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01-13-2009, 12:41 AM
Hello & :welcome: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

Feel free to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey! So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke etc. and pull up a chair and join us! :coffee: :cofdate: :coffee2:

01-13-2009, 01:11 AM
Okay, came back because I forgot a couple of things sidetracked when Charlotte called and then Jeopardy was about to start...can't miss my Jeopardy :lol:

WI was expected. I was terrible over the weekend...stress eating BIG time! But I am back on track today with both my eating and my exercise...I plan to be down at least the 2 pounds I've gained in the last two WI's. I swear everytime I make a goal of weightloss I just set myself up for failure. But I am really going to give it a good fight and I plan on losing those stubborn 6 pounds by Valentine's Day!!! Anyway...scales said 183.6, ugh!

Also, forgot to add my miles walked so of today the grand total is 30.70 miles...not a great start, but a start nonetheless. Onto indies..., did you get an actual answer/reason as to why the cut? Hoping it is because Gaby is doing GREAT with her speech! Hope she had fun at swimming and I hope that you got to watch Bachelor. Yes, bacon IS evil! Good thing I don't have it often...between me and daughter we will eat a whole package, okay...we have. This was half of a package because I refused to be a piggy and eat it all, lol. Even Cambrie asked for four! I told her after she ate two and her eggs if she wanted more I would give her more. Try not to work too hard tomorrow! You work tomorrow, right? Sorry I can't keep it straight...when I have it right it's wrong. Your salads sound really good!

FRANCIE...great job on the workout with the hubby! Glad you have a workout helps staying on track when you have a buddy. Keep it up missy!

SUE...definitely food porn, lol! I too could eat a whole package of bacon...that stuff is bad! :nono: There was a time I could eat half a package anyway, but not now...always thinking of the points and it is dfinitely not worth the points! I guess I missed that you guys were headed to head has been in the clouds lately for sure. Enjoy your trip and be safe. Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather :crossed: Be careful with your back too!

SASSY...I think you said something about WW? Can't remember what you asked. Jules, Me and I believe Tammy are doing WW. Were you still going to do it with your co-worker?

JULES...hoping all went well today, thinking of you. :hug:

I did get my workout in...87 minutes-finally! Felt good and thinking I need to get back into the routine. I had so much more energy when I was working out every day. I've noticed the lack of since I've slacked off. So that in itself is motivation enough for me to get back on track. Anyway...

Hello Katy, Kathy, Tammy, Mindee and anyone I missed...I know I forgot someone-sorry. :hug:

Just wanted to jump on quickly but quickly turned into 30 minutes. I am going to try and get up right at 5 in the morning so I can do a 30 minute dvd before heading to get Cambrie. Glad she spends the night tomorrow so I don't have to drive to get her so much. The plan is a day at Chuck E Cheese...will give her a little fun since she will be here all day. She only goes to preschool M-W & F so on Tues and Thurs when I pick her up she spends the night. Anywho...getting sleepy and need to go change my siggy/miles...Nighty, night ladies.

01-13-2009, 02:44 AM
Hi Cristina,

I was asking about the new Momentum plan that I have heard about on tv? I was gonna check into it. I think WW's would keep me in track for sure. :yes:

I just want this fat gone already.........I know it took me years to gain it and all, but I just want it gone. :lol:


01-13-2009, 10:40 AM
Good morning...

Just checking in before starting the day. Technically my day started at 5:30...going to be a long day for sure. Went to bed at a little before midnight but couldn't go to sleep for some reason.

Getting ready to exercise in a few minutes and then get ready for an early lunch and fun at Chuck E Cheese, oh joy, lol.

I weighed this morning and the pound+ I was up...I am down that, lol...go figure. Went with Monday's WI anyway. Hoping it stays off and I get more off too!

KATY...thinking of you today as you head to the doc's later.

JULES...thinking of you too! :hug:

SUSAN...don't work too hard today.

KATHY...hoping all is well with you. safe and have fun in Vegas!

And hello to everyone else :wave:

Better get going so I can get part of my exercise done and get Cambrie dressed and myself as well.

Have a GREAT day!

01-13-2009, 11:24 AM
I'm home today being a sickie. Asthma has turned into bronchitis and I'm on high doses of steriods and antibiotics for two weeks. TG for prescription coverage. My antibiotic would cost $202/week without it. Anyhoo....taking it easy today. More wedding planning/searching internet etc. Called dd Lauren this morning and told her I was off today to help her look up stuff. She took her little Papillon, Hunter, to get d-nutted....opps....I mean neutered. He's only 3 lbs. So cute. Speaking of mutts...still letting my scheduled dog walker take my boys out today. Too late to cancel her and they need the exercise. I'm lucky to breath well enough to get them out in the yard.

Ok BIKer's....the Momentum WW plan. It's really a combination of the core program and the points plan. They've done away with core, encouraging you to eat more of the filling foods from core and count all your points. i.e, instead of eating two pieces of buttered reg toast, they want you to eat a veggie omelet (using two egg whites, one yoke) and a serving of fruit. Same points value, but more filling. It also appears like they have cut off the extra points you would get if you did additional exercise (which I never did). They want you to do 30 min of any exercise/day. You still get the same points and the same 35 extra points/wk. I'm on week one and we'll see how I do on tomorrow's WI.

Cristina--You'll be in my T&P's with Ernie dog on Friday. BTW, how old is he?

01-13-2009, 02:35 PM

omf-ing......beet juice. The man next to me is pounding on his keyboard. Can't he be dainty like me???? It ANNOYS me!

I can't even talk now, I wanna kill him.

Cristina - Thanks for the new thread. Chuck E Cheese sounds like fun, too bad Gab is scared of Chuck, I would take her there more often. We are planning a bowling party for her instead. You're doing (as always ) really well on your exercise!! As far as the cut she said there was no time, unless she added it to 150 hours....:dizzy::dizzy::dizzy:, don't understand that. I just wanted 25 more minutes. lol

Katy - Thinking of you, hope you have a good doctors appt today.

Kathy - Where are you??? Miss you when you don't post.

Sue- Have fun in Vegas!

Gab had a good swim lesson last night and we headed to bed at 7pm, I felt guilty trying to get her to sleep before the Bachelor started. I don't know why it comes on at 8pm, seems early for that kind of show. I like (this week -lol) Stephanie who is way to classy for the show, she seems like such a kind hearted person. Melissa reminds me of Deanna, with her coloring....think Jason would be attracted to that.
Some of the ladies need to lay off the drinking at happy hour,geez.....maybe that is why it is so fun to watch?? lol

anyway - salad is made......purple onion,bell pepper, carrots,low fat cottage cheese ,kidney beans and some chicken tenderloin. I did get the munchies last night and had not one but two bowls of cheerios. If I can just knock off the late hour eating I would feel better.

:wave: to Jules, Francie, Sassy, Tammy, Mindee and Asia :wave:

better get to work.

01-13-2009, 05:31 PM
doing my daily drop in....

Today is Tommy's lodge night, so it is me and the monsters! I swear Logan has turned into something else lately. you name it, he is doing it!

they fixed our window for us today, without charging us because they had extra panes of glass in the basement. they put up some more plastic over this one, and they also put up some plastic over our bedroom window as well.

Now, to explain the mystery with the head maintenance guy......a long time ago Tommy and him had it out over something that wasn't fixed in a timely fashion like it should have been done. So, Tommy let him have it, and apparently he doesn't feel comfortable around him or in our house for that matter. So, he will send the two other guys to come fix the stuff, and then if they need him for anything or he needs to bring them something, he will come over, then call one of them on the phone to come to the door to get whatever it is.

my WI is tomorrow, and I am seeing that AF is trying to rear her ugly head, so I am not going to be surprised at the WI in the morning! I took that liver flush and I am not sure if it really worked.

the kids are watching Fireman Sam. tonight it is going to be kid cuisines for them and a lean cuisine for me! unless they twist my arm into making something else, but I am not seeing that at all!

01-13-2009, 06:41 PM
Hello Ladies

Well I woke up yesterday morning, after a only a few hours of sleep and weighed in at 229. So I lost all my Christmas pounds, and lost 1 extra. However, Cole had been up all night throwing up and coughing. So I spent all day doing the same. When I woke up this morning I weighed 225. I would do a happy dance, but I know that those extra 5 lbs is just water that I really need to drink today. Too bad.

SusieQ - Have you seen the show Mamma's Boys? Glad Gabby had a good swimming lesson. She will love the bowling party. When is her birthday? And wow, some lady wants to fatten you up? :rofl: I guess you know that you are successful when someone wants to feed you. Although I must say that your salads sound pretty darn good, and make me want to eat them also. Did you get Gaby to sleep before your show?

Tammy - Congratulations on becoming a Grandma. I hope that you get well quickly. Do you get bronchitis often? Have fun with more wedding planning. Do you have anymore kids that you will need to help with wedding plans sometime in the future?

Cristina - How was Chuck E? Did you guys have fun? I am looking foreward to when Punkin is a little older and we can go out and do stuff like that. Sorry about Ernie. I got the WATP 3 miles with hand weights so that I can do that also. And 31 miles (closer to 31 than 30) is pretty darn good.

Sassy - Good luck with the house, I liked the pictures of them. I know exactly how you feel about wanting the fat gone now.

Francie - That must be great working out with Fonzo. At least you guys are able to spend more time together. Good job with the gym workout. What did you guys do today?

Mindee - Good luck with finding somewhere new to live. Glad Tommy will be getting his operation, and getting unemployment. Did anyone come to look at the window?

Katy - How did your appointment go? When does your DH get to leave on his trip?

Jules - Ok now this is too much. Your hubby is a good cook, but doesn't cook to often? MINE TOO. I will say there is nothing to make, and he asks shakes his head and pulls a bunch of stuff out and throws it all together and it always turns great. Why can't I do that? And its too bad that he doesn't cook more. However mine does do the dishes because I don't load the dishwasher quite right. Does Dave try to be a good dad? Is he trying to get Teri back?

Sue - I know that you are in Vegas, have a great time.

Ok, well it has taken me all day to actually type this. I am trying to get up off the couch, seems as I was sick yesterday, and not feeling to great today, no one has cleaned up all the puppy pee in the kitchen, so I must go and clean up all the paper, and mop the floor. Thankfully they are ready to go in about 1 more wee. Now she just has to find some homes for them.

Chat later

01-13-2009, 07:04 PM
Thanks for all the good thoughts. The doc went fine, though it was all tests, so I really won't know what's going on with me until the tests come back. I have a follow up in 5 weeks. Might get a CT scan at that time if my hip pain doesn't go away. Anyhoo, the endometrial biopsy was PAINFUL, so I am on ibuprofen and have been curled up watching Season one of Mad men all day...just don't feel up to much else. Oh, and I got caught up on 24...looks like this season could be a good one for a change.

I watched part of the Bachelor last night, then fell asleep. I like Jillian and Stephanie so far..both seem as genuine as a person can be on this're right, Susan, some of them need to step away from the mini-bar. They sure aren't showing much of Stephanie...seems like the producers do that at the beginning with the person who ultimately wins... so fingers crossed :)

Hope you are all having a good day!

01-13-2009, 08:22 PM
OMG...I've been on this computer all day. I must have sent poor Lauren 6 emails with 5-6 links on each one for her to look at stuff. Between that and coughing.....have done very little. Sent dh out to pick up dinner.

Kathy--I have pretty severe asthma which is mostly controlled by 5 meds a day. I know, sounds like alot but I'm used to it and certainly refuse to let it stop me but unfortunately when I catch a cold or such it can quickly turn to bronchitis or pnuemonia. Only about once a year thankfully. As for any more wedding plans, I don't think so. This will probably be the last. Don't know what my step-d's preference might be in a lifetime partner. She has not ever hinted to her sexual preference ;)

Katy--I love 24. Was glued to it the past two nights. Hope you feel better soon. Take care and best wishes with your test results.

01-13-2009, 08:51 PM
back again.....

the kids are all asleep and it is before 8pm! YES!!! now the down side from that is that they will all be up at the butt crack of dawn! although now I hear that Marissa is still awake, but she is being quiet, for now anyways!

I will be so happy when we get out of this place! for the past couple of weeks now we have been dealing with ants. last week, the guy came out and took care of the ants in the kitchen......and tonight I found them in our bathroom! I have cleaned off the counter and I just found four more. He told us last week that if what he sprayed in the kitchen doesn't work then to call him back in a week and we can try something else that is stronger. I will let Tommy know that I found some more, and we will more then likely be calling the office manager and telling her that they are now in the bathroom.

Kathy~ Thanks for the good luck! we are surely going to need it! I hope you start to feel better soon. Yes, the guys came and looked at the window. And in fact, the head maintenance guy came over, stood on the sidewalk, then walked away and sent the other two guys over to take care of the window.

Katy~ I hope you start to feel better soon! Good luck with your testing.

Tammy~ You are still planning like a mad woman, aren't you? We are planning on a dinner out on Thursday. Brandon's school does a little fundraiser kind of thing at the local Wendy's so we are thinking of going there for dinner. Tommy said it will be his last hoorah to his gall bladder before his surgery on Friday.

01-13-2009, 09:41 PM
No word on Mom yet...she's going to call tomorrow. Stayed home from work with a migrane today.

Mindee-yuck about the ants...Teri's room was invaded by ladybugs when we first moved here. SHe sucked them up with the vaccum cleaner.

Tammy--busy lady!! Hope you feel better soon

Katy--I have started watching the Bachelor this year cause you all like it so much. I like Stephanie too...and I think Melissa?? the one from TX he went on the blimp ride with. There's another one I like but I forgot her name. Hope they get some results to make the pain seem at least like you needed to do it.

Kathy--our hubby's are long lost relatives..we just don't know it. Dave would love to get back with Teri...she was his meal ticket and he still lied and cheated on her more than once and choose to pick fights instead of just saying he wanted to go see his friends. As far as being a good Dad, he's not as good Dad as he thinks he is. BTW--wtg on the loss!!

SuzyQ--reading the posts backwards and it seems I like the same ones you do. Beet I want some killing annoying men...if you got started you would never be able to stop and become a serial killer and profiled on America's Most Wanted and women would want to become like you....and have the courage to start disposing of their annoying men...

Cristina--wtg on your loss too and your exercise......Our the salads at your Chuckee Cheeses really expensive?? We got the one serving and got a tiny little bowl--should have went for the all you could eat. Have fun with Cambrie!!!

Sassy--Tammy explained it perfectly...I like the meetings accountability, but the online looks good too. Join now with the free membership and try it out a few weeks...what's there to lose...but some pounds....I am losing slowly, but I always's why I let myself get frusttrayed and quit. Quitting is not getting it done so I will take the slow.

Sue--have a safe trip and a fun time!!

Francie--Did I see a movie advertised about the Shopaholic Books you like?? How did the gym/walking go today??

What happenned to Asia????

well, I am going to check out a few other sites and then go to bed. I still have a dull headache and feeling a little sick on the stomach after the migrane passes.

01-14-2009, 12:17 AM
Hey Girls. I completely fell off of the wagon and gained back all but 5 lbs. I am so ashamed but I feel stronger about this next one. I cant be like this. I am so uncomfortable all of the time. AAAAAHHHH. Here is to one more go. I am so sorry for abandoning the group. Do yall take me back? I really need yall. I got far the first time because of yall. I know yall can help me get back and then move forward. I missed yall so much!!!

01-14-2009, 12:47 AM
I am back again!

I am doing some research on some things and we think that Logan might have ADHD. So, we are going to be calling the pediatrician on that issue in the morning.

Tommy brought home a nice surprise from his lodge meeting.......he got two tickets to the Wings game the day after his birthday! So we will be going to that just the two of us!!!!!!

01-14-2009, 01:19 AM
Hello All. :wave:

Thank You Tammy for the info!

Jules -- I think I will try it out, like you said, what do I have to lose but FAT!!! :lol: And I can use all the help I can get! :rofl:

Here is a poem that is on my bookmark I am currently using in the book I am reading right now that I wanted to share:

Don't Quit (
by : Jill Wolf

I had my spring green salad lastnight for lunch with red peppers and my low-fat dressing. It was soooo tasty! I even had my coworker wanting some so since we bought such a HUGE container of spring greens, I brought some in for her. ;) I brought it in again tonight for my lunch and this time cut up my cucumber to add to it too. ;)

I am gonna use the snap peas I bought with the stir-fry I want do with the skinless, boneless chicken I have. I also have frozen veggies that go into it, peppers & onions. So I plan on making that.

I also have what they call an "Immunity Boost" ( It has Broccoli, red and yellow peppers, in a garlic infused Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Seasoning. ;) I also got some of those Green Giant "Steamers" too. Very convenient for work and that helps esp with my shift. lol.

My coworker/friend went home early. They are fixing the plumbing in her bathroom so they were tearing in to the walls yesterday while she was trying to "sleep" and needless to say she didn't get any. So she came in and then was gonna leave at midnight (she works 9 pm - 9:30 am) so I told her she should just login and then stay a little bit then leave because you lose the same point regardless after a half-hour. (our attendance is in points) So she stayed until a little after 10 then left. I told her next time to stay home and call our boss and as long as I am here, he will most likely approve her off, as I have done it before. Only I emailled him in the am and then he called and left me a vm letting me know I could have that night off. That way you don't have to drive in and don't lose any points. ;) It stinks being alone, but I would much rather be alone then deal with her complaining and everything about being tired and not feeling well, etc. lol.

Well I wish you all the best!


01-14-2009, 11:38 AM
Good Morning...
Feeling much better today. I am just getting ready to hop on the treadmill. Just wanted to pop in and say hi!

Hi to Wildthing :wave: Don't all the ladies here stick with you in your heart even though you have been away? I know they did with me.


01-14-2009, 12:55 PM
Hey Ladies!!!! I am doing my first real check in again!! I am so excited. :pAndrew has decided to jump the final wagon with me. I say final wagon because I refuse to fall back off. I feel stronger about it this time I think. Anyways I am fixen to go on a rather large walk with him. Its gonna be big. I want to walk for at least a half hour. But not a stroll. A huff and puff walk. I did change my diet up a little. i am doing the diet my dad got on when he got diverticulitis. Its high fiber, no starch, no iceberg lettuce, no seeds. I can eat the seeds because I am not sick. I dont want to eat the lettuce because its hard for it to digest. It sticks to your intestines. The other lettuces dont. I can have red and Romain and spinach all day long. Anyways I am gonna eat beans and turkey meat. Its like chili but its not. i think it will be good. I hate beans but I think these might be good. They smell wonderful. Well let me know how yall are doing! I will check back in after my walk and let you know how much it hurt me. It has been a while since I have exercised. Bye!!!
Sassy- I loved that poem. I want to memorize it so that when the dark time comes it will help me though!;)

Luckycharm- You are so right. Last night I made up my mind to fight this and I immediately had to get back to the girls. They were right there on the tip of my mind!!!

01-14-2009, 12:59 PM
Just a quick Hi...I will be back to do indies after I get little miss Camrbie off to preschool. Getting ready to give her a bath and some lunch...too early because she just had breakfast at 8:30...little booger slept until 8...should have woke her up. Going to go buy some groceries after I drop her her then will be home for the day! Anyway...I'll be back later.

Have a good morning!

01-14-2009, 02:04 PM
Welcome back Asia!! We have all fallen off the wagon at least one time.
Love the poem Sassy!!
Glad you are feeling better Kathy!!
Quick hi back at you Cristina!!

Mindee--be careful with ADHD diagnosis--Ry has alot of the symptoms but actually is not--google Cynthia Tobias--she has a great book called "The Way They Learn" and another book that helped was called "The Woman's Guide to Personalities?????--I will have to go home and check to be sure.
(it was bugging me... (Ry is popular, Jerry and Teri are perfect and I am a peaceful--it's why Ry and Jerry butted heads buring the teenage years--they don't care about the same things and why Jerry and Teri are butting heads now--they both think they are right in EVERY argument and neither gives in and why they ALL drive me crazy trying to keep everyone seeing the others point of view)

Hi to everyone else!!

Mom has four enlarged lymph nodes including the one that she felt that is causing slight pain--she goes to get biopsied in two weeks, unless it gets larger or the pain increases--I am going to be a mess until I know what it is.....

Back to work, even though I CANNOT concentrate!!!

01-14-2009, 02:06 PM
Cristina - You need to send me a picture of you so that I can put it on my treadmill. Yes Seriously.

Well I am really close to saying that my Valentine's Day Challenge Goal is impossible. WHAT was I thinking? Today I actually did it in 39:55, but that was 60 seconds jogging at 5 mph, and 60 seconds walking at 4mph until I reach 3 miles. But at 10 minutes when I was ready to say I can't go on, I thought of my dear friend who would put in 80 more minutes, and I kept going. And then I thought truly how fast I do 3 miles at the end of this is really not as important as the effort of just doing the exercise and see how close I can come to reaching the goal.

Well I must run and get ready to go into town. I will be back later.


Jules - :hug: to you. I will be praying for your mom and you.

So this is the missing Asia - Nice to meet you.

01-14-2009, 02:10 PM
Kathy--I will take all prayers and hugs sent my way!!!

01-14-2009, 02:11 PM
popping in here to see how every one is doing.....

Jules~ I will definitely check out that lady here in a second. He has some ADHD tendencies, but he doesn't have them all, as far as we can tell because he isn't in school. And that was where a lot of the warning signs would be shown, or at least on one of the websites that I was looking at said.

I have to run and email the office manager to see if I can get another plastic kit for our doorwall. I asked yesterday and she gave me one but that was for our bedroom window. to do two windows yesterday, it took four window kits! (they kept ripping and sticking to each other.) I am going to attempt to fix the one in the boys room that Logan just ripped.

01-14-2009, 02:18 PM
Mindee--here's her site Ry about drove me completely nuts from the womb he was such a live all changed once he grew up, not that he still doesn't bounce around faster than the rest of us.

01-14-2009, 02:41 PM
Good Morning,

Asia- Nice to see you back! We have all missed you. How was your Christmas?

Kathy - Never heard of Mamma's Boy. I think your challenge would have been hard, at least for me. I could never speed it up and I tried. You're right though the effort is everything! I am glad you are feeling better.

Jules - I can't kill annoying men?? What if I already did?? lol :hug::hug: I am sorry you all will have to wait, must be torture.

Katy - You too! :hug: I am not sure which one is Jillian, I will have to go look. I have this dumb area on my left hip area, been like that for a few months. What do you think that is????

Sassy - Like the poem too,thanks for sharing it. I love snap peas! I saw a recipe w/ snap peas and radishes mixed w/ a low cal Italian dressing, might try and make that sometime.

Francie- How is your week going?

Cristina - Did little Cambrie get off to school ok? You have to drive her or a bus picks her up? I was an absent minded parent this morning and let Gab eat out of the peanut butter jar w/ a spoon as I did the dishes. Didn't realize she was getting it all over her leggings. Ugh. So, had to dash upstairs for anther outfit to put on her. When we got to school all the kids were already going inside. Course she had to complain that I didn't get her there on time. Turd.

Sue - Hope you are having a good trip to Vegas!

Tammy - :wave:

Mindee - Hope you and the kids are having a good morning.

anyway - I spent my morning getting my benefit papers in order and turned in. I thought my medical started in Feb but it won't start til March. I could have sworn that I started in late Oct. I guess it was 11/6. - blah - blah.

Grocery shopping is my only thing on the to do list today. Swimming tonight and back to work tomorrow.

01-14-2009, 02:55 PM
Katy- Ok. I went and saw Jillian, the hot dog chick,right? See,my mind is wired to remember people that way. lol I like her actually and Jason seems to like her out going personality. I do like Stephanie a lot though, look forward to her one on one next week. Not sure though if I would let my little girl be on camera meeting him. :dizzy::dizzy:

anyway - toodles again :wave:

01-14-2009, 05:44 PM
Good afternoon ladies... the new pics on myspace...I know only you know your body best but you are looking good missy. I don't see where you need to lose even a pound! But as I said, you know your body best and what you are comfortable at. The girls are so purdy too! I take Cambrie to preschool. I am watching her M-F again. I pick her up on Mondays, Tues, and Thurs mornings and she spends the night Tues & Thurs I don't have to drive so much. But then I take her too preschool on M-Tues & Fri and Josh or Charlotte pick her up. Hey, I eat out of the peanut butter jar, lol. Don't tell anyone but I use my finger sometimes, lol...who needs a spoon?! Sorry about the insurance, I thought you started end of Oct too!

Kathy...I agree with Susan and you of course. I know for me (I am slow) I could never do less than 45 minutes. I feel like I am walking at a good pace outdoors but I'm not...good pace for me. I just concentrate on getting the exercise done and not so much the time. And I should be talking because it is after 3 and I've not gotten any in today, yikes! Trying to get on some kind of schedule to include it while I am watching Cambrie. Just hate doing it all in the evening. Glad you are feeling better. :hug: Here's a pic for ya...

Jules...more prayers for your momma, and hugs to for you all. :hug: :hug: OMG! The stinking salad at CEC is terrible. I too thought I should have just got the freakin salad bar deal after seeing the price for that little bowl was $4.99 :yikes: There should be a law!!!

Francie...I thought of you yesterday when I saw the commercials for the Shopaholic movie. Kind of disappointed in it...thinking they should have gotten someone else to play the lead. How's the workouts with the hubby going? How is your BIL doing and have you gotten any snow yet?

Asia...good to see you back, was wondering and hoping things were well with you. Good to see you getting back on track. you can go to your first meeting free to decide if you think it is something you want to do. So that's something you might want to check on too.

Tammy...I think it was you who asked how old Ernie dog is...he is 13 1/2...we have had him since he was about 8 weeks old I believe, back in 1995. Can't bear the thought of losing's killing me. I try to stay out of Josh and Charlotte's life/business but it's hard...they drag you in. I think she had this idea of the perfect inlaws and how she fits into the picture...she really barged into the family. I didn't have much time to get used to her or the idea of having a DIL she was just there. But she feels like she has to be in our lives the same time though...if I am not around I get "You don't care" ugh...can't win for losing, lol...damned if I do and damned if I don't. Hope you are feeling better today! :hug:

Katy...hope you have some relief from the bleeding and cramping. Hey, I was telling the hubby about your hubby being in the parade and he said he saw them on the telly yesterday morning, not sure on what but he said they were talking about them, UGH! I missed it!

Mindee...glad they fixed the it is COLD there! Brrrr!

Susan, you mentioned hot dog and it made me think of the Biggest Loser. Last week they sent half the people home and told them if they did good they could come long as their team member was still there...of course there is more too I believe of the guys really teed me off because he went home and met his family at some little hamburger joint and he ordered water and then ordered two hot dogs and fries :devil: :mad: WTH?! of course I am sick of the show already because they kicked the old man off last night...I wanted him to stay because I thought the young kid had a better chance of making it on his own. But thinking right now, maybe not because it was his brother that got the hot dogs and fries!!!!!! Anyway...

Ive not gotten anything at all done, lol. I think I am coming down with a cold...not feeling so great, kinda grumpy for some reason. Getting ready to do a load of clothes and then will probably exercise after Jeopardy. :crossed: Getting so lazy!!! I did get Cambrie off to preschool though and got some groceries bought so I guess it wasn't a total bust! Chat later ladies, unless I turn in early.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT day!

01-14-2009, 06:37 PM
Cristina - You do a lot for little Cambrie. I wish I could have counted on my mom to do that for me , I might (biting my tongue on this....because I am a mermaid at heart) not have moved to the coast. Now I sit here having to count on her father. Argh.
It has been ok (I lie, not really) so far. He has been able to pick her up from school and be there til evening when I have to work. Still, who wants to be that close to an ex???? lol
The R's father is difficult to but at least I trust him.
I know. I thought I started in late Oct. :?: If I want to cover Gaby it would cost $244, so I have to think of that. I don't know how I can afford everything.

