30-Somethings - Happy MOM's Day!!! Week of May 12, 2002

05-12-2002, 12:00 PM
Wow, I got to start the thread!!! I guess all you mom's out there who usually start the thread are sleeping in?!?!?!? I hope every one of you are having a Happy Mother's Day.

Dh is never one to buy me a gift unless I go buy it for myself!!! So, as usual, I made my hints about some great mother's day gifts, but figured he missed it. Boy was I wrong. There was this candle from Wal Mart that smelled so good, and it even had a red bow on it which is my favorite color. Well, it is now on my table, and my house smells so good. It is fresh baked cookie sent. I get the smell with out the temptation of eating the cookies. I am so proud.

The kids made me lots of cards, and even emailed me some too. So, all in all it is a good Mother's day.

Well, I hope you are all having wonderful Sunday's what ever you are doing!!!

05-13-2002, 10:31 AM
Hi guys!! Wow, you moms must have had a busy day yesterday! It's been quiet here. I've lost two more pounds. That makes 14! Yippee!! I'm glad I weighed on Saturday 'cause yesterday was awful. But when I look back, I was much better than in the past. We took MIL to a brunch buffet. Both DH and I ate less than anyone else at the table. The ony thing we were really bad with was we each had a whole bagle.

I've got another day off today which is not a good thing. I'm off because our census is WAY down. This is the second time in a month. Thank goodness I have vacation time to cover it. What happens when I run out of vacation!! YIKES. That's what I am worried about.

Alright, I'm going to see chiropractor for my allergies. I know it sounds crazy but I have to try something. I hope you guys are having an awesome day!!

:wave: :wave:

05-13-2002, 01:26 PM

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! I did - we had family over. I was not op though - starting again today. :dizzy:

First of all - lauren - CONGRAT ULATIONS !!! I'm so happy for you. We must have been posting at the same time on Saturday and I missed your post.

dabrat - It DID feel great to be op, and I'm sure it will again!

Karen - I don't remember Dawn dolls. ~ Yeah on the loss!

have a great week all.

OP since . . .

ps - it was the homemade ice cream & homemade hot fudge that blew it for me yesterday . . .

05-13-2002, 02:25 PM
OMG :eek: another opportunity to be a cyber auntie - congrats LBH :smug: :love: :smug:

05-13-2002, 03:08 PM
:( I am a bad bad person. I didn't walk yesterday and had Chinese and I took a nap! How is that for lazy?:lol: I did a 3 mile walk today to make up for it. I also started AF last night which explains the no energy for me then. I did the walk in the rain even and I wear glasses. Geesh I tell you, those big trucks make you really wet when they blow by you!:lol: I also stayed under 1700 calories yesterday. I had just about 1/2 cup of sweet and sour chicken and 1/2 cup of orange chicken, 1/4 cup rice and 1/4 cup chow mein for lunch. Breakfast was Slim Fast shake, dinner was fresh corn a salad and a WW vege pizza. For snacks I did have 2 Slim Fast bars though. Lots of water and some Crystal Lite Lemonade. I was happy to stay below 1700 calories at least.

KarenK congratulations! on the 2 more pounds gone! I am so happy for you!

Rabbit home made hot fudge? OMG I have been wanting fudge so bad this week. Guess I know why I have been wanting it. Great job on getting back OP!

Lys I am glad that you had a great day. I love candles and that is a great scent DH got you.

OK I have to go post more have a great OP week! Daphne

05-13-2002, 09:30 PM
Lauren: congrats!!!! Now I have to go back and read last weeks posts, I was going to skip it but now I have to see your announcement!!

Wow! Oklahoma is windy! I am not doing another outdoor show in that state. Thankfully none of our glass took flight but I was abit worried about our tent even though we always have it weighted and dog tied.

- jul

Backfor 2002
05-14-2002, 01:21 AM
Hi all!

