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05-09-2002, 11:39 PM
Wow, I have been admittedly remiss in logging in, but am glad that I did. I will be honest with you all and say that I was sad when I heard that we were "going under". But it's my fault in not posting as well. So...

Juno, for all that haven't read her posts, is one of the supreme inspirations to all of us. Her diligence and dedication to not only healthy living, but healthy family is incredible. She juggles much, but has given all of us so much in her words...

Steph is the epitome of "doing it all" and doing it WELL! She is a beautiful person both internally and externally. With all of the distractions in her daily life, she still finds time to treat herself well too. And isn't that the underlying message of 5%?

Raychel who hasn't posted in awhile is what we all dream of being. She left her "normal job" to pursue a life of fitness and self-improvement for both herself and her clients. Her transformation was incredible and unique.

Our wonderful JS practically "morphed" before our very words, or "eyes" as it may be. Now she is one with stamina and keeping true to herself.

There have been many others in the past 5 years (happy pre-anniversay to all of you!). All of these individuals committed to one thing: being part of the 5% who can actually say (or aspire to say), "YES! I have beat those lousy statistics . I AM one of those who HAS made a better change in my life. I AM worth more than what others believe me to be."

Speaking on behalf of the group, and certainly correct me if I misrepresent us, we're all just trying to do one thing: what's best for us and our family. Our strategies for this include eating right, exercising consistently, and sharing our passion with others.

For myself, I'm not ready to give this up quite yet. Although I can understand why others need to. I don't have all of the family and time constraints. My constraint is myself. This is key to my success.

Softball started 4 weeks ago and we're 4-0. A good start. I'm a little slower in the outfield. But still decent hitting and on the bases. I have so many other things that I SHOULD be doing, but know that it's important to my health both physically and socially. I mentioned earlier that I have wicked hills by my house, but I have been rollerblading. I need to get a helmet though. I'm starting to scare myself. I have been doing good cardio-wise, but not in ST or yoga. I'm naturally muscular, but know that I need to keep that up.

I have my 10 year class reunion in June and had great aspirations for myself. I'll certainly keep working towards them, but I also know that I am OK no matter what. 10 pounds one way or the other isn't going to kill me.

Eating has been good. I am still not eating after dinner, and I've been more thoughtful about what I put in my mouth during the day. I haven't been good with a food diary. But perfection is a work in progress, no?

My garden plans are fab. If anything sprouts I'll be shocked! But I have tomatoes, corn, peppers, squash, beans, zuchinni, strawberries, lettuce, etc on the docket. I'm good with perenneals, but no experience with gardens. How hard can it be - HA!

OK, enough from me, because I'm sure you're nauseated. I just wanted to recognized 5% for where we've been, and hopefully set the stage for where we'll go.

As always, your've my fav.


05-10-2002, 09:27 AM
OK - I'll play...

Catherine - thanks for picking things up... I've been a lurker for years and now realize that the only way to be 5% is to make the committment to myself and not hesitate to share that committment with others.

I am 5 months pregnant and desperate to keep the gains to a minimum (I was overweight when I got pregnant). This is my second pregnancy - I have a DD who is 2.5. My husband has been commuting long distance for the last year - he's only home weekends, so its just me and my daughter during the week. We're pretty used to the schedule now, but I must admit that the situation is getting old. I really need my husband back. I am tired, moody, and some days I feel like a rotton mom -- especially when the TV stays on a little too long. My husband says "hold on - the end is near" and so that is what I am doing...

As for where I want to be - I have been exercising at the gym, pretty faithfully for the last year and a half. They have babysitting, so my DD has her playtime, and I have my solice. I usually hit the precor for 35 minutes and do 25 minutes of weights. During the last 5 months I've kept the weight training to toning rather than strength, and aside from the exhaustion I've manage to at least make it twice a week. I am hoping that since I have been going for so long means that this is a habit I've adopted for the better and I'll be able to make it way past the new baby and get my body back. I am SOOOO jealous of your softball league. It was my springtime pasttime as well until my first dd came along. Maybe next year I can start again.

I also have grand intentions of planting a garden this year. Our yard is currently ripped up (we filled in our swimming pool and we're still waiting - impatiently- for our landscaper to finish) so I am not exactly sure where to put it and, with my pregnancy, how ambitious I should get. I may opt for some tomatoes and herbs in a pot this year. That was my mother's voice of reason...

Well here's to you for keeping 5% alive...


05-10-2002, 10:09 PM
Hi Everyone - Just can't stay away.

Yes, things are still busy. But I couldn't resist a peek and I'm so glad that Catherine has picked up the gauntlet. I have lurked from time to time on other threads, but there is something about the spirit here. Good for you absmom for keeping healthy during pregnancy. I know how tempting it is to eat everything in sight because of the 'excuse' - but it's best for you and for babe if you are healthy as can be.