I feel ok now where I am in weight. I figure if cut all the loose skin off I would be around 132 :D.....seriously. I have skin around my mid section and around my upper legs that I could take the carving knife to. lmbo. I wish. I wish I was wealthy enough to have plastic surgery. But, thanks!

Hope you are having a good day! Enjoy Jeopardy :) Sorry, I don't mean to be a downer, just tired now.

01-14-2009, 07:17 PM
Susan- you sound tired...take care of yourself, okay? Yeah Jillian is the hot dog chick. I thought that was kind of silly at first, but she is outgoing and seems pretty sweet. idk about Stephanie and bringing her daughter along so soon and on tv...that doesn't sit well.

Cristina - like the picture - you are looking fit!

Asia - welcome back..we missed you. we can all get on the wagon together..I certainly haven't been losing lately and I need to get it in gear, that's for sure!

Jules - your Ry and my James sound lot alike...J ran circles around everybody for the first four years of his life. I was never going to have another kid because he was such a handful! He calmed down a bit by 4 or so and, well, the rest is history ;) He's still a driven kid...I don't know why the rush, ya know?

Mindee - I second Jules' suggestion...lots of kids have some of the traits, but not enough to qualify as a diagnosis. My DD's preschool teacher thought something was up with her so we had her evaluated...I thought we should as , as you pointed out, certain behaviors show up when they go to school. Turns out she's just quirky...all the tests came back fine. It's good to be concerned and keep an eye on him.

Kathy - good job on the treadmill...I see Cristina has a picture up for you to put on it...I should put it next to my Wii thing you know, Cristina will be everywhere!

Well, I have to get going and take Leigh to tap class. My cramping and bleeding have stopped, thank goodness. I feel much better today, though a bit tired. Now I just have to wait for test results. no fun.

so far, carbs are ok for today... will work hard to not blow it at dinner.

01-14-2009, 09:06 PM
Howdy everyone

Ok I now know that I have to try and get a picture of my mother to post up here. She was walking on the treadmill, playing the wii. Too funny.

Katy - Glad that you are starting to feel better. Hope you get a couple nights of good sleep. Sorry that you have to wait so long to get your test results. I bet Leigh is quite a sweetheart in her dance gear. Does being so driven help J in school? Bet he's a great soccer player.

SusieQ - You could move here. Then you wouldn't need to worry about the ex's. But there really is no water around here. You are a strong woman. :hug: Ok Momma's Boys is pretty much the same as the bachelor BUT it is 3 guys, and their Moms are there with them and they have to approve of? Or pick? the girl. Not sure which one. Haven't watched it because one of the moms was so unreal that I turned it off.

Cristina - You do look fit. And walking 3 miles in 45 minutes is still 4 MPH which is a good clip. Does your DD work? I agree with you about the biggest loser. I did not want Jerry to go home. But wow him and his wife look totally great. Also, I think that the wrong chick went home of the grey? team. I was so glad that Bob has his freak out at her.

Jules - How old is Ry? Did he bounce off the walls as a teenager also? My other DS is 17 and he is so laid back, not in a hurry at all. Drives me crazy sometimes when I am trying to get him out the door. Cole is a little that way to. Nothing to hurry for. Cole's teacher did comment that he does like to take his time with everything he does. One question for you - How does your family like the show "The Simpson's"?

Mindee - How old is Logan? I need to pick up some plastic for the windows. Do they really work? That is great that Tommy got some tickets to a hockey game, and you two will get to go out on a date.

Sassy - thanks for sharing the poem. It is a great one. Your salad sounds great. And what a great support partner you are to your coworker to take her some also. I have to say, between you and SusieQ with your descriptive salads have made me stay away from the goodies, and make myself a salad.

Francie - How did your day go today?

Tammy - that is alot of medication. So do you have to watch how you exercise with having athsma? I saw a new Jenny Craig commercial on TV and it was promoting some new plan that lets you eat more, I wonder if they are following the WW Momentum Plan in their new plan. Interesting to see what they all come up with.

Sue - Hope you are having a great time.

Asia - What plan were you doing before you fell off the wagon that you had success with?

I had a little NSV today. When I went to get something for supper tonight, the store had free samples of the very best (edited out so no one would get a craving) and I resisted. Then when I got here to my parents house my dad offered me (again edited so no cravings are shared) but trust me, I love them. I had to say no again. I am actually proud of myself. Then I had to come and tell you all about it, so when I go back upstairs I can't really have one because I said I didn't. Thanks ladies for helping me out in a tense situation.;)

01-14-2009, 09:22 PM
Katy--Ry still paces, drives hubby nuts, but Dominic loves it. Ry has always been very quirky and never fit in the mold, still doesn't. He's creative, draws, writes, sings and has a great imagination. He refused to turn in homework in middle school but would ace the test. He drew some really disturbing pictures during his angry teenage years but didn't turn out to be a serial killer, Was reading the classics by 5th grade...20,000 leagues under the sea and such--in 9th grade he tested at the reading comprehension level of a junior in college but due to the switch from old fashioned spelling and reading and sounding words out and learning the "rules" to phonetics didn't do well with writing--he does better now with spell check but you could read whatever he wrote using phonetics. But most teachers HATE that over energetic daydreaming student. Waiting on test results suck.

SusieQ--my mom has always been great with the kids, Ry spent weekends with her every now and then until he was around 17 and started working. They have gone on lots of road trips, mostly to scenic spots or historic places. They took a trip to a place called Skyline Drive in the mountains of VA during the peak of Fall colors every year into his 20's--he actually would ask off work to go with her. She picked my Teri up and took her to gymnastics, volleyball and basketball and both Ry & Teri to cross country and stayed and watched. My Mom is awesome and I love her. Jerry says my Mom and his grandmother are the only women in his life (besides me) to have shown him true unconditional love. His mom on the other hand is nutso. BTW pink is your color--love the pic with Rocky's fave pink shirt and your beautiful smile. How is he btw?? pS--I have 32 acres of land and know where there are some deep quarrys if you ever need them....

Cristina--Dominic loves cherry tomatoes and was eating them when we were there and his half sister Lily was eeewww does he like tomatoes and I said yes, and she was eeeewwww I don't like them. It really grossed her out when he ate some of my black olives and cucumbers. Dave said that Dominic gets from Teri cause their family eats alot of meat and potatoes but hardly any other veggies at all --no salad or veggie dishes allowed at their house. You need a tiara when ou exercise since you are the exercise queen!

Mindee--realizing that Ry was normal for him after reading her book really helped, I had a tape too--I will have to see if I can find it and let you borrow it. It helped me to learn what his strengths and weaknesses were. Have fun an your date nite at the game!!

Hi to everyone else....

Well...i am off of you guys!!!!

01-14-2009, 09:35 PM
Kathy--hey popped in on me. Don't bother editing out food porn...I watch Guy's DIners, Drive-ins and Dive and other shows on the Food Channel and Hubby like those Travel Channel shows where they have the biggest burger, omelet etc.... food porn at it's finest. Ry will be 24 on April 1 (right before Francie's bday!!) and Teri turns 22 on June 20th. Ry is a strange combination of laid back and bouncing off the wall energy. Ry did really great in Social Studies, Art, any science class that had to do with nature, any English class that involved reading or creative writing, was runner up in a Geography Bee that went to state finals, wood shop and any basically any class he loved the teacher. He despised Math, that was definitely the worst subject for him but the best for Teri--she despised history and social studies. The kids and I love the Simpsons--I remember their start on the Tracey Ullman show--hubby not so much--he will watch it now and then.

01-14-2009, 11:30 PM
Busy posters... definitely are NOT a downer! I do do a lot for Cambrie...just trying to help them out. Just glad she took a liking to us and us to her, and Chase of course. And her daycare provider was being crappy to her because they put her in preschool...she didn't like that for some reason and started treating her different. Hope you get some rest/sleep! :hug:

Kathy...I want to see that picture of your momma! One day I will get a Wii, maybe. DD isn't working right now, she was working as a receptionist and is thinking about going back to school...just not sure for what. I too think the wrong person went home on the grey team and laughed when Bob tore into her!!! It stopped her didn't it?! :bravo: on your NSV! Proud of you! :carrot:

Jules...funny, I had to almost force the kids to eat veggies, lol...they hated them and still do, for the most part, except the oldest...he'll eat just about anything. The other two are still picky. But it cracks me up that Chase and Cambrie will eat salad and just about any veggie...they love them!

Katy...glad the bleeding and cramping has stopped and hope you get some sleep! Sorry you have to wait for the test results...waiting totally sucks! Hope little Leigh enjoyed her tap!

Hiya to everyone else :wave:

Just thought I would get on for a few minutes. The hubby wanted to watch a game on the big tv so I am down in the basement. Me and daughter are watching Some Like It Hot...she loves the old movies. Okay, she is mostly watching because I'm on this thing, lol...but I can see and hear it. I did get 4 miles in after all. Wasn't going to do any exercise because I just feel tired but I did it anyway.

No special plans for tomorrow. Picking up Cambrie and working with her, then have to run to the post office and bank and that's about it for the day. Hoping it will be a little warm so we can go out, wishful thinking I think.

I almost forgot...didn't want to take away from Tammy's great news...I am going to be a grandma to and again!!! :carrot:

Okay, I am outta here...take care ladies. Nighty, night!

01-15-2009, 01:09 AM
Hey ladies. I am here for indys. Its been a while since i have done those. I had a very good day. I ate ground up turkey with beans. Its a lot like chili but it isnt. I had a double fiber English muffin with it. I had a few bites of dark chocolate and an orange and a half. I had a chicken salad sandwich with a few bites of fruit and a few bites of frozen yogurt. I also walked for over and hour. I went for a half hour walk with Andrew and then I walked each dog ( I have 3) which took me 40 min. It was a very good day. anyways moving on....

Kathy- It is very nice to meet you!!! I look forward to getting to know you better. I was doing no high fructose corn syrup. I am still doing that but just with high fiber. Basically more natural.

01-15-2009, 10:30 AM
'Morning ladies...

ASIA...what kind of beans did you have with the turkey? Me and DD tried some turkey patties once and they were gross! What is in your chicken salad...always looking for good recipes.

Just checking in before starting the day. Getting ready to head out in the snow, ugh! and run some errands. It is so freakin cold outside. I think we are only supposed to get about 2 inches of snow...hoping that's all. The drive wasn't bad this morning at all...just your usual stupid drivers! Ummm...why is it the streets are icy and snow covered and these dumba$$e$ in their stupid gas guzzling SUV's drive faster?! WTH?! Seriously...these two ating like they were racing, geez. Do it away from me stupids! My rant for the day, lol.

Anyway...better get going and get things done so I can get back and get some breakfast...a little hungry and getting grumpy. I'll be back later to chat more.

Take care :hug:

01-15-2009, 12:20 PM
Morning All. :coffee:

Well to begin the day I have a confession. I ate an entire pizza myself. :o Not all at once, but I did eat it all by myself. I am so ashamed of myself. But I can say that I did "pay" dearly for it. I guess after eating so healthy and then eating this, my system definitely rejected it, to say it nicely. :barf:

So there is a lesson for myself. My body is telling me "hey stupid! I don't like the crap food! Get a clue!" So after I get done from here I am going to the WW's site and scoping it out. :bravo:

Oh don't think I told you all that DH and I are going to see that house later on today. (the 1st one) So pls wish us lots of luck!!! :crossed: I mean DH said that of course for some reason if we don't like this house or we don't get it, then we will keep looking, but oh I so hope it all works out! If it does OMG ya'all I think I will have to do a dance :dance: of joy!!! :cp:

Anywho don't wanna bore anybody here. I am reading an excellent book and almost finished with it. Infact I read for like 3 hours lastnight and didn't even realize it until I looked up at the clock! :fr: I love books like that, that you just get totally engrossed in!!

Well I am outta here for now, TTYL to give you the details about the house!!!


01-15-2009, 12:32 PM
just thought I would pop in here quickly.....

Tommy got a call this morning from the nurse at the out patient place....He has to be there at 6:30am, and his surgery is at 7:30am! So, we are now in the home stretch..he told me last night that he wanted to look online to see how they would perform the surgery. I said "no you are not because then you will back out." He said "no I won't I just want to see how they will do it"

Jules~ Thanks for the photo comment on Myspace. I was actually making strombolis that night. (just like pizza but rolled up instead of flat)

Kathy~ Logan is three years old. The window kits really work when they are put together right. And the kids don't poke holes in them, then they work fine.

01-15-2009, 02:48 PM

Good morning.....

Cristina - Congrats to you!! omg- I want a baby in the house!!! I am so excited for your family. :dance: Enjoy the day w/ Cambrie :) Thanks for the myspace comments!

ugh, I drank way too much coffee.....but if I get off the computer (at the library) I can't get back on. So, no one wants to comment on taking a carving knife to all the flab?? I am SURE it would be at least 10 pounds, therefore I am already at goal. haha

Katy - Tap dance sounds way cute! I am glad to hear the cramping and such have stopped. Keep Beck in your thoughts she has been having TOM almost every week. The doctor put her on birth control a few weeks back and it helped for a bit.

Sassy - How fun, looking at houses! btw - what book are you reading??

Kathy - oh water, no deal. lol Good for you on the NSV!! I probably have watched Momma's Boy or maybe there has been another show like it with a different title?? Would love to see a pic of your mom!