No time to post except to say


05-14-2002, 02:15 AM
Can't sleep, so I am posting!!!

A while back, we discussed water intoxication. It greatly concerned me because of the plan dh and I were on, drinking 1/2 our weight in lbs. in ounces of water (I weigh 164, so I should dring 82 oz. of water) which is higher than the normal 64. oz. suggested amount of water to drink daily. Well, I decided to investigate further, and the following web site was the most informative I found. So, if you are interested you can visit Water Intoxication (http://www.alpharubicon.com/med/watertox.html) .

Jul, Nanci - See what you miss when you go on away and leave us all here. But I am glad you are caught up now.

Daphne - No, you are not a bad person, and everyone needs a day to rest. Sounds like you made wise choices in food. And the candle was great, except it smelt so good, that I couldn't get rid of the desire to munch :o

Rabbit - Remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life, what you did yesterday is gone and now you can move on.

Karen - WTG on the 2 lbs. and the 14 total!!! I hope that there won't be anymore days off for you that you haven't chosen yourself. But I do hope you enjoyed your time anyway.

I forgot to tell you what DD #1 gave me. Aside from the hand made card, she gave me some pennies. I said thank you, and then she explained... She went and got one penny from each of the years dh and I have been married. It still makes me cry. It was thoughtful enough that she wanted to give me her pennies, but to have thought up and taken the time to find each one of those pennies was really special. She's a gem. (the others are too!)

05-14-2002, 10:55 AM
Just wanted to pop in real quick and say:

Congratulations Lauren!!!!!!! (Now you two other newlyweds stay far, far, far away from me, no offence, but I really don't want to sare this experience :D )

I'm having a horid PMS week so am not looking forward to WW tonight, and we're going camping/winery touring this weekend so I don't think next week will be a lot better :( . Oh well I will get back on track soon.

- Tech :spin:

05-14-2002, 01:39 PM

Had a good op day yesterday & will do it again today.:) (even though I already got into the cookies I made for ss. Just gotta count them.)

Dab - sounds like you did good with the Chinese food! ~ The hot fudge was great - but I've got some left & really need to get rid of it!

Lyssa - thanks for the water info! I went to the site. ~ Thanks for the supportive comments! ~ Cool story about the pennies.:D

Tech - good luck at your weigh in.


05-14-2002, 02:10 PM
Hi All,

Thanks for all the congrats!! I think DH & I are still in shock!! I mean, we both believe it, but I know I sit here every now and then and go, I really am pregnant!! I'm not imagining it, or dreaming that I am...I really am!! I feel OK so far, except that I have to pee more often...geez, as if I didn't pee enough with all the water I drink!! And my appetite has gone into over drive!! It's amazing how something sooo tiny can change your body soo much. I feel like I am always hungry, like a hour hour after a meal!! So when I get a chance, hopefully one night this week, I am going to sit down with my What To Expect When You're Expecting and try do write out a menu based on the "best odds" diet they have in there. I have to figure out how to eat a bunch of mini meals I think. I'm sure it'll all go out the window when M/S kicks in, but I'll try!

Rabbit- Stay away from the cookies...there's a reason you made them for DSS, right?!

Tech- I swear I'll stay away from you!! :D You're time will come!! :lol: Sorry to hear about the bad PMS, hopefully you'll have a good weekend though.

Lyss- Interesting article, thanks for posting it! How incredibly touching that your DD did that with the pennies! She's an :angel:

Jul- Glad you didn't get blown away in OK!!

Brat- WOW, at least you had a good excuse (AF)!! :lol: And you made up for it with a nice long walk!

BPB- Nice to see you!! Yes, you'll be a cyber auntie!!

Karen- Congrats on the 14 lbs., and especially for you and DH not stuffing your faces at the buffet!! I kind of remember Dawn dolls...don't think I had one though. I was really into Barbies for a few years there, but that was it. LOL, I don't know, you're playing russian roulet there, if you're off BCPs and DH isn't doing anything! Are you planning kids eventually?