Life continues apace for me. I still have managed to work out a lot and I truly feel a loss when a day manages to thwart my intentions. This is quite a statement, as the way I am wired would probably be to surf the couch and eat popcorn. Food remains more of a challenge than exercising. If I have plenty of fruit and good-for-you stuff around I seem to do just fine though. I have finally figured out that it is best not to let myself get hungry. Weight control is not about how long you can endure hunger, it is about balancing better.

My latest favorite is using lettuce leaves for bread. I have been using big romaine leaves with things like hummus, peanut butter with thai sauce, various small vegetables, etc., and rolling it up like a tortilla. I feel just find going back for seconds and thirds - you really can't put a whold lot of filling in there. Then I wrap several mre leaves around it so it looks sort of like a green burrito. In the end I have had something of a sandwich 'fix' but in reality I have had the equivalent of a huge mondo salad.

I also started running (slow jogging really) again. I borrowed little D's CD walkman and it really made it great! I have hinted broadly for one for Mothers Day.

Happy weekend 5%ers


05-11-2002, 12:43 AM
Absmom - The realities of your situation must be overwhelming at times! I used to hate the notion of children spending too much time in front of the TV, but after listening to my nephew chatter non-stop for hours at a time I race to the TV too! If DD is happy and well-adjusted, you deserve that time-out time! It sounds as though exercise is well on it's way to being ahabit or you. Just remember to take care of your body and soul. I'm a firm believer of ST. It may add a couple of pounds but you'll look much lighter!

Juno - Ok, talk to me about the peanut butter with Thai sauce. I have a Thai sauce that is most incredible too. I made a seafood stirfry with it. Yummy! Are you still gearing away from carbs? How is DH doing with the workouts. Are you both still the "Couple of the Club"? My batteries died on my headphones and I so enjoy listening to them while I rollerblade. Although with the rough/dangerous hills around here I don't dare wear them. I understand that the advances in technology as far as no-skip recorders is great. I need to check that out.

My biggest motivator for the summer exercise season? A new pair of running shoes and new workout outfits. With my b-day being in April I get new stuff right in time for the season. It's important to treat yourself that that!

I'm on a schedule of walking, running, jumproping, and rollerblading. One night is taken up by softball. I need to recommit to yoga at least once a week and also ST twice a week. That is my goal for the next month. Keep me to it!


05-12-2002, 10:57 AM
Happy Mother's Day everyone!!

Hope you're all having wonderful days with your kids/and or Moms!! I am off in a few to find a hanging plant for my mom - I am sure the Depot will be its usual Sunday madness, so I am mentally preparing for it now... Why I procrastinate is beyond me...

I am glad to see you post Juno! This forum wouldn't be the same with out you. I really feed off of your energy some days. The lettuce leaves are a great idea -- and boy do I love Thai food. Your post got me thinking about one of my favorite summer salads - rice noodles (cooked, cooled coated with a little sesame oil and lime juice) tossed with fresh veggies (tomatos, cucs, onion, shredded carrot), cilantro and/or basil and peanut sauce. Its delicious, pretty healthy and its something "weird" that my husband will eat... I am going to try your lettuce trick - sub it for my pita bread when I have hummus for lunch this week...

Feeling a little lonely. I realized that I need some friends. We moved here a year + ago and I have a lot of aquaintances, but noone yet that I really connect with... It's so much harder the older you get and seems like the only common thread I have with the people I meet is that we've procreated...
My hormones are really giving me a run for my money...

Catherine - you got me back on track with my food diary.. perfection is indeed a work in progress... I've resolved to keep trying and not lose sight of my goals with my weight and health. This week my objective is to hit the treadmill 3x (I am addicted to precor, but think its not giving me the workout it once did) and make sure I do a few circuits with the weights. I want to jump right back into things as soon as the baby arrives - so I know I have to keep going right up to the end... (that's september). I'm also going to get some new sneakers. For some reason, they always make you feel better and more motivated.

Do you have any children yet? By the way, what is ST???? Whatever it is --- I think I've lost it?!

Anyway, I am off to Mom's ...


05-13-2002, 11:22 AM
So I say goodbye and you all magically start posting again?? Is that a hint??? I now feel bad for saying goodbye - can I come back if you all promise to keep posting?????

On Mom's Day I did a bunch of chores and made DH do some things he had not gotten around to that were driving me bonkers. Except for two larger tasks - we got a lot done. Saturday we were lazy and went out for a fattening dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (we just got one up here and I've been obsessed since eating at one in TX). It was DH's birthday so we stuffed ourselves and then came home and sat around watching a movie since we couldn't move. I know not very 5% of me but hey we don't do it often.

