping him at all. I asked him if his throat hurt, he told me no. I asked him if his ears hurt, he told me yeah and then pointed to his right ear. So, I told him that that would mean that he would have to miss school. He wasn't happy about it at first, but then agreed to it. So, I called the bus and school and told them that he won't be coming in today.

Logan also woke up this morning with a cough and so he is being seen as well. I just went ahead and made the appointment for all three kids, so they can all get checked out again to be on the safe side.

I will come back later and fill you all in on what they have......I am feeling better BUT I will need to get some more OJ and some soup.

01-23-2009, 02:37 PM
Mindee- Sorry Brandon isn't feeling any better.

Cristina-Nice try.......we know you like Jeopardy. :D It is a fenced playground and there are 3 ladies out there watching the kids...and I am the only *strange* adult that is around, so I think it is pretty safe (ok that is probably up for debate :0 ) and the kids are 1st,2nd,3rd....too young (we hope) to just take off and skip school. Besides they are all too busy playing kickball.....o, now you have me worried.haha
I think they start at 7:45am kids have a chance to eat breakfast, buses get there at 8am.
You're lucky to have Cambrie, she sounds like a doll.

Francie - Happy Anniversay to you and Fonzo!

Sassy - yay, to the jeans fitting! Did you get the house?? I saw the pic's, it looks real nice.

Jules & Kathy - Hope you ladies are doing ok, miss hearing from you.

:wave: hello to everyone else.

better get to work.

01-23-2009, 03:06 PM
Hello Everyone

Well it is Friday already. I have not really accomplished much this week. Yesterday I had to take DD to the orthodontist to get her braces tightened. The appointment was at 8:00, and we have to travel 90 minutes to get there. An early start to our day. How come the weather and the highways always suck when a person has to travel? Today we are having car issues, so Cole is at home with me today. The 2 DS, and DS#1 girlfriend are all going to my BIL's place 2 hours away tomorrow. They will spend the weekend, and going to go and see Stomp. It will be fun for them. Hubby and I are going to try and get Cole's room painted, and changed around.

Francie - I wish you a very Happy Anniversary to you and Fonzo. I hope that Fonzo feels better soon. Do you guys have any special plans to do anything? :balloons: :gift: :balloons:

Mindee - Good luck at the doctors. It is amazing how once kids start school, they are always bringing something home.

Sassy - When you said that you wanted it gone now, you were not kidding. :D Wow what a great surprise that would be. Way to go on the jeans fitting. You will have to post the picture on facebook also, as I do not have myspace. That is great about the house that you will be renting. You are having a great month. Exciting about your appointment on the 25th. :carrot:

Cristina - How did Cambrie get an infection in her finger? Sounds like she gets very excited when she gets to come to your place. Did DS have a great trip? Did the two of you have a nice lunch? So, are you able to answer most of the questions as you are watching jeopardy? :) I think The Simpsons are on at the same time, and my DH couldn't possibly miss that show. BTW, I was so totally PO'd at the biggest loser on Tuesday, that I said I wasn't going to watch it anymore. Although, we know that isn't true, and I will be glued to the TV next Tuesday.

Tammy :hug: I hope that you are getting some rest, and starting to feel better. Has your hubby been helping you out with the cooking and the cleaning? Are you still tripping over the dogs, as they missed you so much?

SuzyQ - Mm the meatballs look wonderful. You don't cook? I don't want to cook either. Oh yeah, I was going to tell you that both my DS get a rash when they go swimming. Especially if they go into the hot tub at the pool. I think that it is because our pool uses Salt instead of Chlorine, and I wonder if salt kills the bacteria as well.

Katy - Glad that hubby made it back ok, and had a great time. So sorry to hear about DH Grandma. :hug: Does she live close to you guys? Hope you got some great produce in your delivery. I am glad that my family really likes salads. Makes it a little easier. Now try and order pizza around here? Thats a nightmare. Noone agrees on anything. :dizzy:

Sue - :hug: how is everything going at your house? How is your mom feeling? I hope that she is much better, and that you have gotten a little rest.

Jules - :hug: to you to. Hope that you are having a better day. Teri must be excited that you are going to get her a place of her own, and right next to you also. How far away does your DS live?

Asia - So how has your water and fiber consumption today? I do find it hard to up my fiber consumption. Hope your day was good.

Well my MIL just called to say that she is booking us all on a trip to California and Disneyland for March/Easter break. Looking foreward to that, although it will make me more determined to get to that 5k in 30 minutes. I have gotten to 39 minutes and 50 seconds. I am trying to remind myself that really, as an overweight person, I am doing well, and I just have to keep pushing myself. Well, I must run and go and make some lunch for me and the kid.

01-23-2009, 03:12 PM
SuzyQ - at Cole's school, the kids play outside before they go in also, gives them a chance to wear off some energy. But if any kids are not there when they take attendance right after they get into their class, the school gets ahold of the parents right away and you have to account for your child. If they are sick and at home, you better hope that you have actually called the school to let them know because then you are in crap, as you have wasted their time by not letting them know. (Understandable of course, and I make sure I call before school is in.) Don't want to get called into the principles office. :lol:

01-23-2009, 04:51 PM
I sneaked out of the house today and went to Michaels to buy some stuff for the wedding with my 40% coupon and they had a dollar sale going on. Needless to say, after spending $75 and hauling it back in the house and hiding it in dd rooms (so dh doesn't know I went out), I'm exhausted. It's beautiful outside and I've been closeted in for over a week now. The fresh air did me good. Got on the scale this morning and down 4 lbs. Not bad considering all the steriods I'm on. Slowly feeling better. Dh will be glad when I get back to work. I'm spending way too much $$$$ on line.

Cristina--Thank you so much for the card. It was beautiful and so thoughtful of you.

I think I'll crash for awhile and watch Ellen and Oprah. See ya!!

01-24-2009, 12:26 AM
Hello ladies...

I will have to do individuals tomorrow...I had a post earlier and hit submit and lost it. The computer kicked me off and I/we have been without a home phone & computer since then, about 1'ish. For some reason the phone went dead...never thought about checking the phone, lol. It's not dial up but we do need the phone, duh! V called in to AT&T and put in a work order...told us it would be fixed by 3 p.m. Sunday, lol....WHAT?! Anyway...thought I would come back and see if it posted my post before I lost the connection and it didn't...but I was still logged on, lol. Anyway...until tomorrow. Nighty, night

01-24-2009, 11:40 AM
Hola all! :coffee:

Well the house is officially ours. :D The landlord emailed us asking what day and time to meet to take another look over it and that he wants to "accommodate" us to get us into the house after meeting us last week or so ago. ;) So we emailed him back and asked if Wed. (1/28) morning was ok. He closes Tuesday (27).

So looks like we be movin'!!! :woohoo: We went out yesterday and looked at IKEA for ideas on what to do for our new place cuz we are going to be purging A LOT of stuff! :D

Thanks to all for the congrats on the weight loss. I never thought I'd be able to say that! That is for sure! So now I just have to keep on truckin'!!! ;) It was just soo exciting to me to get on that scale and see that # and then try on those jeans and they fit and infact are a bit loose! :carrot:

I think I finally have DH on board too. After he saw his # he wasn't as happy as I was. I felt bad for him, because I have been there SO many times, but I told him, we CAN do this together! ;)

Well I'm sorry I haven't been doing indies lately, but just been busy! We were supposed to meet my BF and her signicant other tonight before DH goes to work then I was going to go back with them and watch their baby while they went out together, alone. But guess DH's schedule doesn't work out. So maybe next week. :shrug:

So anyways, BIG :hug:

01-24-2009, 11:44 AM
Got caught!!! The minute dh got in my car last night, he noticed that the visor was down and the radio was changed. ;) Damn...can't get away with anything. We did go out for chinese last night and then the grocery store. I was totally whipped by then. Taking it easy today. Hopefully going out to dinner with dh's golfing buddies tonight. I just hope that I don't embarrass myself with a coughing fit. Made some pumpkin bread after a breakfast of oatmeal. Down another lb this morning :carrot:. Still working on wedding stuff. Looking for a calligrapher for the invitations. OMG....stuff really adds up. I'm hoping to get back to normal and start some exercising next week and dust off the elliptical. Still too short of breath. Don't know when I'll get back to work. The steriods will have me immunosuppressed and in my Doc's exact words..."I work in a cesspool". Can't work with kids without the germs. Heading up to wash my hair and put a face on. :D

Hugs to all :hug:

01-24-2009, 02:10 PM
Good Morning -

Kathy - Have fun painting this weekend, what color? 90 minutes is a long trip for the dentist! That is about the same as my trip into Portland, if I drive slow it is 2 hours. I don't cook w/ just Gaby and myself, it is kind of hard. I did the meatballs and will have a mb salad today. lol G ate the mb's and liked them ok

Sassy - Good for you on getting the house!

Better get back to work , hello to everyone!

Ate some fruit and yogurt for breakfast and just had a bowl of oatmeal....anyway, looking towards Monday and a day off!

01-24-2009, 02:22 PM
well, I thought I had posted yesterday, but apparently I just came to see what was new with every one and then thought I would come back later on.

I ended up getting some hair dye while we were at Walmart yesterday, filling yet again two more prescriptions! Brandon ended up with an ear infection, so he got amoxicilian and the doctor also gave us a script for motrin to have on hand for any fevers that might pop up. so now our counter looks almost like a pharmacy between Tommy's prescriptions and the kids!

I got some hair dye like I mentioned, the only color that they had left in the two pack for $3.96...and that color was strawberry blond! I dyed my hair before I went to bed last night and I like this color! I haven't taken any pictures of it yet because I got up feeling like crap! so I have been taking it easy, and drinking some OJ, I am now eating some chicken noodle soup.

Marissa and Logan are both laying down. Marissa is sleeping, Logan probably isn't but what can you do? Brandon and Tommy went and did some errand running for Tommy's lodge. I am about to finish my soup and go climb on the couch to lay down. I am already feeling better now, and all I have been doing is sucking down OJ like it is water!

01-24-2009, 02:42 PM

Susan...was gonna ask when you are off but ya already answered that. Hope work goes well this weekend-don't work too hard missy. :hug: idea how C gets the things she gets, but she seems to always have something wrong, falls a lot too. Looks like the fingernail is going to fall off. DS had a wonderful trip and our lunch was nice, and yummy too! WTG to you missy on the will be there before ya know it! Pretty damn close already! :carrot: :carrot: And woohoo to the trip to CA, that sounds like loads of fun!, sorry ya got caught, lol. Glad you are feeling good enough to go out and about. Isn't wedding planning so much fun, lol? Glad it's you and not me!

Mindee...would love to see a pic of the new color, that is different for you isn't it? Bet it looks good!

Nothing going on today. Didn't go to a game because no one told me there was one so...I know I will hear about it later. But damn it I am not calling them. If they want me to be at a function they need to let me know...I am not a freakin mind reader. I did get to sleep in, yay, lol. It's been a long week and I feel drained so I needed it. Anyway...just going to exercise lightly if I can...did something to my knee yesterday so being careful with it. And I am hoping to finish that stupid book I've been reading for months now...just can't get into it. But I started it and it is the last in the series so I gotta finish it. Then moving on to something different.

Have a good weekend!

01-24-2009, 05:19 PM
You guys have been busy posters. I am finally feeling better sick wise--but still worried on and off about mom--after she goes to the specialist on Thursday I will be better. Lots of other little bothersome things going on to increase my stress.

01-24-2009, 06:19 PM
Hiya again...

Jules...hugs to you missy. Glad you are feeling better and hope the stress lessens for you soon. :hug:

Susan...thank you for the card missy!

Okay, guess I'll get back to doing nothing, lol.

Have a great weekend all!

01-24-2009, 10:47 PM
I planned on doing indies tonight, but feel like doo-doo, so I will try to get back tomorrow. I have chest congestion and sore throat. I just drank a cup of hot tea and I am going to bed. *fingers crossed* that this is a quick thing...I have been so worried about getting Mom's virus, now this. Grrrrr.
On a good note, Mom is feeling very well.

01-25-2009, 04:27 AM
Morning All. :coffee:

Wow last week of January!!! Where does the time go??!!

We went out Friday all day and it was such a beautiful day!!!! :sunny: We shopped at a few stores and then we went to IKEA. Got some good ideas on things for the house and also got a good workout as the place is HUGE! :running:

After that we went home so DH could change his shoes as he wore his cowboy boots and his feet were hurting by then. Then we went and saw Underworld 3. I didn't care for it as much as I did the 1st two. But it was a nice time.

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful week!! Its back to work for me tonight, yippee. At least this week is my short week. :carrot: And I may not be around here a while because on my nights off I will have to begin packing, since we will be moving!!! We're meeting with the landlords wife Wed. morning to go through the house again and make it official and all!! :woohoo: (


01-25-2009, 10:47 AM
Good morning...

Sue...glad your mom is feeling better, but sorry to hear you are feeling ill. Feel better soon :hug:

Just wanted to check in and say HI...nothing really going on. We are supposed to get some icky weather later I guess...freezing drizzle.

Didn't get any exercise done yesterday but I will do a long slow walk on the treadmill later. My knee is being stupid so gotta take it easy. I don't want to be out of commission totally.

Hiya Susan, Jules, Tammy, Kathy, Katy and everyone else:wave:

Have a good Sunday!

01-25-2009, 02:18 PM
Good Morning -

Cristina - You're welcome for the card, I thought it was kind of cute. I use to be so good at sending cards but not as much anymore. You are always thoughtful in that area!
Think Cambrie is just an active little girl! Hope her finger infection is getting better.
Gab's father went and picked up a refill on her cream from the skin condition and didn't even bother to give her new insurance information. He said "I just figured it was already paid for on her old insurance" beet juice! He is going to get me in trouble!! lol
You know that medication cost close to $200?? geesh.....
Sorry you missed the game!
Take care fo your knee :hug:

Sue - Hope you feel better!

Sassy - Exciting about the move! Take it easy.

Jules- :hug: come back and chat! Thinking of your mother, hope all is ok....

Mindee- Glad you are feeling better. How did the hair turn out?

hmmmm, better get back to work. I have Gabster home tomorrow for an in service so I told her to think of something fun to do. Thinking Doggie Motel (??) or Bedtime Stories..maybe swimming.........anything but housecleaning...argh.

Miss my R's....

k- chat more later!

01-25-2009, 05:43 PM
Kathy - I want your MIL! sheesh, I don't really care for Disneyland all that mush but would love to take the girls there at least once while they are young. I bet you all will have a blast! I remember The Cups and singing "it's a small world" over and over again when I was 6. lol

Ate the turkey meatball salad yesterday. Even for being turkey I could tell there was some grease in the meat, back to chicken today, which I think I will stick with from now on.

Tomorrow is WI! argh...we'll see how that goes.

anyway.....Francie, you ever going to post again?? You and Fonzo still celebrating the 6 year anniversary???:o:D:carrot::o:D:carrot: oh,,,finished Conversations, I liked it, the book made me laugh. I think Palmer is a good author!

k- back to work. :D

01-25-2009, 05:56 PM
me again.....

I was grounded to the couch after I got off of here last night......Tommy grounded me to the couch and told me that I wasn't allowed to get up off of there. I feel better today, but not 100% but I will get there eventually.

Cristina~ Yup, that is a different color for me. Usually I get the #52 dye, but they only had the #72 so I was debating if I wanted to get it or not, but for that price I couldn't pass it up. I will try and get a picture later on tonight or tomorrow.

Jules~ I hope things start to go on a better path for you and your family!

Sue~ I hope you feel better soon!

Sassy~ I must have missed the official post where you said that you guys got the house, so Congrats to you on that one!!!!!

SuzieQ~ The kids want to see the movie "Hotel for Dogs" as well. If you go see it, let me know how it is! Tommy wants to see "Bedtime Stories" so if you see that one, let me know how that one is as well.

Brandon will be going back to school tomorrow.....he was home last Thursday and he has had plenty of time to rest and relax.

01-25-2009, 07:37 PM
Hey ladies. Sorry I havnt been on I have had some "potty problems" I think they might be getting better soon. Diet and my workouts are doing good. I just havnt been feeling that great. Anyways I have to go!! Sorry just a quick drop in

01-26-2009, 12:21 PM

Susan...I too used to be good at the card sending, not so much anymore. I can't keep track of everything now...too many BD's, etc. Did you and the Gabster make it to the movies? I've not been in such a long time. I was just thinking about Gaby's skin thing, wondering if it is something similar to what Cambrie has...something to do with the pigment, blah, blah...can't remember it. Funny thing is it started after she was over here over the summer in the pool. Don't know if it is just a coincidence or not...but I think it is just something in her system. She got rid of it but had white sploches on it's back. She has to have lotion/oinment too. But yes, she is a very active child. Is today your day off? Hope you have a great day.

Mindee...I'll have to check your pix.

Asia...feel better.

Nothing going on's cold...I was up early, and I am grouchy...that's about it, lol.

Happy Monday!

01-26-2009, 02:53 PM
well, I am feeling better, but I am still not 100%! I am hoping to be better by Thursday or I will not be going to the hockey game with my hubby for his birthday. although, I am leaning more towards going anyways since it will be a night out away!

I am going to take some pictures of the new hair color here in a little bit. I haven't been up to it the past couple of days, so I will get to that here in a little bit, I promise! (so look out!)

Asia~ I hope you feel better soon!

01-26-2009, 06:19 PM
Monday, Monday.....

I just remembered Bachelor is on tonight! hee haw. :carrot:

Asia - Feel better, come back and chat at us when you can.

Mindee- Would like to see the new hair color! I think I am finally over the paprika shade that was put in 2 years ago, took forever, huh? lol Now Rach wants blue in her hair after the purple job she did. Hope you are feeling better today!

Cristina - I still laugh at the address book you sent me years ago. I can't get my act together enough to actually write addresses down and the book is somewhere in my mess. Thanks for believing in me though. lol
You still do a wonderful job at remembering all of us w/ cards, it is appreciated :hug:
Gaby has scars where the spots were, little white areas now. I put the medicine on her in the mornings. I hope it isn't the pool, she loves to swim.

It is my day off and we didn't make the movie, the earliest showing is 3:15 and swimming is at 4:30 so figured I couldn't do both.....even though I fancy myself at times as wonder woman. *snicker*......Gab and I woke up late and went to Starbucks. Bought a dvd player because mine broke after I rented Igor, Enchanted and the new Beethoven we will watch those tonight after swimming. Not all of them...just 1 probably because G HAS to be to bed by 8pm!!!
We headed to the animal shelter after Starbucks but they were closed, just wanted to look at the dogs and kitties. Went to the park and the and hand store....picked up a few $1 shirts to wear under my scrub top.

