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01-20-2009, 09:14 PM
Please tell me that Jeni's Ice Cream didn't burn down!
Was the fire close to you?


01-20-2009, 10:19 PM
You can relax Mel, Jeni is still making ice cream. :lol: I was (ahem) just there last night with the boys. :o And yes. I had some. :tantrum: I swear it was the first time in six or seven months and you caught me! (hanging head in shame) I can't believe it. That will teach me to be sitting in the big bay picture window next time. :rofl:

The fire occurred on the other side of the street from Jeni's. It did take out the whole block of store fronts: An optical store, a physical therapist, restaurant, nature/wild bird store, and well a candle store :chin: hmmm. I think there were six businesses affected by the blaze. The buildings are still standing but I got the impression that the damage was extensive.

DH spends a lot of time at the coffee shop across the street but hasn't heard anything about a possible cause. I think that the area was out of power for like four to six hours which in these cold temps was difficult for those trying to keep those big old houses heated.

As a side note, DH used to have a writing studio in one of the small offices on the second floor of this building. He would go in typically Saturday and Sunday mornings early and be there all by himself writing in a tiny broom closet sized studio with NO WINDOWS. That was about five years ago. Thank goodness he no longer writes there. He certainly would have been there when it occurred as his usually writing time was from 7:00am to 11:00 or sometimes noon.

Oh, you asked if it was close to me. Nope. I spend a lot of time in Grandview but my home is not near Grandview Avenue.

01-21-2009, 08:41 AM
Whew! I must have had a psychic connection to you when you were in Jeni's last night :hug: Hope it was good!