Oh well, time to get back to work! Hope everyone's well!!

05-14-2002, 03:33 PM
Lys thanks for the water site it really was interesting wasn't it?The DD story made me tear up that is so dang sweet how old is she?
LBH I have to grin at the hungar that you are having. My DS is almost 16 and I remember the feeling so well. Have you had any cravings yet? How many on this thread are PG? My MIL has asked if we are having a kid and I always say NO. I am 37 and can not see having a baby at this age. I would love one if I did get PG but planning on one.
Tech with us both in this PMS mode we would be great at a sale huh? Noone would stand a chance with us at all!:lol:
I just have a few minutes but wanted to say hi to everyone. I did my walk this morning and did 2 miles plus a little bite more. Hope I can do one more walk tonight. Daphne

05-14-2002, 05:21 PM
Lauren: Maybe you won't get the morning sickies. I didn't. With Weston I craved beer batter onion rings...I wouldn't step into a restaurant unless I knew they had good ones on the menu. With Alex I wanted potatoes - mashed or baked.

Lys: the story was cute - so thoughtful of your dd. I don't have to worry about water intox this week - I'm struggling with my water intake this week, not enough. Its wierd how one week I'll do great then the next horrible. I'll try and read that site later.

- jul

05-14-2002, 08:09 PM
I did mty 2nd walk today making it 4 miles today. All this by 3PM. With my 3 yesterday that makes up for not walking SUnday. I am triing to decide on a great dinner tonight. Something real and tasty and still healthy/ Daphne

05-15-2002, 04:05 AM
Well, this weekend, while we were rearranging, we went in to our garage to find the legs to our old kitchen table, that we are now using for a home school workstation for our girls. Anyway, while we were in the garage, I found my old exercise "stair step" and thought I would add it to my work out. Well, I have used it for the past two days, and I now remember why I quit using it. It was a cheap one, and it is too high!! So, I think I have injured my hip. I am not having the best luck with exercise, but I refuse to give up. I am getting healthy, and staying that way for the rest of my life and that is the end of it!!!!:strong:

Daphne - Whoo Hoo on the 4 miles, someday, I will be able to do that too (hopeful thinking). She is 12, and yes, she is an angel (as LBH called her), that is even one of her nick names.

Jul - I don't have to worry about water intox either, because salt is not something I have limited in our diet. It is what makes all the fat free food, taste like good ol' American junk food. :)

LBH - Just wait until 6 weeks hits, you won't be so hungry anymore!!!

Rabbit - Way to go on being on point. The more you try, the better you will get at it!!!

Tech - Just don't drink the same water as RR, and LBH, you will be fine then.

It is late, I am tired, think I will go crash. Here's to getting past the "hump" day, and moving on to the weekend!!! :cool:

05-15-2002, 12:58 PM

Barely made it op yesterday (because of the morning cookies) but I made it. I've had a great week - except for Sunday - hope that doesn't blow my weigh in, but it might.

Lauren - I craved chocolate. I was in college at the time & I remember my roommate baking me chocolate brownies with chocolate chips in them!:T ~ And the cookies are gone now. I stayed out of them the rest of the day until he picked them up last night.

Dap - hooray for all of the walking!:)

Lys - oh no on the hip! Take care of yourself. ~ My you were posting late.

gotta run - beautiful day here - Rabbit
OP since 5/13/02

05-15-2002, 01:41 PM
Great news!!! I do not have the bad eye thing. I am far-sighted? and have never been given a perscription for the right glasses. He gave me 1 for half of what he thinks I need and thinks I should work up to the full thing. He thinks that once my eyes are not working so hard all the time, I won't have problems seeing at night. He did NOT think there was any loss of my visual field. Most importantly - the test that measures the electrical impulses from your retina was completely normal - this is the "definitive" diagnostic test for retinal degeneration. So, I should NOT have problems with that in the future and hopefully these new glasses will help with the difficulty I do have seeing.