Exercising is still going strong but I hit an annoying point last week because I have been doing the Self Challenge faithfully and I wanted to take a break but couldn't! I ended up scheduling workouts so I had 3 days off in a row but I am looking forward to the end of these 12 weeks so I can legally take a break! I of course have had a rough time with the food challenges. I get a bit better every year but still have much room to improve! I am down about 5 pounds since last year so I should just be thankful that slowly I am downsizing myself. I figure I should reach goal by the age of 90.

Catherine I doubt anyone is the least bit nauseated reading about you. I love knowing even the trivial about everyone. Good job on the softball wins! You will look great at your reunion but don't even worry about it. I haven't gone to any reunions but have bumped into old school pals on my travels home ad I have only seen one whom I think is in great shape. My garden is still all flowers. I am too lazy to grow food, used to do it in Chicago but I like the produce section of the store better.

Absmom - I gained a ridiculous amount of weight with my first son and used much of it to nourish the 2nd kids growth :) I only gained 11 the second time and I wasn't great about exercising when I was pregnant with him. The funny thing was I exercised with the first pregnancy and just ate for 4 people. I got into full swing after the kids and now that my kids are older everything is easier (especially finding time for me!). I am getting to the point where I know that i spend plenty of good time with my kids and also get to do the things I want (yeah sometimes I drag them along!)

Juno - How I wish I could have some of your culinary skills. I suck in the kitchen so for me to put anything together requires my brain to short out. There lies one of my great faults - I hate cooking but I love food!!! I do a lot of mixing veggies and stuff for sandwiches on whole grains and making easy stir fries but beyond that I am always a mess. My husband says I just don't have the patience to cook. I'm not running around the house all day but I am prone to do things quickly. I should just hire you to cook things I like and have you airmail them here. Just what you need - more work!!

I must admit to enjoying life quite a bit these days. I'm busy but doing things I like. I'm finding time to read, exercise, have kid time, nightly walks with the family, I still make everyone eat dinner together EVERY night, dragging my husband to events I want to see. Last weekend we saw Spiderman (which I loved) and this week is Star Wars. I am married to a movie lover and my kids have followed so luckily there are many good movies. We are off to CO in less than a month, have a camping trip planned for July, visit home to see my grandparents and I'm going to try to fly out to Seattle soon too. My sister and I have been able to see each other a few times a year and that has been great! I had my hair foiled and loved it, I'm going to get a custom bra made next week which will make me stop looking so top sloppy (store bras do not work for me!).

Okay I've rambled enough for now but I could keep going! I hope everyone keeps posting because it so felt like a group of friends had all moved to another planet and were out of reach.

I've typed too long! Happy Monday!


05-16-2002, 06:18 AM
Hey there - I couldn't figure out how to modify my email address so I have a new name!

Life is crazy so I will be brief. Food is great, exercise great unless thwarted by work, and if my house was clean I would be in heaven.

The Thai thing is not really a recipe per se. It is just using lettuce leaves (I use romaine) instead of bread, and that is just what I like on it. I have been taking a big leaf of lettuce and putting peanut butter on it - like just a teaspoon in a long stripe down the spine of the leaf, and then something salty and Asian to go with that - like bottled Thai sauce, or more recently my favorite is garlic fermented black beans from the jar. Then you can add some vegetables, sprouts, leftover Chinese food from last night - whatever looks good. You can just roll up the one leaf or do what I do, stick a lot of little leaves inside it and wrap big leaves around it so I end up with a burrito-sized sandwich that is really a disguised salad.

The great thing is you can have seconds and thirds and only do better by your body.

I keep getting thwarted from Body Pump because of work going over - they don't have an evening class. I just ordered the videotape for that book I was so into a couple of years ago "tone up, be your best body" - the plan is to use that as a substitute on the days BP can't happen.

Crazy-fun weekend coming up, so be warned. We are going out to a camp with friends on Friday. Some other friends arrive for the day on Sunday, and we will be showing off our gorgeous town.

Sorry this is all about me. My question to everyone is - tell us all something else you have done for You - not diet and exercise but other things that compliment your efforts. (i.e. manicure? remodel? bought flowers for yourself?) - share here. I would love to see new members in the 5%. Remember, the population is high so many people can squeeze into the 5% - probably you can, too.


05-18-2002, 12:53 PM
Its a girl! Had the ultrasound yesterday - relieved... I really wanted another.... My DH didn't care one way or the other - just glad that everything appeared to be OK.

I am a little out of sorts this week. DH came home Thurs night and the hormones kicked right in... I feel SO disconnected --- like he's living the single life again with all his travel and just doesn't get it! I don't even know how to approach the subject with out him pulling out the "I am doing the best I can speech" and shutting down... All I know is that I am becoming quite resentful of the fact that he's living on the beach 5 days or more a week, with his buddies and his gym and eating out and I am at home trying to keep it all together - house, kid, bills, car and 5 months pregnant. His only comment about needing to get a new job close to home is that he feels guilty about being away from our dd... nothing about me... He had to tell me last night that he appreciates what my mother does for us, but he's sick of the comments she makes about his work situation! Ouch!!!! Sorry for venting --- I think I need to get a grip!