Weigh was good, at 139.6! I feel anal counting in ounces but seems to be slow going. lol Anyway, ok with that and figure one of these weeks I will actually be at goal.

I guess that is it, going to fix an early dinner and read for a bit before swimming.

:wave: to everyone!

01-26-2009, 08:02 PM
Hello All!!

Went to the doc today. Wants me off work another week. I have to go into disability pay now at only 60% of my salary :mad:. But, hey, it's something at least. Feeling better, little more energy but still very congested and wheezy. While off, I think I'll try to get into some things around that house that I've been putting off, closet, some junk drawers...gawd, if anyone every opened my vanity in my bathroom, they would be clobbered by a ton of stuff falling out.:o

Tomorrow is supposed to be a snowy, icy, crappy day. Hey's your snow. Where's Francie anyway???

Asia, Sue & Mindee-hope you all feel better soon.

Sassy-Good luck on the moving and congratulations!!

Susan--OMG 139!!!! You go girl!!:carrot:

Hugs to everyone else, :hug: Cristina, Jules, Kathy, Katy.... I've had a long day, pretty pooped right now. Heading for a hot shower and then settle down to watch 24 tonight. Have a wonderful evening ladies!!

01-26-2009, 09:39 PM
Just stopping by to say hi!! Hope all is well!!

01-26-2009, 10:13 PM
popping back in.....

I uploaded the pictures on facebook/myspace of my new color, and I changed my avatar to show it. I am not sure how well you will be able to see it on the avatar, but I put it on there!

SuzieQ~ Great job on hitting 139!!!!!

Tammy~ I hope you start to feel better soon!

I am off to get some things together in regards to some houses that we are interested in. this should be fun, wish me luck!

01-27-2009, 09:43 AM
Its Snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-27-2009, 12:53 PM
*picture deleted*

ok, this picture is way too big but I was just sharing it because I feel I am close to being done w/ trying to lose weight(and some of you ladies might not have myspace). Pic was taken at 145 in late Nov.

I hate the glasses and the constipated look. lol I am joking, I am my own worse enemy. *sigh

anyway, I have to get ready for work, we'll try and be back in a bit for indy's.

I did watch the Bachelor!! Thank goodness Lauren went home, she was annoyiong. Can't believe she was a teacher.

01-27-2009, 01:30 PM
Great picture, Susan! You look fabulous dahling :D I'm so proud of you for getting to your goal..I'm still plugging away, but I know I will get there someday.
I agree with you on the Bachelor...Lauren was way too pushy. If you're going to boss a guy around, do it right for Pete's least put your hand on his crotch :o (jk) Stephanie grossed me out big time... blow your nose, pick it, then go in for a kiss? eww. Then she said she was going to go home and french kiss her puppy... she's probably never going to kiss another man again for the rest of her life. Right now I like Melissa, Jillian and Stephanie.

Mindee - your new hair color looks very pretty. Good luck with the house hunting.

Francie - so glad you finally got snow...and that you didn't get it last week. whew. Hubby was cold enough in D.C. as it was. You still celebrating that anniversary ;) good :D

Tammy - sorry you have to go on medical, but as you say, it's better than nothing. I'm glad you are feeling better, you've had a rough time. I'm a 24 fan, too, only I watch it on Hulu on Tues or Wed. I can't watch Bachelor online because ABC's player is really bad. I was disappointed in the last few seasons, but this season is perking up and I'm enjoying more than I have in a long while.

Cristina- did your day improve? I hope so...I was dragging a bit yesterday as well, but am feeling better today.

Sassy - Congrats on the house! Houses may be more work, but they are so worth it (imho)

Hi to Jules, Asia, Sue, and Kathy and anyone else reading this.

I blogged a "25 things about me" meme on my blog ('s political reference on it, so I won't cut and paste it here, but if you feel up to it, head on over and read it and let me know what you think in the comments. If you are on Facebook its over there, too, on my profile. In fact, it seems to be ALL OVER Facebook. I now know more than I ever wanted to about some of my friends, lol!

I weighed in this morning at 173...seems to be bouncing around and I don't know why carbs and cals have been really good. I'm just going to really watch it...trying to stick to the first phase of South Beach to try to get the sugar cravings out of my system. Basically it means no fruit or bread for two weeks. It's not so bad as long as I keep LOTS of veggies around.

Just got back from pilates, and yep, it's snowing again. This is Oregon, people, not Minnesota for crying out loud! I rather like the snow, but people here do not know how to drive in it at all. Their brains just switch off or something. However, the family all got off to their respective schools safely, and I am home with no errands to run, so I am not going to complain.

Have great day everyone!

01-27-2009, 02:17 PM
doing my daily pop in....Tommy has lodge tonight, so it will be me and the kids for dinner. not sure what we are going to have, but I am sure that I will figure out something!

Francie~ That is so exciting that it is finally snowing for you!!!!

SuzieQ~ You look great!!! I love taken outdoor pictures, I think they turn out a lot better then indoor ones.

Katy~ I will head over and read your blog here in a second. thanks for the nice comments on the color and the good luck on the house hunting. I have some more research to do tonight after the kids go to bed.

01-27-2009, 02:27 PM
Katy - I think you meant to say Shannon w/ the nose blowing and the dog kissing?
I like Stephanie too but seeing her and Jason kiss was grossing me out for some reason. It is like he was kissing his mother. I felt the same way with Deanna and Jesse kissing. I think the show just doesn't show enough of Stephanie and her fun side. She is all class though!
I liked Megan, sorry to see her go.
Melissa seems nice too but her talk of maybe falling in love w/ Jason(already!) is a little wacky. lol

It was a fun show to watch and Gab was asleep at 7:42pm! Close

I didn't notice the dusting of snow til Gab and I got to Astoria. I noticed the gravel on the road and was wondering what THAT was for when Gab started singing "it's snowing,it's snowing"...and I looked up the hills of Astoria and sure enough, it had snowed! lol Argh, tired of it all.

anyway, I will try and get over to read the blog!! also was going to say it has taken me 2 years to lose the 67 pounds, it wasn't the fastest record but you're right......just keep plugging along and it will come off.....*rah,*rah... It's a good day to just stay inside, hope you do something relaxing!!

Tammy - sorry about the 60% pay from disability, good news though it will only be for a week. Hope you are able to get back to work after that time. Did you get some rest last night? Hope so.

Mindee- argh. I can't tell the color in the picture, sorry. I'll have to take time and look at the other pictures on myspace.Good luck on searching for houses.

Francie - Enjoy the snow!

:wave: to everyone!

I work today and have tomorrow off, thank goodness. I am already getting burned out. lmbo.
Actually I think it is going into Portland every other weekend that is burning me out. It would be nice to just stay home one weekend and rest. *wah.....sheesh, I sound like an old person!!!

I finished See Me Naked and picked up The Reader, so will start that tonight. Salad is made and off to work I go. :carrot::carrot:

01-27-2009, 02:30 PM
Mindee- awww, you snuck in! Let me know what is for dinner! I think I will just make Gab a grill cheese w/ tomato soup.
Ya, I like outdoor pictures too!

01-27-2009, 03:41 PM

24 was really good! Just watched it on hulu, then thought I'd pop back in for a bit

Susan- you're right, I meant Shannon. The Reader is a very good book..but I think I've already mentioned that here.


01-27-2009, 04:49 PM
Wow Susan, you look so skinny :carrot::carrot:. How tall are you. I was exactly your same weight this morning but I'm a shorty at barely 5'1 1/4". So, of course, I still look a little chubby. You look beautiful!!

Yup Francie, we got our snow. But I'm bummed. Lauren (dd) and I were supposed to go over to Easton (across the Bay) to a bridal show this evening and it's been canceled. Even though the weather on the eastern shore was supposed to have been milder, they are calling for ice tonight. Would have made the trip back tonight a little tough.

Mindeee--I like your hair a little lighter. It brightens up your face. Good luck on the house hunting.

Hugs to everyone else :hug:. Since I'm staying home tonight, just heating up some leftover chili for dinner, staying warm and watching Biggest Loser tonight. Finally feeling much much better!! :D

01-27-2009, 06:40 PM
Honest to goodness I HATE neighbors!!! The kids are watching Cars and since the movie is a little bit loud in some parts, Tommy's subwoofer kicks in. I have the loudness on it because at 54 (the volume level....which ISN'T loud at all) it isn't loud enough for them. In fact, as I type this, they are sitting close to the tv just so that they can hear it! Well, the dipstick next door keeps banging on the wall when it gets to the loud parts! (I have turned off the loudness for now, BUT since it isn't 10pm (which is the rule) I am thinking about turning it back on again!)

As for dinner, I made a homemade cheese pizza for the kids, and I made myself one with cheese, pepperoni and mushrooms! YUMMY!!!! I was going to make it for Tommy's birthday tomorrow, but he complained that he was going to have pizza tomorrow, then on Thursday and then again on Saturday. So, he is on his own for dinner tomorrow!

SuzieQ~ a grilled cheese actually sounds good! I might have one for lunch tomorrow! thanks for the good luck! When we do get out of here, it won't be fast enough for sure! I am trying to drag it out until after Brandon gets his testing done to see about his placement for next year. Although I hate to take him out of school before the end of the year!

Tammy~ Thanks for the nice comments about my hair! I wasn't really sure about the switch in color, but I knew that it was time for a change! thanks for the good luck on the house hunting!

gotta run.....dinner is done!

01-27-2009, 09:25 PM
I have been reading but not posting. I lost a big one--my computer is acting weird again.