Needless to say, I was a huge, stressed out basket case all week. However, I did decide on Monday that, even if I did get bad news on Tuesday, I could either be a skinny blind person or a fat blind person - and I would rather be a skinny one:lol: So, I had a celebratory whoopie pie and coke yesterday and was back op for dinner.

Thanks for all of your support. Will catch up later and post more on the true miracle and joy of life.


05-15-2002, 02:22 PM
:D Bailey I am so happy for you!!!!! Just wanted to read the new post and say woohoo for you! I bet you are on cloud 10 not even a 9 today! D

05-15-2002, 02:24 PM
Hi All,

Bailey- Yeah, I'm soo glad to hear that everything turned out good at the eye doctor!! :D

Rabbit- Glad you're still OP!!

Lyss- Oh noo, time to through out that stair step!

Jul- My mom never had m/s either. But she was a little preeclampsic towards the end.

Brat- No cravings yet...just hungry!! Me being the paranoid person I am, I wish I did have cravings or m/s...just to confirm that I really am, still am, pregnant!! :rolleyes: It's just Roadrunner and I that are PG...unless there's anyone else holding out?! HMMM??? :lol

Have a great afternoon all!!

05-15-2002, 03:45 PM
Hi everyone!! I don't have a chance to read thru and catch up but I wanted to let you know that I'm being good. So far I've stuck with mostly salads except for the sushi I had last night -- yummy!!! CA people can make some killer salads!! I haven't been doing as well on the exercise area. I put in 1 hr on Monday (5 miles) but that's it so far. My evenings have been spent lounging in the jacuzzi enjoying the free alcohol. :D

Take care and miss ya!!!

05-15-2002, 06:07 PM
Hi guys!! Hope everyone is doing well. I am not eating so well this week. I will have bad news on WI if I don't straighten up and fly right!! People at work are beginning to notice that I'm loosing so I want to keep it up!!

Bailey: WOOHOOO!! I am so glad for you!! I hope the new glasses work and you can see better.

Lauren: Wonder if you'll still be saying that in 8 1/2 months!! :D
Yeah, DH and I are definitely walking a fine line. I've decided that he is broken!! The gyno never said anything about me being broken afterall!!

Rabbit: Yeah OP!! I KNOW how hard it is. You are doing awesome.

DAB: Yeah on the exercise. Keep it up. That's next on my agenda, but I gotta whip one problemo at a time!!

I've won two Dawn doll auctions and I am SO excited!! I can't wait to get the dolls. I think I'm going to have to start hitting estate sales and see what I can come up with!!

OK, Hope you all are having a wonderful evening!!
:wave: :wave:

05-15-2002, 06:51 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have decided that the scale lies!!!! Last week I was feeling good my clothes were fitting better and things seemed to be going well, I went to WI and had gained 2 lbs :mad: . This week, I was feeling bloated my rings barely fit my fingers I was hungry all the time and eating like the food would disappear, and I went to WI and I lost 4 lbs :eek: . I'm not complaining, I'm just confused. Anyway now I've got that off my chest....

I've decided that I should definately loose weight at this new job, not only am I out of the house so I have to eat on a regular schedule (not wait until I'm starving and then over eat), but I think I'm shorter from all the walking I did today. Of course today was training, and we were touring, but it still will be a big improvement over what I have been doing which is basically nothing. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and going out to buy new shoes!!!

LBH - you are definately strange if you wish you had M/S, from what I saw of my sister I would not wish that on anyone!!!

KarenK - Congrats on the "Dawn dolls" you sure seem excited. Just FYI - after 2 years, my sister and BIL decided something must be "broken" and went for fertillity testing and were going to be put on drugs but a scope test had to be done first and since it was invasive they did a PG test first and guess what they are due 7/18. So I wouldn't count on something being out of wack unless you're sure.