We'll see how vacation goes... I am trying to be positive and hope that the time together away from everything and everyone will be good for us... Wish us luck!

Constantly struggling to be 5%!

P.S. Juno - I need to think about your question some more... I guess because I can't answer it right now means that I should probably be thinking a little more about me than I have been... I can't remember the last time I had my nails done...:( or did anything for me just because...

05-21-2002, 10:47 AM
We are actually having spring weather! Too bad it is almost June and we should have had a lot more sunshine than this! I haven't even bothered planting any annuals yet this year because they would have died. I'm not even sure when I am going to get around to it because we are on vacation in a few weeks. That is something wonderful I did for myself. I gave myself two full weeks off this summer plus two 4 day weekends. My summer should be nice. As nice as it can get with 10 kids every day :)

I am probably a bad mom because I do make sure that I get time to do the things I love. The first few years of being a mom I felt guilty getting away but now I realize I spend tons of time with my kids so I deserve to escape sometimes. I do a lot of the things I want to do except the big dream things that involve a big pocketbook. I'm just waiting for some of those after I've got the kids moved out and I don't have to worry about cheating them out of food. I am a much nicer mom and person when I am happy about life. I spend tons of time with the kids so they can't say they were neglected. I am home all day so I am lucky. I am getting my hair foiled Thur. night and last weekend I went and bought a whole bunch of new summer clothes.

Absmom - Congrats on the girl. I've got two boys and it is fun to live through boys eyes since I grew up with sisters. However my DH's stories scare me about what boys do so I shall be always worried about them being more "mischevious". I have to relive highschool now through C but she is much more level-headed then I was so it is funny. She is so serious (like her dad) and I am amazed at how mature she is. I'm sure I wasn't that mature til my mid 20's :)

Any end to your husbands commuting in sight? I moved out of state 8 years ago so I do know what it is like with no friends or family for a while. Now I love it here and even though I predict we will move away sometime, I am sad because now this really seems like my "home". My best friend transplanted to TX 3 years ago and is now there with 1 baby and a husband who travels 3 weeks at a time. He is hardly ever home. I'm glad your hubby comes home on weekends - does he watch the kids so you can escape or do you spend more time at home so you can be with him? Kind of tough because I am sure you want to do both. How long have you been married?

Juno - I hope you enjoyed your weekend! We are trying to decide what to do next year for our tenth anniversary. We are probably ditching the kids for the first time ever and escaping. We were going to Mexico where we went for our honeymoon but I really thought an escape to Alaska might be more fun for us. I have a few overseas places I want to go but don't feel comfortable leaving the good old USA. Have you heard anything about those small cruise ships (more of an adventure than a cruise?). I want to kayak with the whales and picnic in sight of bears :) Maybe I can even finally visit you!

Catherine - I am sure you are enjoying softball season (course I don't think your weather has been any better than ours). It's probably good to get out and do something you love, right? My garden needs your help. I think I am tired of plants at the moment but I have all flowers. I am just letting it grow and see what happens this year.

Beautiful day today. I have to go out and spy on the Robin that has built a nest in my boys clubhouse window. I want her babies to hatch! I have two other nests in the yard but they are up too high. I can hear the baby birds but can't see any of them. I am sure the birds think of me as a monster scoping out their lair. But they are so cute I can't help it! Yesterday I had 4 ducks in my yard (they flew in from the nearby pond). Now all I need is a deer (had one jump over my dog once!) Rain the rest of the week so I need to go and enjoy some sunshine!


05-21-2002, 01:07 PM
Alaska got your weather Steph! We have had the most incredible winter and spring ever since I have lived here in Juneau (11 years)! This last weekend we did 2 fun things - the first is to hike out to Echo Ranch and cabin-camp with another family who invites us to tag along with their (very low key) church retreat - it was very wonderful. On Sunday some of our friends from Denali days were here for an extended (7 hour) planned layover. I made a picnic and we enjoyed one of Juneau's fine beaches - it was Perfect weather - sunny and shiny but not a hint of that hot, panting stuff. Again heaven.

Then I came home to the tower of work!

Fitnesswise, I'm going really well. My mantra is to eat every meal with the idea of doing it in my lifetime way. I can tend to (even now) overindulge in something with the "good stuff starting tomorrow" mentality. I can also abandon sensible eating with certain trigger foods, like chips - and eat way more than a prudent amount. I have been just eliminating chips for the most part because when you do the math on what might be a satisfying amount - it just isn't worth it. I never bought them much (too tempting, and they don't 'last' if you know what I mean) but would gleefully head to the chip bowl at parties etc. (telling myself, well I really don't eat them much so I will go for it now!) My new ruling is they just aren't worth it. Some tortilla chips in mexican meals are all I have done recently. I'm sure I will designate some special occasions (fourth of July) but will try to be mindful of amount.

Today I have body pump. I checked out Callanetics from the library (holy eighties!) and have been teaching myself those movements, to do just here and there throughout the day. I got my tape from Tone-Up but haven't tried it yet - my intention is to use that tape when I am thwarted from attending Body Pump. Finding new muscles has been useful and I am feeling tighter and trimmer already!

me me me.

Absmom I have 2 girls and I am definitely a girly mom. I just love my daughters. They are 2.5 years apart and it has really been wonderful - they are truly close friends and argue very little even though in our tiny home they share a room and have lots of clutter and 'stuff'. Gosh it's hard enough when my DH starts working more hours in the summer - I complain but at least he is home every night. When I am in the relationship doldrums and don't feel appreciated sometimes my approach will be to just act as if all is perfect, go the mile in treating him well, make a good dinner, etc. - Sometimes that works better getting my guy more focused than saying hey, what about me? Seeing it on paper it seems so Redbook tip-ish, but I truly think that men are a little more childlike in their social things and we have a lot of power to set the stage. That only works if he is really a good guy under it all, I don't know what to do about actual jerks.

Steph my garden is starting up but I haven't lifted a finger. I am bummed because som neighbor must have let their grass go to seed and it must have blown all over the place because my gardens have their own private lawns in them. I am not looking forward to digging those out. We had such a dry, cold winter that there are many casualties out there.

Paging Raychel! Paging Justy! I wonder if they will ever check in again. Anyone have their email address? I want to pick Raychel's brain actually. When my orthopaedist retires soon I have TOYED with the idea of teaching fitness again. Her input would be valued.

The latest I did for myself is bought workout clothes. I just ordered some running shoes off ebay too (they are new, great price) and I intend to reward myself over the summer each payday with something in the fitness/sportswear arena. I love Title 9 Sports for ordering stuff. I'm also taking that 10 minutes in the morning to put on makeup. Because I am so rushed in the morning it is easy to just get to work and blow that off - but it's a lift to look better, even if no one sees me.

To work with me!!


05-27-2002, 11:45 PM
What a fabulous surprise to log in and see how well everyone was doing. I've missed you all!!

Life for me is, as always, hectic. But it's all been pretty good overall so no complaints here! Summer has finally hit us and I'm enjoying the time outside. Now I just have to get up the courage to pull out the rollerblades again. I have mentioned that I'm really bad at that haven't I??????

I did buy myself a bike this year. I've been leaving it at the BF's house since he has a shed which does limit the amount I can use it but the trails around his place make it worthwhile.

My fun news for the day......I went and got another body comp / body fat test done today. Woohoo I rock!!!! I'm still not where I want to be but it's happening!! My body fat %age has gone down 2.3% since the end of Jan. Total confirmation that I am on the right track.

And with summer here (I think the weather gives me more motivation or something) my goals have been reworked once again and the diet has taken some strict limitations but I'm enjoying the way it feels. I love how strong mentally and physically I am feeling.

On the homefront, things are shaky and it's hard to talk to anyone here at this point mainly because things are so up in the air. On Sat BF brought up the conversation that he's not sure if this relationship is fair to me. I am everything he is looking for, am supportive, blah blah blah, really likes me but doesn't love me. Part of me wants to kick him in the head and walk away, the other part wants to shake him and remind him that love takes time to grow. But everything's on hold right now because he has an exam on Wed. Apparently we'll decide after that what we're going to do. I don't know what to do girls. This sounds very similar to what he said in Jan when we broke up that time. I'm not interested in going through this every few months. And I do really care about him. But my heart can't handle this. Sorry, done whimpering now.

Have I mentioned that my arm definition is going fab - I've started wearing sleeveless shirts as much as possible!

absmom - welcome! It's always so nice to see a new face, esp one who has already been with us for so long! Congrats on the new girl. How is daughter #1 doing with the idea of a new baby on the way? I know it's hard for them to understand when they are so young but I remember my nephew #1 being so into the idea of a new baby esp since he got the 'big boy' bed when the baby came! :)

Juno, I too am glad you're still around. We just wouldn't be the same without you. I love the idea of using lettuce leaves instead of bread. Next grocery trip I'll be stocking up and giving that a go. I'm so glad that summer is here and the vegies are more plentiful and yummy.

Steph, my timeline sucks here - are you on holidays yet? Either way, I hope you enjoy yourself. Is C coming to spend all or part of the summer with you?

Catherine, please tell me you have helmet for rollerblading now. Yes, I'm nagging, can't help it - I work in the safety industry. But you are my motivation to pull my rollerblades out again. I can't even blame hills for my procrastination since it is so flat out here.

I think I've typed enough of a novelette for tonite so I'm off. Have a great week everyone!