Jules- lol ok, I will keep your vast property in mind.....R is doing great. We chatted last night for 2 hours. He gardens and has been biking/walking a lot. He hopes to go back to work in 2/3 months. Thanks for the myspace comments too, that was sweet of you. It sounds like you have a really nice mom. :)

Hi to Mindee and Asia....and everyone else!! :wave:

I am about to BURST!! Better get and I have to get to work in 15 minutes!!! :yikes:

01-15-2009, 03:23 PM
SuzieQ~ I have told Tommy plenty of times that I wanted to take a knife to my flab to cut it off. Then the kids got into this thing where they think massaging the flab it will go away.

01-15-2009, 03:30 PM

Yesterday's carbs were 120, so I need to do a bit better. I'm glad that it seems to be easier to stay under I just need to get them under 100. That was my challenge, right? I need to kick myself in the butt a little....

I'm procrastinating big time...need to update my resume for a number of reasons - grad school application, scholarship applications...really need to get moving on it, but it also kind of freaks me out - I haven't updated it in 12 years! Just need to get over that.

Cristina - congrats..when will the newest gk make his/her debut? I'm like Susan - I would love to have a baby around, just don't want to conceive, give birth to, or raise another one, lol! Well, the conception part could be kind of fun:o I guess I just want to play with them then send them home...

Susan- Poor Beck...I know how she feels. The doc said bc pills could be an option for me, but I really don't want to take them...I don't think my body likes them very much based on an experience 20-some years ago.

Mindee - is today Tommy's surgery? Hope all goes well ( I'm sure it will) he's going to feel so much better!

Sassy- btdt( withe pizza thing) I'm embarrassed to admit it, but there you go. You are not alone...we are here to cheer you on and that pizza is gone and you know it will not have any company...good luck with the house visit.

Kathy - yes, James is a strong student. Was reading by age 4, reading Harry Potter in first grade...all without being pushed. So his personality definitely has its benefits and challenges. He tends to be tightly wound and can blow things out of proportion...tho' this has improved as he has matured.

Jules - your mom sounds like a wonderful woman, I sure hope you get some good news soon. Waiting sucks.

Asia - your turkey and beans sounds good. I'm also cutting sugar and trying to increase my fiber. I am practically growing veggies out my ears, lol!

Tammy - Hi! Is your asthma lightening up..hope so
Sue - How are you today?

Hope I didn't miss anyone - if I did , well, HELLO!

I have a pretty low key day today. Other than staring at my antiquated resume, I do have NP/AP today. Maybe my NP will have some wisdom for me. She really pushes natural progesterone, but I wonder if it could be hurting more than helping. I want to tell her I'm stopping them until my followup with my OB/GYN...and I'm kind of nervous about that - I don't know why...maybe because she's so sure they are a good thing. and I'm not. We'll see..her diet and vitamin recommendations have been excellent and she's a great acupuncturist, so I will get alot out of the visits regardless.

Have a great day, everyone!

01-15-2009, 05:47 PM

Remember the other day when they fixed the window? Well, they used a combination of silicon AND caulk to seal the window, knowing full well that they WOUDN'T bond to each other! They put plastic over the window and went about their day. Today Logan got the plastic off because there were a couple of holes in it, so we took it down since it wasn't working anyways. So, I called the office to have her send someone over to fix it, and she says to me "keep them away from the window" how in the h@#$ are you supposed to keep three inquisitive children away from the window?

Then she called me back when the guys came back and said that they wanted to know how he got to the silicon. So, I told her and I could hear the one guy (who is our friend) say that he put plastic on it to keep them out of it. She said "well, if they put plastic on it, then how did they get to it?" I said "there was a loose corner and they pulled it back." She then said some comment about along the lines of "well, there ya go" and I said "well, then you know what, forget it and we will leave the window the way it is" and hung up.

I told Tommy what she said and he got on the phone and called her back....he went back and forth with her. He bet her $100 that she couldn't take care of Logan for the day, her response to Tommy was "whatever." Then the head maintenance guy wanted Tommy to walk over to the office to show them what we wanted them to seal it with. Tommy said "screw that, I will go buy my own stuff and fix it myself" and then hung up.

01-15-2009, 05:57 PM
Hi everyone!!! Sorry that I've been MIA lately. Things have been a bit off. I guess they're sorta better now.

I did get some exciting news today!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you didnt see my status on myspace, then well, go look and I'll repeat it here!!! I FINALLY GOT MY REFERRAL TO SEE A FERTILITY SPECIALIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! I'm so excited!!! I'm gonna make a appt tomorrow!! I'm sooooooooo glad that I dont have to go to the Army base to see a specialist there, lol.

However..I do have to go back to my other doc tomorrow to get some more blood work done. I'm really worried now. The nurse on the phone said it was nothing serious, but who knows, right?

Well...I hope everyone is doing good. I'll get caught up on everything tonight!!

01-15-2009, 08:06 PM
Hello ladies...

FRANCIE...yay! It's about time missy. Wishing you lots of luck and hoping this is the year you get to be a momma! :yay: :hug:

MINDEE...thinking of you guys as Tommy heads for surgery tomorrow morning.

KATY...not sure about the baby...I thought she said Sept. She just did a test at hom and hasn't gone to the doc yet. I think it's a little early to tell people but it's their business. I am the same...I'll spoil the baby, have fun with it and then send it home, lol. Glad you are feeling better. Is the hubby excited yet? crack me up, lol. You're welcome for the comments! :hug: Well, I didn't say anything about the knife/flab because I don't believe it, lol! You look too good as is. But...I wish it were like that and I could take a knife to all the flab on my body, now talk about some icky flab! Sorry to hear about Beck, poor girl...that would be terrible. I couldn't deal with one TOM a month and I feel for anyone who has one often. My mother had a never ending one...6 weeks straight before they did a hysterectomy-she was 40. Glad to hear R is better...I wondered about him.

SASSY...hugs to you. Lots of luck for the house! :crossed: is your day going?

TAMMY...hoping you are feeling better. :hug:

JULES...thinking about you today, hope you are not worrying too much. I know that is easier said than done. Lots of hugs to you missy :hug:

SUE...hoping it is nice and warm in Vegas! Wishing I was anywhere but here freaking cold! Of course I am mad at DS#1...he decided to take a little vaca to Florida...went to the Keys and then was a cold 68 there today, lol...I'f take anything but the -8 we had. Be safe and enjoy. are you doing with your walking today? How's the little guy doing?

Okay, I believe I got everyone...losing my much going on and I am so frustrated with life in general, ugh. I definitely want to run away!!! To top it off V was headed to Lowes and couldn't get out of the subdivision. There were cop cars everywhere and they made him go around thru the other subdivision. He thought it was a wreck but on the radio they said there was a! Good thing we are moving. Anyway...not exactly sure what happened but on the news they said there was a police chase and someone was shot, ugh! Anyway...

I did manage to get 45 minutes of exercise done and the plan is to do another 30, most likely after dinner and call it good. I am just a grumpy gus today.

Take care, lots fo hugs chickies! :hug: :hug:

01-15-2009, 10:11 PM
Hey ladies!!! I am just jumping on here for a quick hello. I will do indys later. Today has gone well. I ate more beans and meat and I had my muffin agian. I had an orange and some cheese and crackers. It was just a laughing cow wedge. I am gonna sin alittle in my eating. I am going to bonless wing thursdays at buffalo wild wings with Andrew. I will have some wings. I am not gonna deny my self my wants. I am just going to fufill them in moderation. I did a workout dvd and it kicked my but. I will just take a really big walk tomarow. Anyways I will be back for indys later. BYE!!!!

01-15-2009, 10:34 PM
dropping back in to pass some time.....Tommy is laying on the couch watching some tv, the boys are knocked out and Marissa is talking and playing in her bed when she is supposed to be sleeping.

thanks for the good luck with his surgery in the morning. we will all make it through some how.

Francie~ That is so exciting about your referral!!!!!!

Cristina~ Gotta love those neighborhood cop visits! we used to get them in here they patrol occasionally. although this week already, the cops had three cops cars in here on two separate days for two separate things! no shootings though, thank goodness!

Asia~ It is so good to hear from you! I am the same way, I will not deny myself but I will indulge in moderation only.

01-16-2009, 06:42 AM
Mindee~I hope Tommy's surgery goes well today!!!

I forgot to mention that Angel (my BIL) finally got a job. He starts on monday!! So yay for him. And yay for me too. I get to be alone again, lol.

01-16-2009, 10:52 AM
just thought I would pop in quickly to let you know that the surgery went well, and every thing.

I will come back later on to fill you in on all the details, but I just wanted to say that it went well. thanks for all the nice words, they helped a lot.

01-16-2009, 01:47 PM

Well went to see the house yesterday. Its nice, everything is brand new, re-done. New Windows, New Carpet, New Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Counter, New Appliances. It has a nice fenced in back yard with a deck + a shed. Only negative thing was the previous owners had a stackable washer/dryer and where it is there is no room for a normal size washer/dryer, which we have. But the guy is a maintenance man and said he can probably switch it to the other side, which is in a closet with the hot water heater. If he can do that, we'll take it (as long as our credit check, etc comes out ok). If not, that is a deal breaker. Sorry but I don't go anywhere with out our washer/dryer. lol.

We told him that our credit is not the greatest, but our current landlords/owners can vogue for us. They think we're great and probably will be sad to see us go.

But as I told DH if for some reason this house does not work out, then so be it, there are others out there. It is a 3 bedroom house, 1 bath, the bathroom is small, but ok. Kitchen is huge compared to ours now. Living room is a bit smaller than ours we have now, but the extra bedroom makes up for it because as DH said we can have one room for our desk/computer so it won't be in the living room as it is now.

Oh another negative is it has oil heat. :p But we can deal with that I guess. It is only about 9 minutes away from my friend from work. Its closer to work for me and DH too.

So we'll see. Our friends are watching out for houses/townhouses/condos for rent and one called on one and left a message, so we have people watching for us. ;)

We cleaned this morning. Didn't get to DH's Office, but we made a good dent. We want to try to do something everyday, that way by the time we get to moving, wherever and whenever that may be, it won't be so bad. We're gonna get rid of a lot of stuff.

Francie -:congrat: on the Fertility Specialist! Lemme know if you want any advice, as I have been to two of them. My biggest suggestion? Is to write down any questions you have and probably a good idea to take a notepad/pen with you to write down any info you want to remember because it can be tough to remember everything. Biggest thing is remember it is YOUR body and if you don't feel that something is right, get a second opinion. ;) Goodluck will keep my fingers crossed :crossed: for ya! I have to find me a RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist, that is what they are called, just so if you see that, that is basically a Fertility Dr. ;)

Mindee -- Glad things went well with Tommy's Surgery. He will be sore for a bit, but he should start feeling a lot better with it gone. At least my DH did! ;)

Well I think I have bored you all enough about the house, so I shall go.

Have a good one and keep warm! Its only 15 degrees here! :brr:


01-16-2009, 02:19 PM
Sassy--sounds like you will find something. Teri and Jess are out looking today since they both have off. They fell in love with one at the top of their price range, another was definitely out--way too small especially since it is the both of them and Dominic and Ava plus Jess's son wanted to move in with his Dad but will still be around sometimes.

Mindee--glad the surgery went fine--hope Tommy recovers quick and that he gets some relief.

Asia--glad you are back and posting with us.

Cristina--went to ww this morning and gained back the 1/2 pound I lost last week--TOM is starting early and I haven't been the best at tracking and drinking water this week. I have my moments but I am trying to not worry so much. Kinda scary about the shooting.

Francie--yeah for you!! Ryan's biological father's sister and her husband had trouble. After about 10 years of trying they went to a fertility specialist and Carrie was put on fertility meds. Then they did some exploratory surgery and found the problem was a little bit of tissue growing in a wrong spot. Once it was removed she got pregnant with twins and four years later when they planned to have another baby,she had twins again.

Katy--alternatives are just like meds that a regular doctor perscribes--what works for one person really well may not help another at all.

SusieQ--mom being a great mom helps even out my crappy dad. Glad r is doing well.

gotta go take care of a fussy boy....

01-16-2009, 02:41 PM
Good Morning -

On a mad dash to get to work after doing this and doing that. Slept from 2am to 4am, otherwise I was tossing and turning.
It was a stressful 2 days that began w/ a man showing up on my doorstep w/ a badge. Scared me to death. Especially since I didn't open it right away because I thought he was selling something. lol Great, that must have looked good, like I was hiding or something.
So, he left a message last night and said he had some additional information to tell me but didn't say what. So, I spent hours letting my mind meander to depths unknown.
btw- I always wanted to do creative writing. haha
I called him back early this morning and he was very nice. Case closed.
Now you all might wonder whose body I am hiding......but my ex's are still accounted for. :D
So,now I get to enjoy my weekend!!

Probably wondering what the **** I am talking about. Lets just say it was stressful but I didn't indulge in eating to sooth my nerves!

Sassy- **** ya, don't go where you can't take your appliances. lol You'll find something perfect, I m sure.

Mindee- Glad T made it through ok. You never talk about all the wlking you were doing?? You still doing that?

Jules- Tell Dominic not to be fussy....that grandma has to chat w/ her lady friends! I saw a newborn last night! He was 3 hours old and I had to go in and mop up some blood spots on the floor. The mom was in good spirits and said "it didn't hurt at all", like whatever,,,,,birth is painful!

Cristina - Don't be frustrated! Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend? Scary about the shooting! If I had the money I would have plastic surgery for all the flab, toning won't take care of it. I look ok in clothes but take em off...:yikes:

Katy - Good luck w/ the resume! When does DH leave? Beck was told that she isn't low in iron, which I was worried about because she looks pale all the time. Also, I am worried she might have an eating disorder, which is scary, she is so thin. Anyway, hope you are enjoying the sun!

Francie - Congrats to BIL on the landing a job!

Better get to work. I made a HUGE salad,,,,,you wanna hear about it? Ok. I put tomatoes, cucumber,kidney beans,purple onion, steamed carrots,low fat cottage cheese,bell pepper, low fat Italian and chicken tenderloin on it. I steamed the carrots because eating raw ones hurt my teeth. I also like that my lunch is at 3pm now, so it is my main meal and I don't seem as hungry now when I get home. Drinking decaf tea but I should increase the water.