Rabbit - congrats on staying out of the cookies after a few, I don't think I could do all the baking you do w/o serious problems.

Liz - Glad you're enjoying yourself. Beware, free alcohol is :devil: (just kidding).

Baily - Glad you got good news at the eye doctor!!!!

DaB - you are just an exercising machine!! I am impressed.

Lyss - Hope your hip is feeling better soon. Time to sell that macine, and get one you can use!

Sorry if I missed anyone.

Gotta go mow the lawn (big drawback of home ownership) since we'll be out freezing our a**es off camping this weekend. I can't believe they're predicting chance of nighttime snow showers and we're going to be in a tent. May have to think about this some more......

Have a great evening everyone.

- Tech :spin:

Backfor 2002
05-15-2002, 10:28 PM
Hi everyone!

Bailey, I am so glad to hear that your eye is ok. It is probably wise to work your way up to the right prescription.
When I got glasses about 10 years ago the eye Dr took one look at me and said PLEASE tell me you have not been driving without any corrective vision. Well it was an adjustment when I got the glasses. I felt like I was constantly falling.

Rabbit, Good job getting on plan.

We are doing well on our end here. I am feeling very bloated so I hope I experience the same thing as you tech.

Hello to everyone else. I have to get running as it is girls night. We are all bouncing off the walls as we only have two weeks to the pv trip. This is the trip that the DH and I are going a week early then 6 other couples are joining us and we are staying in a villa for the second week.

05-16-2002, 09:24 AM
Finally some time to myself. The kids are still in bed. We stayed up watching the amazing race last night so they are tired. Anyway, had a lot of catching up to do. I don't even know the last time I checked in. Saturday was our anniversary I did not eat too much but I drank too much:o . Then Mothers Day went to my mom's house. Good old farm wife that loves to cook. Had some beer can chicken on the grill. OH yum yum that skin!:p And then the grilled butter baked potatoes. I did not even try to count the points. I even ate dessert.:D So since Monday I have had a jug of water practically in my mouth constantly. It seems to be working. Also TOM that always helps me because I get so bloated that my jeans are tight and I don't possibly have room for anything else. No big plans this weekend. Have to clean the cabin and get it ready for summer. That will be my exercise!

Rabbit Keep up the good work; to start the morning with cookies and end op is awesome!

Bailey I worried about you - glad to hear the great news!

Liz Sounds great Keep enjoying:D

KarenK When people notice it is so encouraging Keep up the good work!

Lauren I know what you mean about MS - it does relieve your wonder good luck!

Lyss Sell the thing so you do not hurt yourself again!

Tech Congrats on the 4#'s:smug: I know what you mean it puts you on an emotional rollercoaster to think one way and have the scale go the opposite direction.

Nanci Two weeks of vaca that will be heaven!

Daphne You go! Sure wish I had your energy!

Everyone have a great day!
Drink your WATER
:wave: :wave]

05-16-2002, 10:25 AM

I've only got time for a quick post. I need to get a lot done today before taking off for another show tomorrow. We get a break next weekend (no show). Our apprentice moved in on tuesday - it will be nice to have her help for the next 3 mts.

- jul

05-16-2002, 12:53 PM

Had another OP day & I feel good about it. It's good to know you're doing it right, you know?

Bailey - so happy to hear your eye news!!:D

Lauren - glad to hear you are feeling good.

Liz - sounds like you are handling your traveling well - good for you!

Karen - terrific that people at work are noticing!

Tech - hooray for your loss!:smug: Wild about the scales! ~ I did have serious problems with the baking I did over the holidays & don't plan to make that mistake again. I've got to be careful. ~ Enjoy your camping trip & don't freeze!

Nanci - have fun at girls night out! ~ Your vacation plan sounds awesome.:cool:

L&F - Thanks!

Jul - good luck at the show.