05-28-2002, 12:29 AM
Hey there Justy - glad to see you. It sounds like all your fitness efforts are moving forward. Such a shame to experience the downside of the dating world. I'm sure BF will come to his senses and if he doesn't there are many a fish in the sea, move ahead! ?Congrats on the arms - those are among my last to be able to show off. I did get a tank from my title 9 sports shopping spree and I love how it fits. I bought it to work out in but I find I also like it as a camisole and just to wear.

I just returned from Oregon last night. I saw my college girlfriends - it was great. I'm happy to say that I did not do "vacation eating" but pretty much did what I always do at home, and that makes me glad because for me I think the key is not to slip into holiday or heavy eating. We went for walks each day too. I was just there for 2 nights. We went and saw Monsoon Wedding, which is wonderful, and then got a henna kit and we all got henna tattoos. Now I have a little fun reminder in the back of my hand and around my wrist to look at and think about my fun for a while.

Now that I'm back, I'm coming down with something and I've pulled a muscle in my lower back. Grr. My new running shoes arrived over the weekend - I vow to use them tomorrow if only on a walk or elliptical.

Yes I'm still using big lettuce leaves like bread or tortillas. I have really been eating the greens. One benefit I have noticed is my skin! All over my body - it's just a great thing to get in as much green as possible it seems.

Okay - If I were to end with a large heartful cheer I would be quite hoarse I'm afraid = but my spirit is with you and my parting thought is it isn't some endpoint or some result that makes you 5% - it's TODAY and what you do with it. Go 5%!!!!!


05-28-2002, 08:35 PM
Hi All -

Boy, who was that person posting?! Forgive me for the 'whoa is me martyr party' -- Sometimes I can really let the hormones get the best of me. Vacation was nice. I read two novels, walked a good eight hours a day and - most importantly reconnected and got along well with DH. Although DD will never remember this trip, the memory and excitement she shared with DH and I will be with us for a lifetime!

As far as health and fitness were concerned --- I was hungry! Granted we walked a good 8 hours a day, but the choices I made (which included 2 icecream dinners) couldn't have been burned off had I run a marathon... I am trying not to beat myself up over it and have resolved myself to recommitting to my ultimate goal of limited weight gain for this pregnancy and maintenance of my overall fitness levels. This weekend I did a lot of gardening... Mostly just a spring clean up and mulching... I am hesitant to spend alot of $ on flowers this year since we're under a water ban, but at least the neighbors won't cringe when they walk by...

Juno - Thanks for the encouragement... You have a way of putting things into perspective. As far as my marriage is concerned I have decided to do things that will constructively improve our situation, rather than complaining... It certainly makes my day better to think positively, rather than dwell on the difficulties our current life presents. Hopefully some job prospects will pan out in the near future and we'll get back to some sense of normalcy...

Steph - I don't know how you do it with all your kids... You must have the energy of 10 moms!! I babysit at the gym for a free membership once a week and there are days when I wonder if its worth it! As far as my family life is concerned, my DH and I have been together for 13 years - married for 5 of them. My dd is 2.5 -- she'll be exactly 3 when #2 dd is born (their due dates are one day apart).

Justy - Sorry about your BF problems... Sounds like he doesn't know what he wants and you sound too together to settle... Wear a helmet when you blade - my sister ended up with a pretty nasty concussion a few years ago from a fall...

Well, the dd is finished on the potty... She can sit there for almost an hour if you give her enough books... Hope all of you are having a good week!


05-30-2002, 12:33 AM
Okay, Juno, I now totally understand your previous comments about your post being done and then lost. I just lost what I had been typing. Sigh. So this will be short and abbreviated.

It's over with the BF. We talked very briefly today and that pretty much settled it for me. Crazy thing is, I'm pretty good with the whole thing. I think it helps that I was getting really tired of the casual way he was treating me and our relationship. Of course I still have my shaky moments but am good overall. Now I'm just looking forward to some 'me' time and seeing what else happens.

absmom, so glad to hear your holiday went well. And yes, I always wear a helmut blading and biking. I'm too much of a safety geek not too! Well, that and very shaky on the blades :)

Juno, how are the new running shoes? I always enjoy getting new gym stuff of any sort - just gives the extra incentive to get there.

Enough for me tonite. Take care everyone!

05-31-2002, 12:34 AM
I am the most horrible thread-starter! Start and then don't come back for a month!

Absmom- my heart aches for your situation. I know that it is all perspective and what you get used to, but STILL! What I have found travelling on business trips however, is that it gets old very quickly. And the other one thinks that the other oneis having a lot more fun. Maybe he's jealous of the routine and consistency that you have. Irregardless, I think you're a saint. I admire your dedication to health and fitness (at whatever level) during your pregnancy. Too many see it as an excuse to cut loose! Your new DD will thank you for it. And ST stands for strength training.

JS - I don't know what to say. Go back and read your previous post pre-breakup. Girl, you're more than what he was willing to offer. I guarantee it Congrats on the fat loss. That's more important that any scale measurement! Point take about the helmet. I KNOW........!

Steph - my garden is FINALLY planted. Strawberries, lettuces, beans, peppers, tomatoes, onions, squashes, Cabbages, eggplant (don't know what the @#$%^ I'll do with that), pumpkins and corn. Whew! That was a process! In addition to my perenneals. We'll see what happens. GOOD for you taking time out of your day for YOU! That is what this is all about! 5 pounds less? I'd kill for that right now!

Juno - I'm with you. Where is Raychel? Hope all is well with her. I'm growing butter crunch lettuce which is like romaine, so I'll try out your tricks. I'm glad that you're getting to enjoy nice weather in Alaska. Here in MI it has been blech! You would be the ultimate 5% if you became a fitness instructor. You'd change soooo many lives.

Here's the skinny (ha ha!) on me. My two best friends are PG with their first. Totally shocked because we were the last to start families. I'm just not at that stage yet. But it makes you think. Class reunion is two weeks and two days away and I'm going to Chicago next weekend to shop for a kick-@#$% outfit. Working out lately has been in the garden ( have you ANY idea how sore you are after?), softball (6-0) and walking. Eating has been good, but still no food diary. I forget!

My summer is packed packed packed. Not to mention all of the house projects I have planned. But all in due time, and I have to remind myself of that. DH hates my impatience!

My gift to myself? New shoes and workout outfits for my birthday. I deserve them, and force myself to wear the cute little ones. Puts you into that mode you know? Although DH isn't quite sure why I have to wear them while digging up plants. It's all a matter of perspective....

To all of you, all of my best and the little diva dust I have left over.


05-31-2002, 02:54 AM
Ha! Running shoes still untried. I have had both a cold and a pulled back and so this week has been pretty much a wash. I have managed to do some floor exercises and that is it. Food is great though - I am using Fitday to keep track of stuff and that helps me remember what I have eaten and to keep up with the F&V.

Catherine I want to plant lettuce. Eggplant is a fave of mine so just send it up here if you don't know what to do with it! I get paid on Monday so I am going to do another Title 9 sports purchase. Today I purged a lot of my older dowdy stuff - it's like I wore it for years and didn't really look at it. I got a wonderful black tank this month and I think I will get the white one too. They make great stuff.

Absmom - Very 5% of you to not beat yourself up (over the ice cream) but to refresh and renew. If I have only learned one thing from this process is that the only day that matters is TODAY. A lot of my time was 'wasted' so to speak when I thought in terms of TOMORROW (self bargaining, magical thinking). And you can't do anything about yesterday. Today is what matters, every day. I am one who loved being pregnant - it's magical and I felt that earth-mom glow of health. I gained about the same for both but I sure pooched out more with my second one - she was half again the size of the first one though...

Justy - his loss. nuff said. Get your girlfriends together for Thai food and a chick movie. I said upthread that we saw Monsoon Wedding - might be a good breakup wedding. There is a new film set in Alaska "Insomnia" that I am hoping to see this weekend.

So Steph don't tease me! How likely is that trip to Alaska anyway? When I was in portland I was remembering we had a 5%er from there for a while.

I'm looking at the time and realizing I had better get typing or I will pay for it but I'll say one thing. DH and I have agreed to turn up the gas on looking at/pricing houses, and preparing this little one for sale. (Aside: One minute I'm lamenting that this house is a dump, as soon as we say let's sell it I'm hopelessly nostalgic for all its charms...we have been so happy here!) so...nothing is done yet, houses are insanely expensive here. So there is very low end and there are fabulous high-end, midrange stuff is hard to come by and snapped up quickly. Wish me luck and I'll take you up on some of that diva dust Catherine.

Just remembered that moving always causes me to lose weight - exercise! stress! no time to eat!


06-03-2002, 11:57 AM
Good morning all!

Well, it was a weekend without the DH - he'll be home on Thursday. Tough one by my standards... DD is really testing me and testing her independence. I tried my best not to fall into her trap, but I must admit that I lost it a few times... I really don't know how to deal with discipline at this point. Spanking is not the answer... She's too young to understand the concept of timeout, so I usually resort to screaming alot and leaving whereever she is making a scene... She's typically a well behaved kid, but I think Disney week really took her off track. I'll be happy to see DH! and have thought about breaking down and paying a babysitter one night to get away... I am trying to take Juno's advice to heart and really make sure to take care of my needs and emotional well being. A few hours in Borders, a latte and a good book sounds just heavenly....

My in-laws are coming for two nights this weekend. They haven't been to see us since we moved to Mass, so I am a little crazy about making sure the house is in order. We have a pretty small house - and with the new baby on its way, we've lost our guest bedroom... I hope they won't make a stink about using our room. I just can't see my MIL sleeping on the aerobed in the livingroom! She's somewhat judgemental & also a little weird about the cats - thinks they should live outdoors, and definately shouldn't be allowed on the furniture... Ours of course have the run of the house.... I have never been her favorite person (I'm not Catholic) so I always seem to struggle through our visits and hope she doesn't say anything to set my DH off... It helps having DD to take the focus off other issues... Anyway, wish us well.

On the exercise / eating front - I made it to the gym just one day, but had a really awesome workout. I also had a surprise from the landscaper --- he wanted to start early so I spent all day Friday moving more than a cord of wood from one side of the yard to the other --- No small feat while watching a two year old and being 6 months pregnant. I made sure to pace myself, drink lots of h20 and finished the job in about 5 hours... I kept telling myself that I was frontierwoman (anyone catch the PBS show?). It was a beautiful day, and I actually felt quite satisfied with myself when the job was finally finished.

I am going for my monthly checkup tomorrow morning. I know I have gained more than a few lbs this month. My stomach all the sudden pooched out and I can feel my back start to curve and compensate for the shifting weight. The baby is moving lots - which helps to remind me of why it is I feel so FAT... I do have to say that I get a lot out of reading everyone's posts... Keeps me grounded... I know I need to stay focused on the here and now... I need to make the most of everyday - even the bad ones... and I need to be thankful and positive. Life is all about change...

I don't know where I am going with this, so I'll end it here... I hope you are feeling better Juno and have managed to christen your new running shoes... Catherine - I planted my garden - finally - Keeping it small, few tomatos, lots of herbs, peas and flowers. I'm keeping it manageable so I don't have to worrry about weeding and harvesting once I'm really prego... JS - hope you're feeling good about yourself and your decisions. Enjoy your singledom!! Steph - Hope you too are well and enjoying your Spring...It's got to be my favorite time of year!!

Happy Monday

06-03-2002, 04:06 PM
Hi - Just a drop-in from me. I'm trying to get things ready for the wild times that will hit my house when school gets out in 3 days (yes I'm counting down). The youngest one I have this summer is 1 1/2 so it should be a lot of fun especially since two girls I've had since the age of 4 (now in 3rd & 4th grade) are planning on "running" the place and I am just here to supervise. They will both make great teachers! I am looking forward to this summer but am trying to revamp my exercise schedule because I can't do it during nap with all the big kids here. Plus I have 3 weeks of vacation here and there so I'm just going to be good about getting out 5 times per week for a walk or bike ride and then doing strength training 3 times per week with heavy weights. My yoga drops down to mini sessions but summer is short here in MN!

Absmom - I've taken class after class on managing kids and am excellent at it except for my own 4 1/2 year old. He just pushes and pushes every button. He is cute and very smart and the most loving while the most evil...I've screamed, spanked, used all kinds of correction methods endorsed by child-rearing professionals to no avail. My only happiness is that as he gets older I can reason with him more. Hang in there!

JS - Enjoy your singledom for me!! It's too bad but on the other hand you feel good about moving on so that is what counts. He'll realize the great loss and you will move forward to something better!

Juno - Enjoy those new purchases! I've treated myself to much lately but I did enjoy all my gifts :) Yes and the trip to Alaska is more on than off so just cross your fingers!

Catherine - You save some of that diva dust for yourself and that reunion coming up. I hope you have a great time and you wow the crowd!

I've got to hustle here and get some stuff done. DH has been working 20 hour days for about 9 days now and he just drops in to sleep. I'm holding down the fort. I've got a dog that needs some liver test, my cat needs vaccinations, I planted flowers on my deck (to bad today is gloomy because I would like to be sitting there!), kindergarten graduation, Cassie come back this Sat. for June & July and I am on vacation in two weeks. Can not wait!!!!!!!!!!

Later ladies! Steph

06-06-2002, 11:53 PM
Time to check in again.

Monday I ran/walked for 3.6+ miles. The walking is fine for me, but the running does me in. Tuesday was softball game. I play in left-center so I get some exercise in there. I hit well and was on the bases a lot. I took last night off. I ran tonight for 1.5+ miles but I was TIRED. So I stopped. You know how they say that if you start you'll continue on? That is usually the case, but I couldn't do it tonight. So I listened to my body.

Instead I planted planted planted. Which I swear is more work than anything! I was sweating digging up new perinneal beds and pulling all of those weeds.

Eating has been good. Not much of a change with that. It is so difficult with cooking for two, because if you don't have groceries you just order out!

I am trying to incorporate running into my schedule more and hoping that it does wonders for my thighs. All of this gardening is working for my arms.

How are you all doing? Diva dust to all. (A bit left to spare tonight.)


06-10-2002, 01:36 AM
I'm going to start a new thread - on breaks from work tonight - so check out the newest in the 5% Saga...