Congrats on 139 SusieQ!!! I love the hair color Mindee--I think mine has been that shade before. Tammy--sorry you haven't been feeling well--I am finally feeling better physically except for a headache most every day. Katy--your blog is neat--I LOVE the socks!! Francie--it's finally SNOWING!!! Cristina--thanks for the card--you are the best of us for that--I'd like to be better, Sue-I think I saw that your Mom was better and you were worse--hope you are ok, Kathy--where are you--are you snowed in in Canada?? Do we have to come with shovels??Asia--hey there girly!! Sassy--how's the house hunting going? I hope I didn't miss anyone...

work has been sucky lately..but at least I have a job--Teri's boss fired her for a lame reason (I think it was retaliation for going to transfer), she's going to move in with the new boyfriend she's known for a while--since she and Ry have to move--Ry is moving back to Martinsburg-about 10 minutes away from us--he has started looking for a job here--Teri is back working as a waitress in a nightclub--she hates it. Mom goes to the specialist on Thursday and is getting a biopsy Feb 4--the knot is getting bigger and blotchy and starting to hurt more.

well..I am going to hang out with hubby and Dominic!!

01-28-2009, 12:42 AM
Hi everyone,

Our internet has been out for 4 days now. I was able to get on for 2 minutes yesterday, so I thought the problem was fixed. I am not going to do a big post, because I do not know if this will work. Miss you all, hope this works.

01-28-2009, 09:32 AM
it worked :) good to see you here Kathy. I hope it is fixed for you now...I'm such and internet junkie, I would definitely panic a little if it went out...and head up to the library for my "hour"

Mindee - oh what a drag...sending you some more "happy house hunting" vibes...

:bighugs: to everyone else ..I am up early busy day! I think I'll skip the water aerobics and try to get a walk in and/or Wii fit. Scale was back down to 171 this morning, so I feel more in control now. I tend to fluctuate anyway, so you'd think I'd be used to it, but it still stresses me out a little. Onward!

I volunteered to round up volunteers for my son's school's multicultural celebration- ahhh what was I thinking? Well, I will be busy, but it will be a good way to get to know other parents at his school. Seems like its harder to do that when the kids get older. So today, I need to send out lots of emails...Leigh also has tap class and it's my knit night. Whew! Hope everyone has a great day!

01-28-2009, 11:29 AM
Good morning..I have tried to read, but might be behind. I am still a sickie, and everytime one thing gets well another hits. Don't know how long this is going to go on, but I feel so lousy. I spent two days mostly in bed but hope to get up and around more today. Need some strength.
Happy hump day ladies!

01-28-2009, 02:21 PM
Happy Wednesday!!

Good Morning , so we all made it this far in the week?? Yay to us!

Cristina - where are you though?? Always look for a post from you!:)

Tammy- I am 5'4, thank goodness for some height. haha. I know I am sounding like an old record but I think I am really 130 (*eyes roll*) w/ all my extra flab in my mid section and other misc areas. Anyway, I like to think that anyway. lol. Thanks for the comment! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Sue - Now you feel better too! :hug::hug:

Kathy - It worked, now you have to come back and chat more! :D

Jules- I think any job these days is a good thing! I won't complain too much either because there are some things about it that I don't like...but it pays the bills and I will get my medical soon, so that is worth some peace of mind.
Ry isn't coming back to the NW? I hope you enjoyed your evening w/ DH and Dominic!

Katy - Your son is in middle school now? You sound really neat w/ all your activities, I am jealous. Does L like tap?? I was thinking of that for Gab, anything to get her away from the tv and out moving her body. Yay for the 171! I am always behind you ladies in the reading You probably did talk about The Reader waaaaay back when,,,,,lol

Mindee- I wouldn't like the idea of changing schools either in the middle of the year either. Though the school district is thinking of adding the K grades and moving the 3rd graders to another school. If that is the case G would only have next year at her present school.......sooooooo, her father and I were thinking of putting her in a private school that the R's went to when we lived here back in the 90's. Anyway, it was just a thought, I don't think I would be ready to afford that til next Fall and I would have to be able to afford it on my own because he is always shifting around in his employment.
hmmm, I could eat pizza everyday if I could! :)

:wave: Hello to Francie, Sassy, and Asia!!

anyway, straightened out my garbage pick up days this morning!! Let someone else figure out world peace, you HAVE to have garbage picked up. Sooooo. My garbage is every other Thursday and my recycling is the Thursday that the garbage isn't picked up.....sooooo EVERY Thursday there is something picked up?!:dizzy::dizzy: Duh. I I have only been there 5 months and I still can't figure the dang schedule out. I know I have to pay 5.80 for a special pick up tomorrow cause we are full....and,ya....we have a lot of garbage.......mainly because I hate to seperate my garbage.

whatEVER... I think I will go window shop now down the coast and enjoy the sun for a bit. :cool:

wishing you all a good Wednesday!

01-28-2009, 03:43 PM
I am feeling better, but the kids still have their coughs. we are supposed to go to the Wings game tomorrow....but now that might not be happening because of money issues. I told him to take our friend and go to the game. but he told me "if I can't go with you, then I am not going to go at all" but he said that right after he told me that he was not wasting $160 tickets that we were given.

thanks for the nice comments and words of encouragement. I just got done eating some chicken fried rice from dinner on I am going to find something else to finish off my lunch.

01-28-2009, 04:26 PM
Mindee--hope you get to go to the game--you guys have been through alot lately--it will do you two good to go do something out.

Susieq-Ry is staying close to family, he says he wants to see if Obama can get the economy at least stabilized before he goes that far away again. He loved the PNW and does want to go back at some point.

Sue-hope you get to feeling better...

Katy--I moss being active with the kids school activities--I volunteered alot and even hubby went on class trips when the kids were in elementary school.

Kathy--my computer has been randomly kicking us bites...

well hi to everyone else...styaed home due to the ice--Teri went out to exchange a pair of shoes...she got two lefts...she says the back roads and parking lots aren't too good. SHe is going to stop by the bank and pay on some furniture and then come back here.

01-28-2009, 05:48 PM
Jules - Is it winter weather where you live?? I am so tired of the cold weather! Hope Teri is safe out on the roads driving. I was just curious about Ry, I am glad you liked the PNW, it really is pretty, especially when it is warmer. lol

Mindee- It would be great if you and Tommy could go use the tickets, $160 is a lot of money. :hug::hug: hope you are feeling better.

Katy - Read your interesting 25 list, now we need a 26,27,28! I enjoyed reading it, you have a very entertaining way of writing and interesting background.Cute how you and DH met :)

I need to go get my Gaby, day went by waaaaaaay too fast. Swimming again tonight, G is adorable in her flippers,,,,,course I am her mother. lol

k- chat at you tomorrow.

01-28-2009, 06:21 PM
SusieQ--Ry loved the scenery and the people. He is reaaly laid back and it was a good fit for him. He loved doing all the hiking and outdoor stuff. Francie and I finally got our snow, unfortunately it was followed by an ice storm.

01-28-2009, 10:48 PM
Hi everyone
Internet is still out. Had to phone the internet company today, and they are sending out someone out within the next 48 hours to fix it. (I am at my moms house right now). Well it is dart night, so I am off to get my butt kicked by my DS.

SusieQ what a beautiful picture. You look like you are 130lbs.

Mindee I like your hair. Color looks good. Hope you go to the hockey game.

Jules - I am sorry about the weather. I hate ice storms. We have warmed up to -1C or 32F and it is suppose to snow, which could mean freezing rain. Good luck to Teri if she moves in with her boyfriend.

Sue - Sending big get well vibes to you. I hope you get better soon.

Katy I can't wait to get my computer fixed so I can read your blog. WTG on 171. I can't wait to get there.

Cristina - Thank you and big hugs to you. I stuck it out on the treadmill for 75 minutes because of you. Thank you. 5 miles in 75 minutes.

Francie, Tammy and Asia a big hello to you. Tammy I am sending you get well vibes also.

Gotta run

01-28-2009, 11:36 PM
I am back!!

Well, we have a solution to the hockey game debacle. Our friend, that works here at the complex, is going to go with Tommy to the game. He is going through a lot right now, so they are going to do a guys night and go to the game. I am 100% okay with the decision because the kids are still sick, and our neighbor who was going to watch them doesn't need to be around the kids. Her dad was diagnosed with cancer recently so he is going through radiation, I think, so she doesn't need to be around them and then if she were to get sick and then be around her dad. Plus, I talked to her today and she said that her dad's doctor actually mentioned the same thing it all works out in the end!

Right now, him and a buddy of his went out to the bar for his birthday. He wasn't going to go but his buddy basically said it was his treat and so he went off to have some fun. This should be interesting because it will be the first time that he has had a drink since he got his gall bladder taken out!

So, I am putzing around online, watching the Duggars wedding, and listening to some music. (How is that for multi-tasking!)

01-29-2009, 07:01 AM
Hi All! :wave: (

Well we got snow!!! I think total maybe 5 inches? I'm not completely sure. We also got freezing rain so leaving work yesterday morning, when I came outside, DH (he picks me up @ work) was helping a bunch of my coworkers scrape their cars and push them out of their parking spots. So I called my BF had her come down with her keys so we could start on her car. (she gets off an hour after me) So she started her car and put some de-icer on her windows and went back upstairs while the rest of us worked on hers and other peoples cars. Even though our car was completely cleaned off because DH parks in a garage at his work, we didn't want to leave our friends hanging. I told one of my other friends, "You know you have a good friend when they help you scrape off your car and push you out in the dead of winter!!" :lol:

But I am sure it burned some calories too! :lifter:

Anyways. I did add my current weight and my goal weight (I'm doing my goal weight in stages so its not so overwhelming) I didn't feel right putting my starting weight because I am not exactly sure if that is what it was or not, I just guessed. (I thought I was 35 pounds heavier than I actually am) But I have lost weight because I couldn't get into a pair of jeans that I had and now I can and they aren't tight or anything. ;) So I just left the starting weight with ???.

