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01-20-2009, 04:42 PM
This topic might get a little touchy, but in general - I'm just curious to find out how many 3FCers have an overweight boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife.

I'll start out - my boyfriend is taller than me, lanky and can eat 6000 calories a day without gaining an ounce:lol:

So - Is your partner overweight?

01-20-2009, 05:03 PM
My husband is 6'2" -- He and I have done this weight loss thing together, and we have both lost 50 pounds. He is now around 215 -- which, according to his BMI says he's still overweight, but he is built very broad shouldered with lots of natural lean muscle mass so I would say he is not currently overweight (His body fat percentage is around 19% right now.)...he looks pretty amazing actually. :) He, however, has caught the weight loss bug so he is intending to take off another 15 to 20 pounds. He already weighs less than he did when we started dating when we were both 19...19 years ago. Holy crap! That is half our lives together...and I still like him an awful lot.

01-20-2009, 05:14 PM
My DH is 6' and 49 yrs old, he has never had a weight problem in all his life. He has never dieted and he can eat anything he wants.

He also never has breakfast....grrr!

01-20-2009, 05:16 PM
My husband hasn't varied by more than 5 pounds the entire time I've known him. Perfectly average weight and no trouble keeping it there. He's the kind of person who will leave one bite of dinner on the plate because he's full and can't finish it. Who can't force in one more bite or a single french fry??? It wouldn't even occur to me to leave just one bite behind, which pretty much explains why I've been morbidly obese and why he can't even conceive of it.

01-20-2009, 05:22 PM
My husband is also fat. Since I began making diet changes last year and asked him to make changes too, we have each lost about 55 pounds. We are now both around the weight we were when we met, which is pretty cool; but it's going to be even neater to see him at a lower weight and I have a lot of excitement for him to see ME becoming more slender, too. Basically he was fat due to the same issues I have, which is overeating of simple carbs and insulin resistance, so fixing my problem has largely fixed his problem too.

01-20-2009, 05:27 PM
My husband is skinny. When we first started dating, I weighed twice his weight.

01-20-2009, 05:35 PM
My bf is a bit overweight. Although he does have a LOT of muscle on him too, its mostly a beer belly lol. About a year ago he was making healthy changes but then got distracted and doesn't want to do it any more :/ I still think he's hot though :p

01-20-2009, 05:38 PM
My X is a huge guy. 6'5 and was 270 to 290 most of our marriage. When he went Management, between the lack of physical activity and depression(he hates his job) he really gained. My DD stayed with him this summer and said that his girlfriend also cooks with more sauces and gravies than I did. So, for Xmas this year, I kinda set him up with stuff from my diet plan.

He was way impressed when he saw me having lost weight from the time I dropped her off til I picked her up. Hopefully, it will help him out. Also, he traded jobs with a production supervisor. I think it will help his mood out and give him more activity. It will also put him back on long-change shift. That means he'll get 7 days off every month and should be able to come visit the girls more. That should really help too.

01-20-2009, 05:47 PM
When DH and I got married 20+ years ago, I outweighed him by 10-15 pounds. I'm now down to where he was back then, but he's gone up about 30 pounds. I still need to lose about 20--he'd be fine to lose 20-25 pounds.

01-20-2009, 05:51 PM
My DH works a very physical job and, while his weight varies between winter (heavier) and summer (lighter), he has never been fat.

So the one with the weight issues, me, works an office job. Very sedentary. Great.....

01-20-2009, 06:20 PM
My husband is not overweight yet- but he's starting to creep up there. Last time I checked he was 210 lbs, he's 6'2" and you'd think that's not overweight- but he was also always very thin when he was younger, and all the weight has gone to his stomach area- I tell him be careful cuz he doesn't want to struggle with weight loss like I have.

01-20-2009, 06:23 PM
Hmm...My Bf is overweight, but less so than I am. Actually, I weight about 5 pounds less than him right now (finally less than him...hooray!), and he's 6 feet tall.

A little pudgy, but that's lovable.

01-20-2009, 06:26 PM
My boyfriend is actually underweight. He's 6'1 and when I met him, I remember thinking "Holy crap, you're so thin!" Now that I've been with him a couple years, I can't see it (and he tells me he can't see any of my 25 lb weight gain or 15 lb loss). He used to weigh 140-145 (not underweight) and now weighs 135 (underweight). He likes to be skinny but still can eat what he wants. Now that I am scaling back my portions, I can see he does too, which he definitely doesn't need. He says he's trying to put on weight (like 5-10 lbs) but if you ask me, he isn't trying that hard!

When we met, I was 10 lbs heavier than him (and 1 foot shorter), got up to 35 lbs heavier and now thanks to his weight loss am +25 on him. I can't wait to weigh less than him!!