:wave: to everyone else! I have to get to work.

01-16-2009, 05:04 PM
SusieQ--but how is the annoying typer guy from the library......Dominic is getting two more teeth in--one on each side of his front bottom four. The right side has broken and the left side is working on it. I had a big salad for lunch too---several kinds of greens and spinach and all kinds of veggies--it was really good. Wish I could say I kept away from the stress eating...gained back the 1/2 pound I lost last week. Having trouble getting over the 210.5 lb hump. I would love to be in one underland by April 1....that's only a pound a week, but at the rate I am going it will take a miracle, but I am going to keep trying....

PS--I woke up to snow Thursday morning--the kind I love..under 3 inches, the roads weren't bad, it was light and fluffy and could be swept with a broom instead of shoveled and it's still on the ground looking pretty today cause it's only 7 degrees outside with the sun shining. I could do without the single digit temps but did the happy dance Thursday morning (you would have thought that would have got rid of the 1/2 pound gain back....

01-16-2009, 05:09 PM
Hello ladies...

UGH, I am so tired of stupid drivers!!!!! :devil::mad: I swear it is a good thing I don't carry a gun.

SUSAN...your salad sounds delicious...I've not really had lunch so kinda hungry right now. I am trying not to be frustrated but too much going on around me and it's hard not too. Sorry about the scare with the policeman. :hug: Nothing planned at all for the weekend and what the heck is fun?! Lol...can't remember the last time I had fun. I am going to have the family over Sunday for a family dinner, hopefully. Haven't mentioned it to anyone yet but they will be here. Tomorrow I am just going to sleep in...I think (I said this last Friday and it didn't happen). Ernie will be spending the night at the vet's and not sure when we are supposed to go get him so...

JULES...1/2 pound is not so bad...I don't even want to weigh...the last few days was just more stress eating and it's killing me! You'll have that 1/2 pound off in no time. :hug:

SASSY...sounds like the perfect house to me! But yeah, there's probably lots to choose from and I am sure you will find the perfect house for you.

MINDEE...glad Tommy's surgery went well. The cops weren't in our subdivision, it's a pretty quiet neighborhood. There is a main street just outside the subdivision and it was there that it happened, not clear on everything though. are you doing today with staying on track, wings sound really good right now!

FRANCIE...:yay: to Angel gettting a job! Hoping he likes it and stays with it so you can have your alone time back!

Hiya to everyone else :wave:

Well, the update on the chase yesterday...don't really know everything and never will except that it was a 20 year old suicidal kid...apparently barricaded hisself in his house and didn't want to come out...finally did and took off in his car (not sure where he came from) there was a car chase and apparently the guy stopped his car in the middle of the street and they tried to get him out of his car, so shot at him, ugh-just saw the update on the news...jeez louise!

Took Ernie dog to the vet this morning and they did find a mass-in his intestines. So...they are doing exploratory surgery this afternoon, probably as I am typing and will see if it has spread or not. So...if it has spread they won't bother but if it hasn't they will cut out the mass and then reattach his intestines and he will be good as new, sort will give him a few more years with us, hopefully.

Other than that, not much going on. Haven't had a chance to get any exercise done but I will, I think. Just feel so drained today. Got Cambrie off to preschool 15 minutes late...hope she doesn't get in trouble. Now, just trying to get a couple loads of laundry done. Anywho...

Hope everyone is having a good day! Lots of hugs :hug:

01-16-2009, 05:15 PM
Hiya Jules...

Yeah, I could do without the single digit temps as well. It was -8 yesterday and I have had a chill since. Brrrrr Today is supposed to be 30 something but the windchill is making it a lot colder, a lot colder!

Your salad sounds good as well. I need to start eating more...maybe tonight for dinner with the leftover chicken fajita meat from dinner last night.

I have got to get back on track AGAIN! I started the week off fine but it went down fast. That is probably when I should weigh to stay on top of it. Oh well...guess as long as I keep working on it and don't quit.

Better get...the washer just went off and is beeping...eventually it will stop, lol but I need to get the laundry done today!

Have a good day! :hug:

01-16-2009, 06:36 PM
Just thought that I would send out an email to let you all know how every thing went.

Tommy's mom called me at 8:45 this morning to let me know how every thing went. She said that the surgery went great. The doctor said that Tommy did great, and that they found another spot of something near where his gall bladder was. They don't know what it was, but they removed it as well.

When I talked to her on the phone, she told me that they were just wheeling him into recovery and that he wanted her to call me and let me know how it went. he says that he knew I would worry about it all. He can take the first layer (of bandage, I am guessing) off tomorrow. The bottom layer has to stay on for a couple of weeks. He has to call and schedule an appointment for in a couple of weeks with his doctor.

They are sending him home with some pain medicines. So, he has to get that filled on his way home.

And on top of all that, all three kids woke up coughing this morning. So, I gave them all some of the cough medicine that I had here, and asked my MIL to have him pick some more up from the store.

Just talked to Tommy at 10:30am, and he was groggy but sounded good. He said all he remembers is rolling into the room laughing at the patch job the nurse gave him. She asked him if he wanted a full shave job or just a patch, so he opted for the patch job.

He said that he is in pain, but that is to be expected. He said that he just woke up in recovery at a little bit after 10am. The nurse told him not to be in too much of a hurry to leave, so he is taking his time. I asked him if he was enjoying his vacation. He laughed and said that he was. He was drinking some orange juice and had some cookies already.

that is all for now....I will let you all know if anything else changes.

I took the kids outside to play in the snow for a little bit to get rid of some of their energy and to let Tommy rest in peace. They all had a blast. I had to use hot chocolate and some chicken noodle soup in order to rouse them back inside!

SuzieQ~ Nope, it has been too cold for me to do my walking outside like I used to. but I need to get back into the habit of doing my WATP videos.

Cristina~ Unfortunately, we don't get that luxury of having the cops around for someone outside the complex. unless of course, something happens at one of the stores around the corner from us. then they are usually looking for their suspects in here!

we are trying a trick that my mom told us about with Logan. she told us to give him some Mountain Dew (sorry to mention it Sassy!). She says that in kids with ADHD, it has the reverse affect and actually calms them down. I have to say that so far it is working......but they also got some cold medicine a little bit ago.

Hello to every one else.....I am off to find some dinner for me and the kids, and then it will be bed time for them!

01-16-2009, 07:25 PM
Mindee...glad the surgery went well. What is up with the oj and cookies? Weird...thought they were always supposed to get broth, jello and apple juice. Did they get it mixed up with him giving blood? Didn't think they were supposed to have anything solid right after.

"Unfortunately, we don't get that luxury of having the cops around for someone outside"

Not sure what that means...thinking it's not really a luxury if the cops are chasing someone close to where I live. Anyway...

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Sitting here ansty waiting on the vet to call about Ernie. If I don't hear anything by 6 I will give them a call. Did get my laundry done but no exercise as of yet. Anywho...

Have a great day/weekend!

01-16-2009, 08:49 PM
Sassy~The house sounds great!!! I called and made an appt with a Fertility Specialist. And my appt is on Feb 4th. They're going to send us some stuff to fill out, and we'll bring it with us when we go. I'm not sure what to ask, my mind is sorta drawing a blank right now, lol.

Mindee~When I had my gallbladder taken out, they gave me broth, apple juice & No cookies for me. Glad the surgery went well. I remember being wheeled in..and then dreaming about McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy, lol. My appt was at 10am..and I woke up at 4pm!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

Okay..we were gone nearly the whole day, and I'm soooooooooooo tired, so I'm gonna pass out now!!!!

01-16-2009, 11:02 PM
Mindee- glad everything went well with Tommy's surgery. I thought the same thing the others did - cookies? I didn't get solids after either Csection until my bowels began to, um, perform, kwim?

Susan - everything ok? Your post about the cop made me nervous..I guess it might not be a cop, just a man with a badge, but my active imagination was engaged...glad the ex's are present and accounted for, lol!

Francie - so glad you got in to the fertility specialist...hope you get through all the tests quickly and get some good news.

Cristina - hope you heard about Ernie...

HI to everyone else..sorry I'm not getting to everybody, hub's out the door for another rehearsal and the kids are needing attention. 131 carbs today...I'm going in the wrong direction - ugh. Tomorrow will be a better day. I'm doing a great job of staying away from coffee and alcohol, so it's not all bad news. I got my biopsy results and everything's ok - yay! The OB/GYN said she'll talk to me about the bleeding when I go in for my follow up in 5 weeks. It's not that much and my pain is getting better, so I feel pretty good about where everything is at right now. My NP agreed to stop progesterone for 5 or 6 weeks, so that was a relief, now I feel I can just let my body do what it needs to do. I was told that fat impacts hormone levels negatively, something I kind of knew already, but never really felt the effects before now. The combination of extra weight and getting older has been a bad combo for me hormonally. Yet, I do not want to be put on bc pills or get an iud to control my hormones. I am glad to be here with you gals because losing the extra weight is going to help me a lot with doing this naturally.

Have a great evening everyone!

01-16-2009, 11:27 PM
popping back in.......

Tommy was telling me that when he woke up in the recovery room he was trying to figure out where he was and how he got there. He said it feels like he blacked out and then woke up.

Cristina~ He said that they offered him different things to drink and he picked the orange juice. I am not sure, as well as he is not sure, as to why he got cookies either. What I meant by that comment was that there is only two ways into our complex. I hope you don't think I meant that in a bad way at all. (I didn't at all) Did you hear anything about Ernie dog?

Francie~ Tommy says that he doesn't remember anything!

Katy~ I am not sure why they gave him cookies. In fact, I was surprised when he told me that they gave him cookies right after like that. That is good to hear that the results came back so well.

01-17-2009, 11:29 AM
Just a quick hi as I am getting ready to exercise...I get on the computer and go to my playlist, lol...I need music while I exercise. Stupid dvd player has other plans so...I don't know what is up with it. But getting ready to hit the treadmill instead. I'll be back later to chat more...after I walk I have to get ready and head out to Chase's basketball game.

Have a good day, all! :hug:

01-17-2009, 03:44 PM
quickie hello from me as well..went to hi-lo aerobics this morning and so far eating is on track for today. Have to go pick up the son at swim steam shortly and Hubby is all a-bustle getting himself ready to fly out tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone!

01-17-2009, 05:10 PM
Happy Saturday! :dance:

No time for indy's but I wanted to say hi :wave: and chat about me!! lol

In Portland and the little teen chicks and I are on the chase to Powells ( a wonderful bookstore) and maybe a movie tonight.

I am TOM and I have a headache. That is everyones fair warning. haha

I did my WI today because I will probably stay in town til Monday, and really don't trust the ex's scale. :dance: happy to say I weighed in at 140.2! :dance:

I made a salad and Beck and the ex said "geez, that is a big salad"....whatever it is mostly lettuce. I had mushrooms,bellpeppers,onion,tomato and albacore tuna......I just dribbled the tuna juice (water packed) over it instead of dressing.

I love the new avatar Cristina!

Oh, it wasn't a policeman w/ a badge, it was someone else, I will explain later Katy.Btw - when dose DH leave for DC?

:wave: hi to Francie, Sue, Jules, Kathy, Tammy, Mindee, Sassy, and Asia

oh ya......Gaby's skin condition came is like little chicken pox she even has some on her face. Very odd....

k- headache ceasing....thank goodness.

01-17-2009, 10:38 PM
Susan- you have me really curious...but of course it is none of my beeswax. My grandma used to call me Miss Nosy Parker :dizzy: Yay for the loss, but :hug:for the TOM..hope you feel better soon! Hub leaves tomorrow morning.

Cristina- hope the dvd player decided to behave...sounds like you had a busy day

Francie - I would gladly let someone take out my gall bladder if they could guarantee I have the same dream you did ;)

Hi to everyone else!...hub's still running around like a chicken with his head cut off. later, chickies!

01-17-2009, 11:22 PM
Okay, sorry for yet, another quickie but I am pooped and my arm is killing me...thinking I am spending too much time on the computer. That old pain is rearing it's ugly head. I will be back tomorrow for sure to do indies.

Katy...tell your hubby to be safe and have fun!

Nighty, night all! :wave:

01-17-2009, 11:53 PM
I am drinking my tea. I guess I really have turned a new leaf because I would normally be drinking wine. I usually do when at the ex's. I just think of all the calories , not worth it.......ok, it could be worth it....but not tonight. :)

Katy- Exciting about your husband being able to be in the parade. I hope I get a chance to watch some of the excitement while at work. You warm enough??? It is like freeeeezing.

Cristina - How is Ernie??How was Chase's game? Sorry about the arm, does a vapor rub help? You look really good in that treadmill picture, meant to say that the other day.

Mindee- I will be so glad when spring comes around again. Not that I was getting out walking, just the *thought* that I could. haha

Jules - grrrrr, I am tired of snow. I am sure it is beautiful in Virginia though. I am liking my daily salads, do you like kidney beans? I know, what a stupid question but I only talk to people who like beans. lol -jk. Awwww, give Dominic a hug with all his teething, poor tyke. I wouldn't stress too much on the .5 pound, you're probably holding water. Now isn't that a lovely thought? Trying to cheer you up. lol

Francie - You have pretty awesome dreams! Have you seen Confessions of a Shopoholic advertised? I thought of you. :) Hope you were able to get some rest.

I picked up Conversation of a Fat Girl and will read some tonight. Took Beck and Olivia (her best friend) to see Bride War's,it was a cute movie....reminded me of Beck & Olivia, they are such good friends, I am glad they have each other. Went shopping and now I am broke...ha. Not really, I budgeted, just spent the *fun money*.
Rach is dying her hair purple, and Gab is watching and being entertained. I had a good eating day, so glad about that.