OP since 5/13/02

05-16-2002, 01:45 PM
Wow, miss a day, and a lot happens. My hip is actually worse today, and I didn't even exercise yesterday...could be the shoes I wore (platform type of sandals). Anyway just to clarify, it was one of those step things that looks like a box, not a stair stepper. I don't have enough room for real exercise equipment, or I would be using that, and not what I have. I have always wanted the kind that starts off small, and then you add more pieces until it is the height of a real step, but at the time I bought mine, it was out of my price range, and so I bought the cheap one which is the tallest height, and doesn't adjust. Needless to say, for my short stature, it is definitely too high!

I just got my tests from the dr, and everything is ok. So, now I will tell you all the scoop. I haven't been hungry in years!!! I always thought it was just because I over ate, so I never thought much about it. But, I haven't been over eating since January 25, and I started to wonder if there was more to it than just not being hungry. So I started looking up the causes on the internet. I found a site that listed possible causes, and they were anything from depression to colon cancer! And they said that it should be discussed with your dr. I was a little scared when I first read the info, but felt much better after I actually talked to the dr. So, thanks for your prayers. I did't want to tell you all before, because I thought you would think I was crazy. I am, but that is beside the point!!! :dizzy:

Rabbit - You are doing really great, keep it going.

Jul - Cool about the helper/apprentice. Boy don't we all wished we could have one.

L&F - Glad you could visit. Sounds like you had a nice Mother's day. Your mom sounds like the kind of mom I want to be some day, but I have to get the farm first. I think I should throw my step in the trash, I wouldn't want anyone else getting hurt on it like I did.

Nanci - I hope you had fun. Sounds like a really fun trip.

Tech - Just snuggle closer to dh on the camping trip. It may be a real fun trip.

Karen - I will have to look up dawn dolls, I think I had some when I was really little. A great aunt sent me some dolls that fit that description when I was about 3 to my great grandmother's house, but they disappeared shortly after that. I always missed it, and wanted more, maybe I get some now.

Liz - Sounds like you are doing good, and having fun. Looking forward to you getting back home.

LBH - I am with you on the m/s, it is supposed to be a good sign, but I think you have a few more weeks before you have to worry about that, and everyone is different. What matters most, is what the dr. says. So, don't worry, be happy.

Bailey - I am so happy for you, but what horrible terror to be in before you knew it was ok. Now you can come back to the exercise board, right? :?:

Well, gotta run. I have found a really cool way to make a quilt, so I am busy working on making that!!! Hope it works for me, I am a newbie to quilting!!!

Backfor 2002
05-17-2002, 12:45 AM
Hi all,

Well we are back from ww and I am trying not to freak out. I gained 4lbs. I know it is something weird as I have been op. I mean 4lbs! Sheesh.....
Dh lost .6

Mekkia, It sounds like your anniversary was fun.

Julie, Have a great time at the show. It is nice that you guys will be getting some help.

Rabbit, Congrats on another day op. That is awesome, all those days catch up.

Lyssalou, Glad to hear that everything is aok!

05-17-2002, 09:47 AM
Hello all!!!We are back from the cruise!!!I did great food wise and never had any dessert except for fruit and FF yogurt twice...I reallly am disgusted by sweet things and turned on by veges for some strange reason..I crave cucumbers and potatoes at every meal...weirdest things..baked potatoes with jalopenos and ketchup...One day, it was pickles dipped in mashed potatoes..
My food cravings didnt start until week 8...The nausea is better unless my stomach is empty and then it hits..I fainted once on the cruise by sleeping late and going from 6pm to 10am without eating...My appetite is zero but it makes things better to eat small meals!!!!

Tech--I remember Dawn..in fact I still have mine!!!Too funny. I forgot about her!!!!

Lauren--YEAH!!!!!!I am going June 11 and hopefully will hear a heartbeat...I am almost 10weeks and they say 10-12 weeks with a doppler!!!!I am 4 weeks ahead of U!!!I will have the boy and he will fall in love with your girl and get married!!!! :lol: :lol:
DH bought me a silver baby spoon on the cruise in Cozumel since this was the first vacation with the baby....I am praying that it didnt jinx anything......

Will post more later!!!!Have a great day all!!!!
Hey Lauren--wanna blow baby dust on every one here?????*L*

05-17-2002, 12:25 PM
Hi all!

Well, I lost .25 again (same as last week) at weigh in last night. I'm happy for a loss - I blew Mother's day. Progress is progress! And I've started having tootsie pops again for my after lunch sweet craving - I'm very happy with myself about that.:smug:

Lyssa - I'm happy for you that you had good news from the doctor. ~ Cool about the quilt - how are you making it? I'm learning to sew and want to quilt one day!:)

Nanci - that's totally weird about the 4 pounds. :shrug: Perhaps you are retaining water? I know right before my trip to FL I tried on clothes I HAD JUST BOUGHT & they were tight because I was retaining so much water before my period - I was freaking out & a couple days later everything was back to normal (after aunt flo showed up). Our bodies can be strange.

RR - you sound like you really enjoyed your trip!:) ~ No thanks on the baby dust, although I absolutely ADORE babies! But with ds being 21 and ss and sd being 20 & 22, I think it's a little late.

have a good weekend all~

OP since 5/13/02

05-17-2002, 12:25 PM
Hi All,

RR- Welcome Back!!!! :wave: I will be 8w4d on 6/10 when I go to the Drs. I hope that's not to early?! Pickles dipped in mashies, huh?! Yuck!! LOL, wouldn't that be a hoot if you had the boy and me the girl, etc.?! Hmm, I don't know, we may send Karen and Tech packing if we start blowing the babydust!! :lol:

Nanci- Sorry to hear about the gain...didn't you lose 4 lbs. last week? Think about what you ate, because DH only lost .6 too, which is low for him, isn't it? Did you have Chinese food, or something else salty that maybe you're retaining?

Lyss- Oooh, have you been taking ibuprofen? That will help, but you have to take it every 4 hrs. consistantly for it to work, one dose will not do it. Glad to hear all the tests came back OK! I'd love to hear about the quilt. I'm not a good sewer, but have always wanted a quilt. If you've figured out an easy way, do tell!! :D

Rabbit- Yeah for being OP!!

L&F- Ooo, that dinner at Mom's house sounds yummy!! Glad you're back OP now!!

Tech- Don't you pay any attention to Scalemonster...you know he can be a beast sometimes!!

Hi to everyone else!! Gotta get back to work!

05-17-2002, 01:42 PM
Just checking for a quick hello to everyone! Things are busy for me with planning everything for the house but it's fun - except for the spending money part! We went back yesterday to take measurements so we can do some shopping - should be fun. I hope we can afford what we need but if not we'll have to pick and choose what we really need for now. The food's been okay but not great - I'm floating between 148 and 150 which I'm not thrilled about but is not too bad.

Lauren & RR - glad you're both doing so well - I'm so happy for you. It all sounds so exciting. Except for the nausea!! :)

Rabbit - losing .25 is not bad when you include the Mothers Day weekend. Slow and steady wins the race right?

Nanci - the 4 pounds can be hard to take but if you're sure you had a decent week than either it is balancing your big loss the week before or it should all balance out next time. I bet if you stay OP you'll see a nice drop next week so TRY to not let it get you down.

Lyssa - so glad you finally saw your doctor and got some peace of mind.

Hi to everyone I've missed!!


05-18-2002, 12:11 PM

Not very many posts since yesterday - everyone must be really busy. Had a great op day yesterday - very healthy eating.:smug: And dh & I worked out this morning. Things are looking up (or down!!).

Elisa - enjoy buying things for your house.:D I like the 'slow & steady' phrase.

have a great weekend all.

OP since 5/13/02