01-20-2009, 06:34 PM
My partner and I both started out very heavy, and changed our lifestyles together. When we met, she was lighter than me (prob around 210-220 or so?), then gained to almost my weight (295 at my highest, 285 at hers). We're now about the same...when I'm at my leanest/maintenance weight, I'm maybe 5-10 lbs lighter than she is.

Zen Pharmacy
01-20-2009, 06:42 PM
My husband is also overweight. I have a misplaced guilty conscience because he started gaining when he moved in with me when we were around 20.

However, he also broke his back in a car accident around that time (he's fine now, just can't do anything incredibly jarring) and went from being a collegiate athlete (cross-country and marathon) into sedentary life without changing eating habits. 10 years later it's caught up with him.

However, he's changed most of his eating and is doing some walking. It's kind of like the weight loss pill commercial. He's one of those jerks who stopped drinking soda and dropped 30 lbs like nothing before changing other things. ;>

01-20-2009, 06:45 PM
Men suck!!!! They lose weight walking to the fridge to get a beer.:p

01-20-2009, 06:52 PM
Mine needs to drop 100 pounds, he has a knee replacement and now has problems with the other knee and both hips, he is constantly whining..seriously. and I'm tired of it. He finally started counting calories and eating better last week, and now in a couple weeks he will have lost more than me and I will be ticked at that too.........

Just can't make me happy!

It's to the point that if he does not lose weight he is going to be driving a huge wedge between us, because there has been NO fun for 6 months, and that is not acceptable if ya know what I mean!;)

01-20-2009, 07:01 PM
DH was skinny when I met him he is 5'11 and was probably 165 he is now 228
he is trying to lose weight with me. We ate out way too much while dating and he switched to a job where he was not as active as he use to be and packed on the pounds.

Thighs Be Gone
01-20-2009, 07:04 PM
My hubby is fit and trim. He has been super supportive of me though and will gladly eat any of my creations like my infamous bean burgers, homemade hummus, oatmeal creations or Greek yogurt with berries and, he says he wants to be healthier too--not just the fit guy that eats all the garbage

01-20-2009, 07:05 PM
The Wii Fit says DH is obese. I don't think it is really that bad. He has a very large frame and is also very muscular - which are things I have always been attracted to about him. Anyway- I guess he has put on some weight because he says he wants to lose about 30 pounds. If he does, I would just like for him to do it healthfully instead of the crash diets he usually does. -We definitely do gain weight together though and I think he has lost a little just with the fact that what I cook is more healthy and I basically have a ban on junk in the house.

01-20-2009, 10:33 PM
My husband is 5'11" and 130 pounds on a fat day, shoes on. He eats, no joke, 4000 calories a day just to keep himself from passing out hungry.

When we were first together I made it a goal to fatten him up 5 pounds before the end of the year.

He lost 5 pounds.

I gained 10. :)

01-21-2009, 02:59 AM
Men suck!!!! They lose weight walking to the fridge to get a beer.:p


01-21-2009, 03:41 AM
My fiance is a bit overweight. He wants to weigh around 200 with lots of lean muscle. He's currently 245? I'm not sure..We hid my scale, haha! but I weighed more then him when we started dating (246). He gained a bit of weight and got to 250lbs and lingered there. Now I'm at around 220lbs. He recently decided to change his eating habits and I'm working on doing this for the both of us.

01-21-2009, 05:16 AM
My husband and I met at our near our highest weight. I placed a personal ad, and in describing my wonderful self, I put it all out there and described myself (weight included) and that I was dieting, looking to lose weight and get healthier and looking for someone in the same situation, or sympathetic to it.

I've lost 60 lbs, and hubby has lost about 50 lbs, and we both have at least 150 lbs to go.

On one hand, that's pretty sad progress for 6 years together, but I didn't do any better single, so I think we'll both get where we need to be eventually.

01-21-2009, 11:55 AM
Men suck!!!! They lose weight walking to the fridge to get a beer.:p

I swear it's so true!

My husband cut out soda for like a week once and lost 5 lbs, that's it! I was fuming- I cut out all happiness and lose like 2 lbs :p

01-21-2009, 12:12 PM
DH is 5' 8", same as I am. When we met I was 140, and grumbling one day after getting on the scale, naked of course, hadn't eaten anything etc. etc.

He got on the scale (fully clothed! wearing cowboy boots!) and weighed in at 125!!!

I have managed to fatten him up a bit, he's 160 now, but he eats well and never overeats.