I have been doing pretty well. Except for lastnight @ work they had pizza for us because of the bad weather. I only ate a couple slices and I did have 1 can of reg. mt. dew. I was SO sleepy because I only had 3 hrs of sleep yesterday. So my bf got me a mt. dew to perk me up. Well you wanna know what? That mt. dew didn't taste good at all! :p I know, shocking!!! I used to LOVE mt. dew! Now it doesn't taste so good! I have tried the diet and I do have some, its not too bad, but not my fav. for sure. I will stick with the Coke Zero and my coffee w/ Sweet N' Low! ;)

DH is trying too. Not as hard as I am, but got to give him credit for trying! I know it took me FOREVER to get with the program! We have to both start exercising more, but we are doing pretty well on the eating part. ;) DH bought a pedometer and he walks about 5 miles a day at work! :faint: I know that isn't the same as just walking a straight 5 miles, but thats not bad. Better than me sitting on my bum @ work. Which I want to start doing the 5 minute walk @ work on my lunch, that Sue was so kind to pm to me. (Thanks again Sue!!)

Anywho, we're going to meet with our new landlord's wife, as he will be working, this morning. We're going to do a final walk through of the house and make if "official". ;) I am SO excited ya'all! :carrot:

I was supposed to have began going through stuff but I just was not motivated enough lastnight. So I just was a bum. Figured I have until Sunday Night to get stuff done. ;)

Suzy Q -- Great Pic and :congrat: for being so close to your goal weight! I KNOW that will be me eventually!! :carrot:

Thank You all for your well wishes for the house!!! :D Also want to say if it wasn't for you all, I would have given up a long time ago on the weightloss and I'm glad that I have found this wonderful site with all of you wonderful and very supportive group of people! I know I still have a long way to go yet, but I just feel like I am finally moving in the right direction! So Thank You!!! :grouphug:

Also, if your out there reading this and think that you can't lose weight and be healthy, just remember, you have a whole bunch of wonderful, supportive people here to keep you going! :bravo: They have NEVER given up on me and I am so grateful! :D So "DON'T QUIT!!!!" :hug:

Anyways............thats about it for me!!!

Keep Warm (if its cold where you are) and Safe!


01-29-2009, 12:40 PM
Good Morning -

Sassy - Cute penguin pic! Still excited about the move for you and DH! I hated sitting at a desk, I like the constant moving around, I feel better, not so lardie. I am glad the mt.dew didn't taste good to you, soda is evil :devil: lol

Mindee- Glad the tickets didn't go to waste, sorry about your neighbors husband, that is sad. Do you remember back in Oct when I started working at the motel, the lady who was training me was sick? She had to leave for medical treatment for her cancer, anyway, she passed away this last Saturday, very sad, she was only 37.

ok, I know that is depressing somewhat, just made me realize how precious life is......or at least reminded me.

argh......I am not awake. lol

kathy - :bravo: to 5 miles!!! That is really inspiring, you and Cristina both. Hope you get that internet connection fixed soon!

Jules - I love, love the Seattle area, it is so pretty up there with all the water. Me and my water, huh?? lol Hope Ry makes it back here.......just thinking if he is here his mom will follow for a visit! :D

Cristina - hmmm, and where are you?? Just never the same when I can't read a post from you! :hug: to you and hope all is well.

I need to go get ready for work. Took Gabster early to school so she could play, made her happy........and a happy 6 year old makes for a happy mother. She swam great last night and I saw a flyer for the swim team you have to be at least 6 years old and be able to swim the length of the pool. I'll have to throw her in the deep end to see if she can do that. lol - jk.

Ate oatmeal and a banana for breakfast, need to pick up more yogurt. I went in yesterday to hand in my car insurance info to HR and they said you can join the cardio gym for a month free..... but you have to sign up this month to get that so I did((after that t is $25 a month)). I have my orientation on the equipment Monday morning before work! So, lets see if I actually do it. lol

k- :wave: to everyone! Chat more later.

01-29-2009, 01:54 PM
I have to vent.

The fertility place doesnt accept our insurance!!!! So we'd have to pay for everything ourselves, then wait until our insurance can reemburse us. Thats so not gonna happen. I should've just went to the stupid Army docs. At least I know they take my insurance. We gotta call our stupid insurance people today..and probably will cancel my appt next week. :cry: I think I'll have to get another referral for the Army docs.

Then on a totally different subject. My cousin let me know how she's so disappointed in me, just because I cant make it to my grandma's bday party in New Mexico. I mean, we cant afford it!!!!! That is just too much money for 2 plane tickets, and a hotel, plus a rental car. All that would've been like a thousand + dollars!!! We're still recovering from our cross country trip.
And Fonzo doesnt have enough leave time saved up. She made me feel like total sh*t!!!!!!!! Then to make matters worse, she said our other cousin would be flying back with them to Wisconsin. Now wtf..why doesnt anyone ever visit me!?!!? What is wrong w/them!??!?!? I want a new family. I want my mommy!!!!!!!! :cry:

01-29-2009, 04:45 PM
doing my daily pop in!!!

Tommy is excited for the game tonight....our friend is ready for the game. I just talked to him and his "wife" is harassing him and a whole bunch of he is in need of a night out. Things have been rough for him, and he is getting his balls back and taking back what is his basically.

I put some vick's on Brandon's feet last night and by golly it worked! So, when he got up this morning, he told me that he didn't need it on his feet. So, I put some on Logan and Marissa's feet because they have been coughing. And it is working on them as well!

Oh yeah, I finally remembered to weigh in this morning, and I am down to 227.4! two weeks ago, I was back to 230 and last week I was 229, so I am going in the right direction!

Sassy~ Great job on the helping your friends out! And great job on the pizza and mountain dew! I got some sour cream and onion pringles when we went shopping recently. I completely forgot about them until this past Tuesday. I was just eating some a little bit ago, and they were tasting so gross to me! I agree and second what you stated about this site and the lovely people on it!

SuzieQ~ I do remember you telling us about that girl at your work. I am so sorry to hear about her passing. great job on the signing up for the gym!!!!

Francie~ That really bites a big one that your doctor doesn't take your insurance! Can you look and see if there is another one locally that does accept your insurance? Your family sounds like mine! Mine is the same will get better!

01-29-2009, 05:18 PM
Hello All!!

Katy--I read your blog and OMG....what beautiful knitting. You are so talented. I spent quite a bit of time looking at each piece. I'm so wowed!! You need to go into business. I'll take one of each :D

Francie--I'm so sorry hun that you are down. I went through 9 yrs of fertility treatments before having my son. It's such a roller coaster of emotions. Make your appt with the military docs and see what they say. I know that it's got to be hard being away from your family. My sis traveled with her military dh for nearly 20 yrs and she could never understand why we all couldn't just drop everything and visit her. It did cause some arguements at times. Now, she lives in Charlotte and visits about 1-2 times a yr. Don't worry about that family of yours. I'll adopt ya sweetie. I hate not having anyone home now. I talk to my 22 yr daughter nearly everyday but it's not the same as having her here.

Sassy--You sound so upbeat!! :carrot: Congrats on your postivie attitude on your move and your diet.

Jules--Did you get much snow? We got tons of ice. It's finally thawing a little. My poor pups couldn't find a place to poo. We had to shovel a place in the grass.

Hugs to everyone else :hug: I've really had a busy day. Trying to get back to normal, energy wise. I still sound very hoarse. Gave both pups a bath, changed the sheets on my bed, ran to the bank and Hallmark store while my cleaning gal was here and now I'm totally pooped. Never realized how much energy you need just for daily activities when you've been laying around for weeks. Just gonna do a little more each day. Plan to go out to dinner with friends tomorrow. Shop a little over the weekend, get back into walking the dogs etc. Hopefully be back to work by Tues. :D Believe me, I'm not used to being this inactive. Watching Oprah and trying to listen to all this menopause/hormone stuff. Not having any of those problems yet but after listening to some of it.....I think I'll pass on that part of my life :D

01-29-2009, 09:49 PM
just thought I would stop back in to see how every one is doing.....

I am watching the Wings game, re-writing some letters that I wrote before Christmas so that we can get them out in the mail tomorrow because they have Brandon's school pictures from last year and from this past fall! OOPS!

Tammy~ It is good to hear from you! How are you feeling?

01-29-2009, 10:28 PM
Mom went to the specialist today and he thinks she has an infected cyst. It will be removed and biopsied on Wednesday morning.

Mindee--a guy at work said to put vicks on your feet but i didn't think it would work...who knew...too bad you couldn't go with Tommy but it sounds like you are being productive.

Tammy--Teri had pnemonia in elementary school and it took her forever to get her energy bck--she wanted to sleep all the time. Hope you get well soon. We stayed home due to the ice. Did you get the really strong winds at the end. The branches of our trees were really swaying and the ice was flying.

Francie--hugs tp you. Keep trying with the fertility docs,,,you will find one. Sorry about you family being meanies.