Hope everyone else is doing well. :wave:

01-18-2009, 01:16 AM
thought I would pop in to see how every one is doing.....

we stayed in the house since it snowed all day! you can't even tell where the sidewalk is and where the snowbanks start! It is all one even level, well except for the footprints from our neighbor! she brought us over some spaghetti for dinner. she was going to make a turkey and bring it over, but her daughter was sick, so she asked if spaghetti was okay.

now we are relaxing while the kids are sleeping. Brandon's cough is getting worse, and if it is still the same way, we will be calling his pediatrician's office to get him in there. and with the issues with the bedroom window, I am hoping that it doesn't lead to pneumonia or something like that. Logan and Marissa have the occasional cough and the runny nose, but that is about it.

01-18-2009, 01:48 AM
Hey Ladies!!! I am getting ready to make my self some more beans and meat. My mom said it was ground up turkey and ranch style beans. one deal of turkey meat seasoned. Then 2 cans of ranch style beans. I am down 4 pounds. I did my workout video before work. I also took a walk with Andrew. I am going to grooming academy in the middle of Febuaray. Petsmart is sending me. I am gonna take my laptop and my work out dvds. Moving on to indys....

Francie- Are you trying to have a baby?

Cristina- I have been doing pretty good. How have you been doing? I am down 4 pounds.

Goodnight to you ladies!!!!!! See you later!!!

01-18-2009, 06:07 AM
Hi All. :wave:

Well DH sent the measurements of our washer/dryer to the guy renting out the house and he said he could probably make it work. :bravo: He wants us to come by during the daytime to see the house during the day, at least the outside, because it was dark when we went there. So I guess that means we have the house? I don't know? :shrug:

We filled out paperwork and all, but not sure if he has already checked us out or what? Our current landlords can vogue for us, we've been here 4 years in April and they love us here. So I think I will have DH call our current landlord just to let her know she may be getting a call and also our possible new landlord to see what the status is. I am anxious ya'all! I want to move like NOW! lol.

I know be patient. But Patience is not one of my great qualities. lol. Just like with this weight loss. I want to just wake up and have it gone! lol. I know we all would!! lol.

I am now debating between trying the WW's Momentum or a new WL plan I saw on tv: the Michael Thurmond's WL's plan. I saw many people at 3FC's are on it or have tried it, some conflicting stories. Some say its great and some say its too restrictive. I was gonna sign up for the WW's plan after I posted here only our computer crashed and we are still having issues with it! We had a nasty virus, but I think we still have it cuz it still acts up.

Now I am thinking maybe of using the $$ I'd use on a WL plan and putting it toward a gym membership instead? UGH I dunno. I just need something structured because doing it on my own is not working so well. I do try to eat good most of the time, but with my DH here its tough. Yes I do have my coworker/friend doing it with me, which helps, but I think I am needing more.

Francie -- :woohoo: on the appt. w/ the fertility specialist. Well if your not sure what to ask, tell them that. They should help you out in the beginning and give you lots of knowledge. I still need to find a dr yet. I know I am behind times here. I just dread it because of my last dr was awful. But I know not all drs are like that. My 1st one was awesome. Anyways, I wish you well! Oh I wanted to add the book I just found that I have had that I am gonna start reading again. I started reading it before then I guess forgot all about it, its call: "Getting Pregnant and Staying Pregnant" (tp:// by Diana Raab. She has actually gone through this stuff as we have been or are going to be. So wanted to pass it on!

I do NOT want to go back to work tonight. :p This is my long week too and I just don't feel like it. :no: Also I have a feeling that my coworker/friend will either leave me again or not even show up or complain the entire time at work. (she is having issues with her significant other right now) Which I don't mind listening to my friends problems, but after while it gets really really exhausting. Also I feel like it doesn't matter how I am feeling or what is going on in my life..........Either way I don't wanna go.

Anyhow..........thats about it from here.


01-18-2009, 12:18 PM
Good Morning, I am back :encore:

I had wonderful chamomile tea last night and it put me right to sleep, so nice. I needed some decent rest.

Sipping coffee and being the *human garbage can* with Gaby's scrambled eggs.....we can't let it go to waste, mom'll eat'll eat anything. It wouldn't be so bad if the eggs weren't cooked w/ butter....and I already did have my oatmeal and banana. Yada, yada.....

Mindee- You have a very nice neighbor! Hope Brandon's cough doesn't get any worse. Did I mention Gaby's skin condition?? Oddest thing, thinking it is a reaction to mold because the after care is in an old gym. Hope you all have a fun Sunday!

Asia- yum beans! We have been talking a lot about beans here on the board. We must think alike (scary , huh?) because I bought turkey and beans, I was planning on making chili later in the week. Good for you on being 4 pounds down!

Sassy- It probably does mean you have the rental, now you get to move! lol I think we all can get in the habit of just talking about ourselves.... like your coworker.
It does us good to make an effort to not be so self centered and reach out to others. I think I would join the gym w/ my money......because you can do WW on line and the board has an awesome WW resource. Hang in there on your work week!

Sue - You ever coming back from Vegas?

Cristina- How is the arm this morning?

Katy - Did DH get off to DC ok??

:wave: to Jules, Kathy, Francie, and Tammy :wave:

another day here in the city. It is still cold outside with the wind. I thought my favorite pair of jeans was old navy but I looked at the label and it is Gap's original boot cut...:dizzy:..I will have to go get me another pair at Goodwill.

check back in later if I get a chance. I am sooooo going to get to goal this week! Not going to bounce back up.

01-18-2009, 12:29 PM
Hiya chickies...

Sassy...maybe it would be easier if you focused on say the eating part, or the exercise. It can be overwhelming when you try to do both at the same time. Once you get one down then you can concentrate on the other. Maybe your friend just really needs someone to talk to about her problems, maybe she doesn't have anyone else. But then again, some people are self-centered and make everything about them-they can't be there for someone else emotionally. Someone said something to me can't change a person, so you can either drop them and be done with them or accept them the way they are. That has stuck with me since.

Asia...:bravo: on the 4 pounds missy! That is GREAT! Grooming school sounds fun! the hubby is excited! Did you decide to tackle your resume yet? Glad you are feeling better and glad the news from the doc was good!

Mindee...hope the kids are feeling good today, definitely don't need three sick little ones running around. How is Tommy doing?

Susan...I guess you didn't say cop did ya? Now you guys have me curious, lol. Glad you are enjoying your weekend with the girls. Chase's game was horrible! We had to leave in the last quarter and the score was 8 to 0 and it wasn't in his teams favor. They did a great job, just the other team was a little better. Nothing helps with the arm...except I think maybe exercise. I've not been doing the weights like I was and when I was doing them I had no I'm going to try the weights...I've not had any of this pain in a while so hoping that's all it is. It's the arthritis crap. Sorry about Gaby's skin condition...didn't know she had it! Hope it clears soon.

Sue...hoping you guys enjoyed your Vegas trip. Did you guys find a condo yet?

Kathy...hoping all is well with you and you guys are feeling better.

Francie...hope you are enjoying your weekend. How are you liking living in MD? are you doing missy? Hoping your mom is feeling better and you guys aren't worrying too much. Just a few mores days and you'll know something more. :hug:

Tammy...hoping the meds helped and you are feeling better.

Okay, I think or at least I hope I didn't miss anyone.

Update on Ernie dog...he is doing well. They did the surgery, removed the tumor/mass, reattached his intestines, and he is recuperating in the doggy hospital. They decided to keep him for the weekend and keep an eye on him and try to keep him from moving so much etc. We are hoping that he will be fine now. Of course no one knows what kind of tumor it is so she (the vet) is sending it off to be tested so we will know more. But he is going to live after all :crossed: I feel better having the testing done...everyone said why waste the money to have an ultra sound etc...are you kidding me?! He's my doggy and has been with us for 13 1/2 years...he's a part of the family and if he can be fixed and it not cost a fortune I am going to do it just to have a few more years with him. Anyway...we will pick him up Monday morning some time.

I did get some exercise done yesterday and as soon as I get off this I plan on getting at least an hour before Josh and the fam come over later. Having a family dinner today at 4'ish. Nothing fancy just meatloaf...Josh loves it! Cracks me up he misses his momma's cooking, lol. I will do a dvd once they leave. I am hoping to get some reading done tonight too, probably wishful thinking on my part because Cambrie may spend the night. She doesn't have preschool tomorrow so I will have her all day and since they are coming home she may just stay...will save me a trip tomorrow morning. Anyway...that's about all I have.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!

01-18-2009, 12:36 PM
Hiya snuck in there while I was writing the novel, lol.

Arm is is usually okay when I wake up but if I use it a lot during the day it gets a little the end of the day it is, I don't want to say bad, because it is tolerable. Advil, aleve or the tylenol arthritis helps. Thinking this cold weather may have something to do with it to. I noticed it started the day before the -8 degree day. I HATE the cold!

Beans...yep seems we do talk about beans a lot. I am cooking the rest of my white beans today with some ham. Hey, they are good for us!

Is Gaby's skin condition clearing up? Hoping it's not from mold.

Hope you have a great day missy! :hug:

01-18-2009, 01:01 PM
Katy~In my dream..McDreamy was doing the surgery on me, LOL!!! I had to tell myself that I was on Grey's Anatomy to calm my nerves down, lol.

Asia~Yes..we're been trying for a baby for a couple of years now.

Sassy~How was your doc awful?? I'm just asking so I can be prepared for everything, lol. Thanks on the book, I will check it out.

Cristina~Glad Ernie is doing okay. And I would do anything for my kitties!! They're not even pets to us, they're just little people in fur coats.

01-18-2009, 01:58 PM
Criatina- awww, you are such a good mom to Josh and Ernie. I love my cat and would do anything for him. pssst, I kind of like him better sometimes because he never talks back.
I am glad he made it thru the surgery. I never heard of reattaching the intestines, that is pretty amazing. Cross fingers now on the biopsy results!
I will be sooooo glad for warmer weather, maybe that will help with your arm. Have fun w/ the family tonight and meatloaf sounds way yummy.

Gab's skin thing started in Sept. when we moved to the coast. It looked like ringworm and poor Momo was blamed. lol We tried 3 different medications (even some dang vaginal cream :yikes: ) until the doctor on the coast said it wasn't that at all and gave her some different medication that cleared it right up. Now that she has been back in school after the break it is coming back. You think mold can cause that? I know it is suppose to be some fungus thing. Frustrating. Another thought it could be the pool????

Sorry Chase's game was horrible, sweet that you and DH went! There will be softball comin up for Gaby,was going to get her into that....and she is back down to 92 pounds after being up to 98 after the holidays. Way too much tv watching and vegging. lol

Have fun w/ Cambrie! I miss that age.

k- off to winco to look at tuna prices and stock up on beans, cause it is all about the beans!!! lol And I meant ground turkey, not turkey turkey for the chili I hope to make later in the week.

yada, yada.......get off the dang computer now susan!!! :)

01-18-2009, 04:09 PM
thought I would pop in to see how every one is doing.....

Brandon's cough has, you guessed it, gotten worse. Marissa got up this morning and she sounded like she was having trouble breathing, but then she cleared her throat and was good. Tommy said that she sounded like a fire breathing dragon when he gave her some milk. They all have runny noses, so it will be an appointment for all three of them tomorrow sometime!

then Tommy was making eggs and toast for breakfast this morning, and the garbage disposal stopped working. I told him that we would have to call the office tomorrow morning, and he said "no, I will fix it myself." I said "you are not touching it, I will call the office in the morning."

so now, we are all getting ready to snack on some pizza rolls and then we shall see what we will make for dinner later on tonight.

Tommy is doing well.....he is up moving around more today then he has been. He is still taking it easy, but he is trying to do a little more around the house if he can.

01-18-2009, 08:14 PM
well, hub is off to DC! He was so excited! we are excited for him, natch...have the vcr set up to tape the whole shebang. After that, J had a soccer game (they won!), then I took the kids to Taco Time..and realized we hadn't been there in months - that's great. I didn't feel so bad about the splurge after all. I had a tostada salad and now my carbs are already at 100 for the day. So dinner will be some salad and a salmon burger just to put the brakes on a little.

Cristina- so glad Ernie's surgery went well. Enjoy your family dinner tonight!

Susan- hmmm, sometimes Leigh gets a little rashy from the chemicals in the pool, but I don't think it's a fungus. Hope you can get that drugs G had before to clear it up.

Mindee - hope the kids feel better soon. L has a little cold, so I am watching carefully and hoping her asthma doesn't kick in.

Sassy - we fork out for an annual family membership to our community center every year. It's not something we can afford easily, but we made the commitment to our health and we use it! I'm sure you will make the right decision for yourself...

Asia - WTG on your loss!

HI to everyone else!

01-18-2009, 08:52 PM
OMG!!!!!!!!!!! THE ARIZONA CARDINALS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally screamed when they won!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooooo freakin happy you have like no idea!!! LoL!!!!!!!

Susan~I have seen preview for the Shopaholic movie..but its soooooooooooooooooooo STUPID!!!!!!!! I REFUSE to watch it!!! They must've put all 3 books into one movie, wtf!!! I could totally keep on going with everything that is wrong with that movie..but I wont, lol. I dont wanna be mad right now, lol.

YAY for the Cards!!!

01-18-2009, 10:21 PM
Francie--Teri has been a faithful Steelers fan since her freshman year--she's here and happy that her team is winning and hoping they beat the Ravens. SHe has a lot of friends that are Ravens fans and harrassing her, a few Redskins fans, her two best girl friends are a Giant fan and a Eagles fan (she was sad your team beat hers)

Katy--I am sure your hubby will have a great time--what an awesome oppurtunity for him.

Mindee--glad Tommy is healing ok--tell him not to over do!!

SusieQ--I like all kinds of beans. A lot of nights hubby and I just make brown rice with either kidney beans or black beans. Teri and hubby are both really sensitive to soaps and detergents. The only bar soap they can use is Dove for sensitive skin or some handmade soap I order on the internet. Teri can do body wash thoygh. She used Baby Bath as soap until middle school.