Of course, I managed to fatten myself up a bit, too :lol:

01-21-2009, 12:36 PM
My dude was overweight when I met him, he's been that way throughout his life. He's a big, broad, big, broad man - totally opposite of the scrawny melancholy guys of my past! I was at a normal weight, about 10 pounds heavier than I am now when we met.

He's been losing weight by 'accident' since I got on a healthy kick. :lol:

01-21-2009, 12:46 PM
My husband is around 175 pounds and works a very physical job. He also works out 3-4 days a week. So no he isn't overweight! ;)

We have been together since the 10th grade & he was a super skinny nerdy type kid back then...after that he joined the Marines and bulked up a bit.

01-21-2009, 12:48 PM
Mine claims that he wants to lose weight, but I notice whenever he comes over, before he heads home, he mentions something about going to the burger joint on his way. I have asked and asked if he would like to cook something with me and eat before he leaves, but he always says no. He's 5'10''ish (I think?? I can't guess peoples' height very well) and says he weighs 280lbs. IDK I know he carries all his weight in the lower midsection and is the only man I've ever dated with hips wider than mine, and mine are quite formidable at 269lbs. For a beer-drinker, he doesn't have what I would call a beer gut, although some of the weight is there. Mostly hips and thighs though.

I don't think that he would lose weight just by cutting out soda or anything like some men do, though, because he'd still be getting fast food at 1:30am and getting no exercise except for occasionally working underneath his Jeep. Lucky for me, I like 'em husky, and I don't believe in trying to change a man's habits before he puts a ring on me. I'll bide my time.

01-21-2009, 01:46 PM
He's somewhat overweight, I guess.

He weighs a little over 200 and is 5'11"... which is probably VERY overweight by most charts, but shortly after we started dating he weighed 190 with a crazy low body fat percentage. He's got A LOT of muscle even when he's not in the best of shape, so he'd probably never get down to the "ideal" weight for his height. He was down to 160 or so when he had mono and he looked sick.

01-21-2009, 02:19 PM
Mayness - I assume that is him in your avatar. He definitely doesn't look overweight.

01-21-2009, 02:45 PM
Mayness - I assume that is him in your avatar. He definitely doesn't look overweight.

Glad I'm not crazy, lol... I think that's around his current weight (his highest was 10-15lb more)... and yet, if he weighed 15 pounds more he'd be "obese" according to his BMI. *shrug*

roxy road
01-21-2009, 04:55 PM
Nope, but he's built well and tall so I don't feel thaaat mismatched standing next to him at the moment... In the past (while overweight), I've dated skinny dudes who made me feel really awkward next to them.. but that's just me.

On a side note, one annoying thing about being with an attractive guy while I'm in my current state is the reactions people give me when they meet him. I had a coworker repeatedly stammer "ohmygod... THAT'S your boyfriend?? WOW. He's really hot.... I mean... really hot... I'm surprised!" :rolleyes: :mad: Ever since then, she plays 20 questions with me every time he's in the building, trying to figure out exactly why he's with me. I find that beyond rude..

01-21-2009, 05:03 PM
Dang Roxy that's messed up- I probably would have called her on it by now though lol.

BMI IMO isn't the best judge anyways- it doesn't take into account pregnant women and body builders or even people who work out who have muscle.

01-21-2009, 05:09 PM
My husband is 6'5" and 217lbs. He's recently gained which excites him. He's 13%bf, so obviously not at all overweight. He's always been in the thin side. He's actually gained about 30lbs since we've been together. In the past, his bf was in the single digits. His high school thought his parents were starving him! They called them in for a conference about it. :lol:

01-21-2009, 05:11 PM
The bf is about 130 and is just a hair shy of six feet. I swear I could snap that boy in half, but he's a martial artist and extremely strong. He's completely supportive of me and loves me for who I am which is amazing.

I'm still going to make him gain five pounds though. I plan on feeding him baklava all the time.

01-21-2009, 05:29 PM
I really don't like the weight charts. I'm a stocky woman. I just told one of the ladies at the corner store that I was trying to lose 50 lbs. Once again, I got the "No freaking way are you 180." Yes I am. I weigh 130-135 at prime weight. I have a lot of muscles in my shoulders and thighs. Can't even wear those skinny leg pants.

A lot of men are the same way. If my X went below 250, he'd look anorexic. But, he's built like a football player, not basketball. I'm built like a female Franco Columbo. We need to look at our individual bodies and their structures.

01-21-2009, 06:31 PM
My boyfriend is 5'10 and weighs 145 lbs. So he is near the bottom range for his height. He eats total crap too. He's only 21, though, so I keep warning him that in a couple years he's going to balloon. His response is "if that happens I'll just eat less." As if its that simple.

Sarah C0nn0r
01-21-2009, 07:59 PM
My hubby is over 6 ft and is over weight as well. But he has shed 20 pounds in the past month.

When we met almost 20 years ago, we were slim and trim.
In fact, we actually took pictures of ourselves with our clothes stuffed with pillows saying "Will you still love me when I look like this some day?"

By the time we finally got around to getting married, we DID look like that! LOL! So we used those pictures on our wedding invitation.

Of course, now we have hit the age where we both really need to dump the weight to avoid pending health issues!

01-21-2009, 08:21 PM
DH is 51 and at a normal weight (5'7" and 152 lbs). He was around 210 when we started this journey together 19 months ago. We are now maintaining a total loss of over 150 lbs. :D

We are more fit than we have ever been, and are enjoying our new "healthy" selves immensely!

RN BSN 2009
01-21-2009, 08:37 PM
He is slightly overweight and has been losing along with me!

01-21-2009, 08:47 PM
my hubby is 5'11 and about 200lbs. hes been fit his whole life till he quit smoking. ( he had been smoking since he was 12) ever since than, he has gained a good chunk of weight ( in just a couple months) when he first met me i was thin and beautiful. than i got preggo, let it alllll go. and never bothered till now to do something about the 100+++ lbs i put on.
he once told me he didnt find me attractive because of my weight.. and he couldnt understand how that would hurt me.. well, now that his pants arent fitting and hes starting to notice his growing belly i asked him the other day, "what if i told you i didnt find you attractive because of your extra weight"... no reply.


*ahem* sorry. well. little off topic but. that was satisfying to share.. :D

01-24-2009, 10:04 AM
My husband is about a quarter inch shorter than me and has never been overweight. When we started dating, I could fit into his baggy pants. I didn't really get terribly overweight until marriage and pregnancy! He never really gained weight until he started driving truck, but now that we don't really have a lot of extra money, he's not eating like he should and has lost the weight he gained. :( Not unhappy that he lost the weight, just the way he's doing it...

01-24-2009, 05:44 PM
Yes. 5' 11'' and at 275 lbs. He's completely addicted to fast food. I had a talk with him the other day (not a lecture). I told him that I get kind of worried that he eats so much BK and I told him that I will start cooking for him at home. Even if it's a big meaty burger made by me, it HAS to be better that BK or anywhere else.

And that was my rant. :spin:

01-24-2009, 08:17 PM
When Angie and I met 14 years ago she was 5' 5" and weighed 125 pounds. She got up to 132 the first year and a half we were married. She wasn't used to eating the food I was and tried to accommodate me and the kids...well she finally put a stop to that!

I am 6' even and weighed about 165 when we met. FYI for all you gals that have skinny husbands....when the 40's come so do the pounds! I was always rail thin until I reached my 40's.

Angie got back down to her 125 in no time by getting back to her exercise routines and starting "making" us eat healthier.

I eventually got up to 201 which was not her fault but my own over eating of garbage!

Today she is at 123 and active in her yoga and walking and I am at 178 active walking but back-sliding a bit on my journey of better choices....say cheese!

I will say that Angie never once said anything to me about my weight....never. She just goes out and sets the example for our family.

01-25-2009, 01:42 AM
According to BMI, my Boyfriend is on the very edge of being considered underweight. He's 5'10" (or 5'11", I can't remember), and weights between 125-130. He's all muscle though! Not an ounce of fat anywhere! He's very in shape (he can run like the wind dispite smoking).

I think he's just fine though :) He can eat whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and it doesn't effect him at all (I wish I was like that)
Someday I hope I'm as in shape as he is!! :D

01-25-2009, 11:50 PM
My husband is 6'2" -- He and I have done this weight loss thing together, and we have both lost 50 pounds. He is now around 215 -- which, according to his BMI says he's still overweight, but he is built very broad shouldered with lots of natural lean muscle mass so I would say he is not currently overweight (His body fat percentage is around 19% right now.)...he looks pretty amazing actually. :) He, however, has caught the weight loss bug so he is intending to take off another 15 to 20 pounds. He already weighs less than he did when we started dating when we were both 19...19 years ago. Holy crap! That is half our lives together...and I still like him an awful lot.

hehe, I have been with my bf 14 years this march, great to see a long term couple that is actually happy as well. :) I love bf and the spark is still TOTALLY there. I have been with him since I was 15.


01-27-2009, 12:30 PM
Nope! My bf's 5'10 and 150 pounds, so lucky!

01-27-2009, 01:05 PM
My boyfriend is considered overweight. He's about 5' 11" and weight about 215... BUT.... He is a body builder & that weight is ALL MUSCLE, NO FAT. So i'm not sure if that is "overweight". I mean, I know technically he is, but it's only because his body has so much muscle on it!