SusieQ--Ry says I would fall in love with the PNW and never go home. He says he'd stay if i was there. woo hoo on the gym!! I have been terrible with food this week.

Sassy--that was sweet of you and hubby to help everyone. I didn't think i would ever give up coke or switch to diet but i have. It was hard for me. woo hoo to you on the pants!!

Kathy==i am kinda worried about teri moving in with the new guy....she doesn't pick very good ones..or hasn't in the past.

Cristina--where's our exercise queen

Hi to Sue, Katy and Asia--gotta go put this sleeping boy to bed--this one handed typung is killing me....

01-30-2009, 10:29 AM
The new word for the day, actually for about a week now is duck. Hiding under the bed is the newest activity-- too fun.

01-30-2009, 11:23 AM
Good Morning All! :coffee:

Suzy Q -- Yeah I definitely feel very "lardy" because I sit all night long, but I honestly can't help that too much because of my back. I can't sit for too long and I can't stand for too long neither. So this job is pretty perfect for me because I work nights, I can pretty much get up at any time I want and move around. But I still plan on doing Sue's 5 min. walk nightly and maybe eventually a few times a night!!! ;)

Francie -- BIG BIG :hug: hon. I haven't had my insurance turned down, but we have been without insurance for a few years, years ago, so I know it sucks very very very much! :hug: Also big :hug: for what your cousin said to you. :hug:

Mindee -- Yeah that is like my DH and his friend, they def. need a night with just "men" so that is what they are doing tonight. I am baby-sitting, as you will read more about below. :lol: Yes my taste-buds definitely have changed and I am glad! :yes:

Tammy -- Thanks. After being so down and depressed, it does feel good to feel more "alive" again! :carrot: I hope that you start to feel better, like you said, take it slow. ;) One thing I am very happy about is that we can finally get a dog once we move into the house and are all settled! :D

Jules -- I never thought I would either or PREFER Diet to Regular!!! :faint: But I'm so glad!!!! That is A LOT of calories to waste!!!!

Well we met with our new landlords wife. She is very nice. We took lots of pictures of the inside and did measuring. She basically said it is ours, but to talk to her husband to make it "final" today. ;)

So we've been going through stuff today. Got A LOT of stuff from the kitchen to donate to goodwill! Then dh started on the office and now at least we can get in there and begin looking through things. So I am very pleased with the progress we have done today. ;) (We're moving into the house the 1st of March)

Then tonight I am supposed to watch my bf's baby while her and her significant other go out. Have to text her to make sure that is still happening. DH is going to drop me off there and then go to his friends house for a bit. His friend was just diagnosed not only with Parkinson's , but now just found out he has brain tumors and is very understandably, really down about it, so dh is going over for a bit to maybe get his mind off of things for a few hours or so.

Well have a great day all!


01-30-2009, 12:32 PM
Oh my, so much has gone on here I will never catch up.

I am feeling better today but still have a cough and stuffy head. Just not as worn out as I have been. I actually threw some clothes in the washer.

I don't plan to do anything too taxing, just get myself up to speed. :) I have not eaten much all week since I have no taste buds...but the scales didn't move much. That is not fair.
We got about 10 inches of snow and had our builder come scoop off the drive-way. DH was afraid mom or I would need to get out to the Dr. and not be able to get out. It is still quite the mess out there and I am glad I haven't had to go anywhere. Sunday was my last day out running around. I did go outdoors yesterday to fill the birdfeeders and 'bout froze my tootsies off. (But the birds thank me)

I will catch up..just want to wish you all a nice week-end.

01-30-2009, 01:52 PM
Sue--the birds thank hubby too...Hubby says when things get tough the birds will bring him bread like Elijah in the Bible. I went out the day with all the ice-there was one feeder I couldn't fill cause it was iced shut. We have a flock of doves...they remind me of my Nanny who fed the birds too..her fave was the doves. Glad you are feeling better.

Sassy--sounds like you are going to get the house. That's great news--now maybe Mindee will find one too and you both can get away from the crummy neighbors you have. So sad about your hubby's friend. Have fun babysitting. Teri and her friend Geneva met me and hubby for lunch yesterday. Geneva brought her 6 week old little baby girl Mela. She has Geneva's big blue eyes and is a little tiny thing. Hubby was afraid to hold her and Dominic wanted him until I held her and then he got a little jealous and wanted me.

Well, baby is sleeping, scrubbed my kitchen floor, haven't made it to the grocery store and I definitley didn't make it to WW this morning. I need to get myself motivated.

01-30-2009, 02:42 PM
Good Morning -

Francie - :hug::hug: I am so sorry for the frustration on the insurance! I pray there is answer somewhere for you and Fonzo.

Jules- :hug::hug::hug: to your mother! Dominic sounds like a real cutie, I hide under beds too. haha

Sue- I bet you miss Vegas and the warm weather?? :hug::hug: hope you feel better! Maybe a pot of homemade chicken soup to help you along? Sounds good to me.:)

Kathy - How is your week going?

Mindee- How did Tommy's night out go?

Sassy - Have fun tonight w/ the little one!

:hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug: to every one!

I am running behind, better get to work. Nothing new here - same ole , same ole. Have to decided if I am making a trip into town. It is really tiring to me, I would love a weekend at home w/ no travel and no work.*wah *wah....what a baby.
Have my salad made and looking forward to a fast 8 hours at work! Lets get it over good thing is I get to munch on ice from the ice machine. Simple pleasures, huh?:D

01-30-2009, 03:30 PM
ok, for some reason my computer is acting up on my, but it probably has something to do with the fact that I am trying to do 20 million different things at once!

Tommy had a blast at the game last night....and so did our friend. I think that might be a regular thing for the two of them, to get together and go out and have a guys night. Our friend suggested us getting a sitter for the kids and then us going out to play pool or something like that.

I am extremely tired! They got back here after the game around 1am or something like that. Then we hung out for a little bit so he could sober up enough to drive to his dad's house. Then of course Brandon woke up for some reason, and so I didn't go to bed until 5:30 this morning......then got back up at 10:30am when I heard my alarm go off. Then we got up and got some food in us, hung out for a little bit and Brandon got on the bus, Logan is in his room for quiet time, and I am HOPING that Marissa is sleeping!

I will have to come back and check in later on.....

01-30-2009, 03:33 PM
Things just went from bad to worse. I got a letter from my grandma today (her & my grandpa are good). But she said she's making a quilt for my cousin's wife, cuz they're having a baby soon. Ugh..that just ripped my heart right out. I can't stop crying right now. I'm tired of all this. Why didnt that stupid place accept our insurance. Thats just not fair!!!!!! 2009 was supposed to be a good year, and now its just turning into crap. I'm tired of the struggle. I'm seriously giving up and just gonna go to the military docs. I really dont care if they're awful. It has to be better than this, and I know they accept my insurance, cuz all the freakin military has the same insurance!!!!!!

Whose gonna make my baby a quilt? NOBODY!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry..I'm gonna go have a pitty party for one in the beroom while I cry my eyes out and watch Friends. AND THERES NO FREAKIN CHOCOLATE IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! Must this day just get worse and worse?!?!

01-30-2009, 05:54 PM
Francie--we will make you a baby quilt--we sent gifts to Mindee for Marissa. I know it's not the same as family but it feels pretty darn close. I don't know how I would get by without the support system I have on this site. Mom said that we are getting all the bad stuff over with so that the rest of the year will be nothing but good.

Mindee--I used to love going out and shooting pool. We haven't done much of anything for awhile. I kinda wish Dave would strp up to the plate and take care of Dominic even if it's every other weekend. Jerry and I just don't have much us time anymore and I got used to it after Teri moved out and I miss it.

SusieQ--I love munching crushed ice--it gets on hubby's nerves--there are times that I would like to hide under the bed....we are having salad and homemade pizza for supper--only one slice for me--I will fill up on veggies.

Off again..I may be back later...

01-30-2009, 06:45 PM
Hiya ladies, and a Happy Friday!

Sorry for being MIA...busy week for the most part and the other part...too pooped and sick. I think I caught V's cold but lots better now. Could have just been the cold weather.

Monday was DD's BD and we kinda spread it out. She wanted a ham dinner and a strawberry heart shaped cake...why can't she just take a stinking store bought one, lol. Wed slept in and then DD and I went to see My Bloody Valentine...I liked it, part two of her BD. Then part three came yesterday with a trip to the bookstore, and the Art Museum and had to take Ernie to the vet to have his stitches removed...ended up having lunch at 3 pm! Cambrie was good for the most part...thinking it was a little much for her. Passed out early last night. Then today had to buy groceries after I took her to preschool...then tomorrow Chase has 2 games, ugh! I say ugh because the first is at 8 a.m....Saturday's are for sleeping late, lol. Takes about 30-40 minutes to get to where they yeah. Long busy day tomorrow. The second game is about 40 minutes in the other direction from the first. Then have to come home and clean house for an open house Sunday.

SUSAN...:yay: to 139! :bravo: And I think you look fabulous!!!

JULES...hugs to your mommy and you :hug:

FRANCIE...aaawwww Jules said...we will make you a quilt. I'm not as talented as our Miss Katy and her knitting but I can sew and I would be thrilled to make you a quilt! I'm sorry about the insurance too...I really hate when they do that. If you have insurance they should just take it! And don't let your cousin get to you, I know that is easier said than done...she shouldn't be doing that to you. Lots of hugs to you :hug: :hug:

SUE...glad you are feeling better.

KATHY...WTG on the miles lady! You are doing great!

KATY...I printed out your 25 things and will definitely do it. I'll post it on my blog on myspace soon. Loved all your answers!

Hi to everyone else :wave:

That was my sorry attempt at catching up, lol...sorry. Will try not to stay gone so long next time.

Have a GREAT weekend!

01-31-2009, 03:38 AM
Thanks!!! You guys are too sweet. I hope to get another appt soon!!

01-31-2009, 10:05 AM
Francie - :hug::hug: keeping fingers crossed for Army docs...we are always here for you! Sorry the family is being difficult.

Cristina- a very late HB to DD! I will look for your list on myspace...they are interesting, aren't they? I've been reading them over on Facebook and I learn all kinds of things, lol!

Jule s- My DD loves to munch on ice, too...hope you and your DH gets some alone time...hopefully Dave will grow up one of these days and be a decent father to Dominic. Sorry to read about Teri losing her job..that sucks.

Mindee - hope you got some rest

Susan- did you decide to drive into town? Hope you can get some rest this weekend.

Sue - hope you are having a nice weekend and continue to feel better.

Sassy - the house sounds great..I think I saw some pics over at are going to like it so much better than your apartment.

Tammy - TY for the lovely comments on my blog..yeah I knit's kind of an obsession, but there are worse things to get caught up in, I figure. Glad to read you are feeling better, bit by bit.

Well, my weight is positively schizophrenic this week, lots of up and down and I don't know why, guess I may be retaining water or something. Yuck. Today I have (probably foolishly) signed up for a 3 hour aerobathon at the community center. Wish me luck and pray they don't need to haul me out on a stretcher!

01-31-2009, 03:47 PM
Yay, it is the weekend!!

Francie - Pray that you are feeling better! Do something fun this weekend :)

Jules- I forget who it was but when they saw me munching on ice they said "oh,you must be low in iron"...what does low iron have to do with ice munching? How did you do on the pizza?? I would have no will power on that, I would over indulge. lol That is why I would never buy into a *free eating day*...I would never get out of the kitchen.

Kind of like what I am doing right now :yikes: the ex's eating pretzel chips...and he had some buttery scrambled eggs that for the most part I tossed but I did eat 2 or 3 spoonfuls.

Cristina - wow, you are way busy! Happy Belated to DD!!! Strawberry cake sounds devine.....yum. Pace yourself with all that you have to do this weekend!

Katy - 3 hours of what? You're one crazy chick.

Mindee- Yay, glad Tommy had fun, maybe a little too much...haha. :) Hope you are rested and having a great weekend w/ the family!

:wave: to everyone else! Sue, Tammy, Sassy, Kathy and Asia! Hope I didn't forget anyone.

So, Gabster and I drove in this morning to see the R's. Course Beck is going to her boyfriends to watch a movie and help babysit his siblings. At least that is the story,,,,,,,,hmmm, you know I really
HAVE to see my mom , and continue my search for Gap Boot Cut 4's hee haw.....:carrot:...course if I keep grazing this weekend I won't be able to get into them.
Otherwise it is just a fast trip, need to be home tomorrow by 4pm to relax and do laundry. At least I will have Monday off so I can nap....cause I am old and all this excitement wears me out. lol
I made a HUGE mistake yesterday and picked up a shred bag that must have weighed over 150 pounds, now I am hurting......never again.

k- chat more later!

01-31-2009, 03:48 PM
Hello and a good Saturday to all.

KATY...lots of luck on your aerobathon, yikes! 3 hours?! YGG!! :carrot: I know you will be fine! Your weight sounds like mine this week...rollercoaster for sure! your answers and love reading everyone else's...thinking that's why I do so many survey's on MP, lol.

JULES...forgot to mention that I was sorry to hear Teri lost her job. Lots of hugs to her :hug: Dominic sounds too cute! is your weekend going? Did ya drive to Portland?

TAMMY...glad you are feeling better and enjoying your weekend out and about. Hope you get to go back to work soon too!

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Nothing going on today...going to get some reading done after I clean up the little missy's mess. Went to Chase's games this at 8 a.m. and then another at 11...had 1 1/2 hours of time to waste in between them, what a pain. Planned ahead though and took a book. Left the house a little after 7 and just got home about 30 minutes ago...and now I feel pooped, lol. Too much to do though. Now to get some exercise done, ugh. Anyway...

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

01-31-2009, 03:52 PM
Hiya better be careful missy...150 pound bag, yikes! My back would be out in a second! Hope you find your size four jeans and enjoy your visit with the R's.

Have a GREAT weekend!

01-31-2009, 04:01 PM
doing my daily pop in....

we took the kids and went to the local flea market type place. they all got prices since Tommy couldn't find them anything at the hockey game. We talked to our friend that went with Tommy to the game, and him and his brother were going to go to the same place we went but they went to the mall and he got himself some new clothes. I talked to him today because Tommy wants to play nickel hockey, and he has Tommy's board.

We are supposed to go to our niece's birthday party tonight at a local bounce house place. Logan has been **** on wheels since he got up this morning, so I told him that we weren't going.....but now I am seriously thinking that we will so that they can get rid of some of their excess energy it won't be any problems!

Tommy went to go see the office manager, and he is going to get her to write us a reference letter. We found out that the bank is taking over on Monday, so we are getting it now. We have a meeting with the lady from the local manufactured home community this coming Tuesday to look at some places. I still have a couple of other communities in this area.

Francie~ I have some crochet blankets that my mom gave me for Marissa because she loves them for some reason. I have at least five or six sitting in my closet now......I will send you one if you would like. I believe there is a non-boyish/non-girlish one in there. My grandma that lives in Texas, has made all the great grand baby's homemade quilts. Well, all of them have them, except for my sister Beth's son, and Marissa.

Jules~ I know what you mean! The last time we had a night out just the two of us was when we went to Brandon's parent/teacher conference. And that was at the most about a half hour. I wish we had more time to go out just the two of us. ****, I wish we had more opportunities to go out with friends of ours to shoot pool or to go bowling.

Cristina~ Sounds like you have been really busy! How is Ernie dog doing? happy birthday to your DD!

Katy~ thanks, I actually did get some rest last night!! we were up until about 2, but were able to sleep in until 10 this morning so that was nice.

01-31-2009, 04:04 PM
wow, you ladies popped in while I was writing my novel!

SuzieQ~ They both had a blast at the game, even though the Wings lost. But they got out and enjoyed themselves which is what they needed.

01-31-2009, 10:52 PM
Cristina- On Tuesday when I go back to work I will have to weigh the bag, it felt 150 pounds! It was stupid of me to lift it. Hope you are having a nice weekend :)

I am sooooo far off the wagon tonight. I had a yummy dinner of salmon and wine....mmmmm, buttered baked potatoes and I snacked on bar-b-q kettle chips.........bleh. I am probably back up but I don't care. lol

I saw my mom and when saying good bye she said " that is enough weight lost".....and she is right. I could never put a size 4 on before but I could today. I have always worn a size 8. My mind is warped at what looks thin or heavy. If I hoover between 140 and 145 I think that is whatever, I am going to enjoy my dinner tonight and be done with losing and focus on maintaining.

02-01-2009, 02:45 AM
just wanted to pop back in to see how every one is doing.....

we ended up taking the kids to the birthday party. they all ran around and climbed on all the bouncy things. me and Tommy even went ahead and climbed on them! boy was it a work out! I have about 80 pictures that I need to upload on myspace and facebook, but I think I will wait and do that on Sunday! Although it probably won't get done until Monday because we are more then likely going up to my parents house on Sunday.

02-01-2009, 10:43 AM
Mindee-sounds like the whole family had fun at the bday party.

SusieQ--I love salmon...Ry says it's even better out there in the PNW--he fell in love with fish tacos while he was out there. The lowest I ever weighed was 115--I looked sick--my Dad thought I was too fat at 125 and always made sure I knew it...he ALWAYS says something about my weight still. I think it's why I am so warped when it comes to weight. Even though I am over 200 and working my way to oneunderland and I know what weight I am does not make who I am, I get a call from him and I am a depressed wreck about my weight and usually binge.
PS--lifting stuff that weighs more than you do has to hurt....

Cristina--she's working back at a nightclub which she gets her sleep schedule all out of whack and it makes her grumpy. Once her and JR find a place, then even he wants her to go find a regular job--he told her he would pay all her bills, bur she is not ready to depend on him completely--she'd rather do it herself. They are looking close to the VA line so she will probably look for work in VA once they are settled.

Katy--the manager and her have never really hit it off. She was mad that Teri was transferring to the other store and would make almost what she does. I really feel it's retalitation. The other management team was really upset with her. There is another comanager and two assistants--they all said that the manager was in the wrong and actually told the manager they thought she was being unfair and what really sucks is Teri and Ryan have to be out of the apartment by April1 and then there is the fact that she is a single mom gettign no child support. Nothing can be done--Maryland is an "at will" state you can quit or be let go with no excuse given.

Well, there are clothes that need to be washed and a few other things that are calling me....

02-01-2009, 12:34 PM
Good Morning -

Jules- That sucks about Teri's job, hopefully things will work themselves out. I understand about the wanting to support herself, it is sweet that her boyfriend offered to help though!
That makes me mad about your father saying you look fat at 125! I have never weighed 125 - oh, maybe in 4th grade. lol

I have been a yo-yo my whole life and I am warped too in my body image. When I lived w/ my mom from 9/06 to 6/07 I went from 170 to 206. She never really said anything about my weight gain. I trust her though when she says I look too thin like she did yesterday. Funny though because I was there visiting 2 weeks ago and she never said anything.

anyway, I probably sound like an old record. I just see some ladies at 5'6 wanting to be 130 pounds and I am thinking I should try for that weight also but it just feels unrealistic to me.