Cristina--Mom is still on my mind but she has the appt with the specialist on the 29th unless the knot gets biggers or the pain gets worse. Glad about Ernie dog--Levi's ear has been acting up all weekend but we've been working on him all weekend and he's better today.

Sassy--WW or gym--either are a big committment--I do really great with the gym at first but then tend to slack off. Katy does really great with her membership.

Asia--woohoo on the 4 lbs already!!!

Sue--hope all is well with you!!

We are buying a trailer to put on the property for Teri and Dominic--she is going to go back to school starting this summer and work part time. Hubby is ecstatic. The moving and higher paying job didn't work out.

01-18-2009, 10:45 PM
For Francie...

here's another

01-18-2009, 11:42 PM
Good evening ladies. We got home late last night, so bedtime was after 2 a.m. I slept like a baby in my own bed, and stayed in bed late. It was sooo cold here after Vegas. I am still not warm. :)

Tackled Mt. Washmore part of the day, then fixed fried chicken for our last hurrah dinner. Yes, we are starting over...again. We did not do well on the trip. Walking might have been all that saved me from ballooning. That and we ate only two meals a day...just not the right foods. Back to dinner, I didn't go for groceries, so had to fix what chicken I had. DH wanted fried and I just pulled off the skin and crunchy good stuuf from mine.
My eye is worse and I am having a hard time reading or computering. Took me all day, off and on, to catch up on what had been written here. Guess I will have to go to the Dr....ugh.

Mom got sick last night after we got home and has been sick today. Not sure if she just got worn out or if she picked up a "bug." She certainly had a good time up until we got home. Today, not so good...she slept most of the day and did let me brew her tea twice and ate the toast I made for her. Hopefully tomorrow she will be ready to eat real food.

Vegas was beautifully warm and sunny. We had fun, although we didn't bring tons of money home. We never expect to win loads, just like to stay near even. that works. We didn't even look at condos this time. Plan to go back in a month or so.

Won't get to indies..but I do want to say to Cristina that I am glad to read the good news about Ernie. And Mindee, thank goodness Tommy had the surgery and all went well. Jules, I am still thinking good thoughts for your mom. She sounds like a wonderful lady. And yay on Teri going back to school and ya'll buying a mobile home for her and Dominic to live in.
Okay, since I went that far...Sassy, Hope the rental home does come through for you. Asia...Welcome back and way to go on the loss already. Tammy and Cristina- Congrats on the new babies coming your way for grandma kisses. Susan- Hi chickie and put down the carving do not need carved on and I am afraid of what you would do to the annoying man. Kathy-You are doing a wonderful job on the treadmill. I think any movement is good you go girl. Francie- Good luck at the fertility Dr. and Katy- Hope you get answers for you probs..and great news that the tests came back ok. Oh, hope DH has a good time..I will look for his group.

I missed someone didn't I? My head is spinning. I don't mean to overlook anyone.

Have a good Monday..and don't work too hard. :)

01-19-2009, 12:17 AM
Thank you for the congrats ladies!!! I had a really good day. I did workout even though i was going to have an off day. Well later in the week I work several early shifts. I wanted to save my day off for one of the days that I cant get myself out of bed. I am making my meat and beans for my lunches this week. I really need to go. I will talk to you ladies later!!!!

01-19-2009, 01:28 AM
just thought I would pop back in while I had the chance.....

we are still watching the kids and their coughs. I will be calling the pediatrician's office in the morning. one of us will also be calling the office to have them come look at our garbage disposal. it stopped working and Tommy thought that he was going to look at it, I quickly told him that he was NOT touching it and that we were calling the office in the morning.

Asia~ What kind of plan are you doing? I kept reading about meat and beans, and I was just curious.

01-19-2009, 11:56 AM
Good Monday morning, ladies!

Just a quick HI for now. Waiting for a call about Ernie dog...need to go get him today. Also, have both Chase and Cambrie...they spent the night and already driving me nuts, lol. top it off J & C's washer and dryer both quit on them so they brought a crap load of laundry yesterday and guess who got to finish it? Lol...I told them if they wanted they could do some...just didn't think I would have to do most of it and didn't think they had 6 freakin loads, lol!!! Then once I finish theirs I have my own to do! So going to be a busy day for sure. Plus WW this evening. I hate to go but I missed last week so...gotta take the good with the bad...still at 182, 182.8 to be exact. Oh well...I am back on track today and getting a grip so...I WILL have a loss come next WI...gotta make that Valentine goal! Anyway...I'll be back later.

01-19-2009, 12:12 PM
Hi Everyone

Just popping in really quickly to say hi. I am now off to walk on the treadmill. Talk to you all in a little bit. BTW - Shania Twains diet consists of brown rice and beans. She looks pretty darn good.


01-19-2009, 01:13 PM
wow, Cristina.....that is one happy frog, cute!

Sue- yay, you are back! Maybe you can print the post off and read them on paper?? Would that help? I am glad you enjoyed Vegas and the warm weather, lucky you! Hugs to your mom, I hope she starts to feel better.

Kathy - I like the idea of beans but my brown rice always turns out gummy, not fluffy like I want it.......mmmm, that is why I like sticky rice w/ soy sauce. anyway, if anyone has a good recipe for brown rice let me know! Come back and chat, hope you had a good weekend :)

Jules - I wish you would adopt me, I want to live on your property and go to school too! You are such a nice mom. Course we are almost the same age, so that would be freaky, huh?? lol How is WW going?

Cristina - Steer em to the laundromat! lol I kind of liked going there and getting all the laundry done at once....course it can cost a lot. Hope Ernie makes it home ok :)

Katy - What about a virus? I know ringworms the doctor said was a virus. I would be surprised if the old gym had mold, I am sure the school district does inspections and such. Just odd that it started when we moved down to the coast and seems to get better when she is away from the school. Hope DH made the trip back east safely and I will look for him in the parade! You know I would see him at the pool when L had lessons.......I would have introduced myself but didn't want to scare him too much. lol

Francie - Have you read Liza Palmer?? She is pretty good author.

Mindee- Hope you have a good Monday and are able to get Brandon into the doctors!

Asia- come back and chat when you get a chance.

:wave: to Sassy & Tammy!

anyway, heading home today. Going to the 2nd hand store and looking for jeans. It is senior 40% off day at value village.....the benefit of having an old ya....I earned this one! haha

Look forward to the Bachelor tonight! Heehaw

01-19-2009, 01:47 PM
just thought I would pop in to see how every one is doing....

Marissa and Brandon have a doctor's appointment at 3:15 this afternoon. Tommy called the office and now the garbage disposal is fixed. Now, we are just waiting on the hospital to call him and check on him, then he will also call his surgeon's office to schedule his two week post op appointment.

just putzing around until time for the appointment......the boys are watching fireman sam right now, and Marissa and Tommy are laying down.

01-19-2009, 03:07 PM
monday, monday...sing it with me...well, it's WI day for me and today it is 173...slowly I am losing the holiday "layer". I went to step class this a.m. and am feeling pretty good overall. Yesterday's carbs ended up at 120. I may check out South Beach...I've heard the recipes are pretty good...or was that Sonoma? does anybody have any experience with these? I thought SBD just for a few weeks might help me work through the cravings for sugar. I'm no t great at sticking to diets..too much of a rebel, but I am open to guidelines ;)

Susan- I have two tips for brown rice which I have found to work very well. One - don't stir it at all. You can put a spoon in and move some a bit to see if all the liquid is absorbed, but absolutely no stirring. Two - put a dishcloth over the top of the open sauce pan while it is cooling. Did you score at VV? I need to head out there some time soon to freshen up my wardrobe. My friend told me if you take donations you get a great discount.

Mindee- wow you have your hands full today...hope everyone feels better soon!

Sue - welcome back! Hope your mom feels better soon. Glad you had a nice trip.

Cristina- gee you are a nice mom/grandma---laundry and babysitting! I hope they were grateful.....that's alot of laundry. Did Ernie get home ok?

Asia- Hope you are having another good day...your meat and beans sound good.

HI to everyone I missed...yay - Bachelor tonight..who is going to drink too much and get all dramatic tonight, I wonder? Not me, that's for sure, haha. I'm waiting for Deanna to show up, that will be fun, lol! I am saving all my clean laundry in a big pile in my living room, and I'm going to fold it during the Bachelor. Don't I have such an exciting life?

01-19-2009, 04:25 PM
Jules~LOL!!! Thanks for the videos..I loved the first one, hahaha!!!

Sue~Take me to Vegas..I need some Desert air!! LoL!!!

Susan~Never heard of Liza Palmer. What kind of stuff does she write about?

Well..I finally saw my doc today. My bloodwork was great!!! Everything is good. Liver, kidneys, blood sugar level (or whatever its called, lol), iron, b12, thyroid..all was perfecto!!!!!!! YAY!!! I was sooooooooooo nervous, but there was nothing to be nervous about. *whew* LoL!!

Oh ya..I started reading...Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich. It's the newest in between novels!!

01-19-2009, 04:39 PM
Hiya :wave:

KATY...nothing like living on the edge eh? Wish I could get into The Bachelor, treid a couple of them and the women were just too much for me. I've not tried SB or the other. Was tempted to once and even bought the SB book but it wasn't for me. Good job on the 173 and the exercise today! :carrot: Ernie is home and resting...still in pain I think, poor little puppy dog. :( I'll be thinking about and looking for your hubby tomorrow!

MINDEE...glad the disposal is fixed and you managed to get an appt for the kids...hope it's not too bad. Hate seeing the little ones sick. How is Tommy doing/feeling? Make sure he takes it easy.

SUSAN...the frog I thought was cute and it looked like the kids this morning, always jumping around! Yeah, I remembered this morning there is a new laudromat about 1 1/2 miles from us...they could have gotten it all done faster than here. Josh was so impatient last night he wouldn't even let the things dry all the way, geez! Not sure where it get's that from, lol. I love rice and beans but I can't eat brown rice unles I mix it with I just eat white, lol. I had a recipe for red beans and rice that was really good! Don't know where it's at since I've not cooked it in years. Hope you find some good deals on some jeans...can't beat 40% off! Ernie dog is home and resting...he wouldn't come up to us at first. I think he was afraid to move...the incision is a lot bigger than I imagined and of course it's all bruised and swollen...looks like they put a tumor in him, lol.

SUE...glad to see ya back missy, and glad you guys had a nice time. Hope you can get in and have your eye checked and, hope your mom is feeling better today. :hug: Thank you for the grandma kisses! Charlotte went to the doc Friday and confirmed it and the date they are figuring is Sep 21.

FRANCIE...caught the end of the game and GLAD to see the Cardinals won :yay: Maybe they will win the Superbowl!!! And you are right except Ernie isn't furry, lol. He is like a kid to me.

KATHY...sounds like you are having a busy day! Hope you got your walk in...I am needing to get mine in. And I agree...if Shania Twain is eating a rice and beans diet I think I need to follow because she looks GREAT!!! I've not heard much about her since her hubby had the affair, sad.

JULES...for some reason I got Tues in my head, thinking your mom was headed back to the doc then. I can't keep anything straight...been very forgetful lately...very forgetful!

HIYA SASSY, TAMMY & ASIA :wave: Hope you ladies are having a good day!

Well, Josh came and picked up the kids. I had just got Cambrie down for a nap and he woke her to take them home. He was out looking for a job with no luck...keeping my fingers crossed he finds something soon. Finally got all their laundry done...I need and want to get another washer and dryer...have always wanted that so I could do all my laundry at once and be done with it. Of course I usually only have two loads a day, lol. Anyway...I am going to hit the treadmill in a few minutes and get something done since the kids are gone.

Ernie is hom and resting. Thinking the pain pill knocks him looks really bad where the incision is and it's driving him nuts! He can barely walk up and down the stairs so we've been carrying him but afraid to hit the stitches...take him back Friday to have the stitches taken out and she (the vet) is hoping we have the results from the tumor so we know what it was that was making him so sick. But so far, so good...

That's about all I have for now...take care ladies, and I hope EVERYONE is having a WONDERFUL Monday! Hugs :hug:

01-19-2009, 04:41 PM
Hiya Francie...glad everything is A-OK! I saw Plum Spooky in the stores and almost bought it but I have a few I am working on getting read right now so passed. Let me know how you like it!

01-19-2009, 05:39 PM
I am so tired now, I don't know how I am going to get in the car and drive 100 miles. I wanted to get home in time to wash the car.


Francie - I am reading Palmer's Conversations w/ a Fat Girl. I am not that far into it but it is about 2 friends who grew up overweight, funny and all. The other I stopped reading to read this one and it is Seeing Myself Naked. I think she has only written those 2.

Katy - hmmm, ok. I will try the brown rice, can I mix it with white like Cristina??? lol
Why is brown rice better for us? Just curious , cause I want to make it worth my time.
I know. I am so dang lazy. lol
OMG!! Yes, the Bachelor tonight......can't wait.
Sorry I can't help you on different diets but SBD might help w/ your sweet cravings, I guess. See, I don't even know. lol

Crsitina - lol - Josh sounds like my ex. -regarding the patience.
Ex has an old washer that tilts so when it spins you have to sit on it.....*eyes roll* I refused to do that after awhile and got in the habit of going to the laundromat,it just seemed faster and had better machines.
Poor Ernie, sorry he is uncomfortable with his incisions.
Cross fingers for Josh on finding a job! :)

Chili beans are done here and corn muffins about to come out of the oven, going to eat and head out after lunch. I won't do the salad today. I picked up some kettle healthy pop to munch on w/ the Bach tonight!! I don't have laundry to fold like katy though........awww, you get all the fun Katy!! I guess I can iron my maroon scrubs, have to get ready for work and all......haha.

