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01-14-2009, 11:27 AM
I remember someone...I think it was Lyn, looking for new ideas to satisfy a sweet tooth. Yesterday I was in the store and they had these boxes of single serve ready to make sugar free jello pudding, just add milk, on clearance for .75! Well, I just showed my son last night how to make a good-for-you banana split. :lol:

one pouch of sugar free vanilla or chocolate pudding mix w/ 1/2 cup skim milk is only 70 calories! We added a 1/3 of a small banana, thinly sliced, some strawberries and blackberries and he loved it.

All for probably 100 calories. Way better than any bag of cracker cookies. :lol: . And, it only makes a serving at a time so there is no big bowl to binge on later.

BTW...I also foud simply naked pita cheaps and OMG I'm in love. I have to count out a serving and then leave the kitchen...they are SO good. I don't even like chips so these are a great find. :woohoo: I was hoping to add some laughing cow cheese to them, but my stupid store is out! :tantrum: