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01-16-2009, 06:13 PM
Hi Ladies:
For you Long Time success Stories. Do you Follow a particular plan? foodwise? I notice that when I eat totally Low carb Atkins induction/SB Ph 1 I get woozy and weak. I'm just trying to find a good balance So I can get thru my last 20 but not "crash" to do it.

01-20-2009, 02:27 PM
I'm so far behind on people here and just saw this thread. I loosely, and I say loosely have followed the South Beach Diet since September 2007. I lost 19 pounds on it before my surgery.

My DD just started it after trying to exercise 5 days a week and eat lowfat and nary a pound lost. I talked her into the SBD; told her to just give it a try and see if it didn't stop her from crashing and being hungry every three to four hours. She just called me and asked me if she had to eat every three hours, because she is feeling so full all the time. LOL!! For me and for my DD, we are belly fat people and I hope I"m wrong about her but I think she is getting low blood sugar symptoms, just like I had before I developed high blood sugar problems. I'm cutting carbs in the morning because about an hour after eating a multigrain pancake or steel cut oats, I"m starving. So it is egg omelets, mostly egg white omelets with a tbsp of cottage cheese and maybe some left over veggies with some cheese thrown in; ricotta pancakes, cottage cheese with blueberries, stuff like that. The SB thread had a breakfast cheesecake that comes in handy for me. The mini-meatloaves are good for me for breakfast. Protein drink with fiber thrown in. Almost everyday around 4:00 I get a little bit of a crash because I haven't kept up a little bit of protein since lunch. My DH has lost 40 lbs on this diet and he has kept it off for over 6 mos. We have added an occasional potato back into his diet; I even had three oven baked homemade potato quarters yesterday. I had a two 2x2 squares of pizza yesterday with sausage and pepperoni on ready......homemade white crust. No problem, except I had the worse gas and it was awful trying to work and "control" myself. And he does eat an occasional slice of bread. His new snack is a plain rice cake with a tbsp of the PB&J chocolate peanut butter. I still do the one-minute flax muffin in the morning occasionally with PB&J maple on it. Today, I'm mad because I still have to be so careful about what I eat, and still plan my life around food. But, I'm getting ready to go out and shovel and will TG because I can shovel without the extra weight and someone finding my body lying frozen in the snow from a MO induced heart attack.

01-20-2009, 03:30 PM
Thanks for the input Nan!
if you still want/crave your oats (I crave hot cereal in this weather) Try adding 2 tbsp of ground flax. .. I use instant b/c if I make a big pot b/c then I end up eating it
1 pkt oatmeal
2 tbsp flax
i pkt splenda
cinamon ginger
1/2 cup milk post nuking

or Oats Flax Cinamon 1 tbsp of Dry Milk mix it and nuke it then Stirk in 1 tbsp PB! it tastes like a cookie!
And Nan Planning and having control of what you eat is soooo much better that being controlled by what you eat

01-20-2009, 04:56 PM
Thanks for the oat recipe. I do add a little protein powder in my steel-cut oats. I passed you mini-meat loaf recipe off to DD. She made herself a meat pizza. Salt and pepper hamburg, pat it out on a pan, bake until done and drain, then she added all of her pizza toppings on and she said that seemed to satisfy her need for pizza. I just can't stand the thought of her being obese if she doesn't get it under control. She will be 39 years old this year and arthritis is taking its toll on her. I got some zumba tapes and need to step up my work outs without hurting my back and hernia. I'm so housebound right now it is killing me and tempts me to eat more. This morning I took a few of my GD plain M&Ms and downed them. Oh, my gosh. Straight sugar and with that, shakes, sweats and stupidity. About us controlling the food and the food not controlling us.....good advise to me. Only time I'm getting outside is to work at night. I'm looking into flannel jeans from L.L. Beans. Someone from Wisconsin told me to look into them. I need warmth!

01-20-2009, 05:05 PM
Yes Nanj, the woozy weak feeling is low blood sugar. I used to have hypoglycemia when i was severely dieting. Its all about balance and getting the 1300 cal/day at MINIMUM your body needs to survive.
As for me, i've kept the 70+ pounds off by weight training. Not only have i lost pounds, but i've gone from 40%body fat to 20%. My goal is to get to 19% again (setback from illness). I eat what my body needs. What it craves. Thats just what works for me!

01-20-2009, 05:13 PM
Nan get your iron checked!! My woozy feeling comes from Anemia.
I hear you on the houseboundedness snack attack!
Do you guys Make Chili?
You can make a killer Chili Pie (my variation of Taco Bake from the SBD forum
baking FF refried beans as a crust (10 min 350)
Top with Leftover Chili and top that with Cheese
Pop in the oven 350 30 min
The bean crust is great for a mexican inspired quiche too