The strain doesn't hurt as much today!

Mindee- Sounds like you all have fun! :)

So, I had 2 glasses of wine, became smashed (cause I am a featherweight.....translation *cheap date* - lol) and went to bed. I don't know why buttering my potato makes me panic but it did. It is like ....whatEVER, I ain't living like that. If I am great on my eating 6 days out of the week and iffy on one I am still doing good. At least that is what I say.....oh, I did have stuffing too..still doing good - lol.....anyway, back on track today!

better shower and get some things done before the trip home.

02-01-2009, 12:48 PM
Hello ladies...

Just a quickie from me for now. I will be back later to do indies for sure! But wanted to check in and say Hey...HEY! :wave:

Have a ton of things to do this morning to get ready for this stupid open house, ugh! Of course it wouldn't be stupid if we got an offer, lol.

02-01-2009, 01:17 PM
Happy Feb. All.

Well its official. We have the house. So we've made some progress in purging a lot of things. I know moving isn't a fun thing, but it will feel good to get rid of a lot of the "junk" we've acquired by living here. Also will be nice to finally get away from the noisy neighbor, he was at it again lastnight/early this morning. This time I recorded him. ;) (he yells, screams and curses)

Babysitting went just fine, the baby had 3 babysitters though. My friends mom was there and my DH didn't go to his friends house after all. Guess they figured I couldn't do it alone. :p Whatever. I've watched enough kids in my time but ya know whatever. lol.

I have been in pain ever since Friday night. :( I think I have a pinched nerve because my whole right leg hurts. :cry: It hurts to sit and I have to go back to work tonight and sit 12.5 hrs. :cry: Yes I can get up in between calls (work in a call center) but its still painful and my pain pills aren't working either....I took some tylenol pm's maybe they will work.

Also just been bummed. :( I feel like people are trying to "run" my life. :( Maybe they are just being nice and offering "advice" but I didn't ask for any. :no:

I didn't weigh myself this week, I haven't been that good. :( Don't need something else to get me down. :(

I just wanna run away. :cry: Well sorry this is so whiny. :(

Have a Good Day.


02-01-2009, 01:36 PM
SusieQ--Teri is 5'6' and her weight fluctuates between 130 and 135 and goes as high as 140, even after Dominic--I am 5'5 & 3/4, and before gettting pregnant with Teri my weight fluctuated between 125 and 130 and I thought I was fat. I look at Teri now and think what the heck was I thinking. I think I would have lost more weight after Teri but hubby got really emotionally abusive after I had Teri and I never lost everything and have added to it since. I would love to get to 145-150, I am not trying to get to where I was all those years ago--I don't think it would be easy to maintain and I still want to be able to eat. I have yet to meet JR, Ry has and really likes him and Teri is truly happy even with all the crappy stuff going on, so he can't be that bad.

Cristina--fingers crossed that you get a great offer!!

Sassy-I think there will always be somebody who is willing to tell you what they think is best for you.

Well, the washer needs some softner put in it...

02-01-2009, 02:16 PM
Go Cardials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02-01-2009, 07:15 PM
We're back home! was a fast trip.

On the way in yesterday Gab saw a horse all alone in a field and insisted the horse had no water and didn't belong to anyone, she wanted me to stop and turn around.
When I didn't she whined for 5 miles. Sheesh.
So, I promised if we saw the horse on the way home I would stop and I knew about where it would be because I looked at the trip mileage, because I always clock my trips.
Just that kind of gal.:D

anyway, long story short we saw the horse, stopped and Gaby got out to pet him thru the fence. Horse sniffed her hand and Gab peted him some more til she said "ouch, he bit me"....that was the end of that and she got in the car. I didn't think much of it because she didn't cry but when we got home I saw the bite and sure enough she has a purple bruise happening. Poor thing.

Jules- I could never be 130. I think I look healthy at 150 and feel ok at 145,not real sure about being as low as 138, just doesn't feel right for some reason.

Glad Teri is happy w/ JR, do you think you will be meeting him soon? How is he w/ Dominic?

Sassy - :hug: tell all the people who want to run your life to buzz off!!

Cristina - Hope you get some luck on showing the house today!:hug:

I feel dehydrated, soooooo thirsty. I was waiting til I got home to drink some gatorade, just don't feel good also w/ a scratchy throat and runny nose, cough.....combo. :dizzy:

*sigh..........k- off to tend to the Gabster and call the R's to say I arrived home ok.

You all have a good evening!

02-01-2009, 08:24 PM
So I am back...on the way back home we came across a bad wreck. I really hate seeing that because out of the four cars/vehicles I know someone if not everyone eas hurt bad. Not even sure what happened as there was a head on but then two SUV's one big and one smaller were involved on the side of the headon somehow. Just makes one think about how precious life is.

Anyway...not a good day for an Open House...I had no clue that the Superbowl was today when we agreed on the dates...of course Charlotte kept saying it was the end of Feb. not that it mattered. Should have cancelled once I found out. Only one person showed up for left a note for us. But we have a viewing set for tomorrow at noon which I thought was weird...guess they had plans for today though who knows.

SUSAN...well, I said it once and I'll say it again...I think you look GREAT! And maintaining is just as hard as losing! Sorry little Miss Gaby was bit, poor thing. I know she loves horses, hope this doesn't make her dislike them now. Keep an eye on the bite too!

JULES...isn't that terrible when you are small and people say you are fat? I remember being at 135, my smallest weight ever and people always saying how fat I was, or I wasn't fat but pleasing wonder we women have such poor body image, or I do anyway. My daughter, and I don't know where she gets it from feels fat. She goes between 119-124 and thinks she needs to lose 10 pounds. She was more accepting of her body when she got up to 145-150 for the one and only time...crazy.

FRANCIE...hoping your Cardinals win, but then I like the Steelers too, lol!

Okay, so I didn't get my exercise done before leaving because time got away from me. Now I am going to try and get 2 dvd's done before bedtime. That's about all I have.

Have a good one!

02-01-2009, 08:34 PM
Francie--as much as I would like to root for your Cardinals since I love the underdog...Teri loves the Steelers--the baby even has a Steelers onsie she bought while she was preggo. When I was little and had no choice but belong to a football loving family the Steelers were my team...though my brother liked the Minnesota Vikings and when he outgrew the jerseys I swiped them cause they were PURPLE!!!

SusieQ--that's terrible about the horse biting Gabsters hand. The weirdest think about Boise and Nampa ID was everyone has a their backyard...well not everyone but a lot of them--there were mini stables for the horses like people have doghouses around here..things that make you go huh....I think you look tall are you?? I forgot. Dominic runs to JR when he sees him. He's really great with him.

Cristina-sorry about the open house but you only need one person to buy it so here's still hoping for you. Teri usually doesn't get upset about her weight--she exercises like mad when she starts getting her muffintop as she calls it....

well off I go again...hi to everyone else!!!

02-02-2009, 12:09 PM
FRANCIE...sorry the cardinals was close though. I was really rooting for them too! I think the Steelers winning is like when the Cowboys had their heyday...get tired of them and need somebody new to step into the limelight.

Just dropping by to say HI...was messing around on myspace and time got away from me. So, I will have to come back later to post more.

Have a showing at noon but have to be out of the house by 11:40 so...lots to do. Well, actually not so much since it was clean from the open house yesterday. But there are showers to be taken as soon as people get up, lol. I was up bright and early at 5:15 and got some things done then so just need, or rather want to vacuum and that's about it. Other than getting Cambrie dressed and off to preschool. Guess we will stop at Mickey D's for her some lunch.

I did get round one of my exercise done which was a 30 minute dvd. Round two will be done when I return about 1 p.m. and then do another 30 minutes of something after Jeopardy this afternoon. Anyway...better get going...don't want to run out of time and be dressing the little Miss in the car.

Have a great Monday! :hug:

02-02-2009, 12:12 PM
Cristina & Jules~The Cardinals were cheated. I'm sorry..but that game was just soooooooo messed up!! All those calls were totally stupid. Then one of our players gets beat up by one of the Steelers, and they award the Steelers the ball!!! WTF Is that?!?! He should've been thrown out of the game for what he did. I still cannot get over that. By the 4th quater..everytime a flag was thrown, we were saying that one of the Cards got a penatly foul for just running on the grass, or something else that was stupid. was a pretty good game. That was the 2nd time I have ever been into a football game, lol. The first time being when the Cards played the Eagles. LoL!! And hey, they actually got me to pay attention to the actual Superbowl, and not just the commericals, lol. I'm very proud of the Cardinals though. They made it that far. I hope they do great next season too!!! I gotta try and catch some Phx Suns games on tv now. Basketball was always my fave game. I used to be a HUGE Suns fan, lol.

On a side note: I canceled my appt. Now I have to get another referrel. Or is the one I had still good???

02-02-2009, 12:14 PM
Sassy~Congrats on getting the house. Sorry that people are running your life. I seriously hate it when people do that to me. Also sorry for your pinched nerve. If you think thats what it is, go see a chiropractor. Theres something wrong with my leg too. It gets crampy a lot, and it hurts soooooo much. I've been stretching a lot more than usual because of it. I know how I hurt it though ;)

02-02-2009, 12:48 PM
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