No luck on the jeans. I did manage to get my butt into a size 4 Gap original boot cut but I needed a regular, the jeans I tried on were too short.And it was way to freaky to wear a size 4......made me breathe fast, like I am an imposter and someone is going to find out. lol
I did find some nice sweaters though! One is spinach green (to remind me to eat my veggies *snicker*) and the other was pink.....hmmm, I think there is another one but can't remember.

anyway- also have to get home in time to pick up salad stuff (again) tonight. I will be rushing in the morning to get Gab to school and back home again to catch some of the swearing in before I have to go to work.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, way tired. Chat Wednesday! :wave:

01-19-2009, 08:52 PM
Just a real quickie!!

I've been hospitalized with pneumonia since this past Friday. I'm on triple IV antibiotics, breathing treatments, IV steriods and not have the poops from all the meds. Feeling slightly better but still don't know when I'll be able to get home. Ok, doc just came in...says that I'm not even 50% better yet and still might have a few more days here. I'm bummed. Just didn't want everyone to think I disappeared. Dh brought his laptop in for me to catch up with my emails and I thought I'd update ya'll on what was going on. Send me healing wishes everyone. Gotta go and try to get a shower.

01-19-2009, 09:58 PM
Tammy - oh awful! I guess that explains the breathing problems you were having. Big hugs and really hope you get better soon!

Susan - now - ahem- aren't here some advantages to sitting on a spinning washing machine? jk...well maybe really ;) Have a safe trip home.

Francie - so glad to hear all your test came back are on your way!

Cristina - poor little Ernie dog..hope the docs can figure out what's going on. Hope Josh can find a job soon, that's sure no fun.

Just finished dinner and my carbs came in at 92 for the I just need to stay away from snacks...I'll just drink lots of sleepytime tea...wish me luck

Bachelor countdown...2 hours to go!

01-19-2009, 10:23 PM
Okay, I lost a big post AGAIN.

Bachelor surprises! Fun show.

Tammy, SO sorry for your illness. Is it true nurses make bad patients? Haha... Feel better fast!

Speaking of hospitals. I took mom to the ER today and she ended up being admitted. I just left her earlier cause she was needing to sleep. I will go back early in the a.m.
I basically got concerned because she was not keeping things down..even her heart meds. So the thought of dehydration and heart problems were my main fear. Good that I did take her since she had a rapid heart beat in the ER and had to be medicated. Whew! Glad it didn't happen at home. Anyway...I won't try to write all I did on the lost post...but just wanted to let you know what was up with us here.

I will check in tomorrow...

01-20-2009, 12:37 AM
I am back......

the kids appointment went well. the doctor said that it isn't anything serious, but just like a cold/flu/virus kind of thing. we are to give them breathing treatments when their breathing gets bad. but they both got prescriptions for a decongestant/antihistamine/cough suppressant all in one. we mentioned to the doctor that we think that Logan is ADHD and he asked us why we thought it. so we told him, and after what we told him, he said "well, I am not going to diagnose him now, but we will keep an eye on him." so it was nice to NOT be dismissed again like we have in the past.

Brandon's teacher called us today....she said that she was going to shot me an email but thought that it would be too confusing, so she thought it would be easier to call. She said that she was looking at Brandon's papers in regards to his IEP and his testing for school. She said that we will need to do a new IEP by February 21st....BUT she had an idea of us signing a paper for a request to extend his current IEP for 30 days. And the only way to do that (get the extension) would be because of testing. So, she is going to send a paper home for us to sign to get that going. Then we will have to schedule an IEP for the week of March 30th to April 3rd. The testing that will be done will have to do with seeing if we should keep him in his class now or if he can move on to kindergarten.

And when his teacher called, I was in the bathroom giving Brandon a hair cut. He went into the bathroom and locked the turn.....when I opened the door, he had a mohawk strip down the middle of his head because I had forgotten to put the clipper set back in the closet! So, he had to get a hair cut.

oh yeah, then to top it all off we went to Walmart to get their scripts filled. For some reason the insurance would cover Marissa's, but not Brandon's. So, it was going to cost us $70 to get his. Tommy picked up Marissa's and then we took Brandon's to Kroger. The pharmacist then noticed that the script they wrote for Brandon wasn't going to work for him, so he called the doctor and the doctor changed his medicine. Brandon's medicine may cause drowsiness and dizziness, so he can't take it before going to school.

01-20-2009, 12:59 AM
Tammy~ FEEL BETTER SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan~I have that book. I HATED it!! Her "skinny" friend was sooooooooooooo annoying. I skipped ahead and read the ending, and it just made me sooooo mad, I threw it across the room, lol.

01-20-2009, 02:29 PM
Hey ladies! I have to go to work soon so indys will have to wait. I was just popping in for a quick hello. i have something kinda cool to show yall. Its the pound for pound challenge that the biggest looser and subway is doing. You pledge a certain amount of pounds. they give 10 cents for every pound so needy families can have food. It ends may 5. I will send you the link later. I am really excited. It gives me a short term goal to work for!!!

01-20-2009, 02:36 PM

Hugs to all the sickies (said in a nice way - lol) and all the family members too!! Hope everyone is hanging in there and get to feeling better soon!

Cristina - Thank- you so much for the card! It was sitting in my mailbox when I got home! Sweet of you.

Katy - omg- 92 carb count. I could eat 92 carbs alone for breakfast. haha. Good for you!! I was meaning to ask how do you count the carbs with no labels?? You have a list or something?:dizzy: Yes, dear. I know there are advantages to sitting on a washer during spin cycle but when my ex sits there watching me it just feels.....eewwwww, icky. lol So, I will take my roll of quarters and head to the laundromat!! hehe

Francie - There was another book you didn't like either, what was that one?? Jennifer Wieners book? I forget. I like Conversations so far...course I am not too into it to be annoyed yet....give me a few more chapters. :D

The Bachelor!!! *note to self - Gaby CAN NOT sleep on the way home when we stay in Portland until Monday!*

That girl would not sleep at 7:30 for me.

Usually she is out cold within 10 minutes but not last night.
Finally at 8:30 I said "fine, get up and come and watch the Bachelor with me....."
So, she trailed downstairs and we watched and ate Healthy Pop kettle corn and watched the insanity of a bunch of girls chasing Jason. Granted he is a handsome man but not worth all the goofiness of behaving like these ladies do.
Did Stephanie actually tell Jason she thinks she can actually love again?? What?? On her first 1 on 1 w/ him??? Whatever.
I got tired of looking at Nikki's boobs......and trust me they were RIGHT THERE for the longest time. She is like way into Jason, he needs to get rid of her.
Thank god Ericia left! And I think she took all the wine with her.....and headed for rehab. I am not being mean.....she drank the most.
Sorry Natalie, I don't think you are ALL THAT....but the jewlery being taken off of you on the end of the date as you were sent home was just mean!! lol

anyway, this show I liked Shannon and Jillian. Chris Harrison is a weasel....can't stand him.

It was very classy the show cut to commercial as Shannon threw up in the bathroom and you hear the toilet flushing. This is a top notch show!! :carrot:

By the end of it Gab was sooooooo ready to go to bed. lol

anyway, off to work. Hope you all have a good day.

01-20-2009, 02:44 PM
Oh ya..that one book. I cannot remember what its called. The sequel to Good in Bed, right?

01-20-2009, 02:49 PM
Hello :wave:

MINDEE...glad it wasn't anything serious, hope the kids are feeling better today. Yikes to the $70...medicines are so expensive now days! sound like my daughter! Lol...a lot of times she just can't wait and reads the end of the book first, wtf?! :lol: I have read some books before that annoyed me though...didn't skip to the back, just didn't finish!

SUE...hugs to your mom, hope all is okay and she feels better soon. Gald you guys took her to the ER. :hug: I hate when I lose a post, ugh, such a pain.

TAMMY...good grief woman! So sorry to hear about that, hope you feel better soon! Hugs to you! :hug:

SUSAN...cracked me up about the washer, lol. Yeah, Josh is impatient like his momma, lol. I don't think I am as bad as him though. Chili and cornbread sound so good right now. How was the Bachelor?

KATY...hope you enjoyed the Bachelor. Good job on the carbs! :carrot:

ASIA...I like that challenge...will have to go look it up and see what it is all about. I watch BL but don't remember seeing anything about it.

HIYA KATHY, hoping all is well with you, and SASSY too!

Okay, I spent too long with this between answering the phone and yaking and talking with Cambrie it has taken a hour or longer, geez. Need to end it and go get her some lunch and put her down for a nap. Then go get some exercise done. the plan is to go for a walk when she wakes up but I am afraid it might be a little chilly with the wind blowing so we will see. Then need to get this house cleaned. Had a call for a showing this evening which messes up dinner...6:30-7:30, ugh. Have to do it though we want this sold. Haven't had anyone look at it since before Christmas, thinking the beginning of Dec or it may have been before Thanksgiving...who knows. Okay, I will back back later this tonight.

Take care ladies, and I hope everyone has a good day! :hug:

01-20-2009, 02:50 PM
HIYA SUSAN and FRANCIE :wave: You ladies snuck in there while I was trying to break a record for taking the longest time ever for a short post, lol. Chat later...

01-20-2009, 02:53 PM
Cristina~LOL!!! I got it from When Harry Met Sally. When Harry said that he always reads the end of the book first, because in case he dies, he knows how it ends. LMAO!! I dont do it for that reason. I just have to know that it ends well, LOL!!!

01-20-2009, 08:28 PM
Quick hi to everyone--we got home late and I need to get a few things done before bedtime!! Rough day at work....

01-20-2009, 10:04 PM
Too funny Francie! She (DD) will also go online to see how a movie ends before she sees it, lmao! You girls! Hoping all is well with you! :hug:

Jules...sorry you had a rough day at work and got home late too! :hug: Hope you get some rest/sleep tonight.

HIya everyone else :wave:

Nothing going on the computer to look at stuff but forgot what it was, lol...what can I say, I am pooped! are welcome for the card!

Asia...just saw them mention the challenge on BL...going to go to their website and check it out.

Ernie dog is better with each passing day. yesterday when we brought him home he was all swollen and had only a little bit to eat in the last 2 days. The swelling has gone down considerably and he is eating...actually starving! Okay...I am outta here...nighty, night ladies!

Oh, Mindee...I didn't take that the wrong way...I am easily confused, lmao! Meant to say that a few days ago and kept forgetting. *slaps forehead*

Have a good one all!

01-20-2009, 10:40 PM
just me popping in......

well, it was a great day today......although Logan had some rough moments after Tommy left. but we are going to be getting to the bottom of it all soon!

the kids are all asleep, and hopefully on the road to recovery. Logan got up with a runny nose, so I am sure that he is getting what the other two have. My throat is a little scratchy so I am sure that I am getting what they have. So, we all have to stay away from Tommy so that he doesn't get sick!

I am off to get some warm socks on, and to go looking for more houses that spark my interest!

01-20-2009, 11:18 PM
Hey I am here for my idys. I got to watch the biggest looser tonight. I was very surprised. I think I am gonna start watching it regularly. I love that show. I may make it my weigh in day too. Have a biggest looser party every week. Anyways I joined the pound for pound challenge and my goal is to weigh 163ish. That will be 17 pounds. That means that 17 pounds of food will be donated to needy families. If you loose more than they will still give. That is just how much I pledged. If I loose less than they will give what I loose. Just type in pound for pound challenge in your search engine and join. Its a really good cause. I am really excited!!!

Cristina- Who is ernie dog? Is he a pet or a person?

Mindee- Sick families are no fun. I hope everything gets better soon.

Well I am off ladies!!! I am gonna go watch tv with the boyfriend. Ciao!

01-20-2009, 11:34 PM
Quickly...Mom didn't get to come home today. She is doing better and may come home after some lab work tomorrow.

I came home tonight and did her laundry, cleaned her bedroom and bath last night...with clorox wipes to kill any flu bug.

I am so tired....will be back tomorrow.

01-21-2009, 01:26 AM
hi ladies.
I don't know where the time goes in a day, these last few days.

I am on my way to bed, but thought I would give everyone a big :hug: Well SusieQ, I don't think I would want anyone to see me sitting on a spinning washing machine either. ;) BUT thats because a whole lot of jiggiling would be going on. I'd have my boobs bonking me on the chin. :rofl:

;)Goodnight ladies

01-21-2009, 01:42 AM
just thought I would pop back in to see how every one is doing....

Asia~ I signed up for that challenge too! I started it from the beginning date that they said you could, and put in how much I wanted to lose, but I forget at this moment.

01-21-2009, 01:10 PM
I got Mom home from the hospital. Now I have housework to catch up on. And I am already pooped.

Have a good day!

01-21-2009, 01:24 PM
A quick HI from me too! Busy morning and I am finally getting back on track with the exercise. Lazy girl (Cambrie) slept in this morning...I just let her sleep since she doesn't get a nap today. Have to take her to preschool at noon so need to get off the computer and finish up with things. She's having a snack of carrots and lite ranch dressing and then will eat her lunh in the car on the way since she just had breakfast at 10:30, lol. Anyway...I'll be back later to do individuals.

Take care, and have a good day!

01-21-2009, 01:27 PM
Just stopping by to say hi. I took a break from reading my book, to look at the trailer for the movie, lol. I'm reading The Reader. Kate Winslet stars in it. It looks like a pretty good movie, and the book is good so far. I'm betting I can finish it all today. Angel leaves for work soon, and Fonzo will be working late. Soooooooooooo ya, lol.

01-21-2009, 03:11 PM
just popping in while I have a chance to do so.....

Tommy went out and about and will be home in a little bit. Marissa and Logan are laying down, and Brandon is at school.

the kids seem to be doing better, although Brandon's cough seems to be getting worse...but we are keeping an eye on it. Tommy is doing great, he is up walking around and isn't in too much pain any more. He has his check up appointment next Thursday at 2pm.

01-21-2009, 04:17 PM
....the urge to scream tells me that I must be at work.......

01-21-2009, 04:52 PM
Stop and POST at BIK thread #70!! :moped: